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7:04 PM
@IvoFlipse Yeah, for PyQt, the example code on the internet is C++, but there is some example code in the PyQt directory that is in Python... it's a bit unhelpful that you have to learn a bit of C++ to learn PyQt.
man every tutorial I try breaks on me for not including the right libraries
such a pain :@
Yeah, it's fun like that :S
pfff I wish someone would just explain me how to set up Eclipse properly, I reckon that would solve some of my problems
at least because then I'd know how to manage everything
I used the Qt Designer to create a .ui file, then used the uic module to compile that to a .py file, which I then imported for the majority of the gui elements. Then you're just left with creating your QApplication class and getting that going.
I don't even know where to put certain folders I downloaded, to get them imported correctly
7:10 PM
I'll try to download python xy (on my home machine atm)
@IvoFlipse: for pyside?
I looked at that, but I didn't get the examples from their site running :\
another problem was that I have Python 2.7 and 2.6 installed
and I don't know which version Spyder (pythoxy) uses
@IvoFlipse: just wondering, but what kinds of limits do you still have as moderator that normal users have?
well no, I do :P
like max number of votes or vote to close, etc
7:12 PM
I too have a max number of votes yes
but I can close all I want
I'm a regular user, that get's to do everything with every question or answer on the site as often as is needed
Spyder uses Python 2.6.5, so I guess if I try to run PyQt or Pyside code from there, I have to make sure that one has access to the libraries
download of pythonxy is slow
okay, thanks @IvoFlipse!
ok Spyder apparently is located within my 2.6 folder, that brings me one bit further
@IvoFlipse I can give you some files that work "out of the box" for me with a fresh Python xy install... don't have anywhere to host them tho
@IvoFlipse: har. which os?
7:17 PM
Windows 7
@IvoFlipse also, the code is a bit embarrassing...
pfff, you should see mine
I have 450 lines of code, because I use zero OOP :P
/me does a "pip install spyder"
@studiohack it's called wikileaks
HA good one
I just nicknamed @Wil Wilspy
7:20 PM
Ooooo i likey...
but does it work?
LOL! now 2 of you doing it...!
no. see i try to add to your name @KronoS
I was considering getting enthought's IDE @Mokubai
did you get that notification?
but @Kron
read the top right had corner!!!
studiohack, The Stack Exchange Mountain Range
4.3k 2 7 25
@IvoFlipse It may well be that a professionally done paid-for IDE is better configured and set up than pythonxy
@Wil I'm confused....
7:22 PM
I don't see nothing about no spy @Wil
if either of you become moderators, I will probably wake up with a 007 themed profile and a name change!....
yeah when I tried to let imshow() loop interactively over a 3D array, it just refuses to
lol, saying looking for work, nothing about being a spy!... I wish!
@IvoFlipse Python xy seems a bit too linuxy to me... not so much cared for as thrown together
those little quirks can get very annoying
7:22 PM
hey at @KronoS: what do you say that we change @Wilspy's name?
@Wil that's just your cover... and if I become mod I'm totally decorating your page ;)
i wanted a niceish macos- ide for python the other day, gave up and installed cream.
Aptana looked a lot prettier, that's true :P
@KronoS lol
starred that @KronoS
7:23 PM
@studiohack you can star? i think I've still lost my star power
@IvoFlipse can mods "decorate" / edit pages?
one of the ide's i tried needed pyqt .. installed that .. and then it crashed.
nope nvm
your profile? yes
yeah I can star now, I think it depends on the room
can I mark up @IvoFlipse's page if I'm a mod?
7:24 PM
@IvoFlipse thanks!
it's annoying how every tutorial assumes I use linux @akira
@Wil I promise that if I do become mod i won't edit your page.... much
that's the keyword there @Wil. much....
funny how @KronoS and @studiohack are threatening @Wil.
@studiohack lol
@IvoFlipse yep, i understand your pain. but i gave up the ide-bullshit long time before and just use vim. its the only true platform-independent way i can live with
7:26 PM
isn't that just as much of a pain as Eclipse?
no, why?
i switched to vim 10 years ago or so
don't get me started @Mokubai
it took me 8 hours to built this system and I had random crashes after that
and now they're telling me I have to replace my mobo?
Not worked out what was going wrong?
Yeah, that sucks
I didn't know where to put a lot of power cables, it was 2 years ago (or longer) when I last installed a mobo
and my watercooling makes for 'exciting' issues
@KronoS invite me into that room, I'm lazy :P
7:31 PM
bum @IvoFlipse
@Mokubai ahh FFS, I just ordered about 20 boards for an order.... I got hit with Nvidia bug as well, what next....
Part of me feels sorry for Intel, they got so caught up in their "We're great" mantra that they slipped up
im confused, says fault in chipset then it says it isn't but they replaced it :S
@Wil which nVidia bug?
86** dye/heat issue
7:34 PM
Hmmm, that temp would explain my work lappy...
it goes a bit weird when the GPU gets somewhere above 80C
yeah, I was buggered by thousands for it, a nightmare... at least I have a good relationship with Intel
I bought a bunch of I5 CPUs and the motherboards should be here tomorrow, I have never had a problem with Intel warranty, even 3 years after purchase... a lot happier on this than I am about nvidia
enough to get some free stuff for the blog @Wil ? ;P
they don't even give me free things to try... just a few rebates on certain product codes at certain times
I love my new i5 @Wil
though some driver issue or Speedstep is giving me random reboots atm
:S bad!
7:39 PM
@IvoFlipse I did hear something about most overclockers disabling the turbo-boost feature...
well it throttles down to 1.5 Ghz when I'm just chatting
which off course is a massive power saver
