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12:05 AM
Has anyone here played in the Hero/Champion system?
@AncientSwordRage Sounds interesting. I've spoken to someone about it and yeah, they suggested implementing ways to "control" or "remove distractions", etc. Haven't spoken to the GP or anyone yet though
Morning all
Kickstarter: Questlings - A Children's Book Series and RPG Adventure! by Dan Letzring. An RPG-inspired children's book series and RPG game system about finding your Inner Hero.
@AncientSwordRage This one?
12:23 AM
@Ben could be worth it
@Ben yes
@BESW looks like the art alone is worth purchasing it for
@BESW that’s really cool! I wish I had the money to back that cause I want to support anyone who puts “children’s book” and “rpg” in the same context
Also I really love my local library today: it’s awesome, the teen librarian gave me some amazing book recommendations so now I have like three books to read that I would never have picked up before, and she also agreed with me that we can ban Tasha’s cauldron of everything from the library rpg group I run for the time being due to the fact that we know exactly who will be abusing the fact that I don’t have it
12:42 AM
I love that you have that support.
I’ve already started two of the books: Gifts by Ursula K. LeGuin, and Catfishing on CatNet by Naomi Kritzer. The last one i forget what it’s called, but it’s nonfiction and a guide for LGBTQ youth in high school
I love Ursula LeGuin
@BardicWizard ha! I run a rpg game at my local library too lol it can be stressful when everyone else is trying to beat the dm to new content
@TheDragonOfFlame One of the problems with books of random extra material like Tasha's is that it's not clear which groups need to care about them. Like, Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica can be largely ignored unless you're playing a campaign set in Ravnica. WoD-style splatbooks can be ignored if nobody is playing that kind of character. Who gets to ignore Tasha's?
(besides me)
I have a problem player who will be abusing the fact that I don’t have it to get away with doing things the rules don’t support or to keep changing stuff about his character, and a couple of people who would usually be fine but tend to build combat monsters that are really hard to challenge (despite the limited combat), so this is a precaution we’ve had to take for a while now, though it’s a bit frustrating for everyone involved
(and people who don't play D&D)
12:57 AM
It saddens me that such an antagonistic relationship between people at the table seems to be so "normal."
@MarkWells and my local library
@MarkWells technically, anyone. What it is is stuff for anyone, but it’s not needed (except the custom lineage stuff. That’s pretty big)
@BardicWizard since it is a library game, I assume you didn’t have any say in who played?
Like, they aren’t your freinds just random people
@BESW I’m not sure what you’re referring to in my case, but the player in question is a repeated abuser who’s been kicked a couple of times and will change his behavior for a few weeks then go right back to being a jerk.
Yeah, that "everyone else is trying to beat the dm to new content" thing is... in my experience, a symptom of an unhealthy table.
@TheDragonOfFlame we can kick after 3 strikes, and we have, but we’re not allowed to prevent people for coming since technically it’s a public thing
@BESW it’s 95% fine but it’s that 5% that isn’t that’s unhealthy
1:09 AM
@BardicWizard Yeah, that can be an issue. I've been pushing my local convention to adopt more specific protection policies than "We'll put your table by the security kiosk."
It’s all virtual which is a bit of a problem but also means we can effectively kick people now
@TheDragonOfFlame In a public setting I'm a little unsure how to deal with that. Suppose you show up with your custom lineage guy, and I invoke the Old Man Henderson Rule (your character can't be based on sources the rest of the group doesn't get to see). Am I breaking some kind of social contract?
(This is mostly hypothetical; in a game I'm running, we'd almost surely do character creation at the table.)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, messaging number in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer, +1 more (355): Can a Sorcerer learn "Cure Light Wounds" from a scroll? by sabrina palian on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
So, my day started with a sever lack of sleep (boys waking up constantly, taking it in turns to manage them both), forgot to take my meds, then forgot to grab my wallet, requiring two trips back home, after dropping the boys off at school.
I then arrived at work on time (no idea how that worked out), and just finished writing a lengthy email with the caps lock on.
1:26 AM
@MarkWells General rule in my old D&D games: only use sources available to everyone.
I also had a couple games where the rule was "Any book you use to make your characters, is now available to me for making your opponents."
This was a lot more antagonistic than I'd do today, but it worked for that group because it was basically phrasing it as buy-in.
Q: How often can a relic's Raise Ramparts gift be used?

