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7:56 AM
мудила меня забанил
8:18 AM
one one here?
any one here?
8:33 AM
In body, not in mind though :-)
It's earrrrly here :(
Q: Secure Server after configuration

ntechiRecently I purchased a VPS from intovps.com, And first time I configured a fully unmanaged VPS through ssh comands. My website is working into it, properly. Now I just want to know how to secure it? I started my process of configuring VPS in this way:- Installed LAMP, phpmyadmin, restored the b...

i was wondering how to configure .htaccess in godaddy
@ntechi, pretty much all the standard 'secure my linux' box questions on serverfault apply.
inside a subdomain
@ben its early, its cold and i could use the day off... not because i need it but because i frankly just fancy a lie-in.
8:38 AM
Q: .htaccess with godaddy not working in subdomain

explorexHi, i have a site uploaded to shared subdomain (which is inside a folder). and htaccess is not working. please get details from here. EDIT::copied from stack overflow Hi, i uploaded as website to a subdomain, and every page is not working except the front page please check it here. what could ...

@ntechi, set strong passwords, disable any unnecessary services, make sure you have a tested and working automatic backup system. Make sure logging is enabled. Subscribed to security mail lists for any web-apps you install, so you will be notified to update them, when a new vulnerability has been announced. Adjust the firewall configuration to minimize access to any administration interfaces, and so on.
That sounds nice @RobertMoir!
Book me one of those too
ok... scheduling's a bit shot though, mine appears to be scheduled for Not Going To Happen
At least I didn't have to scrape the car this morning I guess...
@ntechi, there are hundreds of questions that cover various aspects of the subject on SF, and security.se.
8:41 AM
You now join us at the final act of "Mr Shotgun goes to websense's HQ" in which our anti-hero discovers that websense have recategorised every major artist's website as "social networking" on the morning that the art department were doing a major "thing" about art websites.
halfway through setting up split-server DHCP for 78 scopes...
I need some entertainment :(
you started that yesterday pauska, still going I guess
Yes. It's extremely time consuming.
we did that a while ago when we move into the new building and network... no matter how hard you try you end up with a few subnets that aren't quite right because of some typo :-|
I have to heavily restrain myself everytime I go on superuser to try and find something. Some of the questions there drive me nuts.
8:46 AM
@RobertMoir: That's exactly my concern aswell.. the good thing here is that all options except default router is shared across the scopes
well that helps
@RobertMoir: I'm double-checking that default GW is correct now while doing split setup
btw, any idea if windows requires a default domain entry?
(this isnt AD, im setting up the guest networks)
The default is used for the search path. So you can do ping 'blah' and have it automatically translate to 'blah.example.org'. If you don't care about th at, then don't add one.
8:49 AM
yeah, theres no usage for it here
i was wondering if you could help me with htaccess configuration
could you please check my question
explorex: Please read the widely avaible htaccess documentation on the internet (google). Besides, GoDaddy has a help center.
You've also asked a question on the main site, wait for answers there
okay i will
8:53 AM
@explorex, FYI, many of us really strongly dislike .htaccess questions. You could take a few minutes to clean up your question though. Make sure everything is spelled properly. Use capitals at the start of your sentences and so on. I really don't know much about .htaccess.
okay i will do my best
BTW, I don't mean to be snobby or anything, I am far from perfect.
Also, have you tried a really simple Rewrite rule to see that things are working? Why start with the simplest rule you can use get that working and then build on it a little at a time.
i dont know i am getting error the index.php was not found on /~mainsite/submodian/site/
where it was supposed to be
websmartus.com/demo/globaltours/public_html/test.php contains the absolute file path of the index.php
I'm sorry man, we're not a help desk
work on your question on the main site instead
I suppose it does exist?
about-us is a subfolder of public_html, yes?
9:07 AM
no it's get routed to index.php
by .htaccess
ah right, .htaccess file are funny thing so i think you'll be best off waiting for things to pick up on the site for an answer
okay .... i have do something i should have done many days back
anyway thanks
good ${time_of_day}
hey @Iain...look like your request hasn't happened yet
9:24 AM
ahh first sales call of the day. No I'm not interested in Mr Salesman's "ethernet internet product", I'm fairly sure that I'm better off remaining on a 1Gb primary JANET connection
9:44 AM
@Iain: How about a regexp greeting? .*ing all.
9:56 AM
A: Cheap web hosting that supports php/mysql

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actually, two copies
A: Cheap web hosting that supports php/mysql

user69179 You can also get the web hosting service here http://www.tucktail.com/tt/domain-hosting-plans/ .This site provides the web hosting packages at reasonable price.For more details, visit this site. thank you user45648....

morning gentlemen
spam again:
A: Best hosting provider

user69179You can host your site here http://www.thewebpole.com/twp/domain-web-hosting/ .Here i found the hosting service at cheap price.Prices are starting from $3.99/month.If you need host your site here.

