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I must never have landed a charged bolt on him (not too surprising).
Glad to be of help. Granted, there is a little "spoilerness" but Jarulf started that project trying to figure out the bugs (there were quite a few)
@Miniman THere are shrines that can be harmful. I learned that once at level 9 and below, do not touch shrines. But that was me being paranoid. The memory was FOS meas "Find Other Shrines" ... some shrines on the first 8 levels are very helpful.
I seem to recall that nothing is immuned to physical attacks. A player by the handle of Charles warren had a saying about "nothing is immune to sharp steel in Diablo" .., though I think Hellfire changed that.
@KorvinStarmast Oh yeah, that reminds me I meant to look up what the shrine I found did.
Oooh, gloomy shrine: boosts the AC of all armor items in inventory by 2 while reducing weapons by 1.
Definitely would've been able to abuse that if I'd looked it up before I touched it :)
12:27 AM
@Shalvenay I dropped by the backroom to see if there were more recent transcripts, looks like you guys played via discord or something?
@linksassin yeah, the DW campaign I run and the ToA campaign Nits runs are both played via Discord
@Shalvenay Cool. Can get better dice rollers that way
1:27 AM
@Shalvenay as regards the case we were discussing the other day, it's never good when you (as defendant) see a judge write this in their opinion:
> Given the foregoing, it is not surprising that Defendants fail to cite any authority in support of their novel argument. Perhaps more surprising is the ample authority that contradicts their argument that they simply ignore.
Mar 1 '16 at 21:13, by BESW
> The parties are advised to chill. -Ninth Court Judge Alex Kozinsiki, dismissing Mattel v. Aqua
I like the one Pixie said in that thread
@nitsua60 yeah, that's pretty fatal to your argument alright
@Shalvenay I'm 190pp. into the opinion, where Commerce is arguing against the Plaintiffs' claims that injuries they would suffer (mostly states and municipalities suffering harm from degradation of data) are "fairly traceable" to the Census Bureau. Turns out, Commerce doesn't tackle the three cases cities won against the Bureau because injuries they suffered due to degraded data were "fairly traceable" to the Bureau.
1:37 AM
@nitsua60 yeah, I suspect that the Commerce Department is going to be fighting a seriously uphill battle
> By failing to make the [ripeness] argument in their motion to dismiss, in a motion for summary judgment, or in their pretrial briefing, Defendants [waived a ripeness argument]. In any event, Defendants’ belated ripeness argument would fail on the merits. (Emphasis added.)
That's not good.
"Oh, by the way, this thing that a second-year associate would have remembered to argue as a reason to dismiss and you forgot: it wouldn't have worked, in case you were wondering."
[blink] There's something particularly juicy about "You forgot to say this, but I'm going to insult it anyway."
@BESW I think it's because there's a real time-crunch at play, here, so if there's something that might come up but is facially ludicrous, the judge wants to tackle it now to cut off any delay. But I might be projecting, or misremembering some punditry I heard for something the judge actually said.
Fair enough.
(Questionnaire needs to be finalized something like September so that print runs can start for pre-testing in the field and training.)
1:44 AM
Sort of a "And don't let the door hit you on the way out!"
Or "don't let this argument hit you on the way to the Supreme Court!"
(A little less catchy a turn of phrase....)
@Shalvenay there is a standing issue being argued that I've started to hear and I'm not sure I feel positive toward: "diversion of resources." One of the standing arguments brought by some NGOs is that they suffer an injury of having resources diverted.
Basically, the argument is "we have standing to sue because if you hadn't done this thing we wouldn't have to sue you, which takes money away from other things we'd be doing."
Smells a bit circular to me.
I think I first hear it in one of the emoluments cases, maybe CREW?
@nitsua60 yeah, it's a kinda funky one
That sounds like a justification for extra penalties, but not supportable as an inciting incident.
@BESW Right, like reclaiming attorney's fees in a civil case.
But "you, BESW, punched troggy and I have standing to sue because if you hadn't punched him I wouldn't have to pay this lawyer to sue you...."
I'm not a fan.
@Shalvenay in other legal news, did you hear that Thomas asked questions the other week in Flowers v. Mississippi? It was just after counsel basically said "I have nothing further," and I literally dropped my laundry when I heard him chime in.
@nitsua60 I heard that
1:57 AM
He's got a nice voice, if nothing else.
I like it when he and Breyer go to the Hill to defend the budget request every year.
(Yes, we're going to spend eight hours of hearing time on their asking for $6M, $2M of which is for asbestos abatement or window replacements or whatever part of the building's falling off this year.)
Did you know the windows are very slightly trapezoidal? It's to provide the optical illusion, for the viewer at ground level, that they're rectangular.
That's cool.
Kinda like how David looks really wonky from straight on.
"Straight on" do you mean facing him, or elevated to his height?
2:16 AM
Elevated to his height.
I read a thing about that once about why that is but I can't recall any of it curses their forgetful brain
@Ash Speculation is that the statue was supposed to be displayed at the edge of a rooftop, so the statue gets bigger toward the head so you can see it better from the ground.
Though it's hard to ascribe specific intent to most any feature of the statue, not just because we don't have statements from Michelangelo but because he wasn't the only one to work on the statue.
I didn't know any of that
Yeah, originally the Overseers of the Office of Works of Florence Cathedral (read: the woolen cloth guild) contracted Agostino di Duccio to make it, as part of an extremely ambitious twelve-statue project.