ESCERelics often allow the wearer to cast a spell, but do not specify how often. For example, the Raise Ramparts major gift of the Earth gifts allows the wearer to cast Wall of Stone. It does not specify a frequency, but if it has no limit it seems incredibly overpowered for a gift that can be handed...

@BESW If the books are setting material then this makes perfect sense. You're a ninja, so of course you might have ninjas for enemies, etc.
2:21 AM
@MarkWells Doesn't need a diegetic justification, I think, any more than using or not using a book like Sword & Fist would need justification in any other situation.
2:38 AM
@Ben shift+f3 sometimes cycles through case
@AncientSwordRage Oh yeah I had turned on caps lock intentionally, just forgot to turn it off for the email
2:51 AM
@Ben ah no, I was unclear. In some word products if you highlight text, then press <kbd>shift+f3</kbd> it will lowercase/titlecase/uppercase stuff
Ohhh ok.
That would have been handy to know XD
And actually I think I do vaguely remember knowing that. I've just been so tired today lol
3:13 AM
@MarkWells well, no technically. You could force them to switch to Var Human (basically dumb down a few things, otherwise the same. But Custom Lineage is pretty simple and I wouldn’t see it being much of a problem
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4:48 AM
Q: Can the automatic damage from the Witch Bolt spell be repeatedly activated using an Order of Scribes wizard's Manifest Mind feature?

Guillaume F.The Order of Scribes wizard sublass has the Manifest Mind feature (TCoE, p. 78), which creates a manifested spectral mind that can be moved by the wizard as a bonus action. Additionally, the wizard can cast spells through the spectral mind: Whenever you cast a wizard spell on your turn, you can ...

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10:31 AM
Q: Can I use deflect missile if I get an ally to shoot me?

ReiConsidering it says "you can use your reaction to deflect or catch the missile when you are hit by a ranged weapon attack." If , for example, there's a wall a goblin is hiding behind. It's my Ranged Ally's turn and they can see me but can't see the goblin because it's behind the wall. Could my al...

11:13 AM
@Ben that's fair, I think it's not longer in all of the office products though?
11:23 AM
@HotRPGQuestions [monk railgun intensifies]
11:44 AM
Q: Can you use the Eldritch Blast cantrip on the same turn as the UA Lurker in the Deep warlock's Grasp of the Deep feature?

aconfusedruidThe Lurker in the Deep warlock patron (from UA: Sorcerer and Warlock) gets the Grasp of the Deep feature at 1st level. Part of the feature description states: [...] As a bonus action, you create a 10-foot-long tentacle at a point you can see within 60 feet of you. [...] When you create the tenta...

12:14 PM
@Carcer it's a fun idea
12:58 PM
So fun it inspired this:
Q: Can an Arcane Archer's choose to activate arcane shot after it gets deflected?

AncientSwordRageInspired by Can I use deflect missile if I get an ally to shoot me? and Can a monk catch and throw an Arcane Archer's active Arcane Shot back at them with Deflect Missiles?, can a (friendly) Arcane Archer choose not to activate their Arcane Shot when it hits their ally, but then activate it when ...

