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Fave PCs over my playtime in RPGs: 1. Hadden Torian. First Ever PC. Explorator. Made a Servo Skull out of the Psyker's skull (Eli) that died in session 1. Would die for Eli.
2. Doug (Dourrhoug) Ironhands. "Dwarfen Giant". 6'7" Human fighter raised by gay dwarves. Redhead. Would melt your heart if you met him.
Q: Are there mechanical or balance issues with this War Priest feature rework?

mjmartisWar Priest is a 1st level feature that lets War Domain Clerics use their bonus action to make a second attack when they take the Attack action. I (and others online) feel that this feature is poor, for a few reasons: The wisdom-based use limit does not scale well to mid- and late-game. The Sp...

Q: When a Glyph of Warding is triggered, does the caster know?

J. WagnerLet's say an explosive glyph was set in front of a house of someone that might be attacked late in the night. Condition set that any hostile creature to the person that passes by triggers it. So nighttime comes and sure enough a dumb assassin who doesn't check for magic or anything stumbles ont...

3. Toby. Several variations. Ex-Militia Dragonborn Fighter/Vagabond Elf Fighter/Teifling Fighter/Sorc Gestalt. Pulled off "rule of cool" moments flawlessly. Hated by all GMs due to overly ordinary name, which added to the character.
4. Sam. Garbage Truck driver. Survivor. Nothing else needs saying.
5. Tommin Olivae. Green Dragonborn Monk. Aka: Green Power Ranger.
Worthy mention: Kulkhus Athak. Lvl 20 Barb/Fighter. Used potions of growth and was optimally underlevelled; relying on artefacts to boost stats. Had 10 base Str.
And finally the crowd favourite: Grug Grug the Orc Barb. 6 Int. Played by my grandmother in a one-off. Will forever feature in any and all future games due to her amazing roleplaying.
1:13 AM
@Ben I would like to hear about Grug Grug
It was one of my first times DMing, so I had a friend do up the PCs, all in 3.5 and a one-off dungeon. All the usuals: The halfling rogue; dwarf fighter; human paladin; and the Orc Barb.
We handed out the characters at random, and my grandmother (who is in her 90s) go the Orc Barb; Grug Grug. This was her first time playing D&D, and she decided to play it smart by not getting overly involved, so as to not slow anyone down. She rolled the dice when she was told, and did her job well
When we explained all the stats, we pointed out that Grug Grug was not exactly smart. He had issues spelling his own name kinds of intelligence. And the result was adorable. He was dim but so loveable. Made friends with everyone and stuck by his friends (cos he didn't have many).
When the Rogue was in trouble, Grug Grug would try and resolve the problem diplomatically. Which failed miserably, but only in that the attempt turned out more like intimidation than diplomacy.
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2:14 AM
Oh god the memes
I'd allow it XD
I would throw them out of my game
King K Rool is not a D&D character :P
@trogdor What about a Boss..?
Honestly I'd probably accept it as a character or a boss, but its definitely very silly
As long as you aren't making constant Donkey Kong or Smash Bros references
I might actually kick you out if you did that XD
As you enter the final cavern of the lizard den, you can see all of the jewels and gold that the lizardfolk have been hoarding, glimmering gently in the faint torchlight.
As you look around the room, you see the shadows shift, and you hear a slithering sound as you see a long tail being withdrawn. You follow it, to see a 10 ft tall, muscular and heavily scaled lizardman. Its head spines seem to create a crown-like shape on its head
It hisses at you menacingly, flexing and standing to its full height, almost at 15ft. It roars and leaps at you, clearly intent on using its body, weight and size as its weapon. Roll for initiative!
Cough. I'll be right back [starts scribbling stat block notes]
2:31 AM
I summon a giant monkey to fight him
@trogdor I had a situation where this happened. I got turned into a Giant Ape by the Bard to fight a horde of enemies. It was amazing
Make it a kensei monkey, and they can wield a +3 banana
And you know, maybe a couple other smaller monkeys and a rhino
@trogdor You're only fueling my imagination lol
throws himself out of the game " you were warned !"
2:45 AM
3:57 AM
Wonder what the odds are that AmethystWizard's in an argument with a rules-lawyer at their table right now?
If so I'm genuinely surprised somebody is tracking ammunition, and then applying the half ammo rule, and then saying you can't choose which half you get
Meanwhile there's this: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/134202 and their answer doesn't seem to be very liked
If you really were to implement firing half regular ammo, half magical ammo, and argued you should be able to loot only the magic ammo ... That's so gamey, the GM has every right to veto it
Oh. Yeah. That's... something going on that doesn't resemble my experience of "fun with friends playing pretend elves."
4:14 AM
What about pretend lizards? :P
(roll +CHA)
I would but i don't know my cha value
Then I guess it's likely 2d6+3dF?
@trogdor I have 3 cha! You can have one, that way I can still cha-cha.
Also,... 2d6 plus 3df? Huh?
How is that how anyone rolls for a stat?
4:29 AM
When you're trying to play pretend lizards, anything goes!
@nitsua60 as to the chwinga, they were originally pulled from a deep crevasse in between the twin peaks of the Cheek Mountains
@trogdor (Actually, it was just me going with a DW-style "roll +CHA" which would be 2d6+CHA, but then using 3dF to model the likely modifier of an otherwise-unknown stat.)
@nitsua60 And if you substitute the term "gators" for "lizards" your comment makes even more sense, on the bayou.
@KorvinStarmast Guess what?
4:31 AM
@nitsua60 That is my response to your recent question. 8^D
Guess "what?"
What I can't figure out if it was from the Mearles Mountain range or not.
Guess: "what?"
@nitsua60 That's what!
Anyway, it's late, I am off to bed. Trip to Austin tomorrow.
Safe travels.
4:36 AM
Q: Can we look at the contrast, here?

