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12:01 AM
is confused
is confused about @MarkSzymanski 's confusion
why @MarkSzymanski?
Why does echo $SITE is $SIZE bytes return bytes//github.com/mrman208/http-size is 27526?
When $SITE is github.com/mrman208/http-size and $SIZE is 27526?
What does echo "$SITE is $SIZE bytes" do?
It should say: "https://github.com/mrman208/http-size is 27526 bytes"
12:04 AM
Where is this echoed?
some other programming language?
From a bash script.
@MarkSzymanski: I mean, try with quote marks.
One second...
I'll put the script on Pastie.
Or, gist...
Installing Cygwin xD
12:21 AM
Bunch of command not founds, because I'm lazy.
But, it does show bytes//github.com/mrman208/http-size. :D
Without your processing, I get:
https://github.com/mrman208/http-size is 123 bytes
What do you mean "Without my processing?"
echo $SITE is $SIZE bytes
It's a problem with the $SIZE variable.
12:25 AM
sed: -e expression #1, char 54: extra characters after command
Putting it on the same line, gives:
sed: -e expression #1, char 49: unknown option to `s'
It doesn't do that for me.
SIZE=$(curl -Is $SITE | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]' | sed -n -e "/content-length:\s*/ {
Still has the problem, but doesn't give errors for me
This is your solution:
SITE=$(echo $SITE | tr -d [:blank:] | tr -cd "[:print:]")
SIZE=$(echo $SIZE | tr -d [:blank:] | tr -cd "[:print:]")
It removes non-printable characters, as there seem to be characters in your string that causes it to start over from the left after it has printed the SITE.
Whoo! ^^
Thanks! :D
I've only got one error left: ./test: line 5: curl: command not found :D
someone i know said their printer was "spraying them with ink and spitting paper everywhere"
reminded me of this brilliant comic
12:37 AM
Yeah xD
it is hilarious @nhinkle
@nhinkle: I'm looking to my screen from an angle that I can't see the papers fly from the printer... :D
@TomWij, lucky you
this one's perhaps even a bit more applicable to all of us here:
12:40 AM
Was weird when I moved and suddenly saw darker spots appear in that image...
A: Hello, can you fix my co...
B: No, sorry... But I might be able to answer your problem if you place it on Super User.
@TomWij: so true...
Hahaha, so true @TomWij
I usually just tell people, "sure I'll fix it. I'm on duty at the helpdesk on mondays, thursdays, and fridays, from..."
my biggest thing is the built in tech support for my family
they just don't know some of the most basic things...
While I do love helping people, there are some that ask too much...
@studiohack Yeah, and instead of the bad way people use LMGTFY online, you can do it for your family and be happy about it.
Discussion about Cooking something in the kitchen? Fire up cooking.stackexchange.com. ^^
yeah lol
12:48 AM
true. if i asked my mom how to do something with food and she said "just go look it up on cooking.se", i would be a) irked, and b) elated that she'd found cooking.se
but that won't happen
I've seen cooking.SE. looks kind of out of place on the SE sites if you ask me... :P
i think there's some cool stuff there
i love to cook though so perhaps i'm biased :D
yeah. and cooking is plenty technical, trust me
oh yes. it's a science, really
I've cooked plenty of times myself. what do you like to cook the most, @nhinkle?
12:50 AM
i made this delicious chicken veggie stir fry pasta dish last night with some friends, made dark chocolate cookies the night before, and made french toast for people this morning
