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1:23 AM
@V2Blast Thanks for the humblebundle link. I think I can convince my player with a 3D printer to do that for me.
I know a few people that would enjoy that
@BESW I was kind of surprised nuGhostbusters didn't break that way, but at the same time there's a very sensitive core principle that nobody in the movie has ever seen the kind of movie they're in.
@Glazius I don't have much invested in Ghostbusters, but I rather thought a clever way to validate the revival while also setting it up as more than just a reboot would be to set it firmly in a post-Ghostbusters society, taking the original "blue collar business startup" concept and making it about a new ghostbusting startup in a saturated market rather than a new one.
1:43 AM
@linksassin Nice! :D
@V2Blast Better yet, his said I can just have his printer since he barely uses it.
@linksassin :o
@V2Blast TBH I thought it was a possibility ever since he got it. He only thinks of it as a novelty and has never printed anything useful with it.
I wonder how my wife is going to feel about me spending the next few months printing dungeons tiles?
2:36 AM
So a thought occurred to me.
Currently my system is a +/- system, generally tied to stats. 2 each.
However now I have 6 variants. I don't really want a variation of what I have - I'd like it to be spread evenly among all the stats; i.e. one each. Either that, or not at all.
And if I go with not at all, then I lose one of my corruption levels
As in second tier corruption grants a +2 to Strength and a -2 to wisdom for example?
And you're not sure who to balance that with the six options?
Well, If I split that into 6 then it's either a + or a - to one stat.
Why does that not work with 6? Every corrupt type positiviely influences one stat and negativiely influences another. 6 and 6 is still balanced.
Though is does mean that your overall bonus is lower if you keep them balanced.
I'm not saying it doesn't, just that if I go that way, I need to come up with something to balance it out with. +1 to a stat, and a detriment to something else.
If I keep the +/-1 to 2 stats, then that means players can "optimise"... Either negate the detriments by reaching level 2 in this corruption and this resistance, or boost the bonuses by going with another combo
3:02 AM
TBH I would only include the +/- to stats if they intent is for players to optimise. They will do it but it costs a lot of corruption and you can hurt them but forcing that type to level 3 if required
Fair. That is the tradeoff
And I think that's the point. By letting themselves get corrupted to optimise stats they risk no being able to absorb more corruption later.
From a narrative point of view I think you should have something near the end that rewards player how manage to keep their total corruption score low.
Alright. So as it is, the system allows for players to "allocate" their influence across 6 different types.
Each type has it's own characteristics; abilities, stat changes, etc.
When you reach a "tier" in each of these, you gain one of these changes.
At this point I need I'm feeling like I need to focus on the numbers, in relation to the overall Influence score, because this whole process is making me lose sight of it's importance.
Unless all that is is just a counter for "who is most corrupt" by the end? Just an easy identifier
I think you should write down that system. Use 5 as a placeholder number. Get a proper write and share it for review.
The guy that's been optimising his influence so that he's below tier 1 in everything, could be more corrupt my the half-demon
@linksassin Yeah I've been jotting down notes
At the point where I can put it all together
3:11 AM
I think it's unlikely that someone could stay below tier 1 in everything and still have the most corruption.
If that is the case you haven't give out enough.
Well I mean maybe they haven't been great on their rolls, and half demon has?
Or they didn't want to risk gaining more by trying to remove it
It's pretty simple though. "Most corrupt" is either; player with highest tier abilities (use current corruption score for ties) or sum of 5xtiers reached plus current corruption. You only need to calculate this once so the complex mechanic isn't too bad
Going back to the thought about the corruptive forces would probably focus more on those that resist it, encounters can be focussed on the group, or on singular targets
Being appropriate, of course. Don't want to bully anyone
[Thinking aloud] If a player loses to failed resistance - they're effectively mad - unplayable due to delusion, defiance to everything, or radicalism. Run off screaming into the darkness. They've chosen to leave their management of Influence up to chance, rolling the dice instead of willingly taking the points. They get the "death saves" to roll against this event, so a 50/50 chance.
I think the next step is to create a draft of the system. As a DM you can tweak or modify the influences throughout the campaign but the powers and tiers need to be locked down.
The same is the case for embracing, yet they've willingly taken the points. After they turn into a demon, PvP, then allowing death saves is like another chance to keep the character. The easy route allows for more chances to stay alive.
3:24 AM
@Ben I don't think I'd bother with the roll. If they get to tier 4 in one corruption type they knew it was coming for a while.
@linksassin Yeah
But that's something you can fiddle with during playtesting.
@linksassin Right, so resisting can have the saves - you rock back and forth for a bit, trying to get your head straight, or you reason with yourself that running off into the darkness is futile... If you've been embracing it, poof you're a demon, cos, well... That's what the voices told you would happen
@Ben The way I see it you make a save when you resist anyway. If you fail that save you don't get/need another save, poof you're insane.
WEll, this is the point where the PC is lost
It's the same as death. There needs to be some cushion against that
3:33 AM
There was a cushion. They could have chosen a different type of corruption.
Maybe I'm meaner than you. But they got themselves in that situation. They have been benefiting from the sweet sweet corruption abilities. Time to pay the price.
@linksassin Hahaha.
Personally it came from a thematic standpoint, where originally it was just the embracing side of things - that was unavoidable. You had to embrace it, so there needed to be an option to save yourself from the inevitable.
@Ben Now that you have the 6 options. They would litterally have to choose to take it in the same type to risk tier 4 and loss of character.
Ok, that circles me back to the importance of the Influence counter. Because other wise players can reach the max in all 6, no?
They could reach tier 3 in all 6 yes.
I would combat that by having some influences that you can't choose which type to take. Or it has a reduced set of options.
3:51 AM
@linksassin Yeah.
Ok cool. Got a good foundation for a first draft
I just realized that Powered by the Apocalypse moves can be poetry. And golly has this shifted how I want to write them.
16. Most of my friends don’t have vast quantities of time or energy to devote to RPGs. Investing four hours in a game is A Lot for them. I try to calibrate games so they’re both fun and a source of minimal stress. #AprilTTRPGmaker
About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast in less than 10 minutes: https://www.twitch.tv/events/xedxwDvQQ5ikDBIIw7RZ4w

