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@Memor-X And Amestris is based on what, European country I guess
Amestris itself is the name of the wife of Xerxes I of Persia
but who cares
@Darjeeling kinda funny when you remember that Dwarf/Father made Amestris what it is and it came from the country Xerxes
both Xerxes and Amestris together would have made Dwarf/Father god
12:35 AM
Q: Are there any examples of how artists have drawn carpet in manga?

Mark FoxworthyI'm working on a panel and I have to tackle carpet but I can't find any examples online of how manga artists have done it before. Basically I am asking for any manga examples of how carpet has been drawn and or shaded?

@Memor-X so Dwarf is the son of Xerxes and Amestris, makes sense
@Sakamoto VTC
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2:08 AM
@Darjeeling in a sense yeh
2:33 AM
Q: What's this dance that Franky and Chopper are doing?

SeanIn episode 380 of One Piece, during Brook's rendition of "Bink's Booze," Frankie and Chopper do a rather bizarre dance with what looks like chopsticks up their noses, and holding baskets out in front of them. Is the dance just totally random, or is it something recognizable to a Japanese viewer?...

2:47 AM
@Sakamoto I'm not sure why OP want a specific manga drawn carpet. Carpet looks like a carpet whatever the medium, be it a manga, comic or a painting
... or probably I just don't care much about still life drawing
but if OP was asking how to draw clothes or a folded messy sheet probably makes more sense imo
maybe OP has a carpet fetish
who are you to judge!
dips @Darjeeling
3:05 AM
@Taisho what
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6:10 AM
Q: Does the Principal ever visit his granddaughter?

MakotoIn episode 26 of Nichijou, it's revealed that the Principal of the school... However, the relationship between him and is never elaborated on in the anime. In the manga, is it ever stated if he at least visits her?

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@ColdFire \o
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9:21 AM
Q: Questions about sage mode

MartianCactusSo Kabuto and Naruto both can use nature energy to enhance themselves, in other words they can use sage mode but when Naruto uses it his eyes become like the eyes of a from. And when Kabuto uses it, HIS eyes become like the eyes of a snake. So my questions are- 1) What is the difference between...

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Q: Are highschooler and middleschooler not allowed to use a backpack?

DarjeelingIn Ajin-chan wa Kataritai, there are a dullahan student named Machi. On chapter 23. It is said that the school wasn't allowed her to use a backpack and only use 'standard school bag' or a tote bag At first I thought it was only their school regulation and then I remember on yuru yuri on the fir...


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