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12:08 AM
Can any of you try to log into GiTP? it's been slow the last few weeks, and now I can't open it. Not sure if it is me or the site is having trouble. Timing out.
It is glacial for me too, so it's probably on their side
@KorvinStarmast It's more of a financial problem. Military-grade equipment requires military-grade upkeep. And mine-resistant vehicles tear up pavement because they're so heavy.
Your average sleepy Midwest town doesn't need that sort of hardware and they generally can't afford to maintain that sort of hardware.
12:25 AM
@Yuuki not gonna disagree about small town finances. nor roads.
Spent tonight's Session putting our Rolemaster PCs up a level! We are now level 4!
12:52 AM
@BlackSpike would you care to answer the role master question on main site? I have to recuse myself from that one ...
This one to save you searching
@KorvinStarmast Will take a look ...
OK, while the OP is specifically talking about RM, it is a generic PC vs PC Social-Skill question, and "does a High Skill mean the Player is Right?" question ...
I'm not writing an answer tonight, but will try to craft something ... but will be along the lines of "make your roll, the GM will describe the results" ... and "The whole table can discuss the ideas, and then say that In-Character, it was the High-Tactics PC that thought of it"
We have a Loremaster PC, and the player often spouts utter tosh ... we have to glance at the GM, with a "Really?" look, and get them (the GM) to describe the actual situation ...
"Dwarves, you say? Oh yes, <I have Dwarf Lore +64>, they are tall folk, with little care for monetary gain. Flighty and mischievous, they shun armour in favour of graceful, dance-like manouevers!
There is a play-style that suggests the GM should adopt the <High Skill> Player's plan. If Mr High-Tactics says "Put the archers at the front, heavy infantry on the flank, for a counter-attack!" then it is in the spirit of Having Fun that the Player is Right. It's their PC, Thay have the High Skill. Run with it
"I roll Leadership to tell other PCs what to do" ... must be previous discussion on such matters?
1:41 AM
We had a Scene tonight, where we have a religious icon (a shard from a Stained Glass Window) embedded with a Spell. We want to cast the spell, but it is 6th level, and we are only 4th. Rolemaster allows us to Overcast like this ... but with huge penalties ... it is a Channeling (Divine) spell, so once we have persuaded the magician (Essence) that maybe he is not the best to try, we (OOC) add up some numbers, and my Healer is better than the Paladin. So I get to try.
But In-Character, it is the Paladin trying to "convert" me to his particular branch of the Faith, by "allowing" me to use the Icon, under his "supervision".
2:08 AM
@BlackSpike what I see going on is the new player trying to trample all over the agency of this person's PC, and the rest seem to like to roll play more than role play, but that is part of why I am recusing myself.
In my experience, unless the group has already decided on a PvP style, introducing "my player makes you do that" as a thing is disruptive, at the least, and in this case, particularly given the group 's previous two years were not like that, this is a change in play style that has been somewhat forced on the player, and maybe on the group.
@BlackSpike app idea: In card games, it's impossible to play with people online, because there's no way to accurately share the deck without some form of double-handling
So i came up with an idea - you take a photo on your phone of the card, then the app places it "in you had" (on your device), then on the other end, it also shows the card, but numbered in it's position.
So you have 5 cards in your hand, and the rest of us see "1, 2, 3, 4 & 5"
Then, the dealer places the card in the appropriate position on the table.
When you choose to play a card, you tap on the photo of the card you want to play. It shows up on the dealers end as playing "Card #3", so they pick up the corresponding card and play it
2:30 AM
@KorvinStarmast It does look like that. Hence my opening and closing comments. It is a question about PvP using PC social skills. it's not system-specific
@Ben intersting idea.
@Ben It is difficult to play with "real" cards. But Apps can have Virtual decks
Saves the whole "takign a photo" business ... just have a Database of cards, allocate to each player as appropriate
@BlackSpike Yeah, it depends on what game you're playing though
Maybe that can be part of the app. In your own time you can build your own "virtual deck"
@Ben if you want a "remote player" in a "real" game ... I can see how that can be arranged/programmed ... as you say, depends on the game
Some games use multiple decks, some board games use cards as part of the game, etc
@Ben with a "real" Dealer (GM?), handling the actual cards, a Remote Player can use camera to see cards, click appropriately, have GM do phyiscal activity (reveal cards, discard and draw, etc)
@BlackSpike exactly
2:38 AM
I used to watch a show called "Late Night Poker". (as with several poker shows) it had under-table cameras, so the Audience can see people's hands, with out revealing to Players. Players had to put cards in specific "slot" on table.
Easy to "remote" that. "play Card 1" <click>
(not that I know how to do linked apps yet. I just do single, one-phone, independant apps)
Well you're still ahead of me lol
@KorvinStarmast Unfortunately, it sounds like one player (OP) is not happy, while the rest of the group is ok with the situation. As always, the #1 Answer is "Talk to th eplayers at your table"
@Ben lol
I've done a little bit in Xamarin (android c#)
@Ben never did much C
Apps have taken a back seat for now ... I make chain mail now :)
But I should learn how to make a multi-player game
@BlackSpike yeah, read you five and five
2:51 AM
ok, long past bed time.
see ya'll on the flip side
@BlackSpike ciao!
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4:05 AM
Q: What are the balance ramifications of always preventing creatures from taking reactions before their first turn?

