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9:00 PM
Oh, please be in a format I can crack.
3,834 voters were eligible, 566 visited the election, and 309 voted
heh it's in an accessible format at least
@Iain wow...
that depresses me
we even give you direct download link for the program that runs the results :)
9:01 PM
the mac version's broke
@Iain it's worse on SuperUser, only 212 voted
I voted in that one!
@Chopper3 oh .. that's not cool ...
I could have voted on SU but didn't as I don't know anyone over there
9:03 PM
I wish more people voted but at least they can't complain about who they got either way
@Chopper3 yeah it's apparently a Windows executable :P
@Zypher I'm about to test also
the mac version is the windows software plus a bootcamp FAQ
Lol, that's cheeky
9:05 PM
Mmm, tasty stats.
@Zypher ^^^^
Is that what you get too @Chopper3?
pretty much yes
hmm .. flips over to mac
@Josh same here.... file claims "OpenSTV-1.7-osx.dmg: MS-DOS executable PE for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit"
@voretaq7 HA!!!
9:08 PM
but it works in my Windows VM :-)
And mine, good thing I had two.
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 27 secs ago, by Geoff Dalgas
I'll upload the MAC version here
And now as punishment for actually starting my Windows VM -- I must install patches.
@voretaq7 HAH! That happens every time I go to update Quicken at home. Since I do that once a month, I have to apply patches for frikkin' everything.
I currently have the self-satisfied grin of someone who deployed a patch to a bunch of machines and didn't break anything :-)
9:13 PM
Windows, firefox, flash, java. And Steam if I feel like it.
@sysadmin1138 This Windows VM is just for compiling firmware for our embedded systems, so it's just Windows patches I have to install :-)
ahh steam ... i alwasy wonder why you need a patch when new games are released
always good
I apparently have 29 patches though
@Zypher static array of games? :)
dunno ...
9:15 PM
wouldn't surprise me
but for those that can't run it ... it unofficial results
OpenSTV version 1.7 (OpenSTV.org)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50.  Please go to
OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available.  Please go to
openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file election-results.blt.
Ballot file contains 7 candidates and 310 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 310 non-empty ballots.
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by ChrisF
sysadmin1138 and Mark Henderson on Server Fault (at least by my use of OpenSTV)
ah cool, thanks
that's interesting - the page says 309 votes and the software says 310
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 57 secs ago, by Geoff Dalgas
OpenSTV download fixed for mac
9:17 PM
nice to know my scripting/hacking skills are still good
Congrats guys!
I'm disappointed we only had 310 users
congrats to @sysadmin1138 and @mark then :-)
Thank you, thank you.
Nice one, well done guys :-)
9:17 PM
then again SO only having 200some-odd makes me feel better
@voretaq7 I'm not surprised
Hi, and unofficial congratulations to sysadmin1138 and Mark and a big thanks for the other candidates!
@voretaq7 Whaaaaaat??
Well done @sysadmin1138 and Mark
yeah, well done gents
9:18 PM
superuser rather
Interesting thing in the results, of the 64.something of my 'excess' votes in the 2nd round, about 20 of 'em ended up with Mark.
waiting to see how SO does -- expecting to see at least 1000-1500 or I'll be very sad
I second everyone else, congrats @sysadmin1138 and @Mark!
ok cya all
9:24 PM
Installing Update 23 of 29. God this is interminible, and it's killing my workstation performance :P
Interestingly, only 35 ballots did NOT include one of the winners.
Congratulations, @sysadmin1138 and @Mark. I voted for both of you.
Thank you.
Are the ballots anonymous?
9:26 PM
They are in the download I got.
Well, there goes your chances for revenge!
We had so many great candidates!
yes, we did!
I think it was Packs who was joking earlier about 3d7.
I think we have two great new mods :-) But @Warner, I am disappointed you were not one of them!
Hey, this way you'll keep answering more of my questions, HAHA
Haha. Thanks, @Josh. I certainly hope to. My recent promotion at work has required my full attention.
9:29 PM
Well, good for you @Warner!
My #1 choice in the SU and SO elections was clear. I was very torn in the SF election :-)
If two people give the same answer, one answered first but another gives a better quality answer who should I award the bounty?:
Q: Get exact size in bytes of a disk & partitions in windows

Antonius BlochHi, I'm using dd (under cygwin) to copy a shadow image of a disk in windows. Shadow copy will only give me a partion, so what I am doing is: 1) using dd to grab the disk header (32k on Win2003) 2) using dd to copy the shadow partition 3) using dd to copy the end of of the disk (8 meg reserved ...

