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12:28 AM
Q: what are these droids?

Skylor Emberhere i have a list of droids from a Star Wars book i'm reading and i can't remember what some of them look like i'd like an image and a description of what their use is if u can, please. i think i know what some of them look like but i'm not sure. some of these might be the same but i'm not sure ...

1:27 AM
@Jenayah No laugh, apparently.
Q: Need name of book

WwwI am fuzzy on the details but I know in the book a sorcerer has a white haired girl with a black cat that is his slave. There is also a girl with long red hair that climbs a sacred Mountain, and her father is forced to cut off her hair and dye it to make people think she is a boy, because climbin...

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3:13 AM
Q: Spaceship with multiple races of creatures with a facsimile/copy machine to create doubles

John S.I read this novel close to the year 2000, but I am unsure when it was first published. The novel begins with a human being who gets paid to use a facsimile/copy machine to make a double of himself on a spaceship. The machine is activated, and the man comes out and sees that he is still on Earth...

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4:15 AM
Q: Wizards of waverly episode place where Alex wishes her parents never met?

ThomasI saw a special episode or something of Wizards of Waverly Place where Alex got upset and said "I wish you and dad never met!" to her mom but then she regretted it after the wish came true and her parents didn't know who the kids were. I never saw the end of it but I'd like to find out which epis...

4:45 AM
Q: Why is there an alternate creepy world in Coraline?

TimothyThe story seems to make no sense. That makes it wierd and unexpected and that's why I liked it so much. My question is Is there an explanation for the existence of the alternate world and its wierdness such as the existence of Coraline's other parents, and if there is one, does the explanation m...

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6:21 AM
@Alex indeed
Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
6:45 AM
Q: How is Nick still alive?

Ishita SinhaThis question is about the story as shown in Supernatural Season 14. We know that Castiel's vessel Jimmy Novak died when Castiel was killed the first time. Castiel also mentions this a few times during the course of the series (for example Gods and Monsters, Season 14). Similarly, I assumed Luc...

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8:45 AM
Q: Name of a SF series about exploration and escaping from dangers?

Jack HwangI believe I read these books in 2000s. Main character: a female named something like Linda. In one of the series (maybe just two books), there is a science team exploring new worlds. They found a humanoid bird species and think these angel-like creatures are civilized. They only find out thei...

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10:00 AM
@Jenayah Did you flag that?
@Jenayah sound legit ;D
mmmh space pizza
@Jenayah <yawn>
Q: Book about missing sister, magical world in a chasm, and griffins

user107842I’ve been desperately searching for a book I read as a child in the early 2000’s. I was born in ’92 and would’ve been somewhere between 8 and 12 when I read this book. I’m a bit fuzzy on details but I strongly believe this book was about these people who lived near a deep chasm in the human worl...

10:22 AM
@Jenayah Odd took longer than I expected is all
@TheLethalCarrot it's the beginning of the week, bot's still sleepy :P
Haha, had a rough few nights out binging I reckon then
edit queue bot had it rough yesterday :P
partly my fault
oh you missed an edit streak by the way ;p
Q: A SF novel about the invisible globes that try to take over the world

Jack HwangIt's a 60s or 70s SF novel. Maybe by a French or Japanese author. The plot is that some prominent scientists suddenly dies in strange occasions. It turns out they finds a kind of eye drops enabling them to see previously invisible light globes floating in the sky. These light globes suck on h...

I saw that I missed it, so inconvenient
You couldda waited :P
10:34 AM
Next time don't sleep :P
I will try not to
10:51 AM
@TheLethalCarrot what do you propose instead of ?
I do think it's important to be able to tag requests with a tag on how something was published.
I don't know, I was thinking about but not sure... comics does seem to cover it well enough though that I'm not sure you even really need serial
, obviously
Well, I've found 34 questions that might benefit (or might have benefited if they hadn't been answered already) from .
We have tags for , , and so on. belongs in there.
Whilst serial is common between them it seems to mean, sortta, different things between them. To me it seems like a case where saying it's a serial is better than a tag, or works just as well
11:01 AM
@SQB refined a bit (it's ugly hard-written though)
@SQB "looking for" in story-id titles is kinda pointless
A: Consensus on Story Identification titles?

user56Stack Exchange adds the most popular tag on a question at the start of the page title, before the actual title of the question. story-identification is the most popular tag on the site, so all story identification questions will have a page title of the form “story identification - …”. Do not add...

