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12:06 AM
Yup, PS: Kaladesh, as aetherborn has only appeared on Kaladesh
Looks interesting, but PS aren't default ok at my table and virtually noone else in my group is familiar with MtG, so haven't played it and probably won't
what does MtG stand for?
Magic: the Gathering
What about AtLotN, I aw that somewhere and have o clue what it means
It's currently in a starred message visible on the right side of this window
I know, it reminded me I saw somewhere else.
12:18 AM
Asmodeus the Lord of the Ninth
Read the conversation that followed that message for the rest
XtE, Xanathar's Guide to Everything?
That's the book, not the villain. Want another try?
8 hours ago, by Carcer
it might be "Xanathar the Eye"
12:36 AM
I have my own. LotSDtiD
Anyone looking forward to Explorer's Guide to Wildmounte?
1:17 AM
@NeutralTax whats that?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife The "Critical Role" campaign setting
@NeutralTax Not my bag. But it might make a good birthday present :)
@Black Spike, wat? Critical role? what that mean?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife "Critical Role" is a podcast of D&D, done by Matt Mercer and other actors.
They made their own "homebrew" setting, and are now releasing it as a Book.
Anyone want to take a guess at what LotSDtiD means?
Lords of the Shadow Demons then in Darkness?
1:33 AM
no, but your on the right path with fiends
any more guesses?
and yes, this is about dnd
"ot" has to be "...of the..."
"ti" is throwing me ... "it" is "... in the ...".
I don't really know this new-fangled version of D&D ...
well, your wrong about ti, but ot is correct
anyone else?
hint: its a villian
"They'll never guess it." I say under my breath, then what is heard is the sound of fiendish laughing coming from my mask as my glowing cobalt eyes glare across the room.
you have any guesses @NeutralTax?
"You have 2 hint cards." :)
1:50 AM
I'd like a hint on the ti
ti stands for "the iron"
* takes a hint card *
do both d"s stand for the same thing
complication. you have one collective guess, you fail and I unleash fireball. :)
you still have 1 hint card
hint card
whats the final d
* readys fireball *
Your hint in the form of question. Have you heard of The Iron Duke?
1:57 AM
Leroy of the Shaded Dynasty the iron duke
* Chuckles * "One guess," I say, "just one."
and you failed
umm where's the fireball?
"Oh here." I snap my fingers and the room instantly ignites.
*counterspell 7th level.
1:59 AM
anyway what did it stand for?
*Undos counter spell with wish.
Lord of the Second, Dis the iron Duke.
*counterspell 9th level
i just read that earlier
:) alter memories, lowest spell. HAHA you were defeated with the weakest spell ever. ALTER MEMORIES
there is a school bus driving down my street at 9:03 PM, wow
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Aha!
I disagree with Alter Memories being the weakest spell ever. That honor probably would go to Witch Bolt
2:03 AM
Q: Do ingested poisons have a taste?

Guillaume F.Do ingested poisons have a taste? Can they be identified as poison at the time of consumption? I know a Potion of Poison tastes just like a Potion of Healing, but I don't know how to deal with the other poisons listed in the DMG.

