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12:06 AM
Now to our regularly scheduled chat :)
@bobble I feel like I have pretty much all of your C4, but there's one thing that confuses me (and makes me wonder whether maybe some of what I think I have is wrong; there are other bits of parsing that are possible).
Is it the "everything"?
MAG(-azine) (-art)IC(-les) & (-c)ALF LYING HAH, all that about H(-ags)O(-gres)R(-agamuffins)W(-ork) IT, with (-w)ORN at the end, gives MAGICAL FLYING HORSE WITH A HORN ... except without the SE on the end of HORSE.
I don't mind taking "everything" to mean "all that stuff we just said", so the "everything" is OK.
But I'm missing the SE.
My intended parsing is WORK = SEW
I wondered about SEW earlier but couldn't convince myself that "work" was a def for it...
I was put off for a while by wanting "deteriorated" to be WORSE; don't know whether that was deliberate, but well played if so.
12:10 AM
had SEW as a possible answer for WORK
@GarethMcCaughan that was an intended red herring, as well as "telling" (not actually a homophone indicator)
I'm giving it to you since you basically got it
Wait someone explain the parsing because that was confusing
"Magazine" gives MAG, a standard abbrev.
"Essential articles" gives IC, the central letters of ARTICLES.
"Beheaded baby! Cow" gives ALF because a CALF is a baby cow.
"Telling fake news" gives LYING, because that's what it means.
"A laugh" gives HAH. ("With" just means "followed by", here.)
@bobble Nice tricky surface, btw
12:13 AM
Now, all of that ("everything") contains (is "about") H O R SEW IT, where HOR are "the early signs of ...", SEW is apparently indicated by "work", and IT comes from "It" in the clue.
and (w-)orn
I see
And now, "in the end" we have (-w)ORN, as you say. Done.
How did you remove the w?
"Unopened", yes.
Hm, how does that work as a deleter?
12:15 AM
"Without its opening letter".
OK, now I'll see if I can move all those messages.
I felt slightly guilty about all the moving parts, but most were straightforward
And I REALLY liked the answer
The intended solving method was figuring out the answer and then fitting the wordplay to it
@Avi, now that you see the parsing - does it make beheading more okay because it is a baby cow that is beheaded and not a baby human?
12:22 AM
OK, lots of messages about inclined planes moved. I hope I haven't made what remains incoherent.
1 hour later…
1:26 AM
@bobble yes i do happen to be biased in favor of the survival of human babies as opposed to calves
Ohhhhhh I have such a good cryptic clue
which is?
Rudderless Greek racers with additional top deck! (6)
ok let's see
My first &lit, though I'm not sure it counts as one
1:33 AM
what's an &lit ?
Q: Find the hat colors - Riddle 3

Guess HatThis time I added a special rule, please let me know what you think about it! CHALLENGE: You have to guess which ones are wearing green hats and which ones are wearing black: SPECIAL RULE: All the prisoners wearing black hats now have a special condition. They see black hats as green, and green o...

It's a three-part clue where the definition is part of the wordplay
Kind of
> "Finally, we have the &Lit clue. It's sort of an exception to the "three parts" rule in that the definition and subsidiary indication are one and the same. That's why it's called "&lit": that stands for "and literally so". These clues are usually unindicated, but occasionally given an exclamation point at the end."
can I assume "top deck" is D_ ?
1:38 AM
I'm not giving any hints just yet
ah of course
this is h- no I have to stop saying that
Rudderless Greek racers with additional top deck! (7)
Messed up my count
2:23 AM
Q: Find a generalized method to find the optimal grid cut to fit the constraints

Loie BenedicteI've tried to lay out the idea here below, the question is how to fit the 6x6 grid such that is contained in an LxH rectangle such that the top horizontal line is set back from the top of the rectangle by 1/4", and the left, right, and bottom edges of the grid have an overhang no more than or equ...

