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12:14 AM
Is there a way to format something like the following: "[Why is there no non-combat XP in D&D 5e? [closed]](rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/101102)";
@Medix2 What do you mean?
Including the bracketed text as part of the link? Type a backslash before the opening and closing bracket in the text
It doesn't contract down the link into something like with the following: "Why is there no non-combat XP in D&D 5e?"
Ah gotcha, thank you! Probably should've tried that actually, forgot about literals
12:37 AM
@NautArch Uh, I never had a problem with that. What? Why are you looking at me like I'm not right in the head?
How to kill a beholder in four words: fog cloud. Grapple. Melee
How to kill a beholder in four words? Twenty bards. Vicious Mockery.
@Akira_Kurusu All Hail, Wizard of Beef! :)
@Akira_Kurusu This would also work.
And be hilarious to try and do
An unending onslaught of yo mama jokes
Or you could use an illusion spell to conjure up a mirror so that the beholder either beholds itself, or thinks there is another beholder and attacks. Then ... fog cloud, grapple, melee (helps to have a hasted rogue for that last part)
Illusions of working mirrors can be a tough sell...
12:44 AM
Eldritch Blast + Repelling Blast at level 11: three shots from above that drive the beholder down to the ground. THen, fog cloud, grapple, melee ...
Command: Approach. Then fog cloud, grapple, melee.
Druid wild shapes into a beast that has a grapple ability. Another PC helps, Druid grapples, all others melee in the fog cloud ....
Yes, it's a London mugging, why do you ask?
Bard throws in a vicious mockery for good measure
But our bard is dead
or in the US, it's a Seattle Mugging, or a San Francisco Mugging ...
12:45 AM
@Himitsu_no_Yami Then viciously mock the bard
Animate Dead. Mock the zombard.
You mean skelebard?
Lulz all around, even the beholder gets in on the joke. Then, while he's distracted, fog cloud, grapple, melee ....
Don't forget about that amf. Fog cloud go bye bye.
12:47 AM
Sword of Sharpness to trim off a few eye stalks ....
Can't amf an actual fog machine...
@NautArch Can you dispel what you can't see?
Also, is amf short for adios, my friend or something else? 8^D
@NautArch Fog cloud is 1st level spell. Recast is easy and cheap.
Yeah, the amf doesnt need sight
@KorvinStarmast you're forgetting the party makeup
@Himitsu_no_Yami Oh, you have a rouge?
12:49 AM
@Himitsu_no_Yami I agree, so that eldritch blast with repelling is kind of important.
We don't have a rogue, but my plan is to hit it real hard.
It's not dispelled, they'd opt to drop it I guess. But the cone is "free" except they can't use their eye Ray's in it, either.
@BESW Warlock, Warlock/Cleric, Druid, Fighter/Wizard
Have the druid grapple and you melee. Works. Speed zero is a big debuff.
Sorry, it was a joke. You said makeup, and rouge is a common misspelling of rogue.
12:50 AM
Warlock and Cleric have to keep it distracted/busy
I think the best chance to grapple would actually be the Fighter Wizard. Athletics +10
@BESW I completely overlooked that
The goal, as korvin said, is it toget it close and the keep it there.
Also, command no workee unless on a humanoid
12:51 AM
Suggestion then, hmm./
I tried command on a dragon once. The result was a belch, in dragonish, and a new character to be rolled up soon.
@Akira_Kurusu I'd need to see all four char sheets to give you what I thought was the best strat.
I haven't fought a beholder before and don't want to know too much about its abilities and such.
arrgh, look at the time. Our salt marsh group may actually show up tonight. I am off. Best wishes all ....
Adios, my friend.
FYI, command works on any creature that can understand you
12:53 AM
@KorvinStarmast Best of luck with both getting the group to show up and if they do then with the session
But the question is would a beholder understand common and/or infernal?
then no command
But you don't know that :)
fair point
You could ask the DM if your character would know
12:58 AM
I could see arguments for Arcana, History, or Religion
Religion doesn't seem right, but I guess it whatever your DM thinks it should be :)
It's Persuasion. When in doubt, the answer is Persuasion.
Everything always comes down to...
1:27 AM
ain't that the truth
Sage Advice:

"It is impossible to fail a stealth check if you hire a bard and have him follow you around playing the pink panther theme."​​​​​​​
Good.. [checks time] morning all
@Akira_Kurusu Or Kronks stealth theme
@Akira_Kurusu Now I want one.
1:44 AM
@NautArch If you want a beholder, first find a beauty, and then look in her eye. :)
@KorvinStarmast It was me all the time?
no saltmarsh?
@NautArch not sure, I have two of four showing up for sure, my son had to quit last month due to work schedule change. The other two are ... uncertain.
(insert face of sheer disappointment here) It has been two months since all players shows up on the same night.
'tis the season
@NautArch I feel a great disturbance in the farce ... and it ain't looking good. I have not been able to chatizen for over a month ... arrgh
As kviiri once said, RL vs Game has a DC between 25 and 30
Aug 24 '15 at 23:26, by Ben
Agh! Life! The bane of fun!
1:58 AM
@Akira_Kurusu I just whisper "we are a shrub"
@MarkWells I had one game where the rogue stumbled upon a conversation about a mutiny, and as soon as he realized what was going on (as well as the fact that the mutineers had caught on to the fact someone was watching), he tried to bail, realized he'd barely outrun them, and tried to hide. He failed the roll and his RP of that was to place a leaf in front of his face, then hastily realize that was terrible, then kept running.
(see, this way I can substitute Persuasion for Stealth)
(if I make my Persuasion check they HAVE to believe that I'm a shrub. it's the rules. :) )
@MarkWells And you critted it!
The word is "crat"
that's disgusting
2:03 AM
I crit, you crit, he/she/it crits. I crat, I have critten, I am critting
It still sounds dirty
@Ben Now that's how you RP a failure
According to this one site that I've never heard of before: the past tense of "crit" is "crited"
And all variations of "crit" are only spelled with one "t"
The English language everybody, let's have a round of applause!
2:14 AM
I should preface this with the fact that "LOL", "OMG" and yes, even "♥" have been added to the Oxford Dictionary.
It's that last one that really hurts
but not "crit"?
Crit is in there, but it's an abbreviation of "criticism" or "critic"
Also as a verb, it is more commonly associated with "critique"
So as far as in regards to a "critical" on a roll, all forms of "crit" are up for grabs :P
@Ben crotes
@NautArch croted
I admit "critten" is dubious; that would imply a base verb "crite" (like write) and past tense "crote".
which if anything sounds even more gross
2:27 AM
Critten: to have crittered.
I like "crittened"
2:51 AM
Q: Is it legal to use True Polymorph to become a really old adult dragon so that you become ancient with time?

Wise ManA scenario popped up in my mind that seems legal but feels like cheating. Say a level 20 wizard used True Polymorph to become an Adult Gold Dragon, at age 800 years and 364 days old. As stated in another question, this puts him a day before he becomes an Ancient Gold Dragon. So the wizard just wa...