@sysadmin1138 I don't know what you're talking about :)
@AntoniusBloch Personally, I would say the better answer.
I'm not sure I should award it at all since it doesn't really solve my problem, but it might be the best "real world" answer
@AntoniusBloch Yeah, that's a much harder problem to figure out.
@AntoniusBloch I agree with @packs, the better answer
but if you don't award, keep in mind the top answer still gets half
9:33 PM
@AntoniusBloch You have 6 days, why not comment and ask each to clarify / expand their answers?
well vote up the detailed answer please
hi all
@alvosu hello
I understand the answers, but basically I think the problem is that linux and windows disagree on the size of the disk
I tend to think that linux has the correct number
but really I can't verify that
9:35 PM
I'm thinking...
i registry AIM, and a couple a day AIM don't work(Password/LoginId Required/Invalid)...password recovery don't work, too. is this normal?
@AntoniusBloch this is weird, I don't know windows well enough to be sure of what I tell you :-(
I think Linux would be correct too, but, I'm not sure
...is the partition table any help at all..?
IDK, not really sure what to do in that circumstance @Antonius! :-/
Results are official, now.
Official congrats then guys, you both deserve it
@Josh yeah I think it's going to remain a mystery
did someone become mayor?
9:45 PM
I'm happy enough that I was still in contention towards the end
How much does moderator pay?
I might pay in T-shirts.
If I'm lucky.
Or stickers.
I'll pay you massive kickbacks for ignoring my blatant spam ads posed as questions!
9:49 PM
@sysadmin1138 Stickers, woo
I need to get my SASE in the mail and replace that one that I lost last winter.
I think stackexchange is too fragmented
but then I'm new
@AntoniusBloch SE is designed to evolve to a certain extent.
I thought "Server Fault : Vote to close" was a popular post about closing the site
SO: just shy of 5000 votes.
out of how many eligibles ?
10:01 PM
43,778. So a better turnout.
3% more
B;ah, math is hard.
11.3% for SO and 8.1% for us.
you had me worried there
15.3% of SO ballots didn't include a winner, 11.3% of SF ballots didn't include a winner. SU? 1.5%.
I wasn't surprised at our turnout as according to quantcast we have a very small group of active users
eligibles here represent 4.25% of our daily people
10:47 PM
I am surprised that it was as high as it was. I believe I predicted somewhere in the 150-200 range.
11:06 PM
Right, night all. Congrats again to sysadmin1138 and Mark
I'm off too, night all.
dag nabbit. Where's the elections page? I want to see the numbers
found it
rogue link
11:13 PM
No sever fault for you.
5 people voted the same way I did.
Congratulations @sysadmin1138 and @MarkHenderson
Let the bans flow like wine.
Or is that vice versa...
Thank you.
Hey guys
does anyone see anything wrong with the tutorial here ?tomatousb.org/tut:setup-multiple-static-public-ips If you don't mind
@sysadmin1138 Congratulations
11:25 PM
congratulations @sysadmin1138
@Jacob, wrong how?
It doesn't work
and I am learning IPtables and can't figure out the issue
Any ideas would be nice
The rules look pretty reasonable. Do you have a Tomato-based router you are trying to use these on?
@Jacob look for your default iptables policy, if it's ACCEPT or REJECT, that would make a change
11:29 PM
@Zoredache Yeah as part of my Job for @AntoniusBloch's company; I get to figure issues to save him time. In this case a client wants to keep the router
@lynxman I based off that tutorial and it only forwards for 1 IP
Jacob, start a question
@AntoniusBloch ok
but don't post any public IPs
@AntoniusBloch I won't :)
I think the problem is that tomato-usb adds openvpn
and it's changed the iptables setup
and wanin tables
11:34 PM
@AntoniusBloch I mean it looks right, but I can't find any other examples.
Please do post valid looking IPs. So replace the IP with something from something in the RFC1918 address space, and mention specifically what subnet you used to represent your external addresses.
if you x out the middle ones it's good enough for me
@AntoniusBloch ok
A network diagram usually helps a lot as well.
@Zoredache must you need every thing ? just kidding...
11:36 PM
I have been using the Google Docs diagram tool to generate quick and dirty diagrams lately.
docs has diagram
@Zoredache I am pretty fast in visio
@Jacob, personally, I think everyone needs a good diagram. There are many problems that I solved just by creating a diagram, and putting everything in a picture. It forced me to think out what was going on.
@Zoredache I was joking I'll make one
@Jacob, thats fine. Please consider my point to be rant against the large number of questions that would be far easier to understand and solve, if the person just took the time to draw a good picture.
11:45 PM
@sysadmin1138: Have a look: serverfault.com/q/230426
@EvanAnderson I was typing an answer as you were commenting 0:)
One of those "I don't know the answer, but I know who does..." kind of moments. I actually think it's "Service Location Protocol" related, but I don't know enough to answer (or even really be sure that I know what I'm talking about).
You're probably right, and I know far too much about SLP, having had to explain it (multiple times) to our network people.
Time to test the maturity of SF
in the diagram I put pubic instead of public....
I make that mistake all the time.
11:59 PM
@EvanAnderson, why did you remove the diagram from @Jacob's question? Was that intentional, or was a edit conflict?

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