Then he lost the contract, though we don't know exactly why, and they hired Antonio Rossellino to work on it... briefly... and it sat in a workshop for a quarter-century described in inventories as "a certain figure of marble called David, badly blocked out and supine" until the Overseers got tired of having so much money locked up in a chunk of marble and invited sculptors to come look at it and bid to finish it.
Michelangelo, who hadn't even been born when the statue was first commissioned, managed to persuade them to give him the contract over more prestigious sculptors like da Vinci.
(My college advisor was a Renaissance art professor, can you tell.)
2:33 AM
(Not at all, very subtle, that)
So in the old story that he carved it by "taking away the pieces that weren't David," was he just backhanding di Duccio and Rossellino and the others who bid ?
I like the sound of that.
I wouldn't put it past him.
Especially since we know di Duccio had blocked out clothing.
And those guys were all really mean to each other.
@BESW lol
Hmmm. [rummages]
...Yeah, I thought I remembered that. Sorry to burst the amusing anecdote, but chances are good Michelangelo never said anything like that.
My God that's mean
And for missing a party or something
2:47 AM
@BESW "Gregor Samsa woke one morning to find he was George Costanza."
The first reference to the "chip away everything that isn't the subject" line is 1858, and then it popped up several places with various attributions (Ruskin, or rural folk wisdom) and often a reference to carving an elephant, and the first easy-to-find reference to Michelangelo in connection to the concept is 1964. (source)
In summary, if Michelangelo had wanted to deliver a zinger to rival sculptors he probably would've hired someone to set fire to their beards or something.
@BESW That's like the stuff of nightmares for me, honestly
Like...dude, how about next time we just go "hey I am frustrated you missed my party" and go from there, hmmm?
Sometimes I think we need fewer take-over-the-world villains and more petty-revenge-with-elaborate-schemes villains.
It would be more fun.
And less dangerous.
@Ash yeah mhmm
How about doing that instead
2:56 AM
@BESW might be a little too real. I think I might be in a squabble with a neighbor right now that'd fit that description.
@nitsua60 ...I'm not even going to get into my experiences with that.
Maybe this is where staying in my basement and not interacting with the world has saved me.....
Agoraphobia for the win? :P
(I am slowly emerging from my cave and TOMORROW SOMEONE IS COMING FOR TEA (no one comes over ot my house, ever as a rule) but hey, in general it's saved me from those sorts of squabbles)
No one comes over to my place either, unless i didn't invite them myself
3:01 AM
My cat doesn't ever invite people over, so I'm safe there :P
(is joke because it's my parents place)
I don't have my own place
how does that rank
@Ash it's something a cat would do though
@BESW "petty-revenge-with-eleborate-schemes villains" are what pre-teen cartoons are built on
Yeah, and Norbert is the most lovingest kitty, so if he could work the phone you know people'd be here all times
3:05 AM
Also the first Incredibles movie
@BESW Taking over the world seems like a tremendous hassle
@Ash I got a cat on friday. I had like 10 people drop in over the weekend to meet her. I haven't have 10 people over this year prior to that...
@linksassin Cats are great for that
my neuroatypical bits dislike people interrupting the safe routine of my space, so I tend not to have people over, ever, as a rule. But....I am trying to consider maybe changing that.
@Ash Honestly if it weren't for RPGs I'm not sure I would ever interact with my friends.
Most of my friends are on the internets so they don't have to come in my house! Except now I have an actual community of humans who are within "coming over to my house" distance. Which is new.
3:16 AM
In my experience it's much easier to adapt to one person at a time
So these arrived for me today
@trogdor yeah, which is why it is one friend coming for tea tomorrow, that's doable.
I'm not about to be like YES DEVOTIONAL MEETING AT MY HOUSE because I think I'd vomit.
3:18 AM
@Ben what is this?
@Ash yeah, my parents have parties here sometimes and i lock myself in my room for most of it
@Ben oooooh i like the colours
@trogdor that is a thing I am familiar with.
@Ash Seemed likely
Necronomicon dice from the Elder Dice Kickstarter
Currently on sale
ooooh those purple ones....
3:37 AM
my challenge is in actually making new friends
(i.e. not just people I see at work or some other event)
I have a problem with that myself
Finding humans to spend time with is very tricky.
2 hours later…
5:49 AM
@Ash Oh my, I hope you have fun with tea <3
I should also reinstate my tea traditions
Tea is pretty nice
Especially if you put some lemon and honey in it
6:10 AM
My father used to be a fairly strict "black unflavored tea only, no additives" person... until I told him Earl Grey is flavored x)
@trogdor ohh I could do with some of that right now
Been coughing so much my throat is ragged
@kviiri I drink coffee only, but only flat white. Tea gives me a weird taste in the mouth, but I think that's when I have it with milk
6:28 AM
What kind of taste? If it's bitter, it's probably badly prepared
I've been drinking a lot of pu'er lately. It tastes a bit like what a wet spring day smells like
Well, it's probably not a taste, more like a feeling.
Like... Sort of furry
Oh yea, I get that at times too
@Ben Are you sure it's tea and not a wombat?
@Ben so could I, I've had a cough for a while
We do check for wombats when we make our tea. Just part of the process
6:34 AM
@Ben lol, I thought women were waiting around with police clubs to hit you for drinking tea
not really but it was a hilarious image
For drinking their tea
Mortal Wombat
@Ben oh yeah that would at least be a reason I guess?
mine was just "no one gets to drink tea here" I don't know why
2 hours later…
8:26 AM
Q: Can you use magic to create Corpses?

