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12:50 AM
Hello everyone!
2 hours later…
2:33 AM
Standalone Sysadmin
IANA Finally Out of IPv4 Addresses
3:23 AM
@KyleBrandt Could you point me to where you download the average read/write time template for cacti?
5 hours later…
8:33 AM
good morning
9:16 AM
configuring 78 dhcp scopes
its so much funz!
yes it is
fun like having a root canal done
9:51 AM
10:26 AM
morning guys
its quiet this morning!
It's quiet...too quiet...
racks shotgun
if it's quiet you knoq somethings about to go down...
10:31 AM
After watching 28 days I always have a shotgun at hand
I've said it before and I'll doubtless say it again: my favourate Stack Exchange is the English Language one. And I've not even signed into it, just love reading it
sorry a bit random i know
I have a look at the math(s) one every now and then, I have to get off quick before my brain melts and leaks out my ears.
Pff, if it's not in Fowler's, it's not worth reading...
Q: "Cheers" vs. "Thanks" in England

Joel SpolskyIn colloquial British English today you hear "Cheers" (to mean "thank you") more often than "Thanks." Is the choice of one or the other determined by regional, class, or education differences, or is there some vague distinction in meaning or implication, or is this just one of those random things?

I tend to use "cheers" in a more informal setting i.e. there's a phrase in Bristol, UK, "Cheers Drive" (as in saying thanks to the bus driver)
Thanks is more formal
10:35 AM
I tend to use "cheers" with peers and "thanks" more formally at work. So I might say "Cheers boss" to my immediate manager" or "cheers mate" to my colleagues, but "Thanks <name>", or even "Thank You, <name>" to a director
apparently you can make up statistics and then graph them over there
heh, I saw that. And interestingly the Bristolian "Cheers Drive" got a comment (and a t-shirt)
I dunno about "cheers drive" but I'd always say "cheers" to a bus driver on the way off the bus.
I always say thank you to bus drivers
I do sometimes go into town by bus even though I have a car, especially when I know parking is going to be a nightmare
10:38 AM
Seems like vgv8 is making friends over there, too.
Yeah, it's a bit tricky to get the cheers vs thanks but you get around it in time :)
he is?
del .
@RobertMoir: Thanks for that pointer, by the way, you've ruined my productivity for the morning...
sorry :-D
I'm waiting for a phonecall myself so...
i best not point you at the cooking one too? Or is it just me that finds that interesting too
10:42 AM
@RobertMoir, funny, so am I
@RobertMoir Dell ?
Yes, my continuing quest to give them money
you'd think most people would make it easy to buy a virtualisation farm including storage and VM licences from them
i mean no one's going to retire out of this order
but at the same time its quite a decent chunk of gear and money
Truecrypt: Any thoughts on the sector size of a partition that only holds multi-GB truecrypt volumes?
11:02 AM
not really done anything with truecrypt so can't offer anything
I'll suck it and see. I've got a bit of time to play around on this one.
My initial thought was big file=big sector size, but that could just mean all the tiny writes to the ecnrypted FS result in huge re-writes to the physical disk.
thats true but if the native OS sees it as one big file then won't a large sector size help otherwise?
i suspect its about the same either way
11:22 AM
Q: Free tool for remote connection.

TinaI want to know the tool that can connect me to server using RDP to multiple server. At the moment I am usign Xp's RDP client to connect to the servers, but the problem is it accupies all of the screen. I know there is tool that gives you lsit of the server on the left pane and you can toggle in ...