1:12 PM
@ThomasMarkov That line of reasoning seems incredibly iffy to me.
Probably because the outcome is so obviously not intended.
Added how Id rule to my answer.
@ThomasMarkov it seems very odd that it's on hit with arrow, not on a successful attack. Probably not intended, but it seems very easy to avoid with better wording as well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
That's my take as well.
I don't think it's safe to assume "could be worded better, so must be deliberate" is an argument for WotC anymore.
The best/worst thing would be chain this up with multiple monks...
FWIW I tweeted at Jeremy Crawford, but I realise that's not going to change anything/much
2:17 PM
@AncientSwordRage Classic Wizards R&D
2:32 PM
@AncientSwordRage This is the kind of question that strikes me as not just an edge case, but almost an absurdity. "OK, I want my ally to shoot me so that I can throw the arrow at someone else" - OK, answer me this: why is your ally not just shooting the enemy? I don't think it's fair to Wizards, for all of their clunky prose, to take them to task over this, since the 'problem' is a case of "let's over complicate this because it amuses us".
Granted, overcomplicating things on purpose is a kind of fun in RPGs. Done it plenty.
I think granting Wizard's any benefit of the doubt that this could be intentional is over estimating their collective intelligence.
@ThomasMarkov That too. I find it hard to believe that they had a single monk ability in mind when writing the features for the fighter, and then left that combo as an easter egg for us to find Your comment nails this pretty well.
@AncientSwordRage Oh, I just read it again: trying to shoot around corners. Got it. See also Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser (Fritz Lieber) about 40 years ago. Fafhrd spent parts of one of their adventures trying to figure out how to shoot his bow+arrow around corners ...
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3:37 PM
I could use some advice — does anyone know how to get dndbeyond to stop sending me emails all the time without deleting my account?
I assume you tried unsubscribing?
@BardicWizard Are there any DDB emails you do want to get?
@KorvinStarmast that was just a way to justify this... corner case
@BardicWizard wait, they email you?
@BardicWizard I am afraid I can't help. I unsubscribes to their email list and they still send me emails. Like 3 or 4 every week
3:43 PM
@RevenantBacon Only if they’re actually about security for my account. I don’t care about sales and whatever
@ThomasMarkov yes and it doesn’t work
@BardicWizard Well that ruins my idea. I was gonna just say mark it as spam
Well, mostly ruins
I dont think I get any emails from them at all...let me check my settings, maybe I can help you.
@Someone_Evil I just checked that; most of the boxes were checked. Guess that might be the problem
Depending on what email provider you use, you could theoretically set up a special filter to automatically pull all the ones about sales and mark them as spam, but leave the security ones alone
Im very confused. I have every single box checked for "notify me by email" and I dont think im getting any.
3:46 PM
@ThomasMarkov probably have a bad email setup then.
What service do you use, gmail?
@ThomasMarkov they only email people who don't want emails, obviously!
what better marketing strategy
I use gmail.
So apparently I got 2-3 per week consistently until Oct 15.
I havent received a single one since then.
@ThomasMarkov same
But my settings are set to receive all the emails.
@ThomasMarkov didn't you get the 4 emails about cyber monday this weekend
3:49 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame Oct 15 too?
@ThomasMarkov nope same about gmail. I still get a bunch of emails
I get 1-2 month, but I've literally never noticed
@Someone_Evil They have two places to manage emails, one in your account, which is for forum related emails, and another (linked from the unsubscribe/manage email preferences) at the bottom of marketing emails they send you (which they seem to automatically opt you in for at account creation)
I've just opted out of the marketing ones
But some of the forum ones are somewhat obnoxious (such as automatically subscribing you to every thread you post in if you don't have it checked)
For subscribed threads/forums, go here: dndbeyond.com/account/subscriptions
3:54 PM
@ThomasMarkov thats weird
and you can unsubscribe from any thread/forum you are subscribed to
@ThomasMarkov I love typo hunting! Sadly I don't have the hard copy book yet, so I haven't been able to yet
@illustro Yeah, just found that. The marketing one seems to be four seperate options, so might require seperate unsubscriptions from each?
If going through the options menu for marketing emails (also at the bottom of those emails) doesn't work, contact their support
@Someone_Evil You can opt out of each, or just unsubscribe from all (either option should work)
I went on gmail this morning to see I had 15 new emails. 4 of them where dndbeyond and the rest where google alerts lol
3:56 PM
"Should" being the operative word
Though, then again I'm talking about it from the experience of an EU user (with all of the fun GDPR fines might bring as a result of unsolicited marketing emails)
Milage may vary in other jurisdictions with...ahem...less restrictive or threatening regulations
@illustro lol
@ThomasMarkov It looks like a typo in the stat block, comparing with all of the other "Summon X" style spells in Tasha's (I have the printed book open beside me)
@TheDragonOfFlame I only want to get three types of email on my personal account (school is a different story): email from the two people I know who still use email, the four mailing lists I signed up for and still want to be on, and security notifications. Dndbeyond emails are easily 3/4 of my emails and I don’t want to get them at all unless it’s a security thing argh
I imagine that +15 above 3rd is meant to be +15 above 4th
@BardicWizard Make sure you are unsubscribed from any threads you may have been subscribed to by posting on dndbeyond's forums
4:03 PM
@illustro I don’t post on the forums but I’ll do that
@BardicWizard dude same. By google alerts I mean either google classroom telling me I ave a class tomorow or saying I signed into a new device when I already know that
4:18 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'm sure it'll be fixed in the first errata
Maybe theyll fix fighters taking weapon master too.
@ThomasMarkov hopefully
that one made me laugh tbh. Like, did they even read it?
@BardicWizard What about order confirmations from stuff like amazon?
@ThomasMarkov This is Wizards R&D we're talking about here. I wouldn't get my hopes up.
4:51 PM
@RevenantBacon If I need to buy something online my parents generally order it, even if I pay for it out of my allowance, so that’s not necessary for me for now
@BardicWizard I always forget that you're only 17-18ish
@RevenantBacon I'm pretty sure they are even younger than that... could be wrong
I thought they were in senior year high school, but may also be wrong
I’m a sophomore
@ThomasMarkov far to op to combine those two
5:10 PM
Oh, I was so off.
5:20 PM
Do you think an errataed Tasha's would make it to print? I'd be tempted to pick one up that wasn't riddled with errors
Nov 17 at 20:02, by MikeQ
With all these variant rules, why don't they just republish the whole thing as D&D 5.5e?
5:39 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame Im pretty confused by your question.
> We really don't need another X.5 situation where there's a second bite at the apple for all the publishing.
@ThomasMarkov My question is whether or not a druid can wild shape into the form of an animal that is a half dragon, as it seems to work but is super OP
idk it makes sense to me
the question being discussed
Q: Half-dragons and wild shape

