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12:31 AM
kicked off my auto-downloader, still got about 100 more doujin to download + 120 imagea and 5 chapters of Their Story
this is what happens when i get lazy and let the backlog fill up
now time to watch Bunny Drop while eating a tub of ice-cream.
12:49 AM
Q: Why, in the dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, were the Earthbound Gods renamed the Earthbound Immortals?

Nothing at allIn the original series, the Egyptian gods remained as they were, and later in the very same series a set of cards is called the Nordic gods; what makes the Earthbound Gods so different?

1:34 AM
Q: find a new anime

Shane HernandezI'm trying to find any anime that is not on the list in the list in the comments I would prefer animes that are dubbed what sub will work too give me an anime that you have watched yourself and would recommend to another person I've seen a lot of s***** in me please give me a good one

2:23 AM
Q: why is tota konoe no 7

Dragonin UQ holders, when Tota Konoe joined the UQ holders, he was placed no 7 and Kurōmaru Tokisaka who joined the same time as him was placed no 11, later on, Santa Sasaki joined and was placed no 12. so why was Tota Konoe placed no. 7?

2:44 AM
@ton.yeung As much as I'm a chat regular, I don't like to go adding people as ROs (as I'm not one of the site mods)
@Quill I'm not asking you to do it, i'm asking for concensus
Ah, okay
in some other rooms people started adding anyone who they liked as ROs
needless to say, it caused friction
@ton.yeung sounds like chaos
3:27 AM
Looking for yandere characters
need more.
3:39 AM
Q: Who is the "emperor of BL"?

senshinIn episode 4 of Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu, there's a gag where Sakaguchi mentions "the emperor [or empress?] of BL, Mori███████yuki". Judging from the bleeping-out of the name, I assume this is a reference to a real person who draws BL manga. But who? I had a look through all the people on MAL w...

2 hours later…
5:40 AM
@Neil there's a visual novel called Yandere so all the heroines in that
5:56 AM
i wonder how much of the anime is it it or how much i would need to see before i play it
1 hour later…
7:09 AM
Q: what animals haven't been made a pokemon for

Dragoni have been thinking about this question for a while now, since pokemons are based off animals and pretty much got most of the animals covered, what animal doesn't have a pokemon for it? species of the same thing can be ignored, one of every type of animal would be fine

1 hour later…
8:39 AM
i have got to start clearing out my auto-download's log. takes me almost a minute to find the warnings for my current batch before i have warnings from previous batches
then it's quicker for me to find out why i'm missing one shoujo ai/yuri doujin (stupid names being the same)
9:04 AM
Q: Why was it relevant that Aoi used her World during the battle at the end of episode 4?

senshinIn the battle at the end of episode 4, Canaria and Aoi get flown into Tokyo Bay by two Tokyo students, shortly before Suzaku flies Himekawa into point-blank range of the Leviathan-class Unknown to wipe it out. Upon arrival, Canaria employs her World to fortify/power-up the other combatants. Well ...

9:44 AM
with the question i asked earlier, i said that i only expect completely different types of animal such as all fish just count as fish, all different kinds of beetle count as beetle, is that still too wide?
10:32 AM
to Adventure Time fans. i know why the Ice King will never win in kidnapping any of the Princesses
Because he isn't Marceline
Q: Frieza's whopping power level in the Real 4-D

Happy FaceIn an cinematic attraction at Universal Studios Japan, Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D, Frieza has shown to have power level of 5.3 Billion. Does that counted as true? AFAIK, during Frieza Saga, 100% Final Form Frieza's power level is only around 120 Million according to this list. Is Toriyama comple...