hmm... I suppose your right. "Mending cantrip"
Bonus round! "ttlon"
" readys fireball as a ninth level spell *
Can you capitalize that? gotta make everything internally consistent.
sure, Ttlon
Also how do you have 2 9th level spell slots?
you have 2 hint cards
Epic Boon of High Magic
im going to bed.
2:06 AM
i got nothing
So you don't spend all night wondering TTlon stands for the10th lord of nine
Anway The Explorers Guide to Wildmount is being officially published by WoTC. Critical Role previously published an campaign book, but this will be legal for adventurer's league. It also introduces a new school of magic.
The 10th lord of nine.
someone failed math
@NeutralTax New school of magic?
2:12 AM
still sure its not your cup of tea?
@NeutralTax Yeah, not for me thanks. But my gf will definitely be interested! (Although she is all "Critical Role is sooo Last Decade! Get with The Witcher, grandpa!" now! )
Honestly Witcher 3 is probably going to take as much time to play as Critical Role does to watch.
@NeutralTax Eeek! I'll never see her! :D
We did a few CR cosplays (and met them, at a ComiCon, for autographs). Now we're working on Witcher outfits ...
Who did you cosplay as?
She did Pumat Sol, and a mage-girl (with glasses and a big book). I did Victor (the gunpowder merchant).
We also did The Briarwoods
2:22 AM
"Learn from my mistakes."
Umm Noob question. Gonna feel stupid I know I am. What's Critical Role?
When they came to London, I was Merlin (from 'Excalibur' film). SamCR is a fan, and also Matt leaned over and gave us a "hey, Great Merlin costume! Love it!" <3
it's a d&d game done by voice actors streamed on twitch
"Critical Role" D&D podcast. Matt Mercer and other actors
Mercer voices Mecree from overwatch
2:24 AM
Ahh thanks guys.
I'm hoping to see them at Gen Con this year.
@NeutralTax Cool. They're in London again this year ... probably won't make it :(
I live in the city where gen con is so its not that big of an issue. Only thing i need to do is to catch up.
I think MCM learned a lesson when CR were guests last time : Some fandoms are fanatical!!
The Q&A was full-to-bursting, the autograph queues were right round the hall, it was mad!
We spoke to people who said they had missed their last train home, to wait in line for autographs and photos
We might get complimentary tickets ... but trains, hotels, etc all add up ...
But if Terry English is going to be there ... that's who I want to see again! :)
2:58 AM
OK, bed time. Read some Zacharia Sitchin.
Sweet dreams, y'all
Q: What does "CMV" in "CMV hypothesis" stand for?

indigochildWhile reading some of the archives of the Mimir.Net mailing list I encountered the "CMV Hypothesis". In short, it says: Under the CMV hypothesis, Eladrin, Guardinals, Asuras, and Aasimar are all one race; Aasimon and Archons are not. [Galen, 1999 archive part 3] After reading several post...

Q: How to create travel speed for homebrew vehicles

britbrodcastI'm working on a campaign where a giant forest covers the land where oceans should usually be. My party is going to have a vessel akin to a ship that will let them travel across this massive forest. There are 3 forms of transport: a ship that uses mechanical legs to walk on top of the canopy....

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6:09 AM
Q: In the Descent into Avernus adventure, all food and drink tastes bad when consumed in Avernus. How can we avoid this problem?

ThatGuyCidIn the Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus adventure, all food and drink tastes horrible to our characters when it is consumed in Avernus. If we eat or drink anything, we must roll to not vomit. Would there be a way around this, like destroying our taste buds? Is there a better way?

1 hour later…
7:10 AM
Q: Can a 17th level sorcerer kill all demons with Simulacrum and Wish?

AgentPaperInspired by the answer to this question about sunbeams, I realized that there may be a way to exploit Simulacrum to do basically anything an infinite number of times. Specifically, the course of action would be this: Be Xanar, a 17th sorcerer. At level 17 you chose Simulacrum as your new spell...

2 hours later…
9:20 AM
@RandomDudeWithAKnife An official book published by WotC for Matt Mercer's homebrew world of Exandria, and specifically the continent of Wildemount within it.
@NeutralTax It's not AL-legal, no. It's just an official WotC book. (The previous book was a third-party product by Green Ronin.) Also, dunamancy is not a new "school of magic", it's a new "source"/type of magic (like arcane/divine, apparently): twitter.com/matthewmercer/status/1222688374105919488
@BradleyLindsey A very popular D&D 5e livestreamed game/actual-play podcast starring a bunch of voice actors. It originated from their home game, which was apparently originally in Pathfinder? (Thus a lot of, uh, questionably ported magic items and Mercer's attempt to homebrew the gunslinger as a fighter subclass.)
on a different note:
10:12 AM
Q: What is up with 5e Yuan-ti pure blood life span?

CrescentThe 5e playable race states that they live about as long as humans in rare cases up to 120 years. But all the lore I can find on them says they live up to 2000 years. I am not to familiar with the D&D universe but did they retcon it in 5e or something? Sources These are not really hard evidence...

