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I have a bigger problem with it than that the similarities are superficial, some have used it as an excuse to hate 4e as a system without even trying it
I don't mind if 4e isn't for you, but don't tell me my favorite D&D is bad based off of a comparison like that lol
I was like that at first, but with pathfinder and 5e. I saw it like: "Oh my god the crybabies can't handle a little change" Took me a while to try both and although pathfinder was too 3.5 for me, i fell in love with 5e so...
(I'm not saying anyone in here has done that just generally venting)
@trogdor I've heard that so I empathize with you :)
I rag on 3.5 on occasion, but i played it for like, 2 or 3 years? Possibly longer than that
And i have various like,... Actual reasons
I played 3.5 to a point that I don't wanna play another minute of it :)
12:06 AM
"it feels too much like WoW" seems like an excuse by someone who just doesn't like that it was too different from 3.5, at least to me
@Helwar yep that's how i feel about that too
That's why I never gel with pathfinder. It was too much 3.5 for me
haven't looked into Pathfinder 2 though
Even just like "i don't understand this system at all" or this isn't Similar to 3.5 and that was what i was looking for" are fine
Heck even " I don't want to try that out"
But that mediocre comparison to another game kinda makes me mad, along with just trying to call it objectively bad or best ever "it seems imbalanced"
I'm done, sorry,
don't worry
my only complaint with 4e was that minmaxing was more or less required
12:13 AM
It had some build issues for sure
And actually it had balance issues late game but nothing people who tried it for one game night would see,... Unless they ran into something like Irontooth
Irontooth was stupid and should never have been designed that way XD
my memory is not good enough to remember what Irontooth was xD
Irontooth was the boss of an encounter
in my defense, could've been the name of a power :P
He was at the end, but despite 4e relying on short and extended rests, the kobolds in the previous fights could run away and trigger his fight
Thus making you fight him without a rest AND having more kobolds with him than there should be
There's a thing, I never play premade campaigns.... I feel they are never well done and don't allow any flexibility :/
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Did 4e rely on environments where NPCs could not alert NPCs in another encounter area?
To top it off, he himself hit like a truck and could also heal himself passively if he was at half hp or below
It was crazy dumb
@MikeQ it kinda did a little, especially at low levels
In mid to late levels you could handle that kinda thing a little better
But you don't get your good powers back if you don't get a rest so it really across the board isn't encouraged to bleed encounters into each other
Short rests should really be given in-between each fight
shorts rests were 2 minutes.... I miss those
I think it was 5 actually
was it?
I'm not sure though
12:21 AM
can't really check it now :/
Yeah :/
Actually i could but i would have to buy a players handbook PDF
I'm not that invested in remembering
fair enough
I remember wanting to play a dragonborn swordmage and couldn't make it work :/
@trogdor Huh. It makes sense from a game design perspective, but I can see how 4e's critics felt that the rest-cooldown mechanics resulted in very static environments
Anyway, in 4e you typically healed the most by using your healing surges, and while leader classes could typically heal, the most accessible healing was taking a rest, which let you spend surges
Also, healers replenished healing powers with rests too
So if you don't give the party rests between two fughts they are down encounter powers and are probably more beat up in between fights than they should be
If you do that like, 3 times they might just die from 3 normal encounters
No joke
Heck that could happen from just two back to back encounters with no rest
The flip side though, was a whole resource management thing with powers and surges
Which i personally really liked
@MikeQ On the other hand, it did a really good job of de-incentivizing the five-minute workday problem.
12:28 AM
And deciding when to use daily powers, cause you don't get those back until an extended rest
the one campaign I was a player in, the dm kept making minions run when everything was clearly against them. My character wanted to finish them off because what you say happened, they alerted others! But everyone else was Lawfull stupid and didn't let me throw the man axe in the back
Especially since milestones (one milestone every three encounters) replenished some resources and you could even get features that got better the more encounters you had before a long rest.
@Helwar yeah sounds like a major case of applying 3.5 mindset to playing 4e XD
@BESW yes that was really cool too
I remember for 4e there was a facebook game I was so addicted at...
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@mprogrammer The locket is a charm of protection. It tried to eat the explosion to protect its owner. It, uh, didn't work so well. But now there's an explosion inside it, and it will only let the explosion out if it won't hurt anybody. You could just leave it propped up on a stone block and it'll fall open when everyone's cleared the blast radius, or acquire enough fire resistance that [reasonable]d6 can't hurt you.
It gives advantage on the next saving throw it reasonably could, but getting it to give its contents up willingly has officially attained Rigamarole Status and happens over a long rest, or a short rest if you have a really good idea.
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Q: Rise of Tiamat: Can Episode 2 dragon fit in this area? [Spoilers]

