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12:09 AM
@inthemanual That's the thing about babies, they have no concept of time. You think they're ready to go... but wait... nope, apparently it's nap time. Not doing anything for the next 2 hours.
In all seriousness though, congratulations! Is it your first?
Ahh such joy to look forward to :D
Are you suggesting the baby's napping in the womb, rather than coming out into the cold cruel world?
Whatever their plan, it's on their own schedule :P
12:29 AM
I have one of my own, so I'm not just spouting nonsense haha
I gathered
@inthemanual Congrats! :D
@Ben The two aren't mutually exclusive ;)
@Ash This is the best way to refer to that
12:32 AM
I can tell you this: you discover skills you didn't even think were real. Your feet will become extra appendages, smells that made you gag before will no longer bother you, your caffeine dependency will skyrocket and you will learn to take power naps anywhere and everywhere.
And there is no better feeling in the world than being with them :)
Oh, and the free pass on dad jokes is pretty good too haha
@V2Blast This is true lol
@V2Blast aww thanks lol I am kinda silly about it
@Ash Tosh! Silliness doesn't apply here. Haha
@V2Blast In this context it's great. Out of context is sounds like a weird loveless assigned marriage distopia.
Aug 24 '18 at 7:09, by Ben
I do enjoy the chaos of chat sometimes. Reading through parts of it with no context makes no sense whatsoever
Everyone line up and receive a husband. No exchanges, refunds or disputes.
12:40 AM
@linksassin You shall now be assigned a husband, selected by an algorithm that scans your state-assigned standardized test scores. Hail to the state.
@MikeQ No redraws, refunds or takebacks
I hope he's good at dealing with snakes. I'll do the cooking.
@BESW The cooking of the snakes?
@linksassin No, it's a restaurant that serves food to snake customers
12:43 AM
I've got a long-standing half-joke that whoever I marry, I'll do all the cooking so long as my spouse is the one who deals with killing the snakes that get into the house.
Marry one of the snakes, then they can solve the snake problem via diplomacy
@MikeQ Haha excellent. All the tables are warming rocks.
Brown tree snakes don't get diplomacy, they get death.
@BESW And/or spiders. Particularly valuable in Australia (Viewer discretion advised)
Anything with a stat block can make a roll to seduce
12:45 AM
Normally I'm all for catch-and-release on whatever comes into the house. Spiders, mice, geckoes. But invasive species that eat the local endangered populations get swift death.
@Ben Ah that tiny fella :) I love that they had to ban an episode of Peppa Pig in australia because it told kids not to be afraid of spiders.
@Ben Oh, yeah. We had some massive wolf spiders in our garage when I was growing up, and no rats.
@BESW That's a pretty fair policy.
Honestly, In that situation, I'd be happy to leave him be, just so long as he started paying rent.
@MikeQ This gets a star as the line that will be most confusing out of context.
12:46 AM
They were totally chill with us, but it was sometimes a bit surprising to open the back door and see a spider larger than your outstretched hand at eye level on the other side of the screen door.
"Oh, hi. I'll just go around the house the other way, shall I."
@linksassin yeeessss…. embrace the chaos
@BESW This is the exact response I have hahaha
@BESW Evidently there's an invasive snake species that hunts the indigenous birds, and thus all the bird's former-prey have multiplied
@MikeQ Yes, that's what I'm talking about.
See, this is where the Koala is actually smart: it has removed itself from the food chain, therefore allowing it to be as dumb as it is.
A while back they parachute-dropped a bunch of dead mice stuffed with aspirin, to try and kill the snakes.
12:52 AM
oh my
@Ben It also explodes when exposed to fire and lives in the bush in the most fire prone country in the world.... Not sure that was a good call.
@linksassin 6 of one... Lol
@Ben ...the other half-dozen are on fire.
And to be fair... what's more scary than a Koala?
@MarkWells That was a very kind way to say that. You, sir, are a gentleman.
12:55 AM
Most definitely a Koala on fire
@Ben How about a fire-breathing (and fire-immune) drop bear
@MikeQ You repeat yourself, sir.
@MikeQ [Hurriedly shushes you] Don't invoke them!
They are always listening...
Q: Does a Hand Crossbow with the Repeating Shot Infusion still require a Free Hand to use?

XiremaNormally speaking, a Hand Crossbow has the Ammunition and Loading properties. Respectively, these properties mean that A free hand is required to use the crossbow and load it with its ammunition, When making an attack, only one attack may be made per action, irrespective of any features like Ex...

Q: Can a stressful Wish's Strength reduction be cured early by a Greater Restoration spell?

