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9:03 AM
@VincentVeldkamp There ya go, hopefully the bounty will help out. (Alas, I have no insight to offer.)
Thanks! Wish I could put some of my SO points on it
Edited the main post a bit with the things we tried. I even called in our external network support guy and al he did was give a pat on the back saying "Well, good luck with that!"
@tombull89 needs a tag
@VincentVeldkamp I just deleted your edited answer on that as it will start attracting flags - perhaps update the question with what it's not.
@VincentVeldkamp: totally unhelpful but there's two things I'd try when this happens. If its only the domain and JS, check the routes to the servers they are on (pathping is pretty neat there). There's also a slight chance its an ISP misconfiguration - my home ISP did this, and it was an utter pain in the ass to track down
well, not totally but not worth posting as an answer ;p
9:18 AM
Well, they did tell us to shape our connection a while back. When we asked why, they told us to just reset the router
@Iain no problem, updated the main post on what didn't work
woah woah woah 200 new posts in /review?
your ISP is slightly wierd
@tombull89 Down from 343. See meta.
@tombull89: periodic "new user" dump
@tombull89 a bug was fixed
Q: Are there really over 270 first posts today?

mdpcI came back today, at my usual time, to run through the review sections in the ServerFault SE. Today I noted that over 270 first posts were indicated as being in the first posts queue. I am generally up-to-date and have not found that many in a single day. This is VERY unusual and seemingly to...

9:20 AM
Just a bit off-record, but @JourneymanGeek is that a Picardian Shepherd?
(your avatar)
@Iain ah, okay
@VincentVeldkamp: Proper purebred mutt. White snauzer mom, dad of uncertain provenance
Still, could have been worse
@VincentVeldkamp if you put your site on your LAN does it work OK ?
Nope, we've got local sites running like a SharePoint site, and that gives the same issues
Sounds daft, but would replacing the cables work LOL
9:21 AM
hmm, that would rule out both things I suggested
@VincentVeldkamp: if its not too much trouble always worth a try
Good morning. Computers suck and I hate them. All of them.
I do suppose you have tried turning it off and on again? ;p
Ah well I guess I just forget to plug in my javascript today :P
I kinda got the last major part of my desktop today ;p
Did you buy a desk at ikea?
9:23 AM
@VincentVeldkamp I can't possibly imagine how that could fix the problem.... but I've seen weirder things. Might not be a bad idea, if only to eliminate defective cabling as a possibility.
@VincentVeldkamp: DIY computer build. The case had a male USB 3.0 plug instead of a header
@HopelessN00b Haha - I typed "No." in reply to that, and then sat there and thought "Hmm, well, I've seen stranger things"
Still odd that defective cabling would only mess up the images. Though truth be told, We're getting a lot of "Internet could not display the webpage"-call ins as well
could be some bad packets and not others...
wireshark? ;p
@VincentVeldkamp Build a minimum system to do what you want and see what happens. Also use a bare bones client install. Then start customising it ...
9:26 AM
Well if all else fails, we're reinstalling the server farm
Though unfortunately no one bothered to make a default image of it, so it's back to running Windows Updates Ad Infinitum I reckon.
@VincentVeldkamp that won't really help solve the problem
@VincentVeldkamp: wsus offline update would speed things up there
knowing why is as imporant as how so you don't walk into the problem in future
if you didn't mind an (admittedly very legitimate) tool that was third party, and simply snarfs down official updates and installs them when needed
9:30 AM
@JourneymanGeek I wouldn't mind. Will look into that. But as @Iain said, best to see what the actual problem is/was. It's just that we don't have any spare PowerEdge R410's lying around to check it on.
@VincentVeldkamp can you translate serverfault.com/a/493117/9517 please so I can edit it into the answer ?
@VincentVeldkamp: yeah, naturally.
@Iain translated
@VincentVeldkamp unless you think it's a hardware issue use anything to hand to start with
@Iain well it's only on our 2 Terminal Servers that are in a farm. Perhaps it's the TS Gateway messing redirections up? Dunno. Apart from that any other server that is (relatively) similarily installed is having no problem at all. By the way, I've sent the translation in as an edit, so it didn't really go through. Not sure if you can see my edit on that post?
(so i think it could be a hardware issue, but to check that out I'd need to reinstall one to total defaults)
9:34 AM
@VincentVeldkamp not yet
After a long search, the solution is rather simple:

Go to Site Management, choose the site with the problem.
Choose the tab "Transfer Settings" and select "Active" instead of "Standard".

Good luck!