@Dragon i think you might want to provide a link to how you categorize animals this link seems to indicate you want to ask what class of anime isn't a pokemon, however that link doesn't provide all of them
could you please see if it's any better now? anime.stackexchange.com/questions/36051/…
10:56 AM
@Dragon "since pokemons are based off animals and pretty much got most of the animals covered" I think you underestimate how many kind of animals there are
+ I don't understand why you don't turn your question the other way around : "What Pokemon are animal-based?"
& Hello everyone :)
ii have made more edits
@Memor-X Never watched Adventure Time, is this romance entirely fan-made or is it at least suggested in the cartoon?
@Ikaros no idea, i haveb't seen alot of episode but i do seem to recall an episode where Princess Bubblegum was close with another girl, can't remember if it was Marceline or not
@Dragon I still think the "What Pokemon are animal-based?" question would be more interesting, but that's just my point of view
11:04 AM
but wouldn't that change into me asking what pokemons are based on animals?
i'm asking for the ones that haven't been made yet
@Dragon That's exactly what I am saying.
or is that too broad
@Dragon If you know which ones have been made, then you know which ones haven't
i just thought of that
that is an excellent point
@arda Never watched the show, what public is aimed?
11:07 AM
@Ikaros most stuff on CN is aimed at a broad range of audience - there is something for most audiences in most shows.
new edits have been made
@arda So kids and teens and adults?
@Ikaros No so much on the adults part, but yeah
@arda Okay, guess I'll give it a try
@Dragon Sounds better to me, voted to reopen
@Ikaros thankyou , btw, adventure is like a comedy that's sort a silly and a lot of people do enjoy it
11:09 AM
@arda "On August 7th, 2014, at a Barnes & Noble book signing for Martin Olson's book The Adventure Time Encyclopædia, Olivia Olson confirmed that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had dated; which can explain their rivalry and why they had trouble getting along with the other in the past. Since the show airs in some countries where same-sex relationships are illegal, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's relationship cannot be depicted on the TV series."
it has some catchy music too
fucken incubators!
sketchy line to walk there.... don't wanna have that show die like Korra did
@Quill meh it is dead anyways
@Quill how do you mean?
11:11 AM
wait, what happened to korra?
They didn't air the last season on TV
It died when rebecca sugar moved to her own show
because it was too extreme for kids apparently, so they just aired it online
@Memor-X heheh they just decided to not air the eps with slightest reference here
Q: Is noragami anime and manga share same story line?

MaxySparkI have finished watching Noragami anime. Then I saw the Noragami manga. The anime has only 12 episodes but manga is ongoing. so if i want to read the manga from which chapter should I start? I mean after anime episode 12.

11:11 AM
and it wouldn't have ended it at season 4 if they hadn't pushed the envelope
@Quill oh that. you think the reason it wasn't aired because of the ending?
And the other references in the show to "adult concepts" like PTSD
there was a whole news article about it somewhere
@Quill remember my answer
A: Will there be another Avatar series?

Memor-XMore than likely we will see more continuations of both The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra but these wont be animated. in regards to The Last Airbender there has been a number of comics that have been released since the end of the original series such as The Promise The Search The Rift...

"in regards to The Legend of Korra there isn't anything out yet however in 2015 at the San Diego's Comic-Con it was announced that The Legend of Korra would continue"
> but these wont be animated
11:14 AM
@Quill yeh, kinda disappointing but would you really want them to butcher it by revealing that Asami is actually Korra's Cousin?
i want to watch it for curiosity, but i also think the shows not that great
*looks at Sailor Moon*
@arda still, fucken Incubators
incest is wincest
@Memor-X to be honest, I'd rather a relatively butchered season 5 than no season 5 at all
whenever shoujo ai/yuri is blocked, blame the Incubators and call Akuma Homura to beat the shit out of them
11:15 AM
@Memor-X but muh muh yaoi!
@arda meh, i accept it's existence because it is the opposite of shoujo ai/yuri
^ remember it's left to right
curious how Tracer x Widowmaker got started. i want to believe that shoujo ai/yuri fans have some basis for ships and not just pair up any 2 girls
@Memor-X Why hire Homura when Suika will do it for free?
@Tonepoet Error 1011
Eeeh. You've probably all seen it before anyway. =P
11:31 AM
@Tonepoet the site doesn't allow hotlinking
i have to reload the page to see it
so in the chat people just see Image not found
@Tonepoet she seems to be punishing the act of stating the obvious. you summon Homura when the Incubators are out of line and should be put back in their place like the dirty maggots they are!
@Memor-X Remember the good ol' days when we thought Kyubei was just Mami's adorable lil' pet, and Homura was just a mean ol' bully? Man those sure didn't last long. XP
Q: Claymore, How is that possible for Prescilla to kill Teressa?

Ashkan SirousI read the manga and watch the anime. It was awesome, but in only one place it doesn't make sense at all. When Prescilla killed Teressa. I know, Prescilla was no 2 and she was too powerful, and she's got awakened in that second. But still we are talking about Teressa! Her best ability was that s...

