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12:10 AM
Can someone who's familiar with the Fantastic Beasts franchise please take a look at scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/47835/… to confirm it
seems to be correct, just a typo
The JKR homepage quote in scifi.stackexchange.com/a/47838/4918 is a bit surreal. Did JKR really find that out from a museum, after she has written that? Mind you, her phrasing is vague enough that she may mean that she already knew that, but seeing it on charts in a museum has made it seem more real.
@b_jonas I haven't seen the new Fantastic Beasts, but in the books it is definitely Nurmengard. It seems extremely unlikely that they would deliberately change the spelling by a few letters.
@Alex Which books specifically? Does it appear anywhere else than once in Hallows ch 35?
@b_jonas It appears five times in Deathly Hallows.
12:18 AM
I pushed a bunch of edits in Review queue, if anybody wants to approve/reject them
so that I can send in the next bunch
@Alex Where does it appear first? I looked in chapter 23 in the sequence where Harry sees Nurmengard through the Dark Lord's eyes.
@b_jonas In Chapter 18 Hermione mentions it when they are reading The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore.
It's a single tower with unclimbable smooth walls, turned to a prison for a single powerful wizard by another wizard who used to be the imprisoned wizard's friend. I'd have made the walls black and called it Orthanc and be done with it.
Or Isengard, that might sound better.
@Alex Thanks, I'll look that up.
Isengard and Nurmengard sound superficially similar
@Mithrandir The "gard" part is probably etymologically related.
12:26 AM
....pretty sure both of them are made up?
@Jenayah Lots of reputation for you.
Is "Isengard" supposed to be in Common, or is it a modern time translation like "hobbit" by the way?
Edits are +2, it's basically "here have a cookie" ahah
@Mithrandir Um, yes. So?
@Jenayah But you had like 30 of them.
12:27 AM
I'd like a cookie...
This site uses cookies...
Not this kind of cookies :P
@Alex more like 6 if I am to trust the review page
and pushing new ones as the others get reviewed
@Alex Ah. Thank you, so that's where that info about Nurmengard's inscription come from. Hermione says ‘They say “For the Greater Good” was even carved over the entrance to Nurmengard.’
12:30 AM
@Jenayah 6 is almost 30.
Thank you for finding that.
@Alex be glad we're not on Math.SE chatroom... :P
@Jenayah Oh, I once almost posted a question there.
what would have it been?
"How can 6 equal 30?"
12:36 AM
A post on Mi Yodeya was trying to prove something by noting that skipping certain amounts of letters in select scriptural works hints to certain facts. I left a few comments (looks like they've been deleted because I can't find them now) arguing that with the parameters used it was a statistical guarantee to find the significance, and thus not very meaningfull.
I was going to post a question on one of the math sites to make sure my math was correct.
@Mithrandir isn't it more of a PPCG question? or PSE? :P
22 hours ago, by Alex
I guess statistics is not my forte either.
@Jenayah Eh, I think I was correct in this case.
I trust you
I don't.
I'm honored. But you probably shouldn't.
12:42 AM
So, still got some edits in that queue :P
I mean in general; not specifically regarding this.
"5 edits at once" limit gets reached pretty quick with tag edits
I am certainly capable of making mistakes, or misinterpreting something.
Oct 4 at 15:42, by Alex
@Jenayah Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake. Never trust me unless I quote a source. Even then, confirm the source before trusting me.
@Jenayah I was actually thinking of linking that. I guess you saved me the trouble.
12:44 AM
> She was graceful—but it was the dexterous grace of a predator, not the deliberate grace of a courtly lady.
happy to help
1:25 AM
@Alex On stats.stackexchange.com specifically?
@b_jonas I was debating between the different math sites.
1:42 AM
If I repcap from tag edits, I'll laugh
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2:46 AM
Q: In Babylon 5, how did a piece of Kosh end up inside John Sheridan?

ltcomdataEventually, it is revealed that a piece of Kosh survived his death inside Captain Sheridan. Thus Kosh saved (temporarily) the captain in Z'ha'Dum. Thus did Kosh fought off his ambassadorial replacement when the Vorlons were revealed to be less than angelic. It is even possible that Kosh even s...

3:17 AM
Q: What is the in universe relationship between the Asgardians and Nordic cultures?