there you go
@VincentVeldkamp cheers
@HopelessN00b nah, that doesn't sound good in my head, any other non-alcoholic options?
@Sudhi Sure, there's a whole world of recreational intoxicants out there. I just like alcohol for being legal. And yummy.
@Sudhi Bar fights, domestic violence, gun rampage - the possibilities are endless
9:38 AM
@Dan come on, I am serious, I can't think shit right now
feels like I can't type any logical sentence anymore
@Sudhi Yeah, domestic violence isn't nearly as fun as it looks.
@Sudhi You're in the wrong room for serious, but is it work that's doing this to you?
@Sudhi I thought you typed "I can't drink shit right now"... Which is a good thing... If you didn't.
@Dan yes, and personal life isn't any better, to be honest
@Sudhi go to sleep then
9:39 AM
@Iain just woke up, back to office now
@Sudhi Time for some PTO and a nice, relaxing vacation. Or staycation.
@Sudhi: daily puppy daily kitten...
@JourneymanGeek yeah, i work late, go to bed, come back early in the morning, and work again, been going on for past couple of weeks now
@Sudhi if you're that bad then being in the office isn't going to help you or the company
@Sudhi: ahh, you need work life balance.
You need to learn the ways of a proper sysadmin, to work by not working.
9:41 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yep, the only way to avoid burn out is to, well, work less. We can only take so much
@JourneymanGeek perhaps, but the work is urgent and important
@Sudhi more important than your health?
@Sudhi: At some point "Urgent and Important" turns into "I'm too tired to give a shit"
then what?
@Dan I would like to say no, but I have given my word, and I need to make sure this thing goes to completion by 1st April
@Sudhi Lemme let you in on a little secret. The work is always urgent and important. Doesn't somehow make you superhuman or immune to burning out or cracking under the pressure.
9:42 AM
@JourneymanGeek so far, it has turned into I am too tired, but I still give a lot of shit about my work
^ that
@Sudhi and you'll kill yourself to do it - hire someone else
Can't some colleague help you out with it?
Or "hire" interns to do the menial jobs, so you can focus
@Iain Hmm, we're looking to hire, but ATM it's just me and couple more devs
@Sudhi: Its PRECISELY cause you're still giving a shit that you need to go "I can't handle much more of this" and get someone to help
9:43 AM
@VincentVeldkamp we are migrating to the cloud, it's intense, and doesn't get any serious than life-and-death situation
@Sudhi believe it or not but being tired like you are makes you less effective so being there doing shit it just that shit
cause tired people make mistakes. Mistahes cause delays...
Might be worth considering that if your workplace is burning you out out and not hiring enough staff to get done what needs done... that it could be time to find a new workplace. (I'm heading down that road myself right now.)
@HopelessN00b I am leaving anyways, I just need to finish these important tasks (each are huge) and hand over when the the next guy steps in
@JourneymanGeek I don't just agree anymore to that, I believe it's the truth , having experienced it myself last night
@Sudhi Well, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel helps, but if you're on your way out anyway, I don't see the point in killing yourself over it.
All gonna count for nothing at your next employer anyway...
9:45 AM
@JourneymanGeek made such stupid mistakes that I don't even want to call myself a dev/programer/sysad
@Sudhi Then it's long past sleep time. Take a sick day.
@Dan Good morning. Software sucks and I hate it. All of it.
@Sudhi: been there, back in the day
Or two. It is Thursday. You caught a really bad flu. Back Monday.
@Sudhi The biggest mistake you're making is ploughing on regardless - get rested and get things done
9:47 AM
@DennisKaarsemaker Something from the bar, sir?
@HopelessN00b I will be studying at CMU. I am more worried that a complete burn out might cast a disaster on my studies
Well, not me, but when I used to work in a military motor pool, stuff crashed.
@Sudhi It probably will. All the more reason not to kil yourself over this thing.
@Dan I'll have an aberlour 16 please.
@Sudhi: I've flunked out of school twice. This is my third time. My last two modules got delayed by up to 2 trimesters. I have a recruiter contact me some time back for a job I BADLY want. Life goes on ;p
take a TINY break, and you're likely to be a better job than you would otherwise.
9:48 AM
@HopelessN00b How do you tell someone that you're sorry and you can't keep your promise? That you are failing short of not only their expectations but your own?
@DennisKaarsemaker: Everything sucks. I hate ALL OF IT
@Sudhi just like that </tommy cooper>
@Sudhi: Be apologetic, blame no one, and make sure its clear you want this done right and that means stepping back
@JourneymanGeek I am from India, this is once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Forget flunking, I have to ace every course to get the schols and a good job
@Sudhi "Sorry, man, I just can't do it. I'm a hair away from breaking.... you're just gonna have to delay the finish date a little bit."