11:01 AM
Hey everybody, I'm writing down some ideas for the upcoming campaign i'm creating. I have 2 players that want to use Evil charactersand 2 other players that want to use Good characters. I'm thinking about creating a scenario where they HAVE to work toghether (like an evil mage link their soul togheter, and if one dies everybody dies for example). What are the problems I can expect in a different alignment group like this?
@MatteoDevi It depends more on the players themselves than the alignments of course, but probably the main issue you might have is players having a different idea on how much intra-party conflict people want
I recommend having a same-page discussion in session zero, and really discuss what kind of a game people want
I strongly recommend working with your group to pick the safety tool(s) best suited to your campaign. I personally use Script Change most of the time.
Nov 7 '19 at 21:56, by BESW
the Support Tools Compilation and Safety Tools Toolkit contain alternative calibration tool options.
@kviiri I would of course talk with them before to see if they agree on this. I need to come up with good ideas to let them bicker (wich I think they would like), but not fight.
I'd also consider talking with them about use Good and Evil as political rather than philosophical qualities, or even throwing out Good and Evil altogether in favor of a more nuanced approach to motive which can have the same broad effect without tending toward caricature and false binaries.
@BESW thanks a lot for the link. Very interesting
11:22 AM
@MatteoDevi You're welcome! The biggest consideration, I think, is making room for constructive conversations about what's going on at the table. Safety tools are a way to formalize that, which a lot of people find very helpful.
I've even started experimenting with embedding safety tools in my games rather than using them as system-nonspecific overlays, for example in Goblin Court.
@BESW I think the second thing is better
because Good and Evil have conotations already which I think we would want to avoid in this case
@trogdor I prefer it too, but I know a lot of people are attached to the alignment system.
that's fair
@MatteoDevi which game/system is this in? we gotta know what kind of Good or Evil we're working in
i'm guessing D&D, but different editions handle good/evil with varying degrees of mechanical weight to consider
e.g. if it's 4e, there's a lot we can do to altogether redefine alignments like @BESW mentioned
in the likely event it's 5e... i think it still doesn't matter most of the time? but you'll need to work with a definition of evil that is not the Chaotic Evil dude who wants to stab everyone everyone in their sleep, poison everyone he can't stab, and burn everything down Because My Guy Is Evil So That's What He'd Do.
11:36 AM
@doppelgreener Dnd 5-e.
capacity to work together over common goals, but struggle when the conflicting goals emerge, is awesome! but you will benefit from working with a version of those struggles which helps those differences brew new drama and push the game forward instead
2 of the players would like to do ruthless power seeking - characters that do not have problems with torturing or accepting a reward without the merit, but not murder-hobos. The other 2 are Paladins type character. Help everyone, do not expect a reward, with clear moral lines.
Yeah, in particular that "common goals" thing is a LOT better motive for working together than "the GM contrived a reason to force us together."
(V:tM often ran into that problem.)
@doppelgreener Good point.
@MatteoDevi extremely relevant:
Q: How do I play a paladin without being a stick in the mud?

ZachWhat are some tips for/examples of an epitome-of-good type paladin who does not disrupt the 'sinful' fun of the rest of the group? As an example of the type of paladin I'm talking about, one of the first and only 3.5 books I bought was the Book of Exalted Deeds, and I've used it as guide for how...

