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Monster Hunter

All Monster Hunter talk, all the time. Or, just about anything, really.
7h ago – Yuuki
Yuuki: 7h ago, 5050 posts (16%)Frank: 3d ago, 5527 posts (18%)

 Android Hell

It Is a Real Place, and You Will Be Sent There at the First Sign of Defiance. (wherein @fredley really IS an idiot)
7h ago – Unionhawk

Algebraic Geometry

Discussion in informal spirit
7h ago – Georg Lehner

The Bakery

Topic of the week is First Time Raspberry Pi Usage (The official room for http://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com)
8h ago – goldilocks
Dan V: 2d ago, 21 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 980d ago, 368 posts (1%)

The Biosphere

General discussion for http://biology.stackexchange.com
8h ago – MattDMo
MattDMo: 8h ago, 371 posts (1%)terdon: 2d ago, 1351 posts (5%)Resonating: 7d ago, 1932 posts (8%)Mad Scientist: 7d ago, 283 posts (1%)rg255: 8d ago, 990 posts (4%)

EE - Ask a Moderator

A place to ask those little questions that a moderator can help with. Ping at least @Kortuk, @w5vo, @Clabacchio, @DaveTweed, or @NickAlexeev to get a faster response.
8h ago – dim


conversation about http://packagedata.net/, a Mathematica package repository
8h ago – Pickett
halirutan: 192d ago, 17 posts (9%)

ADS/CFT for Sophisticated donkeys

I am trying to produce a paper. You can come by and listen to my ideas, and what I am considering writing, say hi, tell me why it is wrong or who has done what. Think of this as open source "Physics advising". All language is welcome, no need to hold anything in, be authentic and tell me the truth.
8h ago – adipy
Slereah: 2d ago, 1 posts (11%)

Code golf и другие соревнования на ру

Эта комната посвящена обсуждению соревновательных вопросов.
8h ago – Grundy
Grundy: 8h ago, 123 posts (11%)

Duga | Software Recommendations

Room for a chatbot to be noisy and not bother anyone
8h ago – Duga

Android Enthusiasts

End-user discussion for http://android.stackexchange.com
8h ago – Izzy
Izzy: 8h ago, 12386 posts (30%)Andrew T.: 11h ago, 342 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 73d ago, 320 posts (0%)Canadian Luke: 157d ago, 16 posts (0%)

Wolfram Mathematica

Welcome! This is the main Mathematica chat room for http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/. Other than the general guidelines (http://chat.stackexchange.com/faq) in place, anything goes here. Feel free to discuss most things.
Michael Hale: 10h ago, 3146 posts (1%)halirutan: 16h ago, 14662 posts (7%)kirma: 1d ago, 3631 posts (1%)David Z: 78d ago, 257 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 215d ago, 182 posts (0%)

The Pitstop

General discussion for http://mechanics.stackexchange.com
9h ago – Bob Cross
JoErNanO: 12h ago, 478 posts (0%)Jonathan Musso: 2d ago, 2636 posts (3%)Jon Ericson: 55d ago, 121 posts (0%)

Fantasy Recommendations

Recommend great Fantasy books, authors, films, and more. Putting the Fantasy first in SFF.SE http://scifi.stackexchange.com/
9h ago – CreationEdge
CreationEdge: 9h ago, 47 posts (10%)Donald.McLean: 14h ago, 54 posts (11%)


For discussion of the design and development of the Cheddar programing language. https://github.com/cheddar-lang


Discussion about the Retina programming language, including usage and its further development. Docs: https://github.com/m-ender/retina/wiki/The-Language
9h ago – FryAmTheEggman
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