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
Game design is easy! Just type "On your turn, you may ____" then let autocorrect fill in the blank.
@BESW On your turn, you may the force be with you
Wow, it really is that easy
On your turn you may have to go to the store and get some rest.
4:01 AM
Ah yes the spoons RPG
You know, I should probably apply that to my actual life too.
First draft.
First draft.
On your turn, you may have to be sorry for the first time.
Hmm on your turn you may turn left
@linksassin Ahaha. Roll to apologise
4:03 AM
Turning right is forbidden, hot tip, turn left 3 times instead
I guess I'm very sorry.
@trogdor That takes 3 turns though.
> On your turn, you may want to check with the bank.
@linksassin best get to it then
4:06 AM
@BESW That is great advice for playing monopoly. Particularly if you don't trust the banker
@BESW I don't like this RPG
I'm imagining all of this happening as a Hellbeast. Basically Diablo doing the chores, with a pair of spectacles on the end of his nose at the bank. Carefully filling out a withdrawal form.
He then calls Mephisto "Hey, I can't remember the last three digits of my account number. Can you go to my room and find my diary? What? No it's not a personal diary, I just use it to write down important information. For the last time I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON ANDARIEL! sigh Can we do this later? I'm at the bank and people are staring."
@Ben I've got the 1999 remake in the background now and it's astonishingly bad by comparison.
4:16 AM
Oh wow haha
Fair enough
[takes a break to read contemporary reviews]
come check out our stream. we're assaulting the gith and rescuing our ally :)
> The proceedings are all utterly conventional, but watching them unfold is mildly diverting if you're in the right frame of mind.
> trash, but creepier than you expect
> The nicest thing I can say about this remake of William Castle's 1958 shocker is that Geoffrey Rush, god bless him, sure can do a fine imitation of Vincent Price's original mustache, even better than John Waters' -- which is no mean feat.
In the first twenty-five minutes the film successfully ripped out every. single. thing. that made the original interesting and suspenseful, and has yet to add anything in their place.
What movie is this?
House on Haunted Hill
4:27 AM
Well, except for a morbid fascination with Geoffrey Rush's mustache, and a mounting understanding of why seventeen years later Chris Kattan would be voicing an unintelligible vampire bunny for an uninspired cartoon.
@trogdor Continuation of this conversation from last night:
yesterday, by BESW
I just watched the 1959 horror film House on Haunted Hill, which features a married couple that each think the other is trying to kill them.
Just get a divorce sheesh, if it's that bad
See, that's not even the film's opening premise.
@BESW nooooo
The opening premise has a freaked-out guy tell you his house is haunted and has killed seven people, and then Vincent Price tell you that he's rented the house for his wife's party where each guest gets $10k for surviving the night locked in the house.
4:33 AM
The guests are introduced as having been chosen because they're desperate for the money.
Ok well then
In the remake, all the guests are well-off, Price's replacement has no idea who they are because his guest list was mysteeeeriously changed, and the doors aren't meant to be locked but then the electronic locks break.
So all that shady subtext is just cut out
Also it's not a house it's an insane asylum where the doctor murdered the inmates and killed himself.
4:35 AM
Instead of a house with multiple unrelated violent deaths over a long period of time.
In the original, the guy who owns the house tells us that his sister killed two people there. In the remake, Price's replacement prompts the owner to say that his father and grandfather died in the house, but he corrects Price saying neither of them did.
This is not a remake. This is an unmake.
I was gonna say, what did they keep?
Vincent Price's mustache.
Just like, make your own movie
It would be a terrible movie.
There was a marginally clever setpiece with a fake-broke elevator in an amusement park that everyone saw coming and wouldn't have worked anyway, and it occasionally cuts to gruesome flashbacks of the asylum murders which are effectively squirmy but totally pointless.
It already is!
It sounds like
It's the same movie but doesn't pretend it's actually at all related to anything
Which it isn't
4:41 AM