I would be interested to know then, if you get the same BSOD when not overclocking
but I guess I can just reboot when I'm really programming and switch to OC mode
haven't had one in the last 4 hours
but @Wil I also uninstalled my audio drivers and reinstalled them properly and did the same for my GPU
@IvoFlipse ohh, if you haven't already, get yourself an 80%+ certified PSU, (90% if you find one), they cost about £50-£60, but you would be surprised, if you have your PC on 24x7 like me, they can pay for themselves within about 6 months
7:42 PM
I actually have a very decent Antec PSU
600W or so
I can't really suggest anything that I haven't in other answers - check for updates :( but I am sure you have already done that - again, also try disabling over clocking, just in case that is the cause...
:( I want a new pc!
I was planning on installing a bios update
but then the town hall chat began
drives me mad, going to have 20 Core I7s here tomorrow! I really should of ordered an extra for myself, but then, I have a working computer here!
7:43 PM
and have been messing with stuff ever since :P
@IvoFlipse is there any way to send a private msg?
yeah, log onto Pidgin and add the other user and chat away! :P
linux chatting thing (well cross platform but still)
it seems you can even use wpf with this one @Mokubai
7:47 PM
@IvoFlipse and it works with chat.SE?
nope, it means that if you want private chat, go to a private service :)
@IvoFlipse was going to send you my PyQt code...
everything you say here can and will be indexed by Google
my name @gmail.com will do just fine ;)
@IvoFlipse right that's what i though... just making sure...
hmmm I just installed Enthought's Python stuff, something tells me it's just libraries and not an IDE :\
8:07 PM
@IvoFlipse: Or you could go for IronPython itself. :D
@IvoFlipse just sent you the absolute minimum code I have to get a pyQt GUI up and running...
thanks @Mokubai
It's not much, and I hacked out all the actual functional code... sorry :)
owh ffs, I deinstalled Enthought, since I wasn't planning on just using libraries
but it had overwritten the standard 2.6 libraries...
sigh now I have to reinstall pythonxy again...
How, nice of it...
If you need to work out what you can get out of the "slots" to connect a button to an action then riverbankcomputing.co.uk/static/Docs/PyQt4/html/classes.html is useful, but most of the examples are in C++
8:18 PM
The first few times asking a question on any SE site is always nerve racking to me... esp now that I'm heavily involved with maintence on SU... I don't want to be that guy that everyone hates lol
owh ffs now the uninstaller of pythonxy complains enthought isn't there
Thought that was the point... ;)
reinstalling, uninstalling, pfffffffffffff
Got to love computers at times...
Hmm, I believe it is Assassins Creed O'clock...
hehe brotherhood?
8:23 PM
Nah, I'm a PC gamer and they haven't released it yet :(
AC: 2
Which is still pretty awesome
When it doesn't bug out and refuses to save your game for 2 hours >_<
By the sound of it Ubisoft are trying to work out which DRM they should cripple the PC version with this time...
I have the PS3 version, was fun :)
@Mokubai for some reason Python still works without Pythonxy and your code runs fine
actually doesn't look too bad for a simple documentscanner :)
if I figure out what it originally did, I might try something like writing a duplicate picture finder :P
I made it to be small but functional, I couldn't be bothered with all the previewing bells and whistles
As I said I did hack out the majority of what it did to do it's job, but there should be enough to get an idea
If you want the full code (and have a WIA enabled scanner) I can send it over, but I'm afraid all my code is seriously ugly
8:41 PM
oh well it would be nice to have an idea how code would have to work as a more standalone application
Oh, one moment, I have a more "built in" program, that creates all it's forms dynamically as it loads, though it screws my head over trying to remember how it builds itself. I can send you that if you want...
well I need to start looking into ways of making my code run within some GUI
so having working examples to tinker with always helps
Otherwise there are some PyQt examples at "C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\PyQt4\examples" if you let PythonXY install to default locations...
@KronoS: there is a typo on the last line of your about me section of your SU profile:
>You can also follow my on twitter: @SuperKronos
my should be me.
@IvoFlipse check "C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\PyQt4\examples\tutorials\addressbook" for a nice basic start in PyQt.
8:51 PM
nice, I'm looking at the source code now
Using the Qt Designer just means you don't have to go through the mind troubles of making a dynamic gui, which I why I went that route to begin with.
@IvoFlipse: Can you obliterate this tag? superuser.com/questions/tagged/problem
I'm going through the [help] tag manually as there are some non-help things there (which I'm retagging to a more specific tag).
actually no, I have no idea how that works
I try to stay away from retagging
I would put it on MSU, Jeff will spot it there
Will do. :-)
9:07 PM
Does the inline tag editing at 10k bump the question?
@TomWij I presume that's why tons of old questions have floated to the top!? That's a bit...awkward.
9:23 PM
> the current moderator-only tag rename function does not touch any fields, it literally rewrites history in place -- and there's no undo short of a database restore (!) so be careful. – Jeff Atwood♦ Jul 6 '09 at 2:55
But that's for batch retagging.
Anyhow, done retagging.
help is empty now, gonna check if everything in problem can be pruned and then update my meta question.
@Linker3000: Yeah, it is. See my prior discussion yesterday...
I don't see the use in bothering people for a small amount of tags.
Hmm, found another tag that might be able to house them...
Q: Can [problem] be obliterated or merged to [troubleshooting]?