Kenny WylandThe main map of the area in Episode 2 contains effectively 2 floors. A series of hallways and rooms on the top floor and a large cavern as the bottom floor. The main hallways are about 15 ft wide. Can he fit?

Is there anyway we can edit this question to be less less spoilery?
2:57 AM
Q: Is the Oath of the Ancients Paladin's Elder Champion feature intended to still work while unconscious?

qorinthianThe Paladin's Oath of the Ancients Level 20 Elder Champion feature states: Using your action, you undergo a transformation. For 1 minute, you gain the following benefits: At the start of each of your turns, you regain 10 hit points. Whenever you cast a paladin spell that has a casti...

@kviiri Well said and it is not even your native language. kviiri, rox!
@Helwar yeah, this
@BESW For your consideration You made a very interesting post on Meta SE a few weeks back ... and now they hired "someone new" ... interested in your thoughts on that thread ...
3:33 AM
Anybody know if there's a way to shorten the DnD-Beyond search filter links? Like this is just absurd
Hmmm, maybe you can just selectively remove various filters you aren't using and get something like this but ugh...
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5:09 AM
Manila Encounters Vol. I collected by BukoJuice: Random Encounters in the sometimes wondrous, sometimes horrific Metro Manila.
About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast momentarily: https://www.twitch.tv/bigdredwun

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
@trogdor @Helwar A DnD short rest is indeed 5 min
Or "about" 5 minutes
In all editions?
4e: A short rest is about 5 minutes long.
5e: A Short Rest is a period of downtime, at least 1 hour long,
"Short rest" was not a mechanic in D&D 3.x.
I didn't think it was in 3 for sure
I mostly meant both 4 and 5 but apparently not
5:34 AM
@trogdor Yeah, if you're interested in rules for DnD-5e, DnD Beyond has the Basic Rules + SRD as well as everything else (though you do have to buy modules and whatnot to use/view them in full. In particular, here is the section on "Short Rest"
@trogdor err sorry, meant to say 4e but somehow omitted it
Fair enough
@Medix2 I'm not particularly interested in 5e rules, i just wondered if the short rest time in it was the same as in 4e
But its not because of course they can't be seen to overtly reference 4e in any way in 5e in order to avoid the horrible terrible taint of 4e (sarcastic voice)
One thing that bothers me. They obviously took ideas from 4e because they thought those ideas were good (thats not inherently bad or what I'm complaining about) but they definitely tried to make it all look like it's own 5e thing in an attempt to distance 5e from 4e because of backlash against 4e
What's more some bits of it just don't feel like fits in 5e but like they still wanted to add them in anyway (at least from my biased perspective)
5:50 AM
At least from my experience, 5e did away with the rigorously balanced and similar classes of 4e for a much more all-over-the-place type of game where half the time the resolution to a question is "ask your GM". It did away with a lot of nitty-gritty rules and exact mechanics (like 4e's skills being incredibly defined). Not saying that was good or bad, just some major change
Yeah and I'm not trying to say 5e is bad, for the record
I don't think it's the game for me, i suspected it before i played it but i still wanted to give it a go first
Turns out it reminds me too much of 3.5
That by no means means it is exactly like 3.5 either but it's still too much more like 3.5 than it is like 4e
It's definitely fixed some issues i had with 3.5 while leaving other issues unadressed
I feel like it's two steps forward and one step back
Not to mention the chained spectre of 4e they are trying to insist very hard isn't locked in the attic
Even though it obviously doesn't go with the decor
I had some fun with 5th but i feel like that was more to do with the people i played it with than the game
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7:02 AM
Q: Do you get hurt by Conjure Barrage?

