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12:10 AM
Without getting into the politics of whether the "citizenship question" should be on the 2020 census, I just noticed what seems like a glaring problem with it:
Tell me: who checks off the second box?
@nitsua60 I suspect there will be confusion on the part of people in that neck of the woods, no?
I mean, they were born in the United States.
Unless, by implication, the first box is meant to be read as "these United States," i.e. the 50 states.
In which case, where does a DC native check?
@nitsua60 LOL, yes
Q: Where does the bonus feat in the cleric starting package come from?

vicabaI am creating a human cleric. While doing so, I noticed that in the starting package for cleric (PHB I, p. 33), there is a "Bonus feat": Feat: Scribe Scroll. Bonus Feat: Alertness. Deity/Domains: Pelor/Good and Healing. Gear: Backpack with waterskin, one day's trail rations, be...

@Shalvenay I would imagine that millions of people living in PR, Guam, USVI, and NMI would be rightly offended by the question, and that the formulation of the question will adversely impact the accuracy of whatever is trying to be counted there.
12:19 AM
@nitsua60 yes, I think so
@Shalvenay (The source of that image, btw, is the annual American Community Survey that the Census Bureau also produces. Sec'y Ross testified on 3/14, when questioned about DC/USVI natives, that the wording of the census question is identical to the ACS question.)
@nitsua60 nods. I seriously doubt it'll stand anyway -- the Census Bureau committed a zillion and three procedural fouls in the process of putting it there, and the district court tossed the hankie on pretty much all of them
@Shalvenay Yeah... (following) administrative procedure isn't exactly the current administration's strongest suit.
@nitsua60 no kidding
@nitsua60 yeah this makes me mad on at least a semantic level,....
I guess we don't count out here
I mean, yeah we are a territory, not a state
but as long as we are one this is part of the country
12:33 AM
@trogdor I mean, the way I'm reading it it forces you to either say "yes, dammit, I'm born in the US and will skip to question 10A," or say "I guess I have to check the second box and 'admit' that we're not really the US if I want Guam to have its representation."
@nitsua60 or if I don't want to get into some kind of weird legal trouble later? maybe?
It's not even... politically accurate.
@trogdor Yeah.
@BESW How do you mean?
Like, being born on Guam vs being born in California is a distinction without a difference as regards individual citizenship: if I moved to California I would have all the citizenship rights of someone born there.
our citizenship,... isn't any different
12:35 AM
The difference is that while living on Guam I have no federal representation--regardless of whether I was born here.
so why exactly do we have to answer any extra questions?
@BESW yeah,...
But the same check box mentions the NMI.
anyone born in one of the States could move here and suddenly not get representation
@BESW yeah that too,....
we are not the same, politically, as them
If you're born in the NMI you may or may not be a citizen of the USA depending on when you were born.
12:37 AM
or even Puerto Rico although that is just because the people deciding that are dumb
@trogdor Not sure question 9's going to feel good...
ok I am mad now
And what about American Samolia?
(It's a US territory, and people born there are not US citizens but are US nationals.)
@BESW Yeah, I noticed them, too.
I didn't know that wrinkle about citizen/national
12:40 AM
@BESW yeah, also a stupid but existing distinction
@BESW also, I get that he could get that wrong, but where did he manage to add an l and an I?
that's what gets me
@BESW Okay, I could have a little sympathy for the last name. I mean, it's bad staff work, 'cause somebody should have gotten him the night before and said "by the way, you might want to practice this one in the shower a few times." But "Samoa"? C'mon, man.
but I mean, he was reading it right?
where did the L and I come from seriously
Most of us put the accent on the wrong syllable, but there's a Girl Scout cookie by that name, it's not an entirely new word in the mainland.
But yeah... a citizenship question asking if you're born on Guam is like asking if you're born on a First Tribes reservation.
It's only worth asking if you have NEVER done even the tiniest bit of research.
Which, of course, means that's not the question they're actually asking.
which is disappointing for the Census
@BESW that's what I assume too
that's part of what makes me mad
12:55 AM
@BESW (It's a really good cookie, too.)
oh yeah that one
it's real good
strangely I have seen a lot of different girl scout cookies recently but not any of those
hey again @DuckTapeAl
@trogdor If you see boxes of Caramel deLites, it's basically the same thing. They've got two different bakeries that make the cookies and the bakeries get to decide the specifics of the exact recipe and the name.
When the Girl Scouts re-organize their structure, sometimes an area winds up changing which bakery supplies them.
1:10 AM
today I learned something about girl scout cookies
@BESW In my area Keebler's selling them under the name "Coconut Dreams." (They're not wrong.)
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2:45 AM
Someone made a site for auto-calculating damage calculations for large groups of creatures: https://oganm.com/shiny/swarm/
"This is a tool to automate damage calculations for large number of creatures. You give the target AC, number of creatures attacking, and attack statistics, it returns the damage dealt to the target by rolling the dice. You can also select an SRD monster's attack or an "Animate Objects" object size so fields can be filled automatically. That SRD monster selection box allows for searching so no need to
3:14 AM
Anyone here have Blades in the Dark experience? I'm starting a game soon and would appreciate any tips, but I don't have like, specific questions I could post on Main.
@DuckTapeAl I haven't played it, but I've linked a lot of resources about it.
Hope it helps!
3:33 AM
If you're interested, I wrote up a setting description/intro to the system thing for my players: docs.google.com/document/d/…
hey again @DuckTapeAl
3:48 AM
@DuckTapeAl -- so, want to hear about how things have been going on game-wise over here?
@DuckTapeAl so....had a few disappointments with games falling through and whatnot, but the Stack ToA game has continued, and I have started up a DW campaign, as well as some one-shots in D&D, and got to try a couple systems too (Great Ork Gods and Golden Sky Stories)
That's pretty cool. How's the DW campaign going?
@DuckTapeAl pretty good so far, whipped up a rather interesting campaign world and got a rather interesting party as well :)
(although, things will be complicated)
(although, things will be fun)
4:00 AM
they definitely will be
4:55 AM
non-answers that need deletion:
A: If a character has darkvision, can they see through an area of nonmagical darkness filled with lightly obscuring gas?

