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12:00 PM
I forgot to click mobile :P
happened to me too
here we go
why does enter create a new line
mobile UI weirdness. You need to tap on send on a cellphone.
bug in SE chat? :P
ah, I remember getting frustrated with this on my phone
I suspect its intentional
12:05 PM
enter on the phone keyboard wouldn't send
Q: Could we have enter submit a line in chat, rather than start a new line?

Journeyman GeekI've got SE chat set up in a docked window in mobile mode in windows 8, and use it fairly regularly on an android phone. In both cases, hitting the enter key starts a new line. It would make sense to have it submit the line (so you didn't have to hide your on screen keyboard every line), and have...

@JourneymanGeek probably by tomorrow you'll have a 2/3 chance of a tablet :P
@GrahamWager is getting very close
Even if I don't win, I did it in style, no? ;p
12:26 PM
if you don't get the Surface, you should get a consolation prize for being first :P
He claimed he is only in it for the T-shirt and ends up reaching lvl 4 first.
caught the first swarm of 25-vote-tile-voters
and the widely applicable questions
Closer by the hour ;) lol
All I have to do is vote 25 times and get a chance to win something? I'm sold.
it'll actually be nice to relax a little after hitting level 4! though i'm pretty sold on staying around :)
12:32 PM
@Bob: and that the first batch of questions happened to be at a time when I had just gotten my windows 8 box up and was poking around with it
besides, nhinkle and studiohack hit level 2 first ;p
one upvote on the right posts away from L2 :P
funny thing is, the majority of this happens overnight for me
so I'll probably come back tomorrow and be halfway to L3 or something :\
@jokerdino: this comic explains about 25% of why i got to level 4
It never gets old :P
12:37 PM
well, that was fast o.O
thanks to whoever (if they are in here)
I am hiding.
@Bob Same here, didn't happen overnight, so guess I'll stare into the for another day...
And your profile is heavily cached coz of my proxy here.
... There's an Aww! chatroom? :S
I am saying I didn't do anything :P
12:43 PM
ya ;p
@Bob There's also anti-Aww or something.
1:27 PM
96% :D
100% ;p
hi, can any one clarify me what is the difference between RTM V/s Retail release. i feel all are same, is there i am missing
@Ravi: they're pretty much the same
RTM = release to manufacturing
@JourneymanGeek Woohoo! Thank you! And then there were 3 :)
though this version of windows dosen't have a 'retail' release. It has a system builder licence (which effectively is retail) and it has upgrade
@GrahamWager: XD. question/answer interested me
may take a while to update tho
1:31 PM
yeah, seems to update every 5 mins or so
@JourneymanGeek yup. i have dreamspark account, if i download the MSDN build , will it be the same
not that I've been staring at it too much...
On one hand, I'm printing a chapter of a textbook they chose to release online.
@JourneymanGeek what is that with my rep?
1:32 PM
@Ravi: I believe so
@avirk: someone undid an upvote
presumably after an edit
Happens shrug
@JourneymanGeek -5 for that?
not -10?
well think of it as an un +5
@JourneymanGeek so u think, if i download the MSDN release, will be the same as retail ;)
They removed an upvote on a question.
question upvotes are 5 rep
@Ravi: ya
1:33 PM
@jokerdino its on answer.
MSDN builds are identical to retail from what i've seen
that is off then
go ask on MSU, might even be a case for MSO
@JourneymanGeek may be its due to the rep cap I think. when I posted that answer I had hit the rep cap :P
It gets too complex then ;p
@JourneymanGeek is there any source to verify , i dont want to waste my bandwidth :P
1:34 PM
@JourneymanGeek that's for me ?
@Ravi: from experience its always been retail
@avirk: yes
@JourneymanGeek so still I have to go to MSU or MSO?
I'm running on a copy I installed from MSDNAA in 2007, and its worked identically to retail so far ;p
then... here i go with "Metro"...
@avirk: if you want to bother
@Ravi: Its modern UI now
I got fed up and started calling it MUI
1:36 PM
@JourneymanGeek na, I don't want to as I have an expert like you here :)
@JourneymanGeek yup :) ha ha :)
call it TIFKAM
@avirk: I really don't care about my overall rep at this point, or ever ;p
Its all about the questions / answers
@JourneymanGeek I don't care for that too, but I want to know why an unupvote result as-5 not -10?
then you need to ask MSU or MSO ;p
1:38 PM
@JourneymanGeek btw give an easter egg Q for hit the 15 votes :P
If I see a question/answer of yours I like, I'll upvote it.
Like I do for anything else
@JourneymanGeek what is secret behind to hit the most upvotes.
Clean living and spring water...
oh wait, thats longivity
