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12:03 AM
@Yuuki And naturally, upon seeing Draco on that road, Harry would assume he was a Dagon ally.
12:23 AM
@doppelgreener for the record, it could be a different bolt, as well.
now that I'm thinking about it, I'm less sure of that. For some reason, in the moment, I was very sure that the ammunition recovered was in a sort of quantum state until picked up.

But it very clearly says "recover half your expended ammunition", so the ammunition must be ammunition that you expended.
what's the average duration of a piece of ammunition? I can't think of the type of function I need.
I think that the average lifespan of any given arrow is 2 uses. but I can't prove it other than adding the sum of halves (1 + .5 + .25 and so on)
12:44 AM
@goodguy5 And now I've got "asymptotic" stuck in my head.
that is delightful
yay my players just completed my Hypercube one-shot turned 4-shot because they took hours to decide what exit to take xD
1:03 AM
@goodguy5 Are you trying to get the lifetime of the arrow based on the half-life? mean lifetime = (half-life) / ln(2)
I just got to what the average percent of arrows from the original was.

What I'm gonna take away from this is that arrows are radioactive.
half life in this case would be ... .5?
So the half-life of an arrow is the time it takes to reduce the number of arrows by 1/2. So one shot.
1 / .66 = 1.5
A bit over 1 and a half shots, so 2 since we're dealing with discrete events
But arrows are not alive, so their half life is half of zero
1:06 AM
@MikeQ half of "not". I don't think "not" is zero. As boats clearly demonstrate by moving at many times not.
@GcL You just killed the only neuron I had still doing their job. I only have the lazy ones now :(
thanks team
@Helwar Psshhh... leave it to the astrocytes. There's more of them anyway.
it was for an answer. I've credited you
Though, before I hit submit @GcL, I don't understand something.
1:22 AM
@goodguy5 Astrocytes? They're the white matter in your brain.
haha no
Everyone always gives credit to the grey matter, but it's reall...
Is this about arrows?
How can I equate average lifespan to average uses out of a quantity?
yes it is
If I have 100 arrows.

How many uses will I get out of those arrows?
I think your sum of infinite series was a good approach.
sure, but I'd like something less clunky and more mathematically provable.
1:25 AM
The sum of that series converges, so it should give you a multiplier at the end.
I don't know what those words mean in that combination and order
So you get 1 shot out of each of them. You get to shoot half of them again. Then half of those again and so on until you're down to 1
So it's 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 ....
The sum of the infinite series (.5)^n approaches 1. So 1 + 1. You get 2*n shots.
that's what I was looking for. thank you
I couldn't recall any of those math words from my astrocytes.
Sum of an infinite series
100 arrows. 200 shots. Well... 197 because of rounding.
just buy arrows in .... not multiples of two... uh.... what's the word for "multiples", but exponents?
powers of two?
32, 64, and 128 are all _____
1:30 AM
Probably just keep the quiver topped up as arrows are cheap and monsters sometimes need to be shot with many of them.
@goodguy5 powers of two. you're right.
the last thing.

How can you expect to get 2*n shots if the expected lifespan of any arrow is 1.44?
That's the mean lifespan
Umm... you mean lifespan of 2 because they're discrete shots.
is that how that works?
I think so.
oh, okay
now I can do the thing I came downstairs to do
1:38 AM
Find a baby that's getting into mischief?
it's past his bed time, thank goodness
That's why whatever plot he's up to is mischief.
If I could split any rep I get from this answer with you, I would
A: Is ammunition recoverable and reusable?

goodguy5After a bit of a headache, I have an answer to a specific part of the question. Since the other answers clearly define whether or not ammunition is reusable (yes) and recoverable (yes, you get half back), I'll leave those to this one sentence. However: Is there any guidance on how long an arrow...