wow, you're good! that makes me really hungry @nhinkle :P
i cook all sorts of things. i've got more experience with desserts and treats (I <3 pie!!), but everything's fun to make
I've made bread for farmer's markets, and cookies, along with granola
have you ever made granola, @nhinkle?
i haven't made it personally, but i've had home-made granola and it is wonderful
we're actually thinking of making some sometime soon
it is a lot easier than most people think to make
12:52 AM
see, my friends and i all live in the dorms, and we get sick of the dorm food, so every weekend (when we have time) we make food
oh yeah. a friend of mine's made it a lot before, so she's going to teach the rest of us
I should take a photo of my recipe, and you guys should try it
that's neat! with college and all
yep yep. lots of fun. it's a good social event too, getting together with folks to cook
if you want to scan your granola recipe and post it i'll check it out sometime and let you know how it goes
room topic changed to Kitchen Access: For all you Super Cooks out there
LOL @TomWij
I've used this recipe many times, and its simple, that's mainly why i would share it
here's some stuff we made a couple months ago
i don't have any more recent food photos on my computer
it was a tasty rice and veggie dish
12:56 AM
i usually don't take photos haha
nice photo though.
looks healhty
what's that?
And here's the (slightly less healthy) apple cobbler we made later that evening
looks good, I've always enjoyed apple pie/cobbler/etc @nhinkle
'twas tasty
we do try to make healthyish stuff, since there's a lack of it in the dining halls
12:58 AM
yeah, to balance it out
user image
^ blackberry pie I made a while ago
that is so good, I'm going to star it.
i had a little bit of help. my best friend is super into pies and even won an award at a pie competition once. i did all the work, but she guided me through the process
Okay, I thought that picture was of low quality... >_<
1:00 AM
i've since learned to make 'em all on my own though :D
yeah it's not the best picture ever
:D pies are yummy
it was totally the best pie ever though!
you should make one with blueberries
been there done that :D
1:01 AM
I've also heard of "shoofly pie" which is brown sugar and molasses - really good
don't think I have any photos of it though
No, what I mean is that the thumbnail makes it look like the borders are pixelated, but you actually made it that way.
Yep, the edges are crinkly
Does anyone know what the difference between $* and $@ is in shell scripts?
I know they both access the arguments of a command, and I think they both refer to all the arguments, am I wrong?
@MarkSzymanski: I have learned that... But forgot.
1:02 AM
Anyhow, I've gotta go. Getting dinner (in the dining hall, sadly) with some friends
Isn't that Makefile knowledge though?
SO to the rescue! XD
@TomWij: No, that's shell scripts.
have a good one @nhinkle
thanks @studiohack
see ya guys later
They are both: all positional parameters except $0, see mass usage
1:08 AM
hello @barlop
@studio- have we met, or do you type hello to everybody in the room? that's a tough job you have, typing hello whenever somebody enters!
Makefile has similar things but I think they are slightly different there.
@barlop: I do sometimes. I just said hello to you in particular because I've seen your name somewhere
on SU, that is. :-)
@TomWij, @MarkSzymanski: help me find the dupe question for this one:
Q: Use Laptop A with windows 7 as a monitor for Laptop B with windows xp pro & broken screen