@avirk: post kickass answers.
@JourneymanGeek hahahahah I tried many times but never get them :)
Hmm, seems easy to get +5 votes with the extra traffic from the SE blog.
1:42 PM
Seriously do your research, back up your answers with links (Not rely on them). Make answers clear (Hence my love of screenshots), make sure your language is clear and simple
However I'm hitting the rep cap continue since last 3 days :)
and never ask for votes. Your answers should speak for themselves ;)
@avirk and ask the stupid questions that people are afraid to ask, that was my secret
@JourneymanGeek that's true :P
@GrahamWager you are right too here :P
Yeah, @JourneymanGeek, I don't really matter because it's yet another two weeks so that random vote will surely land on a question that managed to reach +7 (or +14).
1:44 PM
@TomWijsman: oh, the occational hint is fine.
but if you're constantly asking.. well
Once per level, and it's not even "asking"... xD
Oh, and a great memory for uselss facts.
@TomWijsman: Mentioning you've almost hit is ... probably cricket
True, we're all so frustrated! And we just started week 2, so almost 14 more days...
@TomWijsman: What, me, frustrated?
ok, time to test remote desktop
1:47 PM
By that time everyone in Level 2 will be in Level 4. xD
though, some more detailed stats would be nice
oh damn
@TomWijsman: oh, gee, thanks ;p
Win8 is on DHCP
IP guessing time
@JourneymanGeek: Now you should be frustrated as well. :D
1:48 PM
/me wonders what's the question to upvote ratio, rep per question and other such useless facts
@TomWijsman: If nothing else. I am getting the damned T-Shirt
I'm content with that
@JourneymanGeek I actually don't want to win the keyboard or mouse.
@Bob: would need to be updated to current time, and such
I'd even see myself donating them to someone...
1:49 PM
@TomWijsman: I wouldn't say no to anything. I'd love to have the tablet, but hey, its down to the luck of the draw
Wait, how far does Stack Exchange Data Explorer lag?
I was under the impression a few months
@JourneymanGeek I'm secretly hoping we can get one through a demo / promotional model or an offer in the near future to get it cheaper.
Yay, RDP works
Wow, with MUI too
@TomWijsman: I sorta don't see it in my budget anytime soon
1:51 PM
@Bob: Select the date from the posts, order by it and select TOP 1 row.
@Bob: the metro RDP app?
@JourneymanGeek No, connecting to the Win8 computer
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, it costs way too much.
(and if i bought a tablet, chances are it'd be an android)
Reminds me, I have to order this cheap Raspberry Pi now.
1:51 PM
@TomWijsman: I don't make very much at the moment
@TomWijsman Thanks, I'll go learn SQL now... again :P
every time I need to use Stack Exchange Data Explorer I relearn some SQL
Money was on PayPal last night, I was almost scared it would wrap around to Monday.
then I forget it a few days later
and the desktop will probably eat up most of it till january or feb
new gig MIGHT improve things, if it works out
@JourneymanGeek Probably due to too much Super User.
1:53 PM
Will 30 gigs of space be good enough for 8 ?
@TomWijsman: no, due to lack of degree, and working for my dad
@HackToHell sure
VirtualBox defaults to 25 GB for Win8
@Bob How long does it take to install ?
@HackToHell how are you installing?
Onto the HDD
not using vhd
1:54 PM
@Bob SELECT TOP 1 LastActivityDate FROM Posts ORDER BY LastActivityDate DESC yields 2012-06-27 02:20:38
From a DVD?
Flash Drive
@HackToHell through USB on HDD typically 15 min
@TomWijsman Thanks. So, the last data dump.
So much for realtime stats :P
1:55 PM
The other option is to set up a scraper and tie it in to the RSS feed for
Seems like 4 months behind.
@Bob: if SU had a search by date option...
@Bob: What statistics are you looking for?
How user do you estimate will be at Level 2 when this competiton ends ?
8 mins ago, by Journeyman Geek
/me wonders what's the question to upvote ratio, rep per question and other such useless facts
1:56 PM
@JourneymanGeek It has... api.stackexchange.com/docs/posts
@TomWijsman ooh, forgot about the API
that'll work nicely
well, now I have my overnight project :P
Yeah, don't have time for it this weekend or I'd jump in.
@HackToHell Probably 40-50?
1:58 PM
@Bob That's bad :P
superuser.com/users/166551/harish-shivaraman someone needs to give this chap a poke about accepting questions ._.
Wait questions getting +3 are also accepted ?
@HackToHell yes, it says Q&A
its one of the criteria
1:59 PM
wow indeed
oh, wait, I did that already
Ouch. With the 'hurts my eyes' question closed, a whole bunch of people just lost a lot of high scoring posts
That was likely to have been closed
too subjective
@Bob Which one?
Q: Looking at the screen in Windows 8 hurts my eyes