TomWijMost of the questions are using problem as a meta tag, can that tag perhaps be obliterated? Update: I looked through all tags, re-tagged only one to troubleshooting because it was necessary... Alternative suggestion: Can problem me merged into troubleshooting? It would make sense.

@TomWij I don't know if it's the case (new to the tag admin stuff), but it would be nice if some generic tag words were disallowed to encourage people to be more creative
@Linker3000: Yeah, there is a tag blacklist.
@TomWij Fair enough - I will have to do some more back-end studying in the near future.
Now... to find that printer cable.. >.>
hi @MarkSzymanski :)
Hi, @IvoFlipse.
How are you?
@IvoFlipse: Amazing.
however @TomWij, it seems that it uses a slightly different syntax + libraries :(
@MarkSzymanski I'm doing OK-ish :P
10:03 PM
Ah :P
had some disagreements with several Python IDEs and now it won't let me run animations (as in loop over the frames in a matrix)
Whoo! A question I can answer! ^^
Q: Looking for a sketch program with an infinte canvas

Nils RiedemannHi there, I'm not quite sure if such questions are allowed on SU. Nevertheless, try and error: I was just wondering whether there is a sketch program like Adobe Ideas for iPad that has an infinite canvas but for OSX. It need not be feature rich and all that. Very simple, just for sketching out ...

10:18 PM
Whoo! Update to Notational Velocity! ^^
> The update is improperly signed.
10:57 PM
@IvoFlipse: As JeffAtwood burninated the problem tag, could you look if these two remaining questions need deletion?
can you make me a query for 'old' not a real questions?
And tell me I should flag instead of annoy you. Habbits... :-(
I think so, one moment. Gonna close a bunch of tabs first...
Just crashed my computer three times to write this answer:
A: Vista: window focus problem

TomWijWhat does it look like? There is only one behavior close to that problem and that would be the Always On Top behavior. Some piece of code, perhaps from the program itself might be changing the property of your window... How is a window set to be "Always On Top"? How To Create a Form That Alway...

