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6:01 PM
Apparently I need to start reading some MSPress books @RyanRies
@Cole Sometimes they're great, but they can also suck when you're looking for detailed info but they only give you the basics
Anything with "Internals" in the title will probably pique my interest
@RyanRies just looking for a place to "dig in" I guess
6:15 PM
A: Can I start a program from command line for another logged in user?

HopelessN00bNo. Windows does not offer the type of user impersonation capability you're asking about here. There's no sudo equivalent, or even approximation in Windows. In the Windows world, in order to perform an action as a user (whether it's running a program, authenticating against AD or anything else...

@HopelessN00b runas?
@DennisKaarsemaker runas requires the users password
even when run as Administrator?
That is not the first time she has asked that question
@DennisKaarsemaker ye
It's no sudo
6:18 PM
You have my upvote @HopelessN00b
@HopelessN00b there actually is user impersonation
I'll refer to my earlier comment about not being a windows guy, excuse the stupidity :)
But it's done in .NET
and is only accessible through the right magical .NET incantations
And even then only in certain circumstances
If the users are logged on you can use something like owexec.
I think the simpler solution is to for her to have a helper app that is already running as the users that restarts the program as needed.
6:19 PM
or just make this thing a service that doesn't suck
@Zoredache I agree that is a cleaner solution.
I love SSDs
@MDMarra Oh? Have linkage?
@MDMarra I vaguely remember something about that.
That's an example. There are a bunch of msdn articles detailing how it actually works
6:24 PM
At its most fundamental level, impersonation in Windows requires that an access token already exists on the system... you can't make a new access token without their password.
... at least, AFAIK.
Paging @markrussinovich :P
@RyanRies Yeah, this is my understanding too. You can only "impersonate" those users because the token is there. You can't create one on demand, as with sudo.
Wow, so weird using a computer that works
@MDMarra Yup, check the code, Mark.
public static extern int DuplicateToken (IntPtr hToken, int impersonationLevel, ref IntPtr hNewToken);
(Emphasis added, but it's clearly copying an existing token... not true impersonation.)
25% CPU usage on this Atom based NAS just to saturate a Gbit port.
@WesleyDavid so you have space for a couple more
6:32 PM
A: How do I access the terminal interface on my switch?

Iorgema ElizabethI lack clear knowledge of this particular switch but university of Nigeria is a dependable source in matters like this for more information visit unn.edu.ng.