Victor BThe rule of Conjure Barrage is stated as: You throw a nonmagical weapon or fire a piece of nonmagical ammunition into the air to create a cone of identical weapons that shoot forward and then disappear. Each creature in a 60-foot cone must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw. But I am...

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9:03 AM
Q: Lash Out Verbally from Take a Powerful Blow. Rules?

Joel ReidThe Player's Observation One of the choices for Take A Powerful Blow is (Basic Moves sheets/book p71): • you lash out verbally: provoke a teammate to foolhardy action or take advantage of your Influence to inflict a condition The book text then explains that if you choose this "lashing out...

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@NeutralTax i've added the adventure tag:
The idea being if you don't want spoilers on that adventure, ignore the tag so you don't see questions about it.
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12:48 PM
Here's a question, should we mandate per adventure tags for anything spoiler related?
1:00 PM
@NeutralTax I think that you should feel perfectly entitled to tag questions that do relate to specific published adventures appropriately and those tags should not be removed
I don't think you're going to get that put on the same pedestal as the system tagging
@NeutralTax If a question contains spoilers from a specific adventure, it is probably because it is about that adventure and the specific tag applies
Q: Can "x'/level" area effects be set at smaller sizes?

nijinekoFor example, a 12th level character produces an effect that has "x'/level" area of effect. Can the character control the size of the area of effect, or not? It would be nice to have a quote of where it is specified, if possible.

1:22 PM
Q: How do the various DND-5e character sheet apps compare?

NeutralTaxI'm thinking about having my players use apps to keep track of their characters since they're kind of new. How do the available character sheet apps compare in terms of: Requiring additional source books be purchased in-app Having poor performance or user interface Having bad mobile apps in ge...

How can I improve this question?
@NeutralTax It's a shopping question, so try to phrase it more as "How do I shop", i.e. what should I look out for.
Would adding the apps i'm considering be a good start?
@NeutralTax It might be, but saying "I've noticed these issues, what other issues should I try to avoid?"
@AncientSwordRage thats helpful
This is a very, very broad question. “Compare all the products that exist in this range” is a big ask, and it's not a question with a best or correct answer available.
> You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face. Chatty, open-ended questions diminish the usefulness of our site and push other questions off the front page.
If your motivation for asking the question is “I would like to participate in a discussion about ______”, then you should not be asking here. However, if your motivation is “I would like others to explain ______ to me”, then you are probably OK. (Discussions are of course welcome in our real time web chat.)
1:36 PM
We can answer questions about 1 thing.
We can compare two things.

We can make really clearly defined small lists.

And we can advise for/against subsets of data. (and plenty of other things)
"Compare all the possible character sheet apps" is not a practical and answerable question based on an actual problem you face. It is however an invitation to a very big discussion.
Can we compare 3 or 4 apps?
We're not really here to do app comparison.
What problem are you trying to solve such that you're asking us to do an app comparison?
1:37 PM
@doppelgreener this is the right question
> . However, if your motivation is “I would like others to explain ______ to me”, then you are probably OK.