Hello guys
hi Jacob
I don't understand the link in that one
oh i do, if you read all the questions, its a spammer
flags ahoy
11:25 AM
:443555haha spam
morning @Jacob
Every time I refresh the page it has another down vote.
Guess I better join the party
flag is better
@Iain I did both
11:27 AM
wouldn't waste rep on it
yeah, flagging ftw
Q: BPTP Sector 70 A Gurgaon 9873450876 BPTP Plots Gurgaon, BPTP Floors Gurgaon

user69028Real Estate Gurgaon| BPTP Plots Sector 70 A Gurgaon | BPTP Floors Sector 70 A Gurgaon | BPTP New Residential Plots Projects | BPTP Golf Course Extension Road | BPTP New Projects on NH 8 | BPTP Sector 70 A Gurgaon | BPTP New Residential Project Gurgaon| BPTP Golf Course Extn. Road near NH 8 B...

We're getting overloaded!
its not clear from just one question what she's doing but you look at their history and the same site appears in all their replies... yeah thats a spammer
I can't seem to see votes but oh well
Has anybody else noticed that community pulls up questions with answers?
11:35 AM
yeah the really old ones that are abandoned.
@SmallClanger I reckon you'd want something similar in size to the filesystem you're placing inside the TC volume.
I think we need a Vote as answer
Q: A single SSL certificate acting as Wildcard And a multi-domain certificate

Is it possible to have a single SSL cert that acts as both Wildcard as well as a multi-domain (UC) certificate? For eg. I want a single certificate to serve for both *.xyz.com and lmn.abc.com.

more spam
Yes we probably do
Just saw that one, looks like spammy
@cakemox: I'm testing it out with two ext3s (normal/largefile4) and a real-world(ish) write pattern. I'll let you know if there's any significant difference.
11:37 AM
i am just breaking my flag quota today
It would be cool if one of the privileges with higher rep would be more flags :)
since that would encourage people with higher rep to get more involved in the community as well
bring it up on meta
yeah just asking here first as a sounding board :)
I'd roll with it
hopefully when we have more mods they will act quicker and pick up more stuff without having a massive list flagged for them
11:40 AM
@SmallClanger Please do! I'd be curious if block alignment is of concern with TC files, too.
As for the voting to accept other answer thing, I'd roll with that too personally but its kinda a philosophical change for the site rather than just a new feature if you see what I mean.
I finally gathered equipment for a lab for testing dumb stuff like that, but I don't have the time to finish cabling everything. Maybe next month :-/
A: Choosing a low cost wildcard SSL cert (PsotiveSSL, RapidSSL, or other)?

MellisaI recommended SSLMatrix.com to buy Wildcard SSL because is the Best, Cheap, Secure and recommended product to secure Multiple Sub-Domains and FQDN.

more spam
Flags Ahoy x6
11:44 AM
hah, hey Iain ;)
I'm out of flags and time
See everyone later
cya Jacob *waves
Q: Why did my banana catch fire in the microwave?

yossarianWow, that sounds like a silly question, but really! My wife froze bananas in the freezer with the peel still on. You can't peel them frozen. I put it in the microwave for one minute at 50% power. After 30 seconds the thin end of the peel (where a bunch connect to each other) was on fire, with a v...

best cookery question ever
11:47 AM
@RobertMoir oh Stackexchange....
i especially love the answer about grape plasma
hi ntechi
and cya Jacob
@RobertMoir what is the ssh command to select all files into a folder?
i have no idea
anyone can help me
on what is the ssh command to select all files into a folder?
11:49 AM
I don't understand the question.
@ntechi there is a whole website out there for asking questions on
I want to move files which is into one folder to outside of that folder
for eg n/t/asdf
so I want to move asdf to n/
where asdf are many files
I can put metal stuff in my microwave - if I ever get to microwave a banana I'll be sure to remember to stand it on the special plate for standing metal objects on
Stuff truecrypt, I'm going to build a grape/microwave based propulsion system.
12:16 PM
12:53 PM
@SmallClanger I'm already patenting catapulting to work, as soon as the MI5 guys next door agree not to fire any missiles at me
1:48 PM
@hobodave: I just write the templates myself
anyone here who know of some freeware tool that can ping a subnet (and be smart enough to read the arp table to see if there is a firewall blocking)?
other than nmap
In the past I've whipped out a bash script to do that, but you said freeware so I assume you mean for windows?
Have you tried angryip?
I'm not sure if it does arp though
@Dan Pretty sure it doesn't
I haven't used it in a while, i'm on their site right now, and there is no mention of it.
2:01 PM
@Dan It's more for ping-sweeping than network mapping.
Q: Jail Linux user to directory for FTP login

