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8:18 AM
How can I choose a good answer for a question that I think has no possible good answer?
Maybe I just won't ever choose one
what is the question?
I guess I was looking at my YEC question
I suppose someone can provide a good definition
I suppose the problem is that my question asks for the Biblical basis for it
and that's the part I'll have a hard time selecting an answer for :)
Since I don't think the Bible supports that view
well then pick the answer that sucks least
8:26 AM
Well I'll give it a few days
I imagine I'll get a few more answers
i wouldn't be hasty
the site is young
maybe someone will come up with a mind blowingly awesome answer that changes your mind
Yeah, on this site in particular, it makes sense to wait to select an answer
even if one is good, a more thorough one may come along later.
I doubt that
I've read more books on the subject of creation than any other subject in my life. I doubt an SE answer would have enough new evidence to change my mind.
: D
If there is an SE answer that thorough and long, it would probably get deleted for being too long :)
i wonder what the character limit is for answers..
8:30 AM
Yeah, I don't know
Maybe I could copy and paste an entire book into an answer and see if it works
is that the one about brushing her teeth with whiskey?
@djeikyb a remixd christian version
Meh im more into cartoon soundtrack
it sucks
erm. sorry if it belongs to anyone here
@djeikyb I know
8:37 AM
but ye gods, that is bad
the vocalist doesn't even sound like he cares that he's singing a song
yay it works
tried to join since yesterday, but my localStorage apparently didn't work
I couldn't login to this chat
@Sven: I have that problem, too... pretty annoying
Yeah, okay. so that song... I'm not a fan
what browser?
8:40 AM
@djeikyb I agree... the vocalist sounds like he's afraid to sing.
I use FF
had to enable third party cookies
@Flimzy and i quoth from the book of jake: "it sucks"
I use chromium
never had that prob
8:41 AM
I'm not completely sure it's a browser problem
i wonder if it is because you're going from xianity.se to chat.se
@Flimzy its a html5 webAuth prob
It has to do with referal headers or something
ah, we have more enlightened brains than mine!
i only know enough html and css to make ugly sites with beautiful source
@djeikyb :D
8:44 AM
Well, it's not really an HTML problem anyway... I think it's more an HTTP problem
but I don't really know.. .or care
eheh. works for me
Why am I still awake? I told myself I'd go to bed earlier tonight.
I told myself that last night, too.
And the night before.
doesn't look like i block third party cookies
I should stop lying to myself.
how late is it for you?
8:47 AM
At least tonight I got some actual work done... for my employer
had to finish some things up before I start my vacation tomorrow
A: Why was Thomas More canonized?

CrystOne reason could be because he was "martyred". He : he steadfastly refused to take the oath of supremacy of the Crown in the relationship between the Kingdom and the Church in England. Holding fast to the ancient teaching of Papal supremacy, More refused to take the oath and furthermore publi...