9:50 AM
@Sudhi: My parents are from there. I know how it is.
Better to delay it a bit than to have it all fall apart when you do.
cause falling apart sucks
hmmph, sigh , I know countless others have said this before me but, just for the record, life isn't fair :(
@Sudhi No use sitting on your laurels when they're on your grave. Now I'm not up to spec on the company you're working for, but isn't there some HR person you can confide in?
@Sudhi Yup, life sure sucks. But the good news is that you get to die eventually.
9:52 AM
No, it isn't
@VincentVeldkamp nope, it's a startup, the only other person I can go to is the CEO
@Sudhi Then you should, if he's a person worth working for then he'll help you
If he doesn't, set him on fire
@Sudhi Well, a startup should expect delays and be better able to handle them. Well, a good one, anyway. (I've worked for a couple myself - delays and misses are all just part of being a startup.)
@Sudhi sitting here whingeing about it and (generally) ignoring our advice isn't going to help you - goodbye
@Iain I am not ignoring anything. I just need someone to talk to, and this seems a great place
9:55 AM
@Iain ...although, it's probably a better option than actually going into the office today. :)
@Dan: could setting him on fire be an option anyway?
@HopelessN00b I am in the office, the only way for me to get online
@Sudhi Don't forget there's a "workplace" and "programmers" SE sites.
@JourneymanGeek I don't see why not
9:56 AM
"I don't know who you think you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for quality cloud migration, I can tell you I've got no stamina left. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a kick-ass colleague. If you let me take a quick break from work, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
Paraphrased from Taken (Liam Neeson Quote)
@tombull89 Yeah, but those sites are full of developers. I mean, what good has talking to developers ever done? :o
@tombull89 thanks, I know, I did saw (active-steps-to-prevent-a-burn-out) [programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/56677/… over there] over there
@HopelessN00b: depends on the language ;p
@JourneymanGeek One of my personal mottos. If violence doesn't work, you're just not using enough of it.
that rocks, my father in law used to have a sticker from there on his car
@JourneymanGeek Well, I am against violence, I don't want to drink alcohol anymore. I guess all I can do is wait for my colleage to come back, tell him I am sorry, I need a break and go do nothing
@Sudhi Well, either that or not wait for your colleague and do the rest of that.
@HopelessN00b hmm, I think I can just spend some time here, see some nyancats and wait for him. The least I can do is tell other dev who's testing where the files are and all
@Sudhi: that works
also puppies.
they make evverything better
10:07 AM
@Sudhi I suppose. I stopped worrying about being an ass and looking out for myself first a while ago... you may be less dead inside.
@HopelessN00b I hope so. I think I have to give my resignation on 1st April. I can't take it anymore, and I need to make way for the next person to step in. Will also put urgency on head hunting
moreover, I need to be relaxed and fresh for 2 more years of grueling studies at CMU. I have heard it's very hectic
thanks guys, I think I will read some xkcd or something, any geek-lol sites of your preference? Will be happy to explore :D
@Dan haha, that's a good one :)
@HopelessN00b wow, never thought such products might be on offering!
10:15 AM
Yeah, thanks to that, I've got plans to spend my next... 8,000 paychecks.
10:32 AM
Ooh, looks like I'm doing my first proper paid-work greenfield vSphere build soon
@Dan that's something like the onion, but for geeks, no?
11:06 AM
@ChrisMoschini: We welcome new sysadmins. What we didn't like was developers throwing shit over the wall. The rest is history. — Iain 32 secs ago
@Iain I think the problem is people struggle to grasp that even a beginner IT Pro should be far more technically skilled than your average person
11:32 AM
@ColdT I can't imagine it being fun to ride!
@Dan No, I think the problem really is that people are using migration as a make-it-someone-else's-problem tool, rather than the way it was intended. That and quality standards on SO being so low, it's physically painful.
@HopelessN00b Oh yeah, I wasn't talking about the migration thing in particular. Iain's message was in response to someone whining about how we treat newbies
11:54 AM
I was a newbie here. You guys are alright as long as one remembers where you are, and what sorta crowd this is ;p
Some of you are even shock Helpful
Anyone much played with powershelling over WinRM?
12:11 PM
@JourneymanGeek so what sorta crowd is this? Grumpy BOFH's who enjoy maiming developers?
@Dan Oh, yeah. A developer being a whiny diva. Shocking.
@JourneymanGeek Don't worry, being helpful is purely accidental.