your group is going to need to take this advice to heart, because the common Paladin model of "my personal code of conduct also extends to all my associates at all times, and I expect them to behave as I would, and any failure to do so is an evil I must purge from them lest I or they suffer damnation or lest I lose my powers" will absolutely break down.
It already breaks down even in parties where everyone is generally Good, it will absolutely break apart and explode in a mixed good/evil party
it also means your evil characters can openly be inscrupulous, without having to always either sneak around or knock out/kill the paladins to do what they feel they need to do
lots of shows have casts where different people disagree over methods but overall can appreciate the outcomes, your group can draw on those for inspiration
11:47 AM
Nice, thanks for all the tips.
"Did you really have to stab his leg?" "Well, I got the information, didn't I?" "I guess????" "Well then, what are we still standing around for?"
Also, yep, common goals to work towards is 1000000% very important. The group has something specific every member wants to accomplish—for example, a mutual threat needs to go down—*and* these four specific characters are in the best position to do it such that they are not expendable and replaceable.
Common goals like that will smooth over many wrinkles and answer the question of "why don't we just split up because we hate each other?" or "why don't I just stab those other two guys and get on with it?". You might even have a situation where a good dude or an evil dude winds up rescuing the other from certain death, ultimately because otherwise their goals are imperilled, but maybe also because it's the right thing to do / they might actually like the other person a bit.
I also enjoy the old "we have different values but we're friends so we like to work together anyway" thing.
Because those questions and others like them will come up, and you need a reason for the answer to be "we still need to stick together and support each other".
@BESW Yes! That's really good.
Really, if this wasn't D&D, the whole thing would not be Good and Evil, but it would be a bunch of folks working together, some of which have methods the others don't agree with. (By which I mean, the bad guys shanking folks in the leg for information, the good guys insisting on sticking their necks out for people instead of moving on, etc.)
12:03 PM
D&D says that those differences have to come with a slice of cosmic warfare laid over the top, plus the guys who are a bit more morally grey are told they are now on the side that most visibly has a moral span ranging from Disney Evil to Literally Satan. That makes it a much more loaded and difficult situation to navigate. You gotta be aware of those issues and unload them so they're not in the way of a good game.
Since, y'know, the whole foundation of the alignment system was the game saying "the guys on this side can and should murder literally anyone and everyone on the other side of the cosmic war and take their stuff without any remorse."
When you lay that over the party, the game starts saying "some folks in the party can and should murder the other folks in the party and take their stuff without any remorse." And that's a problem.
So... that's gotta get acknowledged, spoken about, peeled away, and put away somewhere separate from your game.
(ping for @MatteoDevi just as an FYI that there's more still ^)
12:28 PM
12:53 PM
the paladin thing is a bit awkward because 3e basically mandated that the paladin doesn't hang out with people who don't adopt their values
"While she may adventure with characters of any good or neutral alignment, a paladin will never knowingly associate with evil characters, nor will she continue an association with someone who consistently offends her moral code."
@Carcer Yeah, and I think overall it was also a rather influential edition in shaping common conceptions of such things
certainly for my generation of players yeah
when I got into D&D as a teenager 3e was what there was
and that's an edition where the paladin also has the supernatural power to squint at you and know if you're evil
and is basically compelled to do that to anyone they associate with for fear of offending their own code.
@doppelgreener Wow! thanks a lot, really.
1:12 PM
is this question POB?
Q: How does Battle Master Push Attack Maneuver interact with ranged weapons?

Ted PwyllI want to create a Fighter who use Crossbow as his main weapon. By RAW, you can use Maneuver with a ranged weapon as long as it's not said that it need a melee weapon in its description. By RAI, I got some explanation on how the Maneuver function with ranged weapon. For example, the Trip Attac...

1 hour later…
2:23 PM
I have a D&D 5e wording question... the question goodguy5 just linked says this;
> By RAW, you can use Maneuver with a ranged weapon as long as it's not said that it needs a melee weapon in its description.
the wording's ambiguous (what is the "it" in each case? the ranged weapon?) so I want to revise it. Is this accurate?:
> By RAW, you can use Maneuver with a ranged weapon as long as the maneuver doesn't require a melee weapon.
that's fine
@doppelgreener Well it's more that other maneuvers require melee weapon attacks, but that one doesn't.
Because it doesn't have the more specific language, it can be used on other types of attacks.
@BESW @MatteoDevi I can second Script Change as excellent. BESW introduced me to it and we now use it pretty much for everything in my group.
@MatteoDevi In that session zero, I'd also be very clear to the group that the world will react to their actions in reasonable and expected ways. Doing evil acts that are noticed by others should have a response from the world. It's one way to let players be who they want, but also realize that their actions have consequences.
@V2Blast I didn't now that it wasn't AL, but pretty sure my dm will let me use it.
@NeutralTax use what?
3:15 PM
@NautArch ok, I'm gonna leave it unedited because i don't know what it's saying then :P
@doppelgreener I think it's fine as-is.
@NautArch Explorers Guide to Wildmount
@NeutralTax Ah. I' haven't read through it yet, but I'd just be open to adjusting mechanics after gameplay if they don't seem balanced.
Its not out yet.
that's a good reason i haven't seen it :)
thta's the critical role thing?
3:21 PM
which is weird, because there are so many houserules in that game. Be interesting to see how they bridge with the actual rules.
Is the 5esrd legit and accurate?
They came up with the naval rules question; they have (or at least had) some 3pp content not labeled as such, but I don't think they have any non-SRD first party up (don't know the legality of their 3pp stuff)
and i don't know if they've kept up with errata or if there any other issues that are known (like roll20 doing some grammatical changes that actually matter)
Yes, by my experience, SRD = Seldom Revised Documentation
k, it was this comment on this answer that prompted it.
3:36 PM
The spellcasting section seems to match D&D Beyond's version
i may just remove my upvote and move it to the other answer.
There was some case where the SRD and only the SRD had a specific errata. Might have been Extra Attack
I think that was critical hits, where the PHB was also changed, but that was not listed as errata
I have the memory of a dnd-5e question asking for justification for somatic only spells being more difficult to cast than somatic+material spells, but cannot find the question now. Anybody know it?
Q: Casting a Somatic, non-Material spell while holding a focus

