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6:03 PM
We still have 29 servers on the NT domain, wtf.
@TheCleaner Hm, good plan. I guess I wanted to try it in PowerShell because... well, PowerShell is fun and I get to learn something.
I guess I'll post a shit question on SO then go to lunch while somebody else fixes it for me. (That's fair, right?)
Failing that I'll use winscp.
@Tanner That's what I would do!
Which tab do you guys use the most?
6:25 PM
Maybe I need a nap but I'm trying to understand this question and can't:
Q: Automatically search for the correct ethernet card on a Xen Server

Abhishek dot pyI have 2 XenServers. Suppose I have a VM that have 4 network interfaces, eth0, eth1, eth2 and eth3 on first. eth0 has IP like 192.168.0.XXX eth1 has IP like 192.168.1.XXX eth2 has IP like 192.168.2.XXX eth3 has IP like 192.168.3.XXX The VM is accesible with 4 different IPs. I took the backup...

Is is to hard to write out "Colorado" or shorten it to the approved postal abbreviation "CO"?
Or is this town just one big fucking datacenter?
@voretaq7 exactly - you put half your life there for redundancy
@Cole half-life server?
@Cole same...hence my reply
@voretaq7 Yes, I have people that live quite close to there. My In-Laws live within a couple miles of the Idaho fires last month. It's been a bad summer
6:30 PM
@TheCleaner I thought I was just reading it wrong.
So I have an interview on Tuesday for an "IT Services Manager" job.
I wanna cry.
Less QQ more pew pew
Basically, you have 3 clients you're dedicated to, and you're pretty much their IT Advisor.
@ewwhite /hugs
I cried during my lunch today, and last night and yesterday during lunch as well.
@Cole Daily thing for me.
@ewwhite fricken blows.
6:33 PM
You guys either take work too personally or have terrible jobs.
I'm going to go with the latter.
Not everything will always go your way, sometimes you just need to make your stance known, fight for it, and then accept that the exact opposite is going to happen
Plus as sad and pathetic as this is going to sound - I don't have anything else to look forward to either besides work.
I mean, or you boss might just be a mouthbreather
@Cole Nice..
cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/us/2013/09/10/… - nobody else seems to point out the fact that the guy was hitting on his wife BEFORE knowing it was his wife......
6:34 PM
@MDMarra I'm being yelled at for updating a NIC driver in ESXi that was crashing a VMware host.
@TheCleaner it's true, no kids, no girlfriend, no hobbies. And my family and I don't talk really.
I mean nice on the job interview op
I take work personally, but I also have standards. It's nuts to work somewhere where people don't listen to me.
@TheCleaner oh thanks. I'm not sold on it - it's for non-profits :/
@ewwhite do you not have a process for triage in place that allows you to do that?
6:35 PM
@Cole hiss
Could end up way worse than here.
"so is there a way you could back up our USB drive SQL database without costing any more money"?
@Magellan "Climate change is a myth"
@MDMarra We have a LOT of documentation and process established for broken ideas...
an example: VMware hosts have been crashing because the supermicro RAID fails...
the fix: put an SSD in the server and bypass the RAID controller for all new install and existing installs as they crash.
@voretaq7 Climate Change hit a temporary pause the last 9-10 years because the Pacific Ocean's been in a cold phase of the multi-decadal North Pacific Oscillation.
6:38 PM
Now that I have HP boxes in the mix, they're trying to apply the same broken logic to the HP systems... But having a RAID controller drop out suddenly is not something that happens to the HP boxes... and there's the option to pop and SDHC card in on the motherboard to boot ESXi.
This is true. The variation we're seeing currently is normal, research on this coast seems to indicate that the 20th century was actually an abnormally quiet time period for the most part, including a short global cooling period from 1950s to 1980.
SO you can have structure, documentation and process... and still be doing silly things.
I read the first sentence and know the rest is downhill.
Q: Change IP address of incoming packet with iptables

galadogI have a server (S1) inside LAN, where a router is outside my control. On a server openvpn is installed and I can login with ssh to it. There is another server (S2) on the LAN, and I want to forward port on S2 to port S1. If I do sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -m tcp -d S1 --dport ...

