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The Nineteenth Byte

General discussion for http://codegolf.stackexchange.com | abandon all work, ye who enter here —aditsu
9s ago – orlp
orlp: 25s ago, 6064 posts (1%)Maltysen: 1m ago, 904 posts (0%)feersum: 2m ago, 4582 posts (1%)Mego: 4m ago, 7021 posts (1%)El'endia Starman: 23m ago, 7147 posts (1%)Nathan Merrill: 27m ago, 5690 posts (1%)Zach Gates: 53m ago, 1352 posts (0%)Dennis: 2h ago, 5959 posts (1%)mınxomaτ: 2h ago, 1263 posts (0%)quintopia: 3h ago, 592 posts (0%)Sherlock9: 9h ago, 30 posts (0%)GamrCorps: 11h ago, 550 posts (0%)aditsu: 1d ago, 4379 posts (1%)Alien G: 1d ago, 835 posts (0%)TheDoctor: 2d ago, 3326 posts (0%)Tensibai: 7d ago, 16 posts (0%)Brian Tompsett - 汤莱恩: 53d ago, 2 posts (0%)

Ask Ubuntu General Room

Normally: General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/unix-and-linux
13s ago – xiaodongjie
A.B.: 41s ago, 10653 posts (0%)Serg: 1m ago, 11084 posts (0%)xiaodongjie: 2m ago, 3422 posts (0%)Zacharee1: 4h ago, 5203 posts (0%)kos: 10h ago, 3087 posts (0%)KGIII: 12h ago, 2573 posts (0%)Journeyman Geek: 22h ago, 16718 posts (1%)Stefano Palazzo: 4d ago, 28201 posts (2%)Takkat: 4d ago, 22352 posts (1%)Bob: 4d ago, 95 posts (0%)crasic: 6d ago, 364 posts (0%)

ELL's Cabin

This is the main chat room for English Language Learners Stack Exchange. Welcome!
28s ago – CopperKettle
snailboat: 11m ago, 18346 posts (21%)tchrist: 2d ago, 1590 posts (1%)Loong: 95d ago, 13 posts (0%)

Worldbuilders' General Chat

Main chat room for http://worldbuilding.stackexchange.com
46s ago – bilbo_pingouin
bilbo_pingouin: 46s ago, 1909 posts (5%)Mike L.: 8h ago, 1246 posts (3%)Shalvenay: 10h ago, 57 posts (0%)Green: 1d ago, 1695 posts (5%)Vulcronos: 39d ago, 399 posts (1%)Noctrine: 423d ago, 10 posts (0%)

Mos Eisley

General discussion for http://scifi.stackexchange.com
49s ago – Praxis
Praxis: 49s ago, 4886 posts (1%)CandiedMango: 1m ago, 9242 posts (2%)N_Soong: 1m ago, 5516 posts (1%)Ankit Sharma: 32m ago, 313 posts (0%)Politank-Z: 48m ago, 306 posts (0%)Joshua: 50m ago, 1075 posts (0%)Slytherincess: 1h ago, 37090 posts (9%)Mike Edenfield: 4h ago, 19713 posts (5%)Himarm: 7h ago, 5382 posts (1%)Tango: 23h ago, 17565 posts (4%)Jack B Nimble: 1d ago, 14702 posts (3%)Kevin: 1d ago, 2418 posts (0%)Donald.McLean: 2d ago, 9681 posts (2%)Loong: 2d ago, 55 posts (0%)bluefeet: 13d ago, 10 posts (0%)Bob: 42d ago, 54 posts (0%)hiergiltdiestfu: 108d ago, 1 posts (0%)

