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7:00 PM
@DavidCoffron and that's with some major rule twisting
@Carcer Tenser was his son ernest; drawmmij was Jim Ward; Zagyg was gygax backwards, but z subbed in for x, there were some others I'll recall later ... I think Terik or Terrek was Terry Kuntz (the guy who I think invented the beholder)
mhm. A +1 Greatsword or Maul would just about get there: 36 damage from three attacks (although they wouldn't be allowed via normal monk rules), and 27 from fire missile
@DavidCoffron Does deflect do more damage than assuming an AoO ?
@GcL up to an average of 13.5 (27 with resistance) vs an AoO which is just 12 on a +1 greatsword
avg(1d10)+4(Dex)+4(level) = 13.5
if you resist it you can block more damage and then throw back a stronger missile
@DavidCoffron I never got a crit with my deflect and throw thing, monk wise, and I can't recall if crits work. I think they do.
7:05 PM
@DavidCoffron I thought you just threw back the missile with the same attack as it came in?
@KorvinStarmast I was assuming average damage without crits. You can certainly crit with them
err... same damage dice as it came in with
@GcL Nah, it's a whole new attack:
> If you catch a missile in this way, you can spend 1 ki point to make a ranged attack with the weapon or piece of ammunition you just caught, as part of the same reaction.
@DavidCoffron What's the damage on the ammunition?
Q: What damage die does a deflected missile do?

RenardIn the case of bolts and arrows, is it a fixed damage die or does it depend on the weapon used to fire the bolt or arrow?

7:06 PM
If you got shot with a long bow, isn't the re-directed missile also just long bow damage?
> it uses the weapon's own damage dice OR the monk's damage dice.
@GcL I think so
Although the resistance doesn't work according to:
Q: Does Resistance combine with Deflect Missiles and make it easier to throw it back?

Whichwitch'switchI have a character playing a multiclass Barbarian/Monk. Does the resistance from rage combine with Deflect Missiles to negate the damage and make the reaction attack?

So you could get a d10 out of it.
Are there any missiles that do more than d10?
@GcL Monsters have missiles that do all sorts of damages
It'll be up to the GM whether it uses the same damage dice or something player equivalent
@DavidCoffron good point.
But resistance is after all other forms of reduction, so can only get the expected 13.5
7:09 PM
@Rubiksmoose The answer is me. I need a job. :P
@Himitsu_no_Yami Makes sense. My Mastermind rogue multiclassed into Battlemaster fighter in my old Monday night game.
With max rolls and rule misinterpretations about greataxes you can have 18 from a missile, and 16 for each of three attacks totaling 66
So pretending great axe is a monk weapon, (1d12+dex) + (1d4+dex) + (1d4+dex) + (throw back a missile) ?
@V2Blast ...would you accept more RPG puzzles instead?
@GcL I was pretending greataxe was an unarmed strike so you could use it with flurry of blows...
If it is just a monk weapon, you get 50
Anyone reconize my profile picture? (Hint. Pae SIt)
7:13 PM
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Nope. Haven't you asked that a few other times?
Woah, your all still talking about the mons with a great axe
yes I did once
But now that you're here, how did you end up calculating 64 damage per round with a L4 monk?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife A flight from Everett, WA to Sitka, AK?
or is it AI pest?
I re did the math and I was wrong, they average 23, not 64
Yea, I can't make a monk do 64 damage a round
7:15 PM
10.5+6.5+6.5=23.5 that makes way more sense
Anyways, my avatar is an aetherborn from plane shift.
(greatax+radiant sun bolt + radiant sun bolt)
Maybe if the monk can push someone off a 200 ft drop every round, they can reach 64 damage per round from fall damage
I'm definitely pointing out to my current monk player about the water bending 5d10 in a round potential for water whip
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Oh. I completely forgot about that
7:17 PM
@MikeQ, you push someone off a 200ft drop, then have to jump, which takes more than 1 round
Failed dex save works well for str and con tanky monsters.
@RandomDudeWithAKnife ah ha. okay
@RandomDudeWithAKnife falling 200 ft only takes one turn:
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Grapple and drop is all in the same round.
Q: How far do you fall per turn?

Tobias FizzlewigI recently began browsing the 5e PHB when I noticed that there was no distance per round when falling under the Falling category. Is there a set fall speed and if so, what is it?