@goodguy5 I don't need any more internet points.
Neither do I, but even so, you did an amount of the work
1:42 AM
Dubious mathematical assertions hardly count as work.
Oops... speaking of dubious, found the issu
"The decay rate or decay constant is the fraction of the total mass that decays in one unit of time. It is equal to the inverse of the mean lifetime:"
So decay rate is 1/2 the inverse of that is 2. So the mean lifetime should be 2.
Then what's the decay rate?
It's the amount that decays in one unit of time.
ah ha
but putting in 100 initial, 50 after, and 1 time unit, this calculator gives me a halflife of 1
is "half life" and "half life t 1/2" the same thing?
Is it normal if it's been a long time since I got lost into this conversation? I'm just waiting for the resolution of the conundrum
I'm pretty sure that my answer of "you get twice as many uses as arrows" is correct, I just can't grok mathematically why
1:51 AM
@goodguy5 I think half life gets written as "t 1/2" sometimes
eh, it's fine. the answer is good enough
@V2Blast added the game to the wishlist!
2:05 AM
@Helwar scrolling up, I can't figure out what game
Nova Drift
I can't link to V2Blast message, I guess it's too old?
5 hours ago, by V2Blast
I started working as a localization manager for the game Nova Drift last month (it's on Steam, itch.io, and now GOG)... And as of a week or so ago, I'm now working as their community manager as well. :)
yeah this is it
I just clicked on the link like 4 hours ago and didn't look into it... And I just did :P
ah ha
I'll be off for tonight :)
talk to you tomorrow
2:32 AM
@Helwar <3
3:19 AM
Plus the initial use of arrows
irrational urge to explain maths rises
urge to explain... Fading.....fading....
3:45 AM
@doppelgreener Go for it. I'm done with that line of questioning until OP just says what's on their mind. (See four different posts by them on the same theme.)
@goodguy5 This sounds like the last paragraph of my answer here: rpg.stackexchange.com/a/74672/23970
@V2Blast Yeah sorry, I'm just not in the mood to go hunt down 14 various Q/As throughout the site just to answer one question by needing to back up a lengthy series of unrelated claims... Though I could just say "the stones aren't melee" and be done with it, that just feels disingenuous
Apologies, that probably came off more harshly than I'd have wanted it to. It's... been a long day so I think I'll just take a break for now. Good luck with the magic stone questions and whatever else
4:33 AM
Brandon Leon-Gambetta will be doing a Kickstarter for Pasión de las Pasiones soon! sign up for notifications here
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5:53 AM
Beyond The Super Jam hosted by riley rethal, starting March 8th! It's our time to make all those superhero stories that Marvel & DC don't care about telling.
6:19 AM
Q: Can the object created by Minor Illusion be carried or worn?

retriever123Looking at the RAW for Minor Illusion (PHB, page 260) and other questions, I recognize that Minor Illusion is very limited in its ability to move on its own or change its appearance. However, I'm wondering if the illusory object can be carried or worn as demonstrated in two examples: I want to...

6:41 AM
@goodguy5 Expected value is a convenient way to approach this. If you consider that each arrow was lost (-1) or recovered (0) at an equal chance, the expected amount of arrows expended per actual attack loosed is -0.5
Expected value is ofc not always that "expected" --- in this case for instance one won't expect literally losing half an arrow per attack. But approximately so after several attacks, sure.
@kviiri [amused] technically if you expend -0.5 arrows per attack, you'll wind up with more arrows than you started with.
[scribbles notes for entropy-defying "inverse radioactive" substance that gains energy over time]
@BESW heh, true
7:40 AM
Just finished binging the rest of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. It's a new Netflix animated series. First few episodes were charming and good, but I was not expecting the direction the story took. Definitely recommend it.
Expected values are a perverse pleasure to me. I generally hate averages as they're more often than not somewhat misleading despite sounding like... well, the average result. Which they are for many things, but not really (in the intuitive sense) for others.
But on the other hand, expected values have so much mathematical convenience that make them a simple blunt weapon to bash open the skulls of many a problem with :-)
@Medix2 No worries. I just don't think it's true that throwing stones from magic stone is its own action or otherwise separate from the Attack action. (I think the first half of your answer was fine as written - I just disagreed with the idea that you couldn't use the Attack action with it.) At the very least, it seems like hurling them with a sling clearly uses the Attack action, even if you're mechanically making a ranged spell attack. I could be wrong there, though.
The only relevant Crawford tweet I can find is this one, which is sadly unclear on the subject: twitter.com/JeremyECrawford/status/694969729203613696
This article interprets it as using the Attack action (as I did): merricb.com/2015/04/21/…
@BESW This evokes an old memory, btw. I have something of a ~programming background since childhood. I missed the C64 era narrowly, but my father was a computer professional and enthusiast (by his limited standards for "enthusiasm" in general --- he is not a very excitable fellow unlike myself)
So I got some idea of what programming is from a very young age. My first practical experiences with it, save for some really simple things done with Visual Basic or something, was making games with... maybe Game Maker?
Btw as a computer scientist I will death glare into utter annihilation they who say it's not "real programming" because it's graphical menu stuff.
Cease your logical gate -keeping!
Anyway, I digressed. It had different operations for arithmetic, and of course being somewhat precocious in math I realized that you wouldn't really need separate plus and minus operators because adding a negative number is the same as subtraction. Nevertheless, I was quite torn on which operator I actually wanted to use, and wound up confusing them and feeling silly about it all the fricken time.
This pointless story courtesy of kviiri industries.
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11:22 AM
Q: Can you cast Magic Stone on 3 pebbles as a bonus action, throw a stone as an action, then, on your next turn, throw the 2 remaining pebbles?