I like the Atom
I see Nigeria, and I think spam. Knee-jerk?
@DennisKaarsemaker Maybe, but what the holy #%$^ else could that even be?
Oh by the way, a word to the wise, do not buy current gen AMD processors if you plan on using them to run SQL Server 2012. You will spend over twice as much in licensing costs for a machine that performs worse than an Intel-powered one.
@HopelessN00b oh, it's spam alright.
6:35 PM
@Iain Well, it does have two Gbit ports. I'd love if there was enough bandwidth and traffic needs to saturate both. Currently the one that's beign saturated is the internet NIC, the external one is largely dormant
@RyanRies Yeah, kills me to say it, but AMD's hopelessly behind Intel (in the CPU sector). All of Intel's monopoly abuses in the 90's and 00's really paid off. >:/
@HopelessN00b Right, but in this case the user is already logged in
so they can be impersonated
I mean, I'm not saying it's practical
Just pointing out that NT impersonation isn't impossible
It's just ugly
Mission: Impractical sounds so much less impressive than Mission: Impossible.
Recruiter's las tname who just contacted me: McCool
6:38 PM
@Cole are you applying for a brogramming position?
Mission: Implausible
@DennisKaarsemaker Negative.
@DennisKaarsemaker Hopefully it's not brogramming, but rather, broadmining... um, brodmining (?)
@HopelessN00b Mibrosoft Winbros!
Gawd, I hate our users. We get one these sent to our site DL by the receptionist at least twice a week:
if you are dialing... [phone#], please STOP! That is not a fax number!
6:43 PM
doesn't her phone have caller id...
How effing stupid do you have to be to retry faxing to a phone line to the point that the person on the other end calls our receptionist to bitch? And then how effing stupid do you have to be to do that every other day?
@HopelessN00b user-level stupid.
@HopelessN00b I believe that is defined as "average intelligence"...
@DennisKaarsemaker It's obviously someone doing it from one of our MFPs with a fax line.
disconnect the fax line and see who complains?
6:44 PM
Talking to people of average intelligence for me, is like people of average intelligence talking to someone who is mentally retarded.
@freiheit Right. Thanks for the depressing reality check. I'm off to see if I can kill myself with the plastic utensils I used for lunch.
I said that to my ex girlfriend once, she was offended and came back all "OH OK WHATEVER COLE SO YOU THINK I'M RETARDED?"
@HopelessN00b Sadly, you are probably smart enough to pull that off if you really set your mind to it. Think of the positive side: it means you're smart
@Cole hence the "ex" now I guess? :)
@DennisKaarsemaker We have at least 8 at different printers/faxes/MFPs throughout our Home Office site. But, yeah, if it were up to me, we'd just disconnect all the fax lines.
6:46 PM
@DennisKaarsemaker Correct.
@HopelessN00b down the street, not across the road.
@Cole Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. -- George Carlin
Also, one of our last conversations post breakup she was talking about school, and how she just wants to be done with it. I said "Well don't give up, you've made it this fat" (typo) then just sent a second text that said "or far"
like, "either one of those works."
@Cole damn, bitch-level mean :)
I totally have the screenshot to prove it
6:47 PM
@Basil How many storage devices have you resurrected from the dead today? I am storage Jesus! You are a false demigod.
I didn't mean it that way, but it was hysterical
and now I totally mean it that way.
@MichaelHampton I like the distinction between "stupid" and "full of shit" :)
And fucking nuts!
Oh, that video is NSFW. Not because of the profanity, but because it describes all your coworkers.
Trying to find the screenshot
6:51 PM
Ive started participating in TechNet forums
have mercy on my soul
@MDMarra dear god
@Cole I really want to be an MVP though
@MDMarra I'm sure you can easily do that.
Should blur out her name lol
Well I was nominated in December
haven't heard yet
@MDMarra good luck! :D
But yeah, I'm a dick.
6:55 PM
If only you had one
I do, sort of.
That's the next operation?
@MichaelHampton next operation is hysto.
6:56 PM
But... your genitals are more interesting than Active Directory!
@ChrisS I'm more of a storage satan.
@MichaelHampton but can't hold as many objects.
I'm about this close to using a forklift to chuck our VSP out the window.
@Cole If only your genitals spoke LDAP...
@MichaelHampton I have enough people trying to access them, I don't need 3rd party support.
7:00 PM
WTF is up with all the people reposting their closed questions?
@Cole That was short lived.
@Tanner wat?
Went from not talking about your genitals to 3rd party support for them in less than 10 chat lines.
@Tanner What can I say, my genitals are popular.
@ChrisS I never have that problem. I KNOW ALL THE SECRETS.
7:05 PM
I dare say a lot of guys know what they're doing, especially since the human race hasn't died off yet... But it's still funny.
I'm what you would call a vagenius.
@ChrisS you should hear what women say about men lolz.
Whatever it is, I doubt "complicated" has never been spoken in reference to getting a man into the sack.
Oh not once.
Except maybe me, because again, I'm an asshole.
Like how I made my lady friend ask me to be her boyfriend and then responded with "maybe"
Phucking Deverlops. Develerops. Developers. >:/
Q: vmware server 2.0.2 error opening the remote virtual machine hostIP:8333/32

manuzhangI have installed vmware server 2.0.2 on CentOS 6.2. I hit the issue Error opening the remote virtual machine\32: A connection to the host could not be established when powering on a virtual machine and opening VMware Remote Console. (where is the eth0 address of the...