11:50 AM
@Tonepoet as they shouldn't, those days were horrible. you see how Mami looked when she learned the truth? imagine how Kyoko would feel if she learned the truth after killing Oktavia?
You just reminded me of the time Homura tried to outright explain what was happening to everybody and Mami lost her marbles.
@Tonepoet no actually homura explained it before then. Mami found out when they saw Sayaka transform
remember when she tried to explain it Sayaka thought she was trying to get them to turn on one another and was plotting with Kyoko
I think we're talking about different timelines?
@Tonepoet don't think so. from what i recall Homura learned Magical Girls become witches, terminated, warned everyone but no one belived her, then Octavia and Mami killed Kyoko and was about to kill Homura before Madoka killed her
#post 東方
11:58 AM
That sounds like the one. I need to rewatch the show.
@Tonepoet here how i remember the timelines. Everyone dies, Homura makes a contract -> Madoka becomes Kriemhild Gretchen, Homura learned how Witches are Made -> Homura tries to warn everyone, Homura kills Madoka to save her -> Homura goes alone, Madoka kills Walpurgisnacht is one shot (Episode 1 Dream) and becomes Kriemhild Gretchen -> Anime Timeline
I don't quite remember Madoka becoming Gretchen. I remember she's about to turn into a witch at that last timeline but she requests to be euthanized before that can happen.
@Tonepoet firsttime her soul gem collpases in on itself and shoots her soul into the clouds. second time the Incubator comments how Madoka killed Walpurgisnacht and became the greatest magical girl only to become the wickedest witch and calculating how long until she destroys the world
Yeah, Kyubei sure is ambitious.
12:10 PM
the second time that large tower thing in the background is Kriemhild Gretchen. Kriemhild Gretchen's form seems to chnage each timeline as when Madoka created the paradox Kriemhild Gretchen took the form of that weird half sun thing
@Tonepoet emotion feeds passion, passion feeds ambition. can a race who sees emotion as a mental disorder and eliminates it have ambition?
I don't trust that Kyubei entirely lacks emotion, otherwise why would he bother with trying to save the universe? He obviously must care for its fate in the minutest degree.
Also he seems to like his treats.
Then again if there's anything Kyubei isn't, it seems to be a liar. He's more like the reason the judge swears you in to tell the whole truth.
@Tonepoet i don;t think he flat out lies. just avoids telling the full truth, like the "you didn't ask" exscuse
I think that's more or less what I was alluding with the second sentence. =P
12:28 PM
also about caring about the universe, i see the Incubators kinda like a parasite. they care to the point that they need it to live, if they could go to another universe and it was easier they would probably do that
A truly apathetic being would think it's too much trouble to live, like Sloth from Full Metal Alchemist. =P
Why not die? ... That's also too much trouble. XP
@Memor-X I don't really consider it as the opposite (I actually consider them similar), but yeah, it is the opposite in terms of binary genders.
@arda well think of it like this, Shoujo Ai/Yuri and Shounen Ai/Yaoi are the 2 faces on the coin and the coin is strait up when it's a heterosexual relationship.
@Memor-X yeah, similar as in both are sides of coins, different as in sides.
@Tonepoet when i says easier i mean logically easier. Incubators didn't truly understand how Puella Magi existed in the first place no did they understand emotion. if they had another method that didn't have as many unknown variables i would think they would go for that method
@arda Shoujo Ai/Yuri Tails never Fails
!!urban uke
12:43 PM
@Memor-X [uke](http://uke.urbanup.com/212115) from the Japanese verb 'ukeru' (receive) it's used in anime/manga and fanfiction for the "bottom" or "passive" in a [\[word\]](http://urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=word)yaoi[\[/word\]](http://urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=%2Fword)/[\[word\]](http://urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=word)shounen-ai[\[/word\]](http://urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=%2Fword) (male/male) relationship.
Generally (snip)
!!urban seme
@Memor-X seme The dominant partner. Interestingly, though in most places the dominant partner gives both anal and oral, in Japanese society, it is more normal for the seme to give head to his [uke].
^ while in Yaoi the Seme gives heads
(i knew one of them had that definition)
Q: Does a ninja have to be a Jōnin to be a Kage?

Bibek AryalI mean does a ninja have to go through the ranks of being a Genin, a Chūnin, a Jōnin and then finally a Kage? In the movie Road to Ninja Naruto asks Iruka to fill his Jōnin form but Iruka refuses it saying that Naruto will have to be a Chūnin to fill out the application form of Jōnin. But when ...