TheDragonOfFlameIn d&d 5e, Half-Dragon is a template that can be applied to any beast, humanoid, or giant. Druids can Wild-shape into any creature CR 1/4 or lower, starting at 2nd level (or Circle of the Moon Druids can Wild-shape into CR 1 creatures). When I applied the Red Dragon Wyrmling's dragon breath - whi...

Does no one understand what I am asking?
I can delete it if it is a bad question but I really don't know why it is
5:57 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame What's the source for this half-dragon thing?
Monster manual page...
oh, I see it now
I'm curious what reason there is for thinking a half-dragon-half-beast is still a beast
half dragon doesnt change the creature type
5:59 PM
does it say "does not change the creature type"?
eg. the half dragon veteren is a humanoid (human)
yes, but it's not a beast
the stat block only changes in the ways mentioned
and there is no mention of a creature type change
so, no, it does not say "it does not change the creature type"
"it retains all its statistics except as noted below."
6:02 PM
but there's no evidence that a half-dragon-half-beast is actually intended to be a beast. it's a weird corner case, not a positive feature
@MarkWells This isn't even a corner case, it's like, in the back yard.
I disagree with the answer provided, as well as the downvotes on the question. I am not sure why it is downvoted, as well
My chem teacher just set off the fire alarm thanks to potassium after making a very loud boom with sodium that the fume hood only mostly contained, and I have never been more grateful that I’m fully-virtual rather than hybrid.
@TheDragonOfFlame What do we need more downvotes on? I'm usually in for downvoting humans, humanoids, human-esq, and meat popsicles.
Also, I’m grateful that it’s very hard to legally buy rubidium, cesium, and francium
6:08 PM
@GcL ?
@BardicWizard Wait, which one was it? or was it sequential and only the potassium had the fizz to set of the fire alarm?
@BardicWizard It's remarkably easy to get an NRC license. I never had to order cesium as we already had a cesium irradiator on site that was just fine for the next 30 years, but radionucleotide and cobalt-60 were common orders.
@TheDragonOfFlame It's a running joke, don't worry about it :)
Whatever. I closed it. I still have no idea what it was that made that a bad question
Exploiting oversights in the rules is dysfunctional behavior and should not be encouraged.
6:11 PM
My recollection was that the cesium irradiator was slated to be replaced at some point this decade anyway. It was a colossal pain in the ass for myriad of reasons.
@MarkWells pretty sure this site is almost entirely for clarifying exploits or mistakes in the rules
@BardicWizard Come to think of it, I wonder what happened to all those blood irradiators that were used in South American hospitals.
@TheDragonOfFlame Or asking for help when questions genuinely come up. E.g. can you cast teleportation circle on a boat or hallow?
@TheDragonOfFlame I don't think it was a bad question. "Can you wildshape into a creature that has a template?" seems like a reasonable question to me.
@Someone_Evil potassium caught on fire and set off the smoke alarm. The sodium only broke the fume hood I think
@MarkWells Calling it "dysfunctional" seems a bit... extreme
6:16 PM
Q: Can I consider darkness and dim light as cover in combat?