I just installed an ancient, EoS piece of garbage and, shockingly, it's not working!!!!! HALP!!!!
7:10 PM
too localized 1
This question is unlikely to help any future visitors; it is only relevant to a small geographic area, a specific moment in time, or an extraordinarily narrow situation that is not generally applicable to the worldwide audience of the internet. For help making this question more broadly applicable, see the FAQ.
Why the fuck would you use VMware server
@Cole I know, right? Because developers, I guess.
@MichaelHampton Steak sauce. I keep forgetting about that beauty of a close reason.
And that's it, I'm out of close votes.
Q: Small Datacenter Setup - vCenter and OpenVPN

Mac GatlinI, as well as two other students, are creating curriculum for a new datacenter course at our university. We have 16 Sun servers that are several years old with decent specs (2x Dual-Core AMD Opterons with 4 or 8GB RAM) and ESXi 5.0 installed that we want to setup as a small, test datacenter envir...

@Cole TIL I'm an asshole.
7:19 PM
@WesleyDavid TIL you're not a medical professional.
wutchu guys think... passable question or NC?
Q: Trans-atlantic VOIP

delerious010We're a Canadian business on the east coast and will soon be opening up a new call centre in Australia. This new call centre will be handling our graveyard shift and will be overlapping with the current call centre. As such, I'd need to be able to (SIP) forward calls from our North American Aster...

@HopelessN00b I upvoted it. Believe it or not.
I think it's a good question.
@MichaelHampton Good enough for me. Not like there's a shortage of questions that definitely need some VTC love... I'll go find some of those instead.
@DennisKaarsemaker The massive opening he made for discussion at the end makes me a bit uneasy, but I'll leave it be.
@HopelessN00b Something tells me he's not going to get a flood of alternative suggestions.
7:30 PM
Fedora 18 installed is weird
@Tanner Not now that @MichaelHampton preemptively poo-pooed the FTL communication possibilities, at least.
@Cole Oh god, you didn't go with GNOME did you?
@MichaelHampton KDE
@Cole OK, that's not so bad.
@MichaelHampton I'm not a fan of Gnome, never have - never will
7:31 PM
@Cole And you looked at GNOME 3?
@MichaelHampton DO NOT WANT
@Cole But it's integrated with your Google account and your facebook and your whole social experience!
@MichaelHampton I looked at Gnome 3 once. As soon as I managed to stop the blood gushing from my eyes, I swore I never make that mistake again.
@MichaelHampton I'd rather shove a cactus up my ass.
It would be less painful.
Oh, GNOME 3 isn't terrible anymore. I just still very much dislike the fact that they removed all the customization controls.
7:33 PM
@Cole Ass-cactus, huh? Well, good news, we're not in any danger of discussing your genitals now...
Ass-cactus sounds like a band
@Cole Or a Saturday night to remember...
whether you wanted to or not.
7:52 PM
@MikeyB Are you the one working on frankenstorage?
@ewwhite Ayup
@MikeyB Another client... wants faster Microsoft database system. Enterprise SSDs versus FusionIO?
@HopelessN00b Cassctus?
@ewwhite optimizing queries? :)
downornot.com is down. Irony much?
7:58 PM
The client refuses to have an engineering discussion.
They just want an email with my recommendations.
@ewwhite oh well, then they get to pay for FusionIO :)
I love fusionIO for databases, except for the price
@DennisKaarsemaker Remember, we bill monthly...
Check out these drives: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/Redbooks.nsf/RedbookAbstracts/tips0992.html. You don't always need tier one.
OTOH, it's hard to argue with getting 3.2TB of FusionIO for $10K.
@WesleyDavid downforeveryoneorjustme.com/downornot.com ← they need better checks
@ewwhite Also, put those Enterprise SSDs behind a 6Gb SAS HBA or a RAID card designed for SSDs. Most ASICs on RAID cards are too slow.
@MikeyB It would be HP SmartArray... The SSDs are SanDisk.
@ewwhite Oh, that's easy. I think they definitely need 6 15k 300 GB SAS drives... that I happen to have no use for. And am selling at an-almost-unreasonable markup.
8:02 PM
@ewwhite Mmmm those look OK. STEC is boss.
@MichaelHampton are you sure you are?
@MikeyB not always
So, I got the human verification captcha popup thing. I closed it, and then hit Post Your Answer again. It posted without complaint. DevOps!
I use STEC for specific purposes.
HP's disks are Sandisk.
8:05 PM
@Dan (or anyone else really) Ever use the Citrix PowerShell SDK?
@ewwhite Err oh wait… STEC was the old ones. Newer tier 2 I see are Micron… the 400GB Enterprise ones I'm playing with now are SandForce
Someone mentions PowerShell and a wild @MDMarra apears. Coincidence?
sup with PS?
hi everybody!
Oh, Citrix
8:09 PM
so I need a little sharepoint architecture guidence
SharePoint, ughhh
basically, we are going to build an intranet now, since our contractors portal went so well.
should the intranet be served off its own server, be a web app on the existing server, or be a site collection on the existing servers port 80 web app
I've always ran SharePoint on it's own server.
Poor little atom processor. So frail.
8:17 PM
@Cole contractors portal is sharepoint, accessible externally
@MattBear lol sharepoint
@MDMarra yeah... im back at it
@MDMarra while I'm also trying to migrate a Jasper server to azure :p
Sharepoint front-end -> 1 server to itself
Sharepoint DB/back-end -> 1 server to itself
Morons who mess around on my SharePoint front end or back end -> 1 shared, shallow grave
@HopelessN00b thats my current set up, im just debating adding another server to the front end to host the intranet off of
because if I try to add a site collection to the current web app, its going to inhereit the enforced FBA login from the public site, and if I create a different web app its going to be on another port
unless there is a way to use a url rewrite in sharepoint to direct intranet.company.com to server:82
or bind another IP address...
@MattBear Sounds like that's actually the cleaner way to do it. I think it's how I'd design it in your spot. Electrons are free, so no sense forcing two things to share a server when you can just stand up a VM.
... well, assuming you're using virtualization, of course.
8:29 PM
@HopelessN00b ESXi, is there any other way?
@MattBear KVM
were about to add another monster server to the cluster, and add RAM to the current beast
384 GB x 3? :D
ok, so another VM it is
@MikeyB See, I'm an SSD-slut...
Wooo! installing GUI on a server
and it became a bit of an obsession... while I was trying to make ZFS run well.
@JoelESalas Don't you dare!
8:35 PM
@ewwhite Don't worry, it's a JMeter server
@JoelESalas kthxdie?
@JamesRyan Fine, install Windows 3.11 on all the things. It is not faulty, its simply not being updated anymore. Must be an appropriate solution to suggest on a StackExchange Site for Information Technology Professionals, right? — HopelessN00b 48 secs ago
Some days there just... isn't enough ammo in the world to kill all the people I want to kill.
9:00 PM
@HopelessN00b windows 3.11.... sounds reasonable
At least you'll be able to play Chip's Challenge.
@MikeyB what's the easiest way to obtain 3TB of usable SSD storage for a Windows server?
@ewwhite Find someone who has it already and hit them in the back of the head really hard with a spinning disk hard drive.
@HopelessN00b That's the Chicago-way.
Q: Cable fault in Token ring

