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1:29 AM
@Hakase ugh racist site
Q: Who are the characters on the two secret rubber straps for season one?

senshinOne of the pieces of merchandise for Symphogear season one is a "trading rubber strap", about half way down the second page of goods on the official site. There are ten varieties - Hibiki, Miku, Ryouko, and Chris in regular clothing; Hibiki, Chris, Tsubasa, and Kanade clad in Symphogear; and then...

@ton.yeung twas me
1:47 AM
Q: Rarity of devil fruits in One Piece?

user18425This is kinda interesting topic, we often hear through manga how certain types of devil fruits are rare, eg logia, mythical zoan etc... But when Ace died, we had to wait for his fruit to reappear. This would suggest that his fruit is only one of kind in the entire world. But at the marine war ar...

2:12 AM
@Mysticial @ʞɹɐzǝɹ and anyone else, laptop cooling, I'm planning on buying based off of at least 4/5 and airflow
should i consider anything else?
2:30 AM
think i'm gonna get this one

Designed to transcend the typical issues that plague notebook coolers, NotePal X3 utilizes a massive 200mm fan, metal mesh base and a dial wheel fan speed controller, all working in conjunction with one another to most effectively cool laptops up to 17 inches. In addition, a light breeze is directed towards your hands to keep them cool when working or playing games under pressure. An integrated USB hub provides extra connections to give you the choice to add more peripherals and drives. Cooling enthusiasts with a need for a little flair will be overwhelmed by the performance of the NotePal X3 and the allure of its blue LED fan. The 200mm fan pushes our at 65-76.5 CFM producing noise level at 16-23 dBA.
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3:47 AM
I have no experience with laptop coolers. So I can't comment on them.
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4:49 AM
@Mysticial when you buy your's i recommend getting one of those
5:20 AM
@Memor-X: looks like the after-party dream in the Hisui route is the one where Shiki dreams about the room with tatami mats, so it's probably different.
I've been basically "binge-playing" the game, so combined with skipping scenes I've already read (when I've given the option), my memory of "which route does this dream appear in" isn't that reliable, I guess.
@Maroon ok, i should play Tsukihime again some time to refresh my memory of the finer point. i just remember the major parts and general overview of the routes
Yeah, at this point I'm probably going to just rely on reading playthroughs for the finer points (seeing as they should cover the important things anyway) if I ever need to make reference to them.
@Memor-X: Curiously enough, the dream makes references to the "Nanatsu-Yoru" knife, which would suggest that it's not just Shiki sharing SHIKI's consciousness. But there's also a reference to fulfilling someone's wish, and I'm not sure what that refers to.
@Maroon who's wanting to fulfill someone's wish?
Shiki or the other person?
@Memor-X: I can't tell whose wish needs to be fulfilled. The narrator of the dream sequence (so probably Shiki) only says that it's "time to fulfill her wish" (in my translation).
@Maroon well if it's the narrator saying that they are going to fulfill "her" wish then i would assume it's Shiki
if it was the other person then it put preasure on the idea it's the guy who sent Nrvnqsr because i think that person was apart of the Altrouge faction
leaving to "fulfill her wish" would be to strengthen Altrouge's position to be the next Crimson Moon.....or what ever reason he had to send Nrvnqsr to kill Arcuied
5:35 AM
@Memor-X: Yeah, probably Shiki. I wonder who "she" is though? (I guess Kohaku would be the most obvious choice, particularly with her drugs and all.)
@Maroon you play fate/grand order?
So i went to ask a question about From the New World about the Death of Shame thing before finishing the series. i go onto wikipedia to get names and episode numbers and learn that Saki and Maria end up dating but because i know Maria dies later on i had to read though to find out what happens to Saki.
fuck i hate it when Shoujo Ai/Yuri gets ruined like that
when i finish the anime i'm going to forget everything from after whatever happens to cause Saki and Maria to break up and live in ignorance
@Maroon if it's Kohaku then her "wish" is to destroy the Tohno Family from what happened to her. the main plot of Hisui's and Kohaku's Routes
though it would be strange that Shiki's subconsciousness seems to know that
i need a Shujo AI/Yuri title. something that i havnt heard off
I need to learn more on how to draw human figures
Then I can make all the yuri, harem, ecchi, etc. that I want
Ill make it my noble phantasm
5:49 AM
@Frosteeze: nope, I don't really do mobile games.
@Maroon :(
@Frosteeze if it's related to shoujo ai/yru i'd rather a reality marble
@Memor-X Mine would be called Torrent of Lilies - The End of All Conflicts. It will flood the surrounding area with cute 2D girls (and guys for those who prefer them), incapacitating all nearby enemies and pacifying them.
@Frosteeze mine would be more or less a recreation of this world but i am a girl and able to experience shoujo ai/yuri
My legend was that I ended World War III by creating a slew of h-mangas and ecchi anime, making everyone stay at home and just sit on the computer or TV all day
@Memor-X NPs are supposed to be for enemies not you :P
or at least not for your own pleasure
6:02 AM
@Frosteeze oh i thought you was talking about a reality marble
also that is incorrect, Avalon is considered to be a Nobel Phantasm
and also Rider's harness she uses to control Pegasus
I still dont think it should be for your own pleasure only or else it's not noble :P
unless that helps you do things somehow
@Frosteeze i'm quite sure Nasu has even said in a Q&A what his Reality Marble would be and it seems just as selfish as mine
fair enough :P
6:54 AM
so Amiami finally told me to send payment for my North-hime figures. with what i had left i ordered Disgaea 5 and Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls. not sure when i'll be bale to order Persona 4 D, Samurai Warriors 4 and Devil Survivor 2 since when i next can i'll be getting the other 3 Collectors Edition Sets for Sword Art Online 2 and Tales of Zestiria
and then the pre-order anime i have missed on Hanabee including Season...2 or 3 or the Familiar of Zero, MuvLuv Chronicles and The Irregular at Magic High School
7:16 AM
Q: What are the characteristics of a "tsundere"?

Jony AgarwalAlthough this question might be a naive thing to ask, I believe that I would get an much detailed answer to this question keeping in mind all my simple questions answered wonderfully by people in the past. I read the wiki page on Tsundere but there's not much, I understand the broad definition wh...

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#yuri 百合
user image
@Taisho someone looks peeved at the pillow
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9:29 AM
Q: Name of different manga's?

SnowmanGuys can you tell me the names of the manga which involves the main character to trapped or sucked in a game or gaming world ?

@Dimitrimx sounds like a recommendation request since they use the plura names and mangas for just 1 criteria
@Memor-X And the question it self is even better :) Guys can you tell me the names of the manga which involves the main character to trapped or sucked in a game or gaming world ?
@Dimitrimx if that was id request then it would get closed anyway because that is far too generic
yep, I went in with the intention to close it for that. Then I noticed the recommendation question ;3
Q: Name of different manga's?

SnowmanGuys can you tell me the names of the manga which involves the main character to trapped or sucked in a game or gaming world ?

9:35 AM
@Sakamoto slow as usual
10:00 AM
*downloads @ToshinouKyouko's new avatar*
@ToshinouKyouko where is that image from anyway
End credits of the new season
@ToshinouKyouko surprised she's in the back like that
10:31 AM
Surprise solo

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