nitsua60Just posted my first question using a tag that has a tag-warning in a while. Saw this: I don't know much about accessibility, but I'll bet that's a pretty low contrast ratio by any measure. I didn't even notice it come up, and only because I ADD-style tabbed over to chat for a sec and then cam...

(I'm really sad he never said "what.")
He said what several times but not by itself
I would have taken that
Ok he only said it twice but still
@trogdor That's good. I drop my banishment.
@trogdor Chwinga butt!
5:12 AM
(aggressively rolls eyes) :P
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Q: Can an ordinary whip be poisoned?

The GrumbleputtyI'm running a whip-wielding ranger/rogue, and I'm wondering if it's possible to poison a whip, both from a rules standpoint and as a practical matter. Rules-wise, there's this from the DMG: Injury. A creature that takes slashing or piercing damage from a weapon or piece of ammunition coated ...

7:29 AM
@VictorB It's from this recent UA on psionics, for reference: media.wizards.com/2019/dnd/downloads/UA-PsychicSoulPsionics.pdf
8:03 AM
You know @V2Blast is online when ^
@NeutralTax Note that there are no DDB "codes" included with any physical D&D 5e product by WotC other than the Essentials Kit. (Beadle and Grimm's also sells, essentially, luxury "Platinum Edition" box sets that include the adventure itself, a code for the adventure on DDB, and other stuff: physical handouts used with the adventure, maps, minis, etc.: beadleandgrimms.com/platinum-edition
In all honesty, I'm regularly impressed by the effort/dedication you put into the site and keeping it clean and all the rest, so thank you for that! I know it's also lots of people besides you, so a big thanks to all of you guys as well!
As for D&D Beyond, I'm generally a big fan, but I also don't own much physically. (Just the PHB, Xanathar's, and Ravnica because they were on sale on Amazon... and the Starter Set, though I got that before anything else because it's how I got into D&D).
As goodguy5 said, you can recreate stuff as private homebrew if you're willing to take the time. (Private homebrew is automatically shared with anyone in a campaign with you on DDB, even without a subscription.)
You could also buy only the character options you want a la carte, and the price of the full book would be discounted by what you'v
@DavidCoffron Unfortunately that sheet also includes all the SCAG and Xanathar's spells (non-SRD content) so I'm going to have to delete that message.
@doppelgreener Ooh. That's awesome. I've heard people praise it but didn't know that. Now I wish more app suites were like that...
@GcL It's still not ubiquitous - most people I mention it to, even my age, don't know what "D&D" is if I mention the name - but it is increasingly becoming known.
Q: Can animal-like playable races wear shoes/boots?

bubbajake00I was attempting to make a Hero Forge character today and came up with a question. I was making a Tabaxi and it wouldn't let me put shoes on because of how their model's feet are. Now that may just be a restraint on the site, but I was wondering if there was any RAW precedent for the more anima...