J YOf course. Every noob knows that darkvision grants visibility through nonmagical darkness filled with semi-diffuse gas. Except on the sabbath. That's different.

A: Can a Gnome Ranger use his Animal Companion as a Mount?

user53274the panther picks the gnome up by his pack, using his mouth, and runs off into the forest at full speed

5:22 AM
Q: When a Cleric spontaneously casts a Cure Light Wounds spell, will a Pearl of Power recover the original spell or Cure Light Wounds?

FeringAssume a cleric has converted one of their first level spells into cure light wounds, and it was the only spell they have expended. When they use the pearl of power to recover the spell, what is recovered: the original spell, or the cure light wounds?

7 hours later…
12:20 PM
Q: What spells are affected by the size of the caster?

OrdiNeuWhat spells in the Player's Handbook and Xanathar's Guide to Everything are affected by the size of the caster? For context, I'm playing a kobold sorcerer in my D&D campaign, and have recently learned on Reddit that he cannot carry any of the Medium-sized party members with dimension door or th...

1 hour later…
1:47 PM
@Shalvenay @Glazius Have I read the crystal ball of time zones correctly that we're meant to play in 15 mins?
@ACuriousMind yes you have
2:11 PM
Good morning.
@Glazius I have officially gave up on trying to complete reading WotA this week. Or maybe forever. It has cool ideas, but wow is it a hard read. (A player in my Transhumanity's Fate campaign seems to have the same reaction to it.)
@vicky_molokh Too dense, too interconnected? It worked for me but then I had the author explaining it, which isn't super fair.
@Glazius It feels like a failed fractal explanation. I often advocate for fractal explanations, where one starts with the understandable superficial explanation, and goes into details later. In this case, it seems to be trying to do so, but the superficial explanations do not give a clear picture, and
by the time I get to the close-up explanation, it feels like I lost the thread and am now missing the bigger picture.
So far what I got out of it is that I'll want to imitate the regions, stability, resources and upgrades structure in broad strokes.
2:28 PM
The one thing that doesn't really map to your scenario (probably) is the large amount of initial allies you have.
Oh, forging alliances will be of interest on its own. I was looking for any basis of base/civilisation/etc. management that I could adapt. This is probably still the best starting kit I've seen for the system.
1 hour later…
3:38 PM
@vicky_molokh WoTA? War of the Ancients? (DotA being "Defense of the Ancients" ...)
Wrath of the Autarch.
2 hours later…
5:41 PM
6:06 PM
@vicky_molokh Looks like a really neat game. Just read a synopsis.
@KorvinStarmast The ideas are neat, the crunch is . . . unwieldy, at least at first reading.
And I come from GURPS, I have done Spaceships and Vehicles, so I'm no stranger to some heavy crunch. But WotA crunch is not particularly heavy, just unwieldy. It doesn't look like it uses the number of pages it has efficiently and readably.
@vicky_molokh I doubt I'll be able to pursue that, that damnable thing called sleep and a job ... they really get in the way of games. sad face
hey there @KorvinStarmast
@Shalvenay I was most amused at the "he is now wearing a 260 pound cat as a hat" from your leaping from the rock attack last night. CHeck out the post in the journal.
@KorvinStarmast yes I saw :)
6:10 PM
I had some fun with that this morning as I waited for the coffee to brew
@KorvinStarmast how's the reading-over-coffee coming along, by the way?
do you mean pirates and dragons?
@KorvinStarmast nah, the articles I linked you on Discord :)
@Shalvenay I liked the pilots do pilot stuff take in the one.
I am also glad that nobody died.
@KorvinStarmast yes -- that was a great example of how good airmanship and good crashworthiness can save lives even when the rest of the system had failed
6:13 PM
@Shalvenay yeah, part of why training is so important, and why automation dependency is so deadly.
@KorvinStarmast no kidding
In my opinion, that LionAir crash would not have happened if the crew were encouraged, by their company culture, to disseminate their experience where they had to disengage stab trip and go manual. Culture failure.
I refer to the crew before the crash flight. The other problem is the maintenance effort, and why the heck were they not able to reach back to boeing via field service, etc? New bird, should come with a tech support package? Or were they too cheap to buy one?
@KorvinStarmast yeah, maintenance safety culture can be quite a fragile thing
@Shalvenay in as well run an airline as SW, who had a recent labor dispute regarding maint process- if they can have trouble, anyone can, and the LowCost airlines are at higher risk.
Margins thinner, mgmt less willing to listen ...
@KorvinStarmast really, any airline that's not in a very strongly safety-cultured environment's at risk
6:20 PM
too true ....
@Shalvenay come up dicord, shal, I have a quality issue I'd rather not put into a public venue ....
Q: Question about alert, surprise, and crit failing

tbroA Druid in my campaign has the Alert feat, which stops her from being surprised. If she rolls a critical failure on her Perception check, would: A) She get surprised because she crit-failed? B) The alert feat negates that? I'm leaning more toward it's "up to the DM," but I wanted to ge...

6:42 PM
hey there @Joshua
Hey; just hanging out. It didn't take us one day to figure out how to use a tremorsense spell offensively. You don't want tremorsense anywhere near active ore crushers.
2 hours later…
9:04 PM
Q: How can I kill a tough druid NPC off-scene for the sake of the plot?

DoukeshiIn a campaign I made myself, there is an 8th-level Druid NPC (good guy) that have an item that I want the bad guys to steal (killing him in the way, for dramatization). My main concern is that he could just transform into a bird and fly away (with the item). There should be a witness to inform...