Otherwise... I mean, they've got Jeffrey Combs! He's introduced 13 minutes with one boring silent close-up during a montage of the guests, and then is silent and just in the background and group shots for the next ten minutes... at which point he manages to tell us his character's name.
They've got James Marsters at the height of his fame as Angel in Buffy, and he's a cameo for an unrelated and unnecessary opening scene.
He's a camera operator for a TV reporter.
What's a word for the act of embracing something? Like... "embracement", but that isn't a word
He operates a camera and then enjoys a roller coaster ride.
They somehow managed to get Peter Freaking Graves to cameo in this thing.
Or "embrac...ion". Which also isn't... But hopefully that illustrates what I'm looking for
@Ben Embrace. What's the context?
But yes, it's "to embrace."
4:44 AM
Embracement is a word too.
To "hot guys making out" a la that one RPG
So, you resist - the act of Resistance, or you embrace - the act of "___"
@linksassin Well there you go.
Embracement is awkward and archaic, but useable.
Vampire brace? Does that count? (ah haha)
4:47 AM
@BESW Yeah. Most people will have the same reaction as I did, I feel
Hug monster?
@Ben Whatever word you pick I think that sentence is going to be weird
I would rethink how you are writing this to avoid needing that word
Yeah, sometimes it's not a matter of finding the right word to fit the structure; sometimes not finding the right word is a sign the structure needs fiddling.
4:51 AM
1 hour later…
5:59 AM
:49969406 [squints]
@Ben Glad I wasn't to only one thinking it.
@Ben I was ninja'd several hours ago and didn't immediately notice.
I didn't actually catch what you'd said at all, sure it was unimportant or irrelevant. All I know is that you pinged me haha
The (alleged) final stage of grief. ^_^
6:06 AM
Defense Against the Bachelor of Dark Arts Program.
The answer to your resistance antonym search. I missed the line which already gave a substantial noun that fits easily.
@BESW lol
@vicky_molokh Ohhh right
@Ben I think you mean irr🐘.
What did you suggest? Curiosity has the better of me
@BESW Dangit!
Missed the perfect opportunity haha
I could delete and repost it....
6:19 AM
2 hours ago, by BESW
@BESW Or wait, I thought you were referring to my comment haha
@Ben That's also of r🐘🐘.
Marvelous hahaha
6:42 AM
our stream just ended.
It was a really good session :D
check out the VOD if you missed it
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8:40 AM
Odyssey of the Dragonlords Kickstarter is up to $100k, unlocking some new monsters and monster lairs. new stretch goal of a City of Aresia Adventure Guide at $150k
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10:52 AM
11:03 AM
So an update to this question has brought up Giger's wikidot page, which was/is the subject of this meta discussion
@Someone_Evil For a minute I thought the reference was to Giger's NSFW art.
@vicky_molokh I'm having to plead ignorance to that reference. And I don't think I want that to change...
11:32 AM
@Someone_Evil H.R. Giger is the guy who designed the xenomorphs of the Alien film series
Apr 1 at 9:45, by kviiri
There's this little island near where I live. We went there on a class trip when I was a kid. It's an old coastal watch station but it hasn't been in that use for decades anymore. I recall it's a sort of artist haven and a nature site, perfect for sea birds to relax.
Apr 1 at 9:47, by kviiri
I remembered a few things from my class trip there --- it was a beautiful little island, there were some old buildings repurposed for artists... but one thing I didn't remember is that there's a H.R. Giger sculpture there.
yeah I remember you mentioning this and expecting that one sculpture he left there to be super weird
but for him? it was kinda tame really
12:04 PM
12:23 PM
@Someone_Evil hmmmm
@Rubiksmoose Same problem as last time; poor indication of what is homebrew. We have a question/post on dndwikia, don't know if that should exist for Gigers.
My honest opinion: the source of the version that grants a fighting style is not important, and can be dropped without losing value
12:53 PM
Yeah, in this case it can probably just be removed?
@Someone_Evil I'll go dig up the original author of the giger page in case we want to copy pasta the content.
@GcL Best of luck, this one is on their list of all feats... so you would need full edit history (which I don't know whether is publicly available)
@Someone_Evil It is.
@GcL Well that's useful
It's a bit of a pain to dig up though
1:14 PM
Q: Would a 5e feat tier list be on-topic?