BloodySprinklesI’m trying to find the easiest and earliest way to obtain corpses magically. My intent is to use the corpses in reanimation with the Animate Dead and Create Undead spells. Wish can pull off such a feat, but I can’t find any other spell than Wish that seems capable of accomplishing such a feat.

The OP should worship Kikubaaqudgha.
@BESW I think more RPGs should have Skeletor as a villain
I've come to appreciate how finely crafted he is as a villain. He's awesome and has like zero cognitive overhead.
9:05 AM
Q: Can an Arcane Focus boost rolls

JT1987Is it possible for an arcane focus to boost spell attack or damage rolls? To act as a +1/+2/etc modifier, like stronger physical weapons.

Ok now that's clearly not hot
9:46 AM
Tepid RPG Questions?
9:59 AM
What are the criteria for a "hot" question?
10:35 AM
Q: Updating the Hot Network Questions List - now with a bit more network and a little less "hotness"!

CatijaSome of you may have noticed that we've been making some changes to the Hot Network Questions on the back end over the last week or so. I'm here announcing our first round of changes to how the HNQ works and give you some ideas of why we're starting here and where we're planning to go in the futu...

Which is building on this:
Q: What formula should be used to determine "hot" questions?

Jeff AtwoodRight now the front page Popular tab is fairly broken -- it's a simple descending sort by views. As Joel said in podcast #18, it is "a self-fulfilling prophecy." But this is not intentional, it's only because we haven't had time to improve it yet! As I sit down to write a better algorithm, I tho...

Which was modified by this:
Q: How do the "arbitrary hotness points" work on the new Stack Exchange home page and in the sidebar on questions?