revI'm not sure what will happen when we have a cable fault in token ring network! The Internet Encyclopedia, G O : If a cable is cut, the token ring network can continue operate because of redundant path. Sybex: Network+ Study Guide 4th edition (page 14) : A single cable fault can brin...

Speaking of old...
9:15 PM
@MichaelHampton doesnt the token fall out if the cables cut? and you have to spend a couple days trying to catch it before you can restore networking?
@MattBear Yeah, back in about 1996 I once got called into a travel agency with a token ring problem. The token had fallen out and rolled under the AS400.
?all? Do I even want to know? — Michael Hampton 55 secs ago
@MichaelHampton Developers!
Some insist on being able to use their own boxes to send mail comping from company addresses
it's on it's way out, but slowly.
Smarthost those bitches!
@MichaelHampton thats about all I remember about token rings... back 10 years ago when I was an intern, a cable came loose and the boss had us searching for that token for two days
he eventually found it and got everything going again
Well, it was too hard to move the AS400 to get the token out from under it, so we just recabled everything with Ethernet.
9:18 PM
@ewwhite those HP cards you showed me!
@MichaelHampton smart
@MattBear Yeah. But they went out of business a year later. Something about people booking airline tickets online...
Q: MariaDB 5.5 [CPU 1000%]

Danielconfig file http://pastebin.com/20VY4BmF Sysinfo CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz Memory: 64GB SSD: Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series 256GB # hdparm -Tt /dev/sda /dev/sda: Timing cached reads: 22742 MB in 1.99 seconds = 11421.82 MB/sec Timing buffered disk reads: 1518 MB in 3.00 s...