goodguy5A not dissimilar question is asked here: Feat classification/ranking The PHB only has 42 feats. A main problem with the above question is the volume of feats in 3.x. Would a 5e version be on topic? Should one just ask about specific feats and their goodness? or perhaps lumping them into categ...

2:00 PM
@Someone_Evil Did due diligence trying to track down specific author. Short of exploiting the site's engine by adding features that the admin opted to exclude, getting the author of the specific edit that added the weapon master feat content isn't happening.
In editing the question, I'm not sure it even needs to be cited.
Could just be "third party site that had alternative weapon master, and did not call out that content as being homebrew"
@GcL I suggested something similar on the previous question. It wasn't very popular. Admittedly this is slightly different.
That's exactly what I suggested in the meta for the previous question.
Had a nice discussion with seven sided about CC license attribution requirements.
In this case, the specific content is irrelevant. The important part is that the op came across homebrew content of the same name that wasn't marked as such.
It could have listed weapon master as granting a fighting style and flying speed.
2:17 PM
@goodguy5 wait, the PHB has 42 feats? Gah... I can only think of, like, 15 of them off the top of my head. (And half of those I don't think are very good.) I guess there's the start of a tier system!
@nitsua60 Tier 1: The Nitsua recollection
Tier 2: The forgotten masses. Tier 3: That's still in D&D ?!
@GcL (Note: this tier list is most-suitable for players who still believe in only 4 classes and races.)
Crossbow Expert
Defensive Duelist
Dual Wielder
Dungeon Delver
Elemental Adept
Great Weapon Master
Heavily Armored
Heavy Armor Master
Inspiring Leader
Keen Mind
Lightly Armored
Mage Slayer
Magic Initiate
Martial Adept
Medium Armor Master
Moderately Armored
Mounted Combatant
Polearm Master
Ritual Caster
Savage Attacker
Shield Master
Spell Sniper
Tavern Brawler
War Caster
@goodguy5 Downvoted for being a long list
you'll live
2:27 PM
Yeah, but your chat has a minus 1 score now.
I forgot about tavern brawler. Grapple as a bonus and Jackie Chan weapons.
Alert, Crossbow Expert, Durable (maybe) GWM, HAM (situational), Lucky (!!!), Mage Slayer, Magic Initiate, Martial Adept, Mobile, PAM, Sentinel, SS, Spell Sniper, Tough, and War Caster would probably make up my first two or three categories.
Wait, I'm getting mixed up on durable and tough and resilient.
Tough is the extra HP, resilient is the save proficiency, right?
So what's durable?
the extra healing dice one... er.... extra health on healing dice
"When you roll a Hit Die to regain hit points, the
minimum number of hit points you regain from
the roll equals twice your Constitution modifier
(minimum of 2)."
@Someone_Evil Oh, I just threw up a little in my mouth.
That's... really specific.
I suppose if you're a +3 CON barbarian it's nice to floor the d12 at 6, but....
Durable is also half an ASI, giving +1CON
2:31 PM
It's viable in cases where you don't have magical healing, as then getting hit points back from hit dice is vital
I think that might have been useful before healing was damn near free during short rests with healing spirit.
I actually think it's better for a +5 wizard than it is for a +3 barbarian
So it's kind of more like "well, my statgen gave me a 15 in Constitution, SOOOOoooo...."
@Someone_Evil Sure, if you can't pony up for potions of healing.
Which are crap in combat, but great for short rests.
@goodguy5 Absolutely! But the +5CON wizard is rare enough to be dismissable into a tier of "really niche, absolute must-have if you're in that niche."
@Xirema Even there, I feel like I'd almost always prefer the con save proficiency (Resilient) to this.
2:33 PM
I remember there being a discussion as to whether Durable applied to the literal number on the die roll or the total. I think we even have it on the stack.
Q: How does the Durable feat work?