ChowlettIn this question a side issue came up of whether you can cast a spell with Somatic components but no Material components while holding a focus in the hand used for Somatic components. My reading of the rules sees "A spellcaster must have a hand free to access a spell's material components--or to...

3:53 PM
@Someone_Evil Thank you!
4:05 PM
I don't know if any of you all get stuff from DriveThruRpg, but they're doing a charity bundle for AU Brushfire Relief
4:22 PM
@Rubiksmoose What's script change
Sep 12 '19 at 0:31, by BESW
> Script Change is a support tool that I really like, it's got pre-game and post-game elements as well but the core of it is these buttons which let everybody at the table take on a director role to control the game.
Fast Forward is for when there's something that we want to skip over, like we think a scene is ready to end but nobody's ending it, or there's a sex scene or a torture scene that we're gonna fade to black on.
Rewind is for when you wanna go back and do something over differently, like you realize your character would never have acted that way or things got darker than you're co
BESW says it better than I can :)
You can find the tool here.
5:08 PM
Character concept: "They're the worst best <class> I've ever seen."
5:52 PM
@Yuuki That's the best worst <idea>... :p
@Yuuki Like Don Quixote?
Maybe. "He's probably the finest jouster I've ever seen. Now if only he could stop having those windmill hallucinations."
I just took inspiration from a soccer match thread where one of the comments was "this player is so brilliant in finding open spaces but absolutely garbage at making those finishes, he's the worst good player I've ever seen".
Q: Can Hurl through Hell affect a Tarrasque?

AlphaStarHurl through Hell (HtH) is the level 14 Otherworldly Patron feature for a Fiend Warlock. The tarrasque is not resistant or immune to psychic damage, is not a fiend, and is capable of being teleported to another plane. HtH doesn’t cause a saving throw, is not a ranged spell attack, and works only ...