GregI'm planning on using vsftpd to act as a secure ftp server, but I am having difficulty controlling the linux users that will be used as ftp logins. The users are required to be "jailed" into a specific directory (and subdirectories) and have full read/write access. Requirements: - User account...

2:34 PM
Yay I LOVE happy customers :-)
Q: a moderator closed my question is any one watching.

Registered UserI do not have requisite previlieges to post many links to my questions my genuine question was blocked be this sites moderator is any one watching. The internal IPs of apache vhost configuration file which I was posting were treaated as links using apache as a front end to Tomcat application Mo...

Ooh I'm pretty sure that title changed. It once contained the word idiot (changed within the 5 minute grace period I imagine)
I saw that too
That's a pretty substantial edit
Ah, I see what he did there.
I'm pretty sure it was an idiot moderator closed my question is any one watching.
2:53 PM
@Ben Happy days *goes in zen mode
3:34 PM
hey @WesleyDavid
that guy suffers from vgv8-itis
erm, that's the 'moderator closed my question' guy, not Wesley, of course!
I dunno, @RobertMoir.... I heard you say that @WesleyDavid is vgv8's protege.
In that case he's a bad student too ;-)
No one closes my questions. When I post a question, they close people.
@WesleyDavid got yourself confused with chuck norris again?
3:45 PM
Or Scooby
@WesleyDavid In Soviet Russia...
Entire countries have bargained with me to not post questions. The president once sent a PCAST diplomatic group to me to convince me not to ask a question about fermions lest I rend the ST continuum.
@WesleyDavid So basically what you're saying is that your questions are WMDs and you should be disconnected from the Internet like Egypt?
but have you burnt a banana in a microwave?
You think my questions are problems? Let's talk about my answers. My mom had to get a government security clearance and a HEV suit like Gordon Freeman just to ask me how my first day of school was in first grade.
3:50 PM
its the cat face that does it
One of my answers once kidnapped a pretty blonde girl and scaled the Empire State Building.
@RobertMoir I can't help but think of the lion at Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary. Roar
@WesleyDavid So my question is, what clearance you need to ask you a question if that person is not directly related to you?
But you just asked a question about asking a question - -5 hit points. Enchanted armor has been damaged!
3:54 PM
Unless he took the Question Penetration feat from the Askers and Thinkers splat book.
In which case it does extra damage on questions of that type.
I wish I didn't sell my Magic cards, they would be useful now :)
Very inspiring question btw
Q: What is the single most influential book every sysadmin should read?

GulzarFor software developers, there are some books you must absolutely read. What is the single most influential book every programmer should read? How about for sysadmins? Is there a similar list of books?

4:30 PM
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
Q: Schedule Windows Server 2008 R2 to boot and shutdown

Kovacs LeventeI just set up Win Server 2008 R2 + SQL Server 2008 R2, and i'd like to schedule two tasks. One for shutting it down, or putting it to hibernate at a certain time, and one to wake him up. Both tasks should run every day. For booting up the system i tried to set up a scheduled task in the BIOS usin...

