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whyd you pick flowers of evil
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2:25 AM
Q: Need help finding this mangaaaaaaaa

Anna Banannaits action Ok so there is this guy and girl right and they are cursed. Like they have this weird tattoo thingy on them and it keeps growing as they get older and stuff. So they hate each other because to stop the tattoo thing from growing they need to have satans heart or something like that. Or ...

3:10 AM
Q: Manga about a Boy whose next door neighbor wishes to be a highschool girl

user23779I remember reading a manga can't remember the name though but its about a student who is studying for a college intrance exam and his neighbor crashes through his wall and his neighbor is a 21 year old girl who drinks alot and always wears a swimsuit or tracksuit somthing like that & her wish is ...

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4:20 AM
Q: Uruhara inventing kido

Analyst1996Why couldn't uruhara kisuke create a kido to directly nullify aizen's shikai ability? For that matter why didn't anyone? Hachigen and Tessai both were kido masters. Hachigen was able to create new kido as was uruhara.

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5:36 AM
Anyone got a chart for this season's Anime?
I'm a few weeks behind. Need to play catch up.
would you like a rec?
Been busy as fuck lately.
Since I started a new job.
@Mysticial grats, what kind of shows are you in the mood for?
I think the only thing I watch nowadays are comedy/romance/action.
Ugh... The first 10 on that list doesn't look that appealing from just the pictures. lol
Maybe Big Order. I'll try an episode.
5:52 AM
Oh fuck... My Anime drive is...
That isn't gonna hold for another season.
@Mysticial I reccomend Re:Zero (and the Re:Zero Break Time short), My Hero Academia*, Bakuon, Flying Witch, Kizunaiver, Luluco, Netoge Yome, Sakamoto desu ga, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
Macross Delta is worth a peek
There's a new Macross?
@Mysticial yes macross.jp
I'm gonna need a bigger hard drive.
6:00 AM
@Mysticial you need dna storage
Maxing out an 8TB drive is already pushing it. If I get a second to pair with it, it'll definitely last a while. But it isn't particularly efficient use of the space.
I don't have anything between 4TB and 8TB.
Unless they start making 4k Anime...
@Mysticial if it happens, it'll be just the high profile ones imo
@Mysticial why not archive and compress some of the ones you don't plan to rewatch soon?
Video isn't going to compress very well since it's already compressed.
I do have a small folder of 720p's which I haven't deleted after getting the 1080's for them.
I've been so focused on the processor and ram side of things these last few months that I totally forgot about my storage situation.
@Mysticial How abouts you sit back to a quality anime movie like myanimelist.net/anime/28805/Bakemono_no_Ko
let the worries drift away for just the moment
6:16 AM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Probably a good idea for me at some point.
My last 5 months have been a bit of an unpredictable hellish ride.
@Mysticial if you're free now we can watch a quick movie via rabb.it so you can fall asleep more peacefully :)
It's 1am. And I need to drive tomorrow morning.
@Mysticial here's a song to help you fall asleep: soundcloud.com/ferric-runner/…
6:33 AM
@ToshinouKyouko you have a PS4?
6:53 AM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Oh fuck you. Now that's stuck in my head.
@Mysticial you still have 50GB? how big is each episode?
Q: What did the Rail Tracer whisper to Rachel in episode 6 of the Baccano anime?

Brian GordonIn episode 6, at about the 4 minute mark, the Rail Tracer catches Rachel hiding under one of the train cars and whispers something to her, causing her to scream and get away as quickly as possible. What did the Rail Tracer whisper?