"I would like others to explain <common issues with using apps for character sheets> to me"
Also, chat is a great place for topics that are, well, off topic for the site.
Well does anyone use apps for character sheets?
I suspect you're asking us to do an app comparison because you want to make sure you have a character sheet that serves some specific use case. This is because you're having a problem managing something, and your current options aren't cutting it, and you're pretty sure picking up an app is your solution. Tell us what that problem is and ask us how to resolve it.
Otherwise, if it's just "I kinda want to use an app, talk to me about those" then it's not really stackable.
I was going to ask my players to use dnd beyond
BBut I noticed that a lot of the subraces they use fall under the additional sourcebooks
yea, dndbeyond is a fantastic resource if someone (or the group) is willing to shell out the money
1:41 PM
DDB's interface is pretty good as these things go but yes, they do need you to buy the content
Most of the groups I'm in just use google docs to write up their character sheets.
You can add everything as homebrew, but that's super tedious
I already own the books, but bought them second hand so i don't have the codes for it
Does anyone use fight club?
I depend on a friend who is a D&D whale for content sharing
@doppelgreener I've yet to see an agreeable format for that. Do you have a template?
@NeutralTax is this an irl game?
1:43 PM
No its an app, should have mention that
And what I've used in the past is Myth Weavers.

I can't be sure how their functionality holds up now, but it was great then.
Why are you wanting your players to use an app?
@NeutralTax I mean the actual game that you guys are playing. Are sessions done.... in person? online? or is that what fight club is?
@V2Blast :'(
1:45 PM
fight club is basically just a digital character sheet
I'm thinking of recomend they use apps character sheets as leveling up takes a lot of time since many of them are new. We also don't have the most amount of time to play when we do. None of them own the books , so we spend a lot of time passing around the books
@goodguy5 I don't. I haven't built a D&D 5e sheet. I tend to make liberal use of borderless tables with no cell spacing/padding to help me lay out sheets, and would absolutely have to for D&D.
I wouldn't try to emulate any kind of compact gridded layout we see for printed sheets. Those have space constraints a doc does not.
So things that would often be split into columns and grid sections on those, I'd just list out in normal text on a doc.
@NeutralTax do you level up mid-session, or specifically at the end of sessions, or between sessions?
We level normally at the end of a session
scratch that; normally mid session
If that is a thing that tends to take a long time and drag on, you may want to do what one of my groups does: just manage advancement in the time between games. Of course it normally gets left until the day before the next game, but it still leaves room for discussion during the week and giving a clean finish to the gaming session.
Since a lot of my players are new they need help leveling up.
@NeutralTax That's definitely something to avoid then except for groups consisting of players that are very experienced and comfortable. If you might hit a level-up milestone during the session, I suggest leaving the actual level up to the end.
1:53 PM
I've used orcpub for character building. Can't remember which expansion books it has access to. But I think it allows shared character sheets.
Even if you use the app, that won't address the idea your players may have a lot of options to browse and weigh up during level-ups.
You don't necessarily want that to take place during sessions themselves.
@MikeQ They only have access to SRD
@doppelgreener Or conversely, they allow time for character management at the beginning of each session, and expect less gameplay per session.
I think I'll just point out that the apps exist, and they can feel free to use them
Anyway does anyone have spotify randomly change volume on android?
(and now for something completely different lol)
2:06 PM
@NeutralTax specifically spotify or media in general?
my android sometimes decides to drop back down to the softcap if I've raised it above the "warning this is quite loud" threshold
Did you answer and I missed it what format the actual game is in?
@Carcer I really wish you could disable that
@goodguy5 Eh, the list doesn't even have to be that small. Just as it gets larger, the "really clearly defined" part becomes more and more important.
@Carcer i'm curious, what manufacturer is that? samsung? another?
i work on phone apps pretty often, so it's good to learn about specific weird behaviours ahead of time, before we're scratching our heads and wondering what's going on
2:21 PM
@NeutralTax So then "I want to use some digital management for $reasons. But a lot of the subraces my players use are behind DNDBeyond paywalls that we don't want to pay to breach. How can I achieve $reasons without paying what DNDBeyond is charging?" (Note that you started with "I was going to ask my players to use dnd beyond." Which implies a reason, and that reason would be good to share.)
@doppelgreener mine's a nokia actually
@NeutralTax Ah, nvm. I see you got to it a little later on.
oh! wow, i forgot they existed
(how the mighty have fallen)
a nokia 7.1
@NeutralTax I have that problem when I've got any media going and my phone's in my pocket, then a text comes in. It "wakes" the screen and the jostling of my leg against the screen can cause all sorts of mischief.
2:24 PM
@doppelgreener I think only Blackberry/RIM has fallen harder.
@doppelgreener fallen, but not broken
2:51 PM
You see this phone? Is more like brick. Once I was tried to be mugged by man with knife. I pulled out my phone and beat him into unconsciousness with it. Is good phone.
3:04 PM
Q: Can I ask for item ideas focused around a specific theme?