7:18 PM
@DavidCoffron You don't play my campaign
@RandomDudeWithAKnife It's not as serious. The situations have less gravity to them.
@DavidCoffron I thought XtGE had a falling rule of thumb
@GcL second answer in that Q&A; it's technically optional
@Rubiksmoose fiiiiiiiiiine
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Fair.
@DavidCoffron All the rules are technically optional
7:19 PM
Even if the falling creature doesn't take 64 damage on that round, the monk could effectively use 1 round to doom them to 20d6 fall damage.
@MikeQ So there's a queue. And only the first round is the one where the average damage is low.
@MikeQ And if we are counting hazards we could shoves them into a pool of lava or something for more instantaneous damage if needed
"I'm here to kick ass and take names... so I'm going to need you all to line up in alphabetical order."
@DavidCoffron I like that. Monk of the Path of Lava.
I say as picking up a spellbook
@GcL Which averages to 64 damage after... plugging... 12 rounds
7:21 PM
@DavidCoffron And as we know, most adventurers carry around a portable pit of lava for just this very reason
@MikeQ basically as standard as the 10' pole at this point. Good ol' bucket o' lava.
Cleric and Paladin: Bible, Wizard: Spell book, Warlock, Book of Shadows, or Grimoire
so many books
Your paladins have bibles?
Holy people have Bibles, Holy warriors are holy people.
Exept pathbreaker's.
Divine casters also have a moly. That makes it a holy moly.
7:25 PM
What do sorcerers have?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Interesting take on things.
@GcL that bucket of lava does make it easy to light torches
Is a Bible that has healing spells in it just a grimoire put to a less evil use?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife the diaries where they document their weird innate ability to do magic? :P
7:28 PM
@RandomDudeWithAKnife no. Next question?
is this balanced? It looks cool.
@V2Blast I'm entertained. Angst packed journals from their school days filled with inane scribbles about inner magic.
@RandomDudeWithAKnife I assume this is a homebrew you found and not one you made?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Balanced? not remotely.
Neat though
7:30 PM
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Sounds like good material for a mainsite question
but also what GcL said
@RandomDudeWithAKnife As is common with homebrew, it seems overcomplicated and has a lot of breakage potential.
@DavidCoffron cool. And the joke's on me. Had a level 10 monk in a one shot, MikeQ was there, and this NPC threw a very hurty spear at me ... and I forgot to catch it and try to throw it back. DOH!
(It's... also got lots of vague/unclear phrasing that doesn't really follow official 5e convention, including the guidelines in the official D&D style guide)
@RandomDudeWithAKnife A grimoire is specifically a book of spells, you could have a book of healing spells (which could be called a grimoire), but jotting them into the margins of any other book does not a grimoire make
@NautArch that CMV question is interesting
7:31 PM
Warlock Grimoire VS. wizard spell book?
My favorite grimoire was the Arduin Grimoire. I think I still have a copy of it in a box somewhere.
@DavidCoffron Isn't there a name for that? glossing a book? When an expert goes through and makes notes in the margins?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Hardly. Book of Shadows
from inspecting the context I have a hunch it's going to stand for Coure Mature Variant, but it is proving devilishly hard to track down
@GcL we call that an edit, or, the Infamous Blue Pencil! the horror
7:33 PM
Found it. Gloss. That Ars Magica associates degree in medieval inconsequentia is coming in handy.
Anyone read that one article about large pc races? Started with a "J" as I recall.
Sorry no, unfortunately I can't read
wait, how did you read the question?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife He communicates entirely by sense of smell and intuition.
7:37 PM
@GcL See reference: Children of the Mind
You should see them play pinball
you should see them play foosball
@Upper_Case I don't read anything by OSC anymore. I just don't like the man.
Jotungard, anyone ever read that?
@GcL Yeah, he went a bit off the deep end in the mid-2000s, which was impossible for me to overlook. And worse, his writing has become a lot lazier, which is unforgivable. I still re-read his older stuff, from time to time
7:41 PM
It had the minoutar, ogrillion, oniling, centaur, an Goliath races as large sized.
Next PC: Ogrillion Wizard. :))))
Don't forget about the doubleling, double-elf, and double-orc among the large sized character options
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Ran into a hell of a time playing larged sized characters out in 3.5. Mechanically, it just gets out of hand in a hurry.
It's a fun roller coaster ride isn't it.
Not really. More often than not, ended up splitting the part between characters that could fit in a space and those that couldnt
@RandomDudeWithAKnife The only "grimoire" I know of is in Out of the Abyss where it is a... ritual book...?
7:44 PM
2 words. TNT :), kobold den goodbye
@RandomDudeWithAKnife trinitrotoluene is one word.
at least the entrance
@DavidCoffron Going by the English definition, a grimoire could be a standard wizard's spellbook, or even a folder full of scrolls
@GcL I always though TNT stood for T* Nitroglycerin T*
@MikeQ How about a sheaf of blueprints for building a sky scraper in Manhattan using cold riveted girders with cores of pure selenium?
7:48 PM
@GcL Umm... Are they architectural or mystical blueprints?
@GcL That's the ghostbusters grimoire. Great choice for exorcisms.
@MikeQ Also for pulling in and concentrating spiritual turbulence.
do I add my proficanciy bonus to attack rolls with a pact of the blade weapon?
That's my recollection. Pact of the Blade gives you proficiency with yours
7:53 PM
even if it was something like a great sword?
Yeah. I think you get to pick the form.
"You can choose the form that this melee weapon takes each time you create it."
I did include the link.
By default, you can choose any melee weapon and you're proficient with it while you wield it.
Also, you can bond magic weapons or something of that nature.
Don't recall the details of it, but useful if you find a neat magic weapon that nobody else is proficient with or wants.
7:55 PM
If a halfling warlock summons a great sword, how are attackrolls done with it?
what do you mean
with disadvantage?
I think, in effect, you have proficiency (pact weapon). You don't have greatsword proficiency because your pact weapon is a greatsword, you only gain proficiency with your pact weapon.
@RandomDudeWithAKnife d20 + proficiency + str to hit. weapon damage + str for damage. I think.
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Add strength, add proficiency, add any other modifiers, then roll with disadvantage
7:56 PM
I don't recall if the pact of the blade has a thing to swap out your CHA bonus for STR.
no, that's hexblade specific
@GcL Pact of the Blade, no.
I think the point is that a greatsword is too large for a halfling to use, it is heavy
There's nothing stopping you from using a longsword and saying that it looks as big as a greatsword though.
so is a greataxe, that don't stop dwarfs, thier the same size as halfling, same hight, idk why dwarfs are medium size.
7:58 PM