It should certainly be removed... and may be one of my pet peeves along with "Identify this" and the like
> Don't put things like “looking for” or “trying to find” in your title either. We know that if you're asking, it's because you're looking for it.
Thanks for finding the meta; I was to lazy to get it
You're welcome
11:20 AM
Okay, I hadn't seen that meta before. I like my titles to be full sentences, that's why I rolled back your edit, @TheLethalCarrot.
Oh I hadn't seen you rolled it back cos I reloaded the Q before you did the title thing
Seems I have some title-editing to do on my old ID requests.
But yeah consensus on story id titles is essentially to have them as concise as possible whilst still being readable and detailed
@SQB Meh, there are way too many to sort out, I've looked before, just edit them as they bump up
@TheLethalCarrot eta: "my".
Also even the "what this...?" titles are sortta against that meta
Well I'd only edit yours if they're not answered
11:23 AM
Good way to bump them, but all of them have been answered except for the latest.
That meta essentially states titles to be "[year (maybe)] [media] [description]"
I'll be honest I am coming around to having the year in the title but it's not necessarily something I'll consciously edit in myself most of the time. Especially because years are usually quite inaccurate
11:45 AM
Hence "2000s(?) cartoon about people doing stuff"
but aye agree that the year can be left out
Our server has been hacked at work so we’re all kicked off the network whilst we sort it out. If you need me, I doubt it but you never know, ping me and I’ll see it at some point
I need a sneaky way to kill an enemy of mine using only vegetables, can you help with that?
Sneaky? I’ll have a think... I can think of none sneaky ways though
@Mithrandir Worldbuilding
12:01 PM
That sounds pretty much exactly like their kind of question.
I'd probably get hit with a "poison, dummy" answer :P
And...that doesn't work?
Since... I don't seriously need a way to kill someone with vegetables - either in writing or real life - and the whole thing was a joke, I don't think I need to ask a question with such an obvious answer :P
I think I'll nuke the s instead.
@Mithrandir The consideration is commendable.
> Nuke the whales!
Now I have to check if we have a tag.
12:15 PM
posted on December 04, 2018 by SarahT

I am searching for a book I read around 10 years ago (in French). The story was about a family going on vacation (I remember a sort of camping, near the sea). The protagonist was a young boy (8-12 years old) and his parents wanted him to learn a new language. He encounters a foreigngirl who speaks Norwegian or Swedish (or a related language) and they become friend

There; removed from questions not about the novel and re-wrote the usage guidance. I'm not entirely sure we need a tag for the individual work in a series, but we certainly don't need a tag for any question that vaguely mentions pyramids.
Might be worth renaming it to pyramids-year to avoid confusion
...or just nuking it since I'm pretty sure we have a policy of not having work-specific tags in a series unless specifically agreed on (such as ).
I don’t think there’s any consistency or policy on it and it depends on the series but I may be wrong but yeah might be worth just nuking it
There are only two questions using it at the moment.
12:29 PM
When is the next moderator selections?
There isn't a set date. it's whenever the current mod team and the Community Managers decide that there need to be more mods (that the current team can't handle it) or someone steps down and the remaining mods want to replace their slot.
As far as I know, there are no current plans for an election.
Thinking of throwing my hat in the ring.
...good luck then, when it comes around.
LOL, I don't think I am eligible.... ever.
Well, you're not allowed to run until a full year has passed since your last suspension, barring exceptional circumstances. So if you don't get suspended for a year before the an election, you'll be eligible :)
12:36 PM
Thanks for the info.
2 hours later…
2:07 PM
@Mithrandir I am sure I read a story where a woman kill his husband with some cook-able item and police was not able to find the killing weapon as they were eating it with the wife
Unless you mean a cooked item (or an edible one) I'm really confused.
@NapoleonWilson edible item, which she cook later in some dish and eat with police guy
In retrospect it makes more sense, though.
And story end with a quote I guess something like "sometime evidence is under your nose and you can't find it" while eating evidence
It's not scifi enough for an ID here ;) :D
2:24 PM
could be on Lit
2:39 PM
The icicle to the brain is a classic. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty features that idea. At least the older adaptation with Danny Kaye does.
Most Wanted had ice ammo, too.
There was also one with frozen flesh/blood ammo.
A: How can I measure the weight of my cat?

JolenealaskaDo you have a bathroom scale? If so, weigh yourself. Now pick up the cat and weigh yourself holding the cat. Subtract.

