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12:23 AM
@RevanantBacon I have a question for you I just posted on main
It's a FR lore related
@BESW ohhh sorry ^^ I thought it would be news!
@ChristianMartinez I'll just toss in crazy character concept as halfling wild magic sorcerer. Double bonus points if, during your adventures, you find and attune to a wand of wonder
@Helwar No, no, there's no "I saw it first, nobody else can talk about it." Multiple mentions mean more people see it!
I'm just re-sharing an article on the same subject.
yeah that's the article I just read! I jsut went ahead and linked the game without the article :)
12:29 AM
hey @KorvinStarmast, what's up?
hey, shal, how are you?
yeah just xDDD typing while playing doesn't make me neither play well nor type well xD
@KorvinStarmast alright here, by and large. UK AAIB actually dropped something interesting a couple days ago
@Shalvenay Oh? Which crash?
@KorvinStarmast G-POWN (was a charter A321 that got ODed with biocide during a heavy maintenance check)
12:32 AM
@Shalvenay recently or a while back?
(and had a rash of engine trouble as a result, culminating in having to land back at origin on a positioning flight -- and oh, this was a year and change ago)
lemme check PPRuNe....
@Shalvenay related discussion here not sure if that will amplify on the AAIB report
@KorvinStarmast yeah, skimmed that a bit, seems like Kathon is going to need a reformulation
When the beneficial chemical acts as a contaminate to the engine control system, yeah, a tweak is probably needed. (We had some odd issues with PRIST (deicing agent) for fuel in a few of the aircraft I flew. IIRC, something about certain batches or certain variants not to put into our aircraft. (Been over 30 years, sorry))
@KorvinStarmast the report's interesting in that it gives some insight into just how fine the tolerances inside a HMU are
12:45 AM
@Shalvenay huh, the amazing reliability and efficency of the modern turbo fan brings with it really tight tolerances and margins. 😎
(see the Qantas A380 in malaysia about a decade ago, and the lost power turbine wheel)
(by the way, nice job by the crew and the folks on the ground in sorting that one out)
but on this one G-POWN’s fuel tanks were treated with approximately 38 times the recommended concentration of Kathon uh, is it really the chemical that's the issue? 😮
@KorvinStarmast yeah, it was a reminder that what's obvious to you and me (like what "ppm" means) isn't something that's obvious to everyone under the sun. personally, I think part of the failing lies in DuPont specifying that Kathon be dosed by volume
most stuff with jet fuel AIUI is done by-weight
1:32 AM
Q: How do I handle questions about in-game things that I'm not prepared for?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarI DM for my brother’s four kids. Their ages are 14, 13, 12, and 10. they’re asking questions that I didn’t even think that they’d ask. What am I supposed to do in this situation? I try to answer their questions, but it’s kinda tricky. They ask questions like (if they’re in the woods) Can I go 20 ...

2:23 AM
the cross-stitch converter appears to be down :( maybe I broke it by asking it to make me my picture
alternatively, my wifi is borked again
what cross stitch converter?
yesterday, by Bardic Wizard
(By the way, if you want a really cool thing to play around with, Wolfram Alpha has a thing to make cross stitch patterns from images that I use all the time)
@Adeptus 'tis a good word
3 hours later…
5:30 AM
@bobble Nooooo! It keeps crashing on me because it must use a minimum of 10 colors.
How silly - most of the ones I've ever done don't use as many as 10 colours.
I suppose it's a difference in style. You get those ones that are more like paintings using the stitches like pixels in a digital photo and with shades of colour, and then you get the ones that are more like an old-fashioned sampler which are the kind I used to do. Apparently whoever made the converter in Wolfram Alpha hasn't heard of the latter style.
Presumably if you put a smudge in the corner for it to interpret as several different shades of white, that might fix it?
5:50 AM
Q: Can I make a NPC just like a player character?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarI’m DM in one of my D&D games and I want a NPC to be a Wood Elf, Ranger, is it possible to make that NPC on a character sheet? Just like a player would build their characters, so I can keep stats and the weapon’s bonuses and things?