@Dan vSphere, you say?
12:39 PM
@ewwhite Yeah, just a couple of ESXi 5 boxes I think
It doesn't get much more interesting than going through every GPO on a site you're unfamiliar with to find that, presumably, one setting which is breaking your stuff...
12:57 PM
People are so effing stupid.
Morning @Basil. Are the trains running today? :)
@DennisKaarsemaker They never stop.
Even on black friday, they didn't stop.
We just had to spend millions of dollars of overtime to catch the systems up
(although they go slower and less efficiently when we don't have our systems up)
@Basil what is it you manage again? signalling?
1:12 PM
@tombull89 Signalling is actually run pretty low-tech, but yeah, rail operations including signalling, trip planning and tracking, crew planning and tracking, gate control at the yards (for RFID and visual truck identification), inventory, everything. It's all run by a server which gets its storage from us.
When the systems go down, trucks end up lined up for miles in front of our gates
brb, meeting
1:28 PM
Naaaaw, I'm sure it'll work just fine. I mean, you're buying a "similar" computer part from an unknowledgeable Chinese seller on eBay...what could go wrong? Also, if you're short on funds to make the purchase, I can put you in touch with this really nice Nigerian guy who's been emailing me for a while. — HopelessN00b 32 mins ago
Sometimes you gotta make yourself chuckle, ya know?
Does anyone here know how to use blktrace on Linux well?
@ewwhite I've used it for debugging my gen8 issues. Can't say I know it well, but I can drive it.
@DennisKaarsemaker pretty much.
@JourneymanGeek that explains why I feel at home here :-)
@DennisKaarsemaker Hmm, chasing down a stupid performance issue
1:42 PM
@DennisKaarsemaker: more seriously tho, I tended to lurk here more than I asked questions, and really, you have no excuse to migrate a question thats crap on SO, to SF, without actually knowing the SF site culture
(or at the very least asking)
@JourneymanGeek makes sense to me. I like the SF culture, low tolerance for crap and a high level of clue shared among professionals. Even with help for the occasional well-intentioned amateur who tries to makes an effort.
1:59 PM
Really hope I got that job last night.
Not if you talked like that :)
Asked my manager about what taking over that project entails:
Just keep on coworker #1 and coworker #2 to get everything up and running.  Not sure how much work is left to do, but at a minimum, we need to make sure we get those certificates straightened out.

And then lead the discussion next week with the consultants.  I'll join, but might be in and out.
Coworker #1 is out until Monday, and #2 can barely turn a computer on.
So basically, "Cole do all the work and then lead the implementation of this"
how can you lead a discussion if you haven't been in charge and in the loop since the beginning?
just do your own research.. get up to date, and then start taking charge
Find current project status and goals. If goals are lacking/wrong: redefine them. Come up with a plan to achieve the goals Then steer the discussion towards that plan.
be humble
2:09 PM
It's not even for our group, which is difficult
So? Life's difficult :)
The hard part is getting one of these guys to do his part
Not sure how to do that, without my manager saying "hey well Cole is in charge of this now"
Otherwise he's going to be like "fuck off"
Get it done and chalk up some points on your management skills.
@Cole Yeah, that's what delegation is... You can't be responsible for a project unless management empowers you to get it done (by telling the other employees that with regards to this project, you're in charge).
@ChrisS that's my hang up, it's not that I can't do it or don't want to
It's just I've been here for 4 months, these guys have been here for 10+ years - they're not going to listen to me
2:12 PM
They don't have to listen to you, that's your bosses job.
@ChrisS if I'm driving the project - then if I ask for a status update and get basically a "fuck off" - then what?
I've never been put in a position like this as a complete outsider
Your boss has to say to you three people, Cole is managing this project. You say Guy#1: You do A and B. Guy#2: C and D. I'll do E and F.
Um...document everything?
2:14 PM
Management sucks.
@Cole Back to boss, Guy#1 isn't getting his crap done.
@ChrisS so should I respond to my manager's email stating that I feel as though he should let thing 1 & 2 that I'm in charge?
If Boss doesn't take care of it, tell boss, you can't succeed without management support, so there's no point in wasting time on the project.
Just tell them your boss asked you to lead this and ask them to help out/do their part. Are they that obnoxious that they don't understand that?
@DennisKaarsemaker yes.
2:16 PM
Then do what Chris says.
@Cole #1 leave "feelings" out of this. It's black and white. You're in charge, you delegated Task A to Guy #1, it's not done.
#2 If bossman isn't holding up his end, you can't hold up your end - be clear about the problem
This will not earn you any friends, but that's project management.
