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3:00 PM
@Tanner We call it hell desk for a reason, you know.
Fucking christ I have 10 powershell prompts open
I don't remember which one i was working in.
@TheCleaner BALEETED
@Tanner Oh, and to be fair, I once got asked to fix a broken electric pencil sharpener. And printers break more than they work. So it's not always a broken computer.
3:01 PM
@HopelessN00b Yeah I figured that out quick. First month I said "It's not so bad." Now I'm feeling my soul drained away.
@Cole only 10? Amateur!
@TheCleaner page not found
dennis@lightning:~/code/github3.py$ ps aux | grep bash | wc -l
@Cole - that comment was priceless...I should have screenshot'd it before it was gone
That guy wasn't happy with @HopelessN00b
3:02 PM
@TheCleaner what was the comment
@TheCleaner the one about our ego?
@Cole Yeah, I threw a flag on it after his last asshole comment. Chose to interpret it as a deletion request.
@TheCleaner @HopelessN00b usually does make people unhappy.
@DennisKaarsemaker - yes
Dammit, I missed it
3:02 PM
@HopelessN00b Oh god our printer setup... i Series outq --> barcode program --> back to outq --> print session emulator --> Citrix universal printer --> local printer
@Cole something like 'you're not professionals, you just have a humongous ego. I give up'. But in appallingly broken english.
@TheCleaner You know you're working with an amateur when they try reverse psychology.
@HopelessN00b likewise :)
@Tanner Yeah, sounds about right. I worked for a 3PL company a while back, with a similar setup for barcode printing.
3:03 PM
Along with him stating that the answer should be "simple/easy". If that's the case, why not figure it out yourself?
@Cole Your ego is too high. I asked a simple question. Should not be so hard to give a simple answer. I will not beg you to help. you are not an expert computer.. You have high ego. I came to this website to get help. You're not helping. Also you talk to smb for people. I gave up. I don't want your help. thanks..
@ChrisS - "oh yeah? Well you're ugly." -OffendedNewUser
It's true though...@HopelessN00b is not an expert computer.
@Tanner Last job was in manufacturing. That's how barcode printing was when I started. I switched half of it to Windows software, got half as many trouble tickets for labels not printing.
And for the record: the question was not simple. It was an incomprehensible piece of abstract art.
3:05 PM
sup nerds
When are you going to have more work for me @ewwhite
@MDMarra Don't beg!!
Get your act together!
Get an AA!
@DennisKaarsemaker - the pic alone made me laugh to be honest...
@ChrisS Ahh, that would be nice... Wonder if I can convince them to find something else for barcodes.
3:07 PM
they are make this process a few months
"Forget the internet directly"
@TheCleaner Good point. I'm a really crappy computer, really. I can't do floating point math, vector graphics or display youtube on my forehead.
@TheCleaner wut
"I can not changes"
@TheCleaner Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
3:08 PM
"He came as a result of requests to the server" - Is that some kind of weird pr0n?
404...403...oh, god, yes!....502...404...403...*jizz*
@TheCleaner Lol, I even missed the fact that there was a picture in that trainwreck. That's hilarious!
/applaud The Comms Room is on point today.
HTTP/1.1 269 Tissue please
@MDMarra Shhhh, I'm debugging ZFS on Linux performance issues.
3:10 PM
@DennisKaarsemaker okay that caused an audible laugh, which then caused my coworker to laugh and say "you alright over there?"
We should make HTML status code pr0n
@Tanner get freaky with some CSS
@Tanner HTTP/1.1 405 Eww not in there!
@Tanner error code 410 - Gone. You were crap. She's gone back to her ex-boyfriend.
201: Knocked-up
3:12 PM
HTTP/1.1 300 - Congratulations!
Have we been flagged yet?
HTTP/1.1 402 - Leave the money on the counter
418: You have some weird fetishes.
417: sadtrombone.mp3
FUCKING DICK TITS. I just overwrote a csv I needed.
3:13 PM
HTTP/1.1 412 - Meal wasn't good enough
Okay, I could do this all day
411: Get some male enhancement pills.
501: still pre-op
@Cole stop distracting yourself time on serverfault chat then :)
Well I didn't need it, a coworker asked me to do it
Because PowerShell is hard for everyone else
@ewwhite dafuq?
is that.. an ostrich
3:17 PM
what is this i dont even how do you internet plz
I'm never going to that convenience store again.
@ewwhite they wouldn't let your pet ostrich in anymore?
Does anyone have a good reason (besides laziness/not wanting to deal with it) to only install "required" Windows Updates to servers, and not "optional" ones?
Ugh this morning I got out of bed and my brain was like "HOW DO LEGS WORK?" and my legs were like "LOLIDK" so I stumbled and stubbed my toe. fml it still hurts.
More evidence that nothing good comes from getting out of bed.
3:27 PM
Okay. So I have a gullible client....
And any time a vendor or salesperson approaches them, they give consideration to what's being offered.
So I spent a lot of time saying, "no" or helping straighten them out.
@ewwhite Phone number?
that's what I was thinking
"So, introduce us?"
@HopelessN00b 'Cause the freaking Bing Bar is included in "optional".
He wants to know if he should consider SPAMTITAN or WEBTITAN

