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1:00 PM
tpu- by Glorfindel
Have we even thought about this topic before?
Smokey is both MIT and Apache 2.0 licensed.
I’m open to any license. We should ping all of the collaborators to get approval to license their work.
Yeah, or should we try to reach consensus on this topic for all userscripts at once?
@Glorfindel I was going to license all of the userscripts at once.
For reference: list | comparison
1:20 PM
I'm a fan of the dual Apache/MIT combo
@JF @angussidney @ArtOfCode @Glorfindel @ThomasWard @JanDvorak @Ferrybig @Undo @Cerbrus @Gothdo We’re going to license the Charcoal userscripts under the Apache 2.0 and MIT licenses. Please read this GH issue and comment it if you agree.
@JF /agree
@JF I agree
I'm gonna throw that in a GH issue, because those are more permanent and leave better paper trails than chat
1:24 PM
Sounds good
@JF agree
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tpu- by Glorfindel
@SmokeDetector k
1:33 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Plural for "photo"? by هدوء البحر on english.SE
naa- by J F
tpu- by Magisch
@ArtOfCode About licensing
By contributing to smokey the smokey contributors already agreed that their contributions to the smoke detector project are under that license, right?
I license my own code anywhere online as CC0 usually
Which has been explained to me as a "Do what ever you want with this" kind of license
Are you supposed to fill out the Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner] in the Apache license?
@Magisch CC0 is "public domain where possible" - i.e. if a jurisdiction has a public domain, then your code is part of it and anyone can do anything. If it doesn't, then CC0 is a license that grants as many rights as possible.
@JF yes you are
1:39 PM
@ArtOfCode Someone should probably fill that out for Smokey.
point being that I dont really want or need my copyright for my online code stuff
but I also don't want others to stop people from using stuff that I wrote
@JF have we not? Whoops.
I put
> Copyright 2016-present Charcoal
Is that OK?
Should be
That was relevant back when I contributed a bunch to the trinity core database defaults and mangos db event scripts for instances in WoW private servers
1:41 PM
@JF oh, hang on, this is in the appendix? That's actually not needed at all - you can just delete the section
anything after END OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS can go, and be replaced with the copyright line
@ArtOfCode Done. I adapted the MIT one from Smokey:
> Copyright © 2016-present Charcoal Developers
CI on 782d0e6 succeeded.
yep, that works
CI on 8eb3db0 succeeded.
CI on f6a76d4 succeeded.
CI on 8c7f882 succeeded.
@ArtOfCode Why not use 2014–present?
1:47 PM
@JF the relicense was in 2016.
@JF we only licensed it in 2016. I guess we could use 14, but it kinda feels better to line the dates up
@ArtOfCode I was wondering about the -present part. That way you don’t have touch the licenses.
@JF shrug either works, I just normally use years
I actually asked about licensing on Meta.SE a while back
hey @ArtOfCode were you the one that had played the witcher 3?
not me
2:01 PM
@Magisch It was @Andy
Jan 20 at 19:19, by Andy
@Magisch I didn't know anything about Witcher 3 othe than my brother in law said it was awesome and he thought I'd like it. So, I picked it up and was amazed at a.) How good it was b.) How long it was (seriously, there were multiple times where I thought "Ok...here comes the ending...nope, that just opened up another 20 hours of game place") and c.) How good the expansions were, especially Blood and Wine. That's a whole game by itself. Heart of Stone was good, but Blood and Wine was amazing.
@ArtOfCode Ping me when everyone agrees, and I’ll do a git push.
@Glorfindel You might want to change your status here if you want other people to be able to see you’re a member of Charcoal from your GitHub profile.
2:10 PM
@JF No complaints from me but I don't really do much userscript wise :P
@ThomasWard I pinged you because you’ve contributed.
@JF what do you mean exactly? I'm already a member of the userscripts team.
@JF These are just the people with SD repository access, no?
There are a bunch more people who are MS code admins but don't have git push access
@Magisch Yes. I think.
Ah, nevermind, I see now what you mean.
2:18 PM
@ThomasWard Could you comment here with approval? (paper trail)
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@JF I've enabled the userscripts repo; are you able to set it up or does that need admin too?