^might want to keep an eye on this one
last edit IMO changed the question significantly (and invalidated the answer) so I reverted it. Maybe some eyes on it would help in case OP reverts back or is confused.
(or feel free to call me crazy if that revert was off base)
Either way I have more car work to do so I will be around only sporadically
9:23 PM
Feb 19 '17 at 13:38, by BESW
> Nailed to the floor. If you succeed with style while attacking with arrows, you can reduce the stress inflicted by 1 to place the boost pinned down on your target.
This is something any archer can do, right? Because it looks like a flashy description of a standard rule about SwS on attacks.
@BESW hahaha! a Ranged Pin that actually works for once! :D
Well, any archer in a sufficiently cinematic campaign, that is.
It's a Fate-style stunt.
In a realistic campaign, the boost would be called something else.
@BESW I must be misunderstanding something about it then.
9:27 PM
@vicky_molokh It's in addition to the normal success with style. Lets you double up.
Though, if I were writing it now, I wouldn't make it conditional on success with style.
@BESW Oh, so you can get two boosts by reducing attack result by 2?
Yesterday I actually used the reduction of an attack to get a boost. It was actually a funny way: I had a boost, got a hit by 2, used up a boost to increase it to 4 (SwS), then immediately reduced by 1 to get a newer boost, while also managing to hit the 3-box instead of the 2-box on the enemy.
That's the kind of dynamic forward momentum I love in Fate.
I remember this dynamic being criticised as very gamist on reddit some time ago.
Also, when I declared that this is what I'm doing, nobody understood what was happening from a mechanical PoV at first.
So I can see arguments against it. But as a player I feel OK juggling such things.
9:36 PM
[shrug] GNS is an incomplete and insufficient framework, and juggling boosts forward is a very cinematic concept you can see in every well-choreographed action film.
Also, I seem to be putting myself in a misleading position. I meant gamist in a more general-language sense, not in the strict definitions of GNS (which I don't understand well enough to engage in officially correct GNS discussion).
The system is designed so that system master and system exploitation is narratively exciting, there's not a mutually exclusive choice.
@Rubiksmoose OP posted that revision as a new question, but in a [dnd-5e] context it's almost certaily entirely a matter of opinion. So is that existing question, I think.
The community is as usual welcome to override my closure of those questions if it feels strongly about it though, for the record.
9:59 PM
I think there's possibly a workable question in there, albeit one where the answer is about judging the players to determine what they'd find acceptable - the question they're asking does have an answer, for them, it just depends on what their players are like as to how much they care about the consistency of the mechanics
I've definitely known people who would get very hung up about how a supposedly powerful druid got ganked by a couple bandits and I've known people who would just accept the narrative no question
That's plausible
@Carcer I recall Return of the Scarlet Empress being criticised heavily because how implausibly Sol Invictus was assassinated.
@Carcer yeah, you also have to take into account a fair bit of combat psych as well
the work of Jeff Cooper and John Boyd should come to mind :)
someone who has a high top-end, but tends to slide into Condition White a bunch, is far more gankable than someone who may not be capable of great feats of absolute power, but has a far easier time staying in Condition Yellow