Bah, only just 10am and I'm 3 flags down already..
just used four, jesus
I'll sort them erik
Q: DNS is not recognised by my network

ValI have recently switched my dns server to a new hosting provider. I received a new IP and such.. I have created a new file on my www.example.com/newfile.html on my computer it does not exist,however if I check it on another computer (outside my network) it shows it has switched over. Can any...

seen this one, it's a "walk slowly away from the keyboard' job
morning people by the way
10:05 AM
yeah, there's so many things you can say on that one... not enough time to cover them all :D
lynxman, if you run out of flags just come on here and list them ok
if I'm around anyway
I wish we could just agree to auto-close every "what is the {best, cheapest, fastest] web hosting provider for {php, mysql, videos} as subjective
put it on meta
its just spam bait, same for ssl cert ones too
@Chopper3 Thank you, I'll do so :)
wow, user got all upset about me providing an answer, go figure...
thought that if you asked a question you would be open to answers :D
10:21 AM
which question?
oh hell, just remembered, I'm on a THREE hour conference call today, not one of the ones you contribute either, just 2.5 hours of PR spin only then do I get 30 mins to answer questions etc. bloody hell what a dull day...
@Chopper3 sounds like a world of fun
yeah :(
it's a press call so I can tell you right now who'll ask what questions, I could just write the answers now and go for a walk instead
hello cakemox
10:28 AM
@Chopper3 ouch
@Chopper3 the rsync attributes one, I've given a honest answer and the guy peed all over me, gah
just deleted my reply and let someone else handle this artist
at least I have one of those dect wireless headsets that make me look like a call-centre-monkey - so I can go for a poop if I get bored
got a link?
i've got one of them, there brilliant for long calls. I even reckon I could make it to the sandwich shop next door during a call at lunch :)
I finally decide to order a new laptop, and Intel's goof has delayed orders for 2+ months. Dammit.
@Sam I can walk around the gardens but if won't reach the beach :(
@Cakemox that's a big ouch indeed
10:30 AM
@Cakemox But the new macbooks aren't out yet :)
@Cakemox, better you find out now that just after you ordered one, though?
@Chopper3 I'm not a fan OSX, so Apple's offering would have to be pretty slick to justify the extra cost.
it was only an issue for 3Gb SATA stuff, just get a 6Gb disk instead
@Cakemox only kidding, bit of an apple-nazi myself
haha - just joined this call and there's a livemeeting of all the slides etc, someone doesn't know but his video camera is on and anyone who wants to can watch him picking his nose
The end of this question is quite cracking
Q: how to create a A record in VPS hosting using putty for vps.abc.com

Jayapal ChandranHi, I bought a vps hosting for one month to do a test drive. When i registered they also registered vps.mysite.com which is now pointing to a different ip(i cheched by pinging). This vps is just plain without any extra bundles so no control panel(cPanel). How to create A record using Putty. Is ...

@Chopper3 They canceled all orders until the issue is fixed, regardless of the drive you choose.
10:37 AM
the machines are out there though, just most retailers will be returning them to vendors obviously
It would be quite funny to buy one and them sue Intel
if you have the time and the will to do so
someone will, in that town in texas where everyone goes to sue
@Chopper3 I'm always extra-careful on the VCs. Not so much for nose-picking, but for making big ol' WTF faces when someone says something ridiculous.
I'll just have to be patient. I hate being patient. I want my new equipment NOW. I'd buy local if it weren't for the jacked up swiss keyboards.
years ago I used to do a weekly video conference with my boss in the US, it was when you had to go to a special room to do this, for a laugh I went early one day, took off my shirt but put my tie back on, the video conf manager then video'd me like that for a few seconds and half way through the call inserted 1 or 2 frames of that video into the stream - you could see my boss flinch momentarily, must have though they were going insane
@Chopper3: I got the elitebook 2540p 12" with SSD/3G today
it's super sweet!
10:43 AM
@pauska I'm jealous
Nice! That raises the question: is it ethical to toy with the sanity of colleagues? I'm going to email the local HR manager.
oh neat
@Cakemox everything's ok if you don't get caught
Doesn't that imply that it is unethical?
I'm no expert on the subject really, my moral compass points due west
@Cakemox light sanity manipulation is a constitutional right ;)
10:51 AM
Q: How to run a c program as a simple server like apache in my vps hosting