@ArtOfCode I’ll find out soon.
tpu- by DavidPostill
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Confusion over Monero Mining Software by Dougf on monero.SE
2:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: How do I generate a QR-code for a Monero address? by Doru on monero.SE
so travis thinks userscripts is Ruby
@ArtOfCode I messed that up (pushed the wrong branch)
AFAICT, it should just need a .travis.yml now
@ArtOfCode Travis is working :)
2:27 PM
fp- by DavidPostill
So I see. Cheers :)
2:40 PM
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tpu- by Magisch
@SmokeDetector k
3:01 PM
tpu- by J F
3:28 PM
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@SmokeDetector v
@SmokeDetector v
tpu- by Magisch
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tpu- by J F
4:13 PM
@SmokeDetector [status-needs-flags]
what does the tpu mean? is that validated by or something?
@enderland tpu stands for true positive blacklist user
and the - stands for "no response"
@SmokeDetector tpu
4:22 PM
@JF Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive.
in other words, it means the post is red flaggable
v must be vandalism?
@enderland Feedback type, user action and - for no response
@enderland for all the feedbacks, see github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/wiki/…
@enderland v is a shortcut for sd tp-
Basicly tpu but without blacklisting the user
It's our way of handling vandalism - Smokey should have caught it, so its tp, but we don't BL users for that.
4:54 PM
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tpu- by J F
5:05 PM
@SmokeDetector f
Userscript maintainers: please take a look at github.com/Charcoal-SE/userscripts/pull/41.
5:24 PM
added one review comment but I'm fine if you go meh on that
5:53 PM
@rene Fixed
Restart: API quota is 4160.
6:19 PM
API quota rolled over with 4047 requests remaining. Current quota: 9999.
stackoverflow: 1597
askubuntu: 501
superuser: 441
unix: 240
drupal: 214
electronics: 189
math: 178
travel: 166
english: 163
mathoverflow.net: 143
salesforce: 142
dba: 140
gis: 134
magento: 127
wordpress: 119
meta: 119
webapps: 114
apple: 110
sharepoint: 108
physics: 100
gaming: 100
academia: 93
es.stackoverflow: 89
worldbuilding: 88
security: 87
rpg: 87
stats: 80
ru.stackoverflow: 79
ell: 79
tex: 76
scifi: 76
chemistry: 75
money: 74
workplace: 74
movies: 74
mathematica: 67
outdoors: 59
history: 57
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tpu- by J F
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tpu- by Magisch
@SmokeDetector k
Eek, they are both still alive.
There, gone.
@SmokeDetector k
6:52 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, offensive answer detected: Get mouth name ,weekday name or time name convert into date by pus on stackoverflow.com (@dorukayhan)
tpu- by J F
7:14 PM
waits for spam
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, offensive answer detected: PHP: Select from mysql where 1 week's left to datetime? by pussy on stackoverflow.com (@dorukayhan)
@SmokeDetector k
7:53 PM
!!/blacklist-username ^pus(sy)?$
@dorukayhan You don't have code privileges, but I've created a pull request for you.
8:07 PM
CI on ba6665c succeeded.
@JF For the record on the contributions made, the only contrib I did was a code version revert briefly when FDSC was broken completely with MS interactivity...
Restart: API quota is 9511.
8:19 PM
@ThomasWard you've still made a contribution, which we need permission to relicense
(also needs your comment on that issue to be valid, I'm afraid :P)
not if i waive all ownership of any contributions of my own anyways
then i have no necessity ot have a relicense with permission. Commented either way
i'm going to go back watching the X-Files now.
@ThomasWard that would work, yeah, but that would also have to be stated :)
Gothdo was last seen yesterday on SO, and not any more recently on other SE sites.
I superpinged him, so hopefully he gets the message.
fp- by Glorfindel
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: What is the meaning of "to look like a square"? by user221054 on english.SE
naa- by J F
tpu- by DavidPostill
9:04 PM
@SmokeDetector naa-
1 hour later…
10:19 PM
@JF done
10:36 PM
Thanks! Only Gothdo left.
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