I'm tempted to join and award my association bonus as a bounty.
Meh. o_O
@SQB seriously, what's difficult with that?
2:54 PM
@SQB That's how I weigh luggage too, not just the dog.
Cat, it's about cats.
the vet is showing the cat how fat he is😭
@NapoleonWilson Yeah but who cares about cats?
People with taste?
You'll have to give me a minute before I can stop laughing to reply... ;P
2:56 PM
Take your time.
3:26 PM
could be renamed with full name aye?
27 so in the limit aye
Be sure to be assertive this time. ;-)
I did ;D
> OI mods! Change this tag to this name! NOW!
3:29 PM
@Jenayah Guess we do need that tag after all.
All praise the !
3:45 PM
@Jenayah already done. still seems to be pointing at the old tag, though.
Q: Matrix type 90s cartoon where a bald man is transported into another world

AhmadI remember a bald man. The overall setting was green and dark, it was like they got transported to another world just like in the movie Matrix. Searched everywhere but all in vain. And some sound like "Standby". It was pronounced like this or it was the exact word. The main character wore glasses...

It won't, if it was a genuine rename.
@SQB neato
Q: How do USS Enterprise Crew members receive emails or other forms of personal messages?

LolologistLet's say that I am a human living in the Star Trek universe, during the time that any Starship Enterprise exists. I want to send Captain Kirk a letter. How would I address it so that it ought get to him?

there is a tag but unsure what the question is even about
Looks like just a general ST tag is needed
yeah, kill
I just killed a .
@Mithrandir seems ok for the other Qs it's in though
3:48 PM
It seems a bit... generic.
@Jenayah Really? It seems to be scattered on totally arbitrary questions.
...I suspect that can go as well, but I'm not doing that tonight.
Questions about a specific extended universe, say , should be tagged with .
Q: Why didn't humans try to settle other galaxies?

RedCat23In Isaac Asimov's Robot/Empire/Foundation series, humans, during their second colonization wave, settled (probably) all the inhabitable worlds in the Galaxy, but no more. They did not, as far as I can recall, make any attempts at colonizing other galaxies, at least not before the fall of the Empi...

looks okish
Q: Is there more to the Loom universe than just the game?

VillageIn the post How does the distaff, in Loom, create music?, I learned that there is an audio play for the game. Are there any other materials which are part of the Loom universe, such as other games, novels, or comics?

Q: Do monsters walk back through Town Portals in Diablo fiction?

AncientSwordRageIn the Diablo I, II, and III video games, the character can create a town portal to come back to town and sell the loot they have aquired, rest, heal up, etc. I know, at least I think I do, that the inability for monsters to use the town portal is never addressed in the game, and thus this quest...

3:50 PM
What point does the tag serve at all?
Why wouldn't just work?
I'm not a big fan of the tag though
I wouldn't mind seeing it gone
At the very least kill the one that's about the extended version of a film.
Can someone be an expert in ?
Hm. No.
Kill it.
3:53 PM
I think all of these can safely be killed? , , , , , , , , , , , ,
You can add to those numbers
Isn't Gilgamesh a genuine work, though?
Ah, forget it, the questions don't make sense.
is an edge case. Someone may be a fan of or even expert in fictional portrayals of NASA, I guess?
Too much of a stretch
It's interesting to see a site so...let's say meta-savvy and tag-happy be so proactive in hashing out tag desctruction in chat, though.
Not that that's not commendable.
3:56 PM
Done in chat cos most people don't care
might be useful on requests, but we currently have it on only one question in that context.
None of these are large enough to warrant a meta discussion, IMO. Most of these have only 2 questions.
@Mithrandir if you start with Arithmancy you can add a bunch of HP subtags
I mean, there is a tag for duck's sake
That I might be tempted to leave
Can any of these be merge nuked so we don't need to bump?
If so just flag for a mod or ping rand to do it
3:58 PM
It actually gets some focus in the books, unlike Arithmancy, so grouping those questions together could be useful
Arithmancy? O_O That sounds...awesome!
is another such case where I can imagine someone being a fan or an expert.
(Unless it's just HP jargon for mathematics.)
The other ones, though... kill 'em.
3:59 PM
@SQB But the questions it's currently on don't seem to make sense bearing it.
what's that
Wait wait wait. We actually have a tag?
Although I would prefer it be done through meta, so we can all come up with witty titles.
@Mithrandir Well, there's an effin' sorting hat tag. So watchagonnado?
@Mithrandir Yeah, in case Doc ever wants to answer on SFF
4:01 PM
*can't decide whether to write "*eyeroll*" or "heh"*
"What's the [strategy]?"
"Is [exotic-matter] too exotic?"
"Should we put the [skeletons] back into the closet?"
"Should we bar [barclay]?"
"[Gilgamesh] is a mess."
"Should the [forbidden-forest] be forbidden?"
Just go all Tallahassee on the tags - nuke 'em and shut it
Boom! Flood meta!
4:05 PM
On that note the sequel better be as good as I want it to be
(Zombieland for those unaware)
....would anyone notice if the disappeared?
There, done with the list for now. Some of these might want to go to meta, others probably don't have to.
Greetings, Programs.
Greetings, meatsack
4:20 PM
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
4:31 PM
Q: Epic Undersea Sci-Fi (novels)

jerodestapaIt seems like Peter Watts is pretty much the only guy who's released a novel recently in this subgenre. Is that really it for modern undersea sci-fi? I do count Rick Remender's Low graphic novel series, too, but I tend to draw a distinction between novels and graphic novels as being fundamental...

