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10:00 PM
@Iain it's an answer in the form of a question (i.e. it should be rephrased as an answer)
@Iain I dunno, but I think you should point him at that post on meta, since he has done that quite a bit lately.
it fails the Trebek test
@MichaelHampton he is one of the main reasons I wrote it
Is this dude just a major tool?
@JoelESalas heh...
10:04 PM
@voretaq7 ?
@Iain The equivalent of "You were correct, but you didn't phrase it in the form of a question" on Jeopardy
Personally I don't think that's really an "answer" myself -- it should rightly be a comment because it's requesting clarification from the asker
It would be an answer (possibly wrong) if it said "In order to do what you want you need to .... because ....."
@voretaq7 I see it more as a series of hints
@Iain are hints answers? (I think they can be - but you have to explain some of the "why" behind the hint or it's just voodoo. Short, slippery slope to "Disable SELinux and allow all traffic on the firewall!")
It's a bloody answer now!
@MichaelHampton you beat me to it
10:12 PM
@MichaelHampton "This answers the question, but doesn't help the asker understand why - it's a "Press the green button twice" solution..."
(or if you prefer: "Give a man a root shell and he'll crash the system. Teach a man to use a root shell and you can go on vacation and let him deal with the users for a few days.")
What halon comment?
On the blog post: If the red button releases the halon, then that's a once in a lifetime trick.
Meh, I am more tempted to flag @HopelessN00b's response as not an answer. I completely agree with what he is saying though.
I think there's just a bug on the page. Thought I saw somebody else upvote it (bringing it to 5) but when I refresh it's at 3.
@Tanner @MichaelHampton I'd rather know why the button colors aren't standardized
10:20 PM
@voretaq7 RTFM or die?
EPO is almost always red. Door release is usually green (but I've seen red and yellow), Halon release is usually yellow (but I've seen red)...
@Tanner I think all the modern systems have a pre-action delay of at least 10 seconds
Sorry had to close the VMware 2.0 question.
@HopelessN00b Fight fight!
FWIW, I think I disagree with you on 192 addressing - even if you just pick one /24 you've got over 200 addresses which is a lot for most companies, and it wouldn't exactly be tough to VLAN off a bunch of 192.168.x.x subnets.
@Zoredache Meh. "Don't blow your foot off, dumbass" most certainly is an answer to the question "how do I pull the trigger of this shotgun when it's pointed at my foot???" Not the answer VMWare Server guy dumbass gun n00b wanted, but an answer nonetheless.
@Dan Depends... who am I fighting?
10:34 PM
@HopelessN00b Just spotted your rollback
@Dan Oh, that. Well it did totally change the meaning of my answer. And bring it to the attention of a downvoter...
@HopelessN00b Yeah, you were a bit harsh though
@Dan Sure. Still makes you look unprofessional, though, and appearances/how you come off are an important consideration.
@HopelessN00b I dunno, I wouldn't notice it - so long as it's VLANd up properly
@Dan Me? Too harsh? Never.
10:37 PM
Fucking bills
Hyper-V is weird
You can run a VM on a cluster, on a CSV, without it being HA
So odd
@HopelessN00b ;) I don't think you're wrong in what you say, I just disagree if that makes sense. Personally I'd have a 10.0.0 address range in any network I built because I really don't understand why people limit themselves in private IP ranges. I've been on site somewhere this week with a /26 server VLAN. WHY WHY WHY?
@MDMarra the first time I heard the term "CSV" for Hyper-V I was like - wait what?!
10:39 PM
Cluster Shared Volume
@Dan What's wrong with a /26 server VLAN? I've got a /28 server VLAN..
@MDMarra Not sure what's so odd, or am I misunderstanding? I mean, you can do exactly that with vmWare surely
Heck, I've got 12 /28 server VLANs. ;)
@Dan How can you run a VM on a vSphere cluster without that VM being HA?
@freiheit Why limit yourself?
10:40 PM
If it's on the cluster in VMware, and that cluster is configured for HA, everything will failover when a host dies
@Dan We don't want to run out of room in our /16
Not so in Hyper-V unless you explicitly mark each VM as HA
@Dan smaller broadcast domains may make sense if your applications are broadcast/multicast-heavy
@MDMarra Ah, in VMware you can manually pull a VM out of HA though
10:42 PM
Odd. I'd forgotten that I'd dropped at VTC on that bad old vmware question.
@DennisKaarsemaker That's fine, I grasp that, but it's much harder to expand than it is to simply not fill your VLAN up
@DennisKaarsemaker Having a nice large set of addresses available, doesn't hurt anything. You don't have to actually use them.
Yeah, I love my /64 subnets. I don't think any of them will ever run out of addresses.
@MDMarra Doesn't changing the VM Restart Policy do the trick?
@Zoredache of your total address space is big enough. We carve our into a set of /16's per dc (one for each security zone). So 255 /24's left, to divide among applications, should be doable :)
10:45 PM
@Dan I don't think so? Not on an HA cluster, right?
Maybe it does, I don't know
I guess for me it's more of an issue because I tend to work in places that don't have on site network expertise so I walk in and we're stuck with what they were given [x] years back
@MDMarra You've made me question myself now, but I don't have anything to connect to
Me neither
I don't have prod access to anything at $newjob
@DennisKaarsemaker we do basically the same thing - our numbering scheme is 10.[site].[purpose].[machines]
[purpose] can theoretically span a /23 or more if it had to, but the chances of us ever needing more than 255 machines under a specific purpose code is.... small :)
it's not at all small for us, it's a certainty :)
@Zoredache Well, of course, the problem is that when you have 8388606 possible addresses, if you lose a server's IP, it can take forever to find it again.
10:48 PM
(and if we ever did it would be office workstations, which are under 192.168/16, and could move into the 172 net if they had to)
I *think* that backs up what I'm saying, but it's late here :D
Damn ping scan's been running for 6 years now, still haven't found which IP my server's at. >:/
@DennisKaarsemaker I very much like not being at an ISP anymore :-)
and on that note I have to procure worms for my lizard. Adios!
@HopelessN00b how do you lose a servers IP? Don't you have DDNS, cam tables on your switches, arp tables on your routers, and so on that would help you track down a lost system?
@HopelessN00b broadcast ping
10:51 PM
@Zoredache I wrote it down on a post-it note and the cleaning crew threw it out. :(
@MDMarra Just in case you do actually want to know:
Page 19 in particular.