Not identical but related.
@Medix2 <3
9:01 AM
Q: Is there any Major Mechanical advantage of Drow Elf (full) VS Drow Half-Elf?

Jeffrey WittyLooking at racial features, half-elf Drow seem to have all the "best" features of full drow, with none of the downsides. Past the "Drow weapon training" is there any major befit to a full Drow Elf over the Half-Elf Drow? The Full Drow Elf racial features are: Keen Senses, Fey Ancestry & Tr...

Reading the conversation about centaurs earlier, I thought of this image:
but in the process of googling I somehow found this worldbuilding.SE question:
Q: Do centaurs suckle from horse nipples or human nipples?

Ash SmithThis has been puzzling me, because if the human half needs human nutrients, then suckling from the human nipples makes sense. But the horse half needs different nutrients, so which set of nipples makes most sense?

@V2Blast yup, seen before, still disturbing
9:15 AM
Affinity's really good! My only major complaint so far is that Affinity Publisher can't produce fully ADA compliant PDFs. Their video tutorials are quite comprehensive, their online documentation is solid, you can access the functionality of Photo and Designer from within Publisher without switching programs, both Photo and Publisher have built-in integration with *three* royalty-free stock photo services...
Their desktop programs for Mac and Windows are equally good and their iPad versions of Photo and Designer (Publisher for iPad slated to come later this year) are completely redesigned f
It's not free, but even after I bought all three desktop programs and both iPad programs, I was saving money compared to an Adobe Cloud subscription after four months because the Affinity programs aren't subscriptions!
They import .psd and .ai files quite well, and while their .indd importing is still very much in beta, opening any InDesign file that's been exported as an InDesign-editable PDF gets it reconstructed and it does a solid job.
A lot of indie TRPG designers are using Affinity, and a number of medium-size magazines and other companies are making the switch.
If a client wants me to work with Adobe files, I'm just gonna charge 'em extra for the subscription and the pain.
That said, there are a lot of solid free alternatives depending on what you're after--especially if you're only looking for a raster drawing program or photo editing. The more you get into vector and layout, the more you need to pay for quality.
I designed all my recent game material on Affinity software, it was a great way to learn the system without having a client breathing down my neck.
Oh, one minor but irritating complaint: the video tutorials and documentation are great, and well subtitled, but they have no searchable transcripts.
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12:25 PM
@Medix2 see also:
Q: What data about meta has eluded Stack Exchange until recently?

AndyIn the recent blog post there is the following paragraph (emphasis mine): Opinions and feelings about the best way forward are extremely valid things to consider, but the devil is in the details data, too. We’ve spent a lot of time re-examining how we look at engagement on meta in terms of th...

Based on nothing but intuition, I assume most sites follow the patterns described in the top answer there.
1 hour later…
1:30 PM
Somebody predicted a while back that the all-new™ improved™ Stack Overflow Executive Leadership®, after having successfully fired/alienated most of the people holding the place's institutional knowledge, will, over the coming years, step by step, incredulously rediscover the things that Jeff & Co. had already discovered and built into the way the site works back in 2009. Looks like we're at step "having a Meta is in fact important even though it is really really annoying to have one" now 😄 — Pekka 2 days ago
I still haven't gotten over this comment
It's gold
@doppelgreener And the wheels, they go round and round - and they keep getting re invented.
1:47 PM
It's always easier to see the downsides to an (old) compromise
@doppelgreener I have now read the comment a couple more times, and the old blog post, and must agree with its value. (We have a meeting with QA next week where we discuss processes ... yeah, the "it's murder" can happen)
@doppelgreener It's a great comment. And a sad observation. But at least things are coming around (seemingly) and not chugging along on the direction things have been. So... baby steps?
2:06 PM
I'm reading through this:
And I feel like I'm remembering a rule about creature size difference counting for cover.... but I can't find it.
Is that a real thing in 5e or am I making it up (or confusing editions?)
I don't think it's a real thing in 5e
3e might have had more specific rules about it
@goodguy5 I can't recall anything about it.
@goodguy5 a halfling can get cover / hide behind behind a creature a size larger ...
well, 3e definitely had firmer rules about cover for being behind another creature, whereas 5e leaves it entirely up to the DM's judgement as far as I can tell
I think I'm conflating this rule:

