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12:00 AM
@LoganM No Game No Life, on the other hand, YES
@Krazer no game = no pain
NGNL is doing a good job so far. The protag is male, but other than that they've done a good job making all the characters cute girls.
ratings say I should be watching
@LoganM GochiUsa doubly so
@Krazer That's easily one of the best shows of the season.
12:04 AM
Hitsugi no Chaika is going well too imo
I still haven't gotten a chance to watch it, but I plan on it.
Q: Why does Rukia fall for so long when getting thrown by Yammy

JordanDSo Rukia gets grabbed by Yammy in Las Noches: Yammy then throws her at the ground, but she is falling for more than a couple of minutes: But Ichigo jumps from above the sky in Las Noches and makes it to her before she hits the ground: I know physics is not always followed in anime but th...

12:21 AM
Q: Why are Shinigami and their Zanpakuto so different?

JordanDThrough all of the episodes containing Muramasa when the Shinigami's Zanpakuto materialize, some of them are very different from each other. Mainly Hisagi and his Zanpakuto Kazeshini. Even after he is released from Muramasa's spell, Kazeshini tries to kill Hisagi and says that he only wants to ki...

2 hours later…
2:03 AM
@ShinobuOshino It's actually blushing... lol
@Eric now it can not be unseen
2:26 AM
So... we just had a troll post a bunch of porn in the C++ room.
@Mysticial Just another day on Stack Exchange.
Anyone who has ownership access to the bin can see what we had to deal with.
One of the other room owners had to ping me in to help clean up the mess.
@Mysticial Does anyone want to see what you had to deal with?
At least until I pulled gallery mode.
I remember I once frequented some communities like battle.net forums for diablo 3 or a terraria forum, but now I never think of returning there because of reasons
mostly because they were specific to a certain object and now that I've lost interest in it, there is no point staying around
now I look at the SE sites and with how much stuff they incorporate, I think this might be very different
like how I once started using internet and… here I am
in other news
Q: What does 'moe' mean?

coleopteristI've now watched quite a few anime and I'm still at a loss as to what the term moe represents. Is there an agreed upon definition for it? If a character is moe, what does that mean?

answers are really vague and don't fully explain the essence of "moe"
I wonder who upvoted them
2:38 AM
@user1306322 Where's your answer? D:
@user1306322 moe can not be explained until you see it yourself
Yeah, it's a hard thing to explain.
@Eric I don't deal nearly enough with moe every day to give a proper thorough explanation of the concept
everything can be explained with appropriate examples, you just gotta address the right unclear elements
@ShinobuOshino moe cannot be seen
it can only be felt
like kyun~
Moe is an experience. It is a way of life.
2:42 AM
be the one with moe, is the only way to fully understand it
what do you think would be the opposite of "cool"?
that's… not what I meant
It's true, though. lol
Moe is basically anything like this:
2:47 AM
@LoganM I don't think I'll ever be able to get behind that
(if you know what I mean)NO!
this on the other hand…
maaan that preview frame…
way to ruin a moment
Q: What can be done to instill good habits in students?

CarlosThis question might sound vague, but I'm really just looking for particular examples that worked for you. From my experience, it seems like a large portion of "weak" students remain weak despite their best efforts. I understand that part of this is due to things that have happened earlier on in ...

