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Happy Harvest Moon, America!
1:15 AM
In World War II was Japan agressivly trying to take whatever they want by force? or were they attacking places out of fear of being attacked themselves (ie. they attacked Pearl Harbor because of the fleet there and feared it was going to attack them)
@Memor-X if i said either way would you believe me?
@ton.yeung well did they go into the war as an aggressor?
for things like that, we will never know why. We will only know the reason they made up for why.
@Memor-X define aggressor
@ton.yeung agressivly trying to take whatever they want by force
@Memor-X yes
they split their forces both west and east in order to dominate asia and the pacific
stupid move
1:19 AM
@ton.yeung ok thanks. been trying to find out for a hole in my fan fiction in how Hiroshima and Nagasaki got attacked when Japan is under the protection of an Immortal Mage with access to highly advance magic/tech
@Memor-X uhh okay, you could have easily looked it up on wiki you know
japan was already at war with china before they attacked pearl harbor
@ton.yeung it's kinda hard for me to tell what fighting was apart of the world war and which was just fights to resolves some pent up hatred in the background with the Allied Forces too busy with Germany to care
@Memor-X uhh.. wut?
Japan was occupying Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, and China. They then attacked Pearl Harbor out of fear of being attacked. Also they want to ensure their domination in the pacific ocean. Because of that US retaliated by joining the Allied Forces. US then bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki since both host factories used by the Japanese to produce their equipments. With both factories blown to dust and with fear of another atomic bomb, Japan surrendered.
@ton.yeung *sigh* nevermind
1:26 AM
its not much info to go through
just cross reference the ww2 article and the japanese history article
@SakuraiTomoko ahhhhh, now i have a good flashback plot for when the Japanese Government was begging for "divine intervention" on Pearl Harbor and being reminded that they brought this on themselves.
in a nutshell, japan was a closed system, perry came and busted it open, japan used the western military knowledge and tech to invade everyone, and then got grinded to dust when the US dropped the atom bombs
@Memor-X dude.. its not a good idea to use historical events if you don't have a firm grasp on them...
LOL niiiiiiice
@ton.yeung just needed to explain why a Lost Logia was allowed to got nuked
@SakuraiTomoko the Japanese government didnt want to surrender during the twilight of WW2, which is why the US used nukes
episode 2 of subete ga f ni naru shows really good attention to detail
the butler bows, everyone else bows back while one girl panicks and bows a beat later after she sees everyone else bowing
@Frosteeze well you can go either way with that. Japan's obstinatecy and kamikaze attacks freaked out the west
they also needed an excuse to test out a new toy
1:31 AM
yeah, show the Soviets our new toy
there were a lot of reasons, just wanted to point out there were reasons to use the nukes
I'm guessing @Memor-X is talking about Nanoha though I'm not sure what the relevance is
in the end, it goes back to my point, we only have one view of what happened, and a fabricated commentary on why they happened
as an author, it pays to be careful about getting what happened correctly and be VERY careful about why those things happened
music rocks
if you're going to write historical fiction, its best to only look at what happened and throw the rest out the window and fabricate the entire who, why, and how
@Frosteeze My fan fiction. Hiroshima is one of the locations of a Lost Logia which has been there for roughly 2000 years and there is an entire organization who knows it was there and keeping it hidden. it also could have been used to stop the nukes yet it wasn't. i see a plot hole i have to fix
ah I see
2:11 AM
hunga gamez
@Hakase you've seen it?
ya just finished all
it went about how I expected
hungarian gamez
Q: Is there has been shown Sharingan user other than Kakashi that can copy justu?

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@Hakase bad guy adult looses, good girl teenager wins, good girl teenager finally chooses the fairy vampire over the topless warewolf
2:18 AM
the whole situation sucked hard from the beginning, and the end didn't bring much improvement overall
it was a drama about the main characters really and I was only rooting for the bearded alcoholic
never underestimate a good support
he basically made it all possible
@Hakase the bearded alcoholic? man it says volumes when the good support character is the guy drunk off his ass
is Elite: Dangerous worth buying?
there's a substantial discount on steam right now
but it requires directx 11 and my video card doesn't support that so idk if I should wait for the winter sale or what
my pc will still gonna have to wait until it can run it
^ Oh please god don't let Gen Urobochi fuck everything up. i rather see the universe slowly destroy itself with Madoka and Homura being together than seeing whatever abomination Urobochi dreams up to do one of them in causing the other to go insane and murder everyone else
mmyea that would be undesirable
2:32 AM
@Hakase and fully expected. Rebellion's not perfect but atleast the Shoujo Ai/Yuri couples aren't dead.....and Mami has a daughter so even if Office Lady wont be cannon she wont be alone
^ poor Gust
and they also forgot to mention Nisa's reaction to her breat size is only rivaled by Lady White Heart
2:50 AM
maan wtf is with those hardware prices
nothing within reasonable price range is comparable to 9800gt
how am I supposed to get dx11 support with that
nah I'm not buying anything at these prices
3:14 AM
@Hakase and thus why they are called the PC Master Race
it didn't even cost that much back then
not even half that
eh whatev
I'm off to bed
4:44 AM
@Hakase dx11?
dx12 is out you know...
Q: Why blood is needed to sign a summoning contract and to use the summoning jutsu?

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Q: Who is Lola's mom in the New World?

