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12:00 AM
well yes, the question itself has to be asking for opinions, but if it's asking about the in-universe facts that OP doesn't know if they exist or not, technically it's not asking for opinions, but for facts
So you're saying that if in any universe that could be possible than its plausible?
not sure wh… (confused)
or if there are not facts that can sustain the fact it's possible then its POB?
the way I see it, the way he put his question
"Would Light have lived longer, if he would have had the Shinigami eyes?"
its very questionable, and comes into a "THEORY" situation of "IF"s
12:03 AM
he says we know the rules A and B and that a combination of them resulted in X, but we haven't seen Z. What would Z be according to those rules?
I dunno…
from the manga information alone, you can't affirm "yes he can live longer".
it's just that I'm not really interested in an answer based loosely on hard info
that could have been shortened his life instead since the fast forward set of events.
I usually refrain from doing anything I'm not sure about :p
I am just curious as to weather or not this could fall into a POB, I don't think my answer is right but I also don't think its wrong
because some one did make a comment on that which made me wonder
my own conclusion is that it does look that way
12:07 AM
you could infer from the rules of the game what the outcome could be because rules are known
that has nothing to do with the game rules
it doesn't seem like an interesting answer to me, but technically it's fine by the "opinion-based" rule
its purely "destiny" of what would happen after wards if that was given to him
well, I'm not sure and I don't think I could come up with a good analogy that would show why you should not be sure too :p
also I'm not really interested in that
let's watch some more anime or discuss other questions
It would be similar to asking I guess, Do shinigami eyes take into accounts future events into the lifespan or it just calculates the raw amount of time one can live despite any events in between such as a robbery and he gets killed?
12:21 AM
:( troll guy who proposed Losers SE and Dying a Virgin SE got suspended
Q: Why was this closed?

user3525476Proposal: Losers The moderator closed this on his sole based opinion. He has no way of predicting whether this would be an unproductive site or not; that's what Area 51 is for. This proposal should be reopened, and not closed again on solely a couple of people's opinions.

@LoganM why the sad face?
@user1306322 bc I missed his latest proposal area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/74939
(at least I think that's the one)
mm mienai
could you copypaste the name and description?
I don't have it
That's why I'm sad
is there a way to find out what ti was?
google doesn't seem to have it
12:35 AM
It was deleted within 2-3 hours of being posted
but it had an example question
imgur.com/gallery/vPkakSd looks like a question for scifi
I think actually the link is area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/74938
can't get anything on google
Anyway I'll look around. A51 has some weird things and the information probably still exists somewhere
But I'm not sure how easy it will be to find
Seems like there's a deleted answer here as well, which was presumably from him: discuss.area51.stackexchange.com/questions/17346/…
Will look into this a bit further, but first I'm going to get dinner
maan what's Doi's deal?
I honestly can't tell what he was thinking
Hourou Musuko's topic makes it even harder to guess
1:01 AM
I don't feel like description "it's a story about crossdressing middleschoolers" would do justice to the series, so if anyone has a good idea for a tag excerpt please edit it to your liking
Q: What was Doi really thinking about Shuichi?

user1306322In the episode 10+11 when Shuichi walks home from school with Doi again, Shuichi tells that he hates Doi and leaves alone. Doi just stands there for a moment looking shocked and then angrily kicks the fence shouting "Damn!" There isn't much up until then to definitely say what kind of guy Doi is...