1 hour later…
6:51 AM
Asian Devs Together #StopAsianHateJam jam hosted by Mike Ren, Pammu, DrChrisP. In celebration of AAPI Month (Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage) in May, we’re inviting developers of Asian descent to submit a game that highlights their marginalized experiences.
A Dragon Game by Chris Bissette. A game about dragons and subterranean adventuring Now with annotations!
Kazumi Chin wrote a twitter thread about Verbs/Aesthetics/Procedures as the designer equivalent of the Gamist/Narrativist/Simulationist pyramid for players.
Galactic 2E Jam! Jam hosted by riley rethal. This is a jam for making supplemental material for the game Galactic 2E.
3 hours later…
9:49 AM
How to write a roleplaying game by Riverhouse Games is FREE
@BESW that's REALLY interesting
I would say the Aesthetic of a game (for me at least) is strongly tied to the Verbs I/my character has access to, and the Procedures I/my character takes part in. But I wouldn't say I'm a 'gamist' or 'simulationist'
If I'm completely free to cast spells, and the world responds in a certain way that makes, I guess 'Narrative', sense to me then it gives the world an aesthetic
but I'm still really tied to Verbs and Procedures, despite me enjoying the narrative they create, not really the verbs or procedures for their own sake. I couldn't have one without the other
11:01 AM
@AncientSwordRage that's.... interesting
@Trish I've not been able to look at it yet
@AncientSwordRage it's 6 pages, white text on black, and 8 steps.
@Trish oh
I mean are they good steps?
11:43 AM
I mean, it's Riverhouse Games, the author of the absolutely revolutionary We Are But Worms and the shockingly practical Six Spells To Help You With Your Curse.
How To Write A Roleplaying Game is more on the We Are But Worms end of things, though: smart and cutting but not especially practicable.
Every game of theirs I've read, I've gotten something out of, but very few are what one might call.... traditionally playable. How To Write is in that same vein.
@BESW Is the Six Spells good
@AncientSwordRage Omigosh yes.
@BESW it was in the lyrical games section that I found from that tweet you posted
@BESW It's free atm
Yeah, the sale lasts for another seven or eight months:
Jul 26 '20 at 2:50, by BESW
These Games Are Free Sale A sale hosted by Riverhouse Games. There are GOOD GAMES in here. Yes.
Get 'em while they're hot.
@BESW nice!
11:47 AM
It's the sort of collection that many people would say includes no games at all, and yet.
Did my chat comment on Kazumi's tweet make sense? It was sort of revolutionary in getting me to think of things that way
Without Six Spells, Walkies With Grim would not exist--at least, not the way it does.
You'll see the influence very clearly.
I need to log in to see them, and I can't do that from work
@AncientSwordRage I'm not the person to ask, none of those kinds of category conversations make any sense to me except in a very abstract "I believe this helps other people" way.
@BESW that's also fair
11:51 AM
So if it got your brain puttering in a way and useful way, that's awesome and I'm a bit jealous that you got so much out of it.
@BESW it's let me put into words something I couldn't before
That's super powerful.
I know that feeling, it's great.
There's a bit in The Bad Place, where the two main characters initially portray a certain demeanour, and discuss their interests (styles of music, and loony toons vs disney), and at the end one of them has an epiphany about how they really are and then relates it back to what seemed like throw away lines about music and cartoons
The book is very squicky, before you go look it up, and I forget how well it's done but that idea stuck with me
of how they finally at the end of the story had a way or actually describing who/how they were at heart
That's so empowering.
it's a good bit of storytelling
11:59 AM
I've got a TRPG in the works which is... kinda related to what you're describing? But I'm not sure I'll ever be able to actually make it work.
@BESW care to share more details?
We use stories to know ourselves, each other, our world. Stories help us make decisions and understand what's happening to us.
@BESW whatever game it ends up being, it looks like a worthwhile game to make and to play
I want to make a game where a character's core stories are their core "stats," and their relationship to those stories changes based on their experiences and their interactions with others.