bless....someone want to put him out of his misery?
@Chopper3 Solution: Hire a ${underpaidperson} to reboot your server every day
BIOS-driven scheduled tasks?
modern BIOSes, go figure
Most likely the BIOS issues a "power button press" task to the OS for a graceful shutdown. Which the OS is ignoring.
4:33 PM
EFI maybe
back in my time you had to switch some DIPs and pray the gods to get something stored in your NVRAM
@lynxman Are you really trying to kick off a 'why in my day' war?
@packs hmm haven't thought about it :)
4:56 PM
Today I get to figure out how to create a YUM repository.
good luck, if you want any help on that I maintain some yum repos
aren't they just http sites?
In my day you had to prime a BIOS with 90 octane leaded fuel before you could drop into it. Even then you had to put it in second and roll it down a hill if it was a cold morning.
@WesleyDavid now we've awaken the beast :)
@Chopper3 Specially constructed http sites with specific meta-data requirements, but yes.
4:58 PM
@Chopper3 yeah, but also you need some checksum pregeneration and metadata building
It's like building rpms, not that big a deal just laborious.
c'mon launchpad, build faster! *kicks
I once used a turkey baster to fill the master cylinder of an old SPARC V9 with acetone and use 3 yards of guncotton to ignite it from a safe distance.
That was back when men were men and computers had carburetors. Damn straight.
@WesleyDavid That must have been pretty to watch from far, far away.
^Fixed my engine type.
5:03 PM
Can the rate of ping be set in Windows?
Ubuntu Server VPS + Fluxbox + VNC = awesome
-w timeout - timeout in ms to wait for each reply - would that do?
What a POS
Windows can't even write a decent ping utility
@KyleBrandt Windows used to be good with TCP back when you had to install TCP Trumpet
@KyleBrandt: for %i in (1 2 3) do ping -n 1 <host> & ping -n 5 localhost > NUL
3 pings, 5 seconds apart to <host> (DOS Doesn't have a sleep, either)
5:14 PM
@SmallClanger: Wrong direction though :-P
Ah, You want < 1 second?
... Bugger.
The Windows NMAP port should allow something similar.
Or perhaps something with Cygwin/netcat...
That said, I have difficulty convincing my brain to allow me to start scripting such obviously trivial functionality. Like it can't adapt to the fact that a reality exists where this hasn't been catered for, already.
5:24 PM
Nothing like walking in to an hour-long outage first thing in the morning to make you want to eviscerate your ISPs
@KyleBrandt ...you know, I'm pretty sure you can kludge something together with powershell.
@sysadmin1138: Well I could just install something to ... blows my mind sometimes though how crippled Windows can be from a sysadmin stand point though
Today's News
Screencast: Configuring the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6 (Part 1 of 6)

In this screencast, we will use the ACT Configuration Wizard to configure all of these settings. We will also verify that ACT has been installed by viewing the settings, services, and connecting to the ACT Log Processing share.
Blain Barton, MSFT
Ooh, irony. :)
Now I am stuck in HP's tar pit of a web-site.
5:38 PM
@sysadmin1138 Take your suicide pill.
@voretaq7 Unfortunately I've built up an immunity to cyanide. I guess I've been here too often.
@sysadmin1138 Stop stealing my sandwiches!
@sysadmin1138 That's probably more useful than the iocaine immunity that I've been building up.
What really burns me about how HP builds sites is that each page requires like a dozen actual web-servers, and if any one of them is down the page doesn't render.
Annoyed sysadmin news for Today:

In today's BOFH screencast we will use the Panel Beating Hammer from my toolkit to configure the edge switch with an intermittent fault that the vendor can't find so that the vendor can no longer deny that the edge switch has problems.
5:44 PM
HP and Dell appear to have their websites designed less as information portals and more as live re-enactments of the 7 rings of hell
I prefer the Mallet Of Loving Correction.
@RobertMoir Duuuuude, has Dell gotten that bad?
@RobertMoir You should try finding something meaningful from RSA
@sysadmin1138 are you talking about the website or suspecting the brand of kit that i think should meet the panel beating hammer?
oh gawwwd can someone please take a look at serverfault.com/questions/229752/…, same user, same question, three times.
5:54 PM
@tombull89 The guy seems to be either deranged or doing it on purpose, some of the other questions were rants and have just been edited to roll them back to being questions again. The current question might be reasonable but the user isn't imho.
and he just opened a new one right now
Q: using apache as a front end to Tomcat application

