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The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about Code Review -> http://codereview.stackexchange.com/
2s ago – RubberDuck
Marc-Andre: 1m ago, 1873 posts (0%)Malachi: 2m ago, 14432 posts (5%)Pimgd: 3m ago, 5713 posts (2%)Phrancis: 6m ago, 9161 posts (3%)RubberDuck: 15m ago, 6663 posts (2%)rolfl: 15m ago, 32905 posts (13%)Donald.McLean: 33m ago, 1945 posts (0%)Heslacher: 50m ago, 561 posts (0%)Simon André Forsberg: 1h ago, 20169 posts (7%)Yann: 2h ago, 108 posts (0%)skiwi: 4h ago, 23435 posts (9%)Christoph: 4h ago, 409 posts (0%)Jamal: 7h ago, 13782 posts (5%)Mat's Mug: 11h ago, 28838 posts (11%)Michael Frank: 11h ago, 3 posts (0%)Jeroen Vannevel: 22h ago, 2591 posts (1%)Committing to a challenge: 2d ago, 3 posts (0%)chillworld: 2d ago, 3840 posts (1%)bazola: 3d ago, 352 posts (0%)amon: 7d ago, 782 posts (0%)Corbin: 8d ago, 3875 posts (1%)

The Bridge

General Arqade chat room, where coherent thought comes to die.
2s ago – Powerlord
Unionhawk: 45s ago, 26218 posts (1%)Kevin van der Velden: 53s ago, 17828 posts (0%)Origami Robot: 1m ago, 75123 posts (3%)StrixVaria: 1m ago, 44562 posts (2%)fredley: 2m ago, 41942 posts (2%)Rapitor: 4m ago, 2618 posts (0%)Wipqozn: 7m ago, 93974 posts (4%)Powerlord: 8m ago, 45871 posts (2%)Batophobia: 10m ago, 3042 posts (0%)Koviko: 10m ago, 2768 posts (0%)Frank: 24m ago, 80269 posts (4%)Arperum: 25m ago, 16512 posts (0%)Sconibulus: 33m ago, 3621 posts (0%)Sterno: 34m ago, 33591 posts (1%)badp: 1h ago, 150936 posts (7%)Private Pansy: 1h ago, 34156 posts (1%)Chippies: 4h ago, 13675 posts (0%)James: 7h ago, 19258 posts (0%)Journeyman Geek: 8h ago, 2718 posts (0%)Yuuki: 8h ago, 26314 posts (1%)Tim Stone: 10h ago, 12737 posts (0%)DwarfSlice: 11h ago, 151861 posts (7%)Trent Hawkins: 13h ago, 2413 posts (0%)murgatroid99: 13h ago, 9337 posts (0%)djsmiley2k: 15h ago, 3822 posts (0%)Mad Scientist: 17h ago, 4838 posts (0%)Jason Berkan: 17h ago, 6349 posts (0%)MBraedley: 20h ago, 14323 posts (0%)3ventic: 1d ago, 10313 posts (0%)SaintWacko: 1d ago, 31270 posts (1%)

English Language & Usage

A room about English, sometimes in English
12s ago – Arrowfar
Arrowfar: 57s ago, 3477 posts (0%)RegDwigнt: 58s ago, 137806 posts (10%)Mitch: 1m ago, 34292 posts (2%)Cerberus: 4m ago, 246712 posts (18%)Mr. Shiny and New 安宇: 29m ago, 57087 posts (4%)Andrew Leach: 48m ago, 4210 posts (0%)Johan Larsson: 1h ago, 11803 posts (0%)tchrist: 10h ago, 127939 posts (9%)Ice Boy: 12h ago, 14782 posts (1%)SrJoven: 17h ago, 27 posts (0%)terdon: 2d ago, 6060 posts (0%)Undo: 3d ago, 29 posts (0%)Damkerng T.: 4d ago, 1515 posts (0%)MickLH: 7d ago, 373 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 63d ago, 157 posts (0%)HackToHell: 97d ago, 4 posts (0%)Caleb: 102d ago, 168 posts (0%)Allbeert: no postsCommitting to a challenge: no posts

knowing things

TOPIC: How do you found logic and morality?
12s ago – Zach Saucier
Zach Saucier: 35s ago, 108 posts (7%)