Because while they're short, they're rather stocky.
dwarves are not the same size as halflings
@RandomDudeWithAKnife beards probably.
Because in D&D lore, dwarves are larger than halflings. They're like three-quarters-lings, or two-thirds-lings.
"Dwarves stand between 4 and 5 feet tall and average about 150 pounds." "Halflings average about 3 feet tall and weigh about 40 pounds."
to me thats pushing it
8:00 PM
Also, greataxes have a long shaft with a big bladed head at the end while greatsword hilts are generally shorter with a longer blade. But that's a bit orthogonal, I think.
pushing what
@RandomDudeWithAKnife A 150 pound dwarf could totally push a 40 pound halfling.
No one ever talks about fulllings
[conversational frustration]
@goodguy5 and nobody like doubling gangs.
8:03 PM
I do
@goodguy5 That's because the triple l trigraph looks ridiculous to us linguist enthusiasts
@goodguy5 That's because the textile industry has moved abroad and so we have little interaction with the industrial portion.
@RandomDudeWithAKnife I don't follow. That's how dwarves are in D&D. Comes from the tolkien I think (where halflings are based on hobbits afaik)
Halflings were actually just called Hobbits until they got a cease and desist
@goodguy5 You can order a whole race to cease and desist calling themselves something?
8:06 PM
You can certainly tell other races to stop calling you something.
@goodguy5 How did that work for the drow?
@goodguy5 Incidentally, that's actually why a halfling's base speed is 25 instead of the average 30 for Men.
@DavidCoffron Apparently you can order hole races to do so.
@GcL claps
Because they're Hobbits, they hobble.
8:07 PM
@Yuuki Then why are gnomes slow too?
@DavidCoffron They don't gnome where they are going half the time?
@DavidCoffron Because they have make sure they leave no trace of themselves behind.
Hobgoblins:Goblins = Hobbits:Bits
"Gno mes(s)" after all.
@Yuuki You most be a yoga master, because that was one heck of a stretch ;)
8:09 PM
@DavidCoffron Those giant snakes with human heads? I thought those didn't make it out of 3.5
@GcL No that's a naga master. A yoga master is a little green space muppet who has wizard powers
@MikeQ No that's a yoda master. A yoga master is an adept seamster/ress with a knack for Roman garb
@DavidCoffron No that's a toga master. A yoga master is a series of exercises performed at rapid speed.
@Yuuki (I think we have no idea what that word is; does that mean you win?)
@Yuuki dunno what that is, but I think you're thinking of the person who is awesome at cooking the golden middle of eggs.
8:23 PM
@Yuuki No that's a zumba master? A yoga master is an exclamatory genius at the start of a South Korean music sensation's refrain.
It's "yoga faster".
@Yuuki Oh. xD I never made that thought
I made the big brain "change the second word instead" play.
But I guess zumba master works too.
@DavidCoffron No that's a yolo master. A yoga master is someone who's really good at making that mate drink.
@GcL Oh! you reminded me I was thinking of "Oppa" master, but you were definitely thinking of yolk master, and then "chug!" master. A yoga master is an elite spring-rigged pole bouncer
8:33 PM
@DavidCoffron That's a pogo master. A yoga master is a person dresses in festive gear and listens to children's wishes for Christmas.
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Only if you are a very creative bard
@RandomDudeWithAKnife In what sense?
It's an instrument of flavor infusion for cooking.
It's an instrument of culinary doom for those allergic to eggs.
@DavidCoffron I can imagine a bard using mayonaise as an insturment. Expecially if that bard was an ogrillion.
Or half-ogre.
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Provided that the cavity is hollow, I'm certain that you could store a jar of mayonnaise within a guitar-playing Treebeard.
8:36 PM
@Yuuki That's a Santa master. A yoga master is a teacher of breath control, meditation, and special procedure involving postures with a goal for better health and relaxation
(to close it out since other topic)
eardrums echoing in the deep
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Is this a percussive instrument, or a wind instrument in this case
And if the former, hitting something with mayonnaise, or hitting mayonnaise?
And if the latter, are we blowing into a mayonnaise jar, or blowing mayonnaise flavored flatulent?
Rephrase: Is the common house hold item, consitisting of eggs and many other things, known as mayonaise, a tool suitable for producing various hormnous sounds known as music?
Oh, I thought the question was whether mayonnaise could be "in (a) strum(ming) ent".
@RandomDudeWithAKnife By itself, no.
8:39 PM
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Ugh... with kids these days who knows?! I can't believe the infernal racket they call music. /S
@Yuuki ... treefolk, not ents.
@RandomDudeWithAKnife I love the internet: news.avclub.com/…
With the right alchemy and spells, I'm sure someone could craft a musical instrument out of mayonnaise
@DavidCoffron Were those oil the puns they could make? Just a singular "egged on"?
Someone needs to whip that article writer into shape, preferably stiff peaks.
@Yuuki Or turn it into a dressing down
8:42 PM
Lemon me know if the AV Club is hiring because I mayo be able to do a much beater job than their current staff.
Mayonaise IS an insturment as David said with that wonderful link.
I like how their tagine is "Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed."
@RandomDudeWithAKnife that's mostly the jar being the instrument.
Now what about horse raddish.
@GcL Although there is the possibility of using it as a drum I guess.
8:43 PM
@GcL mostly but not all
If a player came to me asking to use mayonnaise as an instrument, I would probably allow it if and only if they have proficiency in cooking utensils to make mayonnaise of euphonic consistencies (got to have the right tuning for your condiments)
@DavidCoffron If you forced them to make their own mayo it could have some sick breaks.
What about symphonic eating? That would be kind of fun. Crunching different foods to make different sounds? That's a performance I would watch
ASMR bard?
@MikeQ Every spell is "sleep"
8:47 PM
Why are bardic pursuits all auditory? Why can't a person wow someone with the visual or, in the case of mayonnaise, the gustatory?
@Yuuki The histories of the famous mime bards were all written in invisible ink on invisible pages of invisible books.
Also, they were all killed by ents
So in that sense their presence was logged... briefly
@GcL And then they were logged. In another sense.
@DavidCoffron That's a performance my gf would burn with fire! She hates hearing people eat!
@BlackSpike And that's what happened to those same logs (@Yuuki)
@Yuuki In a 5e rules sense:
> Bards say that the multiverse was spoken into existence, that the words of the gods gave it shape, and that echoes of these primordial Words of Creation still resound throughout the cosmos. The music of bards is an attempt to snatch and harness those echoes, subtly woven into their spells and powers.
Music is able to capture the promordial words of creation which can be woven into spells and powers.
But then the College of Swords says:
> Blades perform stunts such as sword swallowing, knife throwing and juggling, and mock combats.
Q: How can I make combat with a lot of summoned creatures quicker?