AndrendireI've recently been toying with some rule modifications to 5e's Initiative rules in an attempt to resolve the rule/reality inconsistency where a player "gets the jump" on a monster, but the monster is able to act first via a Reaction. The rule changes I'm considering is the following: A creat...

Q: Is this homebrew trident weapon and associated feat balanced compared to the published weapons and Feats for Weapons?

qazwsxCurrently, the martial weapon trident is strictly inferior to the simple weapon spear. Here is my homebrew fix for it: Trident (Martial Meelee Weapon) Cost: 15 GP Weight: 5 lbs Damage: 3d4 piercing Thrown (0/15), Heavy, Two Handed, Special Special: This weapon can be wielded w...

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8:47 AM
Q: So long and thanks for all the fish

Sardathrion - against SE abuseDue to this farewell and associated persistent abusive behaviour from SE, I will no longer participate in any sites until such a time as SE becomes less abusive. My thanks go to all users of this (and other) sites, all the best.

9:22 AM
good night, all
remind me later today to stop procrastinating on making my BG:DiA bard character
10:10 AM
10:26 AM
Is there anywhere I can type up my full character backstory and have someone look it over to help me figure out what class he would be and flesh out a few more questions I have?
@Bradley You can use something like drive and post a link to it here for example
Hmm thanks Sdjz I haven't ever used drive before but I like that idea.
11:07 AM
@V2Blast hey future V2, stop procrastinating on making your BG:DiA bard character
the beauty of pings
I wake up to pings sometimes probably just because of timezone differences
that'd do it
2 hours later…
12:47 PM
@BradleyLindsey google docs lets you do that. You can also post it at the Giant in the Playground D&D 5e forum; you'll get responses there for sure.
1 hour later…
1:50 PM
I see the mass exodus has begun. I wonder how many high rep users will just steal away silently, rather than post farewells. :(
I'll be legit annoyed if any of the people I have regular discourse with in here do it. I don't name names, but you know who you are.
Also Rubiksmoose, because I won't have anyone to downvote
@goodguy5 Oh, that reminds me. Gotta go give @Rubiksmoose my daily random downvote.
2:09 PM
oh yea! me too!
@JohnP are they deleting their accounts, too?
@NautArch A few are, some are just leaving. Monica has officially left, and Sardrathion posted on meta here and martial arts that he's also leaving the network. There is another high rep user on Fitness that has silently departed.
Not that I want folks to delete the accounts, bu tleaving behind their contributions still helps SE. I guess it depends on their goals.
New character made it alive through last night's session!
@NautArch Deleting an account does not delete their content. All that happens is that the user name becomes an unlinkable anonymous account - "Userxxxxx" or similar.
@JohnP ah
this question isn't really designer intent, right? Or is it?
2:22 PM
Goes back to the license, you agree that any content you create on the network belongs to the network.
@JohnP Not quite, it's licensed to the network. The distinction is important if you eg. want to exercise IP rights to content you've submitted to Stack Exchange elsewhere.
@kviiri True, that is a fine distinction. But it doesn't give you the right to summarily go through and delete all your content (aka "rage quitting")
@JohnP Yep
@JohnP well, you've got the right to do that, correct? But the content remains and someone just has to go back and unwind it.
@NautArch It's somewhat debatable whether it really counts as "deleting", as no data really disappears from public distribution
2:32 PM
> Under the terms of the CC license we (apparently!) grant on posts, you can't demand it be removed as the license is irrevocable, but you can ask for your attribution to be removed. The post is then no longer associated with your identity.
@NautArch No, not designer reasons. Seems to be asking about how a seeming contradiction in lore cropped up
@KorvinStarmast Okay, that was the other interpretation I was leaning towards.
But does lore talk about alignment and sourcing for it?
I prefer the 5e decision to make them somewhat mad and chaotic, but that's a personal taste issue
Or do we need to look at their descriptions and then try and match actions/description with alignments (which we also don't do here)
@NautArch Given that beholders have been around for a long time, there is bound to have been at least one dragon article on them, their origins, and their ecology ...
... but I think the asker may need to clarify what they are looking for here ...
2:34 PM
@KorvinStarmast I guess it's best to leave itu p and see if folks find and answer appropriately or if they start trying to analyze actions/descriptions and make their own assumptions on what alignment that 'means'.
Since the question looks to be scoped, or have its basedline in AD&D 2e, maybe the answer is how to track beholder alignment and then compare that to gods. Not sure ...
@KorvinStarmast I'm not sure about 'comparing'. That starts to get into trying to make assumptions or guesses. It's either they've covered it or they haven't.
If answers start to try and fill in the blanks, we're entering alignment opinions.
@KorvinStarmast You mean like this one?
Although I think that is more the morphology rather than the philosophy
@JohnP Yes John, like that. :)