Well, I made the cut. I am now part of a 6 person team that started the year as 18.
@AaronCopley yikes
Is there a good place (besides CreditKarma) to get your credit score?
I've been reading that creditkarma can often show your credit score wrong
6:47 PM
@Cole The credit agencies
Experian, Transunion, etc
@AaronCopley could be worse
you could be on the other side of the cut. at least now you have time to jump ship :)
@MDMarra I know I can get my report - but can you get your score too?
for $$
@MDMarra Yep. Applied to a bunch of jobs the other day. I will continue to try..
but that's the only way to get it accurately
@MDMarra True
6:49 PM
Unless you do something like apply for a home loan and you're in a state where the bank is obligated to give you the score and report for free
Checking my reports now
In some states if someone does a credit report/score inquiry on you, they're obligated to present you with all that info.
I think it's pretty fucking stupid that you can't get your credit score for free - especially something so important
@Cole you can, credit karma is free
@AaronCopley It's really kind of key to stay in practice at interviewing too. I've gotten fairly skilled at it. Finding optimal stories to present for the typical questions about various kinds of things you've faced.
6:52 PM
actually free
@MattBear No I know - I said above that it's not always correct.
@Cole haha just read up, you already mentioned credit karma
yeah I just paid $7.95 for my score - Credit Karma says its 620 - it's actually 680
I mean - it's not awesome but it used to be in the low 500's - so I'll take it
sigh Mine used to be 740. Divorces are rough on a credit score.
But it's nice to see I'm getting close to 700
6:59 PM
@Cole There's a lot more than just one credit "score". Aside from the fact that there's 3 bureaus, there's more than one methodology. There's no "wrong", there's only "differs from the mean"
@Cole One of your scores is 620. One of them is 680.
there is no one credit score
Well fml
I give up on life today
@Magellan Mine used to be 760-770ish. Then it dropped about 30 points for no reason I can determine
7:03 PM
@Cole Interesting. Just signed up with that site you mentioned before (albeit understanding that it may not be correct). Surprised to see it back up to 707. Probably helps that I had huge business expenses this past winter ($2-3k/week) that I was paying off within 2 weeks.
@Cole mines better then that... lol
and mines shitty :(
Although it matters not...since I don't plan on getting loans for jack anytime soon
But I do recall the 3 bureaus differing like crazy. It's a stupid system IMO.
@Magellan hola
@RyJones Howdy! Feeling better?
@Magellan Much! I'm sure that will last until my next prayer session though. How was the event this morning?
7:12 PM
@MattBear I made a lot of stupid decisions
@RyJones Got bumped out to 12:30 to due to a Sev1. Nice of them to call me a few minutes ahead and reschedule for later.
@Magellan Oh, I've interviewed a few times in recent years. I've just always had my current employer match so I don't need to leave. :)
@Magellan well, hope it goes well
@TheCleaner I'm also 774 according to credit karma
@RyJones Thanks. And definitely keeping what you said about BN in mind. I won't hear back for about 2 weeks anyway, but it helps to have my recruiter doing the pestering. Far less egregious when it's not the actual applicant doing that, I guess.
7:15 PM
Welcome to Server Fault! There appears to be little to no research done on this issue up front. It is recommended that you post things you've already tried, options you are considering, or errors that you are experiencing. What you are asking for is akin to "gimme the codez". SF isn't here to simply hand out walkthroughs. — TheCleaner 1 min ago
too harsh or too easy on him?
@MDMarra I know...I'm logged in as you. :)
@TheCleaner tone is fine
@TheCleaner Just right.
@TheCleaner nice
Getting a lot of "tutorial" questions lately
Q: How to config vmware esxi with failover feature

ApinanNow I have 3 Physical Server +san switch+ SAN Storage with VMware ESXi 5.1 Enterprise plus license. But I don't know how to setup it to store on SAN and make failover supported. Can you give me a simple tutorial to start setup process? Thank you so much.