A story might stay central to our identity, but our relationship to it might change dramatically. (Are you Luke, or 3PO? Is Luke a hapless bystander thrust into a war he doesn't understand, or a pivotal instrument of destiny?)
Sometimes we add new stories to our understanding of the world, often by seeing how those stories help other people navigate the world and understand themselves.
Sometimes we abandon stories as no longer useful, if our relationship with them has changed too much.
This reminds me of the background-making game I was spitballing a while back, which BW inspired
> “The anthropologists got it wrong when they named our species Homo sapiens ('wise man'). In any case it's an arrogant and bigheaded thing to say, wisdom being one of our least evident features. In reality, we are Pan narrans, the storytelling chimpanzee.”
- Terry Pratchett
12:11 PM
And a story can be anything!
@BESW yes!
> Think about stories you, the player, are familiar with in real life. Stories come from many places, including but not limited to pop media ("Star Wars"), cultural inheritance ("David and Goliath"), and family history ("the time Aunt Claire picketed the Post Office"). Choose three of these stories and write them down: these are the stories that inspire your character when making tough decisions.
The interesting thing is that different people take different things from the same story, and both interpretations are correct.
Could you get the player to, after using the story 1-3 times take an attribute they see in that story, to use later?
If you take Faith from David and Goliath, you can invoke that later on, and you might have more affinity for stories that you interpret as relating to Faith later on
@AncientSwordRage Exactly! One thing I want my system to support, is going "I like your story, I'm going to make it mine" but then using it in a totally opposite way.
@AncientSwordRage That flavor text on the forest tickles something in my brain, but for the life of me I can't place it, and now it's gonna bother me all day >:/
12:15 PM
@AncientSwordRage Roughly, that's the idea.
I currently call 'em Paradigm Points.
@BESW it's a good idea, I'm looking forward to one day see it written down
@BESW good name, and names are hard
@RevanantBacon I'm SURE it's to do with BGII
I think Irenicus damages the tree in some way
I have a version written down, a really rough draft that started to fall apart when I got into details of numbers and balance.
'lo @A.B.
@BESW How big is Guam?
@ThomasMarkov depends on the map scale
12:17 PM
Big enough that most of us don't fall off.
but some do?
I'm not sure what you mean, since you could easily ask Google or Wikipedia what its population and area are.
Like I can look at it on a map, but Im having trouble contextualizing it.
How long does it take to drive from one end to the other?
@BESW It's not at risk of tipping over and capsizing is it?
> Guam's highest point is Mount Lamlam at 1,334 feet (407 meters) above sea level.[16] If its base is considered to be nearby Challenger Deep, the deepest surveyed point in the Oceans, Mount Lamlam is the world's highest mountain at 37,820 feet (11,530 m).
That is something I'm finding fascinating
@ThomasMarkov I'd give it an hour and a half. Significantly more if there's traffic, less if it's an early weekend morning.
What would you find it useful to compare it to?
Driving times are hard to universalize, since none of our speed limits go over 45mph and the southern half of the island rarely goes over 25.
12:23 PM
@BESW overlay it with south east georgia
Whoa thats tiny
According to Google Maps, it will take me anywhere from 2.5-4 hours to reach a particular point on the island.
Hmmm, It may not be taking potential ferry rides into account
12:28 PM
@ThomasMarkov It's got a very very big ocean, which counts for something.
@ThomasMarkov It has the highest concentration of BESWs in the entire world
It fits in the strait dover, and fits inside the m25 around london
(That's a very VERY generous estimate.)
if it fits, it sits, ergo Guam is a cat
and cats are excellent
12:32 PM
@AncientSwordRage And it's maintained that distinction consistently for about thirty of the last thirty-five years.
@BESW it's truly record breaking
'lo @AncientSwordRage
But don't let the size fool you. We've got more people than Savannah despite the military annexing up to a third of the land. Rivers, waterfalls, caves, reefs, grassland, jungles, cliffs, several different kind of beach. Visibly large populations of at least five distinct ethnic groups. More species of fish than Hawaii. Distinct cuisine, language, and culture.