they're gone
@IvoFlipse: Just old, ignoring views/votes/answers/...?
if they're closed as not a real question I don't care
but not ones that are like 3 months old (as to prevent complaints)
11:11 PM
@IvoFlipse: Almost there...
I'm now triggering questions like these that have been reopened.
11:26 PM
@IvoFlipse: Got it!
Hello there, @digitxp.
This round I have an interesting problem: my laptop monitor isn't working. It works in BIOS and for 5 seconds after I boot it up from standby. External monitor works fine. I can see what I put on the laptop monitor, which is quite dim, almost like the backlight broke. What's going on?
oh man @TomWij this is going to cost some people rep :P
sorry @digitxp I have no idea what might be the problem
There is just too much chat history for me to read the whole transcript right now :P
I just got done reading all the post-discussion discussion in the town hall chat
what're you all up to?
11:41 PM
have you tried using the Fn button to turn on the light @digitxp?
I'm watching the 25th hour and deleting crap before you guys will be able to
@IvoFlipse Yeah, they shouldn't answer on non-real/fun questions.
@nhinkle: i'm trying to convince @BloodPhilia that Linux is capitalized. or should be haha
@IvoFlipse Yeah. No Effect.
I'm hunting bounties...
A: Allow HTTPS cookies but not HTTP?

TomWijPrivoxy can do this for you: As it doesn't handle HTTPS traffic it will only filter HTTP traffic, you could use cookie crunching The user.action file should look similar to this: { +crunch-incoming-cookies +crunch-outgoing-cookies } / # Match all URLs

put it back in standby and retry
11:42 PM
Still, I could go for this one:
Q: How to select the account on the login screen of Windows7 by start typing the name?

akiraWhen MacOS boots up and the users is prompted to select the account (s)he wants to login into, the users can either click the name / icon of the account with the mouse or just type in the name of the account. I want to do the same at the login screen of Windows7: Login screen pops up, I start to...

@studiohack, good luck with that
I should delete that one :P
But that's tricky to debug and it would take more time than the bounty to get that working... :D
@TomWij, by 'go for this one' do you mean write the software within the 2 days the bounty has remaining? if you do that, you deserve more than just +500
Exam on Thursday... So no-go.
11:43 PM
I've been messing about with credential providers a bit for something I've been working on, and it's a major PITA
someone at microsoft decided, "since we've been trying to push .NET and CLR and all that goodness, let's make them use old fashioned Win32 APIs to do this!"
@nhinkle: Yeah, the examples look good enough but actually implementing something can hurt I guess.
Tab completing the user names is not something easy.
say hi to clippy guys, @nhinkle, @BloodPhilia
11:44 PM
There are lots of good examples, but actually getting something working isn't much fun
something like what they're asking for would be difficult
heya @clippy
Actually... just thought of a rather hackish way you might be able to get it to work pretty easily
@studiohack I know ;)
basically, all you need to do is enumerate all of the enabled accounts, put them in a dropdown box (which is one of the default controls available to you), then have the default input be on that box. dropdown boxes do autocompletion automatically, though it wouldn't be as pretty as what this user is asking for, it would probably work
and by "basically" i mean "far more difficultly than it sounds"
Did anyone know that WIndows 7 has a built in screen recorder?
haha I have this FF addon that I just press a button and it runs based off of a set of rules, @BloodPhilia, so I don't have to capitalize everything, just what I tell it to
11:46 PM
@BloodPhilia: Yes
yes, I did @BloodPhilia
indeed @BloodPhilia. I've never actually used it though
Haha, never knew!
hmmm perhaps it would be better to have Jeff delete those questions through SQL
yikes. @IvoFlipse, check this out: it.slashdot.org/story/11/01/31/1629232/…
teehee. the oatmeal always amuses me
11:49 PM
@IvoFlipse You can automate requests with Fiddler2, although the best would be to propose Jeff. Perhaps on Meta.SO as I think others site might benefit this too...
Lol @IvoFlipse Shouldn't we be in bed? =P
@nhinkle Yeah, that's what you've missed.
ok i've got to go to a work meeting. see you guys later
@BloodPhilia: Yes! I can stay awake... Party time.
we should, but my GF isn't home yet
later @nhinkle :)
I've spend half the night reading crap about Python, fun time now
11:50 PM
StarCraft II? :D
Ah well, I'm off to bed everyone :D
oh I was running that too :P
playing single player missions

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