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@Hakase alright will do that when I'm home
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@Taisho who
How does this room feel about memes?
so-so I guess, we don't particularly hate or like them. I never see memes too often around here
Alright I'll float a meme let me know how it goes:
@RedRiderX why people keep using misleading thumbnail for youtube
I don't see Umi
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@Darjeeling lol
6:53 AM
Q: Why do the humans that can turn into humans kill other humans?

LunarIn one of the episodes in the anime, the armored titan is breaking one the walls and I'm still trying to figure out why he did that instead if the helping the humans.

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8:25 AM
Q: why do ninjas use shurikens and kunai instead of bullets and missiles?

Swastik In episodes 336 and 337 of Naruto Shippuden,it was shown Orochimaru created a robot,Mecha-Naruto which can hurl bullets,missiles,rotating blades,bombs,ballistic canons,lasers and can wield laser swords. It can also fly by rocket-powered jet. Later Mecha-Naruto was used by 'real' Naruto as "i...

8:39 AM
Q: Does Anyone know the font name used on naruto shippuden opening 9

XMadindra XsusanooDoes anyone know the font name that is used on naruto shippuden opening 9?

9:00 AM
Q: How can Itachi's genjutsu act on Mecha-Naruto "Robot"?

SwastikIn Episode 336,Itachi was seen to apply his genjutsu on Mecha-Naruto. But Mecha-Naruto is a robot which does not have brain but memory chip. As it is a robot(which do not have any chakra),its battle techniques could not be copied by Kakashi's Sharingan. wikia-Genjutsu mentions that genjutsu c...

Q: What happened to Charioces XIV through XVI?

senshinThe king during the events of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis was Charioce XIII (he's introduced as such when Favaro and friends are brought before him in episode 6). The destruction wrought by Bahamut in episode 12 ends up killing him. The king at the start of Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, just ten ye...

9:54 AM
@Darjeeling thanks for the warning
@Darjeeling and the kick is that it's a guy dress as Rem
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11:17 AM
Q: Im trying to figure out an anime's name

KilaudioIts a story about a girl that blackmails her neighbor to see each other naked through their window every night, and then they have adventures over the school. Its a short one but really funny. Any guess?

11:57 AM
Q: Who exactly is responsible for the GATE in GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There?

kudokikiranI've had questions for the longest time on this. Why or who would create a gigantic portal between two worlds?

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2:54 PM
Q: I trying to find the name of the anime

nangsanHere's the youtube link of the video, I recently saw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eGazzxcp3I&list=RDDy4evyC55P0&index=27 Song name Nevereverland, Singer was nano, this song is from ARK9 anime. But the video doesn't match with the anime.


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