Small size doesn't reduce complexity or nuance; if anything, it intensifies it.
@BESW Is the betel nut as popular in Guam as it was in Yap?
I'm pretty sure it's still common in Yap.
Here it's called pugua or mama'on, depending on what you wrap it with.
12:45 PM
It's been 15 years, so I didn't want to make assumptions :) But I figured present tense would still be reasonable.
And yeah, it's common enough that you can buy pugua --materials or pre-wrapped-- at most locally-owned corner stores.
Not going to say I didn't enjoy the experience, but dang it stains
I've never partaken myself, but I'm a bit envious of the space it pries open in conversations.
Something I'd like to explore in game design, is how to provide tools for silences like pugua-wrapping does.
1:10 PM
That sounds a good idea.
1:28 PM
@A.B. hows tricks
@BESW All I know is that it makes it really hard to understand your mother-in-law when she is chewing it
1:49 PM
@BESW is that a thing for people being able to sit together doing a thing quietly?
@doppelgreener Yeah. And specifically I'm thinking about how it's a Thing You Do While You Think.
i like those things
Like if you say something and I need to mull on it for a while before I have a good thing to say, I'll pull out my satchel that has all the stuff that goes into make pugua --betel nut, pupulu, afok-- and wrap a chew or two while I'm thinking.
@RevanantBacon does this help with that Forest flavour text forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Tree_of_Life ?
But yeah, it's one part of cultivating a culture of comfortable silences, where being quiet is a sign of respect (listening) and wisdom (not speaking until you have something to say), rather than a sign of disrespect (ignoring) and ignorance (not having anything to contribute).
1:55 PM
Hmmm, I'm not sure if that's carried over to other cultures so much?
My mother-in-law chews it out of habit I think, as do some others I know, I don't think it has the effect of making them sit quietly
I'm not properly part of the culture, so I probably don't have the greatest grasp of the nuances
Aye, it's not a universal.
And there's probably nuances of both generation and diaspora.
@BESW that's an excellent point
It's not so much that pugua creates this attitude on its own, but that in spaces where those attitudes are valued it becomes a tool for them.
@BESW that makes sense
@BESW How does pugua compare to tobacco in terms of sensation?
2:00 PM
@ThomasMarkov some people chew them together
Like I said, I haven't partaken myself.
Oh right, sorry, missed that.
Most TRPGs I've encountered, participation and talking go hand-in-hand. If someone doesn't talk much at the table, their participation is seen as reduced or absent. I'd like to explore alternatives.
@BESW does anyone you know take it with lime? As in slaked lime/calcium hydroxide?
@BESW it's a good thing to explore I think
@AncientSwordRage Oh yeah, afok is crushed limestone.
The basic simple pugua is betel nut and afok wrapped in a pupulu leaf.
2:03 PM
Oh, not the fruit
I want to try this.
@AncientSwordRage Oh, that's almost definitely it
And some people put tobacco in the leaf too, like ASR said.
@BESW gotcha
There's quite a ritual to cutting up the betel nut
@RevanantBacon my exposure to FR is almost entirely BG related
And also to stripping/cutting back the stem of the leaf
@AncientSwordRage Ha, I'm the opposite. I've never played a single BG game
@RevanantBacon it's so good
2:09 PM
@AncientSwordRage I intend to get BGIII when it comes out of beta.
@ThomasMarkov at least watch a BGI and BGII playthrough first!
@ThomasMarkov BG I and BG II are still well worth a play through
2:29 PM
@ThomasMarkov It's not as 'sharp' as tobacco and the leaf wrapping adds another flavor profile and texture to the chewing. I found the flavor much better than chewing tobacco (or my memory of chewing tobacco from 30 years ago.)
But it also gives you a buzz.
I'd take a pass on putting calcium hydroxide in my mouth.
I'm fascinated by the tradition of it. Some of my best memories in college are sitting around a tin of copenhagen with my friends just enjoying company and the buzz.