3:02 AM
I am Croot.
3:16 AM
@V2Blast 5e half orc champion fighter.
3:31 AM
First session of a new Cyberpunk campaign last weekend--it was a blast. (Sometimes I go too long and I forget how much frikkin' fun it is running a game for teenagers.)
@nitsua60 Nice :D
I've wanted to play a proper Cyber-punk game for a while. Our regular game is... an odd configuration. The setting is always, like, a functional setting, the only "problem" is an uprising, that we have to deal with before it actually affects anything.
It's been a while since I've played in a setting where everything is already messed up, and our job is to stop the bad guy from literally destroying everything.
It's a very common pattern to establish a world and then set the protagonists' goal as maintaining the status quo
True. There nothing wrong with that, but it adds an extra level to the gameplay when you have to carry around a fire extinguisher at all times, in the not-quite-so-off chance that we need to put out a fire after not quite accidentally setting a fire in order to make sure a deal goes down the right way, or as a bludgeoning weapon
If the story is such that the players should upset the status quo, then that demands a more dynamic world
You may want to ask yourselves what choices you actually have, in terms of affecting the world. What happens if you allow any of these uprisings? Is that always a loss condition, or is it an option you're allowed to pursue?
3:48 AM
@Ben In our setting everything's screwed up and the goal is to scrape out an existence without getting nabbed by the cops or having to sell out. And maybe, just maybe, they'll have enough oomph to stick it to a Corp or two every once in a while.
@nitsua60 I was invited to one but dipped out due to lack of time and spoons.
It was also an ongoing campaign, in a server with a million old channels
was a bit overwhelming
@nitsua60 Yeah. That creates an extra level, or at least a different perspective on the world you're playing in.
@MikeQ I guess I'm using the 40K universe as a setting for this example haha
What, are you afraid of a bit of chaos? Nothing bad ever happened by letting in the chaos gods. :)
@V2Blast Oh wow. Reminds me of a video I saw once about a game that had been running for something like 20-30 years. It was the same campaign, and the DM had just been developing the world in real time. Players could jump in and out as they pleased, the world kept moving around them
@MikeQ Chaos? Not so much. Heresy? Hell yeah. You gotta burn that s*** down.
My Techpriest lost more limbs to Heretics than he ever did to Demons XD
Not to mention my Servo Skull. He was effectively useless for 7/8ths of the campaign, and then as soon as I gave him some useful upgrades, Heretics blew him up!!
I'm still salty about that XD
4:23 AM
Actually, I just had a thought... for my "short story" I'm writing; the one about my Techpriest, he's a mind-wiped. The Servo Skull that he has is from a previous iteration of the character, which was created from the Skull of another PC from that game.
Would/could a Psyker's skull still carry trace elements of psychic energy..?
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5:53 AM
How much rep do you need to process flags?
Should be able to find your info there
It depends on what kind of "flag" you're referring to. You can flag comments, or posts as "low quality", etc.
I mean when you flag a comment as no longer needed or whatever. I didn't see anything on that list :3
@jgn That's probably a Mod privilege
I have >25k rep over on Arqade, which is the highest on that list, and I still can't delete flagged comments
6:12 AM
Ah, I see, thanks
Do you know if anyone can comment on deleted answers? (besides mods) I didn't see it on the rep list but it might be bundled in with something
@jgn Nope. Again that might be restricted to mods, even if that is a thing.
I see. A comment popped up but I guess it was just because of the timing
6:40 AM
Q: How do I calculate my AC for this character?

Worthall TortolnatorI play a Tortle Draconic bloodline sorcerer and my DM and myself are scratching our heads on what it's AC total should be. Draconic Bloodline gets 13 + dex, but Tortles get 17 flat with no dex mod. I have a shield that gives +2 so total is either 22 or 24. Thoughts?