Registered UserI have a server on which there is an LMS known as Sakai running. Internally (i.e. on LAN) I can access it hxxp:// but when from internet some one tries to reach it the site is not accessible. On following link I mentioned the URL and configurations. hxxp://pastebin.com/L32D...

deranged looks like a new adjective right now
okay I'm out guys *waves
That's what I wondered at first but now I'm not so sure
@RobertMoir Dell's site used to be a wonder of usability compared to HP's.
5:57 PM
It probably doesn't help that I don't totally understand, but it seems there is (kind of) a question in there somewhere - even if it's not a well thought out one
@sysadmin1138 On the one hand yes you're right, on the other hand that's like saying you'd rather have a broken wrist than a broken arm. Whether you're correct or not in that assumption the real answer is still "Actually, both of those sound pretty bad, what on earth is wrong with these people!"
But surely HP's partsurfer is a wonder of the modern internet age? drinks more kool-aid
HP and Dell's websites are the best advert for IBM/Lenovo/whoever makes their servers these days/ that I've ever seen
@Ben have to agree with you on that question. The guy might have upset people but there's certainly a question there worth asking
It's better than it was earlier
I get the impression they might not be a native English speaker, which never helps things, but he does say which bits he has a problem with, and seems to be at least trying.
6:11 PM
What I don't get is why people aren't working with him to fix his question. The anti-SPAM filtering of the site worked against his original question, that is a failing of the site, not him.
@Zoredache Ben has fixed it up considerably
Yes, I saw, I started working on that myself, but I got the popup, saying a new version had been saved.
I don't know about considerably, I just fixed a bit of formatting and the hyperlink problem he was having
If I had to guess, it's the immediate "moderator closed my question" rant they posted
I know the answer to the localhost bit but I can't figure out if proxy->proxy->host will work or not
6:14 PM
I don't know why it was flagged for mod attention but I suspect it might have been closed because it contained a link to another site where the question was actually hosted, and there's been a pattern of spam of that kind lately.