7:19 PM
@MikeyB that guy is doomed
@Cole getting a lot of fucking newblings who can't read documentation lately. FTFY
@voretaq7 s/can't read/won't take the time to read, learn, and inwardly digest the/
One recent change to reddit that I heartily approve of is the ability to make your reddit moderated.
@voretaq7 werd
I much prefer approving questions one at a time
7:21 PM
@MikeyB if he isn't thinking "build up new Exchange server and migrate mailboxes" that's scary. The fact that his hope is to lay an existing crapfest that's 10 years old onto new hardware is...wow.
@TheCleaner that his employer doesn't understand they have the wrong guy is scary too
@RyJones The employer is probably as clueless (or family)
How was this +4? The OP uses Hyper-V and this answer was for KVM? Wtf? — MDMarra 5 secs ago
You who voted to close this need to tell him what he has to change to improve it:
Q: Losing connection with weird behavior

plotonixMy game client loses connection from my game server intermittently. (about 0.2% per minute) When connection is dropped, my client received a error code 10053(connaborted) usually. The number of user is about 100k, so about 200 users are dropped per minute. I should find the cause, but can't fin...

@MDMarra - I'm surprised this guy's AD and DNS is still functional.
Q: How do I configure a wildcard DNS record correctly in Windows Server 2012?

brackI'm trying to configure a DNS server for domain.com. I want to configure a wildcard DNS record to resolve any-subdomain.domain.com to a single IP address ( In my DNS server I have the following records in my forward zone: This somewhat works, except that when I run nslookup www.do...

7:24 PM
@TheCleaner Luckily, logon/auth doesn't use A records for the domain
...on Windows
Sadly, OS X does (or at least did in 10.6)
@Magellan no, I have to assume they're really functionally illiterate. Have you seen how they write?
@MikeyB the close reason tells him how to fix it: Make it clear this is related to professional system administration (i.e. this game server is for some kind of professional venture, not the minecraft box in mom's basement)
@voretaq7 probably just assume everyone is functionally illiterate and you won't be much often wrongly
@MDMarra True, I don't think what he is wanting to do is even possible though
@voretaq7 Quit harshing my optimism, ok? I'm trying very hard to not rage at stupid people.
You can't have a wildcard record for a sub-domain in DNS that I'm aware of.
7:26 PM
@TheCleaner It may not be an AD domain
He may be using Windows Server 2012 DNS as an authoritative DNS server for an internet only zone
bwahahahahaha hydrogen is so ghey
(and poor Neon will be forever alone. Stupid non-reactive noble gas...)
@MDMarra I mean in DNS period. He can have a wildcard A record that points #anyhost#.domain.com somewhere, but I've never heard of a wildcard for subdomains.
@voretaq7 that got weird
@TheCleaner Oh, not sure
I didn't know that was a no-no
7:28 PM
@voretaq7 there's a whole video
@RyJones really? Link me!
I need that blue DNS book @voretaq7 was talking about :)
@MDMarra Orange? The cricket book is blue...
@voretaq7 top two links here: google.com/…
7:31 PM
@TheCleaner I suppose you could delegate (*.example.com. IN NS wherever.com.) but that seems dirty and likely to be contrary to some RFC
Think I may cancel cable.
Canceled my birchbox sub
@voretaq7 It seems google results for "wildcard dns subdomain" creating a * A record at the domain.com level, but IMO that's a wildcard for hosts on that domain. Maybe I'm wrong. I would think you'd need a record like *.*.domain.com if that's even possible.
@TheCleaner There's really no difference between "hosts on the domain" and a subdomain in that sense
@Cole we've been sans cable for over 2 years. SmartTVs+netflix+amazon vod.
At least not from a DNs perspective AFAIK
7:37 PM
@Cole Went to try that out - it looked nifty. USA only :(
@TheCleaner CAREFUL!!! You don't create a '* A' record, you create a '*' record.
@MikeyB I love it but getting out of debt is more important to me right now. That ~$21 could go towards a week of groceries for me
@TheCleaner yeah I have Netflix and Amazon prime so.
@MDMarra yeah understand...but if he means "sub-domain" then technically he should want to resolve to a host on that subdomain I would think.
@Cole Ah... only needing to cook for yourself. That's less than a day of food.
@MikeyB duly noted. :)
7:38 PM
@MDMarra mmm, there KINDA is... a wildcard subdomain would be a.*.example.com - but such a beast would break the DNS hivemind
@MikeyB yeah I could probably get by on like $5/day or less.
I'm going to try it.
Rather pay off debt and be able to take a less stressful job that I would like than commuting into boston.
@Cole A day of food for me is about $10-12
depending on if I cook for myself or not
~$70/week isn't terrible.
I should see what mine has been the past few weeks - probably something retarded
I try for 120-ish a week in "standard expenses" (food, gas)
I spent $80 on dinner last night
7:41 PM
@voretaq7 how do you budget it
It was good though
That's my problem - I only look when it's too late.
I should just start writing shit down as as I buy it.
Q: HP DL360 G5 will not boot with all DIMM slots full

