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The Screening Room

"I believe there's a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams."
3s ago – Walt
Walt: 1m ago, 1595 posts (3%)Napoleon Wilson: 1m ago, 5363 posts (12%)Ankit Sharma: 1m ago, 3643 posts (8%)Memor-X: no posts

Maid Café (メイド喫茶)

Welcome back, my Master! お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様! Sit back and relax with general chat for http://anime.stackexchange.com/. We're now serving anime & manga with a side of Moé. Smiles are free and lolis are plentiful. Ask about our new maid service: http://meta.anime.stackexchange.com/q/1166/191
6s ago – Hakase
Madara Uchiha: 59s ago, 12188 posts (3%)Unihedron: 1m ago, 1785 posts (0%)Hakase: 1m ago, 44867 posts (13%)ʞɹɐzǝɹ: 1m ago, 28824 posts (8%)Toshinou Kyouko: 2m ago, 10887 posts (3%)Ero Sɘnnin: 3m ago, 1385 posts (0%)Quill: 4m ago, 47 posts (0%)Taisho: 11m ago, 3668 posts (1%)Memor-X: 3h ago, 9345 posts (2%)HoiHoi-san: 7h ago, 1847 posts (0%)ton.yeung: 7h ago, 36390 posts (11%)Yuuki: 17h ago, 7684 posts (2%)JNat: 2d ago, 9429 posts (2%)Asada Shino: 4d ago, 11204 posts (3%)Robin: 376d ago, 159 posts (0%)

Smoke Detector School

Where Smoke Detectors learn
8s ago – SmokeDetector

Homotopy Theory

A room for anyone interested in homotopy theory, or any nearby fields (e.g. category theory, algebraic geometry). To activate chatjax in this room go to http://meta.math.stackexchange.com/questions/1088/should-chat-have-tex-support/3297#3297
17s ago – Espen Nielsen
Espen Nielsen: 39s ago, 340 posts (0%)Sean Tilson: 2m ago, 914 posts (1%)Zhen Lin: 1d ago, 2098 posts (3%)user101036: 2d ago, 3240 posts (4%)Adeel Khan: 2d ago, 1682 posts (2%)bananastack: 2d ago, 89 posts (0%)Tim Campion: 3d ago, 15 posts (0%)Saul Glasman: 5d ago, 4397 posts (6%)Nat Stapleton: 8d ago, 596 posts (0%)ᴇʏᴇs: no posts

Stack Overflow на русском

General discussion for http://ru.stackoverflow.com
18s ago – Athari
TheDoctor: 4m ago, 407 posts (11%)Etki: 5m ago, 273 posts (7%)Vlad: 5m ago, 712 posts (20%)Athari: 9m ago, 474 posts (13%)Abyx: 38m ago, 87 posts (2%)Nofate: 1h ago, 252 posts (7%)Yura Ivanov: 1h ago, 118 posts (3%)Andrey  Bakharev: 1h ago, 162 posts (4%)

The "Meta" Cafe

For serious conversation on A&M.SE meta topics only.
31s ago – ʞɹɐzǝɹ
ʞɹɐzǝɹ: 31s ago, 87 posts (17%)Toshinou Kyouko: 27m ago, 108 posts (21%)JNat: 17h ago, 82 posts (16%)Madara Uchiha: 20h ago, 9 posts (1%)ton.yeung: no posts

Game Development

Game development and other polite discussion. Please don't star trivial messages.
1m ago – Hjorthenify
Hjorthenify: 1m ago, 5260 posts (0%)Jon: 13m ago, 38636 posts (3%)Chris: 17m ago, 10243 posts (0%)Christoph: 35m ago, 1140 posts (0%)Kevin van der Velden: 3h ago, 7795 posts (0%)Lokkij: 11h ago, 4645 posts (0%)SpartanDonut: 12h ago, 61732 posts (5%)toby: 1d ago, 355 posts (0%)Joe: 1d ago, 14352 posts (1%)GnomeSlice: 1d ago, 4424 posts (0%)Lasse: 2d ago, 26882 posts (2%)Dev2rights: 3d ago, 338 posts (0%)Martin Sojka: 3d ago, 2226 posts (0%)Aidan Mueller: 4d ago, 13468 posts (1%)Soapy: 12d ago, 98 posts (0%)Alexandre Vaillancourt: 32d ago, 66 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 121d ago, 88 posts (0%)Labris: 262d ago, 4 posts (0%)

The English Learning Cabin

A place for learners and non-native speakers of English (along with native speakers and teachers who want to help these people) who are on their own quest of mastering their English.
2m ago – Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds: 2m ago, 1668 posts (21%)snailboat: 9m ago, 836 posts (10%)Araucaria: 11m ago, 73 posts (0%)

The Axon Terminal

General discussion for http://cogsci.stackexchange.com
Christian Hummeluhr: 2m ago, 470 posts (0%)Steven Jeuris: 2d ago, 6528 posts (12%)Krysta: 3d ago, 126 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 645d ago, 57 posts (0%)