@Memor-X I think that it really depends on the mangaka.
12:54 PM
@arda don't ruin how i place them on a coin so that tails is shoujo ai/yuri
@Memor-X haha ok
tempted to buy a 3d printer to print yuricoins lol
@arda yeh their kinda......yuricoins?
(afk - going to put money on prepaid to buy bf4, its only 5 yuricoins in origin atm)
1:54 PM
well i guess that's a bit nsfw
2:10 PM
2:21 PM
Q: In Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin what happens to the spirit if his 'owner' dies?

NeeshkaIf the owner of the spirit dies, can the spirit chose another human? And what happens if the spirit and the human are separated? Will it obey someone else and if yes, under what circumstances?

2 hours later…
4:08 PM
Q: What happens in the end of the Tokyo Ravens anime?

HakaseHarutora's attempt to resurrect Natsume supposedly succeeded, but Saotome Suzu, who had helped to perform the ritual, told the other characters over the phone that it technically was a success. In the end, we see how Natsume is resting in a bed inside a brightly sunlit room with a window open. H...

so many random answers here
@Memor-X what the hell there's nothing like that in the cartoon
what are they talking about
> Olivia stated that their relationship may be mentioned in the upcoming book, but had no further statements regarding the two.
I have no idea about any of that and I'm watching the show
adventuretime.wikia.com/wiki/… that's a long-ass page
k that's all
If you just want to watch the relationship between marceline and bubblegum, autostraddle has a list of eps you should watch
In public so not gonna open that up
4:52 PM
Q: Have Mikage's powers diminished?

Shaymin GratitudeAt the very beginning of Kamisama Kiss, Mikage gave Nanami spiritual powers and made her the Kami of Mikage shrine, but did he do this without losing any of his own power? Is there any evidence that his powers have diminished? If so, how much has he been weakened? Is there any evidence to the con...

Q: whats a manga about a girls who's dad becomes a dragon monster and joins a monster hunter dude?

tonymanga that starts with a girl's dad becoming a dragon. she finds a man that hunts monsters but finds out that those monsters are former soldiers and the hunter was their commanding officer and as a promise he kills them when they turn he is also affected.

5:14 PM
1 hour later…
6:28 PM
is re zero late or what?
it's supposed to be on torrents by now I think
oh right
is it one hour late or is it 30 seconds too early?
@Hakase time is on the page
well, ep 22 is not there yet
1 hour late
something's wrong here
ep 22 is up untranslated
so it's them being slow
Q: Sailor moon crystal season 3

PhoenixWhen on Hulu will sailor moon crystal be on dub on Hulu I can't speak whatever language that is and I can't read fast and I don't want to have to pause it every time they speak I just want to know love the movie can't wait for season 3 to be on dub though really impatient sorry if I sound rude bu...

6:43 PM
their other releases seem to have been posted on time
somebody says psi nan 8 is the actual re zero 22
I'm confused but downloading to check
nope :p
7:03 PM
@Hakase hey they released
only 480p yet though
yy 480 ~.~
ah I'll wait
@Hakase 720 out
Q: A Guy with a tattoo that controls him ! Film

Here iamI was young and the only part I remember is that there was a guy riding a horse. He had special tattoo that controlled him. As he was riding the horse the tattoo controlled his hand with a sword within, as he was cutting the heads of the warriors.

they upload 1080 around 10-20 mins later than others, so I'd recommend going for 720
I'll still wait
I'm not in a hurry
I've got stuff to do in the meantime
1 hour later…
8:29 PM
Q: What was Avilio's alibi during the after-credits scene in episode 2?

senshinIn the after-credits scene of episode 2 of 91 Days, Nero questions Avilio about the circumstances of Vanno's death. Crunchyroll translates the dialogue as follows: AVILIO: He stole Vanno's gun. I shot Serpente, but it was too late. BARBERO: Your hands weren't tied? AVILIO: Serpente ...

1 hour later…
9:41 PM
Q: What did ciel do when lisy was trapped on the boat?

M.thomTry to save her and Sebastian almost drown them

1 hour later…
10:48 PM
Q: Manga where hero gets bullied and his friend gets raped and then he learns martial arts by removing his glasses?

Sameer MittalDoes anyaone know of the manga where hero gets bullied and while trying to save him his friend gets raped.Then he stumbles upon a girl figting some goons.She takes him to her dojo which is a womans self defense dojo and then he becomes insane level crazy.


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