DoubleDoubleThe theme I have in mind specifically that causes my question is that I want to ask for item ideas I can drop into a DnD 5e campaign that are easter-egg items for star wars, but nothing as blatant as, say, a lightsaber. I know on other Stack Exchange sites, "Idea Generation" type questions are n...

@RevenantBacon That's cell service on a whole other level.
"Cell Service" is a really great name for a prison version of grubhub
Now try reading it again, but with a really thick Russian accent
3:24 PM
Although it gives level 1 HP for the first level of multiclassing...
Literally everything else seems to work well xD
3:35 PM
@trogdor I wish we could have kept going, since at 6th level another neat feature for your Paladin would have unlocked, but such is RL. (It took me a while to grok your initial frustration with how the 5e PHB organized class features in one area and spells in the other, but as I was introducing a friend to 5e last year I had an "aha" moment).
@DavidCoffron the mad lads did it
I don't know why, but it takes 5ever to load google docs at work.

I assume it has *SOMETHING* to do with firewalls, but I don't understand what it could be where it still loads, just slowly
dmsguild is the same way
@doppelgreener you around?
(or any of the England-crew that's often around here?)
3:55 PM
@nitsua60 Ok since no one else seems to be answering, do you want someone specifically from England or is being in the same tz enough?
I thought doppel was aus
(am I mixing her up with someone else?)
@Sdjz That's actually exactly what I need. Because time zones are hard, can I ask you what time it is (for you) right now? I think it's 4pm, but idiot daylight savings grumble grumble....
nonetheless I am in Merry Olde England I am here
so yeah almost 4pm
yeah, 15:56.
3:56 PM
I can type in bad cockney if that helps.
@Carcer Originally aus, living/working in England the last couple of years.
@Rubiksmoose Of 'ourse it 'ould!
@Sdjz @Carcer perfect--thanks.
@nitsua60 ah, okay. Apparently I grokked the australian part but not the location
@nitsua60 'ello guv! Blimey!
@Rubiksmoose it be 4 bong and all's well
I'm just making sure that I'm not going to miss a call I'm setting up for tomorrow by an hour because of time zones. (I may miss it because I'm forgetful, or something interferes, but I don't want it to be time zones that screws me up.)
3:59 PM
I've also found doing this to be fairly reliable
@Sdjz beat me to it
googling "what time is it in X" should work generically for anything
structured data innit
@Rubiksmoose I am in mind of this specific greentext (warning rude words) i.imgur.com/NtWlwZQ.png
@Carcer hahahah!
nice @Carcer
@nitsua60 o/
I stepped out for a coffee! Back now.
@Carcer nitsua's on the money there
@doppelgreener congratulations on being closer than I had realised
I assume you've been sneaking closer while I can't see you
4:15 PM
@Carcer I can't confirm or deny that, but the rules also say I only have to go back to the start if you actually spot me moving.
[suspicion intensifies]
@doppelgreener confirmed to be a Boo.
4:37 PM
@doppelgreener But do you get to collect $200 if they do?
@Yuuki Yes. But airfares are a lot more expensive than that, so it doesn't really help.
Could someone shoot me the name of an unusual class or variant class that's specific to D&D 5e, maybe UA?
@doppelgreener Rune knight?
There's also the Swarmkeeper Ranger.
