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12:01 AM
@LoganM I was cleaning my feed out when I saw this (had a feed for new proposals)
12:24 AM
A: Why do many characters tend to have crazy hair colors and styles?

user1306322The most obvious reasons are: It's way cooler than common haircuts you see on real people; Character will definitely stand out in a crowd; The less obvious reasons are: It's easier to remember characters of a show with lots of them by their hair style and color. Especially useful for shows ...

does anyone know if Space Brothers anime ended at 99 episodes or if there will be more in the future?
I wanna know what happens with that UFO thing they saw in the beginning
Nothing is announced yet, but the manga is still going, so it's possible there will be more in the future.
There's also a movie that will air in August.
Q: How did Sanji get his ability Diable Jambe?

CybersonI was reading through the CP9/Enies Lobby arc, Sanji reveals that he has the ability to heat up his legs to the point that anything he touches with the spontaneously combusts. How is it that he got this ability?

12:49 AM
can any of you guys cook something good?
@user1306322 I cook noodle sometimes
and its good
do you buy thèm or do you make them from scrap?
and what kind of noodles
@user1306322 that one
and cheap
cuz its easy
and taste good
oh, I thought you were talking about fancier noodles
in that case I can make these pretty well too
with cheese they're great
LOL, no, I can't even cook rice
12:54 AM
rice is easily cooked in a rice cooker
or just a steam cooker
basically the same thing, but you can also stick some meat and veggies in it
a few weeks ago I tried making some udon from flour and water, but ended up with overcooked dough and several days of food poisoning
so I'm sticking with steam cooker for now
Q: What is this tea stalk that almost every cup of tea in anime has?

user1306322Here are two photos of tea stalks in their natural habitat: I've never seen those myself when I made tea, and I've been making at least two cups of tea every day for the past six years. Is it a Japanese tea thing? Is it sorted out from the leaves in other regions? I've been buying some expor...

I do have rice cooker, but hell I can't tell how much water I should put it in
sometimes it work
I always fill my steam cooker to the max and there just isn't any extra water in the rice by the time it's done
I guess there should be that kind of rice cookers too
but I don't know much about rice, I'm more of a tea specialist
would it be a porridge if you put too much water?
and still I don't know much as you can see^
it would, if the water is in the same container as the rice, but if it's below and only carried by steam, the rice won't absorb more water than it can handle
the only tea I can make is with teabag
1:01 AM
that is the worst kind
you should pay a visit to your local tea shops and get some samples
with the same general approach it'll be much better than teabags
@user1306322 well, that's what I got everywhere, unless I go to some kind of 4 star restaurant, where do you think I live?
not a big city really
we don't have anything like that
based on the brand of noodles, Indonesia?
I'm not talking about Grand Commerce Centers for Tea Parties and Accessories™, but about really small shops
I'm sure you can find at least one in your vicinity
@user1306322 I'm pretty surprise that you know my noodle
that's kind of tea I got if it's not a teabag
no, I just reverse-googled your image and it showed the brand
even the loose tea sold in stores can't compare to loose tea from tea shops
okay then, what good chocolate do you have available?
and what would you recommend
1:23 AM
@user1306322 what kind of chocolate you talking about?
I wonder what people find in super long anime series like one piece, naruto and such
oh right, there are kinds, let's see
@user1306322 for me it's because childhood
the normal kind I guess?
in form of chocolate tablets
first time I see or hear "chocolate tablet"
"chocolate bar" is more common
@user1306322 that's a fancy chocolate you have
@user1306322 you never watch long run anime?
these are also nice, especially the creamy one, the smoothest chocolate I know
I prefer not to, but not because it's long, usually it's plain boring or not my genre
battle stuff is not my thing at all
I get Kill la Kill kinds of battle, but not the Dragon Ball kind
I just watched 99 episodes of Space Brothers in hope of seeing what happens to that UFO thing, but it ended suddenly long before that might happen
but it was fun in many ways
1:34 AM
@user1306322 this i the last epi of the season, as for another season... they haven't announced anything
next in my list of seen anime come Fullmetal Alchemist (classic and Brotherhood), then goes Soul Eater and Nana, so no 3-digit episode series
@Krazer I sure hope there will be at least some development of Mutta × Serika relationship
maybe she'll finally notice his attention
@ShinobuOshino we also have much cheaper and less tasty kinds, but they're not worth it
@user1306322 I don't really like long series either, but I watch it since I was a kid so I guess I will follow it till the end
all people I know devour a chocolate tablet whole in a matter of minutes, but I prefer to enjoy every little bit of it, and it lasts about a week or two, so it's much more efficient in terms of money and tastiness
I tried to start watching Gintama, and while I appreciate the level of humor, it's just plain not entertaining enough for me to keep watching
I'd rather go for some other stuff
@user1306322 FMA is good, how bout code geass, attack on titan. both are great, and less than 100 eps
on a totally unrelated note, are Madoka movies recaps of the series or something else?
I couldn't watch Code Geass because of bs war setting
AoT was okay, but it lacked character depth
1:44 AM
@user1306322 first and second one is same with series I think, I have it and skip it most of time because of that
good action though
For code geass I usually never watch mecha but it's really good, kinda like death note
I watch it because C.C :3
love her
I think you may have not seen Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha yet
It's on my list but I haven't watch it
legend has it, Crayon Shin-chan is a must see, but 800+ episodes sure is scary
I recommend Natsume Yuujonchou and Mushishi
1:58 AM
so you like supernatural thing I guess. All of that is on mylist but I haven't watch it for now
and sci-fi
I have tons of anime in my waiting list
I remember one supernatural anime I want to watch but I can't remember the name
what kind of supernatural?
adventure, horror, demon/vampire, school, romance?
horor I guess? kinda new anime, 2010 or something
is it Another?
2:03 AM
no, first episode has a girl with somekind supernatural power and she's in school
like that
no ideas then
nvm, I found it. Shin Sekai Yori
oh, that
I saw first ep and it seems interesting
that's no school, that's a whole… New World!
I'd say it's rather controversial and you might not like it
2:10 AM
Well, I only watch first eps, so I don't know
what's controversial about it
things get real with every episode: topics change, plot twists, questions arise with no answers in vicinity
it's very spoilable, so I can't say anything specific, but I have a feeling you might not like this series
I myself prefer more straightforward stuff
I mean when there is a well-explained reason for things, the plot keeps making sense, but when a change is questionable, I dunno, looks more like poor storytelling
have you seen Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei?
@user1306322 just finished first season
I love shaft
me too
the art style in Madoka was unmistakably theirs
their art is....different, I like it
bakemono, madoka
those are my fav
I gotta check out Nisekoi from them
2:20 AM
@user1306322 it's good, kinda surprise shaft made it. It's different from what I imagine in manga
how can they make typical romcom become like that?
shaft style
Katte ni Kaizou
it looks like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, same author?
lemme ask you about these several anime titles: Great Teacher Onizuka, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Kimi ni Todoke, Youjouhan Shinwa Taikei
I've heard all of it, but haven't watch it :p
but why?
those are some of the most popular titles
2:30 AM
I prefer new anime. I just become otaku not long ago, about a year or so. Before that, I only read one piece and conan, nothing else. Not even watch the anime series, only read manga
so for me to follow every series is...hard
for me it's kinda hard to stay focused on only one story
I prefer learning tons of new stuff every day, if possible
and so I like the thought-provocative things
@user1306322 that's what I do, the only long series anime I watch is doraemon when I was a kid. I watch everything, buy every manga, doll, etc. Sweet childhood memories
it's funny how I can almost always tell now if I'll like an anime by its artistic style
yeah 1700+ episodes is A LOT
so far, the monogatari series has been the most thought-provoking for me
@user1306322 two episode per week in 10 years on my local tv channel
ah, monogatari, watch it for 7 times already, and I still missing some point
in my world, there is no such thing as 2 episodes per week, there's only all of it until it ends
if anything is unclear, you can always ask :)
I'm still trying to find time to carefully re-watch the second season and figure out the color frames
I have some thoughts, but I wanna be sure
A: What do the black and red scenes mean?