Alex KinmanIn real life Nordic mythology, Thor and Odin are deities, similar to the Greek gods or the Roman gods. In the MCU and other Marvel media, Thor, Loki, Odin and other Asgardians are occasionally referred to as gods, but it is clear that they are just extraterrestrials who happen to be a lot stron...

3:32 AM
Q: Harry's abuse discovered

AshleyI'm looking for a fanfic that I have read before. Harry's abuse by the dursley's is discovered because of a potion's incident. In the story, Harry and Draco both get the potion on themselves and have to go into snape's office and strip off their robes to get the potion off of themselves. Harry th...

3:54 AM
Q: Why did Hela abd her power die with the destruction of Asgard?

Asif IqubalIn Thor Ragnarok Thor said to Loki that Asgard isn't a place, it's a people. Also Hela draws her power fromm Asgard. So when the place Asgard got destroyed, why did Hela and her power elso die? I mean the Asgardians were alive. So Asgard lived. So ehy did Hela"s power die?

4 hours later…
8:04 AM
Q: Timeline of the Harry Potter movies

ibidUsing only information found in the 10 Harry Potter movies, (and not using stuff from the books), what timeline of events can we make for the Harry Potter Universe? To keep this from getting to broad, let's focus on just years, not specific day to day things. The relevance of this question is t...

Q: Are Agent Barton and Agent Romanoff ever called 'Hawkeye' and 'Black Widow' in the MCU?

Tushar RajI recently read an article that claims Hawkeye, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch are never called by their comic-book names in the movies. While I'm pretty sure this is true for the Witch, I'm less sure about Black Widow and Hawkeye, partly because they've been around for longer and in more movies. ...

9:09 AM
FWIW I proposed as a synonym of as they're both used for the same purpose... And the concepts are rather the same to begin with scifi.stackexchange.com/tags/…
tag info could use an edit
Yesterday's floof went unnoticed so I'm reposting it
"L'impression 3D va révolutionner le monde que nous connaissons"
9:34 AM
Q: I'm looking for a serialised comic strip about a girl who discovers everyone around her is a robot

SQBAs a kid in the '80s, I found myself often in doctor's waiting rooms. I devoured most of the comic magazines there. In one of those, I read fragments of a story that I would like to find. The protagonist was a teen girl, who discovered that people around her had been replaced by robots. These ro...

@Jenayah I can't seem to vote on that, unfortunately.
FWIW I think a large portion of the issues individual sites have had could have been alleviated by asking them before hand what they would like under the new restrictions. In a lot of places, SFF included, you (SE) bulldozed a change that completely removed the site's identity and left it bland and uninteresting with no theme elements to tell what site you were actually on. This has then left you with more work as in some places you will essentially be redesigning the site twice. — TheLethalCoder 16 secs ago
Does that seem fair?
Yes. Harsh, but fair.
Well it needs to be a bit harsh imo
@TheLethalCarrot how do I bounty a comment? :P
9:38 AM
@Jenayah indeed. seems to have been meant for another concept, though.
I think it's only used in that sense on questions.
Sorry, I stand corrected; and as well.
timeline per se isn't a paradox
and in any case out of 83 questions a good bunch are chronology ones
...but taking a closer look, it seems to be about 50/50.
I think a number of those could use , if we want to tag them. Then if we use as a synonym of , a user typing timeline will have to make an explicit choice.
technically it's the other way around
chronology as a synonym to timeline
Yes, I know that that's what you proposed.
But I think the other way around would be better.
That way, if a user enters timeline, they should be faced with the choice between and , since there would be no .
9:51 AM
with a good tag excerpt it should be no problem
classic RTFM situation :P
I know next to nothing about 40k, so if anyone with the knowledge wants to answer this...
Out of curiosity: when does it take place? Both Lorgar and Corax have been unheard of for a long time. Also, isn't there a prophecy saying that the Corax will kill Lorgar (in the "First Heretic" they fight briefly even after Lorgar hears that "you know, that he will kill you" warning). — Yasskier 13 hours ago
This is why it intrigued me, from the looks of it it is set in the 41st millenia, seeing as how GW have started to bring primarchs back I imagine it is possible that Lorgar and Corax may be the next 2 to return. — Richard C 3 mins ago
40k? That's about 400x Full HD. That's just insane!
I know right?!
room topic changed to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe: General discussion for scifi.stackexchange.com — both on and off topic, but please be nice [fight-spam] [floofs] [off-topic] [reviews]
Also @SQB color or B&W?
@Jenayah Colour. I'll edit again.
10:21 AM
So what was it before? O_O
@NapoleonWilson I've added .
@NapoleonWilson same without [fight-spam]
You want to encourage fight spam? Why? Are you that desparately into fights?
And what's wrong with spam?
So is fight spam just more awesome spam? Like Fight Milk?
10:26 AM
Q: What is inside Batman's ears?