7:13 AM
Is there any guideline for what constitutes extended discussion? It feels very inconsistent to me. 8 comments from 6 people is fine, but 2 people posting twice each and ending the conversation is not? It's very confusing.
I guess it's something like a number of characters per person so if you have more people making short comments then there can be way more individual comments?
7:27 AM
It sort of what feels like a conversation that is going to take a while to get to a conclusion. The system will automatically "flag it" with a link to "move to chat" ( though I think that might be the OP?)
@Ben If a lot of people are making small contributions, the system doesn't see a conversation. If a few people are making multiple contributions each, the system sees a conversation. here's one example of people trying to figure out what trips the "extended discussion" flag
Ok, yeah. Ultimately there is no real way to define an "extended discussion". It goes off your judgement.
@Ben No, this wasn't an automated one, a mod moved it, so I assume they have some internal guidelines
@BESW Perhaps telling that the "answer" doesn't actually makes sense when considering the question....
Is there any purpose to keeping all these mechanics secret? :/
There's nothing "secret" to it. It's based off your better judgement.
@Ben So does it say somewhere how it works? :/ Because that meta definitely looked like guessing to me...
7:38 AM
@jgn That's cos it is, most of the time. For example if two people are arguing about "whats better", that can probably get moved to chat, or even deleted all together. Or a discussion about two different interpretations of a specific rule that's taking its time getting to the point.
There's not "one rule" of what defines an "extended discussion"
So just "whatever the mod feels like"?
It's a little bit undefined for me
There's a lot of guesswork in moderation
@Ben Indeed, only mods can do it. Otherwise, comments might slip in due to the fact that at least some of SE's restrictions (e.g. the inability to answer closed questions) are implemented clientside, so the page might not yet be updated on the commenter's end to prevent them from doing so. Not sure on that.
I don't really feel comfortable to do public callouts, but there's no DM feature. Is there any other choice for getting clarrification?
@V2Blast Uh? Is that true? I can just go comment on deleted posts if I construct the POST myself??
@jgn Not here, unfortunately.
7:44 AM
@jgn I have no idea whether that's actually true for comments, I just know it's happened for answers coming in after a question is closed and the explanation given was that the restriction on that was clientside
@Ben I see, thanks anyway! I hope they add DM one day >w<;
@jgn What are you wanting clarification for? We always try to be constructive and helpful, so if you have something you feel needs to be said, you can say it, so long as you Be Nice
@Ben For why the thread was moved and when it is done in general. Be Nice is great in theory but just leads to people making snide/condescending/technically acceptable comments in my experience :/
@jgn In which case those people making such remarks are not Being Nice, or the interpretation is taken incorrectly. Criticism can seem harsh, but is not always intended to be.
@jgn As for why, I see no harm in asking
@Ben I just find it stressful to be attacked or see the refund rep or whatever, so I'd prefer not to "cause problems" as others have put it. I asked in a general way and it seems there are no rules, so if I can't ask in private there's not much else I'm comfortable with. Thanks for the suggestions though.
8:01 AM
That's understandble
8:27 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer, potentially problematic ns configuration in answer (80): Is this the correct way to resolve a missed Ice Knife? by Suhail JLD on rpg.SE
Wow, that's unusually clever for a spam.
Which... isn't really saying much but still.
Hi guys
Hi Pierre
How's it going?
Wow yeah that is really clever spamming
I'm doing good, I've been working from home a lot these days because of the protests in Paris
So pretty comfy
How about you ?
(For those with not enough rep to see it, the spam was a relevant snippet of text copied from the rules or from a legit quote in another answer, with a "for more info" link leading to a online store selling knives)
@PierreCathé Fluish, at a very bad time of the year :>
But I've been having these mini-flus a lot lately, I think this'll clear in a matter of a day or so
8:36 AM
@kviiri Here's hoping
At least it didn't until after the Christmas party season
So I could attend all the relevant festivities
@kviiri You don't need "sees deleted answers" rep to see the spam, jus click the "MS" link in the SmokeDetector chat message
@kviiri Yeah even if it takes a week you should be better by then
@PierreCathé Oh! That's news to me. Thanks!
Q: If you roll a saving throw where you only take half damage on a success, do you reduce the damage even more on a Natural 20?

AbbeyFor context, my character just got pounded by flaming boulders. She is currently immune to fire for story reasons, so the fire damage is null. However, she has to make a dexterity saving throw against the bludgeoning damage. It deals 60 damage, however if she succeeds she takes half damage. Wha...