aaaaaaaaaaaand repcapped
for the first time
I'm at 194 for the day so far. Damnit.
@MichaelHampton answer serverfault.com/questions/493378/… for some rep >:)
9:24 PM
@DennisKaarsemaker Uh ... no.
@markhenderson So what's the model of QNAP that would cry for its mommy when you connected via iSCSI?
@MichaelHampton hehehe, I thought you would enjoy that trainwreck :)
@DennisKaarsemaker Didn't you see my comment?
I was thinking of writing something like "FC4? Welcome to 2005! Now GTFO"
@DennisKaarsemaker Security Patches or GTFO?
9:26 PM
Fuck Citrix. That is all.
@voretaq7 basic common sense or GTFO
though that would result in tumbleweed
Perhaps you should edit your question to actually specify what your question is - in English. — Michael Hampton 11 secs ago
@DennisKaarsemaker my god the office is empty!
@MichaelHampton I was thinking that was too mean. And then I read the question.
@Adrian The comments just made it worse.
9:32 PM
@MichaelHampton Pretty much.
And of course some asshole moderator had to come along and delete the comment. It was the most useful thing there!
@MichaelHampton yes, but the one I was going to post (before he deleted his question) is actually nice.
Also consider yourself publicly shamed for being mean to the newb
I'm out of close votes. That makes me unhappy.
@MichaelHampton be less mean :)
How many do you get per day?
@voretaq7 The more I think about that, the more I realize that people who don't bother to post a cogent explanation of their problem are just being lazy.
9:36 PM
I am less mean- at least compared to @HopelessN00b
@Adrian agreed, and therefore their question should be closed with a big sign pointing at the instructions for how to form a cogent question.
@voretaq7 You think they'll read it?
@voretaq7 and an invitation to reopen once fixed.
If they wise up and stop being lazy turdlings they'll get answers. If not, at least they were aimed at help.
@DennisKaarsemaker that's part of my boilerplate, yes.
@voretaq7 Meh. If they're too lazy to explain something they DO understand, why would you think they're going to take the effort to read something they don't already understand.
9:38 PM
in fact the reopen queue pulls in any closed question that gets edited so it's not like they languish anymore
That doesn't stop certain people from just reposting their question after it gets closed.
@Adrian because they want an answer, and that's the carrot. Closure is the stick.
@voretaq7 Well, I admire your idealism. However preposterous it might be.
@MichaelHampton and then they get a mod message telling them "No! No! Bad Dog!" (or Q-Banned for multiple closed questions)
@Adrian 's not my idealism, it's Stack Exchange Brand Official Idealism, I keep it in a blue diamond shaped bucket next to my workstation.
@voretaq7 When Stack Exchange ships me some of that, I'll be happy to use it.
9:40 PM
(personally I think most people will pout and leave, or pitch a fit on Meta and then leave when they're told "No, ask a decent question", but I'm supposed to be encouraging y'all to be nice to the dumb animals)
@voretaq7 Well, there's that. Working for exactly $0/hour not being my favorite way to spend time.
@MichaelHampton Run in the next mod election and you can hang out in TL and listen to people say how mean we are :)
Summer of Love is over. It's the Winter of my Discontent with stupid people.
@MichaelHampton oh boy are you ever on the wrong Internet! :P
The Internet is full of lolcats and stupid people.
9:42 PM
@voretaq7 I'm in the wrong universe.
@MichaelHampton I'm sure there are some smart aliens. I know there are because they stay the hell away from this shithole planet.
@Cole and porn. And all combinations of the three.
@DennisKaarsemaker yes.
@DennisKaarsemaker I have seen some porn where people do stupid things :P
God these Dell Latitudes are hideous
9:43 PM
@Cole Funny, I rather liked mine.
(Cactus goes WHERE?!?)
@MichaelHampton it's an E6430
@voretaq7 I read been instead of seen and almost coughed up my scotch...
The 1/2 of plastic surrounding the screen is pretty hideous