AvilynOne of the benefits of the Durable feat is the following (page 166 in the PHB, emphasis mine): When you roll a Hit Die to regain hit points, the minimum number of hit points you regain from the roll equals twice your Constitution modifier (minimum of 2). Does that mean the minimum you can r...

A: How does the Durable feat work?

harlandskiAccording to a Mike Mearls tweet, the minimum for your Barbarian to receive is 8, not 12, and 'roll' in the text refers to the total. Whilst trying to get my head around the mechanics of my other answer, I came across this collection of Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford tweets. The question of th...

I'd love to see a sage advice and I know how I would rule it at home, but the RAW is janky
@nitsua60 So maybe Sorcerers or Fighters, who get CON Save proficiency by default.
2:51 PM
Solid bottom-tier candidates: Keen Mind, Weapon Master, Healer
@Someone_Evil Mm. I'd put Healer at mid-tier. It's like a high-level Cure Wounds that you get 1 free use per character in your party per short rest.
If you're in a resource-constrained campaign, it's a godsend.
I mean, even if you're just stingy
Healer is perfectly serviceable as a feat.
I'd take Healer before I'd ever look at Durable
Keen Mind is a weird one that seems to have been put in for someone's specific character
Lightly Armored seems absurd.
Savage Attacker is pretty underwhelming
@goodguy5 The main problem is that the features it gives solves a problem that most DM's doesn't want to set, because it would just be boring
and Skilled seems to only exist as a "we had to do it"
Weapon Master I think is the worst option, though.
3:15 PM
I think the lightly armored and weapon master feats are mostly there in a low-magic setting where you found one of very few magic items that would be really nice to use (whether that be magic leather or a weapon), but no one in the party has the proficiency. Those feats let you pick up the proficiencies to use that item
@goodguy5 I took Healer in CoS as a flavor pick, and yet it had prettt much saved about each member of the party at least once before session 2 was over
@goodguy5 I find skilled to be the least used feat, what is the use case? When has there ever been a situation where you realize there is a skill or tool that you really need for the rest of the campaign
@DavidCoffron right? You should have picked a different background!
and can't you downtime learn skills?
oh, no. that's only tools and languages
Q: Can a new player join a group only when a new campaign starts?