@HotRPGQuestions I once had a GM who insisted on house-ruling a variety of critical hit mechanics for saving throw spells as well. I found it silly at the time, but in retrospective, I think critical hits would make more sense for them than for normal attacks
8:58 AM
@kviiri what was the link?
some knife review site, at least ostensibly
1 hour later…
10:21 AM
@jgn Two parts to that: First, just because it it's present doesn't make it 100% okay; we may simply have not seen it. We don't see every post and comment on the site. Second, comments have specific constructive purposes: they are meant to be actionable requests or suggestions, or minor moderation or meta stuff (like "related:" links on questions). Things that aren't that get removed. “Actionable” is also a key word here; unactionable commentary gets removed.
Extended discussion is specifically when folks are leaving discussiony comments, and not necessarily prolonged length alone. Six people leaving eight comments could be leaving approximately eight perfectly appropriate comments, each suggesting improvements, requesting clarification, etc. There might be a couple of "Thanks, I've done that now!" type responses from the author. All of that is perfectly fine and we wouldn't move it to chat. We'd remove the actioned comments though.
Now we could just nuke all the comments so they're gone forever. That's exactly as easy as moving them all to chat. When we're moving them to chat, that's because we're fine with the discussion that's happening, but we're moving the discussion and its participants to somewhere more appropriate for it.
And yeah, moderation involves a lot of judgement calls and some educated guessing. Not everyone's judgement calls will always line up but that's fine. This stuff is hard.
@doppelgreener answers comments
10:36 AM
@Miniman oops yes
1 hour later…
11:57 AM
@NautArch Not what I said. I implied the existence of improvised weapons with Reach, such as a Ladder in any Jackie Chan movie.
@goodguy5 my bad! I totally missed that implication.
12:12 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami aslmost a party wipe. Yikes
12:41 PM
@NautArch Most people would argue that a ladder is an improvised weapon, and I would accept arguments that a ladder has reach.
And regardless of that, if one could obtain an improvised weapon that closely enough resembled a whip, then it would "be treated as such", gaining reach by definition
yay hats! XD
@goodguy5 sure improvised weapons with reach are possible, but you still need to be in reach of your arms to grapple.
lemme reread the feat again
Now I'm leaning towards your viewpoint.
1:03 PM
Yeah, it's not the language of chain devil or something. You just get a bonus action to try and grapple.
@trogdor I'm not sure if I can commit to another hatmas miracle this year... and the good hats are harder to get.
@BESW yeah that's fair enough, and yeah I looked at them and just thought "wow I can't get any of these without basically cheating until the ones where you vote on a particular day"
I'd want "Living in the Future" (self-answer a question you asked before Winter Bash and score +5 on the answer) and then I'd put a different time traveler in it every day.
@NautArch yea. I've always read it as "bonus action to grapple with the attack you used.", but I see that's not proper
But... I'm having a hard time finding any old questions I could legit answer, because I'd've answered them already.
1:07 PM
@BESW needs more contractions
This season's hats are, so far, less than fashionable.
@BESW yeah,....
Maybe I can write something about sukebind.
I shall await future hats with some sense of hope ... the Hats of Christmas Future?
there may be some nice secret hats
last time I got two without even trying
and I liked them both too
1:11 PM
1:31 PM
@NautArch at this point, I just feel like the whip user should take the martial adept feat and call it a day.

Does Jones actually ever grapple anyone, or just disarm?
Also, I've deleted my answer, for now at least
I don't know anything about anything being mentioned in that Q or A
@BESW Also, you misspelled "Instead"; -1 :P
and is "niver" the spelling used by the character?
All the quotes are copy-pasted from an ebook.
It was 1932 and Cold Comfort Farm was parodying the kind of saccharine loam and lovechild novels which delighted in phonetic spelling of quaint rural accents.
1:44 PM
@goodguy5 I'd have to check. But I totally get wanting to make the whip better.
She went so far as to entirely make up quaint rural idioms.
Although I think the whip is the only one-handed reach weapon, right?
@NautArch The lance?
@goodguy5 yeah, i guess. but isn't that with penalty if not mounted?
1:45 PM
@NautArch Well, it requires two hands if not mounted.
but it's technically a one handed weapon
I also just realized that the lance isn't a heavy weapon....
So, a halfling could ride the barbarian, wielding a lance
I really really dislike the characters mounting other characters thing.
@goodguy5 Master and Blaster: it's a thing.
@NautArch Then just "fade to black" when it happens.
No need to get into specific descriptions about mounting.
@goodguy5 Combat begins..."I mount Bob"...fade to black..."rocks fell"
heh heh heh
1:51 PM
@NautArch But the other problem is that a halfling will often not have any instinct to duck and thus avoid bumping their head on the ceiling or the door jamb. So they'll now and again take a point or two of bludgeoning damage as a result. ;p
@goodguy5 If the barbarian has "suitable anatomy"
@NautArch What if one is a centaur?
(or a Wild Shape druid)
@DavidCoffron Still a hard pass. I just don't like it. I also don't love the ravnica races.
I'd be more okay with a wildshaped druid.
@goodguy5 Right; that is suitable anatomy to be carried, but is it suitable anatomy to "mount" (which requires a certain level of combat-synergistic mobility)
@DavidCoffron idk.... that baby looks pretty combat ready.
Might have trouble attacking foes directly behind him, but otherwise.....