LincolnManThis picture shows Batman missing an ear from his costume. Which made me think, what does he keep inside his ears? Radio receiver to listen to police broadcasts? Radio connection back to Batmobile or to the Batcave? Super-sensitive sound sensors? Hidden weapons? Tiny little cameras? Accept...

Oooh over 1k helpful flags just on posts now
10:46 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I understand your point in the comment on MSE... but I worry that it's going to derail the discussion. I don't have a time machine to go back and change things and I'd really rather we focus on looking forward.
Oh, upvoted!
Fair enough, it's just something I've been noticing a bit recently. SE makes changes, community doesn't like them, SE asks how to fix them, community responds, SE acts accordingly. I just feel unless it's pointed out things will go the same way again and again. Why waste time doing it again when in future you could ask first?
My experience, people don't win fights here.
It's more of a comment to try and make you (SE) ask before making changes, like this, in the future instead of making the same mistake again
@SQB you sure it was a girl? If it was a boy it might have been Moi Epsilon 15 ans fils du néant although I can't find much about it online
10:50 AM
To be fair there have been a few cases where SE has asked first but these came in the form of the top bar, left nav etc and, if I remember rightly, were exclusive to SO meta not the network
And even then a lot of the top voted suggestions were ignored
I just think, especially with theme/identity changes, communities need to be involved from the start not after the fact
It just means more work will be created in the end
@TheLethalCarrot Well, the new-nav originally was SE wide...until it wasn't. ;-)
@TheLethalCarrot, I tried changing things here, pointless effort. I say give up now.
@NapoleonWilson I forgot about the new nav but then I never tried it out
@Jenayah pretty sure.
10:54 AM
@TheLethalCarrot That is only the case if they are going to do that work afterwards.
(Though, they claim they will, so that MSE post is commendable to some degree.)
Well everything looks positive for some interaction with the community moving forward and updating the themes in that regard though of course until it happens I am still sceptical
True true.
Asking first isn't always a solution. You just said yourself that we ignored some of the suggestions when we have asked... the priorities we have don't always align with the vocal users on meta. It's a matter of deciding how we want to disappoint people, not a way of avoiding it. I'm not defending the decision here, only trying to point out that it can sometimes be just as bad in the end.
Oh sure it isn't always a solution but with something like themes I think it is a solution... you do appear to be doing that now so I'd say you agree
Also true.
You wouldn't want to have a bunch of randos argue about site themes when you don't have the time to make their weird wishes come true either. That makes sense, too.
SE seemed to struggle immensely with keeping to schedule on the untheming process already anyway.
10:59 AM
I mean if you define the restrictions well and let users have the time to have a constructive think about what they want.. sort of like the graduation theme updates.. things should work out quite well
It won't please everyone but involving people should at least please some if not most
And that's when it amounted to having a bunch of developers drop about everything, take a colour and an image and be done with it.
Now imagine some actual design considerations being employed and we'd probably wait for network wide responsive design until 2020.
It's not so much about asking the community for everything, it's about collecting ideas for what they like... Say post up 2-3 weeks before you plan on making changes. Let them discuss it and then use their feedback as a way to develop the new theme
*6-8 weeks
Then once the change is made work with them to come to an agreement/compromise
@TheLethalCarrot The graduation theme process isn't really community-driven, though. It's largely the work of a single SE-paid designer. There's feedback, but the chunk of the work isn't done by the community at all.
11:02 AM
@TheLethalCarrot, like I said, nothing changes here b/c users think its a good idea.
So, it's 5 am and I'm gonna get (or try to) another hour or two of sleep... but I'll check back later.
@KyloRen About as much change as your chat messages reminding us of that bring about. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Per my understanding that employee collects ideas from the community first though right? And I don't think the chunk of the work should be done by the community... most aren't designers
@Catija Ciao
@TheLethalCarrot Not really.
11:04 AM
@NapoleonWilson, a'int that the truth.
@TheLethalCarrot And that's the point. You have to have actual designers do the majority of work. And SE just doesn't seem in the position to put in that effort lately.
To my experience, if you throw a bunch of community members together to come up with ideas, the results is...less than remotely fleshed out and coherent.
You think? :P
Take for example the SciFi background discussion. The general ideas proposed there are quite good. The specific examples...maaaayyybe not so.
Now you could say the specific examples don't matter all too much, but that's because you expect someone who knows what he's doing to come up with them. But that someone has to get hired and paid by SE.
@NapoleonWilson, Wouldn't that be great?
And that's also part of my fears with the (though, generally positive) MSE idea. What I don't want is a bunch of users throwing some ideas together while not worrying too much about the specific examples, then getting upvotes by people who don't worry about the specifics too much either...and ultimately having an SE developer copy the idea verbatim without fleshing it out because, well, the community likes it, no?
11:12 AM
Well if hope anyone paid to do it wouldn’t just copy half thought out ideas without thinking about it but who knows
I'd rather have them put in the same amount of work and consideration as the original designers put in. But...it's quite clear that's wishful thinking.
@NapoleonWilson, ` then getting upvotes by people who don't worry about the specifics too much either...and ultimately having an SE developer copy the idea verbatim without fleshing it out because, well, the community likes it, no?` This is exactly the issues I have, why do I get so burned so much when a mod agrees with me?
@KyloRen I doubt it's exactly the same issue. ;-)
Anyway, lunch.
@NapoleonWilson Appears to be aye
@NapoleonWilson, What? that MSE is a joke? Or that that the site only listens to what it wants to?
@NapoleonWilson. let me where I have gone wrong?
11:16 AM
I also think it depends on what is changing. Say changing how search works you probably don't want or need to involve the community. Changing the theme, which is basically a site's identity, involving the community is a good thing
*me know
@KyloRen Indeed, my discussion is about neither of those. So don't bother trying to make it so.
@TheLethalCarrot, I understand that.
@KyloRen I'd rather eat lunch, thanks.
@NapoleonWilson, really? Certainly dosen't sound like it.
@NapoleonWilson, Have a nice lunch.
11:44 AM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/11852/98028 "George Lucas School of Physics"
If this is real it is great
> I like 'cos I wrote it, didn't I?
Do you think someone will publish Lego Harry Potter: Fantastic Beasts 2: Crimes of Grindelwald: the Videogame just to make tagging even harder for us?
Tagging would only be hard if we need to create a tag for a work
12:01 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/11852/4918 Which film is this exactly? It's tagged Harry Potter, but there are a lot of Harry Potter films now, and Dumbledore is featured in all of them.
12:11 PM
Q: What should I do if I want to cover 100% of Star Wars EU but don't want to play the games?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToI would be interested in knowing 100% of what happened in Star Wars EU universe down to C level of canon (limited to what was published till now, d'oh). The problem is: Based on what I read on Wookiepedia, tons of events/characters/story these days is covered by computer games While I'm happy...