DovetailedI currently GM for a level 13 D&D 5e group of 5 players. Recently combat has become heavily bogged down, primarily because the party has discovered their new favourite ('Death by a Thousand Cuts') trick of Crusader’s Mantle + summoning every possible creature they can. Between, potentially, the 5...

8:59 PM
so maybe it doesn't have to be musical performance to tap the words of creation
@DavidCoffron Well, chefs say that the multiverse was cooked into existence, that the pots and pans of the gods gave it shape, and the taste of these primordial Flavors of Creation still linger throughout the cosmos. The recipes of chefs are attempts to capture and harness those tastes, subtly woven into their ingredients and haute cuisine.
@Yuuki Touche
You could probably make a bard subclass along those lines of a different type of performance. College of Swords gives:
At the very least, bards and chefs would share two spells: tongues and vicious mockery. Although for chefs, the latter spell does more damage if the target is not in possession of any lamb sauce.
> If you’re proficient with a simple or martial melee weapon, you can use it as a spellcasting focus for your bard spells.
@Yuuki Does it count if the lamb for the sauce came from conjure animals?
@DavidCoffron That's one of the spells on the chef spell list, so I imagine so.
9:05 PM
@Yuuki I'm more interested in the weapon proficiencies. After all a chef's tools are no simple thing.
Well, you'd get a trident proficiency.
Swords are really just big knives.
Clubs are big spoons.
Alternately, big pestles.
You got a whip proficiency for those meringues.
Pikes because no good chef doesn't know their way around a fish dish.
@Yuuki They don't trust bartenders and for good reason; a sinister secret organization among them, the Nightcaps, are constantly trying to find the recipe for the drink to give the universe to put it to bed.
9:23 PM
@Yuuki gross messers are big knives, but kind of short for swords.
Could a butcher have a higher proficiency with cleavers and fillet knives and say they are a specialist butcher who when younger was intrigued by the legend of Boosh so now is a butcher named Gregg who when in battle with larger foes wields his special holy Great Cleaver of Funkiliciousness
9:42 PM
@Upper_Case From conversations with a friend who works with him professionally: it was 9/11. Something went screwy with how he processed/understood that.
@nitsua60 I got the impression his homophobic views were more long standing than that.
@Yuuki And at higher levels, a chef bard could plane shift to Flavortown
@MikeQ class specific spell: Emril's Exclamation. Vocal component: "Bam!" Material component: pinch of seasoning.
@GcL but what about the Spice Weasel?
@G.Moylan Ha! The flavor bard's equivalent to a space hamster?
9:58 PM
@GcL I'd say yes. See also: Futurama
@nitsua60 I'd not heard that before. He wouldn't be the only one, but it's very unfortunate. Diving into hard right conspiracy theories and (seemingly) losing a lot of the creativity and empathy that characterized a lot of his earlier works... it was very depressing and upsetting to me. I hope he's personally doing better now, but I don't think I can brush past all of that
Q: Does the Be Nice policy require SE users to "be nice" to people who are not SE users (e.g. public figures)?