Jayapal ChandranHi, I like playing with sockets. I have written c programs for windows which listens in different ports. But i havent written for linux yet i wrote lots of php code so it will not take more than 4 hours to create a new c socket program for linux. Once the program is ready i will upload it to so...

wow - just wow
same guy as the previous question
belongs on SO
11:07 AM
Hello guys
@Chopper3 I'm calling the Moir rule of Walking Away from that one.
seen his latest one?
C socketS?
had to kill it
11:22 AM
oh. push technology
is this vgv8 posing as an indian?
may as well have been about BBQ recipes - it was that vague
sadly not, I've done the digging, this dude's supposedly a pro web designer
god help us all
Q: How to backup millions of small files?

grassbl8dHi, What is the best way to backup millions of small files in a very small time period? We have less than 5 hours to backup a file system which contains around 60 million files which are mostly small files. We have tried several solutions such as richcopy, 7z, rsync and all of them seems to hav...

11:29 AM
"What is the best way to backup millions of small files in a very small time period"
Forget it.
<bofh>You'll have to take the platters out of the drives and photocopy them</bofh>
ah...but then again... {press F5}
I'd probably set up glusterfs replication, then backup the replica.
@Chopper3 Same difference.
You go to NetApp, I go to GlusterFS.. this is because i've never worked anywhere with a high enough budget to afford a NetApp Filer
a friend of mine has a PB scale netapp array, and raves about thin provisioning.
i just sulk off into LVM and hide
11:33 AM
I love all the things netapps do - and have lots of the bloody things - but hate the way they do it - god awful architecture and interface
I'm the other way, have the luxury of fixing problems with cash, that said I also get little leeway in delivering big complex systems on-time and right first time - swings and roundabouts
I like the "throw money at it" and get something that works solution paradigm
12:03 PM
Q: how to find mysql passwords

Registered UserHi on one of my server I have installed a lot of softwares where in for each application I have created a user name and password.After that these applications have been running.Now I have to remove these applications and install the latest version of softwares.I have to basically make every thing...

I need to stop reading these questions, they just upset me
look at his question history ><
oh. him.
Vote To Ban? :P
that made my day
This sounds alarmingly like my current job: thedailywtf.com/Articles/Six-Weeks-Steve.aspx
That, on the other hand.. Is bloody genius.
12:34 PM
sure is
pretty crazy down in australia
they expect the cyclone to hit land at 290km/h
I was in Cairns in Nov 2009 - nice place
the sea is warmer than our local indoor swimming pool
Yuk. Chrome just offered to save my credit card info. I hate that kinda thing.
12:53 PM
I could use a quick favor from anyone willing... does digitalfruition.com load for you?
My local ISP seems to be having network issues, but I need to be sure it's my ISP and nt my datacenter! :-)
Loads over here
Great, thanks guys!
Well my ISP's network status page doesn't list any outages outer than some planned maintenance for having a squirrel chew a feeder, LOL
josh: loads here, but uber-slow
@josh: rather, it was uber-slow at the initial load, but refresh is fast
1:09 PM
@pauska hm, thanks
In the MSO Tavern someone in my local area just confirmed it works for him also, so, it must be something with my local network, not even my ISP...
I tried to force-refresh it, and it seems like it takes a while to download all the images
@pauska might be under load... I can't tell because I can't SSH in :-(
@Josh: I'm running a pathping now, will take a while though
ok, NYC.. that could explain it :)
Thanks! I just switched to tehteing via my mobile phone, ad now I can load it also
ah ha, in the MSO tavern someone posted a traceroute, it looks like the router that's failing is the first router in my datacenter
But it lets him through, just not me :-)
just got in, load on the server's 0.7, so it shouldn't be that slow to load @pauska... hmmm
1:19 PM
awesome, thanks!
I'd point my finger at is actually where my packets get lost
no I misread that, it was
ok. that was really weird...
My datacenter blocked me for SSH brute force attacks!
I am thinking maybe my local nagios installation triggered that...
thanks for the help @pauska!
1 hour later…
2:33 PM
I really need to spend more time on SF! I am not getting anywhere near my 10k goal at this rate :-)
Also, the election closes in 6 hours! HAS EVERYONE VOTED????
@Josh I whipped out my 3d7 about a week ago :)
I voted early but couldn't vote often :(
So are we in the no campaigning phase now?
I thin kso
2:46 PM
Good. My favourite part of an election cycle.
we don't have that luxury - campaigning goes on right up to 10pm on election day :(
when you still do campaigning but you don't call it so in order to not break the election law?
oooh a second shiny gold badge :)
gold badges are... well they're just awesome aren't they
2:52 PM
:P they are probably the only 2 I will get
I wish I got the Talkative badge, I'm pretty much entitled to it by now
That should do it
Yeah got several starred ones already but it doesn't kick in :)
hello !!
@lynxman have a star for this great comment
(how many do you need? :-)
2:56 PM
one or more
I thought I just needed one
but I've got liek 7 or 8 already
i just uploaded a site and i'am getting error [Wed Feb 02 09:06:04 2011] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /home/websmart/public_html/.htaccess
it won't give me a star if there are spelling mistakes
Anyone know of a good email virus simulator? I have my new anti-spam/virus setup for Exchange, and want to test it out.
I don't know how frequently the checks for badges run. Some of the less popular ones don't run very often
2:59 PM
@Iain Interesting, I've seen badges show up in under 5 mins, it's a question of waiting I guess
@Dan clamav comes with some virus examples that you can inject in your mail system
@Dan www.clamav.net
@Dan will the Eicar string not do you?
perhaps @zypher or @KyleBrandt could shed some light on the badge awarding schedule
can anyone help me with cpanel
can i configure apache conf file from it?
@explorex Have you thought about asking a question on serverfault? :)
try the site out, I hear it works
i asked a question before
okay i will try out
3:02 PM
I saw eicar already. As for clamav, i'm looking for a site that will send a file to my sever and see what happens.
@explorex Yes, you can
i just joined this site today
@explorex link?
Also, with gtube, and the test string, thats great that it catches it as spam, but I'm looking more for an attachment test.
Paste just the question link here, I can probably answer
3:02 PM
The chat here is probably more of a place to chill out and talk about the site and random things rather than a question and answer place itself
okay i will ask new question
Q: .htaccess with godaddy not working in subdomain