The note about priority being per host is interesting, though, I didn't know that. I expect that could be a serious consideration when you have a lot of hosts in a cluster
@Dan You shouldn't have a lot of hosts in a cluster
It scares me how big and complex these systems are, to be honest. I mean, how the hell do you ever get to 'expert' level with so much detail and information.
@JoelESalas Agreed, but it's still an intriguing footnote. You'd assume that vSphere would crack on with your high priority guests and go from there
Right then, bed time. Laters
@JoelESalas sure you should
well, define "a lot"
10:56 PM
@Dan Not having a life outside of work, which is 100% devoted to the giant VMWare farms you administer.
Augh, overwhelmed with bills
Feels like it
I hate getting paid every two weeks
@Cole You'd prefer bimonthly? Monthly?
11:02 PM
@freiheit semi-monthly!
I get paid monthly. That's hard to get used to at first.
@Cole you need to budget, bro
@MDMarra that's what I'm doing right now
I need a PT job
or some side work
11:06 PM
Honestly, you should have no problem living alone on what you make though man
@MDMarra no, I know
@MDMarra Like a baller.
and I didn't before surgery
@ewwhite you know it
Just paid my car off, suckers
God damn you
Ugh I feel like I'm never going to get out of this
11:09 PM
You just need to make a plan
From what you've said, it's not insurmountable
It's not, I'm just an idiot
You make more money than a lot of couples our age, for real. Just stop spending so much goddamn money haha
I know, I just paid $1500 in bills
that includes my rent, btw
@MDMarra Rule of thumb is less than 10 right?
depending on HA requirements
@JoelESalas No idea
11:11 PM
I would like to get to a point where I just have to pay my cell, car insurance, rent/utilities/groceries
@JoelESalas 16 doesn't seem unreasonable.
but that's going to take years
@Cole probably not. What are your actual living expenses?
Rent, food (not eating out daily), heat/water, and minimum loan payments
Long list
Those are the minimum to live though
11:13 PM
It's close to $2500/month
that's just paying minimums
rent, food, heat/water, and minimum payments are essential
I never miss a payment or am late.
Everything else is a choice right?
Yeah, I mean I didn't eat out (LOLZ) this week except today
and that was $6
So then you just choose between things like new clothes, or paying down a high interest source of debt
or cable TV or paying of CC debt
11:15 PM
Yeah I need to cut my Verizon bill back
As long as you have shelter, food, and transit, everything else is optional. So then it becomes a question of "how long is acceptable"
@MDMarra Some of my pants are ten years old
@JoelESalas WHAT
Not me. I was 50lbs lighter then
I was a scrawny little dude
@MDMarra I was....70lbs lighter then
11:16 PM
They were probably also women's jeans
so there's that
@MDMarra That's quite fashionable now
I was like a size 3-5 in women's
oh yeah good point
so that's what, a 28-29 in mens?
11:16 PM
no clue
It's tiny
Now I'm a 40 :/ well some pants I have are 38s
I'm a 35x31 so that basically means everything I buy gets tailored
Well, not everything
but pretty damn close
I really should get mine tailored
29 length is still way too long usually
I have a severe beer belly
Which is now super apparent without boobs.
I should just focus on losing the weight, which would mean cooking for myself thus saving money.
11:19 PM
you guys are
sysadmins, I guess
I try to fight the whole "sysadmins are big fat guys" stereotype, it's not easy
every meetup I go I'm in the 20th percentile of fatitude
but there's always 3-5 guys that are ENORMOUS
but yeah, def. not skinny.
and I hate it. I have such a negative body image. THANKS TO BEING A FEMALE PREVIOUSLY I AM BRUTAL ON MYSELF.
@JoelESalas It's difficult to be skinny when you sit in a chair 10+ hours a day and eat junk food. Even without the junk food it's hard.
11:21 PM
I'm just really hard on myself, overall. Every manager has told me that's my biggest downfall
@freiheit I'm trying super hard
because fuck that shit
@JoelESalas I tried super-hard last year as part of training for a 300 mile 5 day bike ride. Lost about 10 pounds. Turns out, whether you're 250 pounds or 240 pounds, riding a bike up hills is hard. :)
If I get the job at Reebok, I have free access to the gym - and during the day they have sports you can play
@freiheit time to lose another 50 then :)
I just realized I've been watching Say Yes To The Dress
11:28 PM
@DennisKaarsemaker hey, I eventually made it up those hills...
@Cole Ugh. My future-MIL and my fiance' have been dress shopping via Facebook messages. It's been brutal.
@Adrian ouch
So, Jenna and I are now officially together.
However, I gave her a long list of "ground rules"
Her fiance and her split last summer - now she just has a wedding dress in her closet Awkward.
I'm sorry but I have to share this picture of my niece
@Cole just what we need in this channel. Child porn...
She's so stinking cute!
My sister made some really cute kids
Also, she took those pictures. :)
posted on March 28, 2013 by ryan