ULSAHSo I upgraded to Windows 8 on my laptop, and I noticed that it hurts my eyes when I look at the screen. I am not sure what it is, maybe the font/Cleartype but I cannot focus on looking at the screen for more than a few seconds before my eyes start to hurt and I get a headache. It seems that is ...

2:01 PM
Q: Looking at the screen in Windows 8 hurts my eyes

ULSAHSo I upgraded to Windows 8 on my laptop, and I noticed that it hurts my eyes when I look at the screen. I am not sure what it is, maybe the font/Cleartype but I cannot focus on looking at the screen for more than a few seconds before my eyes start to hurt and I get a headache. It seems that is ...

I'm slow.
Ah, though the title would be different.
Why the hell did it get 33 upvotes !
Also, I was just looking at that wondering if it was salvagable
@JourneymanGeek I had that tab open, too
gonna have to keep an eye on closed questions
there's a chance people might abuse that
as with downvotes
2:03 PM
Yeah, it's one of those typical "medical" problem combined with "tons of suggestions".
@Bob: one reason I went for a few more than the minimal 15 I needed
And disk management hangs while shrinking a partition sigh
high scoring posts are such a rarity for me I'd be lucky to get 10 :P
I am panicking !
and ya, I got a few downvotes. Amusingly one on an older question thats NOT eligible for the contest
2:03 PM
@HackToHell don't touch it
do not close it
best way to corrupt a partition right there :\
stupid software, must have did it on linux
responds yay !
brb in win 8
generally, it's safer on Windows
forgot to note down the key <___<
this is possibly going to get closed, but I can never resist a keyboard question superuser.com/questions/493996/…
(and hey, someone has to ask, right? ;p)
@JourneymanGeek wow those were fast answers
2:13 PM
once you've reached a level of the challenge, can it actually be taken away? Just asking because looking at this profile: superuser.com/users/163760/jared-tritsch Level 3 is still at 100% despite no longer reaching the requirements...
@GrahamWager check again in 15 mins to make sure, since that thing is a little slow updating...
Geez guys.... How do you get screenshotted answers before I can even get my reflex answer in >.<
@JourneymanGeek: Can't verify, but the button in the bottom right looks interesting.
@grahamwager yeah I noticed that this morning, my biggest answer got closed.
Hey @JaredTritsch :) sorry again about last night
2:20 PM
Meh all good. I had to leave anyway. Work was over.
But yeah, I seem to still have tier 3 even though my unicorn question was closed... Idk why it was closed as not constructive, though. Seems like a legit question to me...
I got the nice answer badge for it too, and that wasn't taken awaywhenthe question was closed...
badges are never taken away
refer to MSO, there was a question there somewhere
Q: How to add the WIndows defender(MS essential) in Windows explorer right click menu to scan a particular drive on demand?

avirkAs we have inbuilt antivirus like Windows defender in Windows 8 now, I called it antivirus because it has embedded option of MS essential as well. But there is no option to scan a particular drive on demand by right click on it in windows explore as we had in Windows 7 with MS essential or like o...

A: Where can I download Windows 8 Release Preview?

developerWindows 8 release preview, 64 bit with key, here. Windows 8 release preview, 32 bit with key, here. Good luck.