I've gotta say, played my evocation wizard and it was fun standing behind an ally and blasting burning hands against two enemies.
2:45 PM
> "Though evil, they are prone to lawfulness as well"
@NautArch I mean, if that ally is a bear totem barbarian, it doesn't matter if you're evo or not
@goodguy5 Well, they'd still get hurt even if they're a bear totem barb.
but less
Just hurt less.
I didn't hurt my ally at all, and that was fun.
good job
I'm trying to mentally imagine the shape of that spell...
2:49 PM
cone of fire?
oh way, duh, you just went over, like a wave of fire crashing down
which I did on a ship.
next to a cannon
Sadly, the cannon wasn't loaded.
@NautArch the part where you removed the apex
@goodguy5 yeah, just cascaded over and around him.
I'm taking the long way home from work again
2:52 PM
@NautArch yeah, and thunderwave is fun to use from behind your allies as well. :)
@KorvinStarmast don't yet have that spell
There's a pair of authentically soggy acoustic pianos on a train station near-ish my office. (Not geographically near, but in terms of train travel time)
probably should have grabbed it
instead of featherfall
@JohnP From the same issue (Lenard Lakofka) As corny as it may sound, I believe the theme of the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® game system is the struggle between good and evil. It is a commitment to team action over individual play. Too often, an AD&D adventure or campaign is played as a me first game. This is quickly seen when the party tries to divide treasure, or the thief says that he is role playing when he keeps the biggest gem for himself yeah, grief players is an old story in D&D
@NautArch at some point, having feather fall will save your life.
@NautArch What I like about thunderwave is breaking up attacking formations of mooks, but your sculpt spell lets you do it around your allied.
I also like to use it to knock emenies off of ledges, walls, cliffs ...
@KorvinStarmast yeah, might have been a good call, but alas, too late.
maybe i'll find a spell scroll at some point
We're on a boat, so good news I have time to copy spells over from my previous wizard's book.
2:58 PM
@NautArch Are you going fast, man?
@Yuuki hehe
Do you have a nautical-themed pashmina afghan?
We were on a small transport-type ship carrying refugees and were attacked by a well-known pirate ship. We won and convinced (after a lot of difficult discussion with the DM) the captain and crew of the refugee ship to leave theirs behind and take the pirate ship.
It required a charm person, so things might get interesting when that wears off.
Charm Person, 6th-level transfiguration. On a failed Will save, target humanoid is transformed into a Tiny object and attached to a bracelet equipped by the caster.
@NautArch It might also get interesting when you get near port.
@Yuuki oh, definitely. But we can run our original colors up.
but we figured travelling in a better shape with cannon was the safer option.
and maybe even get a reward
3:09 PM
@NautArch yeah it's not like pirates were known for flying false colors
the other big problem is one of our party pushed a friendly sailor overboard during the fight.
captain pretty unhappy with that
@NautArch on purpose?
but yeah, i fully expect to be attacked, but it'll be pretty obvious we're not the famous pirates who had that ship.
You should let him know that you were walking there. Preferably with a really strong accent.
3:10 PM
@KorvinStarmast yeah. Our int 3 half-orc fighter.
Short sounds like a fun group
... is it even legal to dump a stat that hard?
I thought 8 was the lowest you could go for PCs?
@JohnP @goodguy5 aw thanks downvote buddies ;-)
@Yuuki stats were 3d6 straight down the line
@NautArch o7
3:13 PM
@Rubiksmoose Buddy is half of a word ...
@Rubiksmoose We do it out of love, brotha. (or whatever gender identity pronoun is appropriate here).
@KorvinStarmast buddy ol' pal?
i'm not your pal, chum
@KorvinStarmast Buddy... Christ? imgur.com/gallery/T8Zit
@JohnP <3
3:18 PM
@Rubiksmoose uh, it's an old joke that I learned in the Navy, similar to the old joke that "mother is half of a word" ...
@KorvinStarmast ahhhhh I gotcha lol
3:41 PM
Has anyone tried to apply the "Darths & Droids"/"DM of the Rings" template to Game of Thrones?
Because I feel like there's a severely untapped market out there if they haven't.
Something I appreciated about Darths & Droids is that it wasn't just riffing off of the movies, like "haha the prequels but we replaced the bad dialogue with worse but funny and referential dialogue", but they actually wrote a completely different storyline.
3:54 PM
hmm, debating strategy. Think this is stackable "is it more efficient with a wizard with 11 Dex to use mage armor+shield or mirror image+shield. Or something else?
@NautArch Anything is stackable. Reception, however, is not guaranteed.
@JohnP spheres
@NautArch I mean, that could be part of your question, whether they're stackable or not.
nevermind, it's going to be mage armor. just frustrating that the difference between getting hit and not at AC 13/10 seems like i'm most likely to get hit anyway.
4:05 PM
@NautArch but, yes, I would say that's stackable
but incorporating shield can be a big difference maker between 15 and 18.
but that's burning two 1st levels. as opposed to needing to use a 2nd before or at start of a fight to get mirror image upl.
Can wizards hold shields? (I know you mean the spell)
@goodguy5 Not while also casting spells
@goodguy5 Depends on their Strength score.
ah, okay. I always forget 5E's rules about non-proficiency
4:06 PM
Q: What is the point of a shield proficiency?

