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Chat minigolf

Participate in codegolf mini-puzzles together!
1s ago – xnor
xnor: 1m ago, 10 posts (6%)Sp3000: 1m ago, 75 posts (49%)grc: 20m ago, 10 posts (6%)TwiNight: no posts


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math questions alike. Just ask; don't ask to ask. Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers. See below for guidelines.
39s ago – Ted Shifrin
Ted Shifrin: 39s ago, 30913 posts (2%)Pedro Tamaroff: 1m ago, 87621 posts (7%)Mary Star: 4h ago, 29 posts (0%)bobby: 4h ago, 63 posts (0%)N3buchadnezzar: 6h ago, 18561 posts (1%)Studentmath: 8h ago, 5865 posts (0%)Mike Miller: 19h ago, 25599 posts (2%)anon: 1d ago, 27777 posts (2%)Committing to a challenge: 2d ago, 1719 posts (0%)beginner: 3d ago, 134 posts (0%)Michael Hale: no posts

The Assembly

You know those boring town council meetings you never attend? This is like that: if you don't speak up, you don't complain you weren't heard.
2m ago – damryfbfnetsi
damryfbfnetsi: 2m ago, 10 posts (0%)Shog9: 2h ago, 287 posts (3%)Seth: 42d ago, 214 posts (2%)wax eagle: 178d ago, 250 posts (2%)slm: no posts

D&D 5e Overflow

For when main chat wants to talk about other things too.
2m ago – AgentPaper
AgentPaper: 2m ago, 36 posts (0%)Shalvenay: 4m ago, 178 posts (1%)doppelgreener: 15m ago, 520 posts (4%)wax eagle: 4d ago, 3387 posts (28%)BESW: 7d ago, 501 posts (4%)

Game Development

Game development and other polite discussion. Please don't star trivial messages.
6m ago – Dave
Dave: 6m ago, 19133 posts (2%)SpartanDonut: 41m ago, 51515 posts (5%)hasherr: 54m ago, 39886 posts (4%)MLM: 2h ago, 1726 posts (0%)Jon: 2h ago, 22964 posts (2%)Icy Defiance: 4h ago, 41450 posts (4%)Chris: 4h ago, 5517 posts (0%)Joe: 5h ago, 7776 posts (0%)Lasse: 1d ago, 24103 posts (2%)AttackingHobo: 2d ago, 11495 posts (1%)Aidan Mueller: 2d ago, 11562 posts (1%)Michael Hale: 116d ago, 4 posts (0%)

Japanese Language

General discussion for http://japanese.stackexchange.com
9m ago – snailboat
snailboat: 9m ago, 47087 posts (35%)Darius Jahandarie: 30m ago, 4286 posts (3%)Xeo: 8h ago, 279 posts (0%)ssb: 9h ago, 5752 posts (4%)Damkerng T.: 8d ago, 1799 posts (1%)


The first breach costs you an arm....

The Bridge

General Arqade chat room, wherein we let chat reply arrows do all the circular arguing for us, leaving us free to agree that pizza and bread bowls go well together like sex, marriage and ritual infanticide.
14m ago – Brant
Brant: 14m ago, 8426 posts (0%)Matt Giltaji: 14m ago, 390 posts (0%)Unionhawk: 25m ago, 29402 posts (1%)Ashley Nunn: 38m ago, 78780 posts (3%)Origami Robot: 39m ago, 77790 posts (3%)badp: 39m ago, 155867 posts (7%)spugsley: 57m ago, 27587 posts (1%)Frank: 1h ago, 83023 posts (4%)MBraedley: 2h ago, 14720 posts (0%)RedRiderX: 3h ago, 28249 posts (1%)Yuuki: 3h ago, 28076 posts (1%)djsmiley2k: 3h ago, 4272 posts (0%)James: 4h ago, 19598 posts (0%)Chippies: 6h ago, 15817 posts (0%)Wipqozn: 6h ago, 95608 posts (4%)Tim Stone: 6h ago, 13523 posts (0%)Fluttershy: 8h ago, 37396 posts (1%)DwarfSlice: 8h ago, 153419 posts (7%)3ventic: 9h ago, 10474 posts (0%)fredley: 9h ago, 43332 posts (2%)Mad Scientist: 1d ago, 4915 posts (0%)Private Pansy: 1d ago, 34288 posts (1%)StrixVaria: 1d ago, 45828 posts (2%)SaintWacko: 2d ago, 32363 posts (1%)Trent Hawkins: 2d ago, 2524 posts (0%)Arperum: 2d ago, 18500 posts (0%)murgatroid99: 3d ago, 11666 posts (0%)MetaFight: 8d ago, 4 posts (0%)Pvt. Grichmann: 15d ago, 507 posts (0%)Alex: 35d ago, 1 posts (0%)

Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. We have a DW20 1.7.10 server: mc.echoreply.us There's some extra mods: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1193507/add_mods.zip
24m ago – Unionhawk
Unionhawk: 24m ago, 2402 posts (6%)Tim Post: 1h ago, 1959 posts (5%)Arperum: 3d ago, 3210 posts (8%)Tim Stone: 389d ago, 119 posts (0%)