You can move through a nonhostile creature's space. In contrast, you can move through a hostile creature's space only if the creature is at least two sizes larger or smaller than you. Remember that another creature's space is difficult terrain for you.
2:26 PM
yeah, and halflings have the special power to move through the space of anything larger than them (not just two sizes larger)
ugh, I still need so many more answers to get that gold 5e badge
@goodguy5 So many answers, so few questions...
@goodguy5 I am so close to it
I have more than three times the rep required, just shy on questions
@goodguy5 Why are you wasting time typing in here? ;-)
yea, I think I've been over the rep requirement for a while
@Rubiksmoose I've been answering more questions I might not otherwise, trying to get that answer count up
It's half the reason I bothered to answer that "do you take a failed death save while stable but unconscious"
2:36 PM
@goodguy5 (I'm just teasing you in case it wasn't clear)
I know
I can't answer any more questions today though
is there a actually a limit?
@Rubiksmoose I was just looking at your answer on unarmed strikes and crits
I treat the "1" damage as "1d1 damage", and allow it to crit.

But I also allow you to "two weapon fight" unarmed attacks, so....
@goodguy5 For untrained? Kinda steps on the toes of the monk doesn't it?
@GcL it does make the monk's martial arts ability a bit redundant, but then the monk can do it even if their hands are full and will still be a lot better at it than non-monks
unarmed fighting is so pathetic if you aren't a monk anyway that I don't think it's a particularly big deal
2:48 PM
@Carcer Making an unarmed strike after hitting with a weapon is kind of the monk's jam. Giving that to the other classes for free seems like it makes monks a bit less special. Closest other thing is the brawler feat that gives you grapple or something as a bonus.
@Rubiksmoose yeah, baby steps
@GcL okay, sure, I can agree with that. My head was in a balance evaluation space
1. the monk can swing a real weapon and then make an unarmed strike
2. it's still limited to doing 1 (+str) damage and the "off hand" attack is limited to exactly 1 damage (unless they have the two weapon fighting style)
3. I've never had the monk complain
4. I think it's come up maybe 5 times
@goodguy5 I've done this as well. We're talking about an extra 1 damage so I've never had it be a big deal. And it's so rare.
on the topic of balance evaluation
is it just me or is Heavy Armour Master a bit [language excised]
2:52 PM
idk... DR 3 aint bad.
@Carcer Is that the DR3 thing?
yes, it's the DR3 thing
I think that's the only DR in 5e.
but specifically it only applies to nonmagical physical damage
so it's entirely overcome by magical weapons.
that's what annoys me about it
It's actually pretty good for many campaigns.
2:53 PM
I don't think it should matter if the source is magical
Sounds like a decent house rule.
yeah, I think I'm just gonna rule that.
I can't think of any issues, but I wouldn't allow it to nullify a magic attack (I can't think of any magical P/S/B attacks that deal less than 4 damage, but still)
My parties don't come up against a great deal of magical weaponry unless it's another adventuring party or a boss of some sort. They tend to yoink any magic stuff they come across.
Making some pregens for a oneshot I might run next month.
2:54 PM
@goodguy5 magic stone and conjure barrage off the top of my head
there ya go.
I'd make those still deal 1 damage if reduced below 1
Although if you roll exactly 3 damage on conjure barrage you'll probably be sorely disappointed lol
@DavidCoffron Is thorn whip piercing?
Got a druid who loves the heck out of that spell.
@GcL It is!
@goodguy5 Do you do the same for resistance?
2:57 PM
@DavidCoffron 1/512
@GcL no? But I can't think of if it's ever come up.
Quite a few more than I expected
There's also that put the arrows in the ground trap thing...
@DavidCoffron Most of those will do more than 3 damage
@GcL nods
@GcL Actually almost all of them can, if you succeed on the save and take half damage.
Good point
@goodguy5 My primary objection to this would be that it's far more rolling than it makes an actual difference
3:10 PM
@kviiri the only times when I think players would want to do it is early levels when 1 hp might actually be the killing blow.
Though, I think I'm slowly deciding that 1-hp monsters are dead.
@kviiri My players like rolling and would probably do it. Especially the ones that keep one hand free to cast spells.
Hm, ok, fair. I don't really see the motivation though
@GcL Good for them. I think combats take long enough anyway.
bones of the earth, mordenkainen's faithful hound, maelstrom, meteor swarm, and whirlwind are the only ones that can't get 3 or less damage, but most of the others are very low probability to
@kviiri I hate it. Roll for inconsequential outcomes? no thanks.
@DavidCoffron How faithful is that hound if it's working for other wizards. More like mercenary hound. Sells it's services to anyone with the spell slot to spend.
I have started winding down combats when they're clearly over without doing the last 5-6 rolls.

usually when the party kills the main bad guy and there are non-morale mooks roaming around.

