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2:58 AM
Q: What is the name of song that plays in Naruto Episode 9?

mrinsinI am in love with the background music that plays at 19:18, I've been searching for the name of the song but with no luck.

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4:17 AM
Q: Can anyone help me identify this Anime piece i've enjoyed?

antwanthere's this anime just like pokemon with a black boy and friends the first episode started out on a pirate like ship and he has a turtle that has an attack sommersault

4:52 AM
Q: A manga about a father who in debt, a flower shop, a flashy high-school girl and a sweet flower shop owner

Alex PetersonThis manga is about a girl who's father is in debt and he tells her to meet her outside of a flower shop but actually dumped her there. the shop owner had felt bad for her so he decided to let her stay there as a live in employee and she starts to work there only to have her father go to the shop...

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6:39 AM
Q: How do you read a manga when a big section is adjacent to several small ones?

MartianCactusLike this Also, if this big section had small sections at both sides instead of one, how would you read it then? Or what if the big section was on the right side?

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9:10 AM
Man this place is a ghost town nowadays
i blame tosh
Krazer, JNat, Mysticial, LoganM, Madara, Eric... miss the good old days
nobody new
you dont turn up often either
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12:27 PM
Q: Do the albums mentioned below cover all soundtracks of the series Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden?

Eti2d1Naruto: Naruto Original Soundtrack I Naruto Original Soundtrack II Naruto Original Soundtrack III Naruto Shippuuden: Naruto Shippuden Original Soundtrack I Naruto Shippuden Original Soundtrack II Naruto Shippuden Original Soundtrack III (I didn't mention the soundtracks from the movie...

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2:46 PM
Q: What anime would you recommend to a person we does not like anime?

ayfb222So my boyfriend is a huge fan of anime but I have never been able to get into it like he does. I always feel like the acting and animated emotions are so fake that I can't get into the show. I do, however, really want to find at least one anime that we could talk about or watch together that I wo...

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4:10 PM
Q: What anime is this character from?

BlazeThief I have been trying to find what anime this character is from for a bit now and cant seem to find much about them any help would be appreciated thank you!

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6:49 PM
Q: Where can i watch Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale

H101Sword Art Online the movie Ordinal Scale has already been released according to Wikipedia. Where can I watch and download legally.

Q: Why are the dialogues in Naruto Gaiden and Naruto original manga's chapter 700 special different but content same?

MartianCactusAs the question says, the images are same in Naruto-Gaiden--The-Seventh-Hokage-001--Uchiha-Sarada and Naruto-700-Special manga chapters but the dialogues are different This is from Naruto-700-Special and this is from Naruto-Gaiden--The-Seventh-Hokage-001--Uchiha-Sarada So why are the image...

7:27 PM
Q: Whats is this theme from Attack on titan?

Sting EucliffeDo you guys know the name of the theme that plays in the background of the court scene when Erwin talks with the judge .. Im searching it since idk 2 weeks.. and you know can find the awnser xD THX if you know it :)

8:03 PM
Q: Name of a cartoon, little to work with I'm afraid

Chris ChamikaSorry I don't have much information guys, but this was a cartoon I watched way back as a kid, I'm assuming its 1980-1990 era, somewhere around there. It is basically about this insect or some very tiny creature and his family who live in a flower pot in this florists shop. The insect like cha...

8:43 PM
Q: What is the music on this video?

Edra SanjayaHere is the link: CLICK HERE i hope you can help me xD

9:14 PM
@iKlsR Krazer, JNat and Mysticial show up but they don't post alot
the rest i blame on id request which we can see above

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