ser567wilIf I install memory into every DIMM slot the server will not boot, no display will be shown via VGA. ILO 2 detects these slots' memory as being "Not installed". If I remove the memory from the two slots it will boot. These slots are 6D and 8D. What should I do? It's 8 x 2GB DIMMs. All the sa...

@MDMarra I use mint.
7:42 PM
You fools thought I would attempt to answer every HP question!
I'm leaving that one alone.
@Cole it'll tell you what you've spent on food then!
@MDMarra I like mint.
Unless you just spend all cash and don't track your cash spending in mint
7:42 PM
@Cole I take $120 out of my bank account every week and try not to spend all of it before the next bank trip :P
There is some cash spending that I didn't track - whoopsies - but like $20
@voretaq7 that's a good idea, that may work better for me.
Since I can physically see it
I give myself a $400 "Transfer for Cash Spending" budget that I don't track
Sometimes it's food, sometimes it's clothing, etc
I need to buy new dress pants/shirt this weekend for interviewing fff
@Cole I also keep $20 in my wallet behind a credit card, and $20 in my car - in case I run out of cash and need food or gas
@iain You around?
7:43 PM
and tie
So I have a $400/mo food budget for the family, plus a $400/mo cash budget for whatever that supplements that for eating out or whatever
@MDMarra $400 per MONTH?
but I'll need to get everything hemmed - thoughts?
That's like... about a week for a family of 3-4 up here.
@voretaq7 for which one, cash or food?
7:44 PM
@MDMarra food.
Well, we both have like a yogurt or banana for breakfast so that's negligible
Last 7 days I've spent $162 in food.
I usually eat out in cash (out of that cash budget) at work
Misc. spending cash sure - I allow myself like 50-60 bucks a week in "I want to see that movie in a theater"
So it's really $400 for groceries for dinner and eating out
7:45 PM
@MDMarra livin' the life.
@MDMarra for a month tho? I'm from New York, land of the $12 steaks (at the grocery store)
So, basically, it breaks down to about $100 food per week and $100 misc cash that typically is mostly food per week but doesn't have to be if I want to cut back
I go to the grocery store and shop for just me and it's about 250-300 for a month
@voretaq7 We buy chicken breast in bulk a lot and do stuff like asparagus w/ olive oil and parmasean in the oven, or frozen edemame with breadcrumbs, oil, and parmasean in the oven
7:46 PM
@voretaq7 it's so hard to cook for one person.
So a dinner for the two of us, if we're not eating out, is easily under $10
@MDMarra My wife won't make me meat...
@MDMarra yeah I can't really buy in bulk
so a dinner for me is usually in the $6-7 range
We buy the family pack of chicken breasts that's like $2.99/lb
I also won't buy chicken
like - at all.
7:47 PM
that'll feed the two of us for a week or so
the only time I eat chicken is if someone else is preparing it
ha why?
Chicken is fucking gross
You mean like preparing it?
it's not like chicken when I was a kid and used to help make dinner
7:48 PM
Or the actual taste after it's prepared?
now the skin is like yellow gelatin
Ah, I buy boneless, skinless breast, bro
and there are parts hanging off the breasts and legs that I don't recognize - and I 'm pretty good at biology
Only the grimiest, laziest chicken for me
@MDMarra @voretaq7 - I'll be danged, I think I figured out the guy's DNS issue...but I'm not about to stick a wildcard A record on my DNS to find out for sure. But I'll post the answer and see what he says.
7:48 PM
@MDMarra those all come in pillow packs here
often with "flavor enhancers" ("salt")
if I could find a butcher who would hack up, skin, and debone a chicken for me I'd probably buy more of it
I get a lot of ground chicken/turkey
I buy that shit
@MDMarra yeah I still wind up slicing parts and entrails off it around here :-/
There's fat that needs to be trimmed when I get it at my local grocer
But for the most part, it's decent
7:50 PM
I get like the 99% fat free
It is more $$
Most of the poultry I cook for myself looks like this:
I get that sometimes
and gets turned into chili
I need to stock up on beans and shit for winter
But a pound of frozen edamame and a pound of chicken for two people to split for dinner is like $8 maybe, on the high end
7:53 PM
in the summer I'll eat out almost every night, or do like a salad or something at home
winter comes and I actually cook
lots of soups, chili, various flame-kissed cow segments...
@voretaq7 Well, that's why two of us can eat for $400 for a month and you can't :)
Cisco just sent someone walking in our door to buy SmartNET coverage on his router.
His $160 Linksys router was broken and Cisco said "Oh, it's more than a year old, you need to go to a local reseller to buy SmartNET coverage."
We had a good laugh and sent him down the road to cancom to buy a new router.
Although the last three times we've gone out to eat it's been $80, $75, and $80
@MDMarra Food runs me about $400/month in summer
7:54 PM
Feel free to tell me if I'm full of it or not here @MDMarra and @voretaq7
A: How do I configure a wildcard DNS record correctly in Windows Server 2012?