"Alright, you guys dispatch the last few zombies. take any damage you feel appropriate. and continue on."
3:13 PM
@GcL well, it's mordenkainen's spell called "faithful hound". You are summoning the hound to be faithful to you as the spellcaster, but I can see the joke :P
@DavidCoffron could you imagine the chaos with Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion though
it'd be full of adventuring wizards 24/7
he'd never get any sleep
He shouldn't have written the door code down on that spell scroll then
Maybe he liked the company
@GcL Same code as my luggage....
maybe that's why he made the faithful hound
to stop all these wizards getting into his magnificent mansion
3:16 PM
@Carcer I had a player who ran a bugbear wizard with insomnia who used the sleep spell to help settle him down (and then went to real sleep after). I know it doesn't work RAW, but it was too funny to disallow
> Barbarian: sharpens greataxe "Liver tea, Eagle tea, Fart tea!"
can you calm emotions on yourself? (yes)
@Yuuki username checks out xD
@goodguy5 I think so. Isn't there a magic pendant or twig or something that provides that effect as well?
@GcL But then it turns out that it's not magical and the power was with you all along.
3:18 PM
@GcL Not explicitly that spell by name (at least according to this search)
But I seem to remember a common magic item having some similar effect.
@Carcer headcanon: somatic gesture to faithful hound is miming the entry of "1 2 3 4 5 6" on an alarm keypad.
hound: "oh, they know the code--must be one of master's friends!"
3:45 PM
HAM isn't a bad feat at all. Our level 14 cleric was still getting benefit from that when our campaign went dormant. if you get hit for 22 damage from a giant's thrown boulder, and you instead take 19, that's good!
@KorvinStarmast HAM is a real bacon for unique meat feats in the game.
Ah ha, Strikethrough is 3 dashes

--- stike --- (obviously broken)

Sorry for all the pings, kor
I was looking at it and automatically going "this'll be worthless at higher levels, everything will be magical or counts as magic by then" but on reflection that's not very true
I still don't like the idea that it's overcome by things being magic though
> Mordekainen's Diss Junction. Summons a row of chairs, at which are seated spectral images of comedians who proceed to roast the target of this spell. Target must succeed on a Will save or be demoralized (disadvantage on saving throws and attacks) for one hour. Targets who succeed on their saves are instead embarrassed (disadvantage on attacks) for one minute.
@KorvinStarmast L14 is the end of a campaign. Would be useful for wading into a mob of mundane soldiers though. Or single handily taking on a heroic number of enemies in an army. I could see the mechanics there getting used to good narrative effect.
@GcL Well, he had that feat since level 4.
3:54 PM
@KorvinStarmast I find it more useful for adventuring at lower levels. Made the first fight of HoDQ winnable.
@GcL yeah, I had a level 1 Human (variant) Fighter (eventual battle master) who I decided to put that feat on. Really handy at levels 1 and 2, and the +1 strength did not stink either.
@KorvinStarmast Gets less useful depending on the campaign, but soaking 3 damage per hit usually saves someone a hit die or two per short rest. So it's kind of nice that way.
@KorvinStarmast Makes the 15 Str build work.
@GcL it makes you functionally immune to a swarm of angry, but unarmed, kobolds or goblins.
Yes, we found that he did not run out of HD the way the others did on a heavy combat day.
@GcL It sure does.
@GcL amusingly enough I am in this instance using it on a base str 15 paddlin'
3:58 PM
@Carcer I like the angry yet unarmed part of that imagery.
@Carcer 15 13 13 for S D C yields 16 14 14 with 8 points left over for wisdom, charisma, what have you.
My BM went with 10 Int 12 Wis and 10 Cha because I have an irrational hatred for negative modifiers on die rolls.
sigh that campaign stopped rather abruptly about in the middle of level 4 ... X(
@KorvinStarmast I tend to just stick with the standard 15/14/13/12/10/8 array, to be honest
@Carcer I dislike the standard arrray, it is (by the numbers) lower than the mean roll (we have a few Q&A's on that); and I prefer rolling over either the array or point buy.
The standard array is intended for quick building characters, or for ensuring that all of your players have a roughly equal power level (outside of class choice, that is)
Hmm, I think about half of my PCs have been point buy, though.
4:03 PM
I prefer point-buy, as it helps keep characters balanced against each other, but still allows some stat customization.
@RevenantBacon It also forces "a weak stat" which isn't by itself a bad thing, given that backgrounds also include flaws by design intent
@KorvinStarmast also true
@KorvinStarmast This answer is my favorite for making that point:
A: Is it better to take the array and be Joe Average, or to roll for the odds of getting on average better scores?