Thanks for the advice guys.
There's just so much resistance here.
I've been there before. It sucks, and nothing good comes from it. But you can't be responsible for what you can't control. Accepting blame isn't fair to anyone.
@ChrisS so don't stress it, basically
Do what I can with what I've got.
@Cole Resistance to change in a place that still has 15 NT domains? Whodathunken?!?!? :)
2:20 PM
@Cole report to your boss that he's not cooperating.
@HopelessN00b :P
I wish I could like, record a day at work for you guys.
Then you'd all be like ".......wow."
@Cole If you could do more than what you can, I'd hire you now. ;]
@Cole Yeah, and if/when you can't do something, tell the boss "I can't get this done because [reason]."
I'm putting ANY correspondence in email
I got asked yesterday "So...where did you go to learn Powershell?"
I don't know how to change the sigma exactly... But I get sideways looks from a lot of people when I mention a "Social" Website like SF for learning about system administration.
But I've seen more than a few programmer job ads asking for your Stack Overflow ID (or similar sites, idea is the same anyway) so they can see what contributions you've made to the world.
2:24 PM
My manager asked me what training class I took
Did you tell him you read man pages every night for fun?
@Cole So you threw a thick PowerShell book at his head? Well... would be my response to the question.
I was like "I read things"
@ChrisS I don't ask for them, but if they post them, I'll look
@mossy usb soundcard plugged into the keyboard? :)
2:26 PM
like I said last night, I'm not as stupid as I come off in here - I just lack confidence in what I do.
@DennisKaarsemaker Good idea lol.
I was too upset to think clearly.
Got my VCP 70% off voucher finally
Ugh Sallie Mae, you're a whore
@mossy What are you talking about??
The headphone jack on the iMac.
headphones keep touching my hand
not happy.
Why the fuck does PearsonVue not do weekend tests
2:36 PM
@Cole lol doesn't that piss you off?
@Tanner Prometric usually does
Just want to go take my VCP5
Going to wait and see if I hear about that job today/tomorrow before I schedule it
I think with Pearson is costs a good chunk of change to reschedule
Prob do VCP5 > VCAP5-DCV
I have a voucher for a VCAP too
How are you financing this? Out of pocket?
@HopelessN00b what? I already completed the training
I don't need to take another training class for VCAP5
but the 70% voucher = $65 to take the exam
Ugh I have a phone screen at 12 today
I just shook an old hard drive back to life....
@ChrisS whoa, Storage Jesus
2:47 PM
@Basil will appreciate that one
@ChrisS I do what I can
I could hear it clicking, and usually it's the main bearings seized... so spinning it back and forth will sometimes knock it loose enough to start.
@ChrisS good to know
A nice long format should keep them loose enough for a while to come; though the recycling place will probably just recycle it instead of reusing
Hrm..debating on how to write this email to ask about this project
well the status
2:50 PM
That's the hole you get dug into when people are a-hats. If can just shoot people and e-mail saying "Where are you at" and get a quick response, no undertones on either side.
I'm just going to respond to my manager and be like "Talked to dude #1 said dude #2 isn't pulling his weight - do you want me to handle it or you?"
@Cole Subject: SITREP Body: SITREP PLZ
@Cole Subject: (No Subjet). Body: where r u wt u doin?
What if they don't play those games? I assume they weren't actually in the military
I wish I could get rep for being on the star wall. However, all I get is shame.
@tombull89 gooby pls
2:52 PM
@tombull89 I get emails like that :(
@Tanner same, although it's normally body: PRINTER NOT WORKING MUST FIX SOON SPECIAL PLZ kthxbai. D:
ZO RELAXEN UND WATSCHEN DER [BLINKENLICHTEN](en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blinkenlights).
Relax and watch the blinking lights?
hmm. mucking farkdown
user image
Just a part of my inbox... Oh help desk.
2:56 PM
@Tanner LMAO
@DennisKaarsemaker you can't backtick a link
@Tanner wow.
u messed up my scanner~
@Cole For the record, I did not :P
Sounds like you did.
2:57 PM
@Tanner sure sounds liek u did~
@Tanner u tocuhed it last it must be u who mesd it up!!!1!
@Tanner I am so, so sorry
is another good one
@Cole Those are my favorite
Also "Are you in?" I've been asked that a lot...just not at work :(
2:58 PM
Yes, I realize you have a problem with your computer. That's 99.9% of the emails I get. Thanks for giving me a subject line that's easy to search for later.
@Tanner I just breathed really hard out my nose.
Must. muffle. lolz.
They must think I have breathing problems here

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