Gael LCasting a stressful Wish has dire consequences, including a Strength reduction: The stress of casting this spell to produce any effect other than duplicating another spell weakens you. [...] In addition, your Strength drops to 3, if it isn't 3 or lower already, for 2d4 days. For each of those...

@Ben I didn't say they catch fire. They explode... Their diet has so much ethanol in it that they are literally small explosives.
12:59 AM
@linksassin Precisely. Who knows when the little fireballs will go off :P
@Ben Did your primary school have drop bear awareness drills? Always keep your hardhat within reach in bush areas.
@Ben "Exploding Koala Liquor"
@linksassin The funny part is that huntsmans are considered relatively harmless
@MikeQ That's because they are. They are very venomous but don't have long enough fangs to hurt people.
@Shalvenay People should really get consent from the koala before licking it.
1:01 AM
@linksassin Yeah. They had to step it up during the Great Migration of '97. They were getting close to heavily populated areas
@linksassin Relative to what, exactly, is left unspecified
@MikeQ I kept one as a pet when I was a kid. Turned out it was female. That escalated fairly quickly
@MikeQ White tails, redbacks, funnel web, trap and a bunch of others
@BESW are brown tree snakes edible, btw?
@Shalvenay ...if properly prepared... yes.
1:02 AM
@Ben Just because you can seduce anything doesn't mean you should
White tails are the ones you should be afraid of. They are tiny, like living in warm places like piles of clean washing, and are very deadly to humans
Though I have to ask ...why?
@MikeQ Tell that to the spider
Redbacks are also scary if you live in the bush. They like moving in to your shoes overnight.
@Shalvenay Technically I think they're edible, but nobody wants to.
@linksassin And power stations. 9/10 Ergon energy stations will have their "biggest" pinned to the noteboard
@BESW They're more adorable than Koalas
@linksassin I saw one that was as big as my palm, once.
1:06 AM
@Ben TBH I'm more scared of the small ones that you can't find.
This is true. It's the ones you don't see that ge you
The rule of the jungle
Whenever a non-Aussie hears about huntsmans, a redback laughs
@Shalvenay they are kinda stringy and gross looking, and people just hate them. I don't think anyone is interested in them as food
@MikeQ hahahaha so true
@Shalvenay I've seen references to attempts to make the snake a common food in the late 80s, but it never caught on and if the snake was tasty I'm sure it would have.
1:09 AM
@trogdor Hate is a strong word.
@Ben dude they are the worst, just the worst
You should see the birds they have killed
No one has any sympathy for these snakes here
On a scale of "invite them over for beers" to "make them pay for their own", they're only about a 3.
Which is to say "I'll shout you this time, but you owe me"
@trogdor You need to get some Kookaburras. Our birds kill the snakes.
@linksassin And then laugh about it.
@linksassin we don't have tough Australia birds, we have mostly small or beautiful ones that never saw a snake till one ate them
1:13 AM
A lot of our indigenous birds had ground-nesting habits.
@linksassin When you say "birds", are you referring to feathered dinosaurs?
Snake meat is a thing in Taiwan although I imagine it's one of those touristy things.
Yeah, there are some places that eat some snakes.
But brown tree snakes are so awful at being good snakes, they're probably bad at being good eating snakes too.
@MikeQ Nah, kooka's really are birds. Not like the demon-spawn cassowaries
1:16 AM
Most weird foods, I've found, are things that people used to eat but not really care for, only these days, they play it up to get tourists to spend money on dumb things.
@linksassin Jurassic park would be scarier with cassowaries
@Shalvenay Seriously, they can't even be venomous properly; their fangs are in the back of their mouths so they just sort of chew on you to work the venomous saliva into the wound.
@BESW they really do seem like just the lowest form of snake, other snakes probably eat them where they come from
@Ben Everything would be scarier with cassowaries. They are the stuff of nightmares.
@linksassin [takes notes for Don't Rest Your Head character]
1:17 AM
@linksassin Even the dropbears keep their distance.
@BESW nor can they be pest patrollers properly, those lazy bastards :P
@Yuuki that reminds me, maybe we'll have to try fixing up the alligator meat we have sitting in the freezer one of these days
@Ben We only survive in this country because they have yet to conceive of an alliance. I firmly believe that possibility is the reason we invented nuclear weapons.
@BESW In terms of venom-based evolutions, rear fangs are a weird development
@MikeQ Apparently they're a more primitive version of snake, that missed the "Hey, guys, fangs in the front are much better!" memo.
In the current meta I'd say they're a trap option
1:22 AM
@MikeQ I assume it makes them less likely to get torn out though. Plus less likely to waste venom
@BESW I just pictured all the snakes just grow arms to move their fangs.
1:34 AM
@BESW interesting
We didn't even know they were brown tree snakes, or that they were eating all our birds, until the mid 80s.
People thought they were rat snakes, and thought they were good to have around.
Then all the birds disappeared.
And when I say "all," I mean that there are entire species extinct. Other species only survive on other islands, or in zoos. The ko'ko' has only just now been bred in captivity to the point where it can be re-introduced to the wild on islands without snakes.
The snake population is somewhat controlled now, thankfully. But feral cats are a bigger and bigger problem too.
Oh god yeah the cats
Too many feral cats
All the cats
The Great Guamanian Cat Horde
there's a giant sign over Guam that says "Free Cats, Inquire Within"
No, no, don't free the cats, that's the whole problem!
@BESW :P what, you're against a cat giveaway?
2:01 AM
Are there any 5e people around who can confirm that one can't target a carried object with an attack? I feel like you shouldn't, but I can't find that.
Q: Can I attack an object that is being worn or carried by a creature during combat?