Jeffrey WittyCan you cast Magic Stone on 3 pebbles as a bonus action, throw a stone as a main action. Then on your next turn, throw the 2 remaining pebbles? That is, throwing the first pebble as your action and the second as your bonus action, using the Two-Weapon Fighting rules (PHB pg. 195; emphasis mine) ...

11:39 AM
@goodguy5 for a moment I was confused by how you get 128 shots out of 64 arrows, but then I remembered my binary: 64 + 32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 = 127
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1:23 PM
Q: Missing with a touch spell and retrying?

IraI recall some rules in earlier editions where if you miss with a touch spell, it's "held" and you can try again on a future turn. Does that rule exist in 5e, and if so, where it is? I'm guessing I'm just missing it, but I couldn't find it in the PHB. Thanks in advance!

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2:48 PM
Hi all, I was looking for recommendations for 'small megagames' and since recommnedations are off-topic I thought I'd ask here. Does anyone have any experience with games in the spirit of 'Watch the Skies' which can be played with 10-20 people? Thanks!
3:29 PM
@asph Chat tends to be quite slow over the weekends and I'm not sure how many have experience with that type of game (can't remember it coming up as a topic) But I'm going to put a star on that question, which should help people see it and hopefully someone will come back to you on it. Otherwise we maintain a list of forums you may wish to try if you haven't already
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5:20 PM
@Someone_Evil @Someone_Evil thanks for your advice and help. I might have a look at some of those other forums. Cheers!
Hey, I was looking at a Shadow Monk's Shadow Step, being curious about what would happen if you were carrying someone. According to some of the answers I found, the result would be no, as you cannot teleport someone with you.

However, does that also mean that if you were fighting on a cliff at night and an enemy grappled you, you could effectively throw yourself off the cliff (with the person holding on) and shadow step immediately to a space you can see on solid ground, causing the enemy to fall to their doom?
5:45 PM
@VictorB That would be a good question for the mainsite
ah ok. Thought it was too meta. Will post it.
@VictorB You may want to clarify what you mean by "throw yourself off the cliff" since a grappled creature has 0 speed
true, but it takes no movement speed to fall prone, right?
@goodguy5 I did have a thing sitting around somewhere that could get the odds for each possible 6x(3d6) roll, which could be adapted for Point Buy.
6:17 PM
Asking if there is cost to go prone may be a good start first. I'm not sure there is.
But yeah, if you're grappled, you're not going anywhere
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8:32 PM
@BESW sometime ago you shared an essay about orcs and racism in dnd, if you still remember where to find it, then I'd appreciate it if you'd share it again.
Aug 8 '19 at 12:50, by BESW
James Mendez Hodes has a really good two-part discussion of that, "Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth." Part One and Part Two.
Apr 3 '19 at 21:19, by BESW
The links at the bottom of this article are a good place to start, and I found Jemisin's "The Unbearable Baggage of Orcing" very helpful...
Apr 25 '19 at 6:48, by BESW
"Subtle Forms of Racism to Avoid in SFF," transcript of speech by Helen Gould at Eastercon 2019.
@Akixkisu Was it any of these?
9:03 PM
Does anyone remember that character generator for 5e?
Would you be able to describe it in a few more words?
Yes, but not helpfully.
I think I found it.
@Someone_Evil yes, much appreciated!
@Akixkisu Glad to be of service!
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10:31 PM
hello folks
how's everyone doing?
Everyone is doing just about average, I'd reckon
Personally I'm undergoing a Rocky-style training montage to get back into DMing games

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