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6:05 AM
@LoganM This is the internet. Replying to people like that is just a trap.
And not even the good kind of trap.
@Eric Yes I know. Not planning on replying.
@LoganM 'Atta boy. I can't blame anyone who didn't reply.
I'd sooner blame anyone who bothers to continue the discussion.
"Don't feed the trolls" is one of the fundamental rules of the internet.
And even if that guy isn't trying to troll, he's taking a stupid enough position to be indistinguishable from a troll.
Morning! :3
wat a stupid flag mirite
6:23 AM
Morning @Asada~
Morning @Toshinou ^^
How's peoples doing? :)
Pretty good here
@nhahtdh .... and why is that
Found a good source, and will edit in later
Watched the first episode of Chuu2 yesterday evening, was pretty funny :P
6:31 AM
first one is better
I guess I should get out of bed and go to work :'(
oh, thought chuu2 was a shortening of chuunibyou, I meant the first season (without anything after the exclamation mark)
@ToshinouKyouko Hahaha, that wouldn't be a bad idea :P
Or is there a chuuichibyou?
chuunibyou is some kind of syndrome
@AsadaShino chuu2 = chuuni
so I was wrong?
6:34 AM
It's an acceptable shortening of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai.
Yeah, I got that from the first episode. But then what did you mean by "first one is better"? Or was that not aimed at me?
probably refers to the first season
I aim at you, but I dont know if chuu2 is a shortening of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai.
@ShinobuOshino It was in my case
I thought it's for second season
6:35 AM
Chuunibyou = Middle school year 2 disease.
Yeah, understood that from the explanation at the start and how they acted xD
so it's second year... I usually find the translation is "eighth-grade syndrome"
same I guess
@ToshinouKyouko forget work, watch anime instead
Just a strange name if it were eighth-grade syndrome, but I guess it's down to what you think it could mean.
eighth-grade = Middle school second-grade
that's what I know
6:38 AM
Aha, I see
So technically the same thing, but different names
@Shinobu too tempting
@AsadaShino kind of
@ToshinouKyouko do it, and never leave home >:)
I'm wrong? I don't know much about the japanese school system (or whatever school system you are referring to). But in holland the technically 'eighth' grade is 2nd in middle school
Japanese schools renumber years when you switch
Our 'basisschool' or... I guess junior high (?) ends at 6th
6:42 AM
It goes Elementary year 1 -> Elementary year 6 -> Middle school year 1 -> Middle school year 3 -> High school year 1 -> High school year 3.
But we call it 8. We have 2 years of... I dunno what to call it, but we're basically toddlers or young kids there, then 3-8 is junior high and then 4-6 years of middle school
I see
There is no year 8 in Japanese schools. If you said year 8, I'm not sure if someone would understand, but it certainly wouldn't be common parlance.
I see
So many different school systems :P
they use what they think fit the most
I dont see much different
as our school has adapt both system, nothing change except how they called it
6:47 AM
The transitions from elementary to middle to high school are somewhat more significant in Japanese culture than in many other places in the world.
Where I went to school, basically my entire graduating class in middle school was the same as my starting class in high school after the summer passed.
Wow O_o
But in Japan many schools (especially high schools) admit on the basis of exams rather than location. Graduations at each of the levels are really pretty important.
my school has same system with Japanese then, but they change the year now
kinda like Elementary year 1 -> Elementary year 6 -> Middle school year 7 -> Middle school year 9 -> High school year 10 -> High school year 12
I was joined by... I guess 4 or 5 people from my previous school, when I went from... I guess middle school to high school? And Noone from my high school to uni
I don't even think my elementary/middle school had a graduation ceremony. If it did, it wasn't important, since the next school was literally right next door.
6:51 AM
oh,, so my school system is same with Japan, cool
@ShinobuOshino How was it determined where you would go to Middle/High school? Were there entrance exams?
We don't have middle school, just elementary->highschool
there is entrance exams on every school
There are enterance exams here for the private schools
so you choose what school, take an entrance exams, and hope they accept you
6:53 AM
That's good. Here entrance exams are mostly only for private schools.
It's hard to explain the school 'levels' when there are different names for them, but they sound the same, what we call "Hogeschool/Universiteit" is literally translated to "Highschool/University", but those are different levels in the US and Japan I guess
American schools are really bad, so pretty much any system is going to do better than ours.
We have 2 years of kindergarten, 6 years of elementary, 4-6 years of highschool and then 4(+2) years of college/uni. But the first 2+6 years are lumped under the name "basisschool" (basic school)
@Asada same here
Except uni is slowly becoming 5 years for science things >_>
I see
6:56 AM
4.5 here :)
but I graduated after 5 years :(
We didn't really have a big graduation from highschool, because it was assumed most of us would continue onto college/uni - seems it is a bigger deal in Japan/USA
Even in Sweden, I saw they had some dress code
We have kindergarten for I think 1 year, then 6 years elementary school, 2 years middle school, and 4 years high school. University varies a lot. You can finish in 4 easily, but a lot of people take 6 or more.