Swarmkeeper might be more unusual than rune knight.
Spore Druid?
4:41 PM
That would've been my next suggestion.
All good :)
Thanks very much
I was driving home and thinking of NPCs to add to the campaign. I came with an Aaracokra that looks like a vulture, circle of the spores druid... And then noticed that if they use wild shape... they can no longer fly...
I know it might not seem so fun if I just write it... but I was chuckling all alone in my car
@doppelgreener it could be worse. I hear $200 gets you one (1) videogame in australia
@Carcer possibly two!
but goodness yeah our video game prices are not nice
Did you hear we had a federal inquisition into tech pricing in Australia?
@doppelgreener Did they bring Cardinal Fang out of retirement for that one?
@Helwar ... can't fly until they get to 8th level using wild shape.
4:55 PM
@KorvinStarmast They did, but he kept running overtime during his opening statements.
@KorvinStarmast Yeah but that isn't as funny :)
@doppelgreener snort yet another government project with cost overruns!
Basically it was becoming clear that IT costs were unreasonably high in Australia, for no other reason than because IT costs were already high in Australia and everyone was benefitting from leaving them that high.
@doppelgreener did anything change after the inquisition?
It was still in popular awareness that someone had figured out that if you wanted to buy Adobe Photoshop, rather than buy it in Australia, it was cheaper to buy a return plane ticket to the USA, buy it there, and come home with it.
4:58 PM
@KorvinStarmast I don't think so. It was really unsatisfying to watch. Our politicians hardly grilled them at all, just asked questions and accepted the answers. With the right experts asking the questions, the enterprises being questioned could've been called out at multiple points and skewered on their own claims.
@doppelgreener Sorry to hear that. The Adobe example has me shaking my head.
Yeah, really!
Same here.
Specific to Adobe though, they've pushed the envelope too far and people are starting to jump ship to other extremely good modern competition like Affinity editor suite.
People are increasingly not wanting to put up with Adobe's BS, and doing so is becoming increasingly optional.
they pushed the envelope too far and now they can't take it back because they have short stubby arms
Because they're dinosaurs. Yes.
5:03 PM
@doppelgreener Yeah, Adobe over here is likewise trying to soak people, and as you note people seek alternatives.
There's things like:
- adobe's subscription costs becoming unreasonable
- the cloud-based platform beginning to incur too many problems, like that day the graphics industry ground to a halt because Adobe's servers weren't working
- adobe talking about taking actual legal action against people who were using older, non-subscription, versions of Adobe software that those people had legally purchased years ago before Creative Cloud had become the only option
That last one is recent, they mailed out legal threats to their own customers: “Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop” — Vice, May 2019
> Adobe this week began sending some users of its Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Premiere, Animate, and Media Director programs a letter warning them that they were no longer legally authorized to use the software they may have thought they owned.