^ Why is this closed?
A quick read tells me cos it is probably too broad
There are a lot of games with a lot of events
Strange. Do we really have no question specifically on any one lego videogame?
Perhaps I should look up the Lego Harry Potter videogames and ask something stupid about thm.
We barely even have answers for Harry Potter or Star Wars questions based on the lego video games.
Despite that we have Harry Potter answers based on every noncanonical crap that someone writes on wikia.
12:31 PM
Don't hacking/bots fall under sci-fi? — sudhanva 3 hours ago
uh... Why would they?
except obvious exceptions of course
@TheLethalCarrot lol
That Q seemed to fall under benefit of the doubt enough for me
Q: The Doctor as Merlin: further references?

WallnutIn the Seventh Doctor story "Battlefield", a medieval knight "recognises" him as "Merlin", demonstrating that knowledge by referring to "the ship that flies through time and space, that is bigger within than without". I don't recall the idea was ever referred to again in the TV series. But are t...

12:50 PM
Q: How did Euron Greyjoy manage to travel to Valyria and live?

AegonSince the doom of Valyria, it has been shunned by nearly all of humankind. A few people have however tried to travel to Valyria, none lived to tell the tale. We have self-Proclaimed Emperor Aurion who went to reclaim Valyria with an army, he was never heard from again even though he had a dragon...

1:05 PM
Q: Does Duralumin's power vary based on how much of the other metal you have?