^ teach 'em to stand up when they answer questions
@user1306322 Blame @Mysticial
Every problem with YouTube is @Mysticial's fault.
But the good things are not.
how can a good thing be someone's fault?
@user1306322 Contrary to what you might think, in this case fault is neutral. It's Jonas Salk's fault that there is a polio vaccine.
Hmm. Seems that's slang usage.
Still, I'm okay with slang.
@Eric feels natural in this example
2:58 AM
That's what I love about languages. :D
Also, making up words that still make sense.
like freezerayphonemicrowave?
no, that sounds like something a german person would make up
@user1306322 no
@Eric happy anniversary chat.stackexchange.com/…
@user1306322 Haha, what a great day to have brought that up.
I see microwaves aren't talked about so often here
3:03 AM
@user1306322 More like "matchlit".
Or tacking "ism" onto any philosophy ever.
Such as "superficialism".
I believe!
Or that.
@Eric racism
3:05 AM
@Krazer The philosophy of winning races.
Gran Turismo − the leading racism simulator
I take my racism simulations very seriously.
I've been thinking about the word "bangumi"
I know it means "show" but doesn't it also mean "number"?
Ethnic Cleansing (2002) is a computer game developed by Resistance Records, an underground music label owned by the National Alliance specializing in Neo-Nazi and white supremacist bands. The game was developed using Genesis3D, an open source game engine. Plot In the game, the protagonist (the player can choose either a neo-Nazi or a Klansman) runs through a ghetto killing African-Americans and Latinos, before descending into a subway system to kill Jews. Controversy The Anti-Defamation League publicized the existence of the game and unsuccessfully lobbied the developers of Genesis3D...
@user1306322 no
番組 (bangumi) is the Japanese word for television show
specifically for that?
maybe I'm talking about a homophone
3:15 AM
@user1306322 specifically a TV program
I was sure it meant "number" somehow
@user1306322 bango, the language of the barbarians
@Krazer bangou
imma put pizza in the oven
@user1306322 pixplx
3:18 AM
@Krazer oh, YOU ASKED!
@user1306322 What brand?
@Eric the best brand in the world, WhateverWasInTheFridge
@user1306322 Oh, that kind of oven cooking...
@user1306322 Shit that was fast. You have imgur on your phone or something?
3:20 AM
@Eric no, but I upload stuff from my phone on it pretty quick
it's actually a WP6.1 so I doubt it has any apps
I bought it five years ago when I needed some smartphone that runs DOS to cheat on a Turbo Pascal exam under the desk
I don't really have a need for a smartphone otherwise
I had a WP6.1 phone.
Its battery lasted 4 hours.
I swapped it out for an Android and never looked back.
@Eric what are phones
I don't have a phone
@LoganM Phones are moe.
Unless you count my office phone
@Eric Example plz
I don't get it...
3:24 AM
the guy on the left is Moe
what nooo
Not a very fitting name imo
why is the voice actor's pic there in the preview
Mostly the two on the right.
Stupid image is cut off.
@Eric one does not simply post a pic quickly from google images
only WP6.1 phones have that power
@Eric Those are just background images, right? I can just as easily get the images on my computer
3:26 AM
@user1306322 It was not quickly. It took me a full minute and a half to find the best one.
@LoganM But you cannot take your computer with you.
@Eric I do take my computer with me
@Eric you can take a screenshot of it…
You are not moe between work and bed, and bed and work.
@LoganM Pff. Laptops are less moe. They're much too large to be considered cute.
3:28 AM
@Eric I have a tablet also
There's also this.
Or this:
@Eric Saya is pretty good, but I'd sooner use my Miki case that I already own
@Eric I already have tons of these. I don't need to strap them to a phone for them to be cute.
But you can add cute to the world by doing so.
Right now, just the strap is cute.
But if you attach it to the phone, the phone is cute, too.
@Eric I sometimes attach them to my jacket.
That sounds pro.
3:30 AM
google: too many phone straps, first result = Why Japanese People Love Phone Charms So Much
I sometimes walk around campus with a few dozen of them on.
It's great. I really feel like I'm making the world a better place.
I imagine someone walking around campus in a black leather jacket with tons of cute dangling phone straps would indeed brighten my day
Sadly, I haven't done that in a while because I lost one that I liked a while back and since then I've been very careful with them.
> Most people die young but are buried much later.
(all my classmates are dead)
@user1306322 mine are dead to me
3:42 AM
My professors are generally more dead than my classmates.
I had a lively prof in my first year
taught us cool stuff like how we should always question everything we're being told
[citation needed] -to ka
but mostly he said that learning how to afford to live is not as important as learning how to have fun whil living
That sounds like a human being. It must not be a professor.
well, he did say he wasn't teaching us that discipline with a very vague name for money, he was doing it as a favor to us, hoping that some of us will listen, and to make the world a better place while he still can
he also said in the beginning of the year that he'll be looking in the eyes of those who are listening, I don't remember the reason for that, but I noticed how closer to the end of the year he was only looking at me while speaking
kinda sad about all the other students in the room
if we weren't both guys, feelings other than eagerness and respect could have sprouted…
he wasn't a professor in the usual sense, but just a cool guy with some life experience
(now I remember I gotta rewatch GTO)
4:01 AM

Proposed Q&A site for anyone with questions about fields that are not widely accepted as truly scientific i.e. alchemy

Currently in definition.