“We have recently discontinued certain older versions of Creative Cloud applications and and a result, under the terms of our agreement, you are no longer licensed to use them,” Adobe said in the email. “Please be aware that should you continue to use the discontinued version(s), you may be at risk of potential claims of infringement by third part
Man, that's harsh, but there we go: one licenses software, one doesn't own it?
oh man, I might have to learn GIMP soon enough
@Helwar Affinity's editor suite is extraordinary. I recommend that if you want a serious alternative.
@Helwar gimp is a good product. you just have to unlearn your adobe biases
5:09 PM
@doppelgreener I'll check it
@goodguy5 Yup, I just have an irrational dislike of open software due to some people trying to push it down my throat
Today on Obscure Alignments, "I'm Good Evil. I cast Reincarnation on people who've recently died glorious and fulfilling deaths and turn them into baby gnomes."
@Helwar BESW's told me about it from time to time. He's talked about how, say, if you own two of the editors, and you're working in one editor but need to do something the other editor does, the other editor's tools are simply available in your current editor. You don't have to launch application or switch context.
@Helwar at least you acknowledge that it's irrational
@doppelgreener Oh!
This is because they've actually created them all in-house from the ground up as integrated editors, compared to Adobe's suite which was just assembled from various externally purchased software suites all reskinned to look the same.
5:11 PM
@Yuuki Turning anyone into a gnome is inherently Evil.
@goodguy5 Completely and totally. There's great open software out there, it just makes me feel like I'm giving up on resisting
if it makes any sense?
@Yuuki That may count as necromancy. Babies have a lot in common with undead - low intelligence, uncoordinated movement, incoherent speech, constant stench
@MikeQ On the other hand, a baby can turn into Babe Ruth, which an undead cannot.
@KorvinStarmast Ah, but you're saving someone from death. That's what makes it Good Evil.
can't it be a Halfling at least? Instead of a gnome?
5:13 PM
You can be a half gnome
@Yuuki I must disagree, as death isn't by itself evil. It is a part of the natural order (at least in D&D world, I am not going to get into RL philosophical issues in that regard ...)
I wouldn't complain about a second life as a gnome, though
@Helwar I would rather not be stuck in someone's garden, personally
@KorvinStarmast well I was thinking of D&D gnome, not David the gnome gnomes
@Helwar I was making a not-very-good-joke .. and I have a long standing (and perhaps irrational) dislike of gnomes in D&D that reaches back to AD&D 1e.
5:15 PM
I know, I was just being stubborn :)
The D&D veterans among my TTRPG circles also have a blood-deep hatred for the small races, for some reason
So what does my brother do? In our shared world, he has gnomes pretty much everywhere. Arrrggghhhhh! He likes gnomes.
@MikeQ I wonder if Kender started it all ...
I think I'm a veteran, 'been playing since I was 16 and i'm now 34... But I started playing with D&D 3.0 so most people consider me new blood xD
... I played a crap ton of hobbits and halflings in my early D&D years.
@KorvinStarmast In the 5e one shot, such a player decided to ignore the halfling shoplifter, because halflings "aren't important enough to care about"
5:17 PM
I play a halfling most often than not, always... I don't particularly like gnomes but adore halflings so...
@MikeQ I laugh, but Bilbo would make a sad face ...
If my current warlock dies, I think I'll roll up a halfling druid.
@Helwar makes perfect sense. Hipster Mentality.
@goodguy5 I'm a hipster? omg
I have a friend that confuses "good" for "obscure".

He'll find these like swedish rap bands and think they're amazing (sometimes they are), or an old ROM for an NES game that only made 100 copies. stuff like that.
And then he'll poo poo popular things that are good because he's resisting their popularity
not that I'm saying you're the same as this person. Just that it's all under the umbrella of "hipster mentality"

This guy is in no way a hipster
@goodguy5 He's a hipster?
5:20 PM
@goodguy5 Contrarian?
@goodguy5 Secret hipster?
Oh I'm not like that. IT's more that in uni I got half of my teachers pestering us with GNU and open software, the other half pestering us on how Apple is better for design, and everyone hating on normies using windows... So I stubbornly stuck with the normies using windows
@goodguy5 I will take a wild guess; plays a Tiefling when playing D&D. Did I guess correctly?
@KorvinStarmast I actually have no idea what he plays. Runs a game....... I can find out though
@goodguy5 Well, if he runs a game, that's a good sign.
5:22 PM
@doppelgreener Cheaper Photoshop? Try cheaper insulin.
overall, he's a fun guy, just this weird quirk about his entertainment tastes.
@goodguy5 But like D&D is mainstream, man. It's like what they want you to play.
@MikeQ I nearly mistake you for vicki M, and then realize that you are in jest mode ...
1. still have to have it be accessible enough to get your friends to play
2. I'm sure that he'd happily play burning wheel or something.