enkryptorPHB describes the downsides of wearing an armor you are not proficient with: Armor Proficiency. Your class gives you proficiency with certain types of armor. If you wear armor that you lack proficiency with, you have disadvantage on any ability check, saving throw, or attack roll that invol...

@NautArch mage armor lasts way longer than mirror image and doesn't require concentration, so even if you got marginal benefit from mirror image it is still likely better to use mage armor
@DavidCoffron Yeah, but the AC of 10 vs 13 desn't seem like it'll be much of a difference maker.
@NautArch ......... Slides into your DMs 'sup.
@Xirema hehehe
hello elemental plane of math
i mean @Xirema
Without actually checking the math though I think that instinct is correct: 10→13 can be nice at early levels, but once you hit tier 2 of play it's pretty inconsequential.
Now 15→18 on the other hand... much more valuable. Mage Armor is very powerful if you have a good DEX score.
4:13 PM
@Xirema and we're basically there. DM hit the party with a DC 19 spell save effect (slow)
@Xirema yeah, I can start pumping dex with ASIs, but it'll take awhile.
may not really be that viable.
i'm honestly not sure what i'd be putting ASIs into right now. Most likely CON/resilient CON.
if i'm gonna get hit, may as well do what I can to increase my HP pool and help keep my concentration spells going.
Without spell slot consideration though, here's the table:
@DavidCoffron i'm not totally clear on how to read that
Mirror image is much better during the three attacks it can prevent, but mage armor might prevent like 30
@DavidCoffron thank you :)
@NautArch It has the chance to hit for different to-hit bonuses and then the comparative column is how much better it is than casting no spell
With low Dexterity, once you get above +10 to-hit it is useless, and from +5 to hit onwards it is less than 25% better to have the mage armor
4:23 PM
So a to-hit bonus of 7 or 8 is probably what you want to base your expectations around for T2 play.
@Xirema So around 20% more defensible with mage armor
The upside to Mage Armor is the duration though. Even with the severely diminished returns, 8 hours is almost never going to fall short of a full adventuring day.
hmm, bringing me back to thinking mage armor still isn't that bad. reducing hits by 20%. The duplicates of mirror image could be useful if i'm upagainst something with a big modifier and I need to limit successful hits.
while shield still can help.
If you say you are doing 6 encounters per 8 hour period (based on adventuring day), and assume that mirror image protects you the only three times you get attacked in an encounter (and you can only have one or the other) then *mirror image's average divided by 6 yields 32%
So 1st level spell slot for 20% or 2nd level for an adjusted 32% (but more centered on one encounter for mirror image while spread-out evenly for mage armor)
@NautArch Just saw your questions, and only 2-4 encounter, but more difficult ones makes mirror image better (especially since as you said in comments, you can often avoid getting attacked more than 3 times by staying out of melee range)
mirror image becomes an effective adjusted defense of 65% per casting (concentrated around the one encounter), while mage armor diminishes quite a bit to around 6-12% (with harder enemies)
4:47 PM
@JohnP That article is currently pinned in the sidebar. 😏
I did not see that, and I looked. :|
Q: If a hidden creature attempts to attack another creature warded with the Sanctuary spell and fails the Wisdom save, is the warded creature alerted?

DrakeIf a hidden creature attempts to attack another creature warded with the sanctuary spell and fails the Wisdom save, is the warded creature alerted? If I'm wandering the woods as a monk with sanctuary and a rogue is chasing me, am I never gonna notice them until they hit me?

5:44 PM
Is there semi-popular fiction out there with vampires unable to be in the rain?
@NautArch Touhou has a vampire who can't be outside in the rain.
No wait, there's two.
@Yuuki But other vampires in the game can? Someone asserted in a comment that's a thing, and I just haven't heard of that.
Outside of single instance characters, is it something that is a semi popular known item about vampires (like garlic?)
@NautArch Not so much that as there are only two vampires in the game, I think.
@NautArch It's an interpretation on the weakness to running water, I think.
@NautArch Fiction? No. Video games? A few.
5:52 PM
The aforementioned Touhou and Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain
@Xirema 👀👀👀
Though I'm not sure whether they include rain as "Running Water"
@Someone_Evil There are a few that specifically call out rain, so I would guess no, but that's just a WAG.
@Someone_Evil @Yuuki THat table only lists rain under the two games you wrote about.
5:57 PM
Q: Can Sanctuary save our party from a wipe-out if I cast it on myself as a healer?

ET got homeCan Sanctuary save our party from a wipe out if I cast it on myself as a healer? I am playing in a campaign where our DM's creatures often deal high damage to our PCs and occasionally we run into a large mob. I want to know if I can cast Sanctuary on myself to deal with a wipe-out? SCENARIO:...