Maxim ZaslavskyI really like the new Stack Exchange home page, where certain questions from the Stack Exchange Network are presented, along with a hotness rating that is described as "arbitrary" in its tooltip. Such questions also appear randomly on the sidebar on questions across the network, under the heading...

It certainly seems to me that our questions go "hot" if someone as much as looks at it
Wait, no, that's site hot questions not network hot questions.
Getchyer tags in order, meta.
> My interest is entirely academic. Select one narrowly-defined magical effect or action. You are unable to create or perform this effect or action, but you automatically know the rough location of it whenever it happens within several miles of you.
@BESW Heh, I didn't even know "site hot" is a thing
Although now that you said it, yes, it does have a button in the UI.
11:38 AM
Q: Can an armblade require double attunement if it integrates a magic weapon that normally requires attunement?

Smart_TJI'm pretty new to D&D, and right now I'm trying to make a character starting at a higher level for a campaign. The DM is allowing us to start with some magical items of our choice. Using the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron, I decided to make a Warforged, and the Warforged race has a few exclusive ...

11:57 AM
12:23 PM
@goodguy5 having a good Monday are you?
Sleep woes
:( baby induced?
@kviiri hmmmm I had actually assumed that this was reflecting posts going network hot, but now that you say that it definitely seems like maybe that's not true?
12:37 PM
@kviiri well it does look like it is a Hot Network Question actually.
I mean, it might be the hottest we have
indeed. We did too much this weekend, for one.

Then baby had a stuffy nose last night; I assume from the smoke at my in laws (food, not cig), but that's only conjecture. He mostly slept okay except for a few key parts between 1 and 4, then my wife was being a grump from lack of sleep. So, I just got up at 4:45 with the baby and didn't go back to sleep.
@goodguy5 oh goodness. that sounds not fun.
Let's just say that I am VERY excited for my nap when I get home
@Ben That was evil to provide the link. Pure evil. So I had to order some.
@goodguy5 yeah, I'd like to say you are making me feel nostalgic for the days of our newborns ... but I don't miss the part where you are up at 4am and never get back to sleep. Enjoy it while it lasts.
12:48 PM
oh, hey Kor. It's 80% the best thing ever.
15% sleep deprivation, and 20% forgetting how to do things.
Also, You also have to thank that querent for the populist badge, not just me, for answering.
I've been getting quite many gold badges lately
@goodguy5 I don't think I've even gotten close to getting that one
@goodguy5 If your answer weren't to so good (I upvoted it) and helpful, they'd not have accepted it. Revel in your excellence.
My first populist badge was, I think, the one about black dragons not having to be evil.
12:53 PM
The rarest gold badge I have (in terms of people to have earned it) on RPG.stackexchange is a Reversal badge (only 24 of those handed out)
I guess Legendary is mine with 5
@KorvinStarmast Mine was a drawn out response about whether it was okay to disallow strength rogues.
@goodguy5 oooo I remember that one
Huh, nobody has the Illuminator badge.
@Rubiksmoose I'm surprised v2 doesn't
@goodguy5 I suspect if they had answered even a fraction of the questions they edited then they would (assuming upvotes of course)
lol it looks like I'm at 277/500
1:01 PM
I wish you could get multiple refiner badges, then we could see how close they are.
hmmm 252 answers so that would be their max progress.
I have 74 answers
hahaha yeah I removed it. I meant in comparison to the 500 needed but realized it came off as really really condescending which was not my intent.
(especially since that is a great and very high number of answers anyways)
Curse you and your quick-ish reading ;)
@Rubiksmoose falling fellon = con descending 8^D I can't be the first person who came up with that joke ...
It was probably an entry in a crossword puzzle years ago ...
@KorvinStarmast ha! it took me a hot second
1:07 PM
@KorvinStarmast I must serve the elders
@KorvinStarmast I must say I really love those kinds of xword clues.
@Ben I wanted to order more than I did, since you can never have enough dice. The tubes of 9 are particularly handy, so I can use them for other games like Risk ...
I also bought the coin. It's actually decent. I like it :D
@Rubiksmoose I usually keep chat open (and visible) in a side window unless I"m watching youtube
@goodguy5 I had a nagging thought in my head that the core problem, that mxy alluded to as the XY, was the DM feeling a need to control how the players play. But there isn't enough meat in the question for me to discern that
@Ben I restrained on that one, though it's a cool coin. I have a couple of free coins that came in the mail for my 1d2. The other way I do 1d2 is "roll d6, odd is 1 even is 2"
1:20 PM
Yeah, that's the usual approach.
In those situations it's usually a... crit or miss scenario...
booo! lol
@Ben when my dice arrive I fully expect that my wife will glare at me. (But darnit, I get to have a little mad money from the tax refund, so that's how I'm spending it!)
on a "normal" coin, which is "1" and which is "2"?
My first instinct is that heads is "1", but then it feels bad that tails would be greater than heads.
1:35 PM
@goodguy5 my thought process went the exact same way.
@goodguy5 Donno, although aren't coin tosses usually a 0 or 1 scenario?
@Someone_Evil well, depends on if it's "1d2" or not
@goodguy5 nope, you are right.
clearly one head and two tails.
@goodguy5 fair, never actually been asked to "roll" a d2, but agree, would probably choose heads to be 2.
i would say you can call it, heads or tails
call it right=2, wrong=1
only works for 1d2 though
1:40 PM
Hmmm anybody wonder way we pluralize heads and tails in English? I'm only just thinking of it.
@Rubiksmoose short for "head-side" and "tail-side"
@KorvinStarmast nice :D
@goodguy5 hmmmm [digging]
Q: Why do we use the plural "heads" and "tails" when describing sides of a coin?