2:48 PM
@GcL I think that's advisable
3:09 PM
I feel like I shouldn't ask a "Does an ability that does X exist?" question when I know most of the options and rules... But I do actually want one now, hmmm
@Medix2 whats the feature youre after?
maybe we can just find it here
A way to deal nonlethal damage from afar besides just extending reach
Pretty sure we have questions like that from other very knowledgeable folks. You should be good
I tried finding one and just found nothing helpful XD
I found questions asking whether you could deal nonlethal ranged damage, but not a question asking if there's anything that lets you do so
Q: Is there a way to knock a creature out from a distance?

TotoPer the below rules, it looks like that a PC can only knock a creature out with a melee attack: Sometimes an attacker wants to incapacitate a foe, rather than deal a killing blow. When an attacker reduces a creature to 0 hit points with a melee attack, the attacker can knock the creature out. Th...

I assume you found that already?
3:13 PM
Yeah, that doesn't actually answer my question
Oh, what, we have four??
That one is new, wow
Echo Knight can do it with its echo feature.
Starting at 7th level the echo knight can do it up to 1000 feet away.
I might go reopen and reclose some questions later...
Hellsaint's answer is straight up wrong tho.
It states simply "No there isnt", then Korvin's answer gives several valid options.
@Medix2 Technically, Sleep does that
@RevanantBacon Good idea
3:25 PM
@ThomasMarkov what if the Oath of the Watcher's aura reduced someone to 0hp...
Depending on the DM, Suggestion could also work
@AncientSwordRage Well, is it a melee attack?
@RevanantBacon Is sleep?
I have a goal this year to become the #1 bounty giver on the stack.
What is the actual goal with the non-lethal damage here?
@AncientSwordRage No, it just provides a different means to inflict the Unconscious condition. Does the Aura do that?
3:37 PM
@BESW iirc in our amaterasu campaign we developed toward getting used to that some of us just didn't speak up as much and that was okay. i'd definitely be more interested in ways of normalizing that being okay, as well as giving space for people to think like you say!
like a super simple thing someone could do is pretend they're "consulting the cards" or "reading the bones" or whatever, soothsayer style, in order to know what to say.
but that needs a layer of safety around it to prevent interruptions of "skip that and stop wasting our time, just tell us what you're thinking"
@RevanantBacon no it can reduce them to 0hp....doesn't that send someone unconscious?
@AncientSwordRage In 5e, when an NPC goes to 0HP, they just die, unless the DM is using death saves for that NPC (typically not common unless they're important), or if whoever brought them to 0 used a melee attack and also specifically chose to not kill them
@RevanantBacon oh I see
4:07 PM
Yeah, technically death saving throws are presented as default, but the book does pretty straightforwardly suggest ignoring them for monsters when not deemed important
@AncientSwordRage but to expand to what RevenantBacon said, IIRC there is an option in DnD 5e to knock someone out instead of causing a lethal wound when reducing them to 0 hp with an attack.
I can't recall the exact conditions anymo... wait, it was just linked a bit up
@kviiri with a melee attack though
@AncientSwordRage yea
4:32 PM
@ThomasMarkov Do you have a sufficiently sized wall for slabs of carbonite? Have you already sourced a baby rancor pet?
4:48 PM
@ThomasMarkov are you still editing this one? Or am I good to go? rpg.stackexchange.com/q/184856/44723
@Akixkisu Take it away
bake it away toys
5:11 PM
@ThomasMarkov there was much more that needed to be done about that q and leaving it as a tag edit doesn't feel like a substantial edit in that context.
Even if you are three posts away from that shiny badge, you should still care for the whole question.
@Akixkisu you can choose to just edit tags
5:28 PM
@AncientSwordRage absolutely, but we want edits to be substantial and encompassing.
Sometimes that means simply editing tags.
In this context you can look at the revision history.
@Akixkisu I agree, but I didn't think just tag edits contributed to the edit badge?
Pretty sure getting the tags right is exempt from the "substantial edits pls" guidance.
@AncientSwordRage This is correct.