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@Hakase a friend of mine likes it, but the people who really go nuts over it use the rift
@Hakase based on the pv: no
@Memor-X Urobutcher not that bad
if youre thinking of what a trainwreck Aldnoah was thats cause he only wrote the concepts for it
@Frosteeze valvrave?
4:58 AM
havent watched that
oh he didn't write that
that too, was confused for a sec lol
psycho pass 2 was also a train wreck
i never made it through phantom
@Frosteeze no i am thinking of Song of Saya
valvrave had a pretty good OP
4:59 AM
neither did i get through chaos dragon
and to an extent Fate/Zero
Chaos Dragon might be the worst 1st episode I've ever seen of any anime
oh god expelled from paradise...
sure, good stories but i don't want Madoka and Homura to share the same fate
gun slinger stratos was also pretty crappy, but at least i finished it
5:01 AM
@Memor-X you didnt like Fate/Zero? ._.
oh i see
he has a penchant for bittersweet endings and I am okay with that
@Frosteeze i think i don't like the stuff the people from fate does
like tsukihime had a crappy ending
so did the original fate
it hink the only one i liked was kara no kyoukai
still have no idea how anything ties with anything
its like final fantasy
only share themes but not the same world
@Frosteeze no i liked it but in the original novel Rin's friend was presumed to have been killed like the other children Caster killed.
Original fate anime sucked
but the world is somewhat easy to understand
@Frosteeze i liked it till i found out that arthur was basically dead, and ended up dying at the end anyway
that might have been my first anime WTF ending moments
@ton.yeung oh you dont like the endings, i see
the VN ending is different
5:03 AM
@Frosteeze i don't like bad ends
I'm a simple guy, i like happy endings
holy shit someone just bought out all the loot i sold on the market for ff14
@ton.yeung just think of Kara no Kyoukai as what Touko was doing as she kept out of the Association's radar because of that Sealing Designation.....with a bunch of other Nasuverse Arctypes
well the VN ending is she dies but was sent to Avalon to await for Shiro and then they are together forever after that
Every series I've seen by Urobochi is ruined in basically the same way: by having a bad story. The stories aren't particularly original or good, but they do waste huge amounts of time.
@Memor-X i.. uh.. what...?
@Frosteeze oh that's much better
i might consider watching zero
The only exception IMO is Madoka, and that's primarily because the character design was so good it made up for the average story.
5:05 AM
@LoganM even psycho pass?
@Frosteeze that's only in the Realta Nua version so it was added after people complained
psycho pass was terrible
@Memor-X eh it's the ending that ill stick with :P
oh i should watch the movie
maybe it will take away the bad taste the second season left me with
5:08 AM
so i start the movie and i'm immediately overwhelmed by how crappy the english is
i always love it when JP VAs speak English
it doesn't have to be that way
there was an anime recently, forget which, but the english was really good
There's plenty of anime with accurate English
Personally, I'd rather it not be too accurate though. It's annoying to randomly have to switch back and forth between languages while I'm watching. At least if their English accent is bad I won't forget that the show is in Japanese.
Q: What was that giant shadow with the glowing red eyes at the end of the Thriller Bark arc?

botAt the end of the Thriller Bark Chapter 490 in manga and episode 381 in anime. I noticed strange giant shadows with glowing red eyes at background. What could it be? Check this image in manga: In Anime:

5:27 AM
well damn.. aside from the 5 minutes of crappy english the start of the movie is pretty damn intense
did the VA for akane change?
@Memor-X :0 and susanoo
discount... discount everywhere..
@Tyhja susanoo is a mod power, that way we havn't seen it yet
Speaking about English in anime, the latest episode of Perfect Insider: Subete g F ni Naru has half of the episode in English
@nhahtdh i'm on like episode 2
just started
still kinda confused about what's going on
5:31 AM
Well, the genre is mystery, so it's normal
More details will be revealed in the later episodes
@Memor-X so..sou...? very dangerous....
5:59 AM
Q: Why did Aokiji join Blackbeard pirates?

botKuzan/Aokiji was once an admiral of the World Government. So why would he join Black Beard pirates which is a traitor to the government?

@Sakamoto damn spoiler, really?
O hi yo/
@nhahtdh so apparently psychopass movie takes place in vietnam
@ton.yeung what really?
@mirroroftruth yo hi o/
6:10 AM
@Tyhja architecture doesn't seem like it though, it might be all across SE Asia
the first scene had a vietnamese person in it
current scene seems more thai
6:33 AM
They just say it's a costal town in SE Asia, but they never specify where
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ it is not clear
@ton.yeung I'll probably watch it some day
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ a cat waving hand
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ !(°□°;)
6:44 AM
7:12 AM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ language is viet but architecture seems thai
second set of dialogue is viet again
7:30 AM
@ton.yeung it's all one big SE Union
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ yea, i know, but just like how the EU is a union, the different member states still have their own culture and language
though most likely is that they used thai as a reference location and used the vietnamese language because there were some vietnamese people close at hand that they can take voice samples from
i could take a look at their clothing to narrow things down but that would take too much effort
my guess is that it takes place somewhere between cambodia and vietnam
since the architecture would match and that would explain the language
@ton.yeung would make an interesting question on this site
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ i think so, too. someone should ask it
7:47 AM
If someone asks it, i'll upboat it

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