3. he was REALLY close to home brewing a rune and elemental token based magic system which I had to talk him out of.
@nitsua60 Oh yeah, I've heard about the insane insulin pricing in the USA.
5:24 PM
@goodguy5 why talk him out of that?
Rune and elemental token based magic system? Could you also buy lobsters or a gf?
@MikeQ Has D&D crossed that line where it's considered normal and conventional?
@GcL yup
There are enough mainstream television shows with at least one "D&D episode", in which the characters are skeptical of nerd hobbies, and then in the next scene they all love it
5:26 PM
because it was convoluted and I know all of the players personally and that most of them would hate it.

Like, you had to have physical colored tokens corresponding to schools of magic (kinda) and you could find tokens in your adventure and store them in a little real world satchel.

While all cool and a great thing for YOUR player/character to do, imposing it as "this is how magic works" is a step too far.
again, especially for that crowd.
@GcL It's been conventional for a long time now. Dragon Con started in '87.
There's an spanish show about cops, there has been an arc involving people that play D&D and some pranks they have to do as "penance" for losing at the game... Also an "expert" shows up and teaches the cops to play. Brings up a boardgame and starts speedballing questions like if hte cop was playing on a mud
@Yuuki The existence of a convention only makes it "conventional" in the most technically correct sense. And I'm really entertained by that play on words.
very cringy but i HAD to see it in order to properly criticize it
Oh, granted, the TV representations of D&D aren't necessarily accurate
5:29 PM
@MikeQ I think you could probably say that about many nouns.
@GcL sadly true
every time they enhance the reflection in the glasses of a person recorded in a CC camera and then enhance the reflection and get a clue
my heart dies a little
@Helwar not sure why this is, but my brain has you on the world map in Brazil. How did I do that?
I dunno
My brain is not capable of retaining anyone's origin until I hear it like a hundred times
so I won't hold it against you
@MikeQ Though, I do love the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons episode of Community.
@Helwar no worries, I now have to remember who it is from Brazil that I was thinking of , might be a forumite from GiTP and now I have (for weird brain reasons) fused you both into a single being ... I'll get the unfusing process now... here, you'll need to wear eye and ear protection ...
5:34 PM
@KorvinStarmast If it's the fusion dance you can let it rest for 30 minutes and it undoes itself
... oh crap, looks like we just blew a circuit breaker, be back in a bit ... heads down to the basement
@KorvinStarmast Sergio Lima, ShadowKras, Michel, and Althis all seem to in/from Brazil
@KorvinStarmast goblin wizard
@goodguy5 interesting choice, that; goblin wizard.
5:53 PM
So I got Kingmaker the other day. I haven't played Pathfinder in sooooo long.
Kingmaker the video game or Kingmaker the written adventure path?
The video game. It was one of the choices for Humble Monthly.
Kingmaker the lunchbox! Kingmaker the flamethrower! The kids love this one.
Decided to play a Sword Saint Magus but weirdly Mage Armor wasn't on my list of available spells.
@MikeQ Isn't that a Transformer? The flamethrower lunchbox?
5:56 PM
@Yuuki I don't think mage armor is on the magus spell list in PF 1e.
@MikeQ I could've sworn it was.
From what I've heard of the video game, everything happens asynchronously, so you'll have to keep pausing-unpausing if you want some semblance of ordered turn-based combat. Or install mods.
Huh, it isn't.
Well, that kinda puts a damper on my plans.
@MikeQ You can auto-pause at the end of every round (=6 seconds)
But sure, it doesn't quite work like the true turn-based version, just like the Infinity Engine games didn't quite work like turn-based AD&D
@ACuriousMind that drove me nuts
5:58 PM
Hmm... and greater spell access is a 19th-level feature.
You won't get to 19th level unless you do extreme grinding shenanigans.
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