1:32 AM
damn.. thought that was a piano instrumental
@user1306322 Perhaps "sexually confused middleschoolers" is a bit better.
hmm maybe
I dunno
still kinda weird
but that's the point of the show
in which case it's perfect
1:34 AM
@LoganM lol, suspended
ugh.. synth???
@Mysticial Yeah, I think it's only the second suspension I've seen on A51 (excluding network-wide ones).
looks like there isn't any official harmonica version
this is pretty good
too bad my capo doesn't work on my classical guitar... :\
We are currently performing our read-only test. This should be completed in the next 5 minutes. This is ONLY a test.
We are ending our read-only failover test. We apologize for any inconvenience.
@Beta-kun mmm testy!
1:52 AM
Yay A51 is back
but I already gave up finding out what the deleted proposal is
eh, don't mind that
Hourou Musuko was fun
good characters
didn't seem like copypasted stereotypes
Would have liked if it had been like twice as long and not had a weird rushed ending.
(anime I mean)
the ending was kinda disappointing
I suppose I could read the manga, but too lazy
also yeah, there seems to be continuation in manga
show was aired in 2011 but latest chapter was out in 2013
maybe they'll make an OVA someday
1:58 AM
I doubt it. The show wasn't particularly profitable IIRC
It's the sort of thing that probably wouldn't have aired at all if it wasn't on noitaminA
so is it like a charity airing slot for underachieving series?
It's a sponsored block
We have completed our Read Only failover test. We found a few bugs and are squashing them.
k gotta grab some tea and thinking time
2:22 AM
uhh. trap?
or is it like... his kids?
my hair is about this length right now.. srsly annoying.. so glad i'm getting it trimmed on saturday
I don't get why anyone would genderswap him when there are much cuter girls already in the series.
@LoganM well.. you guys were just talking about being "confused" earlier
2:45 AM
I think the second picture is a "reskin" of another character's screenshot in an episode where they are playing in a square together
@LoganM Does the Physics SE take kindly to serious questions that are asked in a humorous way?
looking to get rep for a chat bot?
@Eric No idea.
@user1306322 Me? No. I'd just ask a question on Anime.SE and post it here. :P
I try to ignore everything on Physics SE except the research questions. It's overrun by popsci questions by people who don't know any physics, so I don't really go there much.
2:56 AM
@LoganM but i thot u were genus
@Eric yea I'm the smartest person ever
(something about being smart and knowing everything not being synonyms)
i don't know everything ever. That would be stupid.
anyway I think it would probably depend on what you're asking.
is there a food that garlic doesn't make better?
3:05 AM
Q: what's the name of the manga?

JaxWhat is the name of the manga where every school has a group of fighters and one school has a fighter that's a girl and she really doesn't fight her friends just distract the guy that she suppose to be fighting. I heard it was a romance kind of manga but I can't find it.

@user1306322 Ice cream.
but it's a delicacy
I bet chocolate wouldn't taste much better too if we go down that road
and whipped cream
honey probably
@Eric disagree
Garlic ice cream is pretty good
It's horrible.
3:13 AM
@user1306322 Honey-garlic chicken is delicious.
@LoganM Yup. I said so, so QED
No, all you proved there is that you have bad taste.
ice-cream chicken with garlic :|
Garlic makes literally anything taste better than it would without garlic.
I'm absolutely certain of that.
I'm tempted to ask on Cooking
It would get closed for being too obvious
Speaking of which, if you haven't tried mixing in some garlic in your tea, it's good
3:19 AM
I've been thinking about ID requests and they seem something like "my code doesn't work" questions on SO
not as useful for other users as specific programming questions, but still a supported topic on the site
if asked with enough detail that is
I don't know anything about SO
I thought the main problem with that kind of question though is that they don't have enough users and have too many incoming questions
Our problem is not enough incoming questions IMO
they had a close reason that read something like "Answers to this question are likely to help only the OP, but not others, which is bad and we don't like it"
but then they removed it when the "[on hold]" became a thing
in programming bug identification that is more true than in anime identification
SO's close reasons seem to change every time I look.
I have no idea right now whether they have the "you're stupid and we hate you go away" close reason. Seems to have been turned on and off on a fairly regular basis.
I haven't looked for a long while now, so I'll take your word for it :p
I think it was actually a bit more dressed up than that. Something like "You don't even minimally understand what you're talking about. That is to say you understand nothing at all. Go away."
3:27 AM
considering lower question rate than on sites where it could become a problem, I don't see anything too bad in ID requests right now, aside from the fact that some users do post "there was a boy and a girl help pls" low-detailed questions
@user1306322 The problem with ID requests (right now and for the forseeable future) is that we haven't found a reasonable way to judge their quality.
I've been thinking a lot about that and I think I have some ideas
but it might be a while before I get around to posting them
there are rare examples where even "a girl with pink hair and a robot" are enough for a definite answer (see my answer to FLCL id question), but for the most part it's not
in any case the question should have more description
there is a nice guide somewhere on meta that helps remember some more detail, and it should be enough
or just wait for me to drop off a thousand questions about the robot's head shape and girl's breast size in comments
I still don't get what the hell Serial Experiments Lain was about
@user1306322 That's why there's a difference between downvoting and closing. No need to close the question if it's enough for a definite answer, but you should downvote it for being low quality.
I think this sentence should be included in some guide for ID questions
I've written that more than once on meta. I think other ppl have said the same thing as well.
3:40 AM
then it means I haven't read :p
Q: What's the proper course of action for low quality identification requests?