am i that wrong to not think what great guys these are?
I don't think anyone is saying you're wrong about that.
You asked why he was Canonized... an answer was provided.
well alright :D
meh. he sounds like one terrible dude
but the fact is, he's canonised now.
You could ask "Wasn't this guy a horrible dude?"
but it would be closed as off topic :)
8:55 AM
fwiw, i don't think the current church would saint him
(here's where someone tells me he was sainted a few years ago)
Pope John Paul II declared More the "heavenly patron of statesmen and politicians" -- wikipedia
a dubious honour, to be named patron saint of politicians
youtube.com/watch?v=-Z5Yk8uMdJ8 Stephen Fry talked about that issue
ah, stephen fry
him and hugh laurie were a great pair
@Sven oh! it's buffering so slow because it's nearly an hour long
9:04 AM
Does the chat try to embedd it?
that means I'll be up until 5am?
guess I can't watch it all tonight :(
chat won't embed it unless the link stands alone
@Flimzy i clicked to your blog, found your review of that atrocious movie, knowing
interesting you connect it with scientology
have you seen it?
9:07 AM
And are you a Scientologist?
of course!
; p
i'm not rich enough to be a scientologist
Well, you could save a lot on medical bills if you became one
because i'd be dead soon?
9:09 AM
No, because they don't believe in doctors
They rely entirely on faith healing if I'm not mistaken
i was thinking of lisa mcpherson youfoundthecard.com/scientology-kills.php
i found it interesting cause i've not thought to connect salvation via alien with scientology
it's obvious once you mention it
i wonder if scientologists were part of the film
or if someone is subjugating the scientologist mythos
If I'm not mistaken, Nick Cage is a scientoligist
... checking that now
According to this article, and review of the movie, he is... justsayyes.wordpress.com/2009/04/17/…
It strikes me, watching this video, that the answer is plainly obvious
"Yes, the Catholic church is a force for good."
The far more interesting question to debate would be "Does the good performed by the Catholic church outweigh the bad performed by the Catholic church?"
Cage claimed to have created a new method of acting he calls "Nouveau Shamanic" --wiki
lol, is that why it's so bad?
this site indicates he isn't involved, and actually got a divorce over it: cultnews.com/archives/000237.html
@Flimzy, "Is the Catholic Curch the reason to do good or could I be good without it"
@Sven: I don't think that's a useful question.
@Sven: Clearly anyone can do good on their own... but much human activity is more efficient when done in groups.
@Sven: So if one is seeking to do "the most good," they would probably seek to join an organization which would promote a synergy of good
9:22 AM
ok, thats right
@Sven: So then it becomes a question of the Catholic Church versus other possible organizations which one might join.
@Flimzy the comments are a fun read
It does seem that Nick Cage is not a scientologist
according to several sources... including him making fun of them
10:13 AM
@djeikyb looking at my flagging stats shows the flag was disputed, i.e. not reacted upon
Anybody want to review my comment here: christianity.stackexchange.com/q/1086/30? This is likely to be controversial and if there is a better way to handle that, I'm all ears.
@Flimzy I think the story is he dabbled in it for a while. Speaking of which has anybody seen any Scientology stuff on the site yet?
@Caleb Would "people who identify themselves as homosexual" be better than the original "people who claim to be homosexual", what do you think?
10:31 AM
@dancek I'd be down with that. Go for it (and make sure to leave an edit comment since that's going to get examined).
I did.
@dancek Thanks. Did you see his new comment and linked post? It looks like it's less about the "claim" than about the difference between "homosexual" and "gay".
@Caleb now looking at it
Well then that's settled. For now. Moving along then...
@Caleb I just can't agree with his view. Homosexual may be quite a clinical description, but it's accurate and descriptive.
Anyway, a good thing that that's settled.
10:44 AM
@dancek Yes. Not everybody likes the term "gay" either, and it does have it's roots as a derogatory term as the accepted answer to that thread on EL&U pointed out. (Also it leaves out lesbians).
@Caleb Now that I look at it carefully, I actually have a slight problem with your question. I think there's a difference between how God created us and how we were born. God didn't create me a sinner, but I was born one.
Not sure if I should write an answer around that point.
@dancek That's exactly one of the issues I was hoping would come up in answers!
@Caleb Ok, I wasn't certain whether you were just sloppy phrasing the question :) Sorry for assuming that of you!
I'll be answering soon, then.
11:18 AM
Why oh why is sudo init 0 the last thing in my shell history?
It makes things very awkward when you assume it's something else.
11:55 AM
A: Does God create some people Heterosexual and others Homosexual?

dancekThis answer is based on the doctrine of original sin as held by at least Lutheranism. Related question: Are we born sinners? There are, in fact, two important questions here. One explicit, one implicit. The explicit question Does God create some people heterosexual and others homosexual? As ...

@Caleb phew, it was quite troublesome to write that while trying not to insult anyone...
I also created another question for the discussion of the basis used, christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/1600/…
@dancek +1, looks like you did a good job, and thanks for stating what tradition you were trying to represent.
@Caleb thanks. I do consider this one of my best posts.
This website has just about gone in the toilet since the influx of atheists from skeptics..
12:12 PM
I think it will settle down
Eventually the athiests will run out of ammo that we can't close as dupe/off-topic
and they'll get bored
They're quite limited by the site scope and having to retain some face of objectivity.
Well I'm going to be largely absent for about 5 days
which means I won't be able to hold on to my ~2-3 spot in terms of rep... hehe
@Flimzy And I will win :)
@Flimzy just make some good enough posts and they'll keep you at max for that time ;)
Lol collected another DV last night...
A: Are some people created to go to Hell?

wax eagleQuite frankly Yes. Some people are created to go to hell. However you are looking at this the wrong way. Everyone is going to hell without the intervention of a benevolent God (This is known as Total Depravity). Thankfully God has chosen some people to be his children (Unconditional Election). ...