@Marvin That...seems like a reasonable question if only fleshed out more.
Though, I know the site doesn't like these overly broad things too much.
It's too broad to an extent, opinion based, worded like a recommendation question and actually a bit unclear in my eyes
It actually hits 4 close reasons which is some going
Sure, it's not particularly well-written. But the topic seems genuine and worth consideration.
It's a decent question but something more suited to a discussion forum or chat than here
4:52 PM
@NapoleonWilson You shouldn't type with your mouth full....
5:23 PM
Q: Why didn't Heimdall inform Thor that Odin had gone missing?

Asif IqubalAt the start of Thor: Ragnarok Surtur says that Odin is not in Asgard. Heimdall could see it because he is all seeing. So why didn't he inform Thor that Odin had gone missing like Thor saw Asgard by Heimdall's vision later on in the movie?

@Null I was also asking about a potential normal lock but seeing as you moved the comments to chat I don't think that's needed
@TheLethalCarrot A discussion in the comments about whether or not a question should be closed is not grounds for a lock, historical or otherwise.
It wasn't necessarily what the discussion was but where the discussion was possibly going with the tone and what not but fair enough
Q: Any official material that states Betazoids came from Earth?

BasementJoeBetazoids, on the surface look human, but further research into the species suggests otherwise. Were they humans born on Earth, and at some point left for another planet to evolve into what the humans call Betazoids?

5:33 PM
@TheLethalCarrot "Tone" is not grounds for a lock, either. Possibly a warning from a mod (either publicly or privately), but not a lock. A lock is for an edit war, close/re-open war, etc.
Ooh, time to check the chatrooms!
Q: What is this anime?

That NobodyI watched an anime once about a girl with brown hair. She met a man in a forest that saved her from a strange life form. That man ends up being her soalmate from another time line. I believe they was reincarnations of gods? I think the man was tall with black hair? I also believe he had powers th...

6:01 PM
Q: Old movie with aliens that look like humans except they have only two splayed toes

CharlesThe movie concerns aliens that look like normal humans, except they have only two splayed toes. They are living on Earth as normal humans. Don't remember much of the plot, except that their toes give them away.

@Null well I meant more of a lock to prevent the discussion going on further but I suppose requesting to move to chat, like you did, would have been a better option to ask for
6:53 PM
@Jenayah I assume that "bolo" refers to the Keith Laumer stories. There are enough of them, scattered across enough time, that I suppose referring to them as a "universe" might make sense. Or was that not a serious question?
7:17 PM
@DavidW no no it was a serious question as I didn't know it, was a bit lazy to Wikipedia it, and couldn't figure out with the questions asked
I keep coming across that tag and can never be bothered to sort the wiki out too haha
7:43 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Wiki (minimally) sorted.
How do you keep coming across a five-questions tag vaguely obscure?
7:54 PM
has been murdered.
I know the tag guidance says to use both Alien franchise and Predator series for AVP tag (heck, I wrote it) but upon cleaning scifi.stackexchange.com/q/32288/98028 it feels wrong. There shouldn't be an alien franchise on that. Should I rewrite the tag info? How?
8:16 PM
Q: What's the deal with Grindelwald's magical skull bong?

ValorumGrindelwald is depicted on several occasions smoking from a creepy skull. It's carried with reverence and he uses the smoke to generate images of the future for his audience. The wiki is woefully vague about it, referring to 'theories' that it helps him with his abilities as a seer. Is there a ...

3 hours later…
11:04 PM
Q: The Frankenstein Chronicles

eliza doolittlethingsIn the series - The Frankenstein Chronicles, why is Sean Bean's character John Marlott special? Lord Harvey mentions this when John wakes up after the hanging in the hospital. And he seems to survive, unlike Lord Dipple who needs a special concoction. Will these be answered in the next series?

Q: Where did "kneeling with a sword thrust into the ground" pose come from?

Alexey NekrashevichEverybody knows the pose where a person kneels with the point of their sword thrust into the ground before them. I've encountered it in many fantasy books, mostly epic fantasy like Game of Thrones and Words of Radiance. Is there some historical basis for this pose/gesture? Did it originate i...

^ Oh, with the sword's point towards the ground? That's not as badass as the sword pointing up towards their chest. Meh

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