The Base Camp

Dirty pun intended
3m ago – Liam
Liam: 3m ago, 5105 posts (23%)Aravona: 7m ago, 4818 posts (22%)

Estouro de Pilha

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
6m ago – Jorge B.
Jorge B.: 6m ago, 4888 posts (8%)rray: 4d ago, 812 posts (1%)

Collaborative Shared Worlds

Working on free (not copyrighted) worlds for anyone to use
7m ago – ArtOfCode
ArtOfCode: 7m ago, 45 posts (7%)trichoplax: 17m ago, 232 posts (37%)


Discussions about anything VBA (and/or VB6)
Simon André Forsberg: 12m ago, 566 posts (1%)Mat's Mug: 5h ago, 13214 posts (33%)sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ: 15h ago, 2690 posts (6%)Lyle's Mug: 19d ago, 265 posts (0%)

Ask Ubuntu General Room

General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/unix-and-linux
14m ago – A.B.
A.B.: 14m ago, 400 posts (0%)cl-netbox: 17m ago, 3 posts (0%)Mateo: 30m ago, 18124 posts (1%)Rinzwind: 1h ago, 30561 posts (2%)Journeyman Geek: 1h ago, 15032 posts (1%)Tim: 12h ago, 543 posts (0%)fossfreedom: 15h ago, 6924 posts (0%)kos: 15h ago, 155 posts (0%)Madara Uchiha: 21h ago, 1033 posts (0%)Oli: 3d ago, 9192 posts (0%)Takkat: 21d ago, 21852 posts (2%)

The Heap™ - Consultancy ©®

General on- and off-site discussion for http://dba.stackexchange.com
15m ago – Paul White
Paul White: 15m ago, 11864 posts (3%)ypercube: 20m ago, 12446 posts (3%)Phil: 31m ago, 6653 posts (1%)Andriy M: 32m ago, 2578 posts (0%)Aaron Bertrand: 3d ago, 32305 posts (8%)Max Vernon: 3d ago, 3283 posts (0%)dezso: 3d ago, 5096 posts (1%)Jack Douglas: 7d ago, 11722 posts (3%)Tim Stone: 13d ago, 397 posts (0%)


' DROP Table Moratorium;--
16m ago – Rоry McCune
Rоry McCune: 16m ago, 22670 posts (3%)Adi: 45m ago, 33131 posts (5%)Tinned_Tuna: 47m ago, 1482 posts (0%)Gilles: 47m ago, 7045 posts (1%)CodesInChaos: 57m ago, 4956 posts (0%)Rory Alsop: 1h ago, 44307 posts (7%)Journeyman Geek: 1h ago, 2306 posts (0%)Barry Carlyon: 1h ago, 598 posts (0%)M'vy: 1h ago, 5001 posts (0%)David Freitag: 14h ago, 17153 posts (2%)AviD: 3d ago, 76107 posts (13%)deed02392: 4d ago, 4111 posts (0%)Iszi: 5d ago, 23060 posts (4%)Caleb: 269d ago, 16 posts (0%)Mew: no posts

Summoner's Rift

Because no one likes Twisted Treeline. Join our ingame chatroom: ArqadeCommunity
16m ago – Philipp Sander
Philipp Sander: 16m ago, 3666 posts (12%)Jutschge: 16m ago, 3636 posts (12%)Tim B: 21m ago, 4048 posts (14%)Izzo: 2d ago, 1820 posts (6%)3ventic: 7d ago, 215 posts (0%)M'vy: 67d ago, 1466 posts (5%)

Computer Science

General discussion for http://cs.stackexchange.com
16m ago – Raphael
Raphael: 16m ago, 6998 posts (17%)Gilles: 3d ago, 3263 posts (8%)Wandering Logic: 16d ago, 1887 posts (4%)

The Nineteenth Byte

General discussion for http://codegolf.stackexchange.com
21m ago – Martin Büttner
Martin Büttner: 21m ago, 33961 posts (19%)Optimizer: 21m ago, 10098 posts (5%)Sp3000: 23m ago, 9224 posts (5%)Peter Taylor: 24m ago, 3479 posts (1%)aditsu: 59m ago, 1199 posts (0%)randomra: 1h ago, 1045 posts (0%)Pietu1998: 1h ago, 113 posts (0%)rcrmn: 2h ago, 397 posts (0%)PhiNotPi: 7h ago, 6393 posts (3%)TheNumberOne: 8h ago, 1292 posts (0%)trichoplax: 12h ago, 6143 posts (3%)Lembik: 15h ago, 6618 posts (3%)Sieg: 16h ago, 611 posts (0%)Zgarb: 2d ago, 267 posts (0%)BrainSteel: 2d ago, 399 posts (0%)Chris Jester-Young: 2d ago, 1980 posts (1%)Rainbolt: 3d ago, 15735 posts (8%)grc: 3d ago, 487 posts (0%)
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