What if a character uses either enlarge or reduce person? Tiny Halfling (or large halforc)?
2:03 PM
@goodguy5 Imma still gonna say no.
In either case, the "appropriate anatomy" is vague enough that any GM can decide what kind of mounts they want. You can be an "anything goes" or a "requires long-back and sturdy shape" or even an "only explicit mounts" GM
I am a thief of joy
@DavidCoffron Please no explicit with the mounts - this is a SFW chat.
@vicky_molokh At least we know it has to be willing:
> A willing creature that is at least one size larger than you and that has an appropriate anatomy can serve as a mount, using the following rules.
2:06 PM
@vicky_molokh Mr. Ed, the talking horse, swearing up a storm.
@GcL Who gave this horse a ring of spell storing?
Q: Can an animal attune to a magic item?

Darth PseudonymWe have previously determined that an awakened creature or a familiar can attune to magic items, but one of those is a sapient creature, and the other "always obeys your commands". A paladin's steed (per the Find Steed spell) is also 'unusually intelligent' and falls within the score range for s...

@DavidCoffron and how does he wear it....
@goodguy5 Despite being a crass grass-hole, he's very fashionable. He wears it well.
@goodguy5 i love your santa hat
@goodguy5 as an earing:
2:15 PM
@doppelgreener Thanks! Q couple pixels in paint go a long way!
@DavidCoffron that does actually make the most sense
@goodguy5 I debated making each hoop of the ring go through either ear, but that would take more editing to move the ears closer, so I just went with the lazier route
@DavidCoffron you could have also "slid" it down the ear like an ear bracelet
@goodguy5 That's true.
But the angle I got for the ring image (off of D&DBeyond) wasn't really condusive to that for this horse picture
Also, is a sling ring just a ring of spell storing?
> Some magic is too powerful to sustain so we imbue objects with it allowing them to take the strain we cannot.
@goodguy5 Ah that makes more sense
2:23 PM
also, might I say, the cropping on our two pictures is remarkably similar?
A nose ring is a ring made of metal designed to be installed through the nasal septum of pigs (to prevent them from rooting) as well as domestic cattle, usually bulls. In pigs, nose rings are alternatively pierced through the rim of the nose. Nose rings are often required for bulls when exhibited at agricultural shows. There is a clip-on ring design used for controlling and directing cattle for handling. Nose rings are used to encourage the weaning of young calves by discouraging them from suckling. == History == Historically, the use of nose rings for controlling animals dates to the dawn of...
@GcL yes, but how would you convert a finger ring into a piercing ring?
@goodguy5 magic
lol, that's true.

