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1:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (94): What happens to an Eldritch Cannon if the Artilerist falls unconscious by prome Khatun on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
@RevanantBacon honestly, I am still waiting for other answers; yours is an interesting variation on the theme that heavily emphasizes the rapier at the expense of the pistol. Your sharpshooter suggestion, though, that helps with range increases and defuses cover, and rapier for up close work, has its attractions
@Akixkisu yep
@KorvinStarmast My aattempts arent coming out on brand enough for me.
@ThomasMarkov cool, and that challenge is kind of where the question comes from.
I nearly had a warlock I was happy with
but the skills didnt work out right.
@ThomasMarkov Lock, for sure, looked good at first but as I am playing a lock right now, and a bard, it would take a really good sell to get me not to do rogue.
1:37 AM
Upcoming Kickstarter: Somninauts: Adventures in Dream Space by Fish in the Pot. A Rules-Light RPG and Storytelling Toolkit for Dreamy Mystery Adventures
Maxwell Lander asks on twitter for recommendations of "SRDs for rad indie games," and people are responding.
"This Night We Are Whole" by Charsiew Space, a digital comic about Chinese imperial courtiers playing TTRPGs.
zenithsun asks on twitter, "If you've hired #ttrpg writers at 15c or more/word, how many people did you hire and how many words did you ask them to write?"
1:59 AM
Q: Way of the Sun Soul, Radiant Bolt clarification

RickzI'm struggling to interpret the way the rules are written for this monastic tradition, specifically this passage: When you take the Attack action on your turn and use this special attack as part of it, you can spend 1 ki point to make the special attack twice as a bonus action. If I'm understan...

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3:07 AM
@Axoren it "worked" (as in didn't crash) for 10 colors but, for reasons I cannot fathom, it spent some colors adding in shading and color transitions, and decided that the orange and yellow were the same color
So I was trying to make it do 15 colors, which is what led to it dying on me
3 hours later…
5:38 AM
Brushfire by Kavita Poduri. An operatic military sci-fi TRPG
5:49 AM
@BESW Ah yes, the three levels of warfare: tactical, strategic and operatic.
I'm sorry, you left out romantic.
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7:00 AM
7:50 AM
How's the day going?
I'm working on my game, it feels like a strange mix of "work" and "leisure" because I absolutely detest doing CSS stuff but at the same time I'm making very fast progress in both learning and tangible progress, and that always feels nice
8:08 AM
I'm taking a break from figuring out google forms, to make the programs for the devotionals meetings I'm hosting tomorrow.
8:34 AM
A break from computer stuff is something I never knew I could appreciate as much as I do now
I have a really good flow with this game dev thing but there's also value in not sticking with the flow for too long, pacing oneself can make it easier to establish a routine
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9:36 AM
@kviiri let me know if you need a hand with CSS, I have tackled that beastbefore
@BESW Romantic combat? I only know how that works in card games. Something something partner, something something face-down in attack position.
Jill does a lot of videos about fight choreography as exposition/development of character and relationships, it's great.
Interesting. I just popped in, but I should be going to sleep -5 hours from now. I'll check it out later today.
(strikethroughs in stack chat are ---)
Ray Cox is making a twitter thread compiling jams and bundles made in response to the claim made in Epic v. Apple that itch.io hosts games with "unspeakable" content.
9:58 AM
I mean, I already know weaponized flirting is a thing
@BESW I've just read Six Spells and I can see the connection. I think Walkies with Grim connected with me much much more than Six Spells did. I already cast a version of those spells (besides the first one...) except possibly without the mindfulness, but my brain was already breaking down those parts and over analysing them.... I might do those things differently next time, or I might not... I don't know
@trogdor Cupids arrow?
no much more mundane than that
10:26 AM
@BESW Oh dear, that backfired :-D
@AncientSwordRage Yeah, they're very different things but you can see where I took its ritual structure as a method of creating deliberate mindfulness around actions which might otherwise be done with less care.
@BESW I think I definitely do them with less care
I don't know what would cause me to be more mindful of those tasks, but I was very pleased about clearing all the dishes last night ☺️
Walkies didn't originally start as this (it started as a PC for a Fate game, who I never got to play), but almost as soon as it became a game I was building it with the goal of looking at one's neighbourhood through new, compassionate eyes.
I don't think my neighbourhood is .... Transparent enough? To see it with more compassion than can be afforded naturally? Everyone deserves compassion but I can't divine anywhere close by that needs it especially without knowing who lives there....
Words are hard
Well, part of Walkies is seeing a neighborhood as more than simply a collection of individual people.
10:42 AM
That's mysterious.
11:13 AM
@BESW We were looking up Guam on Wikipedia just for interest. Can you shed any light on a question?
How on earth can snakes cause power cuts?
...sounds terrifying, whatever the answer is...
11:26 AM
@BESW I can see how that's possible, but I'm not sure if that's the case where I live
I have no intention of telling people I know more about their neighborhood than they do for living there.
@BESW I appreciate it. It's probably more likely I'm not seeing something that is there though
I don't think there's a strong community here outside of arranged groups
Who currently curates the piracy black list on rpg.se?
@AncientSwordRage That's a rather misleading title; it doesn't really explain the mechanics of the outages. To say nothing of the cavalier tone of its observation that the US military annexing a third of the island and banning the Indigenous language was preferable to literal slave camps and physical genocide.
There's community centers, but they only cater to a small number of people. There's youth centers, but that's just for the youth
@BESW apologies, I hadn't done due diligence on the content of the video
11:34 AM
@Akixkisu rpg.stackexchange.com/revisions/164692/2 would be neat if you add that one to the list.
Its treatment of the Indigenous population is pretty par for the course for that kind of thing, I'd be surprised if you found a continental academic piece which handled it much better. But not having the actual information the title implies is a bit of an oopsie as well.
11:45 AM
It doesn't seem like they spoke to anyone local directly, but they definitely covered some of the military angle
And they didn't use the phrase "brown spaghetti." Two stars out of three, needs more Indigenous voice.
I still don't see an explanation of exactly how the snakes are disrupting the power though?
@BESW no I saw it else where, but the point is lots of snakes, snakes everywhere, even in places they shouldn't be. Some of those places are to do with power, which they disrupt
It's the same principle as the time a gecko fried my power supply: body crosses contacts that aren't meant to be crossed, electricity goes zappygone.
I could tell stories of snakes where they shouldn't be some time, but probably not in main chat.
that seems prudent yeah
11:57 AM
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1:02 PM
Wanna do something.
Drexciya's "Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller" albums are on Spotify and so once again I'm hoping somebody qualified makes a Drexciya TRPG.
Bah, that's "Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller," of course.
1:20 PM
@A.B. go ahead then
@BESW I got you
It's amazing what difference a preposition still makes.
@BESW I went to check second and third chat, but I see nothing's been shared yet...?
Nobody's asked.
@BESW and yet I didn't notice
@ThomasMarkov I still can't actually read the paragraph I pointed out but oh well...
The construction "As I left the store so I went home" just doesn't compute for me
I think I'm just lost in the overly complicated "As X, so Y, without Z, as A" construction
1:53 PM
@Medix2 should it not be "as I had left the..."?
what are we reading?
@AncientSwordRage English really doesn't care about "had" tbh
And at this point I gave up anyway XD
The sentence was this: "As it overlaps with the old control effect, so it takes effect for a total of 24 hours after you cast the spell, without combing the duration time of the prior effect as the equally potent but most recent effect." But I'm just done now and am content to say that even if it makes absolutely no sense to me, it makes sense to others and I know what they were trying to say, so it's all on me at this point and there's no reason to ask for further clarification
2:09 PM
right. Yeah that's somewhere shy of grammatical perfection
I mean, I just can't read it, at all, parts of it literally have no coherent meaning to my brain
@Medix2 I've had those days/months/years
@Medix2 I could fix it I think....
@AncientSwordRage thanks ^^ though I am fairly well-covered in this regard already
@kviiri good good
@Medix2 it looks like had would be implying the aspect of the verb, whether it was continuous or not etc.
2 hours later…
4:15 PM
@Medix2 the so is, as usual, utterly not needed. - I think that the 'as' ought to be 'which is' in the "as the equally" bit. To me, that would be clearer.
Q: Can I stack the duration time of Animate Dead?