You Are Here

Chat room for Travel.SE http://travel.stackexchange.com


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math questions alike. Just ask; don't ask to ask. Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers. See below for guidelines.
17s ago – Nick
The Artist: 50s ago, 187 posts (0%)Sawarnik: 1m ago, 9759 posts (0%)Chris's sis: 1m ago, 22413 posts (1%)Ice Boy: 1m ago, 32705 posts (2%)Nick: 2m ago, 5549 posts (0%)UserX: 11m ago, 778 posts (0%)Random Variable: 31m ago, 379 posts (0%)robjohn: 8h ago, 45041 posts (4%)Mike Miller: 9h ago, 22492 posts (2%)Alizter: 15h ago, 7463 posts (0%)Daniel Fischer: 15h ago, 7526 posts (0%)anon: 1d ago, 27460 posts (2%)Committing to a challenge: 2d ago, 843 posts (0%)MickLH: 7d ago, 1813 posts (0%)Algebra: 43d ago, 50 posts (0%)Allbeert: no postsMichael Hale: no posts


The first breach costs you an arm....

The Ink Spot

An open room for art, design and cat gifs
41s ago – Vincent
Vincent: 41s ago, 5269 posts (4%)JohnB: 3m ago, 14380 posts (13%)Alex: 2d ago, 5 posts (0%)Jeor Mattan: no postsMateon1: no posts

Japanese Language

General discussion for http://japanese.stackexchange.com
45s ago – snailboat
snailboat: 58s ago, 45345 posts (35%)3 to 5 business days: 4m ago, 2886 posts (2%)Xeo: 22m ago, 172 posts (0%)Dan Hulme: 5h ago, 103 posts (0%)Darius Jahandarie: 9h ago, 3871 posts (3%)jkerian: 10h ago, 7149 posts (5%)Damkerng T.: 13d ago, 1792 posts (1%)Allbeert: no posts

Game Development

Game development and other polite discussion. Please don't star trivial messages.
1m ago – Tyyppi_77
Tyyppi_77: 1m ago, 8971 posts (1%)Almo: 13m ago, 41308 posts (4%)MickLH: 33m ago, 29428 posts (3%)Ali.S: 33m ago, 28409 posts (3%)Alex: 40m ago, 156 posts (0%)snake5: 1h ago, 12054 posts (1%)Jon: 1h ago, 19715 posts (2%)Lasse: 6h ago, 23286 posts (2%)Lokkij: 7h ago, 1714 posts (0%)SpartanDonut: 16h ago, 49309 posts (5%)ton.yeung: 19h ago, 165 posts (0%)DwarfSlice: 20h ago, 4244 posts (0%)Martin Sojka: 1d ago, 2020 posts (0%)Wardy: 2d ago, 20061 posts (2%)Kevin van der Velden: 9d ago, 4558 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 22d ago, 86 posts (0%)Labris: 77d ago, 4 posts (0%)Michael Hale: 81d ago, 4 posts (0%)JanneK: no posts


Help with the SharpCraft modding API for Warcraft III
1m ago – SourceSeeker
SourceSeeker: 1m ago, 185 posts (52%)

Maid Café (メイド喫茶)

Welcome back, my Master! お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様! Sit back and relax with general chat for http://anime.stackexchange.com/. We're now serving anime & manga with a side of Moé. Smiles are free and lolis are plentiful. Ask about our new maid service.
1m ago – Toshinou Kyouko
Toshinou Kyouko: 1m ago, 4948 posts (2%)Oshino Shinobu: 6m ago, 7742 posts (3%)Asada Shino: 41m ago, 7653 posts (3%)Karasu: 3h ago, 1339 posts (0%)JNat: 3h ago, 7062 posts (3%)user1306322: 4h ago, 19516 posts (9%)Jon Lin: 7h ago, 517 posts (0%)HoiHoi-san: 7h ago, 1193 posts (0%)Frosteeze: 7h ago, 251 posts (0%)ton.yeung: 10h ago, 25446 posts (12%)Madara Uchiha: 18h ago, 8919 posts (4%)Mysticial: 2d ago, 11014 posts (5%)Robin: 191d ago, 159 posts (0%)Ruben Schade: no postsTouki: no posts