senshinOverview Ah, the Monogatari [color] Scenes. Before we talk about what they mean, let's look at some of them. First, you've got the two classics: Red Scene... ...and Black Scene. But wait, there's more! You've got various kinds of White Scene... ...different kinds of Yellow Scene (the se...

gotta top that answer
maybe not in terms of upvotes, but in clarity and evidence
2:44 AM
@user1306322 I save all the question until the series end. I got a feeling some of missing plot are not yet explain
shouldn't the color mean how araragi feeling?
that answer is great I think
yes, it's about the current feeling, but there's a bit more to it
sometimes it corresponds with obvious events, but sometimes out of nowhere different color appears
the answer's good, but I have a feeling it can be better
whoa, it's almost time for the new episode of the game of thrones
I think it's already here
@ShinobuOshino you should ask those questions now, there may be people looking for answers to them, and they'll be better off learning from us here than from those weirdos on yahoo answers
I'll be going now coz it's super extra late with a cherry on top and I'm still watching that GoT episode before sleep
@user1306322 ok then, happy watching
3:27 AM
Tsun tsun dere tsun dere tsun tsun
I-It's not like I uploaded this for you or anything! B-baka!
^ tsu tsundere spotted
4:04 AM
@ShinobuOshino Actually, I think she's just angry because she's short.
Q: Who is this and what show is it from?

StatusWhat show is this from and what exactly is happening? I found in this amv but the source for it (this is from boom boom dollar within that amv) only says "various".

@Eric and punching him is clearly the best way to get a kiss
@ShinobuOshino Seemed to work nicely!
@Eric Taiga - Toradora doesn't have a problem with that XD
and yandere be like, 'I'm gonna chop of his head so I can kiss him'
Yandere do nothing for me.
I am an assassin, after all.
4:12 AM
@Eric gosh for a second I thought you gonna say that you're massochist
you need to face to face duel with yuno gasai
@Eric is Alluka yandere or is Nanika?
@Krazer Haha, Alluka probably is.
@ShinobuOshino Pfft.
4:37 AM
@ShinobuOshino The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky OVA
@Krazer no anime series? or manga perhaps
@ShinobuOshino You see, I did say OVA
@Krazer PV kinda reminds me of the SAO
@ShinobuOshino I do not believe such similarities exist

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