RedGlyphIn D&D 5E, dim light only affects Wisdom (Perception) checks. If I'm interpreting the Player's Handbook correctly, for combat rolls, creatures that don't have darkvision, whose target is in dim light, and creatures that have darkvision, whose target is in dim light or in darkness (within range, ...

@RevenantBacon all i know is I lost 40 reputation on it and had 4 close votes
How did you lose 40? it should only be 2 per down vote
@TheDragonOfFlame The close votes are unreasonable. The question was on topic.
@HotRPGQuestions lol. Umm, no
@RevenantBacon my bad I though it was 10
@TheDragonOfFlame HotRPGQuestions clearly has not read the light and vision rules lately
6:17 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame Losing 40 reputation would take 20 downvotes.
@ThomasMarkov alright my bad
@GcL There’s also rules on student safety that limit us to certain elements for demonstrations apparently I think she said
@GcL At least one of those ended very badly. (warning: it's very bad)
@BardicWizard That doesn't surprise me. We don't let students do anything fun anymore... probably also for good reason. Those fun things were dangerous. I'm surprised more people weren't maimed during fun.
Could I have a reopen, with the edits?
Q: Can you Wild Shape into a beast with the half-dragon template?

TheDragonOfFlameIn D&D 5e, Half-Dragon is a template that can be applied to any beast, humanoid, or giant. When I applied the Red Dragon Wyrmling's dragon breath - which deals 7d6 fire damage in a cone - to a Raven (CR 0) it came out as CR 1/4. Druids can Wild-shape into any creature CR 1/4 or lower, starting at...