As usual, its hard to tell the difference between ham and spam and the choices are to let through the occasional spam or to block the occasional ham and both of those suck
@RobertMoir I was one of the ones who flagged for mod attention on his original questions. I know it was only pastebin but still...better safe than sorry?
Oh no, I totally understand why you flagged and why it was closed
then the poster went off the rails a bit, seemed to think it was a conspiracy theory or something
but in their latest attempt at a question there's clearly a valid one there, and with a bit of editing work from ben its a decent question
I'll give them credit for that, indeed, hopefully they will get the answer they are looking for.
I'm not really sure why a higher rep user didn't copy&paste it from pastebin into the actual question in the first place
also their question (rant) on meta was tagged with "forum" which needs (should) be changed as that's the only question with that tag
6:25 PM
Their rant was definitely uncalled for, but I think they also realised that by removing "idiot moderator" from the question title pretty rapidly
It's all too easy to get in a temper when something happens [question closed] that you can't control
I never saw it until the storm had already broken and questions were closed and words said
and like i say, there was a raft of spam today that used seemingly legit links to stuff offsite so I think that seeing the question as part of that was entirely understandable to start with
No me neither, I was at work and just happened to flick over to SF just after the rant had been posted
Nobody did anything wrong by flagging, the mod didn't do anything wrong by pulling the trigger... Just one of those things, just a bunch of stuff that happened :-(
Yeah, like I said the other day - everyone makes bum decisions. You just deal with the fallout from them and move on with your life
6:29 PM
Was there right from the start, few seconds after the first one was posted :P I'm fairly sure that's the most flags in one day I've used.
Still, we all have to start somewhere.
uh huh
6:54 PM
good (mor|eve)ning
Hi Tom
good Storm of the century
I'm completely isolated from weather so have no concept of what this so-called perfect storm is about, where it will hit or what is expected to happen.
6:58 PM
i sent that with the "i'm working from home today " email
@Zypher user "Registered User" has been a bunch of not-fun today
oh joy
@Zypher got a link to some info on the storm ?
vgv8 type not fun?
@Iain www.weather.com
yeah - the technical term is 'a prick'
7:06 PM
sigh ... alright goes to look at what he is doing
In other news I'm seriously thinking of ying'ing my yang and swapping my fuel-hungry 4x4 for an f'ing hybrid - anyone else got one?
you'll need to look on meta too for full douchebaggary
@Chopper3 I know a few guys who went the Prius route. Personally I got a VW rabbit b/c I'm still not 100% sold on the hybrid thing
@Chopper3 what 4x4 have you got?
7:09 PM
getting 32mpg at best, cost me £105 (which is about $160) to fill yesterday, plus my tax etc is getting silly too
yeah, 90 diesel
mmm. they're nice cars
my favourite atm is the S60, or BMW 120d (love the stop.start thing)
@Chopper3 I, like everyone else, traded in my Volvo for a Fit (Jazz in your area). Not a hybrid, but I've been real happy with the mileage.
it's just getting silly here, we're paying nearly £6 per gallon, which is about $9 in the US, 90% of which is tax - I then have to pay another ~£400/pa in road tax too - this is the first time that I've ever considered whether to 'move down' in terms of size/speed/cost etc. - doesn't come natural I guess
The Polo bluemotion is good
1.4 diesel, and a good mileage
nippy, too, supririsngly
@Chopper3 i really want an old diesel i can run on chip fat
@TomOConnor You know a guy named Chip?
7:16 PM
I'm all about driving less car - our fuel prices in the US are unreasonably low compared to the rest of the world, but at least in my area you can't get anywhere without driving at least 20 miles :-/
I get where that's coming from but, no offence, but I couldn't turn up to a client's in a polo
@Chopper3 Golf?
Audi A1?
all not hybrid, but that's because i've driven hybrids, and they feel like piloting a spaceship
nah, that's why I'm thinking Prius, I can offset the 'move down' as a 'green consideration' thing if you know what I mean
Get a Tesla, that would impress your clients.
7:18 PM
or a motorbike?
@Zoredache For about 15 miles until the batteries go out
do you know what I mean though, not at the prices they pay me, just not the done thing - do they really feel odd to drive?
although, 2-wheels aren't currently in my favour.
They feel disconnected..
i don't like drive-by-wire too much
@packs, I thought the Telsa's are supposed to be rated for a ~200 miles between charges...
i like a manual gearbox, and a throttle that feels like it's connected to a wire.
i mean, cable.
7:19 PM
I like an auto, three cow's worth of leather and more power than god usually
@Zoredache Maybe, I'm not sure. I just remember how Top Gear showed the thing breaking down on the middle of the track. With those guys, though, who knows.
@alvosu, have you posted your details on careers?
bbiab. tweetup tiime!
Hello guys
@Jacob Greetings and Salutations, good sir.
We've reached three rows of people in here. Yay.
7:27 PM
hey jacob
Damn, you changed it. I was going to tell @Jacob that @Chopper3 was celebrating "Talk like Tarzan" day.
@Chopper3 Tomorrow is the big day. Ready to have two new partners in crime? A few more gunslingers in town. Get ready for some extra pew pew.
Those flags won't know what hit them.
Speaking of the elections and extra mods.
7:30 PM
cough tomorrow cough
We should take bets on who's going to get what percentage of the votes.
ah yes, sorry, can't fricking wait -
We should set up something on oddsmaker.com.
You would not qualify for IP addresses from ARIN based on your current size. ARIN allocates large blocks of IP addresses to organizations already using large blocks. You're certainly welcome to request an AS number to speak BGP with two or more providers, but the cost cannot be waived or reduced. It would be $500 up front, and $100 every year thereafter to renew.
7:31 PM
let me just look to see who's ahead in the race right now...back in a mo
@Chopper3 You can see who's ahead? Is that a special mod power? I'm jealous.
ah! very enlightening
I'm not even sure who I voted for.
@Jacob What are you up to that needs a block straight from ARIN? That's hardcore.
I don't really, just kidding
@WesleyDavid I wanted to see if I could get v6 for free...
7:33 PM
@Chopper3 Suuuure. Like I'm going to believe you now that money could be involved. ;)
right, food to cook!
Now that's unusual... a "please help me too" in French!
A: Recover data from a physically damaged hard drive