RuseSome enemies depend heavily on an object they wear or carry to be an effective combatant and so it may be advantageous to attack and destroy the object first, but I can't tell whether this is allowed. Can I attack an object that is being worn or carried by a creature during combat? For example:...

Thank you!
3:00 AM
Q: When Chaos Bolt leaps, do you determine a new damage type?

Erïch Jacoby-HawkinsI have a question about the damage type of a leaping Chaos Bolt (XGtE, p. 151; GGtR, p. 67). The first step of the spell description is rather clear as to choosing damage type: the target takes 2d8 damage. Choose one of the d8s. The number it rolled determines the type of damage and foll...

3:25 AM
I wonder if it's wiser to learn the name of the lich you will be up against or to not learn it.
@Joshua Whyfor?
I don't think Liches work the same way as Djinni :P
Fear not the monster. Fear rather the nature of the man that made himself the monster.
Sorry, but that quote's degraded so far in my mind it's not worthy of quotation marks anymore. It's lifted from Drakula.
I'm just not sure what your meaning is
In my mind that sentence just says "This guy isn't a Lich, he's man that made himself a Lich"
3:33 AM
He's not dangerous because he's a lich. He's dangerous because his mind is so evil he will kill for the slightest reason.
4:00 AM
@Ben Maybe it's possible to be born a lich
That's like @Joshua's previous version of a non-scary Lich except he's really emo and just screams "I didn't ask to be born!" All the time
If I Were a Lich, Man, a one-hour freeform tabletop RPG about a community meeting of Jewish liches resisting lawful good paladins.
@BESW I love it just based on the name
@BESW It's like that coffee house that the Wizards set up using dreamscape lol
Question: Is there a comprehensive list of all the changes to the 5e PHB in the latest printings (as of the 2018 errata) that aren't in the errata PDF? cause I know there's quite a few (mostly minor) changes missing from there, or that aren't marked as new though they are new.
(I guess that's a separate question: has anyone made a list of errata changes that *are* new but aren't marked as "[New]" in the errata PDF?)
also: if nobody knows of such a list, would this be worth asking on mainsite? (Possibly as two separate questions.)
I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be "too broad" because it's definitely not an unbounded list - there aren't that many undocumented changes.
4:14 AM
@V2Blast it would potentially be worthwhile simply for a way of making it more public?
Because I can see that being useful
@BESW um what?
Oh I see
That actually makes some sense after reading it
The link
4:36 AM
@V2Blast saaaaame
I do love me some fiddler on the roof
first thing I ever watched on Broadway
class trip in 8th grade :)
I didn't see it on Broadway but I did see a couple versions of it
Including a TV version that I thought was actually good
Q: How does the Divination wizard's Expert Divination feature work when you upcast a divination spell?

qqaejaThe School of Divination for a wizard has the feature Expert Divination at level 6 (PHB, p. 116): Expert Divination When you cast a divination spell of 2nd level or higher using a spell slot, you regain one expended spell slot. The slot you regain must be of a level lower than the spell ...

And that particular song was definitely my favorite thing
5:06 AM
I've only seen the movie but it is fantastic.
Oh, also @Miniman, I just realised I didn't properly respond. The Omnissiah is actually just another aspect or version of the Emperor. So, no. Not heresy. Lol
5:23 AM
went ahead and asked my question (the first one, at least):
Q: As of the 2018 core book updates, what changes were made in the latest printings of the PHB that aren't noted in the errata document?