I see. We had a 'sort of' big graduation? Not sure what you would call big, because the school was relatively small, in a not too big town. But there was no dress code (heck, there are barely any schools with uniforms in holland)
I guess anything non-offensive would do :P
We had some kind of dress code which no one actually knew or followed. It was pretty silly.
6:59 AM
But when I graduated high school I didn't see any of them in college, until I met some in different fields after a few months, turned out they were in the same building, but on a different floor and different wing xD
we have uniform for school, same uniform in whole country, public or private
@LoganM Hahaha :P
Officially our dress code banned any t-shirts with snowmen on them.
Not even joking about that.
6:59 AM
@LoganM Whoa, whoa, snowist D:
What, but snowmen are great
I don't even know why.
@Taisho Nice peekshur :o
what's up with snowmen here
7:00 AM
and? you have a snowman picture in your t-shirt or what?
@AsadaShino that's sweet
I want a snowman T-shirt
7:03 AM
There were other weird restrictions. Hats weren't even allowed until high school at all, and if they had hoods they had to be off any time you were in the building even in HS.
We weren't allowed hats at all even in highschool
My neighbour Snowtoro?
:) snowtoro
Aw I was too slow
And one of the lines literally bans any clothing with a color associated with any gang. Which means literally every color ever.
I remember one case where they didn't like a particular outfit that was nonetheless perfectly acceptable under all the other rules. So they found a gang which used blue as a symbol color and proceeded to suspend the girl for wearing blue pants.
@LoganM I never fully understood it, but since these days caps are usually worn by those with a lower education level (I mean the wide caps with a glowy sticker on them) I guess I can understand. But while I never fully understood why caps were not allowed in class, I could, for some reason, get behind it
7:05 AM
@LoganM did they take of her pants?
@LoganM What the hell, so no jeans?
What in the world, I mean, I understand ignorance in people with any sort of power over others, it happens, but that is a new low ~_~
@ShinobuOshino I don't think so, but she had to have a parent pick her up from school and was officially banned from wearing any blue clothing for the remainder of the year.
Blue jeans is pretty much everyone ever
They also had really tacky apparel in a dirty box somewhere, and if you violated the dress code they made you change into that.
Now if you wear nothing BUT blue, all day every day, that's a whole different thing, that could give some strange signals, intended or not, but a blue article of clothing?
7:07 AM
Somehow i think if u are in a gang, not wearing their colours is probably not going to get to the root of the problem
I should probably mention that one of the school's colors was blue. So she couldn't even wear the school's official apparel.
Or prevent anything
@LoganM Did she get in trouble for that too?
@AsadaShino Pretty sure she didn't bother trying
@LoganM Hm, somewhat of a let-down, not so much because I'd like to hear about her misfortune, but more that I am surprised they actually did think that one through, instead of just doing that for the sake of doing it
Wait nvm
7:10 AM
They've gotten significantly less ridiculous since then I think. The policy used to be over 2 pages in the student handbook, but now it's down to 1 paragraph.
I meant, did she get in trouble for NOT wearing school's official apparel
But I guess she didn't
2 pages of rules on how to dress and how not to dress. "How do you know you're doing it wrong?"
That paragraph still says that the administrators can decide that your clothing violates the dress policy for any reason they choose, but from what I've heard they haven't had to enforce this very seriously.
Wow, lol, so they have a bad day, everyone does, it's like the real world
At that point you might as well just use uniforms. That way it's at least obvious when you're breaking the rules.
I thought there's no uniform there
7:13 AM
But I'm pretty sure there's some law somewhere which wouldn't have allowed them to use uniforms, and even if they had wanted to it would have been prohibitively expensive and too much work all-around to switch.
Or just do away with ridiculous rules and use reason, not opinion, when deciding what is right and wrong
hi, anyone know "moka" ? the main chara is the girl warrior who had pocket knife in her head..
@ShinobuOshino Most places in the US don't have uniforms unless you go to a private school. Only exception I know of is Hawaii.
@SeptianPrimadewa a knife in her head? sounds like unicorn
7:16 AM
not stabbed
what is that? anime?
i read it when i was child..
That looks like one of those phone games where u battle girl cards
@SeptianPrimadewa don't really remember...
@ToshinouKyouko it even has 3 stars
anyway, gotta go home
@SeptianPrimadewa All depends on how old you are. reading something as a child xD
@ShinobuOshino See you :3
7:18 AM
@AsadaShino probably 15 years ago
@ShinobuOshino Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
in the cover, the face main chara in the letter "o" in "moka"
I have not been reading manga for very long, so I wouldn't know it, nor does google apparently, searching for manga + moka does not bring up any manga named moka or anything similar
ah i found it..
Ozanari dungeon, lat. name moka
Nice :)
I did find a result that looked like that, but didn't find the name moka anywhere on it, bad tagging I guess :P
Glad you found it ^^;
8:17 AM
8:28 AM
:D paid
Noice :D
Enjoy it too? :P
enjoy work or enjoy getting paid?