Break it, put it in the nose, cast mending
2:43 PM
so my dm is giving me an item that lets me teleport know as the hyperdimensional transport cube it has a 60 ft range as a sphere and I can warp to it. We haven't gotten the exact details together since it's something I pulled out of my ass but that's what I have so far. We're tying it into my class. So that begs the question what am I to do if an enemy runs off with it mid-fight and how am I to prevent it from happening.
If it breaks I could probably make a new one with effort but I really can't think of a way to get it back if someone runs out of range. Technically assuming I still had uses left I could just teleport to it to avoid wrestling it out of some dudes and or grabbing it from their bag. But the range issue would still be a problem.
@MageintheBarrel Glue it to your hand ;)
that wouldn't work because it's like a teleport beacon wherever it lands is where I teleport to.
no to mention picking it up mid battle would be kinda hard
It was mostly a joke. Sovereign glue doesn't work on creatures RAW.
So, what you have to throw the cube and wherever it lands you teleport to?
Tie a cord to it
like some weird teleport yoyo
2:48 PM
then again character has a 120 ft movement speed unbuffed so if that applied to arm speed that fast i'd probably be able to pick it up,
also my dm is the logical type logic > rules
@goodguy5 That would work. At least then it would take an action for them to cut the cord.
@MageintheBarrel Right, so isn't picking it up the easiest option?
@MageintheBarrel How are they stealing this from the character?
logically if some dude just teleported to an item it would make sense to grab it and run
@Rubiksmoose two cords, then ;) two actions!
@MageintheBarrel oh I see, you plan on just leaving the cube somewhere and constantly teleporting back to the same spot?
2:51 PM
@MageintheBarrel So you throw it to a spot within 60' and then you can teleport to it?
The teleport is the only function? Sounds like a very specialized end of a grappling hook.
you teleport to the cube's location when you hit a trigger so if it's still on the floor someone could grab it
you don't need a line of sight unlike a grappling hook
Sounds like you're just going to have to be careful where you throw it.
so I could say throw it over a fence, wall, or onto a ledge
@Rubiksmoose Also, do people frequently touch magic items tossed at them by an enemy?
2:52 PM
or throw it over an enemy and warp behind them
Oh hey, a grenade looking thing... i'll just pick that bomb football up
point blank with my assualt riffle
@MageintheBarrel Just pick it up each time and they'll never be able to take it right?
after they see what it does they'd know to pick it up
Throw->teleport->pick up same turn.
2:53 PM
also picking it up would leave me wide open
Well it would certainly be a poor use of action economy, but there's not really anything else to do.
Probably not a combat item.
The only other thing I can think of is that you could talk to your DM about designing it such that only you know how to use it.
Because right now, it's kind of a worse teleport spell.
That can be stolen.
maybe my dm will let me get away with it appearing in my hand
@MageintheBarrel Are there rules around how you throw it? Or is it just you pick a spot and it lands there? Is there an action to throw it?
2:56 PM
we haven't figured all the detials out
not sure how helpful we can be in use if the rules about how you use it aren't known :/
@MageintheBarrel please watch the language
If it gets stolen by the DM, be glad to be rid of it. Sounds like it's going to be more hassle than it's worth for combat, especially if the DM is intent on stealing it.
well I'll see what my dm comes up with he somehow manages to make my most rediculous ideas work
i'm talking about perma invisibilty here
So, you're trying to be nightcrawler with a gun
2:59 PM
That's the best kind of problem solved.... by someone else.
he let me be semi transparent think predator with slight downgrades and apply it to anything i touch
Sounds fun. Is the character also ugly?
Is this the pathfinder game?
oh and free flight and 45% bonus to base strength
Like one ugly mofo?
3:01 PM
it's based on pathfinder
@MageintheBarrel Ask for laser eyes next. Or a shoulder mounted laser.
Or shoulder mounted laser eyes
but we've somehow incorperated everything from stars wars to lovecraft
oh he lets you have laser eyes as an implant
Sounds like a fun and interesting mix of things for sure.
gotta go do chores mom says now
ty for the ideas
does revivify bring back characters killed by reducing hit point maximum to 0? (assuming they still have a body)
3:16 PM
I'd ask that on main site, but I think the answer is "yes" if they don't first turn into a specter(wraith) or a zombie(Wight) or a vampire spawn (Vampire)
@goodguy5 probably revived to 0hp.
Q: Can Raise Dead revive a character with zero maximum Hit Points?

MisamotoSo, a character died from Draining Kiss of a succubus and his Max HP is 0. Can he be restored by Raise Dead, or does he need a higher level spell? Or a Greater Restoration cast on his lifeless body before Raise dead? I'm probably interested in RAW interpretation, since the character is in Adventu...

So, revivify and a liberal application of aid
yeah, revivify to turn them back to a creature and the aid to give them max hp.
Can you polymorph a corpse into a creature?

Can you polymorph a corpse in THE creature is was before?
There are a lot of weird questions on this topic
3:32 PM
@goodguy5 Polymorph no, true polymorph: yes, assuming CR 9 or lower
You are correct. I was woefully unspecific
Interestingly, you can't tP them while they're dying, only once they're dead
3:48 PM
@Someone_Evil I don't follow your train of thought there
@KorvinStarmast "This spell has no effect on a shapechanger or a creature with 0 hit points." However, once it has died it is an object and not a creature
OK, and thus it is TP object to creature?
A commoner's corpse can be true polymorphed into a more powerful creature than a commoner itself...
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