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12:53 AM
@Firelord This appears to be the closest existing question: How to import somebody else document from GD to my Google Drive?. If it does not solve your problem, please post a question.
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10:37 AM
@NormalHuman Thank you very much for your help. I did encounter that question before posting my query here, and unfortunately, it doesn't deal with what I'm looking for. I'll definitely post a question.
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1:34 PM
Anyone here right now?
I am looking for web-service that compress data (like google data compression proxy). Is such question on-topic for this site?
1:57 PM
@Pandya If you post a question about how to use a specific search engine to find something, that could be on-topic.
For software recommendations, it's better to ask that kind of questions in
2:14 PM
@Rubén to be specific/clear I've made post:
Q: Where can I ask questions about web-service like this?

PandyaConsider my question(s) is: I am looking for web-service that provides online data compression for web-browsing. In other words provides web surfing through data compression. Any recommendations/suggestions? Can I use Google data compression proxy on other browser like Firefox? How can I minimi...

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4:02 PM
@Pandya That question was answered one hour ago :)
Regarding "web-service"...
Q: What is a "web service" in plain English?

MrDatabaseI've been reading about "web services" here on SO, on Wikipedia, Google, etc., and I don't quite understand what they are. What is the plain English definition/description? If I make a simple website using PHP that just, say, prints a random integer to the page... is this a "web service"? If n...

Also consider to take a look to...

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