V2BlastThe D&D 5e core books were updated with a new printing as of November 2018 (alongside the release of the Core Rules Gift Set), as can be seen from a number of new questions and updated answers referencing these changes. Some examples of the new questions: Does casting Disintegrate on a polymor...

5:38 AM
@V2Blast Would a community wiki answer with all the ones you know be appropriate there? Do we really want a bunch of answers or a nicely curated list?
@linksassin I agree that a community wiki answer would be appropriate; I'll probably do that next (if someone else hasn't already).
Right now I'm actually looking to see whether my other question is worth asking - about which changes listed in the 2018 PHB errata PDF are new but aren't marked as such. (The two that come to mind are Deflect Missiles and Martial Adept.)
@V2Blast Is there significant value in that other than curiosity?
I can see why having a list of undocumented changes would be useful. But knowing precisely when that change happened isn't as important (at least to me)
@linksassin Well, if someone has the latest printing as of the previous errata before November 2018, I doubt they'd look at the changes not marked as new. I know I didn't at first. Then once those two were pointed out to me, I had to go back and compare the two line by line to see if there were any others.
(Naturally, I've forgotten by now if there were.)
If it's just those two, it's probably not worth a question, which is why I'm repeating my comparison right now
(There's also a bunch of changes to the phrasing of the errata itself, such that the 2018 errata states the exact added/removed phrases where the 2017 and earlier errata just generally summarizes the changes. I'm not concerned with those.)
So is your question "what differences are they between the 2017 and 2018 erratas that are not marked as new?"
5:53 AM
meaningful differences, yes (i.e. not just a difference between summarizing a change and quoting the exact wording of the change)
Personally I wouldn't find it useful. I think it would date quickly and is only relevant for a small group who have that exact edition of the rulebook. If you are part of that group and can see the value it is certainly an on-topic and clear question for the site so wouldn't be closed.
Found a weird outlier: Find Steed.
The 2017 errata (it's not marked as new there, so it may have been originally in the October 2016 errata PDF which is no longer available for some reason) changes the wording from "the steed takes on a form that you *choose, such as* a warhorse, [etc.]" to "the steed takes on a form that you *choose:* a warhorse, [etc.]".
The 2017 errata has Find Steed marked as new, but all it mentions is that "you can communicate with each other telepathically" is changed to "you can communicate with it telepathically" - no mention of the previous change.
6:10 AM
Do they have some policy somewhere on how long they maintain errata for?
The EEPC errata was unavailable when I was looking up changes made to the Ice Knife spell.
EEPC never had an errata document of its own; I think its content was solely reprints from the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure, just released as a free PDF online instead of being locked behind an adventure. But POTA had its own errata: media.wizards.com/2016/downloads/DND/PotA-Errata.pdf
I actually made a changelog for it myself before I found that out: reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/7lup8p/…
And the first comment on my post:
> "According to this Nov. 2017 errata article on the D&D website, the EEPC was revised in November 2017 [...] However, there doesn't seem to be any particular changelog detailing the exact changes,"
In that very article, it links to the Princes of the Apocalypse Errata which has all of the changes on pages 2 and 3.
The 2016 errata issue is actually a result of something different; for some reason, when the 2018 core book errata was originally uploaded, it seems to have been uploaded in place of the 2016 errata docs, with the exact same URLs. They eventually updated the links in the 2018 errata article to point to URLs with "2018" in them, but the 2016 errata don't ever seem to have been reuploaded at their original locations
Anyway, the monk's Deflect Missiles feature and the Martial Adept feat seem to be the only 2 new changes that aren't marked as "[New]".
Besides the Find Steed change being marked as new but not noting the previous change in the errata doc, I don't see any other discrepancies. (I did notice that for Appendix D: Creature Statistics, previous PHB errata PDFs just said the Monster Manual version of a statblock was authoritative and left it at that, whereas the 2018 PHB errata actually details the corrections made to animals' proficiency bonuses.)
@V2Blast There's a pdf on this page that is meant to be the EEPC errata but the link doesn't work.
It's not meant to be the EEPC errata, it's where the revised EEPC itself used to be located
the POTA errata (which details those changes) is here: media.wizards.com/2016/downloads/DND/PotA-Errata.pdf
Here's where the revised EEPC is located now: media.dnd.wizards.com/EE-Players-Companion_0_0.pdf
Oh... that's it confusingly labelled. I assumed it was errata because it was under the "Errata" heading
6:25 AM
6:37 AM
Maybe they should have rules texts in git and accept pull requests from players :))
Can't think of any downsides to this of course.
@kviiri Surely there are some decent rulesets out there that do this?
@Ben Everyone knows that's a polite fiction maintained purely because the Imperium is so reliant on the Mechanicus.
I just wanted to say it
6:52 AM
@linksassin Very likely, but I think DnD would be a much harder case to pull off
@kviiri I think it is less likely. Not harder.
They won't do it because then their rules would be open and free. Not because it is logistically difficult.
Now you've made me want to crowdsource an rpg.
@linksassin I think it's definitely harder, given the larger player base, already extensive rule set, a long-honed culture of lengthy rule arguments and atypically heterogenous nature of the experience people seek from it.
So you've got more requests than any other game would get, those requests would be fundamentally conflicting more often than other games would get, and someone would have to make sense of all that.
@kviiri I believe the community can vote on the proposed changes. It would be simple to require something a minimum threshold of community acceptance before the actual team even bothered looking at it.
6:57 AM
> Designed by Kids on Bikes creators Jonathan Gilmour and Doug Levandowski, and illustrated by Heather Vaughan, Teens in Space features rules for creating characters in a variety of species based on sci-fi tropes, much like Kids on Bikes’ ‘powered’ cast of supernaturally-talented outsiders inspired by movies.