AnthelothA Mistborn burning metal and Duralumin gets a burst of power and uses all of the metal he had. Does the size of the burst change based on how much of the other metal ingested (i.e. would swallowing a lot of steel result in a more powerful Steelpush)?

Q: Does Compounding with Duralumin boost the final amount of Feruchemical charge?

AnthelothWe know that burning a metal with Duralumin releases all of the burns away all of the metal in one burst. Does doing so with Feruchemically charged metal result in a more powerful Compounding, or just result in the power coming out all at once?

1:35 PM
Q: Children's ghost story in 1980s whose character names started A, B, C

Mourek There was a creepy programme we watched when I was at primary school, possibly about a haunted house. The main characters were children. This would have been early 1980s in the UK. We watched it at school for some reason, then it must have been repeated as I saw it again on TV on holiday. It left...

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2:35 PM
Nov 5 at 1:00, by Alex
@Jenayah Nothing stops you from giving a bounty to an answer in honor of the comment.
Nov 5 at 1:27, by Jenayah
@Alex not a valid bounty reason, though
Knew that was coming.
You could just bounty one of my answers here cos I'm awesome?
That sounds valid enough ;P
Q: Guide to Napa Valley sites from Le Guin's "Always Coming Home"?

forkandwaitDoes anyone know of a guide relating places in the novel "Always Coming Home" to sites in present day Napa Valley? Geographic coordinates would be great, or whatever. For instance, where is Sinshan, the main town for the action of the first part of the book? My reason for asking is a little cr...

2:42 PM
Actually I wante my next bounty to be for a new user with an astounding answer :P
Time to create a sock, get the bounty then merge into my main account then...
I actually just saw a comment somewhere saying something like "astounding answer for a new user".
Q: What happened to Hodor while Brandon was having vision with the Three Eyed Raven?

user17948In S06E05 The Door of Game of Thrones, what happened to Hodor while Brandon was having vision with the Three Eyed Raven? How did Hodor got mad or abnormal in the first place?

3:03 PM
@Babelfish ugh
How is there a "leave closed" vote after the question was already reopened?
Opened the review
Review completed
Assuming they then wanted to reopen they couldn't
So the clicked Leave Closed which you cans still do
You can vote to leave something closed after it's already reopened?
3:11 PM
You can do similar things in some of the other queues
Well it apparently gets converted to a close vote.
Which makes sense really
True. Though there are some times where I would vote to leave closed/open but not to close/reopen.
Q: What job was Adama being interviewed for?

Raymond LeoneIn Daybreak Part 1, we see Adama being interviewed and hooked up to a lie detector. What job was he being tested for?

3:26 PM
Also, a new close vote would send it back to the queue, wheres the leave closed vote doesn't.
4:22 PM
4:49 PM
16 hours ago, by Jenayah
22 hours ago, by Alex
I guess statistics is not my forte either.
5:34 PM
Go Startibahtruc, Go!
@Jenayah A Transformer based on Slartibartfast? Startibahtruck - a pickup truck with a remote starter....
@RDFozz ahah!
No, "truc" is French for "stuff" or "thingy"
Q: What is unclear about this question?

AlexWhat does Grin refer to in Harry Potter? Are there any other important references aside from this one: Seamus Finnigan: "The Grin? What's the Grin?" Bem: "Not the Grin, you idiot. The Grim. "Taking the form of a giant spectral dog, it's among the darkest omens in our world....

@Slartibartfast That may be a record.
Only 14 minutes.
6:26 PM
Q: What happened to Betty after she went to the afterlife?

amflareIn Dead Like Me S01E04 - Reaping Havoc, Betty Rhomer follows her reap into their afterlife, saying "sometimes you just have to jump!" At the end of the episode, Rube leaves a post-it on his door asking "What happened to her?". Did they ever get an answer? Alternatively, was it ever clarified to...

6:56 PM
Q: Sci fi short story about humans diverging genetically after contact with aliens

deltoidA while ago I read an illustrated pdf about human colonization of outer space. First they fought, Martians with Earthers, then they had some kind of homo novus and, afterwards, they started colonizing space and diverging. Much later, they found some aliens, who subjugated them and transformed the...

7:27 PM
Q: How did Harry Potter survive the attack from Voldemort?

HasanEveryone says Harry Potter survived from Voldemort's attack and made him disappear. But how? The explanation that his mother sacrificed herself to protect Harry still does not explain how. "His mother's love protected him" is also an often given explanation. If she was full of that much love, ...