SalvadorThis blog post has some AnyDice scripts for the 4d6 drop lowest stat generation. Looking at the results, the average rolled array should be 16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 9. That's pretty close to the 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 standard array, although slightly better. So really they're likely to give you about...

@RevenantBacon Also allows you to check the accounting on a character as long as some magic item or wish wasn't used to increase a score.
@DavidCoffron yes, that's a nice answer for a lot of reasons. the average rolled array should be 16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 9. That's pretty close to the 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 standard array, although slightly better
4:05 PM
I prefer to play on hard mode and use the 10/10/10/10/10/10 array for the extra challenge
@MikeQ The Commoner shall overcome all obstacles!!!!!
@MikeQ Commoner gaming
@KorvinStarmast grrr. you type more than me, faster
@RevenantBacon One method I've seen is to have everyone roll an array and then vote on which array everyone will use.
you're right the standard array is garbage
4:07 PM
@Yuuki There's the snake draft way. we have a question on that too. rummages
@DavidCoffron We are doing this for the team, there is no personal glory when one is in the Commoner party! :)
I'm cool with a fixed array setup but not with it being markedly so much worse than rolling
[experiments with anydice]
@Carcer Likely worse than rolling.
Q: How can I model this "Party Draft Pool" ability score generation method in AnyDice?

chazmanI'm looking to model an alternate to the "4d6, drop the lowest" mechanic for determining ability scores. The proposed system works as follows: 4 players roll 4d6, drop the lowest x 6 [24 total]. Combine these results into a stat pool. Players then roll initiative (1d20). Players select sta...

@DavidCoffron I think that's the best alternate rolling method
4:08 PM
@Yuuki Oh, I actually like that idea. Although, I expect that generally means that the group will just pick the one with the highest total.
@goodguy5 It's mostly close to balanced scores, but being early in pick is still best since dump stats are a thing
I'm not a big fan of rolling stats, in general. And I refuse to roll stats unless everyone is doing it.
@DavidCoffron I don't like the idea of drafting because it's two different paradigms. You're supposed to be cooperative in a party whereas drafting is generally used for competition.
@goodguy5 I definitely agree with this. Everyone should be using the same method for obtaining their stats.
Could do "everyone roll a d6, drop lowest until you have 3 die left" and end up with a communal array.
@KorvinStarmast I like that. If you are willing to be flexible with your ability score assignment (especially if you are willing to change class, etc.) you can get slightly higher scores, but if you want specific scores, your overall array will be a bit lower
@KorvinStarmast that's amazing
I sort of see the appeal with rolling for stats, but there's always the issue of "one guy got the terrible array" or "one guy rolled godstats".
@Yuuki It's only an issue if everyone's not okay with it.
and that's the thing. Everyone needs to remember that it's a possibility and that they're okay with it.
4:14 PM
@goodguy5 Yeah. I have that issue. Someone rolls crappy stats, and immediately say "can I reroll" and I'm like... ugh it would suck if I said no
@Yuuki as a DM, if one person has a crap array after rolling, I allow them to roll again if they'd like to. We play because we want to have fun; some folks like the "my rolls suck, but I can do this!" and some do not prefer that. Work with the player to arrive at a good solution.
Pathfinder had a few alternate methods

I can't recall the exact mechanics (thought I could go look at my book), but you get a certain pool of d6 for each player. And you can choose how many to roll on each stat (minumum 2, I think)
@goodguy5 Well, there are gradations of tolerance. There's "eh, I'm like a couple points short of everyone's total" and then there's "I got a 3 in everything".
@Yuuki well, yes. You describe that person's heroic attempt at adventuring and their quick end
@Yuuki In Tunnels and Trolls that is an awesome roll up, since you now roll again for each stat and add that to the 3 ...
Magic Triples For The Win!!!!!
4:16 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, but no one is ever like "I rolled 3 17+ and a couple 13-15, can I reroll so I'm not so much stronger than everyone else?"
@DavidCoffron My nephew's deal was "if your stat bonus total is over 10 you need to manuall reduce one or two to get it down to 10" (I have an answer on that somewhere)
I threw away a great set for a warlock because I'd made it clear that if anyone in the group wasn't rolling that I was going to use point buy.