@KorvinStarmast I like the Sanctuary idea! GOnna talk to my cleric (also tempest) about it.
@KorvinStarmast Hol up. I can't affect an enemy during it? that seems...suboptimal.
@JohnP Your answer did address the question, but it felt a little indirect, like you were answering a different question, especially the line "So as soon as you miss, the magic fades from the arrow and it is normal." That doesn't seem to regard the permanence of the magic as a factor at all (which may well be your answer, but it could be more explicit).
@NautArch I think sanctuary is one of those spells that is played incorrectly often (at least that's the vibe I get anecdotally with many players trying to use it as a defensive spell while still attacking)
6:12 PM
@DavidCoffron It's a dupe anyway.
Evidently JC disagrees with my stance. :p
@JohnP then you're probably doing something right
although in this case, i think he's right
6:27 PM
@JohnP Oooooh. I just realized that I misread your answer entirely. Your answer did address the question proper
I feel like a fool
@DavidCoffron No worries.
Welp. Looksl ike my AC question is going to be closed as needing more details. But no one is asking for details :(
6:53 PM
@NautArch well, we did this before the errata, and our DM ruled that the control spells weren't attacks. I'll add that as a caveat.
@KorvinStarmast ah. :(
I always knew my general plan had to avoid being attacked, but the armor was to cover for when i failed.
Our sorcerer in our previous campaign had greater invisibility but stopped using it because it felt OP. I may not have the same reaction.
7:12 PM
@NautArch GI is awesome when you get it. Get it.
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, it'll have to be a common usage for me. Although once I get Bigby's hand, that'll also be a go-to.
@NautArch greater invisibility is definitely an excellent tool
@NautArch My favorite battle with GI was my nephew's rogue sniping with GI.
@KorvinStarmast My least favorite battle with GI had me sitting on the toilet for a whole day.
@Yuuki That would seem to be, perhaps, a universal experience. ;-p
7:29 PM
@KorvinStarmast Why INT for non-combat initiative?
@NautArch Because we figured that INT reflects also the quickness of mental processes.
@KorvinStarmast ah, i like it!
@NautArch Good lord, if you make it Cha the bard will never shut up. X^D
was thinking CHA at first, but I like the INT for that.
didn't 4e use that?
7:35 PM
@KorvinStarmast hahaha
(You will note that I said nothing about Paladins ...)
but there has maybe been, once or twice in the history of the game, a bossy paladin ...
thanks :)
i definitely wasn't a bossy paladin. I had some issues with bosses...
:53373357 howdy!
@FahimSultan Howdy!!!
7:41 PM
Mage hand doesn't require concentration, right?
@Yuuki for 5e, correct
So as a Gnome (weighing 40 pounds on average), you could theoretically reduce yourself and then fly via using mage hand to grab yourself by the scruff of your neck like a mama cat?
depends on starting weight?
@Yuuki I believe this has been asked before, possibly on the mainsite
8:01 PM
Looked it up, seems like nope.
Mage hand can't target creatures.
Q: Can I pick up a willing Tiny creature with Mage Hand Legerdemain?

Jeff NadorI play an Arcane Trickster rogue, and I'm a Forest Gnome, so I'm already Small, weighing in at 55lbs with my gear. I'm wondering whether, if I cast enlarge/reduce on myself to make myself smaller, I would be able to pick myself up with my mage hand and essentially fly with it while the spell is a...