RPG General Chat

Main chat room for Tabletop Role-Playing Games
26m ago – Shalvenay
Shalvenay: 26m ago, 891 posts (0%)BESW: 27m ago, 95938 posts (21%)doppelgreener: 1h ago, 22887 posts (5%)Metool: 1h ago, 6127 posts (1%)AgentPaper: 2h ago, 464 posts (0%)DM Nailz: 13h ago, 16 posts (0%)Phil: 1d ago, 2559 posts (0%)Jeor Mattan: 2d ago, 426 posts (0%)wax eagle: 3d ago, 27089 posts (6%)Grubermensch: 3d ago, 2536 posts (0%)IgneusJotunn: 4d ago, 36 posts (0%)Brant: 83d ago, 27 posts (0%)


Discussions about anything VBA (and/or VB6)
28m ago – RubberDuck
RubberDuck: 28m ago, 2847 posts (32%)Mat's Mug: 7h ago, 3292 posts (37%)

Ten fold

CrossValidated general room.
29m ago – Glen_b
Glen_b: 29m ago, 760 posts (11%)Gavin Simpson: 31d ago, 201 posts (3%)

The Frying Pan

Sometimes hot, always heavy.
29m ago – Jolenealaska
Jolenealaska: 29m ago, 24170 posts (5%)ElendilTheTall: 5h ago, 38175 posts (8%)Cerberus: 1d ago, 66299 posts (14%)derobert: 77d ago, 29753 posts (6%)wax eagle: 150d ago, 3170 posts (0%)Alex: no posts

The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about Code Review -> http://codereview.stackexchange.com/
34m ago – RubberDuck
RubberDuck: 34m ago, 7370 posts (2%)rolfl: 37m ago, 34158 posts (12%)Jamal: 57m ago, 14177 posts (5%)200_success: 1h ago, 2612 posts (0%)Jeroen Vannevel: 1h ago, 3467 posts (1%)Mat's Mug: 5h ago, 29458 posts (10%)Heslacher: 7h ago, 773 posts (0%)Simon André Forsberg: 8h ago, 21135 posts (7%)Donald.McLean: 19h ago, 2052 posts (0%)chillworld: 19h ago, 3875 posts (1%)jmblack: 3d ago, 85 posts (0%)Yuushi: 5d ago, 2071 posts (0%)Webby: 12d ago, 322 posts (0%)Niall C.: 119d ago, 17 posts (0%)

Ask Ubuntu General Room

General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/unix-and-linux
35m ago – hbdgaf
Journeyman Geek: 36m ago, 13044 posts (1%)Virusboy: 37m ago, 1342 posts (0%)Oli: 49m ago, 8740 posts (0%)Seth: 1h ago, 42575 posts (4%)Mateo: 1h ago, 13381 posts (1%)Tim: 3h ago, 320 posts (0%)Takkat: 3d ago, 21522 posts (2%)terdon: 3d ago, 6822 posts (0%)slm: 54d ago, 19 posts (0%)FlackBot: 276d ago, 1129 posts (0%)

Root Access

For all you Super Users out there.
39m ago – Bob
Bob: 39m ago, 111281 posts (12%)DragonLord: 43m ago, 2858 posts (0%)Journeyman Geek: 2h ago, 109375 posts (12%)ChatBot John Cavil: 20h ago, 5703 posts (0%)Canadian Luke: 1d ago, 9593 posts (1%)Michael Frank: 2d ago, 7199 posts (0%)terdon: 4d ago, 2372 posts (0%)slm: no posts

The Loop

Where humor doesn’t work.
39m ago – kaiser
kaiser: 39m ago, 31380 posts (17%)toscho: 40m ago, 14349 posts (8%)userabuser: 21h ago, 12115 posts (6%)

The ASCII Collab Club

Three users collaborating on ASCII art games and stuff. See pinned message for github repos.
44m ago – hosch250
hosch250: 44m ago, 2040 posts (46%)

Mos Eisley

General discussion for http://scifi.stackexchange.com
44m ago – BESW
BESW: 44m ago, 6407 posts (3%)Tango: 2h ago, 14401 posts (8%)Slytherincess: 5h ago, 25528 posts (15%)Keen: 1d ago, 7374 posts (4%)Donald.McLean: 2d ago, 7924 posts (4%)Mooz: 3d ago, 81 posts (0%)alexwlchan: 6d ago, 805 posts (0%)Niall C.: 43d ago, 27 posts (0%)

English Language & Usage

All your language are belong to us.
46m ago – snailboat
snailboat: 46m ago, 3306 posts (0%)tchrist: 1h ago, 130013 posts (9%)Cerberus: 1h ago, 249289 posts (18%)Johan Larsson: 2h ago, 12280 posts (0%)Robusto: 13h ago, 77379 posts (5%)barlop: 1d ago, 41 posts (0%)terdon: 1d ago, 6711 posts (0%)Andrew Leach: 1d ago, 4352 posts (0%)Damkerng T.: 16d ago, 1534 posts (0%)Gary Botnovcan: no posts
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