10:38 PM
I bought my dad an elephant for his room.
He said thanks.
I said don't mention it.
@doppelgreener I agree with you - as written, both questions are pretty opinion-based. And the newer question is verging on being a bit too broad to be meaningfully answerable as well (i.e. "should a GM be in favour of plot or rules?")... Definitely needs a little refocusing.
@Ben snortgiggles
10:56 PM
@Ben Btw, I started Diablo last night (I know I said I wasn't going to - long story).
I stopped when I ran into Shadowbite, who appears to be immune to magic :(
hey there @linksassin
g'day folks. How we all doing?
alright here
11:14 PM
@Miniman odd. The wiki says he doesn't have any resistances? Maybe it was something else?
not bad
I unfortunately have the flu :(
@Ben Bad enough to get out of monday work? Mondays are the worst
@Ben A different wiki says he's immune to everything. Based on what happened to me, I think it's the latter.
@linksassin That is the upside.
11:24 PM
I'll go back with a bunch of potions and slowly beat him to death, I just wasn't up for it at the time.
@Miniman Huh. Well that's very weird. Even just the fact that there's 2 official sources saying very different things :/
@Ben Well, 2 unofficial sources :P
But it does make me a little concerned about the longterm sustainability of a single player sorc.
True. The one I use is diablo.fandom.com
I mean, I know I can theoretically just ignore monsters I can't kill, but it's not fun to do in practice.
[Goes and looks at the spell list] Never mind, golems are a thing in 1.
Yeah I'm a little ocd too... I like to clear out the whole level haha
11:40 PM
@doppelgreener I definitely agree about the original question. I think Carcer might have a point about how to make it valid, but I'm unsure. I probably should have (thought of and) warned OP about that but my main thoughts were dealing with the incorrect revision rather than the new question at the time. Anyways agree all-around. Thanks for letting me know.
11:54 PM
@Miniman Jarulf's Guide v 1.62 is as close to authoritative as it gets.
@nitsua60 or @doppelgreener, can you mark this question as a duplicate of the one Korvin linked in the comments?
Q: What are the barriers to running a published adventure from an earlier edition in the 5e system (assuming that this is possible)?

Greg0141If I've counted correctly, there are ten published adventures for D&D 5e, but many more from earlier editions. I would like to make use of these adventures from previous editions; however, given my lack of experience, I don't know what issues may be encountered in the process of trying to run suc...

the related question:
Q: How do I upgrade older D&D adventures to 5th edition?

dblanchettBefore I get into the details I just want to mention that I'm working in a remote area right now and don't have access to the 5e Starter Set, just the downloadable PDFs. I'm looking for advice on how to upgrade adventures/encounters from older versions of D&D to 5e. This looks like it would be ...

@miniman shadowbite is Immune to fire, not immune to lightning and magic damage
(otherwise 2 others will need to vote to reopen normally, and then someone with a 5e gold badge like me can close it as a duplicate properly)
@Miniman here is the whole thing
@V2Blast done (cc @nitsua60)
11:57 PM
@Miniman IIRC from diablo I, four kinds of damage: physical, lightning, fire, magic
I do not know the hellfire expansion (and never wanted to play it)
@doppelgreener thanks :)
@KorvinStarmast Oooooh. Thank you, that's huge!

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