@LoganM Will it accept questions about human transmutation, or is that taboo?
I can't wait until SE has a place for all my alchemical questions
@Eric You could ask on Discuss
It's tempting, but I don't want to get flagged as a troll.
@Eric Don't worry. It's okay to troll stupid people.
Fair enough.
Also, this:
users also following
100.0% Sociology
100.0% LGBTQ+
100.0% Psychology
100.0% Trolling
4:03 AM
The proposer also proposed this:

Proposed Q&A site for anyone with questions about the Flying Spaghetti Monster or the religion based around him.

Currently in definition.

Along the same lines, I wonder if we should propose a site for the Church of Madoka.
It would probably catch on better than KLU.
KLU got to almost 50 followers
Yeah. I miss it.
4:08 AM
I could always repropose it
But of course, KLU is at least nominally serious
A decent fraction of the followers knew some Klingon.
@user1306322 No, Klingon Language
@LoganM both are equally hard :p
Klingon is easier IMO, just because it's a far smaller language.
It has less fluent speakers, though.
Smaller subset of people to learn from. :\
4:10 AM
I've been meaning to ask you guys, what do you consider romantic and love themed anime?
Eh? I don't watch either one, so I'm probably a bad target for that question.
Not sure exactly what you're asking.
I've seen some examples of those that I can't quite label as "love/romance" but more like fanservice comedies or the vague moe category
It's hard to get a good recommendation >.>
I wonder if game developers follow Arquade
I've watched plenty of outright romance series. I've also watched tons of romcoms, with varying levels of fanservice. I can make recommendations, but I need to know something about what you like first.
I'm watching Kimi ni Todoke right now and so far it's the one of the best examples of what I'm referring to, but it may not be easily categorized as "love/romance"
Hachimitsu to Clover is another good example
Nana, probably
the rest in my list doesn't fit this category very well
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Chihayafuru and maybe Kyoukai no Kanata are runner-ups in my list
all other titles seem too off
4:30 AM
Most of those are shoujo or jousei. If you want more like that, maybe try Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Kuragehime, Skip Beat, Nodame Cantabile. I'm sure there are others, but that's all that I can think of at the moment. For seinen romance, Toradora, Clannad, ef, White Album 2, Amagami SS, True Tears, Nagi no Asukara are all good. They have varying levels of seriousness, but all of them have at least a decent amount of romance and not an overwhelming amount of fanservice.
Toradora seemed poor, especially the ending
Nagi no Asukara is… kinda weak in that aspect
I'm not actually sure how much romance Nagiasu has since I'm only about 10 episodes in.
@LoganM Nagiasu more like drama for me, not much romance I think
then I'll say it's difficult to connect with
Meh okay then ignore that one
I'm probably not the best person to get recommendations from though. I was rather bored with some of your examples. Also, IMO most of the best romance stories I know of are in VNs that never got adapted to anime, so that's not much help.
4:35 AM
Q: Which manga chapters have been covered by the anime?

MaroonI'm thinking of reading the Silver Spoon manga by Hiromu Arakawa, and while I'd probably start from the first chapter anyway, I'm wondering which chapters of the manga have already been covered by the anime. Which specific chapters do the first and second seasons cover respectively? I read on Ya...