explorexHi, I have a site uploaded to shared sub domain (which is inside a folder). And .htaccess is not working. please get details from here. EDIT::copied from stack overflow Hi, I uploaded as website to a sub domain, and every page is not working except the front page please check it here. what cou...

there's nothing wrong with asking questions here, I'm not saying that, just that you don't always get a great set of answers
this is the old one but i have new server
i will post the question first and then i will come back
@RobertMoir agreed, but that requires some terse answer I'm afraid :)
@explorex sorry didn't want to sound as condescending or anything *bows for apology
hmmmm so many questions about cpanel - I must learn something about it
3:04 PM
@Iain I've heard cpanel is like the Stig, nobody knows how it's run :D
there is speculation that the new stig is a woman
@lynxman never mind
some say its made out of old netscape navigator gold code. Others that it's made with a fortran to html converter. All we know is its called cpanel
@Iain that would be interesting... and awkwardly sexy
a female stig, would make a change after a few guys for sure
3:07 PM
@RobertMoir I think it's just a question of seeing how Clarkson interacts with the Stig, if it's a girl he'll surely make some sexist jokes
@RobertMoir yeah that's the default, but if he makes more than one then we know
it's like doing jokes about midgets and coiffured hair, you know he's nearby Richard Hammond
@lynxman it is a bit of a black box :-)
true enough
though I still don't know what started the rant about mexicans
hello i am back
Q: client denied by server ..... /public_html/.htaccess

explorexWell the true error look like following error log from cpanel [Wed Feb 02 09:06:04 2011] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /home/websmart/public_html/.htaccess my project is based on php 5.3 - zend framework and .htaccess file contains data like RewriteEngin...