Someone decided to point buy / array.
@DavidCoffron here we go how my nephew did it. Worked out great.
And now, for a Mountain Dwarf with Point BUy ... Buy 14, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, for aggregate +7 .. yields 16 12 14 12 12 12. Decent Fighter.
And a plus 1, at least, to every saving throw.
@goodguy5 I wish I had more cooperative players who would consider that. Most of the players I GM are a bit on the competitive side (trying to make their PC the "best" rather than just telling a good story)
That's part of why I don't GM nearly as much anymore (and have been straying away from the high fantasy genre where I find that mentality is the worse)
I'm totally willing to play the character with 7 int and 6 str. That's just a fat redneck that fancies himself a "ranger" or whatever.

But I need to know that everyone is willing to do that.
4:28 PM
I mean, I would probably want my character to be the best in the party at doing whatever it is they're supposed to be specialised in.
That's why they're specialised.
I mean, we've all worked with bad "specialists"
@Someone_Evil nice job on mathjaxing that table
"Alright everyone, meet Frank, he's our new UX expert"

And Frank is an idiot.
I actually really like 14,12,12,12,12,12 as a stat array

It's very "neutral planet"
@goodguy5 yes, I have played with a druid who was just not very good at being a druid; however, he was the main romantic interest of our lady DM, so he was one of seven players ...
like, in person, irl romantic interest?
4:33 PM
@goodguy5 Let's say they were each other's significant other
"let's say" implies that the thing we're saying is not completely accurate.
(She's one of the better DM's I remember from the AD&D 1e era, in terms of how her world had a lot of story and depth to it)
@goodguy5 Or, it's me trying to remain family friendly ..
@KorvinStarmast suspect
at any rate. we've all played with bad druids. I played this one AL game where the druid insisted that she was allowed to stay in cat form all the time.

The player had a hoodie with cat ears and she made a lot of cat mannerisms.

Very 90s teenager
At least she got into the role, so that's a plus. :)
it was more a plus than a detriment, but like... +3/-1
Seven players is so many
lemme go find that pathfinder rolling method
Each player has a pool of 24d6 to assign to their statistics.

Before dice are rolled, the player decides the number of dice for each roll (minimum 3); keep the highest 3.

"for more high-powered games, the GM should increase the total number of dice to 28"

Allegedly, it's statistically similar to the standard 4d6v1 method
4:44 PM
@goodguy5 Was the player a teenager? Did they have a discman with a Nirvana or OLP CD? If so, they may have actually been a teenager from the 90's stuck in a time warp of some sort.
@GcL kinda felt that way
@GcL OLP? I should know that abbreviation, but I am coming up empty.
@KorvinStarmast Our Lady Peace
If I were to run a game with the dice pool, I think that I'd use 25 or 26 dice, and/or I'd let you allocate dice on the fly.

\*rolls badly\* hrm... I add another die.
Aah, ELP was Emerson Lake and Palmer, but that was 70's.
4:45 PM
Was a popular band with the sorts of teenagers that were likely to play D&D in the 90's
@GcL Ah, my guess was "Oliphant oLiphant oliPhant".
Back in ye olde schooldays, a friend tried a homebrew method for ability score generation, where you decide groups of ability scores to add d6s based on different periods of childhood, like an interactive backstory. We tried it once and it took about 45 minutes. My lowest stat was a 14 and my friend's highest stat was also a 14.
We had a DM have us do "2d6+6" for an AD&D game, and it worked out OK.
What about 9d2 or 6d3
I've always wanted to run a 5+1d12 game
4:52 PM
@Carcer Overly restricted damage prevention you say? I present blade ward
@MikeQ 9d2 would be a lot of coin flips. :)
@KorvinStarmast and also has a minimum score of 9
11, 14, 12, 13, 13, 12

(my stats with 9d2)
with 5+1d12, I got
15, 6, 16, 10, 7, 14
Regarding stats and ways to get them. I often find rolling for stats can result in one party member being significantly ahead of the others, especially if they happen to be a fighter or rogue. Or with one being significantly behind. That said, rolling dice is generally considered fun...
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