SpamTitan on Demand (cloud based) - $650 for 1yr
@ewwhite Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Wastes a lot of time, but better than the never-entertain-new-ideas-or-products approach my corporate overlords employ.
3:29 PM
Does anyone here know about Spamtitan or Webtitan?
@ewwhite They can just use a 3 year old Barracuda off of Ebay.
@ewwhite Other than they're the same comapny?
Client currently has a Sonicwall firewall doing this.
I'm moving them to a Cisco ASA...
@ewwhite never heard of em. Spamassassin + spamhaus pbl/sbl/xbl is good enough for antispam.
they have a used Barracuda spam filter from the eBay, but got bit by...
Q: Barracuda tagging email with 'date grossly in the future.'

JasoomianI have a Barracuda 300. Granted it's running on some old firmware and the Energize updates are quite outdated. I'd like to update them, but, not my financial decision to do so. Starting around the first of the year, our Barracuda began tagging a rather large amount of emails (that were normall...

3:31 PM
I like the old Barracuda off eBay suggestion....
I roll my own. Maybe I should start selling appliances...
A Barracuda without updates is pretty useless...
@ewwhite Fair enough. So why not suggest Barracuda over the [blah]Titan? cost too much monies for the client?
@HopelessN00b I was just going to roll them into my Barracuda cloud filtering account and get them a real Barracuda web filter appliance.
but now, client wants to know if barracuda is better than spam and web titan...
(who knows?)
Never heard of them before today.
3:36 PM
@MichaelHampton That means something. Mindshare counts.
Is Office 11.0 Office 2003?
God my manager is terrible.
@ewwhite Then again many people have never heard of me. Their loss. :)
@ewwhite Also never heard of them before
@ewwhite Well that's a highly subjective and unanswerable question, innit? Barracuda's certainly got the better rep. Then again, there's a link to a free trial on blahtitan's page... so they could always try blahtitan before going with Barracuda, if they really wanted.
3:37 PM
@HopelessN00b They could...
but they have no way of gauging its quality.
@Dan Yes.
@HopelessN00b Cheers
@ewwhite wouldn't it be better for them to use products their IT guy knows? I'd put them on barracuda if I were you. Nobrainer.
@DennisKaarsemaker definitely fair... Must get this out of the way so I can begin their PC migration....
3:38 PM
@ewwhite Looking at their demo. They seem to have put together SpamAssassin, with ClamAV, Kaspersky, Amavisd and slapped a web front end on it.
@MichaelHampton which is what Barracuda has done...
Of course Barracuda's appliance is substantially similar...
I mean, you could find a review/comparison out there to go either way, if you applied yourself to finding the result you wanted.... but at the end of the day, the better one will be the one their IT guy knows better.
@MichaelHampton it's all about how quickly they update their definitions I guess. I'm utterly disappointed with trend as antivirus as they seem to be consistently last
Please just punch me in the face
3:40 PM
ah feck
Markdown fucked you again!
                __________                  __,___/  ",",
         ___.--"          "\'.         ____/  l   \    ",'-,
  ------f"               // \\\        \  (l\ \    \     \ \",
        |                    |||       /   u       |      \ \ \
        |                    |||     _ )          /       | |  \
    ----L_-XXX-.             .|'    / U          <        | |  |
                "\   -<_____///     \           6 )       | |  |
                  \___)     -"       '.       -.<"       / /   |
Thanks guys
3:41 PM
@WesleyDavid I bow to your superior markdown skills
( ◎⃝⃘ .̫ ◎⃝⃘ )
Damn cats.
@DennisKaarsemaker There's a little more to it than that, but yeah. Being first out with a crappy definition, or a definition that tries to disinfect explorer.exe doesn't help a whole lot.
i.imgur.com/HDoSQN8.jpg <-- "I don't think she saw what I saw"
ok brb phone screen
3:49 PM
user image
Ooh, harsh...:)
@ChrisS Well, kids do seem to be erm... "growing up" younger and younger these days. Maybe she did.
@DennisKaarsemaker Batman is their mother? Or parse error?
@Hennes It's the song. "nana nana nana nana BATMAN!"
3:59 PM
oh, no idea what music is played in the batman movie
Not the movie!