NatfI moved into a house share with my friends (ages 24-29), and they play role-playing games on weekends at the house, but they won't let me join in because they say it's not fair to the players that have been in the group for a while. Specifically, it seems that it's not fair on the DM to have to ...

Q: Is this homebrew Lady of Pain warlock patron balanced?

user53882I designed a warlock patron called the Lady of Pain. Is this subclass balanced against the other official warlock subclasses? The Lady of Pain You have quietly made a Pact with the Lady of Pain and her Cage. As a shadow of her serenity, you have been charged with maintaining balance ...

Q: Does the Weapon Master feat grant you a fighting style?

guessDoes the Weapon Master feat grant you a fighting style? I've heard this, and even seen this somewhere, but I cannot find the right source/book for this. Maybe my PHB is just outdated? My confusion was from this video and the feat's description from third party content that listed a different...

Q: Take 2! Is this homebrew Lady of Pain warlock patron balanced?

user53882A little while ago I posted this homebrew Patron option here. I got some great feedback and have returned not only with an update but also with some homebrew Invocations that support the overall Planescape theme I've been longing for in my games. The Lady of Pain Patron You have quietly...

@goodguy5 I think technically you can downtime learn feats too. Or that might just be a 'other rewards' situation
3:22 PM
wow, hotness bot, calm down
I'm guessing the bot has been down and just woke up
@goodguy5 I also really like the name 'hotness bot'
botness hot?
@Yuuki botness monster
@Someone_Evil Yeah,it's an alternate rewards thing
The alternate Training (from a specialized trainer) offers feats, skills, or 1d4+something days of Inspiration
3:40 PM
Tool proficiencies are just weird
Yeah, you can be plenty good at being a tool without having the proficiency.
Tools are not relevant in most campaigns. Making tools in a campaign relevant requires a lot of work from the DM or creativity from the respective player. The things tools can do are mostly done better by spells (mending, fabricate, etc.)
@Xirema Yeah... pretty small set of Ftr/Sorc who don't have some better use to put that feat/ASI to (IMO).
@Someone_Evil keep in mind, though: as 5e's currently written, Weapon Master is the only way to gain proficiency with an exotic weapon. (If you stumble across one!)
@nitsua60 Didn't the errata fix that?
@Someone_Evil What errata?
3:46 PM
Weapon Master (p. 170). The following sentence has been added to the end of the second benefit: “Each one must be a simple or a martial weapon.”
@Someone_Evil a ludicrous fix, imo. because at least it made sense in the "oh, I've introduce exotic weapons" kind of way.
didn't need fixing
Though, one could argue that exotic weapons should have a greater benefit than "I can take a feat to deal 1 extra damage"
It may have been intended to exlude improvised weapons from being chosen (for some reason)
@Someone_Evil Oh, wow. There go exotic weapons =\
@Someone_Evil That, and there are oddball weapons that you're not supposed to be able to use without the class feature that gives you proficiency, like the Thunder Cannon.
@MarkWells Where is 'Thunder Cannon' from?
3:51 PM
The UA Artificer
New or old?
I don't know, actually.
Thunder cannon was artificer v1, from 2017
Firearms are an optional set (DMG p. 267). The 2019 Artificer gets proficiency with them.
They aren't available for Weapon Master but apparently you can just downtime-learn them making the feat even worse
@Someone_Evil I'll say that depends strongly on the tone/tempo of the campaign. If it's running around the continent and killing the next boss (as many published APs lend themselves to) I'm right with you. But in a campaign where there's a lot more "soft" time... I've found cartographer's or cobbler's tools to be some of my best investments.
(I have a character in a current campaign who spends all his travel time making boots while riding in the back of a wagon. Each destination he'll trade them for raw materials "at cost," and the GM's basically given a blanket advantage on encounter-reaction rolls as a result.)
4:02 PM
I think I'm going to introduce firearms into my world soonish.
whenever to go to the dwarf-gnome forge-city
I wasn't saying they were useless. I think they are definitely a tool (hah) that should be used more, but it requires a lot of creativity from DM/players to make it worthwhile and it doesn't lend itself well to the kind of story telling D&D leans heavily on
I think tool proficiencies are weird.
@kviiri Yes, getting proficiency without the tool itself (as most backgrounds do) makes it pointless (and then hurdle-some). This is probably an argument for using the buying-equipment rules instead of the default
4:42 PM
Why I did I randomly get 4 upvotes on this answer?
Sometimes that happens on old answer if a related question is asked, but that didn't happen here. I just got +40 after returning from lunch