@ThomasMarkov is it?
@Akixkisu I already did
I didn't think ThomasMarkov would leave all that unedited if they'd opened up the full edit screen
@Akixkisu It has to be, because there is a tool for editing tags without opening the question edit box.
5:30 PM
Pretty sure that only applies if that is the substantial issue with the post.
And that edits should fix the whole post.
And it happens often enough that only the tags need editing.
Either way, I was working on a major edit to one of my answers at the time and wanted to wrap that up before giving significant attention elsewhere.
A: What kind of edits contribute to the editor badges?

Jeff AtwoodWhat is included community-wiki posts tag wikis and excerpts What is NOT included (only applies to Strunk & White and Copy Editor) edits to your own posts edits to tags To count for S&W/Copy Editor, the edit must cover the title, the body or both.

> What is NOT included (only applies to Strunk & White and Copy Editor)
> edits to your own posts
> edits to tags
I'm not clear if the more recent tag badges also apply the same logic
I don't know but it also doesn't really matter.
When I edit a post and see that somebody else edited it, it makes it complicated. It sometimes happens that I click through, but usually I will abort an edit if somebody else is working on a post.
I'm guessing had you not asked to take over the edit, Thomas may have eventually finished
@Akixkisu that makes sense
@AncientSwordRage Yeah, I would have gotten to it. Booping me in chat is a good idea though.
5:37 PM
@ThomasMarkov especially if you're working on multiple things
@ThomasMarkov that is a great edit btw, one of your best answers.
@Akixkisu I chose the greater of two goods :P
it's good
5:58 PM
There's still the question of tag-only edits when other edits are needed.
2 hours later…
7:36 PM
is anybody in here?
@ThomasMarkov hello
7:52 PM
@ThomasMarkov It's a simpler edit for when you just don't have the time... or are going on a tagging spree
8:29 PM
Not sure if this is a homebrew this for me question or not rpg.stackexchange.com/q/184863/44723
Yeah I'm not either
I also wouldn't find weight any more useful of a unit at all since a pound of flour less chocolate cake and a pound of angel food cake are very different
I think the real problem is "as written, this spell trivializes a system I like to use".
Not quite "homebrew this for me"
Yeah like... I don't see anything wrong with the 5-foot sphere
I thinks it's less "this trivializes my system" and more "this doesn't work in my system"
"I would rather have a rewrite of the spell so that it specifically works on a limited person amount or weight." is the core of the question.
I guess, I'm going to close vote for opinion based.
@Akixkisu I dont see how it doesnt already do that
8:33 PM
I think it doesn't do that because a 5-foot sphere isn't anything meaningful?
Like, it that 2 days of food? 20? A half a day? Is it "let's play tetris to maximize efficiency"?
"There are X units of bad food within 5 feet of you." cast spell "There are X units of good food within 5 feet of you."
The question makes a lot of sense in Al terms.
But either way it asks a do this for me.
I VTC'd needs details
And that is homebrew this for me, which we don't do.
8:36 PM
I think it's more a "How can I change the spell so it stays on the same power level as before but actually works for my campaign where food does not come in volumes"
Yup, which I think warrants a opinion-based close vote.
If there was such a spell, and we would look at its balance, then that would be a homebre-review.
Now I'm just picturing people building five foot radius cylinders of height 10 just to maximize the efficiency of this spell XD
@KorvinStarmast Have you narrowed down how you want to build your highwayman any?
8:54 PM
Now I'm thinking about how happy I am about no longer doing AL.
2 hours later…
10:38 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (172): Casting a spell, but not using it immediately by Dolores Romano on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
@Medix2 Our food is released in issues, but never collected as TPBs.
11:01 PM
Q: What happens to an Eldritch Cannon if the Artilerist falls unconscious

Lio ElbammalfThe Eldritch cannon is a magical object created by an Artillerist: The cannon is a magical object. Regardless of size, the cannon has an AC of 18 and a number of hit points equal to five times your artificer level. It is immune to poison damage and psychic damage. If it is forced to make an abil...


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