The players also create their own spaceship, which can engage in space battles as the crew of characters seek out adventures in the galaxy.

As the name suggests, Teens seems to have a slightly more mature tone in mind than Kids, with gunfights and the pursuit of profit both mentioned
@linksassin Community votes are a bad way to solve many kinds of problems, and this is one of those
@kviiri What makes you say that? Most issue trackers have a way for users to say "I have this issue too" so this would simply be "I think this rule needs changing too"
@linksassin The fact that voting is a bad way to make game design decisions makes me say that :)
@V2Blast What's next? "Young adults go intergalactic"
@V2Blast please don't gender a question against the authors intent. The him was incorrectly introduced by linkassasin.
7:01 AM
Remember, we're talking about DnD, a game with a history of cautiousness when it comes to changing anything that might alienate its players who have very diverse demands of their game
@Akixkisu I was in the middle of editing when your edit went through so I accidentally overwrote that
I see you fixed it now. Thanks for pointing it out though :)
@kviiri I'm not suggesting voting for core rules, but for fixes and errata I don't see the issue,
@V2Blast yeah that happens quickly. Glad to be of service.
@linksassin In the ideal case, I'd agree --- but I don't believe there is a clear enough line of demarcation between a "fix" and a "rule change" for that to be free of problems, or an obvious fix enough for various "bugs".
@Akixkisu Yeah my bad. sorry about that. Your tag edit came through in the middle of my edits and I got distracted.
7:10 AM
@linksassin Another thing that worries me is that DnD has a rather monolithic structure --- fixes applied individually without overarching changes might not make sense
@kviiri Yeah fair point. Perhaps an issue tracker would be more appropriate than actual open sourced rules.
I'm also generally worried that online voting re: rules easily gets distorted by angry online campaigning
@kviiri True, I forget that other communities aren't as good about voting as we are
Eg. I post a ticket saying Crossbow expert currently helps ranged spellcasters too, shouldn't that be crossbows only --- someone posts a counter that nah it's fine the way it is, and then we just go for votes without really considering which way is actually better :(
@kviiri That's not really the model I was suggesting. Instead you would say something like "Crossbow expert doesn't make sense to help spellcasters" and if people agreed with it enough it would rise to the front page where the developers can take that as feedback. Counter-tickets aren't really a thing.
7:19 AM
@linksassin My country has a citizen initiative model that doesn't have counter-tickets --- but we still get them :)
@kviiri Ah well. I'll just chalk it up to a pipe dream for a non-existent utopia.
Eg. we had a "ticket" (it's like a petition that gets voted on by the parliament if it gets enough signatures) for legalizing gay marriage (it passed) and another ticket for banning it... before the first one was even submitted to parliament.
Would it not be prudent to add the article? "There are numerous articles on different playstyles and it's worth looking into those (I wrote one but I'm not promoting it)." rpg.stackexchange.com/a/150504/44723
@kviiri It's sad how much people love to jump up and down about their rights to deny others their rights.
Q: Can a Pact of the Blade warlock turn a cursed magic weapon into your pact weapon to bypass the curse?

TomI would like to rid myself of a cursed weapon (whose curse includes the traditional "you may not unequip this weapon" aspect), but don't have access to Remove Curse. Can I turn the cursed weapon into my pact weapon, dismiss the item, and then make a new weapon my pact weapon to get rid of the cur...