grokusHead or tail sound fine to my ESL ears. What's the reasoning behind the plural usage? I looked it up on etymonline but didn't find anything interesting.

@Derpy one heads.
1:47 PM
If I understand that answer, it's because "heads" and "tails" are constructs, being represented by the head (singular) or tail (singular) of any given coin.
So... you can't sneak attack them?
@Yuuki I'm sorry, but we can't answer that until you provide an edition. vtc
@goodguy5 ahhhh nice
@goodguy5 yeah that makes sense
2:03 PM
@goodguy5 Ahh, the 'plurale tantum '. A small little noticed patch of the superior oral endothelium. Occasionally noticed when a person's tongue finds the ridge behind which it hides and thinks, "that's a very slippery patch." Most hardly notice it when the sound of a plural noun that refer to collectives pass over this spot and smoothly into conversation.
Because it has two heads? ^_^
@goodguy5 The actual reason is that coins are a gateway to the Platonic Idealized Forms. The 'Heads' side of a coin is not merely one side of one coin, but metaphysically linked to the Ideal Form of 'Heads' on all coins, and the 'Tails' side, conversely, is metaphysically linked to the Ideal Form of 'Tails' on all coins.
Hence why coins where both sides are the same are considered such an unnatural and forbidden kind of arcana.
@Xirema my thoughts exactly.
@Xirema Your answer gets my upvote. golf clap
Xir, if you respond with that, I will indeed upvote it.
2:11 PM
@Ben I may even order again, and have a pile of those dice sent to my son ... still pondering.
@Xirema me also...
I didn't realize looking at vote distribution was a privilege. I always reflexively click it on low-up-vote but old answers to see if it's controversial or just not upvoted much, but then I tried to that on a site I'm not high-rep on and was like, "huh"
My instinct is that it's probably poor form for my very first post to that stack to be an answer like that. ;)
@DavidCoffron I do that so often it is embarassing. Like on main Meta.
@Rubiksmoose I wonder why it's a privilege. In my opinion it gives a better idea on the status of the popular opinion than just a net value
If you have two answers that are +6, -5 it is a much different picture than two +1's. It means the opinion is split rather than just not well decided
@DavidCoffron maybe it's a separate api call?
2:20 PM
@ColinGross I think that is one of the reasons actually.
I remember reading a meta post about this long ago
If memory serves, the reason for making this a privilege at all was that it's expensive (since the individual counts aren't denormalized). So making it available to everyone is probably asking for a DoS. But lowering the threshold might be possible, though I'm not convinced it would actually accomplish what you think it would. — Shog9 ♦ Dec 2 '17 at 5:15
UGH Meta and all the answers going in the comments [table flip]
@Shog9 I think that reason no longer applies. The current vote count is already a cached sum of all the votes cast. It should be possible to extend that cache to include separate sums for up/down votes. But it's probably being kept this way for historical reasons or perhaps the current implementation might be so deeply ingrained into the code-base that it's difficult to make such a change without breaking a lot of other things. — Mysticial Dec 6 '17 at 17:30
Not exactly a cache, @Mysticial; score is a permanent field on Posts. It gets recalculated when there's a vote (but not necessarily correctly) and via nightly activity that attempts to correct any discrepancies that arose from race conditions while voting, and also whenever someone retrieves the vote split. But normally (heh...) it's used as-is; crucially, the vast, vast majority of page renders don't require hitting the votes table at all. Could this be changed? Yes; is it worth the investment? Eh... — Shog9 ♦ Dec 6 '17 at 20:03