6:23 PM
@GcL although watching my teacher tell the administration exactly what happened to cause the fire alarm was quite funny, but only for those of us not in person. I fully expect the next time we do experiments like this we will have to do it outside
6:53 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame How did you come up with CR 1/4 for that hell bird?
You're looking at 24 damage on ave to multiple targets every 3 rounds.
@GcL Avg 8 dpr to a single target, is offensive CR 1/2, and defensive CR is 0, averages to 1/4.
But thats probably under estimating offensive CR a bit.
But not much.
By that logic, a mouse that can cast power word kill is CR 1
@ThomasMarkov That "average 8 dpr" is very debatable. You don't need to wait for it to recharge if you kill everyone in round one.
Also, why assume a single target? It's an AOE effect.
That too.
7:00 PM
yeah, I'm pretty sure the dmg guidelines for calculating monster CR tell you to calculate dpr assuming aoe attacks hit two enemies at least
The CR guidelines just don't deal well with the case of a small bird armed with a flamethrower.
but this is one of those things where CR at low levels can be really swingy because of the relative paucity of hit points
Also, this is backwards from creating custom monsters. When you've got a canned quest with a CR 7 that just doesn't fit the narrative, you've got to come up with an equivalent CR 7 that fits better. The first step is figure out what CR you're trying to hit.
lol I was just explaining how it seems we got to 1/4. I didnt say it was right.
I would be entertained to watch a short reaction video of DMs reacting to a player that just brings this up out of the blue and starts going on a bout it.
7:11 PM
according to the dmg you add together damage for the first 3 runds then divide by three
26/3=about 9
which gives offense CR 1, defence CR 0
gives CR 1/4
That 8 DPR is also ignoring the 1 point of damage the rat/raven can do with its attack while waiting on the breath weapon to recharge, which brings us up to w whopping 9 dpr, woah!
@RevenantBacon lol
I do realize the question is ridicoulous. That is the point
@TheDragonOfFlame I got 50 for 3 rounds. 48+1+1.
Which gives a CR 1 just for the stat block. Averages out to a CR 1/2 with flying by the base stats. Probably bump at least +1 CR for mimicry and the ability to surprise the heck out of the players... by ruining their day and instantly killing them if they're low level.
@RevenantBacon Of course what the raven would actually do is fly in a big circle away from the target while waiting to recharge, then come back and torch them again.
"Oh hey, a raven that squaks like people screaming. That's ominous and interesting. Probably a plot hoo..... ermergerd! it's breathing fiirrraaaaaghhh!"
7:21 PM
@MarkWells Well, yeah, obviously, that's the smart tactical decision, but I'm measuring it's potential damage XD
@GcL Why would Mimicry bump its CR up? It already has that at CR 0, so it obviously doesn't calculate in.
@TheDragonOfFlame I disagree. We may be confirming that there is this weird exploit (see our cheese list in Meta), but I don't think that's a core goal here. If anything, I think folks here would probably as DMs say, "Yes there's an exploit and no, you can't use it"
Unless of course the fun at a table is all about finding and using rules exploits.
@RevenantBacon Because Mimicry is much more dangerous if you can scream "Help! I've fallen down a well!" and then breathe fire out of the well than if you can just do the screaming part.
@RevenantBacon Because it's not that dangerous when it's got a beak and can just be spooky. Same with invisibility. An invisible bird just isn't that dangerous... and invisible bird with a dragon's breath... that's all of a sudden so much worse.
@TheDragonOfFlame I just left a comment, but if your question edit invalidated an answer, I'd recommend reverting back and asking your new one separately.
So you're saying that it's basically a multiplicative ability. The more dangerous the base creature is, the more dangerous the ability is.
7:25 PM
@RevenantBacon I would concur with that. Actually, I think that's a very good way of stating it.
@NautArch To be fair, the question didn't properly answer the original question
@RevenantBacon It didn't?
@GcL it’s 24 not 48. 1/3 recharge means for these purposes you’ll get it back 3 turns after you use it
@TheDragonOfFlame 24 assumes you hit only one party member. Do your party members routinely walk 15 feet apart?
The question was (and pretty much still is) "can [X] be done?" and the answer was basically "ask your DM"
7:26 PM
Only hitting 2 is a conservative estimate for a surprise AOE.
@TheDragonOfFlame for cr calc of aoe you should assume 2 targets hit.
Which is, in general, not really an answer
@RevenantBacon THat's a perfectly valid answer
yes, yes it is
It's one that is often THE answer here.
It's a valid answer in some cases
It's a great answer.
7:27 PM
and in this case, I believe it is valid as well.
I dislike the "up the GM" answers.
@GcL Still better than "up the GM's" answers.
@GcL what do you prefer?
@ThomasMarkov Welcome to table top Jeopardy. Locations for 400. "Where is the GM's head?"
"If I was DM..."answers?
7:30 PM
@NautArch I like those marginally more. Sometimes they get to a "this is a good/crap idea because".
In this particular case, I don't think so. The question isn't asking if creatures with templates exist