7:25 AM
@linksassin Heh, yep.
@Akixkisu You can certainly suggest it to the author; to my understanding, it's generally fine as long as their affiliation is disclosed and the answer provides value rather than just being self-promotional.
Q: Promoting my work on this site

Marcus DowningThe stack exchange sites are for asking and answering questions. But I'd like to find a non-abusive way of using them to promote my work (character sheets for 3.5 and Pathfinder) that I honestly believe will be of use to people. I suppose I could ask a fake question in order to answer it, but th...

But they do already reference Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering as a main reference for their answer
@linksassin The second "ticket" (for re-banning gay marriage) was also given Parliamentary treatment, but it was pretty quick because all experts and interest groups regarding this had been heard already
@linksassin thanks.
7:28 AM
@linksassin I don't like that the answer says "And promote the site as much as you can.", but the rest of it seems like good advice. (Something like "Promote the site where relevant" seems more appropriate to me.)
on a different note:

"Ken Spencer’s Rocket Age is an atomic age sci-fi game that’s already collected a slew of awards for its depiction of golden age adventure sci-fi full of ray guns, silver jumpsuits, and rocket boots – and now it’s getting translated to 5e. Inspired by the 30s-50s serial age of sci-fi, the game draws heavily from Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, John Carter, and others as you choose between seventeen playable species and five brand-new classes (plus modifications of others) for adventures across the solar system and beyond. Th
I had a discussion today at work about how our state government is bringing in laws to protect renter's rights. Myself and another guy who rent are super happy about it because it finally means that we can't be evicted without reason. That landlords have to provide a minimum standard of living and can't deny reasonable requests for things like pets.
Another (very conservative) guy is like, "That's unfair if they own the house they should get to choose what you can do with it." I wasn't happy about it.
@V2Blast Perhaps that meta needs a better answer? Sounds like you volunteered :P
@linksassin Honestly the rest of the answer is fine, so not really
I could leave a comment, though the author hasn't been active in a while
@V2Blast Leave a comment, wait 24 hours, then edit it yourself?
@linksassin Ugh, yeah.
I can see where the "owner's rights" people come from (they're not very vocal here because we've already got tenant rights as a proper status quo) but we're talking about people's homes here.
@kviiri His argument was based on "it's a contract you don't have to sign it" but he didn't seem to understand that most renters don't do so by choice.
7:34 AM
It's one of those few things that warrants very special protection.
Currently we have to get permission for things like putting up a picture. It's degrading and miserable. But landlords are up in arms about how renter's could "hurt their investiments" because their money is more important than poor peoples lives.
Also... The meta tag seems to be getting used for 3 different topics. One use is for questions about ads shown on RPG.SE. Another seems to be about advertising/promoting RPG.SE itself, which seems to be covered by the tag. And, of course, the third topic it's getting used for is for questions about self-promotion (which may or may not be spam). I wonder if it's worth splitting them up/retagging...
@V2Blast I think those three should be , and but then again there is only 15 questions. The site promotion ones should be re-tagged as such but leave the others as is.
Q: We're testing advertisements across the network

Juan MFor several years we've had advertising solely on technology-related sites. But many of our sites aren't about technology at all, so we haven't sold ads for them. Traditionally, that hasn't been a hardship since Stack Exchange sites have required only a small investment from the company to set up...