2:57 AM
@bobble If you've got just a little time, check out the two studies I've posted. They're both pretty small and not very hard. They're like healthy snacks :-)
@NorthLæraðr that sounds like "not a cryptic clue"
@Deusovi yeah...
i misread the &litclue
The CC is still fully legal though
I think
There's one part where the legality might be funny but the parsing is legal
I think
idk how legal that is though....
Plurality of "dromon" is where I was a bit funky on
I'm not sure if that counts as a &lit
Ohhh the entire clue is the def
I was always thrown off by the "Cast, or characters in play! (6)". I thought there still had to be a def within the clue
It's ACTORS*, anagrammed from "Cast, or", with indicator "characters in play" (as in, "the previous characters are in play & move around)
in case you hadn't already figured that out
Yeah I did
But I thought CAST served as a ddef to ACTORS
Which in hindsight makes no sense bc CAST is singular and ACTORS is plural but like
It's just really good surface :P
3:17 AM
I have trouble constructing logic puzzles - it's why I've been sticking with crosswords
yeah, the entire clue is the def, and the entire clue is the wordplay
3:35 AM
@Deusovi Ahh
Wow, that's one hell of a surface
yep, balancing the two meanings is really hard
they're often not disguised, because just making one that works is a feat in its own right
Jul 13 at 20:29, by Deusovi
Ubangi's routing! (6)
an old one that Deus made in chat for the funsies
eh I wouldn't say that one's great
either as a clue itself or as an example
Oct 3 '19 at 8:34, by Deusovi
CCCC: Protruding part on Earth's surface! (5)
Jun 4 '19 at 5:22, by Deusovi
CCCC: Item for pushing agenda, ultimately to assimilate nonbeliever! (10)
these are both better &lits, I think
those were before I joined
what are their answers?
& wordplay?
(the & was an intended pun)
3:56 AM
there are the two answers
4:10 AM
how does Earth's surface become E_?
the first letter of EARTH
surface = top
was not aware of that meaning of surface
couldn't it apply to either side?
or both, I guess
as in, E_H
My cobbled-together Python script told me that I had indeed gridded my way into an impossible situation
... yay, progamming?
yeah, it could also work for "E_H"
9 hours later…
1:36 PM
Q: Not a Levy on Me

Rand al'ThorNever living, but bearing life within. Often monochromatic, all around the world. Can be found on your phone, nowadays. Lined up together, taken in order. Under a label proclaiming its nature. Essential in some situations. Handing over money to escape: Every usage costs you dear. Raise your hand ...

2 hours later…
3:24 PM
@GarethMcCaughan, it's your turn for a CCCC
3:40 PM
Q: Hi , can anyone help out with this?

aditya manralWhich is the odd one out from the following: 2 , 3 , 9 , 19 , 36 , 62 , 92 Options are 1) 3 2) 9 3) 19 4) 36

2 hours later…
6:03 PM
Eh imma save the clue for an actual Cryptic Clue Crossword
6:49 PM
Is it okay to have a cryptic crossword with complete checking? I've gridded an Around-The-Bend (variety crossword, completely checked) and want to make it cryptic, but I could use standard clues if checked cryptics are frowned upon.
CC: Starts noting the secondary clues heading back to the sign?
Deusovi and jafe would be better sources, but I think the two main reasons cryptics aren't fully checked is because: 1. arguably, every cryptic clue IS checked by itself, having the definition and wordplay, and 2. not having full checks forces the solver to address every clue. Your call if #2 is not that important to you.
One "solution" (may cause more problems) I've been considering is making some of the clues cryptic and some normal but phrased like a cryptic. I'm not sure that this would solve any problems - it just sounds cool in my head.
@bobble Yeah, I know. As you might have noticed, I'm often a bit slow about posting new clues. I'm fairly fussy about the quality of my clues :-). Don't worry; I haven't forgotten.
It better be worth the wait, or else..... <dramatic music> just kidding, of course it'll be great :)
7:03 PM
(Alas, being fussy about the quality of my clues doesn't guarantee that they're actually any good. But it does mean that I usually only post ones I think are quite good.)
7:23 PM
Q: Guess the hat colors - Riddle 4

Guess HatAnd today's puzzle, a freshly made one that I am thinking of adding to my collection, I hope it's challenging enough! CHALLENGE: Guess the hats of the prisoners. SPECIAL RULE: There are three types of hats now. There is one multicolored hat, which is both green and black. The rest of the hats are...

8:14 PM
@bobble "okay" by what rules? you're not going to be sent to Crossword Jail if you do it
you might just find that people solve your puzzle by getting fewer clues than you might like
Seeing as I don't really care about how many clues people solve, I'm going to make it a cryptic :)
i've seen fully-checked puzzles that also use cryptic clues, but they're usually genres that require a bit more logicking to fit the words into the grid -- a Some Assembly Required, for instance
aframegames.com/puzzles/SAReq_02.pdf (here's an example if you haven't seen that variant)
ooh looks cool
(I don't have a more coherent thought at the moment)
8:44 PM
CCCC: Play the organ in a concert, one A shaking British experts in the depths (8, 12, 6)
(not terribly happy with this one, but it'll do)
btw can some of the more experienced solvers rate the surface/correctness for the clue that I posted the other day?
Letter started with "I Love You" given without disclosure? Extremely cowardly. (4-7)
L_ + ILY + (-d_e)LIVERED, [cowardly]
9:16 PM
@Avi I think it looks pretty good. I would have used "starting" instead of "started", but that's a nit. I like it.
10:15 PM
@JeremyDover that works for the surface but I wasn't sure that "X starting" is standard (at the time of writing the clue)
!Avi "Standard" is a relative term. But if that concerns you, "beginning" would certainly work.
That would definitely do the trick. Thanks for your feedback :)

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