Nuke from orbit!
Why? It's a legit question. My answer is legit too.
Is formatted wrong and could use some editing, but a question as to where the .iso link went is a valid one.
@avirk my answer should help you.
2:37 PM
@JaredTritsch: I was talking about this TPB answer.
Ann okay. Yeah that one needs to die. As well as the one directing to toms hardware.
Now that its out, Microsoft wont activate any of those keys.
@JaredTritsch: Why, it's not a torrent site that might be illegal and injected with third-party malware.
@JaredTritsch: You sure? Have you verified? These keys are still legal till January.
CURRENT ACTIVATIONS are legal till January. But M$ isn't activating any new ones anymore.
Silly M$ joke, but can you refer to where it reads that?
No, just personal experience. I couldn't activate a RO license yesterday on a lab machine
2:42 PM
@JaredTritsch read carefully my question :)
Had to burn an MSDN key
@JaredTritsch Ah cool, well, yeah; let's let the OP figure that out, which is why there is the other part of my answer... ;)
I'll include a reference to you.
I usually go upvote the others once I get accepted, I feel like crap answering about 20 seconds later because I'm going for screenshots and what not.
2:47 PM
Lol yeah, and when I'm on SO I'm usually either on my iPad or work pc s I can't go get screenshots.
@TomWijsman: I find screenshotting is a good way to avoid being the fastest gun in the west
@JourneymanGeek: If it's just a few seconds, the OP doesn't notice who was first anyway, I think...
@JaredTritsch: well SE in general
tho, i am not exactly sure how useful screenshots would be in coding...
I'm just plain slow; I can see a question and start planning an answer, then finish five minutes after everyone else
2:48 PM
dosen't matter!
Oh, that question was and not , lol.
Unless its identical
@TomWijsman It had both tags
@JourneymanGeek Usually not :P
@TomWijsman: I edited out the windows-8 tag
starts to audit JG's edits j/k :P
2:50 PM
There was that (now closed) question about the different editions, by the time I finished typing the answer it had information that could all be found from the other guy's link
looks like I just went there to read and summarise (not that it's a bad thing!) :P
@TomWijsman: I was careful about edits until I hit the tile
is it weird that Nightly is more stable for me than Release?
ditto in general I edit more now that I have a gold badge and don't feel like i'm gaming the system
Question asked: Swype
Answer by moderator: Skype
2:57 PM
I totally feel your pain
abort mission, try alternative
I'd suggest trying RS, but you'd get your raspberry pi in a year or so
(Jk, mine's 12 weeks + 3. Farnell is supposed to be 2)
@JourneymanGeek: Well, the most annoying thing is that the moment I put my money on PayPal they still had Belgium working...
@JourneymanGeek Despatch expected in 5 week(s)
What did this say for you?
Well, 1 month + a few weeks is like almost Christmas, so it'd be a nice present for then. :D
12 weeks
Nice thing though is that I can order a case and so, dunno if these are available from Farnell.
Ah okay, so I can expect it in over a month or so, okay...
Well, thing is, if Farnell doesn't have a Belgian distributor within a week, then RS will be faster.
@JourneymanGeek: From where to where were your Raspberry Pi sent?
3:08 PM
@TomWijsman: not gotten mine yet
And do they have a way to track when it's sent out?
its due in november
Oh, that's not so nice. :(
@Paul has gotten his tho
@Paul You here?
@JourneymanGeek: So, not sent out yet and the site estimates they will sent it in November?
3:09 PM
Farnell, why you change delivery!
original estimate was 12 weeks
they added 3 to that
SE has an API with write access now? :D
3:10 PM
I mean, Farnell is awesome if it's just 2 weeks.
Although maybe the "jump start" in Belgium will add weeks to that.
@TomWijsman: also, farnell raspis are british
RS are chinese made
for whatever difference it makes ;p
@JourneymanGeek: Seems more than 3 weeks for companies from Belgium, and can't probably do in on the computer store because it doesn't really fit as a purchase the company would do. :P
So, yeah, think it's going to be RS for me too. So stupid Farnell changed this weekend...
@JourneymanGeek: What is the Order Ref? Or can I just give it a random name there? :D
Think so...
> Once your order has been dispatched you will receive a notification advice email from RS or our courier advising you of the shipment
Sounds good, now just have to wait...
4:01 PM
crap, win 8 does not install :/
Did Win 8 install hang for anyone else ?
@Bob not full write access, just comments for now
@Sathya Yea, I saw
Still, that's already a massive leap
Now I just need to find my way around this API :\
@TomWijsman still comes out of sleep mode :S
Q: Windows 8 install fails

HackToHellI have the windows 8 release preview 32 bit iso and it fails to install when booted out of a flash drive, it copies the files and the boot loader installs but the install hangs when I boot into Windows 8 the first time, it simply keeps on spinning forever. Looking at the partition from Windows 7...

meeh powercfg /lastwake only says it woke up, not what woke it up
4:27 PM
eww youtube redesign sucks
4:42 PM
@HackToHell: Nah... Just CSS hack it so it displays three columns, fits perfect on Full HD. :D

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