Game Development

Game development and other polite discussion. Game development conversations have priority. Please star responsibly.
2m ago – Aidan Mueller
Aidan Mueller: 2m ago, 15472 posts (1%)Chris: 1h ago, 15319 posts (1%)Almo: 1h ago, 75336 posts (6%)Icy Defiance: 3h ago, 53697 posts (4%)doppelgreener: 5h ago, 419 posts (0%)Wardy: 9h ago, 30671 posts (2%)Alexandre Vaillancourt: 13h ago, 670 posts (0%)Noctrine: 14h ago, 21108 posts (1%)Leathe: 17h ago, 843 posts (0%)Lasse: 2d ago, 27906 posts (2%)Fuzzy Logic: 5d ago, 741 posts (0%)Martin Sojka: 30d ago, 3228 posts (0%)Soapy: 32d ago, 131 posts (0%)Michael Hale: 99d ago, 5 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 335d ago, 88 posts (0%)Labris: 476d ago, 4 posts (0%)

Maid Café (メイド喫茶)

Welcome back, my Master! お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様! Sit back and relax to some General Chat for http://anime.stackexchange.com/. We're now serving anime & manga with a side of Moé. Here, smiles are free and the lolis are the best. Please make use of our maid service: http://meta.anime.stackexchange.com/q/1166/191
2m ago – ton.yeung
ton.yeung: 2m ago, 49238 posts (10%)mirroroftruth: 12m ago, 17122 posts (3%)Tyhja: 12m ago, 1771 posts (0%)Darjeeling: 22m ago, 13295 posts (2%)nhahtdh: 51m ago, 12329 posts (2%)Frosteeze: 1h ago, 8181 posts (1%)Taisho: 1h ago, 7128 posts (1%)Hakase: 3h ago, 64658 posts (14%)ʞɹɐzǝɹ: 5h ago, 35481 posts (7%)Toshinou Kyouko: 8h ago, 21095 posts (4%)Michael McQuade: 9h ago, 442 posts (0%)Madara Uchiha: 20h ago, 13519 posts (2%)Mysticial: 21h ago, 14045 posts (3%)CuddleBunny: 1d ago, 99 posts (0%)JNat: 2d ago, 10506 posts (2%)Abyx: 2d ago, 816 posts (0%)Ankit Sharma: 11d ago, 475 posts (0%)

The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about http://codereview.stackexchange.com/ - Welcome to The 2nd Monitor! http://meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/5967/welcome-to-the-2nd-monitor - Site Business always comes first
4m ago – Hosch250
Hosch250: 4m ago, 33454 posts (5%)Phrancis: 14m ago, 27424 posts (4%)chillworld: 38m ago, 5825 posts (0%)holroy: 1h ago, 381 posts (0%)Mat's Mug: 5h ago, 52561 posts (8%)Jeroen Vannevel: 7h ago, 17009 posts (2%)Jamal: 8h ago, 17103 posts (2%)Marc-Andre: 11h ago, 2395 posts (0%)Zak: 12h ago, 4074 posts (0%)Heslacher: 15h ago, 3177 posts (0%)rolfl: 1d ago, 60129 posts (9%)Pops: 1d ago, 212 posts (0%)Adam Lear: 1d ago, 38 posts (0%)Donald.McLean: 1d ago, 3791 posts (0%)bluefeet: 1d ago, 27 posts (0%)Pablo Ariel: 9d ago, 27 posts (0%)Gemtastic: 11d ago, 2049 posts (0%)Tushar: no postsypercube: no posts

Normal Chatroom

For normal activities such as automated comments, http://meta.math.stackexchange.com/a/21799
5m ago – Normal Human
Normal Human: 5m ago, 11126 posts (99%)

Smoke Detector School

Where Smoke Detectors learn
5m ago – SmokeDetector

Chez Cosette

Discussion pour http://french.stackexchange.com. Bienvenue à tous ! You may speak English, too.
6m ago – Dawny33
Dawny33: 6m ago, 4 posts (0%)Stéphane Gimenez: 2d ago, 2254 posts (12%)M'vy: 4d ago, 874 posts (4%)Gilles: 6d ago, 2431 posts (13%)