> "His mother's love protected him" is also an often given explanation. If she was full of that much love, why could she not have saved herself in the first place?
This makes me incredibly sad.
Because they don't get how love works? ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Or, how stories work :-)
Not love, how protective parents should be of their child
@Jenayah I don't think he means save herself rather than Harry. He just seems to have a more...substantial(?)...understanding of how the whole love thing worked there.
7:36 PM
When I was 10 and reading HP books (and several other works with such a situation) I was baffled at the idea a parent would put themselves between a bullet and their child
Of course it's still a really...odd question.
If that's the case, every mother should do the same and there will be millions of Harry Potters! One Harry Potter is quite more than enough.
Some things you just have to take for granted. But if your fanbase is trained on rule-lawyering everything into precision, you end up with questions about what the exact amount of love is that you get from compounding the Infinity Gauntlet with Duralumin and if that's enough to beat Voldemort and his apprentice.
I mean, how many people do we need who are: " — mediocre, arrogant as his father, a determined rule-breaker, delighted to find himself famous, attention-seeking and impertinent —"
7:44 PM
@Alex Yeah - I mean, every mother should track down Voldemort and get themselves killed to protect their kids from him? It's one thing to get killed because you're in a situation where that's the only way to protect your child. It's another thing to get into that situation on purpose - that's insanity, not love.
@RDFozz I don't know, some mothers might be willing to do a lot to have their kid be the Chosen One.
@Alex I think the sort of person who'd be obsessed with their kid becoming the Chosen One would want to be around to be "the mother of the Chosen One."
@RDFozz Maybe she could make a Horcrux so she will be able to come back to life, but since she "died" it's enough of a sacrifice to spawn a Chosen One.
Now she gets the best of both worlds.
What exactly is your idea of mothership, guys? oO
7:49 PM
@Jenayah Not allowing ten year olds to read Harry Potter.
@Alex At which point I doubt she'd have enough genuine love to make the protection magic work.
@Jenayah There's motherships in Harry Potter, too? Now who's the crazy one?
@Alex Sick burn!
@RDFozz Since I've been equated with Voldemort, I probably don't understand love.
Nov 28 at 20:33, by Jenayah
Nov 2 at 18:22, by Jenayah
@Alex you're an unsufferable twisted, bully boy turning into an evil snakelike creature after splitting his own soul?
@Jenayah I'm not sure there's anything wrong with "mothership", but "motherhood" is the normal term in English. Mother-, father-, parent-, brother-, all ending -hood.
oh, you're right
It would appear I've watched too much of those motherships trope and got confused :P
7:58 PM
@Jenayah purely intended as informational, not any sort of critique. If there's one thing I know about the English language, it's that it encompasses a lot of weirdness.
Don't worry I didn't take it as a critique :)
About weird languages - hey, you're talking to the girl whose mother tongue puts an e, an a, an u, and a x altogether and spells it like a regular "o"
@Jenayah MAy be another example of English weirdness in that sentence.
@Jenayah French?
8:02 PM
@Jenayah "an u", while it may look right... is actually "a u", due to English peculiarities
oh, alrighty
@Jenayah Technically, "a" goes before words that start with consonants, and "an" goes before words that start with vowels. But I believe the official policy is that it's not based on the letter per se, bu the sound the letter is making.
So if the letter "x" is by itself, it technically starts with a vowel sound "ex"
Just like while "a heir" may look right, it's actually "an heir".
And the letter "u" by itself technically starts with a consonant sound "you"
But "a hair" is 100%
8:05 PM
And bolded letters are virtually unnoticeable in Chat.
A language where quay and key is spelled differently, yet pronounced the same is just weird
An airy sigh blew around a hair of an heir that was standing nearby...
So you don't actually pronounce the h in "heir"?
@Mithrandir Nice. It actually took me two tries to read that properly.
@NapoleonWilson Correct.
@Alex It didn't flow quite the way I wanted it to, but I wasn't going to spend too much time on it :P
8:10 PM
Do you pronounce the h in "inheritance"?
(And we're not even delving into differences between American and British pronunciation of, say, "historic.")
@NapoleonWilson Yeah I reckon so
There, there, dear. They're their deer.
It's always fun to hear people talking about "the hair of Slytherin".
@SQB How does a bear bear always having bare feet?
8:12 PM
Q: How difficult is it to get access to the Necronomicon?