I was happy to recognize the logo
@HopelessN00b People have been mentally maturing at roughly the same rate for most of human history. But reproductive bits and pieces are maturing at younger ages due to a constant stream of "healthy" foods (though excess tests to cause accelerated results). At the same time, we're holding back the title of "adult" until the oldest ages in recorded history... Prompts the question, what should we be doing?
@growse Old news.
4:05 PM
I just want to run a simple powershell command on a remote box. Microsoft says 'no'
@MichaelHampton yes, but this is rage relating to COOL NEW WINDOWS things like POWERSHELL and WINRM!!
@growse "That's ridiculous! Dude, what? On a remote box? What are you, insane?"
^ Windows, on anything
I'll go put my modest ambitions back in the box :(
@growse Why isn't it working?
Nobody does this. Primarily because AMD's OpenCL implementation requires the program to be running under the local X session, rather than simply on the computer with the GPU. So you can forget about mining Bitcoins on someone else's computer... — Michael Hampton 8 secs ago
@growse Obligatory "PowerShell isn't a shell as much as it's an automation engine" post.
4:09 PM
You can't create a COM object from a remote powershell session. Windows throws a securityexception. Internet trawling reveals that you just can't do that sort of thing remotely, COM won't let you
@WesleyDavid but the potential!
@ChrisS Storage jesus wants your budget.
@growse They said the same thing about Jeffrey Dahmer.
My next approach is PSExec. But that doesn't play nicely with powershell
@growse It's sad how much psexec is needed.
@WesleyDavid even then, it feels a little bit like it's voodoo
4:12 PM
Time to learn a real operating system!
Yeah that shut the conversation down pretty good.
And don't you forget it.
@ewwhite You can't handle the freedom!
Issue: High load average is observed after installing kernel 2.6.32-279.14.1.el6. The high load average is caused by xfsaild going into D state for each XFS formatted device.
Resolution (LOL): There is currently no resolution for this issue. It is currently being tracked via Bugzilla #883905.
So I'm just stuck with a big load.
Artificially-high load, that is... @pauksa Any thoughts on this?
4:31 PM
The current consensus for this bug is that the fix is fine, but the appropriate target is rhel6.5 and forward, as this is primarily a reporting issue.
@MichaelHampton I have servers with multiple XFS filesystems... the load is a consistent 4+
sigh. WSUS here we go.
and performance is lower.
@ewwhite And you're paying Red Hat a fortune for...
What should we be doing? Not trusting government with making those kinds of important distinctions, seeing as how they couldn't do a worse job if they were trying.

That said, my comment was more along the lines of... ~"well, I've seen preteens flashing `the shocker`, and even more disturbingly, knowing what it meant, so maybe that girl was actually going for what we're all seeing..."
4:32 PM
@ewwhite If it's REALLY that bad, you can try out the patch.
At a crossroads... I need to deploy three new customer systems... (CentOS), and XFS is wonky... ZFS is available, but read speed under this application is lower...
@MichaelHampton Not being as bad as IBM, Microsoft or Apple. Yet.
@mdmarra where did we leave Coast Citrus and their AD?
@ewwhite If you can actually show it causing performance problems, then perhaps Red Hat will act a bit faster on it. They seem to think it doesn't cause performance problems and is a minor reporting issue.
@MichaelHampton This was a bug in 6.3... and they allowed 6.4 to ship with it.
with no downgrade option.
and seeing as I can't freeze newly-installed boxes at 6.3...
4:37 PM
Right. Because it was (to them) such a minor issue, they put the fix off to 6.5.
Hrmmmm... I wonder if putting this SSD into the freezer will help
Command line kung fu:
Q: How to display the first N lines of a command output in Windows? (the equivalent of Unix command "head")

giecsarI need to display the first N lines of the output of a command (any command). In other words, I esentially want an equivalent of the Unix "head" command. After discovering a few tricks from some other user (sorry don't remember who it was), I came up with this: tasklist | find /N " " | findstr /...