A new answer was posted on it, so you got a bunch of attention
@DavidCoffron I also got a few upvotes on mine.
@Someone_Evil Ah. That makes sense. The "Recent" tab (one I never use) and the First Post Review Queue
@BESW Total Eclipse of the Heart (+FACE)
When you are about to empty your Captivating Aura pool, you may roll +FACE. On a 10+, choose 2; on a 7-9 choose 1:
- they need you more tonight (add 2xFACE points back to the pool)
- they need you more than ever (take +1 ongoing to +FACE rolls against them)
- if you only hold them tight, they'll be holding on forever (the GM will tell you how you could make them into an ally, right now)
On a 6-, once upon a time they were falling in love, but now the GM tells you what they remember they've done under Captivating Aura.
2 hours later…
6:38 PM
which warforged makes the most sense for robocop?
I'm thinking the envoy and use a bike as the tool
6:53 PM
@Someone_Evil What kind of story telling does D&D lean heavily on?
@GcL Heroic adventurers fighting bad/big/scary stuff
It provides a lot of existing structure for fighting. This is true.
@goodguy5 I think it has to be Skirmisher
It seems to me that stories told on the internet about the types of stories D&D tells are widely different from the types of stories I and my friends have enjoyed creating while playing D&D these many decades.
@DavidCoffron stealth checks?
robocop isn't stealthy
6:56 PM
Usually getting tool proficiency or otherwise overlooked features into a game mostly just requires a playing saying, "I'd like to see X incorporated into the story more"
@goodguy5 Robocop also doesn't travel long distances (the only time Light Step comes into play). I meant for the aesthetic and the Dexterity
(because ranged attacks use Dex)
eh, I still get +1 with envoy
Robocop never struck me as particularly stealthy. Especially that time he flew over Detroit with a rocket pack to save the day.
@nitsua60 I'm not saying you can't tell other stories in it. My point is that it's spending a lot of time (and rules) on combat as opposed to all the other things.
@goodguy5 But robocop doesn't have a built in tool
6:59 PM
@Someone_Evil Yes. It provides a lot of existing structure which is easy to use. When you have a hammer, lots of problems start looking like nails.
@DavidCoffron His gun pops out of his thigh.
@GcL That's not a tool
making him go into bike mode
actually, he should be a juggernaut
@DavidCoffron Okay. He had a neat visor that did a lot of calculation stuff for him.
@goodguy5 That was the other robot that was addicted to crack.
7:00 PM
that's good. navigation tool?
And couldn't go down stairs
@goodguy5 That could be one
@goodguy5 Range finding and see through walls type stuff
@GcL Sounds like warlock Eldritch Invocations
Robocop made a pact with the machine
7:13 PM
isn't the ghost in the machine a thing in one of the playtest packets?
I like crustacean haunting spirits better.
@goodguy5 Yeah the Modern Magic UA
The one that lets a wizard have a machine Concentrate for you, which definitely isn't OP
See Chained Device on page 4
Also, it is a bit unclear. A tablet computer according to what time. My apple watch has the computing power of a tablet computer from a couple decades ago.
Or is it "greater than a tablet computer at the current time". In which case, which tablet computer, because they come in a wide range of computing powers
Also, it sounds a bit like a horcrux:
> you have learned to imprint vestiges of your consciousness on electronic devises with significant computing power.
@DavidCoffron Sounds like writing code.
What's the cost for letting a machine concentrate for you? Is it months of work away from adventuring?
Should included a lower saving throw on the target because they could just mash the keyboard or click the f'ing button 200 extra times when it clearly says "be patient your thing is processing"
"Concentration returned unexpectedly with non-zero exit status. Please check components and try casting again." FFFFFFF! I'm angry just thinking about it.
@GcL I do that when logging in at work sometimes. It's connecting to the server and I start double-clicking where I know the icon for clocking-in is
7:31 PM
Yeah. Users. We're the worst.
I fight for the users
You're the Lone Developer's side kick, TRONto ?
8:19 PM
What is that thing where you open a door enter a room, let that door close, and then open another door to enter the building?
An air lock?
Or foyer?
@GcL Airlock! Tha's what I meant, the word just lost me
8:43 PM
@Ben one way to try and word smith the opposite of resistance is submission. Not sure if that helps your project ...
@Someone_Evil there's a lot more to the game play than paragraphs in books. Always has been.
9:23 PM
@DavidCoffron I'm starting to throw down a plausible end-game spell-list to see how many bonus spells I really need.
10:18 PM
Q: Can the Great Weapon Master feat's "Power Attack" apply to attacks from the Spiritual Weapon spell?