mahe4Animate Dead can reassert control over undead you created. It spells: The creature is under your control for 24 hours, after which it stops obeying any command you've given it. To maintain control of the creature for another 24 hours, you must cast this spell on the creature again before the cur...

@HotRPGQuestions The comments under those answers concern me... but I'll wait a day to flag them
@Medix2 which one?
@Medix2 I did an edit, the prose was not smooth (and to be fair, I thin Ak is not a native speaker - the ideas presented are logical and consistent with the way magic is described in Ch 10)
4:46 PM
@KorvinStarmast All of them tbh, they feel like arguing
3 hours later…
7:51 PM
Q: What happens when a race skill and a class skill is the same?

DyinIn D&D 4th edition, the PC of class Assassin gets training in Stealth, race Shade gets training in Stealth (Heroes of Shadow, page 121, "Practiced Sneak: You have training in Stealth."). I check the core rules, but could not find anything, (although I did not read everything) and I looked up an...

@Medix2 flagged for move to chat.
I’ve got a terminology question, but it’s probably out of scope as opinion based.
8:36 PM
@Medix2 “what does rules as interpreted mean?”
@ThomasMarkov I think we have one on that actually
Q: What does "Rules As Interpreted" mean and how is it different to RAW and RAI (from D&D)?

user-024673From Sage Advice: PHILOSOPHY BEHIND RULES AND RULINGS RAW. “Rules as written”—that’s what RAW stands for. When I dwell on the RAW interpretation of a rule, I’m studying what the text says in context, without regard to the designers’ intent. The text is forced to stand on its own. RAI. Some of yo...

Ah, there it is.
Q; What does rules as interpreted mean?
KRyan: No.
And after reading his answer, “No” is actually a decent summary.
That kinda feels like peak SE, tbh
Yeah. Basically, when someone says “rules as interpreted”, they just mean “this is my ruling”.
Which is more or less consistent with how I’ve understood it.
My contention with it is that every reading of the rules is rules as interpreted in a meaningful sense.
Which means the phrase doesn’t really mean anything.
Might put my own answer on there tbh.
8:47 PM
Yeah it doesn't, and "RAW" is just a specific kind of "RAI"
For one of the meanings of "RAI"
The other meaning of RAI I suppose isn't a kind of RAI, but presumed RAI is a kind of RAI
here we go again. 😊 I'll get the popcorn
Help, words are losing meaning
8:52 PM
what is meaning, anyways
@Medix2 All aboard the gszavae train.
@ThomasMarkov There are at least four such trains
I’ve only been on two.
They had a lot of good main site contributions.
9:13 PM
I managed to avoid them
10:10 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (88): Can the Wish spell be used to allow someone to be able to cast all of their spells at will? by Barbara on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
@SmokeDetector And the train returns XD
this one too it’s just “here’s an idea”.

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