4:53 PM
@mossy yeah, got me too this morning.
Q: Are there really over 270 first posts today?

mdpcI came back today, at my usual time, to run through the review sections in the ServerFault SE. Today I noted that over 270 first posts were indicated as being in the first posts queue. I am generally up-to-date and have not found that many in a single day. This is VERY unusual and seemingly to...

Old news.
@MichaelHampton Oh, yeah? Well... new Olds. :p
5:09 PM
Note to self - Don't trust others to set your maintenance windows for you. They will schedule every DNS server in the datacenter to reboot all at once.
and back
@RyanRies Meh. It's just name resolution. And AD. Nothing important like the VP's porn stash.
Is there any easy way to remember the FSMO roles?
I always fucking forget them
@Cole The easiest way is to remember that there's only five of them so just remember them
@Cole Bookmark a site that's got them all listed and explained nicely. petro.co.il has one, so does technet, probably others....
5:17 PM
@cole - Just kidding
@RyanRies Kinda 6.
I just always forget them, and I'm like "Derp"
@HopelessN00b What is the kinda' 6th one?
@Cole Sleepy, Dopey, Cranky, Sucky, and a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer
I got asked to name the FSMO roles and what they do today, and to describe in detail what a Global Catalog is used for
5:19 PM
@Cole Job interview?
@RyanRies yeah
@RyanRies Awww, Cole just said it. It's one of those trick questions for interviews.
You'll get it after a while
Even if I don't particularly want the job, I'm doing the phone screens
5:20 PM
I wouldn't consider the GC a FSMO at all, because it's not single master
I make all DCs, GCs
@RyanRies Hence the "kinda" qualifier.
@Cole Good policy
@HopelessN00b Ah
What sucks is my knowledge has breadth but depth is lacking
Because I never get to focus on one thing for long.
I could talk about FSMOs for hours, but unfortunately I rarely get asked about them :(
5:22 PM
@Cole Well, TBH, you don't really need to know/remember the FSMO roles. When you need to know, you'll know you need to know. And then you hit up Google.. or the documentation.
@HopelessN00b yeah, I just hate feeling like an idiot
@Cole You're thinking about it all wrong. Clearly God doesn't want us to remember things. If he did, he wouldn't have invested pen and paper... or alcohol.
Our new laptops are here
They were like "whats your password"
I'm like "um let me reset it"
A good example of a real-world problem where knowing your FSMOs would come in handy - say you have a bunch of workstations. Person A cannot log on even though they normally log on to that workstation every day. Person B comes along and logs into it just fine. That might set it off in your mind that maybe Person A's password has expired, but they can't update it, because the DC holding the ________ FSMO role is down.
I'm just going to wipe it an install Linux
mind as well leave it for now
@RyanRies PDC?
5:25 PM
That one I always remember
Or, all of a sudden, administrators are unable to create new user account objects or OUs only on one domain controller, while they can still create new objects on another domain controller. That's because the _______ FSMO role is down. :)
@RyanRies taking a stab .. Infrastructure?
@Cole That was my guess too.
I was thinking RID pool master... each DC gets RIDs with which to create new objects... when it runs out of RIDs, it asks for more from the RID master
If it can't get more, it can't create any objects
5:28 PM
once I've done my VCP5, onto MCSE 2012
I need to brush up on this shit
@RyanRies Could you do one for infrastructure master so I can put all these in my notes for later study? :P
@Tanner lolz
@HopelessN00b what's the site you have bookmarked?
@Tanner Ok... for infrastructure master, I would direct you to this answer I gave on SF a while back: serverfault.com/questions/457435/…
@RyanRies Thanks
@RyanRies what is your job now? and how the fuck did you learn all this shit? How long have you been in the field?
So wait, the GC allows you to almost bypass the Infrastructure Master?
5:34 PM
@Cole 1.) Directory Services Systems Engineer at Verizon Business. 2.) I have no life and read MS-Press books for fun. And also I love AD specifically. 3.) Only about 4 years.
@RyanRies jesus, I have 5 years
My experience is pretty broad
@ewwhite I'll have to check my notes, but I think it's done. Users/computers/groups divided by physical building location
now I just need to do stuff like turn on the AD recycle bin, etc
@Cole Essentially... the Infrastructure Master has nothing to do if you have a single domain forest where all the DCs are GCs.
@RyanRies Or if you have a multi-domain forest and all of the DCs are GCs
@RyanRies it would only come into play if you're mutli-domain
5:36 PM
@MDMarra agree
So say you have company.com then corp.company.com, rde.company.com and blah.company.com
The only time the IM does anything is when you're looking for where to run adprep /domainprep in a pre-2012 upgrade of AD or all of your DCs aren't GC
Q: Can two rc4 encoded messages be XORed and decrypted if encrypted with the same key