NullI've seen users remark that it is not a violation of the Be Nice policy to insult people who are not SE users -- i.e. that users are only required to "be nice" to other SE users. Usually this is stated in order to excuse insults made toward public figures (like politicians). Is that true? Does th...

10:37 PM
@GcL That probably is, but the extent to which they entered and featured in his writing...? But I'm not an expert in it--I don't think I've read anything post Ender's Shadow.
10:58 PM
Transit update! IF the union vote tomorrow goes well, and IF the vote by council on Friday goes well, we get buses back Saturday.
11:11 PM
11:33 PM
I am still super wearing my skepticles but we shall see
@Ash Skepticles, they're like if you wore rose-colored glasses but the complete opposite of that!
Anyone seen Vrofarihm in chat recently?
@BESW yes! I was looking for that image because that's totally how I feel.
11:41 PM
Skepticles, wondrous item. Once per day, you may choose to add 1d4 to any Will save after rolling.
Resistance cantrip but worse cough cough
Skepticles, the lesser known and more philosophically minded brother of Pericles.
@RandomDudeWithAKnife I had considered just making it the legendary resistance feature.
If anything, it would help save Will so he doesn't get too hurt
@MikeQ "High five." lol
anyone ever played a "gifted" aetherborn
at least I think its called a gift
Could be Planeshift Kaladesh. The google says that aetherborn were introduced in that MtG block.

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