@doppelgreener Thank you past doppel :P
@Yuuki What if the gnome sat in a paper box that weighs < 1 lb? Could you use mage hand to lift the box?
@Yuuki Yeah, I think it not being able to attack is actually the key thing here. It can't pick up the creature, because that's a grapple. and a grapple is an attack.
@NautArch I like the idea of a tiny gnome riding a saucer Silver Surfer style.
8:05 PM
@RedRiderX Or Link in a Fairy Bottle, a la Hyrule Warriors.
@Yuuki "Transfiguration"? Is this D&D or Harry Potter? :P
@V2Blast bleh, transmutation?
Yep, for D&D
Vampiric Touch, 1st-level transylvaniation.
8:52 PM
Ugh, I mention the reduce + mage hand combo in a group chat for fun and then later come back with the "can't target creatures" reading and then I'm the one being called an unfun rules lawyer.
Must .... Have ....
@DavidCoffron love your table
@KorvinStarmast Hm?
@KorvinStarmast ugh, I want to like it, but it's so gaudy to me
@KorvinStarmast Oh that one. I thought you meant my D&D table and was like, did I say something about my table?
alright. have a good night team. day's over
8:57 PM
@DavidCoffron Those were two separate thoughts. 1 was I must have glowing dice; sending a few to my nephew as we speak. And then, I read your AC table and loved it.
Your table for NautArch ...
@KorvinStarmast :thumbs-up: I'm cought up now
@goodguy5 nite gooddaddy5 :)
that's not how you spell that...
why are none of these right?
That looks so wrong to me
8:59 PM
Which is pronounced Hot in Welsh, I think. :)
If William falls off a building and you run to try to catch him before he hits the ground but you trip, would that be a failed Dex save or a failed Will save?
@Yuuki oof
I'm gandering to say yes, in sequence. William failed his Dex save, and you failed the Will save
9:15 PM
@KorvinStarmast WANT. Totally okay with the gaudy.
9:38 PM
@NautArch I think my nephew will appreciate it
I'll definitely support that Kickstarter
Be interesting to see how they handle weight
9:58 PM
So I'm looking to buy equipment for my character in our D&D 5e game but I'm not sure what all I should buy. I'm a rogue 5 fighter 1, I've got weapons, a shield, thieves' tools, better armor than default and no magic items are purchasable
any recommendations?
10' pole
50' of silkern rope and lots of healing potions. (They are for sale in the equipment list, basic rules and phb)
Also, healer's kit (and if someone in your group has the healer feat, so much the better)
Also, ball bearings.
And some caltrops
@KorvinStarmast That honestly looks amazing. And the creators answering questions in all the right ways
why the healer's kit?
@Himitsu_no_Yami More important if someone has the feat.
10:13 PM
nobody does
Too bad. As an action, you can spend one use of a healer’s kit to tend to a creature and restore 1d6 + 4 hit points to it, plus additional hit points equal to the creature’s maximum number of Hit Dice. The creature can’t regain hit points from this feat again until it finishes a short or long rest
In any case, it allows anyone to make a medicine check to stabilize a dying creature, and they get 1 HP rather than still be unconscious.
Just a thought.
hmm maybe. We both have Spare the Dying so the only real difference is them gaining HP and not being unconscious
10' pole!
Iron spikes
10:40 PM
