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Q: It's official! This site is now Software Engineering Stack Exchange

enderlandAwww yeah. WOoooooooOOOOoooOOOOOoooT! PARTY TIME. Check out that domain name and logo! Thanks Stack Exchange :-) If you see any problems anywhere, please leave an answer to this question so we can track them.

^ so now it's not so obvious where to migrate the shit SO Questions
also, we need in our meta
3:28 AM
@ToshinouKyouko you going to do the post-game content? there's a bunch of cie'th missions that don't unlock until you beat Orphan
@CuddleBunny it's painful until you realize that the game wont allow you to take your time in battles
"i see you've taken 30 minutes to fight fal'Cie Dahaka and you're still fighting. lets me stick Doom on your party leader to help you"
seriously if it wasn't the whole fight too long and we're going to insta-game over you by killing your unchangeable party leader thing you could go though the game as COM-MED-SET the entire way
occasionally swapping MED to RAV
3:52 AM
i dont even
4:06 AM
Q: What was Natsu dreaming about in Lucy's room?

JeanellyI don't think I'm the only one who is wondering this, if I am correct me. What does Natsu dream about when he woke up in Lucy's room. He woke up scared, is there a special reason or was it just to make us laugh?

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Q: Do not show blacklisted tags under "Explore Our Questions" for non-logged-in users

senshinFrom the inception of Anime.SE until about May of this year, the tag "identification-request" was permitted on our site. This led to us accruing around 3500 of these questions total (including deleted questions). About 400 are still extant, making this the third-largest tag on our site. In May 2...

upvotes, upvotes
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Today.. Feels like Monday.
how so
feels pretty wednesday to me
Almost overslept, train had a minimal delay, leading to me missing my next train thrice. Boot my computer and 90% of the work I did the last 2 days has vanished without a trace.
version control?
It was not stable enough to commit eyt.
I don't think you understand how it works
you commit every time there's something to lose
just not to the master branch
get your own personal dev branch where you can commit to every 5 seconds
when it's done, sure, pr or push it to the master branch
8:05 AM
I probably should do that more often. That is the workflow I use for personall projects as well.
< not allowed to push to master, ever.
Yay for integration managers.
Well, now ill need to use 30 minutes to restore 2 days of work
Most of the these 2 days consisted of understand this spaghetti code anyway.
user image
for those of you who don't remember

Anime scenery and such #1 part 1/3

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Anime scenery and such #1 part 2/3

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Anime scenery and such #1 part 3/3

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Anime scenery and such #2

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8:16 AM
Ha, now make it a A&M event. Find a matching place IRL and take a similar picture ;p
pff no way that's gonna happen
grabs his meta type machine
That's nice scenery
8:25 AM
oh shiiiit I know what I want now!
@Hakase #id
@Hakase looks like candy
8:49 AM
@Hakase you know the picture of dorian gray?
The Picture of Dorian Gray is a philosophical novel by Oscar Wilde, first published complete in the July 1890 issue of Lippincott's Monthly Magazine. The magazine's editor feared the story was indecent, and without Wilde's knowledge, deleted roughly five hundred words before publication. Despite that censorship, The Picture of Dorian Gray offended the moral sensibilities of British book reviewers, some of whom said that Oscar Wilde merited prosecution for violating the laws guarding the public morality. In response, Wilde aggressively defended his novel and art in correspondence with the British...
@Hakase guy becomes immortal because the painting ages for him
u da best
8:58 AM
@Tyhja Neat
I have a question about the upcoming hollywood adaptation of GITS. Should I ask it here? I want to introduce GITS to some colleagues and I would like to show them the original before the adaptation comes out. Is it an adaptation of a specific GITS film? or is it a new story?
it's a remake of the oldest movie afaik
it says "based on the manga" and " rights to produce a live-action film adaptation of the original manga" it does not mention any anime/film
9:10 AM
guess it's not very obvious
don't have high hopes for it
it's been a while since I've read the manga, but I do not recall it being really close to the anime stories
I have no hopes, but I want to use it as an excuse to watch the films again in company
9:45 AM
@Memor-X eh probably not
user image
nico nico nii
@Hakase Not sure how feasible that is, but I'll check
10:09 AM
Actually, I said that just by reading that title. Reading that full post, and the MSE one senshin made, it's more reasonable than what I thought the actual request was. I'll try to push it forward, @Hakase :)
I'd just read "Remove [identification-request] from front page when not logged in" and thought you meant removing actual questions from the front page — the mistagged ones, I mean; hence my initial response
Oct 15 at 11:26, by Hakase
@JNat is there a way to remove anime id questions from google's indexing so we don't get id visitors?
As for that... I'm not sure how much sense that makes. Why keep 'em at all, then?
@Riley Is the game out already?
Ooh, neat
I stayed up to play tonight
Kinda regretting it now lol
10:14 AM
@Riley Why? Not good?
I went to sleep at 8pm and got up at 2am to play it
It's currently 12:16
And I don't think I have much time to sleep tonight
And that's not just because of CIV
10:29 AM
i came in an hour late :|
cuz i was up until like 3
@ToshinouKyouko you going to continue the series? and by that i mean play XIII-2 then Lightning Returns?
@Memor-X I don't know, i heard the others arent that good
but on the other hand, ffxiii was really pretty @_@
i might play ff3 or finish ff9/ff8
@ToshinouKyouko Lightning Returns was great, not sure of the complaints about it. XIII-2 might be hit or miss with some people but if you want to know what's going on in Lightning Returns you need to play XIII-2
@Memor-X hmmm
i spies a tosh
and a mem
10:38 AM
@Tyhja it is i
@Tyhja *gets out bat* now i'm protected from pokeballs
a zubat?
I heard that XIII-2 was better than XIII
Haven't played it myself tho
@Riley battle system is better where you can change leaders so no cheap tricks with doom
10:57 AM
@JNat honestly I don't know
wasn't the plan to remove them completely after a while?
I don't think so. Maybe @кяαzєя can clarify?
there doesn't seem to be a part where we delete them all
but they've had almost 5 months of locked time, maybe it's enough for other SE copypaste sites to copy them over and we could safely remove them
@ToshinouKyouko >_>~~~ no~~~~
@Tyhja another tosh?!
@Riley thicker than 3 light novels? the manual for Pharaoh (before the Cleopatra Expansion) was thicker than my Strawberry Panic Light Novel and that's 3 Novels in 1
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 gets Deluxe Edition and JP Version on Steam. out October 26
11:05 AM
@Memor-X <_< ninjas avoid bats
@ToshinouKyouko no probably a golbat
(not sure how i missed that)
@Tyhja if that's the case then how does Ninja Master Koga get a Crobat?
11:22 AM
Sometimes I wonder what our Image 2 text ratio is ;/
@Dimitrimx 1:15
11:40 AM
@Memor-X ;o
11:58 AM
How do you know ._>
@Dimitrimx the same way in which Roy Mustang's Team all bet against Havoc having a successful date with Armstrong's little sister. safest bet
12:58 PM
@Memor-X waat? i liked the old name...
1:49 PM
Q: Which artstyle/character design in an anime or manga are a derivative,mixed or similar

user25750When character designers or mangakas can't come up with their own original character designs/art styles they imitate other character designs/mangakas to make their own

2:01 PM
@LucasHenrique just arda now
2:45 PM
@JNat one can discuss this in a post-mortem meta post
Ample time has passed, time to collect data
@кяαzєя There's some in the refrigerator, from back then
Let me know if you need anything else you can't get your hands on

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