Though, if you enjoy it, it's not work, just a paid hobby :P
it's enjoyable enough
Well, I can imagine you enjoy getting paid, but not everyone enjoys their work
Good ^^
8:32 AM
if I could get a tech role at Crunchyroll or some other anime company, that would be the perfect job :P
would have to move abroad tho
Haha, yeah :P
Im fine where I am for the moment though :)
Good to hear :D
Same here btw :P
:) good
what area r u in?
PHP Webdevelopment
8:50 AM
I'm doing some rearchitectural powershell work at the moment, but my main job will be C# whenever I get to it
Cool :o
I still haven't coded any C# so I think they might forget by then >_>
I have coded some C#. Had to help in a C# project :P
That and I'm making a mod for a game in C# in my free time ^^;
As practice
I have coded one, like 2 years ago - but it didnt use anything C#-ey
Cool :o (you mean a mod?)
8:56 AM
It was a compiler for my own language, but it was using ssw.uni-linz.ac.at/Coco which was kinda its own language on top of C#
@ToshinouKyouko Your own language, cool :o
it was a pretty dumb language :')
dumb or no, it's a language :P
my_array@@ = build((1,2),(2,4));
I think I called it E-Lang but I cant remember
or E
or something :P
8:59 AM
so the @ tells you the depth and build builds the array?
Toshinou Cyoudo :p
arr@ is one character less than arr[] :D
True, true xD
Think of the efficiency!
9:00 AM
Why not just name arrays a :o That's 4 letters less!
My goodness, we're onto something here!
I can feel it!
instead of implementing classes or structs, I made pairs, so you could do like kyouko = <tomato,<girl,anime>>
does that equate to array(tomato => array(girl => anime)) ?
or array(tomato, array(girl, anime)) ?
And how did you handle TypeDefs for List implementations, if you used < to define an array O_o Or was that your typedef for the array implementation
it's its own thing, nothing to do with arrays
Aha, okay
I'd like to maybe do a proper language sometime
9:03 AM
Not sure how to interpret that then, in data :P
:P sure
Haha ^^ All in due time :3
Yes! XD
Main function = okaerinasai(goshuujinsama args) { } o 3 o
9:05 AM
A maid-themed programming language, that would be cool xD
"Sorry Master, I tripped ontop of LINE 45: 1 and fell into your lap"
Hahahahaha xD
what language is the bot written in?
is it open source?
@Taisho #help
What do you need help with? If you're looking for a specific command, type #help command. For a list of all commands, type #commands. For a list of all help entries, type #help *
9:12 AM
Core commands: about, help, commands, usercommands, (undo), (trust), (ignore), (say), (tell), (reply). <list is incomplete> Dev commands: (learn) Adv commands: (mal), (recommend), (meaning), (thesaurus), (synonym), (timer). <list is incomplete> There are also 0 user-defined commands that you can see if you say #usercommands.
My name is Taisho and I'm a chat bot. I can't do much right now, but I'm learning new things all the time. If you know something fun I could learn to do, let me know.
You can view the list of all commands by saying `#commands`. If anything is unclear, say `#help`.
i dunno :(
9:13 AM
Hahaha xD
As compensation :P
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10:46 AM
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10:59 AM
@Taisho Innocent version of Kaguya/Lucy?
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11:27 AM
Q: Who is this neko girl?

Misaki IchigoPlease tell me if you know which anime she is from. She is so cute and I love neko girls :)

12:02 PM
sure is quiet in here..
12:13 PM
Sup? :D
well, you know how it was payday
Can't wait for the weekend~
I didn't know, but now I do, that's good, right? :P
i may have impulse bought some Azumanga Daoih! gengas >_> <_<
12:15 PM
they were cheap though, so thats my excuse :x
But, what's a genga? ._.
Q: What program should I use if I want to make fan art like this?

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it's the sketches that they do before creating the cel sheets
^ is a good link
@Sakamoto you don't just instamake cute nekos
needs skill
not programs :P
@ToshinouKyouko Really? :( Awww
12:23 PM
@AsadaShino as someone who cannot draw cute nekos, i know :'(
T__T Oh the agony!
The last few eps of non non were very funny btw xD Finished it last night :P
Hahaha :P
Can't wait for the weekend~ Then I can style my wig ^ 3 ^
what u cosplayin
Just waiting on the glasses, ordered them a few weeks ago, but the shop seems to be extremely slow...
12:31 PM
the image didnt work because u didnt use the share link
oh, ehm
That one?
Can't remove any messages or even edit them
so you gotta make it all scraggly
how are you styling your wig?
...i couldnt figure it out last time I cosplayed >_>
With foam and gel, I think? I got some that was recommended on youtube videos, it'll be my first xD
Got any tips? :P
And yes, I want to make it look unkempt, disorderly :P Not just copy what the hair looks like there, haha
12:41 PM
I don't think I have any tips, I was not very good at it at all :P
I will try again sometime
Hahahaha :P
Then I'll get youtube on when I do it xD
1:07 PM
Can't wait, either way xD
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