omgadfadfCan two rc4 encoded messages be XORed and decrypted if encrypted with the same key? This is more of a programming question. If I have the following: E1 = RC4(M1, K); E2 = RC4(M2, K); If two different messages M1 and M2 are encrypted with the same key, K, can the key be recovered by doing: ...

if all the DCs in the child domains weren't GCs and your IM was jacked - you'd be screwed?
There's one IM per domain
So you'd have transient group membership issues (possibly) in the domains where the IM was on a GC depending on which server was giving out the user's tokens
5:38 PM
@Cole It's just that your non-GC DCs wouldn't be getting updated with references to objects from other domains
So, just make all your DCs, GCs.
@Cole yep
Is there ever a reason why you wouldn't want to do that?
if you've got a site connected over SMTP site links because they're connected via a 9000 baud serial modem?
5:39 PM
@Cole Technically if you had some really low-bandwidth situation where you wanted to control replication with extreme precision
But in practice almost never
Ah. scotch.
@DennisKaarsemaker Have one for me, will ya? I'm another four and a half hours away from my own. :(
Local booze shop owner is turning me into an addict
Bought another bottle the other day
I get the feeling one of our agencies might leave because we (specifically the IT department) "sucks". They like me personally... but overall they don't like our system and how hard it is to reach anybody. Anybody have an idea how I can bring this up without sounding like an asshole?
@RyanRies back in the old days maybe? Now I wouldn't see where you would need to do that
5:46 PM
@Cole Yup. Bandwidth was a little more of a concern back when Windows 2000 was all the rage.
And before Windows had linked value replication, which made replication so much more efficient
@Tanner bring it up with whom?
@DennisKaarsemaker I don't know really.
Someone else in IT?
@Tanner "I get the feeling that $customer is very unhappy, because $reason. I just thought I should bring this to your attention before we lose them for good"
To your manager or their account manager, or however you're structured.
@Cole Sorry for the delay... realized I should have been back from lunch almost an hour ago. This is the site I bookmark. Lists all the FSMO roles and a breif description of what the role actually is.
with $reason phrased as "they find it hard to do ...", not "... sucks" :)
@HopelessN00b I found wikipedia's description useful too. I'm not a windows guy but could answer Ryan's questions after reading it :)
5:52 PM
Also, RC4? Why not just encode it with ROT13 and save yourself some processor cycles? — HopelessN00b 1 min ago
@HopelessN00b I was going to downvote that, but it seems you can't downvote comments.
just got my new laptop
@DennisKaarsemaker haha, ok
@Cole And by "new" you mean it's only three years old?
Think I should mention that the manager there said "$yourcompany sucks"?
5:54 PM
@MichaelHampton brandie new
Dell Latitude E6430
@Tanner Not yet. Maybe if someone asks for more detail.
these are hideous
@MichaelHampton That seems dangerously close to a defense of RC4. :p
8GB of memory, Core i7 3520M
5:55 PM
@HopelessN00b It depends on what you're doing with it.
@Cole I guess that's all right if you're just running Word and Excel. Where's mah RAM!
@MichaelHampton better than what I have
@Cole OK, yes, there is that.
They asked me what the minimum I needed in a machine was
@Cole And that's what you got?
mornin gents.
5:57 PM
@MichaelHampton yep
I wanted a Mac, they said no
@MichaelHampton Bah, it's purely (or ought to be) a legacy cipher at this point. Its cumulative weaknesses make it unjustifiable as a choice in a new system.
So I threw out there it had to be a Core i7, at least 8GB of memory and SSD
thats what I got
I'm the golden boy apparently.
But they ended up buying them for 3 of the other 4 guys. Fourth guy is pissed
Oh well, he can have mine when I quit
@HopelessN00b Yeah, I don't like it much either, especially with everybody using it to "mitigate" Beast.

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