TheCleanerHere's what I suspect is happening but can't prove it on my own systems since I don't want to stick a wildcard record on my DNS servers. This somewhat works, except that when I run nslookup www.domain.com I get this response: Server: winsrv.domain.com Address: Name: www.domain...

come winter it's a LOT less
@TheCleaner If its not AD DNS, I don't know shit
I just fake it when you're talking about internet-facing DNS
because instead of $8-10 for dinner every night it's $1 bag of lentils, $5 thing of bacon, and about $2-3 in vegetables and that's about 6 nights worth of food
I've also worked reimbursable expenses into my budget
or $15-20 in chili ingredients for 4 nights worth of food
7:56 PM
So it's like a bonus every month on the 15th when reimbursement happens
how'd you manage that?
Who wants to make out?!
@MikeyB smartnet on a linkcyst.... the smart thing would be to throw it away.
@voretaq7 I budget approx. $250/mo for gas/tolls so it's worked in with everything else
I've been on the phone so long, talking with so many people that make me want to self harm. =(
7:57 PM
@Wesley . . . you realize it's mostly guys in this room, right?
but then mileage/toll/parking reimbursement kicks in and BAM, extra money
Straight Cats Say The Gayest Things
hey guys
@Wesley ¿Dónde están las chicas?
@MDMarra wow. I wish my job paid for my commute
$50/wk in gas to/from work -- it'd be nice to get that reimbursed
7:58 PM
@MDMarra so if you enable "set debug=true" in nslookup you'll see that any query will first try with an append. Like nslookup www.yahoo.com will try for www.yahoo.com.mdmarra.local and get NXDOMAIN. Since he has a wildcard, it won't get a NXDOMAIN but rather a valid "yep...that exists"
I'd be RICH!....well, no, but I'd never be first-world poor.
the sad part of the way I enforce my budget is that I do wind up in a self-imposed "first-world poor" state occasionally
@voretaq7 It's (mileage_to_customer - normal_commute) * $0.565
nslookup asa.familytreeproduce.com
what's the result?
normal commute is 20 miles round trip, so when I have to go to fucking Somerset NJ, I expense almost $100 in travel
@MDMarra oh, so just standard reimbursement when traveling to customers? Yeah, I get that
8:01 PM
plus tolls, parking, etc
@voretaq7 ...
@freiheit so I have set my budget for a bike in ~1000€, I'm probably buying a KTM
similar to that one
@voretaq7 The trick is that I never go into the office. If I'm not at a customer I work from home
@freiheit Picky. I see some cats! And one cloud.
I don't know the exact model
8:01 PM
@MDMarra - I updated my answer...should all make sense now
@dawud Why on earth would anyone buy a bike?!
@MDMarra yeah.... we're traditional about that shit here.
@dawud Nice!
8:02 PM
@dawud I'm not familiar with the brand, but that doesn't mean much. 29er hard tail for off-road stuff? Seems like a good choice to me.
you can ogle the hot backup dancers.
@Wesley, because this:
@voretaq7 They're about the fitness level I'm aimed at, so they'll be my fitspirations for the day.
Cannot stop yawning.
8:03 PM
fail :(
@dawud Image not found, hoser. =P
@voretaq7 It helps that we ran out of office space 10 employees ago
Ideally, engineers will almost never be in the office, so there aren't desks for everyone
Like salespeople.
There's a shared engineering space for up to 8 people but no one wants to work there, so no one comes in
@voretaq7 Seriously though, those two girls are enough to turn any guy gay. =O
@Wesley I guess if you're a douche, hitting on everybody would increase your odds a lot...
@Wesley hush, they're funnier than you are
@voretaq7 But I'm prettier!
@voretaq7 the vid is funny
@AaronCopley Ahh, yeah :) not my kind o'bike, though
8:07 PM
@MDMarra Ideally SALES folks should never be in the office. :)
Why is your DNS server named dc1.MDMARRA.local? — joeqwerty 3 mins ago
Is MDMarra your alter ego? That would explain why I never see the two of you answer a question at the same time. — joeqwerty 2 mins ago
@TheCleaner Neither should engineers at a consulting firm :D
If they're there, sales is slacking
@voretaq7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UFc1pr2yUU
yeah, is gettin' real...
i am back
@dawud that rocked!
8:17 PM
@voretaq7 $50/wk in gas to/from work -- it'd be nice to get that reimbursed
@TheCleaner good stuff :D
you are making millions man.
Oh noes...