Алексей УваровIt seems to me that whenever an H. P. Lovecraft story features a student/professor/any other employee of the Miskatonic University, that person has read the Necronomicon. It's almost as if pretty much anyone on the campus can go to the library and order it like a regular textbook. Does HPL addr...

When it comes to cocaine, Noe's nose knows no noes.
> Don't do what Donny Don't does!
@Mithrandir the dove dove into the bushes.
Do I play live music? Man, I live live music!
8:15 PM
"Ew, you ewe!"
Fleur: I'm hanging out with Bill to improve my diction, 'Arry.
Harry: Why not just use a dictionary?
@Jenayah But...that's not a doe, it has antlers. ;-)
It's Halloween
8:17 PM
(it as actually "a ewe" and not "an ewe" despite what I originally thought)
> Professor, my mother's patronus was a doe, wasn't it? That's the same as professor Snape's. That's curious, don't you think?
No reason to think they knew about Snape's patronus
8:20 PM
@Mithrandir I wasn't talking to you, Hugh; I was talking to the ewe by the yew.
The one hewing wood?
Besides that, she can be clearly seen dropping the ice cream herself anyway. ;-(
You don't have it too much with genders today, eh? ;-P
Not my fault if the movie's villain wasn't a girl :P
8:24 PM
Well, Alfred's just old school, I guess.
8:38 PM
@Jenayah Hang on, are you saying that there are things that we can't blame you for? Inconceivable!
I know right?!
Huh... your avatar seems to be broken for me, @RDFozz
Do I owe you a chess game still, @Alex? ;)
@Mithrandir Absolutely.
(And a picture of books, if we're keeping track.)
Great. What's your preferred platform? At a borrowed laptop with a mouse, so my options are more open today.
8:54 PM
@Mithrandir I've only ever used the platform that Jenayah sent me the other day. It worked fine. I'm open to others if you have a preference.
I usually use chess.com, but it can be a bit confusing for new users.
And you need an account for it, which can be a deterrent to some.
I am hereby deterred.
Heh, picture is too large to upload to SE.
8:58 PM
upload to regular Imgur
@Mithrandir Give me a minute to finish up a phone call.
@Mithrandir Huh. It's just the one I uploaded when I set up my profile the first time. I can see it just fine!
*reloads* still broken
9:06 PM
@Mithrandir I'm in.
thumbs up
@RDFozz stop polishing your screen computer then! :P
@Jenayah Oh, I wouldn't do that. Then, I'd have to buff it, too. Plus, I think the only polish I have is black, which probably wouldn't work that well.
I meant as a mirror :P
Of course, that's be black shoe polish, so I'm not sure how well it'd work on a computer screen anyway....
9:09 PM
Your avatar is you, right?
Yes, that's me. Several years younger though.
If I was using my screen as a mirror, I definitely wouldn't polish it - I don't want it to crack.
I'm not entirely sure you meant to do that, @Alex ...
@Mithrandir From time to time I do something I immediately regret. Same thing happened against Jenayah.
I think we all do it sometimes :D
9:17 PM
And now you have me trapped...
*virtual handshake*
Mithrandir: 2-0
Jenayah: 1-1
Alex: 0-2
goes to see the replay
Q: Shouldn’t Thanos have had killed himself?

Lukas SokcevicBy snapping his fingers Thanos destroys half of the universe. However he is the only one left of his species. By killing half of the universe he should have killed himself or at least half of him. But killing half of his body/soul wouldn’t make sense because if he did so he could have done it to ...

Who was white who was Black?
9:19 PM
I was white.
@Alex Seems like if that happens, this'd be appropriate:
Huh... the SFF Twitter account seems to be posting only meta questions.
@Mithrandir I think there was something about this on Meta earlier today.
D'ye happen to have a link?
9:25 PM
found it
Q: Why do site meta questions get posted on Twitter?

ChrisFI follow the Twitter accounts of the sites where I moderate. Over the weekend I noticed that they were Tweeting meta questions. These questions were really esoteric questions that only someone very interested in the site or a CM/Developer would be able to answer. Recent examples: https://twitte...

9:42 PM
Q: Does transportation really make a sound in-universe?

PsychonautThe various technologies featured in Star Trek make a variety of sounds, not all of which are diegetic. For example, exterior shots in space battle scenes commonly show phasers and photon torpedoes making noise, but sound does not travel through space. These non-diegetic sounds are played solel...

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