ASKHello All, I currently have two laptops. Laptop A - Sony Vaio Model: PCG 71312L OS: Windows 7 Laptop B - Toshiba Satelite A105 OS: Windows XP Pro Laptop B's monitor has damaged and does not function. However, it can output screen on an external monitor as I tested it with an regular PC desktop...

1:12 AM
no synergy doesn't do that
I need the other name that's stuck somewhere in my head...
maxivista does
But I know what you mean, I have retagged that question this weekend... :S
but it is paid. synergy simply helps to use the same mouse and keyboard for two or more machines
1:15 AM
Q: Can I use my laptop as a second monitor for my desk computer?

Edward TanguayIs it possible to make my laptop's screen be a second monitor for my desk computer?

Q: Use laptop A's LCD as secondary monitor for laptop B

studiohackI have a working laptop (laptop A), but am interested in using the laptop's LCD as a secondary monitor for my main laptop (laptop B)...is there a way to do this via software or cabling without modifying laptop A? OS's are Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7. Update: Software must be free, and a bonu...

you like BOOM tonight, don't you @TomWij? ;)
Yeah, I for once played Quake Live and used the Rocket Launcher a lot instead of StarCraft II, be happy that I don't usually use nukes with ghosts in StarCraft II as Boom would be my catch phrase every day. :D
I can't remember how to close for loops in bash xD
1:19 AM
I love how vim makes misplaced endings bold red.
Like misplaced fi, done, esac, etc.
vim, I hear it so much but I feel like I don't need it... :(
Why don't you think you need it, @TomWij?
Well, I'm way too used to the usual way of working with text.
1:22 AM
Hehe, I found this funny.
google.com is 219 bytes
github.com is 185 bytes
mrminimalist.nfshost.com is 3081 bytes
And yet, the third loads faster than all the others :P
Does it count all resources, or just the HTML?
Just the HTML.
It just gets the Content-Length header.
Google is 30.54 KB --> ~ 650 ms
Github is 549.32 KB --> ~ 2300 ms
Mr. Minimalist is 556.78 KB --> ~ 700 ms
Github has way too much images on their front page... xD
Oh, that's not the problem.
Their CSS and JS file are both ~220 KB. :S
Hmm, but well...
1:30 AM
@TomWij: Do you have a github account?
It's nice to bundle the whole functionality so that it is only requested once and all subsequent loads will be much faster.
lol haha
hey @DanielBeck back again?
1:47 AM
yes, but unexpectedly
2:47 am local time
wow @DanielBeck
@TomWij gee... i don't know which one to pick
you're way ahead of me :P
@KronoS: yeah, we're gonna close them all. haha jk!
@KronoS: Well, the one I voted for is the oldest. Isn't the guidelines for closing that or am I wrong?
@studiohack You're on UTC-7?
1:48 AM
Or maybe best?
whatever that is @DanielBeck
if you're referring to EST, I observe that time sometimes. lol
@KronoS: we vote for the oldest.
@studiohack Saw that in your profile, yes
yeah, I figured @DanielBeck
2:03 AM
Good night everyone, again.
oh man... my body always has a negative effect on real mexican food...
night @DanielBeck
night @DanielBeck, again :P
how is @KronoS doing?
@studiohack doin good... just about to do some cleaning up of the SU site and then work on the resume
sounds nice. i hear that mexican food isn't being nice to you. lol
ya... massive heartburn...
I'm not one for the spices... but it just tastes so good.... even though it kills me later
2:07 AM
evening @digitxp
what timezone are you in @digitxp?
@KronoS: do you have IBS?
evening @digitxp
Fun thing about chat is that you know you can just read the log and figure out what's going on and join in, but you don't because it feels stalkerish and you're lazy.
@studiohack Eastern
I don't think so... but I really don't know...
not a doctor kind of guy... don't like them very much
how can I determine what process is making a sound ?
2:09 AM
I read the chat transcript @digitxp
I learn a lot
no idea@barlop, but i've seen that question asked before
a paperclip just popped up telling me that!
but for win7.. not sure if it applies to xp
@studiohack It's like watching the videotape of someone's convo before walking into the room.
hahaha - I believe that is the chat easter egg
Q: What process is making that sound?

harschwareMy Windows 7 system makes an intermittent ding sound (like a single chime, or bell). I don't know which process does it. So, my question is: Is there software out there that can tell me which processes are currently sending output to the sound device?

@digitxp yeah...I watch people for a hobby though :P
2:11 AM
@studiohack people watching is so much fun...
as if the intermittent sound wasn't enough.. for a moment i thought I had some malware, that paperclip popping up!
trying to log into the SU blog but have already forgotten password @KronoS
hmmmm. don't know what I can do to help... is there a reset option?
I know!! @KronoS: that's why I want a degree in pyschology (@BloodPhilia), so that I can use that knowledge for my purposes :P
@KronoS, I'm resetting it, there's no problems, just letting you know that I'm on my way to read the draft.
good... I want to have that posted... possibly even before the town hall meeting
no clippy, I don't need your help right now
2:14 AM
Clippy! hey clippy! come here, @KronoS needs you desperately!
Q: How do I make XBMC the dashboard on my modded XBOX?