If you work in the tech industry, especially in the area of software development, you might use or at least be familiar with Rally. It's a web-based project management tool that follows the principles of the Agile development lifecycle.  I've even seen Rally used to organize and track projects that were not actually software development projects.  I've seen this because

11:39 PM
Do you guys use Safari Books or buy physical books for tech books?
@Cole I used to have free Safari through my company but they dropped it. Now I mostly just buy ebooks from oreilly.com
@RyanRies do you read them on an iPad or something?
Awesome. Face to Face interview scheduled for next week.
PC, iPhone, Kindle, whatever
@Adrian ooo for what? and congrats :D
11:41 PM
Tech material changes so fast that it doesn't seem right to get a physical copy unless you're buying something that is a little more timeless
@Adrian cool man! good luck
@Adrian Congrats
@RyanRies makes sense.
@Cole Heh. Going to the Dark Side, actually.
11:42 PM
@Cole Pretty much.
@Cole see it as a good thing: a sanity injection into the world of devops.
@DennisKaarsemaker true
Really, I passed the audit, why a time limit
Q: Domain users unable to access network drive

user1766888I'm trying to map a network drive for a set of domain users. Domain admins are able to correctly access the drives but the users are not able to even view the root directory of the drive. The generic error is that access is denied. I've double checked the permissions for the old file server and t...

Girlfriend: I'M STUPID Me: Good thing you're pretty..
I'm going to pay for that.
@Cole yes... yes you are
unless you dangle somthing shiny, then she will forget
She just called me an idiot and moved on.
@Cole I called the wife an easter egg today. She asked why. I said: sweet and filled with chocolate.
She did not retaliate yet.
@DennisKaarsemaker LOL
Why do I still have Say Yes To The Dress on?! Christ.
11:54 PM
@DennisKaarsemaker thats pretty good, better then "hard shell filled with boiled bird fetus"
@MattBear I may have said "sweet, round and filled with chocolate" :)
@DennisKaarsemaker ahh lol
@DennisKaarsemaker oh no, you're going to get it
and not the good kind
How long have you been married?
4.5 years
+5 years engaged
and how long before being engaged

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