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1:52 PM
Q: Err.cache/54 what does this mean

Kris LanoueWhy does my phone stop an apps while I'm in the middle of doing something with that app** strong text **

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3:13 PM
Q: Field "comment_count" is not always returned by API

TunakiI am making a request with a custom filter that includes the "comment_count" field of the question type. My custom filter is !RtdMEtslKF6Z()NqpDUFZ58R6twu-.4V48gn0furqA*7_BL1. However, when I'm querying the question having an ID of 14585943, which has no comments (at this date), the field "comme...

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9:10 PM
Q: Notice field on questions may be absent?

OldskoolThe notice type that is a field of a question appears to be optional, yet it is not marked as "may be absent"? For example, when I request questions with a filter that has the notice field checked, not one seems to actually return the field: https://api.stackexchange.com/docs/questions#order=desc&...


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