Estouro de Pilha

1m ago – Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva: 1m ago, 10 posts (0%)Jorge B.: 8m ago, 1036 posts (3%)Omni: 12m ago, 422 posts (1%)brasofilo: 1h ago, 852 posts (2%)perdeu: 2d ago, 310 posts (0%)

The Appendix

General discussion for http://ebooks.stackexchange.com
2m ago – Donald.McLean
Donald.McLean: 2m ago, 241 posts (21%)Caleb: 279d ago, 6 posts (0%)

The Frying Pan

Sometimes hot, always heavy.
3m ago – Jolenealaska
Jolenealaska: 3m ago, 21847 posts (4%)Cerberus: 4m ago, 65410 posts (14%)rumtscho: 2h ago, 70639 posts (15%)derobert: 42d ago, 29753 posts (6%)wax eagle: 115d ago, 3170 posts (0%)Alex: no posts

Worldbuilders' General Chat

Main chat room for http://worldbuilding.stackexchange.com
3m ago – Mourdos
Mourdos: 3m ago, 1311 posts (11%)Danny Reagan: 4m ago, 304 posts (2%)Tim B: 23m ago, 2154 posts (19%)James: 45m ago, 41 posts (0%)Donald.McLean: 1h ago, 82 posts (0%)Michael Kjörling: 21h ago, 695 posts (6%)Vulcronos: 23h ago, 296 posts (2%)githubphagocyte: 3d ago, 846 posts (7%)

Ask Ubuntu General Room

General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/unix-and-linux
4m ago – KasiyA
KasiyA: 4m ago, 139 posts (0%)Journeyman Geek: 25m ago, 12623 posts (1%)blade19899: 28m ago, 4546 posts (0%)jrg: 1h ago, 50216 posts (5%)Oli: 1h ago, 8612 posts (0%)fossfreedom: 6h ago, 6656 posts (0%)Seth: 10h ago, 41480 posts (4%)Mateo: 15h ago, 12265 posts (1%)Madara Uchiha: 18h ago, 952 posts (0%)Takkat: 1d ago, 21376 posts (2%)Rinzwind: 2d ago, 26379 posts (2%)terdon: 2d ago, 6499 posts (0%)HackToHell: 6d ago, 1081 posts (0%)Undo: 12d ago, 345 posts (0%)Mitch: 17d ago, 1850 posts (0%)slm: 18d ago, 19 posts (0%)Marco Ceppi: 204d ago, 26228 posts (2%)

Mos Eisley

General discussion for http://scifi.stackexchange.com
4m ago – Jack B Nimble
Jack B Nimble: 4m ago, 9472 posts (5%)Donald.McLean: 27m ago, 7787 posts (4%)SQB: 43m ago, 4937 posts (2%)Slytherincess: 50m ago, 24301 posts (14%)phantom42: 1h ago, 3760 posts (2%)Keen: 20h ago, 6918 posts (4%)Mooz: 2d ago, 24 posts (0%)Tango: 5d ago, 14396 posts (8%)Malachi: 7d ago, 13 posts (0%)Niall C.: 8d ago, 27 posts (0%)HackToHell: 101d ago, 23 posts (0%)

German Language

General discussion for http://german.stackexchange.com. You may speak both German and English here.
4m ago – Wrzlprmft
Wrzlprmft: 4m ago, 270 posts (0%)Takkat: 7m ago, 20699 posts (27%)

The h Bar

General chat for Physics Stack Exchange (http://physics.stackexchange.com/). For MathJax use http://meta.math.stackexchange.com/a/3297#3297
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