^ Relevant main meta on the tag. That is the intended use case. I guess we should move the site and self promotion ones to a different tag.
@linksassin That's nasty:(
@kviiri The government wanted to bring it in this year but conservative opposition blocked it. They got it though by delaying the effective date to july 2020 to give "landlords time to sell if they wanted to"
7:45 AM
At least it's coming...
I might be a little jaded, but I think anyone that owns their home shouldn't get an vote on other peoples lives. The people that live there should get to control the house not some one who is only in it for the money. People were saying it would crash the housing market. To which I respond "good, then I will be able to buy"
We have mostly pretty good tenancy laws, but of course that doesn't stop the occasional cocky landlord from trying to overstep their rights
I find it funny that even as a mod, the site prompts me if I'm sure I want to answer my own question instead of leaving a comment or editing my question :)
Sigh, I'm getting ranty. I apologise. Housing affordability is a big issue but our parents and grandparents just think we're lazy. And they voted back in a federal government who is helping the rich and doing nothing about the cost of living.
@V2Blast But are you really sure?
@linksassin I totally understand
7:49 AM
@kviiri Thankyou :)
8:08 AM
@linksassin house prices are jank as heck
8:23 AM
Hi chatizens!
@Anaphory Hello hello
I was a bit stressed in recent weeks, but I should still have asked earlier: Are any ouf you in SE Australia in the next 3 weeks? I'm flying to Canberra today, and all meetups with chatizens I had in the past were awesome, so I would be happy to try again!
Australia sounds fun
9:07 AM
I got a weird request: is there anyone here with a physical PHB from before the 2018 errata (somewhere after the first errata in 2015)? Looking for the description of Martial Adept in those printings.
@V2Blast I have a legal scan. Just a moment
> You have martial training that allows you to perform special combat maneuvers. You gain the following benefits:
> - You learn two maneuvers of your choice from among those available to the Battle Master archetype in the fighter class. If a maneuver you use requires your target to make a saving throw to resist the maneuver's effects, the saving throw DC equals 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier (your choice).
> - If you already have superiority dice, you gain one more; otherwise, you have one superiority dice, which is a d6. This die is used to fuel your maneu
(I didn't notice any typos in there, so any present are probably issues in my typing)
Which printing is that from?
Oh, hmm. It might be the first one
Sorry about that
yeah, I suspected as much
Because I mentioned that the Martial Adept feat's description changed in the latest printing, but I don't think it actually did - I think people were just misinterpreting how the errata previously paraphrased the change (or perhaps it's misleadingly paraphrased), and now the errata PDF quotes the exact wording of the change instead.
9:25 AM
I wish the errata would always quote the whole paragraph that has been changed.
That is one thing the 2018 errata does right, despite its omissions
If you compare it to the 2017 errata, so much of the 2017 errata includes summaries/paraphrasings where the 2018 errata includes exact quotes
10:06 AM
@V2Blast I have an older print, the text is different for the 2nd bullet point
@MikeQ What does yours say?
> You gain one superiority die, which is a d6 (this die is added to any superiority dice you have from another source). This die is used to fuel your maneuvers....
the rest is the same
May I just say, "superiority dice" has to be the poorest-named mechanic I've encountered in... wait, no, only three days.
@MikeQ Thanks. That's actually a newer printing than kviiri's; it's the same as the current wording, which has apparently been the same since it was changed in the 2015 errata: reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/3v8oru/…
Huh, mine says 6th printing, which is supposed to be 2016. Then again, misprints are fairly common.
@BESW Not as poorly named as "action" vs "Action" or "attack" vs "Attack", which are 4 separate terms
10:14 AM
Well, yes.
@MikeQ did someone say level?
@V2Blast Or even more confusing, "negative levels" in PF
I was more thinking about how there are multiple games where a character's "humanity" is a numerical stat which fluctuates over the course of play.
In what sense?
10:36 AM
@MikeQ I think the insistence of labeling them "attack" and "Attack" is more of an our stack thing than actually an artifact of the rules, where they're more differentiated by whether it's called an attack or an attack action. Doesn't make it any better though.
@MikeQ There's a prominent cyberpunk game, published in 1988 and 2005, with novels and card games and video games including one set to come out next year, in which a character's technological implants and prosthetics cause loss of humanity. This manifests as mental states such as emotional detachment, loss of empathy, violent psychopathy and loss of one's sense of personhood.
See also: World of Darkness vampires.
Ah ok, humanity by percent mass. In those systems, does eating humans increase or decrease one's humanity?
Last I checked it wasn't helpful.
Consume human to become human
Wait, wouldn't that imply that eating animals makes you less human?
Q: Is it good to use a Q&A to help other users discover a system?

ZomaI'm currently playing a campaign of the game "Wasteland : Terres Gâchées", a french RPG, and I was wondering how could I help people (mostly french, as there is for now no English version) know it, as even in France it is really unknown. I had the idea of posting a Question about system identifi...

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@Wrigglenite Nethack taught me you are what you eat
it's false advertising, I've eaten a lot of cows, pigs, and chickens, and I still haven't turned into an unholy hybrid of those animals
very disapointing
@kviiri Yes, action names are always capitalized in the rules and referred to as the "X action" (e.g. the Dash action), and "attack" is always lowercase when not referring to the action. Though distinguishing them based just on that is inevitably confusing to new players.
@trogdor For some reason that reminds me of the triceraprops.
10:49 AM
@trogdor I think that only really works for Kirby
so I have to eat Kirby first
he probably tastes like cotton candy
...yes, exactly
or the souls of all those doomed to rest in his infinite stomach void
either one works
@TheOracle I feel like this sort of question is fine, but the exact way they propose the scenario seems a bit iffy...
Mainly that they're proposing asking a system-ID question and then answering with some fluff about it, rather than asking a genuine question about an issue within the system itself
but I have been up far too late to be coherent
@V2Blast I am fairly sure I've seen exceptions to this rule
Section titles are obvious ones, at least, for They Tend to Capitalize Almost Everything
So you have a section titled "Melee Attacks" that concerns what we tend to call "lowercase-a" attack.
10:57 AM
Well, yeah, I was ignoring section headings and sentence-initial instances of the word
They're understandable exceptions, but also exceptions why I prefer not to teach the uppercase-lowercase distinction anymore.
This is one reason that when I'm drafting up rules, I use ALL CAPS for jargon.
@MikeQ: Can you check the phrasing for Deflect Missiles? Specifically the last sentence.
(or anyone else who has a PHB printing from after the 2015 errata and before the 2018 one)
11:14 AM
@MikeQ in Shadowrun, at least, eating people increases your humanity. (Specifically, if you're a vampire)
HMHVV-afflicted slowly lose essence over time and have to top it up by draining essence from others, and essence is also the "how human are you" stat
11:46 AM
@goodguy5 sup
it certainly is one of those
\*eats bagel\*

