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1:10 PM
that's my face
1:12 PM
Hahaha xD
1:38 PM
@user1306322 Either your hands are horribly disfigured, or you're Homer Simpson.
1:42 PM
also West coast (._.)W
@AsadaShino ⚛_⚛
East coast (°—°)Σ
Ireland (*_*)☘
:< it didnt work
looks like a chicken knuckle
1:45 PM
@ToshinouKyouko It did
@ToshinouKyouko install some fonts
@MadaraUchiha oh good, I guess it just didnt work here for some reason
@user1306322 it worked when i pasted it :(
Hahaha cool
1:46 PM
If it didn't work for you, your browser sucks, and your OS smells like elderberries.
most likely that
What font would that be then? xD
Webdings? :P
just unicode fonts
@AsadaShino Unicode
Guess this computer doesn't have those installed or something? xD
1:48 PM
Asada-san, Asada-san, Asada-san, ASADA-SAN!! ASADA-SAN!! ASADA-SAN!!
hmm… how do we see which fonts the page is using? any webdevs here?
That was a slightly disturbing scene o_O
@user1306322 Verdana
firefox inspector says Segoe UI Symbol
I have to catch up to the latest 3 episodes I think... I feel bad for not watching them on release, but I'm busy with world of warcraft at the time of release, raiding takes up time xD
1:49 PM
moe, not mmo
also 10 more minutes until I pack and go ^^
@user1306322 Black Desert Online has a waifu generator in it (ridiculously complex character creation and customization), so if you'd want moe, that's what you could try, when it is released xD
Even if only for the character customization :P
@user1306322 Nice :3 Same here pretty much
@AsadaShino :O
Check it out on youtube, it's crazy xD
what does your waifu look like
1:59 PM
I am not sure... ._.
that's a dutch saying, sec
There are 2 characters I'd see as a waifu xD But one can only have one, to save ones laifu
ok home time
I can keep spamming that image :P
Bai bai user-san! waves
best image
she should be A&Ms mascot
2:03 PM
Tonight's raid is not too difficult though, just a roflstomp through the dungeon, so I think that instead of doing whatever I usually do to prepare for raid, I'm just going to watch anime xD
2:17 PM
So apparently @MadaraUchiha 's balls are very deadly ._.
I'm going home :3
@AsadaShino O_O
@AsadaShino byee-nii~
2 hours later…
4:03 PM
I is hooome :3
Now to make me some suuuushi :3
@AsadaShino What game is this?
@Frosteeze WoW :P
Oh lol
Nothing fancy xD
I can probably go back to that game if I have people to play with
4:06 PM
I went back because I was convinced by a friend to start playing again, haha
He'd been playing while on teamspeak xD
If only my japanese was better T__T
I'll have to use a lot of translating through google and rikai kun to get this done, hahaha
What XD
What in the world
2 hours later…
6:33 PM
@AsadaShino it can be~ with practice!
Practice by watching moar anime
7:28 PM
but then do you really want that?
learn japanese so that you could watch anime without subs
(probably not worth it)
7:41 PM
how sweet
kimi no iru machi just gave me headache
@Karasu nice one
there's a terrified trash bin in the background
i was looking only her
it looks like some kind of robo
8:18 PM
Steam users say Hatoful Boyfriend has
@JNat cool gif
I wonder how much of its body weight it spends on one attack
8:33 PM
Q: List of official anime releases

Machine ElfI want to find a regularly updated list of official anime home video releases (ie DVD/BluRay/digital), preferably sorted by date of release. Does such a thing exist? If it was part of a larger list of non-anime home video releases that is fine. Wikipedia has lists such as this, but they do not s...

8:44 PM
let's maybe do a soundtrack recommendation session sometime next week?
just go through our music folders and post whatever feels recommendable
it looks like the most intersected region of activity is about right now ± 2 hours for most of us, with the exception of @AsadaShino and @OshinoShinobu
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Practice, hehe not as easy as it sounds
oh so you're not asleep at this hour
it's 11 pm hahaha
I don't sleep until 1
well then you could participate no problem then
so what do you think?
ok I'll go put pizza in the oven and start watching some movies and you all here can agree that it's a fine idea and prepare your soundtrack lists for the next weekend's event :p
9:06 PM
Sorry what?
Participate in what?
I'm in a raid atm XD
9:43 PM
Q: How did Desco get to the Netherworld?

Memor-XIn Disgaea 4 - A Promise Unforgotten/Revised we find out that Fuka was killed by However Fuka is leading the charge in the Prinny Wars which only just started while Desco was sealed up in Hades and only just released. So i am wondering, how did Desco get to the Neatherworld and subsequently s...

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