Skip beat's animation… I'm still having trouble accepting that art style
@LoganM and contrary with popular opinion, I find clannad really boring, I don't know how or why, I finish 1st season and watch halfway 2nd season till i drop it
@ShinobuOshino Clannad VN is better than the anime. I found the anime to be okay, but VN was easily one of the best.
It's gonna be bad if I get into the world of manga
won't be much time left on anything else
@LoganM I have to agree with this one, I play one myself, got my first ending with Kyou
4:40 AM
Hey @JNat, I ruined your 6,666. Have a good day! :)
At the end of the day though, very few of my favorite shows are romance. Generally, at least for heterosexual romance, you need both male and female characters. As I've said many times before, the only thing I care about in anime is cute girls, so male characters are basically just wasted animation. Hence serious romance series aren't usually my thing. You're probably better off asking other people.
TIL I was born with idiot hair
talk about being a fan of monogatari, too
@LoganM it's not my favorite genre, but I liked the ones I listed
Oh cool I have 100 bronze badges. Beat @Eric to that.
I really like stuff like Monogatari (most of all like it), Baccano and Kill la Kill
over the top stuff, you could say
coz I'm also kinda like that
I haven't watched Kill la Kill, but Monogatari and Baccano are both pretty good.
4:48 AM
Random, but would anyone around here recommend the other Monogatari series? I saw Bakemonogatari and really liked the concept and style, but I generally like stuff with a more cohesive plot and without the sort of stuff that evokes the harem genre.
@Maroon do you mean you think of the Monogatari series as separate stories?
@user1306322: not exactly that, but I guess I prefer stuff with a stronger sense of an overarching plot, and I felt like from watching Bakemonogatari that there wasn't really that per se.
@Maroon I'd say keep watching if you liked Bakemonogatari. There will probably be parts you don't care for as much in some of the sequels, but IMO it gets better as you get further in, and the story gets more complex.
@Maroon do you mean you like complex stories with plot twists?
To a degree I guess, but I guess I like having a sense of ( after finishing the series) seeing the specific direction the plot ideally goes in from the begininng, a clear ending (in the sense that it "ends" the story), etc.
That said, I've also liked stuff that really didn't fit this sort of criteria, so there's that.
4:55 AM
I was gonna recommend Kyoukai no Kanata or Angel Beats or Baccano or Durarara to go with it or Tokyo Ravens, or even Steins;Gate, buuuut all of them don't really have a definite ending, so…
Oh Steins;gate I guess would be an example of something that worked for me, in a sense.
then I would recommend you to play the Bioshock games
and Stanley Parable, just for a laugh
Ah right, from what I know they definitely have some elements reminescent of Steins;gate.
Steins;Gate is a gateway drug on the way to heavy temporal paradox and parallel universe stuff
Unrelated to anything, but I have to say, the new Kancolle fleet girls are awesome.
I'm getting dangerously addicted to this, to the point that I've dropped a few decent anime series to make more time for Kancolle.
5:10 AM
@Maroon hmm,, how about madoka magica? it's really good stuff
@LoganM why.... she bring fish
@ShinobuOshino Because she is a boat
{| |} was the lead ship in the two-vessel Tone-class of heavy cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy. It was named after the Tone River, in the Kantō region of Japan and was completed on 20 November 1938 at Mitsubishi's Nagasaki shipyards. Tone was designed for long-range scouting missions and had a large seaplane capacity. She was extensively employed during World War II usually providing scouting services to their aircraft carrier task forces. She almost always operated in this capacity in conjunction with her sister ship Chikuma. World War II Early Pacific War At the end of 194...
5:30 AM
@LoganM wow, they really can change anything to cute anime girl
dat clothes...
@ShinobuOshino: Yeah, I might try it, since it sounds kinda interesting. I mostly need to find something reasonably worthwhile to watch since anime is significantly better for my productivity than other forms of procrastination.
@ShinobuOshino Boats are par for the course by now. Kancolle isn't even the only one that's done it; there's also Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio.
The state of the art seems to be anthropomorphic cockroaches as far as I can tell.
@Maroon just in case you find it boring at the first two eps, wait till 3rd eps, it started to get serious from there, it also has 3 movie, first two movie is from anime series, but I haven't watch the 3rd movie
@LoganM cockroaches? really? damn they're insane if they try to make cockroaches looks cute
5:54 AM
ahh.. dekomori's VA is in usagi
@LoganM I read that, nice idea for a character
@user1306322 hmm,, let's see, a bunny girl and cat girl are a lot, let's try bug girl, how bout the most disgusting bug ever, yeah, that's sounds good, let's try that
@ShinobuOshino it worked
maybe it was a test of artist's creativity
to make something normally disgusting as a cockroach work as an adorable manga character
someone passed
@user1306322 here, try mosquito
6:06 AM
@ton.yeung oh yeah!
@ton.yeung 'lady' bug
6:27 AM
Q: If I setup up a proposal called "Anime Suggestions", would it be allowed?

Miharu DanteI haven't proposed this idea and am pretty sure it would get heavily downvoted and probably this question to since stackexchange is Q and A site, but I was thinking of proposing a site called Anime Suggestions. The thought occurred to me since the beta Anime and Manga.SE gets a lot of questions ...


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