3:12 PM
@RobertMoir I'm still trying to figure out that one
@explorex let me check
my question is somewhat similar to one but i am newbie considering my knowledge at server
and please never mind me
First, please stand by, I'll clean up your question
@RobertMoir, lol, just read that. At first, i was like, "so what, a turkey baster", then i realized the clever masking.
3:17 PM
@explorex what URL are you going to?
and, is this the entire .htaccess file?
i have my root as /
This looks incorrect to my eyes, trying to understand what it's doing: RewriteRule ^.*$ - [NC,L]
ok, no, that should be correct...
@Josh i don't know, its from zend framework
any string key insensitive afaik, a bit redundant though
and i works on my localserver
3:21 PM
I don't think your problem is related to that .htaccess @explorex
I think it's due to you not having a default index
@pauska brilliant
@lynxman that's probably my fault, I edited his question and might have changed the meaning when I tried to clean up
the .htaccess looks good to me, it's not doing anything fancy
@pauska That brings back memories of high school. Sometimes I miss that hair :)
3:22 PM
@Josh nah don't blame yourself ;)
@Josh it's okay
@Josh i can enable mod_rewrite through cpanel
@explorex it should be enabled already, but yes, you can enable it through WHM if it's not enabled
@Iain Thanks for the edit, appreciated!
got my vote
@Iain you got mine too
3:33 PM
I sometimes think that there should be a canonical answer for cron PATH problems
@explorex can you try replacing your .htaccess with a very simple mod_rewrite test?
like back it up as .htaccess-bak and in the new one, redirect all requests to a static HTML page?
(Was driving me nuts :-P)
@Josh can you tell me what to write in .htaccess file
3:35 PM
@explorex sure, one moment
@Iain That should be easy to write. Here is the cron path: .... Always use full paths!
@iain it would be pretty awesome if you could specify a path enviroment just for cron
@lynxman PATH=$PATH:newstuff
@lynxman Append that to the top of your cron
Done :)
Ah ha, before I do, try Ben's answer @explorex!
A: How do I fix the Apache error "client denied by server configuration"?

BenCheck your options. You must have Options +FollowSymLinks to enable per-directory rewrite rules. http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/mod_rewrite.html#RewriteRule

@packs yeah but... you know what I mean ;)
3:37 PM
@Josh but i can't find httpd.conf file in WHM
@explorex do you have access to WebHost Manager (the full server) or just a single cPanel account?
i am so trouble stuck
@explorex httpd.conf file is at /usr/local/apache/cof/httpd.conf, but DO NOT EDIT IT
@lynxman I do, I just get tired of telling people they'll receive better results by using the tools the way they're intended.
WHM will overwrite anychanges
@explorex in WHM, you can view / edit apache directives at... Service Configuration > Apache Configuration
3:38 PM
@packs Oh yeah don't get me wrong, I completely agree with that thought
@explorex, just put it in your .htaccess file.. if AllowOverride is set at the server, you can modify it in the .htaccess
@Josh i am such a layman .. i can temporarily upload picutred
oops! i meant could i temporarily share pictures
@explorex try what Ben just said first :-)
1 min ago, by Ben
@explorex, just put it in your .htaccess file.. if AllowOverride is set at the server, you can modify it in the .htaccess
What if we conducted a serverfault sys admin survey? I would be interested to know what types of servers were popular and also what technologies were being used.
hello @Ben
3:43 PM
hi @explorex
@Ben i was wondering what should i put in my .htaccess where? i could you please update your answer you know i am such a layman ...
@explorex sure.
Oh noes, Ben confusion :P
I @ben I was just thinking the same thing
I wondered why my message indicator thingy was going when I've said nothing (constructive) in hours lol
3:48 PM
Sorry @explorex, this is a crazy morning for me, I keep getting support requests and other issues to deal with =o
@Josh thank you for all your help
i am trying to setup rsync to mirror servers, can someone help me out?
@explorex Sure thing. Did @ben's changs help?
@barraponto what seems to be the problem?
i am trying to follow this: drupal.org/node/583264#rsync
it starts by adding stuff to /etc/rsync.conf but i am afraid it might mess my server (since i share it with a couple firends)
are the settings safe? are they being used (didn't seem to be used, when i read it)
@barraponto do they others use rsync?
3:53 PM
they might.
but let's assume they won't, i can explain if they find issues
@Josh I cannot see .htaccess file from my cpanel file manager how do i enable it
@explorex no, you should edit the existing .htaccess file
(i might kick them out to another server if they need rsync badly)
the one you posted the contents of in that quetion
@Josh i cannot access it form cpanel filemanager
i guess cpanel is now showing hidden file
3:55 PM
I don't use th cPanel file manager. Can you use SSH / SFTP / FTP?
@explorex I updated the answer a bit
@barraponto sorry, sec, delayed :-)
Looks like I shouldn't be Ben.. I'll try to change my displayname
@Ben could be your chat association
thank you i am trying
3:56 PM
Oops! There was a problem updating your profile:
Display name may only be changed once every 30 days; you may change again on Mar 3 at 21:18
@Josh there is no /etc/rsync.conf (so i can safely guess no one else is using it)
which is weird, since i used rsync several times

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