kapoj ai effacer la partition D: pendant la formatage du mon pc,d'où mon il se bloque et affiche un message d'erreur(disque dire et impacte ) svp comment réparé cette problème merci.

@Ben That brings up an excellent question. Do we have an official language?
I assume it's been flagged already
i flagged it
after i translated it, lol
7:35 PM
I flagged it, not because it was French, but because it was asking for help
Flagged as NarQ?
Not an answer
svp comment réparé cette problème merci. ~= Please help me fix this problem
flagged as, "im having the same problem, what do i do?"
flagged as 'Not an Answer'
Already a checkbox for it
Yeah, it's vanished now
7:37 PM
Maybe it's like spam flags - so many and it goes away by itself
We clearly used different flag reasons, I wonder how smart the system is.
Or maybe the old man hasn't really gone off to fix dinner yet.
Posted by Jeff Atwood on July 22nd, 2009

Since this came up on meta, here’s our official policy towards non-English questions on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User.

(note that I say “programming” below, but this policy is the same across all the sites — when reading, you should substitute the actual topic of the site you use, e.g. “sysadmin topics” for Server Fault, etc.)

It is not, nor has it ever been, our goal to be the one place in the world for all programming information in every possible human language. …

If the post has salvageable English and makes some modicum of sense, it should be edited and improved just like any other post.
Ah, so. We are English only. Irish need not apply.
Got it
Irish gaelic - probably not
Irish American probably OK
7:42 PM
I agree with the policy - I try and edit some questions which are obviously written by a non-native speaker (but do make sense mostly) to help it along a bit.
@Ben Right. I've been on the intertubes too long to feel offended by someone's difficulties with a non-native language. I should be better about actually doing helpful edits, though.
Some people seem to go straight for the downvote or close button when they see obviously non-English, even if it is mostly understandable and just bad grammar
"for my server is crashing" or the like
@Ben thats really sad, I edit it and tell you to approve it :)
There is a distinct difference between a bad question, and a badly asked question. Although, sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference.
Holy bajeezers I wish my manager wouldn't send me emails at this time of night titled HELP PLEASE (uppercase hers). It gives me the eeeby-jeebies
HELP PLEASE == I printed something confidential to a printer in the office - can you please destroy it when you get in tomorrow (I'm in early tomorrow)
7:48 PM
Company Confidential or Military Confidential ?
From the rest of the email, I think more personal to her confidential
@Iain I bet its a photocopy of their butt :)
She's obviously sitting on the VPN and printed something to the wrong printer.
Bless non-technical managers
I still can't believe that this still hasn't been answered:
Q: Get exact size in bytes of a disk & partitions in windows

Antonius BlochHi, I'm using dd (under cygwin) to copy a shadow image of a disk in windows. Shadow copy will only give me a partion, so what I am doing is: 1) using dd to grab the disk header (32k on Win2003) 2) using dd to copy the shadow partition 3) using dd to copy the end of of the disk (8 meg reserved ...

there must be some way ...
@Ben At least she wasn't sitting on the VPN and bittorrented something that resulted in a DMCA takedown notice. That would probably be worse.
7:59 PM
Nah, she's not stupid, which is nice :) Well, she trusts me implicitly, so it could be said that she is insane :P
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