I think bagels are my second favorite ring-shaped bread.
And your favorite ring-shaped bread is a bagel with cream cheese?
11:54 AM
I want a bagel now
@BESW no, a doughnut
@V2Blast I always want a bagel.
I had them deck this sucker out, though. Garlic bagel, lox-infused cream cheese, and bacon.
There's a kind of beautiful simplicity in a toasted bagel with butter.
I've actually never been a fan of butter on a bagel. not sure why.
and I like butter on toast
11:57 AM
Nut butter and honey?
that's a good one.

and banana
Has anyone played Spirit Island, the board game? Would you recommend it to two or three, sometimes more players, most of whom liked Pandemic and some of who liked Arkham Horror?
is spirit island like forbidden island, or am I misremembering?
> You create three glowing darts of magical force. Each dart hits a creature of your choice that you can see within range. A dart deals 1d4+1 force damage to its target. The darts all strike simultaneously, and you can direct them to hit one creature or several.
oh goodness, it's very different
11:59 AM
/me stares at the feed. 'Say no to Unicode?'
@MikeQ :thinking:
Deflect Missiles, not Magic Missile
There's 2 paragraphs of text
The last sentence is all I need
the original PHB printing reads:
> You make this attack with proficiency, regardless of your weapon proficiencies, and the missile counts as a monk weapon for the attack.
> You make this attack with proficiency, regardless of your weapon proficiencies, and the missile counts as a monk weapon for the attack, which has a normal range of 20 feet and a long range of 60 feet.
Ah, cool. So the latest printing didn't change that (though the errata's phrasing made it seem like they actually undid that...)
The errata says:
> Deflect Missiles (p. 78). The final sentence now ends as follows: “... regardless of your weapon proficiencies, and the missile counts as a monk weapon for the attack.”
12:02 PM
@kviiri It looks like it depends on how much your cooperative players micromanage each other
Maybe they'll publish an errata for the errata
The D&D Beyond staff themselves were confused by that when updating stuff based on the errata
@kviiri I vaguely recall hearing good things about the gameplay? The premise feels... fraught....
haha. honestly I wouldn't be surprised :P
@goodguy5 ...so a good fit for Pandemic fans? :>
12:03 PM
But it reminded me of "The Ocean That Fades Into Sky" by Kathleen Kayembe, so that's nice.
(nay, in all seriousness, I'm not a fan of "committee" gaming, but I have a less specific taste than my SO so I'll manage)
I mean, it looks like more micromanaging is worse.

Because, based on my research, two players is obvious. players 1 and 2 only have each other to work with.

Three means that players 1 2 and 3all have to work together and be aware of how their cards work together.

four cranks it up again, makeing sure that the actions of 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 1 and 4, etc all work together.
It seems that two would be great and three would be manageable.

But if you want to play with four very analytical people, you might have a bad time.
I suppose you'd have an even worse time playing with four very analytical people if you didn't want to play with them.
went ahead and posted my overly long self-answer to my question. Turns out my "special mentions" section on misleading errata (non-)changes ended up being longer than the main part of my answer, since it required more explanation... I'll have to trim it down tomorrow.
Right now I'm going to sleep.
12:28 PM
@kviiri If you've got a large contingent of drop-in-drop-out people, Spirit Island might not be for you. It tries to get around the quarterbacking problem by making everyone individually involving to play and plan around. But if you played Pandemic or Arkham largely as equals and you want something more complex, it's good.
@Glazius Can you elaborate on their quarterbacking solution?
Hm, based on reviews I think I'll send it to sweetheart for rubber stamping
12:46 PM
"rubber stamping" as in "approval"?
@goodguy5 Yep, although she might actually deliberate on it
ruhroh, I think someone's unhappy with me. Just got 5 questions downvoted.

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