RykaraThe Great Weapon Master feat (PHB, p. 167) says: Before you make a melee attack with a heavy weapon that you are proficient with, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. If the attack hits, you add +10 to the attack's damage. The Spiritual Weapon spell description read...

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11:21 PM
Looks like Shog9 has taken care of the tag
Q: Why are my homebrew posts being downvoted and ignored while another user at the exact same time has many upvotes and thousands of views?

TheCentaurRecently, I posted a homebrew Warlock otherworldly patron and got 3 downvotes, 173 views, and 1 answer. Meanwhile, another homebrew Warlock otherworldy patron got 2k views, 14 upvotes, and one good answer. How does this happen? I viewed the other question and I saw mine to be superior, providing ...

@TheOracle hmm...
This new question asks two different questions about Counterspell ("can you cast a spell, then when someone else counterspells it, you counterspell their counterspell?", and a simpler "can you cast a spell on your turn, then counterspell someone else's spell on their turn?"):
Q: Counterspell Question

HomeboundNineSay you are casting fireball at level 5, and an enemy casts counterspell. Can you use your reaction to cast counterspell targeting their counterspell? Alternatively, can I use counterspell on a later turn to stop an enemy from casting a spell, assuming I've cast my level 5 fireball earlier in th...

It was closed as a duplicate of this question:
Q: Counterspelling a counterspell

NicholasMy party went up against two wizards. Wizard NPC 1 cast a spell, and Wizard PC used their reaction to Counterspell to try to block it. Wizard NPC 2 counterspelled Wizard PC. I have two questions about this: Is there any defence against this? If it was just one NPC Wizard, could they use their r...

but as I noted in a comment:
It strikes me that the linked question (Counterspelling a counterspell) is also asking 2 very different questions in one post ("how do I avoid this problem", and the "can you counterspell someone that's trying to counterspell your spell?" question that the new one was closed for being a duplicate of)...
how do we handle this?
11:57 PM
on a different note, I have no idea what this self-"answer" is even supposed to mean:
A: What is the Level Adjustment of this Gorilla Avatar of Nature template? (Version 2)

Connor ClarkeThis question has not resulted in a response. Creating answer in order to close question. Relevant answers with result in the removal of this answer in favor of others.

or how it relates to their new post:
Q: Avatars of Nature

Connor ClarkeI would like to include in my world the ability for a PC to turn into an sort of aspect of nature based on one of several animals in my current campaign. I am using the transformation process for becoming a Dragonborn in Races of the Dragon as the basis for how the mechanics of the transformation...


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