Healthcare DevOps Engineer sought for fast-growing HIE…


Our software platform actually matters. Deployments of our platform consume data from a multiplicity of clinical data…

Posted on Careers 2.0 on September 10, 2013

points to the bleachers behind center field Boom. Out. Of. The Park.
HIE == Health Insurance Exchange
8:19 PM
This customer has a single server admin for 400 servers and a single desktop support guy for three locations. However, I just got an email from their Director of IT Quality and Service.
@ewwhite Uh oh. One of your customers is going to cloud on their own?
I think the only thing they can really criticize me on is being a Git person and not Subversion, but I think I covered that really well with my passion about configuration management and versioning both at home and the office.
@MDMarra Sucks for them
@MDMarra It's happened a couple of times.
I should speak to them about the virtues of a Microsoft Hybrid Cloud and how I can get them there for $200/h
Can you put me in touch?
Also, if you're still having a nervous breakdown, I can talk now
@ewwhite I would never work for health care again, they think all IT are janitors.
8:26 PM
@DanilaLadner not in medical manuf. I live like a king.
@MDMarra yeah, you can call my cell.
@TheCleaner except we're subject to FDA audits. Our jobs suck :P
@voretaq7 yeah that part blows...but to be honest I've never had better records keeping and documentation in all my career!
@TheCleaner I have
but I also had a staff dedicated to it.
they don't get that concept here.
well it's just me for now...so I get all of IT. I'm the netadmin/devops/erpadmin/pctech/techwriter/telecom/etc. guy.
8:32 PM
@TheCleaner yup
problem is we've got an environment and product that really demands proper engineering
and I can't design and implement all the things - I need monkeys
@TheCleaner I did contract for Pfizer
and worked for a huge life science org
well yeah...contract work for a major company like that. I would expect them to treat you like crap. "Here random #'d person...do this work for us...and don't be friendly since we won't know you in x months" :)
@DanilaLadner For 13 years? I've known a number of contractors that were born and died, Pfizerized
@mfinni No i only had contract for a year
I'm creating a VM in my lab named DEVOPS01.
I'm going to remotely manage the rest of my stuff from there, and I'm also putting my Visual Studio and dev stuff on it... so the name seemed natural.
8:45 PM
Or call it SO2SF01.
Q: How to take Backup of active directory server 2008r2and restore?

System AdminHow to take backup of Server 2008r2 active directory, dns and dhcp and restore it? Thanks.

@RyanRies StackOverflow 2 Serverfault. A reference to the SO folks that come over to ask devops silly questions.
Not bad...
@voretaq7 - can you kill that last question with extreme prejudice?
thank you sir...
I hate everyone and everything right now after reading that
8:52 PM
The question should be edited to simply say "Can someone show me how to use Google.com?"
or the answer in line with the question should be:

1. Take backup of AD, DNS, and DHCP
2. Restore it

@TheCleaner i stole it from j00

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