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9:00 PM
I think I just have to wait until it settles down
Lol. SE is slow, I guess.
I used up all my votes to get Vox Populi badge. The badge came in after an hour.
I thought it was 'cause of my network.
Slowly getting electorate, but its gonna happen over time so I'm not pushing it
Same. 400/600
9:05 PM
511 :)
Well ahead :D
However, there's one badge I don't understand.
Which one
it shows 10/5
Oh yeah that's a weird set of badges
My screenshot isn't working. Else, I could have shown what it shows.
9:11 PM
I looked at ur profile there
I think you have the required amount of questions
But there's not enough positive ones?
Idk, your recent questions seem fine though
So I need to get positives on the already existing questions or new ones?
softly shurorororos
9:13 PM
@ToshinouKyouko Lol. You should have seen the questions I used to post when I joined SE. I feelz so embarrassed
I don't think anyone minds :3
True :3
But I feel like an idiot
@iKlsR ahoy :D
ahoy ther m8ey
Long time no c
9:16 PM
@iKlsR why
@Eric wher u come from tho
@iKlsR from within
@EroSɘnnin I'm here being harrased as usual
@iKlsR :O whaay?
because he's a hat
9:18 PM
@EroSɘnnin erc is a hater
@iKlsR what the fuck
@Eric from within
ur a parasite
ur face is a parasite
sick burn
9:19 PM
So meen
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ halp
oh no krazer will bans me
I need an adult at times like these
420noscope him kray
I can't play the video on my tablet :'(
violently chuckles
9:20 PM
So yeah, Tesla's Twitter got hacked.
That's happening right now.
@TeslaMotors, ripprs @Raise90789 @WheresAMP
5.5k tweets, 564k followers, following 285 users
shoutout my nigga k ahahahahahah
Hackers so mature
@Eric no nudes uploaded?
lizrd sqad too op
Tesla nudes ^
9:21 PM
Q: where this gif is come from?

xanDo you know from which anime this gif is come from ?

@Eric y u do this
wha? nudes? who got nudes i_i
@Taisho got dem
I don't trust @Taisho
Only way to get them is to post all the images
9:24 PM
@Sakamoto awfully tiny
@Eric Why yu haite him ?
@EroSɘnnin burn the hats
lol .. new SE policy?
Q: i dont rember this anime name

Keke Loneit was sorta based in the future after some type of explosion happen and there was a green hair girl robot thing i think named Sophie and she stayed with i man i think name ryo who lost his daughter in the explosion and i remeber it ended with the robot girl going into outer space to save everyon...

@Sakamoto I've always wondered why people ship keyboards with no punctuation or shift key.
9:31 PM
fixed. sorta
@Eric Lol. You made it even bettah :D
Sooo .. what's everyone upto ?
Watching daredevil on Netflix with friends ~
Nice :D
Its 3am here
Im hunting for good songs
9:43 PM
@tosh got the badge now?
next time @iKlsR we need to trap him here
he is very elusive hat and can be dangerous
he is extremely armed with doge memes
dangerous ?
lol XD
But how do we trap him? We no haz pokeball
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