@Cole It's not supposed to look pretty, like a bloody MacBook.
9:44 PM
@Cole You didn't put "PRETTY" into your minimum laptop specs!
@DennisKaarsemaker I don't appear on film.
@MichaelHampton I knew any Dell would be butt ass ugly
@DennisKaarsemaker lets go with that for now
9:47 PM
@Cole I don't buy Dell laptops for their aesthetics. I buy them because they work well and Dell doesn't give me shit about repairs or replacement parts.
@MichaelHampton what do you use now?
@Cole Haha, I don't actually have a laptop right now. No need for one.
@MichaelHampton that. Macbooks are the exact opposite.
huh... just discovered I was never intended to have admin rights in Citrix.
Hell, Dell didn't give me shit when they found out I'd wiped out their precious Windows and installed Linux on the laptop.
9:48 PM
Pretty, nonfunctional and crap service from "geniuses"
I loved my MacBook Pro
@MichaelHampton I just installed Fedora 18 in Virtual Box
I'd prefer to have it the other way around, but whatever
Been spending most of my days in AD lately
@DennisKaarsemaker The genii have done good by me
Granted it's usually "This power adapter is defective, look." and then they hand me a new one
@MichaelHampton Neither would Apple. Though if you send it in for service in either case you can expect it to come back with the standard OS it shipped with.
yeah, that's about the level they can manage. Replacing a dimm in a mac pro (which was even user-accessible) took them two fucking hours.
Yeah, even though I really like the Mac's aesthetics, and I even like the OS, the hardware is overpriced and the service is shit.
@MichaelHampton I dislike the OS. And the hardware IS overpriced.
9:51 PM
@voretaq7 Thought you were all about the BSD?
Well, I'll just be over here fapping to Mac products.
@MichaelHampton OSX is not BSD (only the userland is)
the kernel is an ungodly Mach beast with the worst I/O scheduler known to man.
OSX is about as BSD as windows is OS/2
I'm just glad this laptop is Windows 8
Yeah, I'll stick with Linux then. And OpenBSD once 5.3 is released.
9:52 PM
@MichaelHampton why wait?
@MichaelHampton what do you run on your machine? I don't even know what you do for work either lol
Never really got into the BSD's. Why would I?
@voretaq7 5.3 includes the virtio drivers for running OpenBSD in a KVM virtual machine.
Had to do a little bit with FreeBSD at $oldjob
@MichaelHampton mmhmm, so they're in CVS now right?
9:53 PM
That means OpenBSD in "the cloud".
Just install 5.2 and update to current :)
Run current in production?
like Theo The Angry Canadian wants you to.
Suck my chocolate salty balls!
@MichaelHampton That's pretty much the official OpenBSD position, unless it changed recently.
9:54 PM
We'll see. Once 5.3 is release I'll be more seriously evaluating it.
It's Angry Canadian BSD and you will do it the Angry Canadian's way, or he will get Angry at you and yell at you (in Canadian, via E-Mail).
My last experience with OpenBSD was reporting on their Sparc mailing list that IPX machines crashed when in headless mode if messages were logged to the console and no terminal was connected to ack them and clear the serial buffer.
Theo pitched a fit about how it was a "terrible bug report" (and I would have given him a better one except THE MACHINE WEDGED, and it wasn't a panic() so there's no dump), and I rolled my eyes and installed NetBSD on the thing.
It's a very fine operating system in many respects, but on the Douche Boat scale Theo is the USS Ronald Reagan.
Fuck Theo. If he doesn't like my bug report, he can write a better one!
serverfault.com/a/493355/9517 why is that not an answer ?
@Iain It is an answer.
@MichaelHampton That's basically where I left off with him: "I've given you steps that reliably reproduce the problem, and I know you have SPARC hardware to test with, but NetBSD doesn't crash when I unplug my serial console so C'YA!"
9:59 PM
@MichaelHampton that's what I think - wtf is mpdc up to then ?

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