Depending how nit-picky your DM is, you might want to specifically buy a bunch of 'minor' items such as spare sacks, bags and pouches, quills, ink and parchment (or wax tablets and stylus, or chalk and small board), bundle of twine
Well, @Akira_Kurusu, how nit-picky are you? (he's the DM)
Our current game is quite the opposite. We don't keep lists of "mundane" items. It is assumed we "kitted up" before heading out. If the GM is unsure if we could have got a specific item, he'll make a roll, or a ruling (example: I needed to block my ears, so not to hear something ... I said I'd use beeswax. GM said NO, so I had to use half-chewed bread)
uno momento ples
It is common in our games (Your Game May Vary) for people to pitch-in a few coins, and say "the high-STR PC is carrying a whole bunch of cheap-stuff we might need"
@Himitsu_no_Yami We're running on a simulator so it's real easy to add stuff to the inventory. If you don't stock up on something, you don't have it.
10:49 PM
one player will <paraphrased> glance at the equipment list, add it all up, say "If we get one of each, 5 of that-one, 2 of those ... I reckon that's about 165 coins. I'll put in 100, if the other 3 PCs will put in 33 each, call it 200, and we have all-the-things, and a happy shop-keeper
The question is still how nit-picky are you
@Himitsu_no_Yami I would take @Akira_Kurusu 's answer as "very". :) make sure to specifically buy the specific things! :)
back in the day, it was not actually defined what was in Thieves Tools ... several 3rd-party lists were made ... some useful, versatile stuff was mentioned, so became a catch-all must-have, even for noon-thieves! :)
Not sure what they say about it in 5e
> This set of tools includes a small file, a set of lock picks, a small mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors, and a pair of pliers. Proficiency with these tools lets you add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks you make to disarm traps or open locks.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Aha. Small set :)
@Himitsu_no_Yami might be worth glancing over other Tool sets, especially cheap ones, just to have some useful items :) assuming you can afford/carry them
Carry shouldn't be a huge problem I'm currently at 40 out of 150 lbs
@KorvinStarmast turns out in 5e at least it's no better than spare the dying
they just become stable
11:02 PM
Yeah, you need the feat for them to also regain 1 hit point
Camping Equipment (tent, blanket, fire-starter). Lantern+oil/torches. waterskins. Climber's Kit. Grappling hook.
That reminds me ... I forgot to pick up some beeswax! next time i'm in town ...
(My current Equipment list reads:
Mundane stuff as needed (definitely includes camping gear, herbalist tools)
Werewolf Ear
*No Beeswax*
Magic Glove
Magic Cauldron
At character-creation, I took a Training Package, that gave me a chance of having "Warm Clothing" (amongst other things). I botched that roll! So (despite the GM saying I can have basic stuff), I decided that I am under-dressed! It's approaching Winter, and I'm still in summer clothes!
I've since had time to buy socks, a heavy cloak and a hat, but the first couple of sessions, the GM is describing the frosty nights, cold winds, and I'm all "Brrrr! Can we get inside soon?"
11:43 PM
I sometimes wish us editors had a way to roll for initiative, so we don't try to go all at the same time
a git repo for every post
merge conflicts before pushing

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