@doppelgreener that common paladin mode isn't present in the 5e paladin, as written, though some people do carry it over from earlier editions (the old AD&D 1e "won't associate with evil" bit is gone)
6:07 PM
Paladins tend to play better as "I'm going to be an awesome person and awesome things are going to happen to me. Less awesome people are going to see me being an awesome person and see that awesome things happen to me and that's going to make them want to be awesome too. Totally radical, dude!".
6:20 PM
Well, "better" in the sense of "less inter-party conflicts".
Which may or may not be your sense of "better" depending on the kind of game you want to play.
@KorvinStarmast that's my understanding as well; people will bring it in as baggage from previous editions if it's not checked
@Yuuki I like that mode too
"This guy is an asshole, but I'm going to stand up for him because he's my friend and I hope I sometimes inspire him to be slightly less of an asshole than he would otherwise be."
@Yuuki Seeley Booth from Bones.
@Yuuki That's a nice take on it. 2nd edition's writing didn't lend itself to that interpretation.
@doppelgreener Yeah... old school paladins were there worst. I read the 5e oath of vengeance paladin and immediate thought "Punisher"
I'm trying to remember whether it was Marvel's Thunderbolts (a comic series about supervillains pretending to be a government superhero team) or Leverage (a live-action TV about a group of criminals that decide to do crimes to help people that have been let down the justice system) that had this line: "that's the thing about being good, man, it just... it gets under your skin..."
White Collar has a similar premise. I suppose it helps to still be able to satisfy the adrenaline rush you get from thieving except this time, you're stealing a painting to give back to the family who was strong-armed out of their will by a private art museum collection.
7:00 PM
So, I've come up with a new saves macro for Roll20 that looks much better than the one I used before (and asked a question here about). It's formatted entirely differently and I wanted to share it. My question is should I add it as an answer to my old question or post it as a new question and answer it myself
Whereas the last one spits out "[charname] rolls a [[d20+mod]]/[[d20+mod]] for a [type] save!" the new one just outputs it in a format that looks identical to you rolling directly from the sheet
If it solves the problem you originally asked about then adding an answer is the way to go.
if I recall, the original question was asking how to format a specific macro (the old format) in a way that it only had to ask for the type once. This is formatted entirely differently
What @Sdjz said.
I'm guessing this is the question
7:08 PM
"I'm trying to create a saves macro for DnD 5e in Roll20 that asks for the type of save once and then specifies which save type it is." was the premise of the original question. Does your new macro do this?
Mmm yes. But also there was the expected output below it
I mean sure if you want to focus on the output then you could ask "How can I make a macro that asks for which save to use and then outputs something similar to what the sheet does?" or something along those lines.
Useful to still link to the old question
The way I read the initial question I felt it was more about the variables themselves than the output
7:28 PM
@doppelgreener One of the reasons that I like the Vengeance Paladin oath is that it allows for a bit of "avenging angel" play ... our first 5e group had a dwarf Vengeance paladin who kicked some serious butt ...
I like to map the Vengeance Oath to the "small steps hero" trope. The kind of hero who isn't willing to "look at the bigger picture" because sometimes when you're trying to look at the whole forest, you miss a tree here and there.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Do you need another macro? If I have time later I could help out again.
@MikeQ Nah, I made a new one that looks way better
I discovered templates
Templates are great. I usually leave them out of macros questions because I don't know if the player has access to them.
ie the &{template:simple} one
So, now this all-in-one macro prompts you like the old one you made did but the output is as though you clicked it on the sheet
the only caveat is that you have to save it as an ability not as a macro
7:42 PM
Well you could make it a macro that calls one of the other macros, based on which option the user selects
it's macros all the way down, man
The reason I need it as an ability is because of the HTML replacements
We have a token with a blank name in our games for players to use /em with since we can't /desc
We put abilities on it for global use
Yes, in case one of the characters is named "</div>" or "</html>"
The </div>ine Goddess, Ta</html>aya.
8:26 PM
So what's new in tabletop space? Any new epic tales of misadventure?
Union voted to accept the agreement! So now as long as regional council votes yes tomorrow, I get buses back Saturday! :)
@Ash ./
@Ash woohoo!
Pleasant Dream Jam got extended for a month!
@BESW oh, fun! If I remember right, I really liked the idea of that jam, and I can't wait to see what people do with it.
8:36 PM
Dec 29 '19 at 5:37, by BESW
Pleasant Dream Jam hosted by udernation, Dee Pennyway, Sascha Moros. Let these games be for those who are out of spoons, who aren't in a space to be emotionally taxed, who had a stressful day and want most to relax or indulge in fantasy.
I'm gonna submit Puppy Day.
@BESW Yes! I am super excited for this.
@BESW Heck yes, I think Puppy Day would work well.
Oh, hey, My Cat is an Oracle! I own that. I play it with Norbert sometimes. :)
(I think this jam is VERY my jam.)
can I get some people to look at that night hag question?