It's asking if you can wildshape into a creature that has a template
@RevenantBacon And "ask your DM" is perfectly valid there. I don't think there's a clear answer.
Then it's a backwards CR question. Can a beast with a dragon's breath feature be CR 1/4?
IT's an edge case without direction, which means it's up to the DM.
@GcL THAT would be a more reasonable question.
I think "Ask your DM" is the clear answer, since the scope of wild shape depends on the GM's worldbuilding.
7:31 PM
@NautArch It's not, because it isn't answering the question. At best you could call it a frame challenge answer
@RevenantBacon It is answering it. It may not be the answer expected/wanted, but it's the answer.
I will die on the "Ask your DM" hill.
@NautArch Technically, it's up to your GM is the answer for almost all the 5e questions.
@NautArch Only if your DM lets you stay on the hill while you die.
@GcL THat is true, but for ones that have a clear basis in rules, there's guidance. For ones that don't...
Had to do it to 'em
My DM let me roll a Charisma (Survival) check the other night.
7:33 PM
@NautArch Still up to the DM.
@ThomasMarkov I do like the mix-n-match skill checks. I use sleight of hand (int) for tying knots with my players.
My problem with "ask your DM" answers is that any question can be answered with "ask your DM". It's a non-answer as far as I'm concerned
@RevenantBacon That's pretty much why I don't like it.
@RevenantBacon There are good and bad "ask your DM" answers.
If it's a question about a situation that's analogous to something you've seen before, answer with why it was a good/bad idea. Or, "if you're going to do this, watch out for X. It can really ruin the fun."
@ThomasMarkov seconded -- a good "ask your DM" answer should present the arguments involved, and perhaps caveats as well
7:37 PM
@Shalvenay Exactly. A bad answer is when "ask your DM" is really just another way of saying "who's to say?" A good answer is one which presents the reasons a DM might rule either way.
@Shalvenay For my reading time, those would be just as useful without the "ask your DM" part.
@ThomasMarkov I don't find that particularly useful either. I'd rather read an answer about how great that thing is and why in practice, or about the pitfalls in practice.
@GcL "Ask your DM. If you are the DM, keep reading."
"Ask GcL. gives out GcL's email address"
@ThomasMarkov We could start a column in the weekly!
If only there was a magazine for this sort of stuff.
Stack of Dragons Magazine.
7:44 PM
Q: Dear GcL, how do these two rules interact?
GcL: Frame challenge: my downvote does more to answer your question than an actual answer would.
Looks like someone got got by the no formatting on multiline posts rule XD
I like the "how do rules interact?" questions. I dislike the "it's up to the DM" answers.
@RevenantBacon It took me 6 attempts to understand this sentence.
@GcL Same
@ThomasMarkov Adding it to my "text parser obstacle course" file
7:48 PM
@RevenantBacon Well, if there's a rule basis for an answer, than "ask your DM" isn't really helpful. Just like "A Dm can always rule that you can do that" isn't a good answer.
But when there isn't a basis, then answering with "talk to your DM" is the answer.
@MarkWells one of the academics that works on natural language parsing medical records has been running into trouble disambiguating apple recently. Could be talking about the fruit, company, or a device manufactured by the company. E.g. "...it's because of the apples."
@GcL That is also a very valid answer.
@ThomasMarkov That DM sounds pretty shady.
The rules say this, but I would rule by selling all my D&D 5e books and playing pathfinder.
@ThomasMarkov Do tell.
@ThomasMarkov I've always preferred Pathfinder to D&D.
but 5e is much better for begginers to learn
7:53 PM
Completely unrelated: Which is the past tense of “smite”, “smote” or “smited”?
@MarkWells thank you. Google does not like me today and neither does the dictionary
@BardicWizard If you kiss and make up, then it's "smitten"
I took the urchin background, and I periodically take jobs with a certain secret organization. We were in a small town and got denied service at the inn. So I asked my super sketchy DM if I had any contacts here. He asked if there was a skill check that would apply to that. So I said, "Charisma based Survival check?"
@ThomasMarkov I like it.
7:56 PM
I was imagining trying to extricate yourself from a tricky social interaction without falling into any subtle social traps.
@NautArch how many dudes did we kill the other night?
How about Charisma based Acrobatics to successfully say a tongue twister?
@GcL it was in the context of arguing with someone about time travel and divine smite related shenanigans, not related to love
Sometimes arguments end with smootches... or at least they did pre-pandemic.
@ThomasMarkov I'd go with Dexterity (Performance) for that, though I'll admit it's outside the usual bounds of the system
@MarkWells That's the exact reversal of what I chose for it.
Which makes it seem like its the same thing.
7:59 PM
@ThomasMarkov well, when tweedle beetles fight it’s called a tweedle beetle battle, and when tweedle beetles battle with paddles, it’s called a tweedle beetle paddle battle, and when beetles fight their battles with paddles in a puddle... (going off memory here, I think that’s right)
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