EliI have a softmodded XBox that currently boots to EvolutionX. I'm wanting to make the XBox a media server full-time, so it would be better if it boots to XBMC directly. What needs to be changed to have the XBox boot directly to XBMC. Thanks.

so I don't agree with closing this one...
oh why?
although it's an x-box in this situation he's debugging the computer side of things... and XBMC is something that we work with regularly
its one of those iffy ones
@studiohack exactly... I'm just not sold on the closure... yet... :P
2:15 AM
@KronoS Does XBMC run on the 360?
@KronoS lol
@digitxp to my knowledge it does not... XBMC has actually pulled it's support for x-box's and moved onto just PC's
which now makes me believe this is not longer on topic...
good bye!
It's chat...there is no topic @Kronos
Effing autocomplete never delivers on its promises.
@digitxp no I mean the question in question lol
topic changed to XBMC support crew
2:18 AM
it still " bloinged " me
I think the correct term is rubber banded.
boing bong
but bloinged just sounds so much better
@studiohack it's not a double sound... just a quickly reverberating one
I refuse to be drawn into an arguement with @KronoS over rubber bands and boing bong
2:20 AM
fair enough... I will consent to a agree to disagree @studiohack :)
@digitxp awesome topic. shouldn't yell in here.
boing bong boing bong boing bong boing bong
@studiohack Shh before someone from BoingBoing shows up.
filling out a super hero resume for menial tasking jobs is such a bore... all of my experience is so... superior
InDesign feels easy for some reason.
or before I make @KronoS mad, @digitxp lol
2:23 AM
And I've only used the thing 2 1/2 times.
@studiohack ya you don't want to get me mad... this is what I do:
eat people?
at least according to google images search
@KronoS: is the blog title you're publishing titled "The Starting of our SSD Journey"?
yes @studiohack
2:24 AM
okay, just wanted to make sure I was reading the right one @KronoS
ok... you can check all the others to make sure it's correct (grammatically and content)
reading the blog, among many other things
@studiohack is all ears @digitxp
@digitxp how's that...?
is to use the Australian spellings so that they don't know what's right or wrong.
2:28 AM
depends if you have an austrailian or american spell checker :P
@studiohack Best part is that they can't tell if it's Australian or British ^-^
My favorite so far is "gaol"
which is goal?
looks good @KronoS
cool... maybe I'll even post tonight just to have it done lol...
I'll see... after I finish my resume...
that is one big gpu
@studiohack jail
@KronoS Dem's small pickings compared to the ones dem dere aliens gots.
2:36 AM
interesting @digitxp - learned something today
see vote to close @KronoS, anyone else around
done @studiohack
Say when's the election over?
2 days, I believe
in three days @digitxp
2:39 AM
it says in bold letters
Seems like awkward silence isn't too awkward in chatroom etiquette :/
esp when your busy doing something else
shifts feet
hello @fahad
2:49 AM
hi @fahad
Can anyone tell me about the computers memory?Everything that we do while we are working on the computer is stored in main memory.But I have confusions about which main memory
you mean RAM?
Random-access memory (RAM) is a form of computer data storage. Today, it takes the form of integrated circuits that allow stored data to be accessed in any order (that is, at random). "Random" refers to the idea that any piece of data can be returned in a constant time, regardless of its physical location and whether it is related to the previous piece of data. The word "RAM" is often associated with volatile types of memory (such as DRAM memory modules), where the information is lost after the power is switched off. Many other types of memory are RAM as well, including most types o...
cache,RAM and others
@fahad Hard drive is permanent and holds the actual programs and your files. RAM holds the programs' temporary data and other stuff for fast retrieval.
What if we are adding two numbers so the temprary data would likely be stored in?
2:53 AM
a few random bits on the RAM
wont it attempt to be stored on the cache first?
probably... it really depends on the situation... what type of calculation is being made, how the program runs and how much cache and RAM is installed... but generally speaking I believe you are correct
In computer engineering, a cache ( in US/UK and in Aust/NZ) is a component that transparently stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster. The data that is stored within a cache might be values that have been computed earlier or duplicates of original values that are stored elsewhere. If requested data is contained in the cache (cache hit), this request can be served by simply reading the cache, which is comparatively faster. Otherwise (cache miss), the data has to be recomputed or fetched from its original storage location, which is comparatively slower. H...
Cache retrives data from the RAM so I was wrong and you were right
Actually I take that back... now that I think about it, and read up on it... I don't think it'll be used in actual use of programs...
The most used data from RAM transfers to cache
2:57 AM
@fahad incorrect... i believe its used for more baser operations
i.e. OS operations.. and possibly parsing of data from RAM to CPU and back
@KronoS: I am forgetting another type of memory location that exists.Which temprarily holds small amount of data....registers or something : (

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