@Rubiksmoose You might find this query interesting. It seems you are actually the one closest to getting the badge in this stack
@Sdjz Wow I apparently don't do that almost ever. I've got 30 xD
@Sdjz now that is shocking to me. Like it isn't something that I try to do even (for the badge).
Would have guess KRyan or SSD would have been way closer actually.
@Sdjz Okay. I was going to run that query for Legendary and it is not a simple thing for my hyper-amateur programming to understand xD
@DavidCoffron To be honest I just took an existing query that asked for a single user ID and adapted it to get for everyone.
2:32 PM
@Rubiksmoose That's for singleu ser unfortunately
oh nvm
yeah just realized that as well
and now, for something completely different: a Swedish weather meme perfectly describing today
Why doesn't google auto-translate work on memes :outraged:
Translation: "It is Spring! \ Well what the..."
2:34 PM
That looks pretty good I think.
Weird though because it doesn't seem to be quite accurate
Otherwise Naut and HeyICan would have it already...
Yeah. Maybe sometimes you get 200 according to whatever check they use but it doesn't count toward the badge. Mine says 99, but...
ah I see, well it seems like it tends towards overcounting by a bit somehow.
@Rubiksmoose Maybe it counts every 200 (so it's double counting my 400 days that don't give me anything)? Idk
Oh! It's county bounties which are separate from Daily Limit
2:40 PM
@Rubiksmoose Mine actually says 24 in the query when it is 25 in the actual badge progress
"WHEN 9 THEN BountyAmount"
And it's counting accepted which is wrong
@Sdjz Maybe you got the rep cap from answer votes which aren't counted
> SUM(case votes.votetypeid
WHEN 9 THEN BountyAmount
END) as TotalRep,
@DavidCoffron It says 200 daily reputation 150 times, not hit the cap 150 times, IIRC.
@vicky_molokh Well it is definitely undercounting for question votes, bc it only has accepted answers, answer upvotes, and Bounties regardless
Consider bounties as another potential source and check how those interact.
@Sdjz well shucks.
2:42 PM
@Xirema No guts, not glory, and you can always shame them about them abusing a new user. :)
@vicky_molokh I removed the bounty lines and it still says 99 so idk
Huh. No idea then.
But when I removed the accepted line it dropped to 98
So one day I got 200+ because of accepted answers
@kviiri do the Swedes use an owl rather than a groundhog?
@kviiri Better than google translate any day :P
I tried reading a video game blog (strategy guide) in Chinese to get better at a game I play using Google auto-translate and it was utterly useless
2:46 PM
@DavidCoffron bounty 200 back and forth each day with @Rubiksmoose until the badge dings?
@ColinGross Umm... Probably malpractice
nahhhh that seems totally legit /s
@DavidCoffron Meh. It's a little colorful dot.
Also, the calculation is malpractice! /S
@ColinGross I just watched a bunch of law videos last night and all I remember is how many different ways one can get disbarred. (glad I didn't decide to pursue that career tbh)
@DavidCoffron And fixing things isn't appealing either. I personally wouldn't want a metal rod replacement for my spine.
2:50 PM
@Yuuki ...
Don't do that to me when I'm sleep deprived. My smile is ultra cheesy rn
Huh either way SSD is on their way to getting two of them (theoretically)
(since I don't think you can earn it twice on one site)
@KorvinStarmast no idea!
Where I live, there's a mnemonic alliterative verse that uses migrating birds to determine when the summer comes
I think this Q can probably be reopened (At least worth another look)
(to which the answer IMO is likely "don't")
but that is making some assumptions about the table expectations.
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