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2:40 AM
Q: Using camera in xcode simulator for ios

user30068I'm building a photo editing app for ios 10 I need to test this app right now but the But the main problem now is that i dont have an iphone right now as its being repaired.. And it will take time How ever i needed to completed my college project and have to submit it Can you suggest me some...

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1:16 PM
Q: Stack Exchange users (Placeholder)

JovanaWeb app that uses data from Stack Exchange API and presents it in user friendly way. The app is not ready yet.

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4:15 PM
Q: Insertion sort with working and coding and Impliment a FIFO Structure Using two LIFO Structure Making queue with two stack

user260166Insertion sort with working and coding Read the expression to the user either than expression is balanced or not Example (2+3)-5(2+4) 3-2(5+6(2/3)^2) Read a mathematical expression containing paranthesis and determine either than expression from user with respect to paranthesis using stack Implim...

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8:39 PM
Q: Stack Overflow as Web Component

WeldPadBackground This project was developed to address the following issues: Simplify the process of using Stack Exchange API in a websites, for starter we simplify the process of displaying the most recent post associated with a tag. Make the Stack Exchange API work with other HTML tags, This Simpl...


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