I'm not sure what parts (if any) need to be separated
quittin time
8:54 PM
@BESW ooh nice
9:14 PM
@doppelgreener I agree that the phrasing is awkward, but only because the sentence is in passive voice. I would say "as long as the maneuver's description does not require a melee weapon or a melee weapon attack."
> By RAW, you can use a Battle Master maneuver with a ranged weapon as long as the description does not say the maneuver requires a melee weapon or a melee weapon attack.
9:50 PM
@goodguy5 sure
So I guess it's finally come up: Re homebrew reviews, isn't "is this Xth level spell balanced?" and "What level should this spell be?" the same fundamental question?
@Someone_Evil Technically not, but only because "is X balanced" is technically a meaningless question.
But "is this balanced against other level X spells" is definitely a duplicate of "what level should this be".
10:05 PM
The specific question goes the other way, but that shouldn't matter
@V2Blast it's using too many "it"s where semantically the "it" refers to multiple different things not specified, but semantically every "it" is the ranged weapon
Would others agree that the edited version of this question should be asked separately (and the edit rolled back)?
Q: Can an item require Attunement twice to be used?

Smart_TJNOTE: This question has been entirely edited in regards to changes between Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron and Eberron: Rising From the Last War. The original question referenced a sidebar in Wayfinder's that referred to the Armblade and described how it could exist as a magical weapon specifically ...

@V2Blast Totally agree
@V2Blast does it make the accepted answer mostly irrelevant?
and/or basically not an adequate answer to that specific question
In particular, the question made sense with the UA/initial WGTE version of the armblade
10:17 PM
i suspect the answer is "yes", in which case the previous version is a completely decent question with a completely decent answer, and the new version can and should be asked separately and is not a revision/improvement of the original question but in fact a different question
But in attempting to ask about the final version, which removes the relevant bit, it kind of loses any actual example (instead asking about a sort of hypothetical method of combining magic items that I don't think there's any official rule for - which is probably what an answer would point out)
Alright, I understand. I'll roll back the changes and remake the question later here when I've got some time to do all that — Smart_TJ 1 min ago
all good :)
Q: Can the Actor Feat allow a character to effectively speak a language they don't know?

Gramor FaleI have a player in my game I'll call "Joe" running a Bard I'll call "Hansel." Hansel has the Actor Feat & does not speak Orc. Hansel listened to an Orc for 1 minute a few adventures ago, a 2nd PC taught Hansel one short Orc phrase, and I allowed Hansel to repeat the new phrase, in Orc, mimickin...

Am I right as interpreting this question as asking if it will let them mimick Orc convincingly to anyone who doesn't know Orc?
No, I read the argument the querent's player is making is that it will allow them to convincingly speak orcish to an orc
and it is ridiculous
I didn't not see that part of it
10:30 PM
This may go into an answer, but would a recording of someone speaking Swedish and the ability to remix it enable you to speak to a swede? And they might not like you too much if you just go "Hurdy-gurdy hurdy-gurdy" at them.
@Someone_Evil That's why you throw a "bjork" in there somewheres.
@Someone_Evil if you had a sufficiently large recording comprising most of the swedish language and you understood what it meant
which we also call "knowing the language"
@Carcer lol
Is the pen and paper tag on the side supposed to be broken
Probably blacklisted
Pen and paper doesn't make sense for us to have, because it would apply to any question that isn't about LARPing (which is very few question and there's a tag for that)
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@Someone_Evil You might be able to speak, but sentences equivalent to "equivalent speak able you might to sentences but be to" are not going to work out well for you.
i mean orcs can be pretty dumb
I imagine you could fool even the wise Grog Strongjaw with this.
I don't think I want to subject to what an orc would do if you spat garbled orcish at it
@NeutralTax He's a goliath, no?
@Someone_Evil Probably the same thing they would do if you spat anything at them.
Yeah he is
"Dumb orcs pretty be are can touchy but"
10:49 PM
@NeutralTax Chat tags aren't intended to directly connect to main-site content; they're there to help people understand what chat is about. We semi-regularly get people who think it's a space for CRPGs, so and were added to help with clarity.
I completely forgot chat has tags, and read 'side' as 'site'. Ignore what I said, obviously
And also, you can do things like .
When you mouse over it, it gets even more disapproving!
@Yuuki Box friend is not amused
Yeah, chat will apply tag formatting to whatever, regardless of its status on mainsite.
Probably because it's not worth it to poll the site to see if it's an existing tag to add formatting.
Aug 8 '17 at 22:28, by BESW
Woo! Time to make that tag.
And there's a whole conversation starting here.
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