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made and SE is hacked. "52315 comments flagged, 52069 deemed helpful." Handy links: http://erwaysoftware.com/blaze, https://github.com/Charcoal-SE
8m ago – S.L. Barth
S.L. Barth: 8m ago, 759 posts (0%)SmokeDetector: 9m ago, 31173 posts (32%)Brock Adams: 1d ago, 318 posts (0%)Robert Longson: 2d ago, 2 posts (0%)Loong: 5d ago, 1 posts (0%)Jeremy Banks: 14d ago, 213 posts (0%)Rory Alsop: 14d ago, 29 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 44d ago, 78 posts (0%)Zizouz212: 48d ago, 29 posts (0%)Zephyr: 88d ago, 7 posts (0%)3ventic: 494d ago, 809 posts (0%)Johannes_B: no posts

The Renderfarm

A place to talk while we wait for our renders to finish. Detailed stats are at http://goo.gl/lXFMXG and our Area 51 page is http://goo.gl/NS6CyS. The latest version of Blender is 2.76, http://www.blender.org/download and you can get the latest official builds at https://builder.blender.org.
8m ago – zeffii
zeffii: 8m ago, 1995 posts (1%)Dalek Maker: 1h ago, 9878 posts (5%)GiantCowFilms: 1h ago, 29661 posts (16%)NᴏᴠɪᴄᴇIɴDɪsɢᴜɪsᴇ: 3h ago, 20743 posts (11%)gandalf3: 3h ago, 21750 posts (12%)cegaton: 15h ago, 440 posts (0%)Gwenn: 1d ago, 2621 posts (1%)

Electrical Engineering

A place to talk with friends from the EE community about vacuum nanotubes ... and beer..
22m ago – Shalvenay
Shalvenay: 22m ago, 264 posts (0%)jippie: 47m ago, 28891 posts (11%)Asmyldof: 6h ago, 10472 posts (4%)PlasmaHH: 8h ago, 3910 posts (1%)Respawned Fluff: 11h ago, 786 posts (0%)crasic: 7d ago, 1989 posts (0%)Branden Boucher: 10d ago, 255 posts (0%)whatsisname: 144d ago, 115 posts (0%)

You Are Here

Chat room for Travel.SE http://travel.stackexchange.com
24m ago – Relaxed
Relaxed: 24m ago, 3220 posts (2%)drat: 11d ago, 114 posts (0%)Rory Alsop: 18d ago, 414 posts (0%)

Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. We're in between servers at the moment.
29m ago – Ieuan
Ieuan: 29m ago, 11022 posts (13%)Arperum: 2d ago, 4418 posts (5%)Martin Sojka: 43d ago, 971 posts (1%)M'vy: 72d ago, 2680 posts (3%)Tim Stone: 168d ago, 129 posts (0%)

Ask a Super User Moderator

For moderation, spam, troublesome users and related issues you need diamond input on. This room is *NOT* for Tech Support
32m ago – fixer1234
Journeyman Geek: 51m ago, 1620 posts (10%)Canadian Luke: 3d ago, 466 posts (3%)bwDraco: 8d ago, 1364 posts (8%)Oliver Salzburg: 224d ago, 419 posts (2%)Bob: 399d ago, 24 posts (0%)

The Stack Exchange Network

General discussion for http://stackexchange.com
37m ago – Ethan Bierlein
bluefeet: no postsJeremy Banks: no postsNova: no posts

Wolfram Mathematica

Welcome! This is the main Mathematica chat room for http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/. Other than the general guidelines (http://chat.stackexchange.com/faq) in place, anything goes here. Feel free to discuss most things.
44m ago – xzczd
Michael E2: 2h ago, 1629 posts (0%)Michael Hale: 1d ago, 2808 posts (1%)kirma: 9d ago, 3080 posts (1%)Tim Stone: 292d ago, 181 posts (0%)

The Screening Room

"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave" - General discussion for http://movies.stackexchange.com
45m ago – Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma: 45m ago, 9562 posts (11%)Mike Edenfield: 12h ago, 634 posts (0%)Himarm: 3d ago, 57 posts (0%)Loong: 6d ago, 8 posts (0%)Donald.McLean: 7d ago, 838 posts (1%)Jimmy Hoffa: 9d ago, 556 posts (0%)
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