12:19 PM
@waxeagle DV?
@Flimzy down vote.
@Flimzy Some folks don't seem to be thrilled that I believe they don't control their own destiny
@waxeagle Well... I don't believe I control my own destiny... but I also don't agree with your post. Although I didn't DV... I think it's a good answer, even if I disagree with some of the finer points :)
@HedgeMage you alive this morning?
12:21 PM
@Flimzy fair enough.
@waxeagle Plus I only have 38 rep so far today... I don't want to lose any by downvoting anything!!! :P
anybody else take a hit of downvotes last night? just general stuff across the board?
I had one question DVed before midnight UTC
nothing since then
@waxeagle I think that answer would benefit from stating which groups hold to the doctrines you state
@dancek That's a good point. I need to look and see if Calvinists traditionally hold to "some are created for hell" or if thats me injecting opinion/shock value
12:31 PM
@JonathonByrd Yes I got a round of them too. I wouldn't sweat it.
@waxeagle IIRC they do (double predestination), Lutherans don't
@dancek effectively yes. single predestination confuses the tar out of me btw..
@Caleb I'm not, it just goes to show the atheists are trying to show their presence.
its cold in my garage this morning..
@JonathonByrd don't belittle them, it's not nice and won't help us at all.
@waxeagle It's still enjoyable.
12:35 PM
@JonathonByrd lol though it may be, this isn't the place :p
@JonathonByrd christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/1608/… I don't think that's gonna lead to anything constructive
I can easily see ten posts of 1 Kings 7:23
@dancek vtc'd as well. This isn't a constructive question, sorry @JonathonByrd
@dancek I know what you mean, but I still want to know the answer
Has anyone looked at the different 'lapsarianism theologies?
@waxeagle I hadn't yet vtc'd, thought I'd first bring it up on chat... well, did vtc now
12:37 PM
its has interesting implications for the Are people created for hell question
@dancek Is there another way that I can phrase that q that would be acceptable?
@JonathonByrd what's the root you are trying to get at?
inerrancy? cohesiveness?
@JonathonByrd, what do you think about the answers on your question at skeptics?
@BeatMe They're answers. I'm not trying to prove anything, just curious
So did you learn something new? Or do you still reject the method of radiocarbon dating
12:47 PM
@BeatMe I thoroughly read through davids answer and gave him a +1 and a comment. I appreciated his answer.
@BeatMe Of course I learned something new. I don't feel that 30 years of data can tell us what has happened over the last 10,000 years. I still believe that there are a lot of guestimates in those dating methods.
@BeatMe I'm not interested in debating about those here.
@BeatMe One thing that I am interested in, is seeing the answer on my second question.
alright, thats fine
@JonathonByrd you mean the one that is closed because it doesn't involve a substantiated claim?
@JonathonByrd I'm curious about the reason for your recent research in this area...
Did you repost it on Physics.SE?
@waxeagle Just did
12:51 PM
@waxeagle just noticed it was close.
Q: Leaching of radiometric material, is it possible?

Jonathon ByrdI've been doing some reading about radiometric dating and I've come across an interesting find. If anybody has any additional information on this, that would be great. First my question: In regards to Carbon-14, is leaching of radiometric material a concern and does/will it have an effect on the...

@Flimzy It's not recent research. But I do enjoy reading about this stuff. I know more then I lead on. It seems that most atheists enjoy feeling a sense of "I'm right, you're wrong" so I attempt to be as humble as possible.
@Flimzy The answer to this question is YES. leaching is an absolute concern for any dating method.
I'm just posting the question for reference for other questions
Anybody here have any experience in Linux server management?
Care to be more specific? :)
@Flimzy for which statement?
I've been managing Linux servers since 1993, in one way or another
yea, we just purchased two servers and hooked them up to the grid.
We've got some beasty super micros with REHL (scientific linux) as the parent kernal
12:56 PM
@JonathonByrd Yes, it's what I do.
then we're running some option of vmware to run vps instances of centos
Anyhow, I'm not a server guy. but I'm being forced to learn this crap
RHEL... vmware...
We have a brilliant IT (hardware) guy that has put this altogether. But he knows nothing about the lamp stack
doesn't sound like fun
@Flimzy I'm not the pro, I probably stated it wrong.
12:57 PM
Oh goody... lamp... it keeps getting better :)
@JonathonByrd No those are proper terms... they're just things I prefer to avoid :)
not your bucket of linux I assume?
When I started at my current job, our software was running on Red Hat and MySQL
We still have a few legacy systems deployed running that software...
right now I'm trying to edit a file with vi and I'm failing to be able to do so..
haha legacy...
But I was able to migrate everything off of Red Hat to Debian, and from MySQL to PostgreSQL
My world has never been a happier place :)
vi... that was your first mistake
I was starting with debian but cpanel doesn't run with debian

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