Logan MGenerally, we like for text-based identification-request questions to contain as much information as possible. Things like names of characters, major plot points, and genre/atmosphere are very important, and less significant things like subplots, where/when the OP saw it, details about art style...

See JNat's answer there
@user1306322 I follow this approach
as the time goes by while I'm looking for a junior C# developer position, I'm starting to think I'm doing the wrong thing looking for a programming job
3:49 AM
also don't shoot photos against the sun or they turn out like that picture
That one's cropped
u know what I mean
Not sure how I ended up with a cropped picture
but the full one is a bit less appropriate for @Taisho to be posting.
Not super bad, but somewhat NSFW: i.stack.imgur.com/Mdulp.jpg
Like I said, I'm not sure why I had it in there to start. It's fine, but I don't really like cropped images. I guess it's just oversight/accident on my part.
Kobato is cute though so it's all good I guess
3:58 AM
I feel like it would still get some worried comments if uncropped
I wouldn't have left the uncropped version in at all
at least not intentionally
4:13 AM
Apparently I just lost 231 rep on A51
Still over 2k so it doesn't matter, but these rep recalcs are really annoying.
deleted proposal?
I don't get how that rep works
once I had 127 or something and the next day it was 31 and I couldn't find out what happened
It's weird
deleted proposals don't immediately cost you rep
But somewhat randomly, rep recalcs occur on an individual basis, at which point you do lose the rep
On the rest of the network they eliminated rep recalcs a long time ago, but on A51 they're still around. And since it's not unusual for a single proposal to contribute hundreds or even thousands of rep for certain users, your rep is never safe
Especially since over 95% of all proposals fail IIRC.
rep doesn't matter much within a51 as far as I can tell
It used to matter at 2k
because they had close votes
but they got rid of those
It still does some stuff on Discussion zone, but between 1k and 10k there's nothing now on the main site
and 10k is basically impossible unless you were there in the early days
Even the most active user right now has under 5k
Q: Looking for mangas(2) based on a description of what happens in it

RahulI read these 2 mangas a long time ago. I can't seem to find them online, so I thought I'd ask about it here. 1) A manga about a kid with the ability to see lines in every object/person, and if he cuts exactly along those lines (with a knife) he can destroy the object/person. He meets a female vam...

4:38 AM
Yeah I don't even know why I care about my A51 rep anymore.
It is only up because of the Japanese Culture proposal, anyway. And if that fails to reach commitment, poof.
Though I think that's a dumb system.
@Eric the "poof" could take a while
"Thank you for contributing and trying to create an awesome idea over the last two years. We'll be taking all that hard work back."
I've seen people go years without losing any rep.
@LoganM Well, just because it'll be 65 more years before I die doesn't make it any more thrilling.
If you don't show up on A51 at all you aren't likely to trigger a recalc.
4:40 AM
I vote or comment now and then.
AFAICT what triggers a recalc is typically other people voting on your stuff
So if you post example questions.
Or discussion Qs or As.
basically don't do anything remotely useful on A51 and you should be fine
That's how to game the system.
Be active until it's no longer in your benefit to do so.
A51 is all about gaming
Speaking of which, I'm thinking of doing a game theoretic analysis for how best to distribute your votes on A51 under reasonable assumptions about how new users will vote.
There are some interesting dynamics there
4:43 AM
@Taisho I feel like there's been a lot of touhou recently.
I mean, there's a lot overall because it's popular, so I guess it's not that surprising.
But it feels like we've had more than that even.
I don't really care though so long as the girls are cute.
I haven't seem something I know for a long time
guess pixiv's interests don't intersect with mine a lot
#post something @user1306322 would recognize
4:53 AM
What, you don't recognize Oomuro Hanako, Sakurako's younger sister from Yuruyuri?
I know some of these words
but just one that starts with an uppercase letter
#post something better this time
looks cheap :D
4:55 AM
like it's cut from a VN screenshot
It's Alice, again from Touhou
I think what Taisho is trying to say is that we haven't left anything I know in his image links file
Surely there's something there that you know
well there was a Shinobu pic earlier…
4:57 AM
lemme guess…
Methinks original character
not sure though
if it's something artistic and I don't know it, chances are high it's from Touhou :p
obv ppl like TH
It has like a bazillion cute girls
how could you not like it
something tells me people like cute girls and TH just happens to be the host project for their characters
I like cute girls too, but where are the ones I know, @Taisho?
how should he know if I haven't taught him that
but one day he'll know
5:08 AM
Same artist has a few more images of the same character, but she's not from anything notable.

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