Depends. Most of the 720's are 300 - 500 MB.
But the 1080s can be pretty big.
7:16 AM
@Mysticial maybe get some Blurays of the series you have there, or get some blank ones and burn your episodes onto them so you can clear your harddrive
@Memor-X It's much easier to keep them together in one box (i.e. a large hard drive).
7:56 AM
anyone know where i can find this guide?
Sep 18 '14 at 8:35, by Logan M
Mar 8 '13 at 16:56, by Krazer
this is a surprisingly well detail guide to importing animu goods by /a/ https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1Y1U5YDGrvgFW-5H_cBnDoHwCfWjPDaQ6p05-HJMcVh4
google says "We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service."
or at the very least if aliexpress.com an ok site to buy from
the guide had a list of known bootleg sites but since i can't view it anymore i can't check
@Quill nice :)
@Memor-X my housemate has one yeah
@Memor-X there should be a pastebin alternative out there, otherwise just ask on /a/
@ToshinouKyouko do you use it?
@Memor-X yeah
@Quill is /a/ redit or 4 chan?
@ToshinouKyouko then you need to get the Megadimension Neptunia VII Themes
8:07 AM
@Memor-X :O
/a/ is 4chan
it also chnages the Background Music to what i belive is the nation's Theme Music and unlike most themes the other menus (like trophies, settings) has a different colour that compliments the theme
there's a theme for each nation and a VII Theme. they are all (on the Aus PSN Store) $1.45
@Memor-X none on the ireland store :<
@ToshinouKyouko your checking the themes section right?
can you see Disgaea?
i don't remember seeing them when i looked up the DLC for the game i don't think. i found them after going to the get themes button from the themes settings menu and just searching all the themes they had
oh that works
8:14 AM
@ToshinouKyouko you found them?
@Memor-X yup :)
@ToshinouKyouko well then support your lady Noire and get the Lastation Theme
all hail
but yeh, in terms of anime-esc themes Disgaea and Neptunia are like the only ones, there's this Jigsaw one but it looked more like fan art. also the Disgaea ones don't changes the submenu colours like the Neptunia ones do but they do still alter the Background Music and the clikcing noise when you change options
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ thanking you!
8:20 AM
@Memor-X are you playing bravely second?
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ yes and i figured out how to break out of the loop
why do you ask?
I got it recently, my FC is: 1418 7031 0302
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ you have access to the Moon yet?
I'm on the latter half of Chapter 3
I have 3 gold ba'al including newborn
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ ok then you'll probably be getting my Level 99 Ba'al Buster Ship. havn't updated
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ i bought Newborn but it was th Japanese one so it never got registered in my bestiary
8:28 AM
@Memor-X i mean firstborn. I have an Eng one
My Friend Code is 1418 - 7031 - 0302
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ firstborn is the one that's in the playroom and kinda resembles a baby right?
@Memor-X icon looks like a bunch o bubbles
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ yeh that's the one i got in japanese which i beat but didn't get registered
@Memor-X why do you have my exact FC?
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ oh whoops, i was sitting on your card, my bad
mine's 2638 - 0926 - 7300
was wondering why some of those numbers seemed similar
Got your Red Raider
8:34 AM
1min need to find the adventure guy to save
in Old Sagitta atm
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ or you could use a teleport stone to get out of the dungeon and then after you finish with the save menu you just reduce your encounter rate to -100% until you get back to where you were before
i'm on the 3rd tablet, I can see the npc
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ I'm doing the Eternia Asterisk Holder Redux before i continue the story. so far i've gotten Blademaster and Valkyrie which i didn't get the first time. now i am after Thief
still dislike siding with that lech
@Memor-X I did swordmaster, red mage, ranger, knight, pirate
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ first time around i did Red Mage, Summoner, Merchant, Black Mage, Knight, Monk, Pirate and Time Mage
8:41 AM
I'm going for dark knight next
the problem is that there are still 6 Eternia Asterisk Holders i have yet to fight. Brave the Templer, Qoga the Alchemist, DeRoso the Vampire, Yuyana the Sage, Victor the Spirit Master and Victoria the Anarchist. but there's only 2 more spots on the right for jobs and i suspect one is the one for Kaiser Oblivion
@Memor-X you forget the fox
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ oh i get one from that fox woman? nice
......dam it! that means i can't get Victoria's!
I got your magnolia
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ she's outdated, i need to find a battle for me to get all the special attacks so i can Bravely Second and then register the attack
8:47 AM
I have a gold firstborn, redshirt and urchin
and a gold korean apparati
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ what's the difference between the Gold and Regular ones?
@Memor-X buns from rare steals
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ ok....now i know i need the thief
@Taisho tag
Uploaded (UTC): 27.02.2016 11:50:53 by (145604) Quill, tag: 百合
8:50 AM
@Taisho what
https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://googledrive.com/host/0B9du34AejghtNTBjeW5sYUV3Vk0/524b71ac21ce044f88e8944e49efbd42_thumb.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://googledrive.com/host/0B9du34AejghtNTBjeW5sYUV3Vk0/524b71ac21ce044f88e8944e49efbd42_thumb.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://googledrive.com/host/0B9du34AejghtNTBjeW5sYUV3Vk0/524b71ac21ce044f88e8944e49efbd42_thumb.jpg | http://iqdb.org/?url=https://googledrive.com/host/0B9du34AejghtNTBjeW5sYUV3Vk0/524b71ac21ce044f88e8944e49efbd42_thumb.jpg
@Memor-X I needed jp up to get limit break
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ i assume Limit Break is a job ability?
@Memor-X astrologer lv 10
Hmm, I don't remember that specific picture... weird
9:01 AM
@Quill well with so many shoujo ai/yuri images it's sometimes hard to remember them all
I only uploaded like 100
and I had to scrutinise, download, shrink and upload, they pretty much all feel familiar when I see them
9:52 AM
So we all know what an Oppai Mousepad is right?
here's a different kind of mousepad which is similar to the Oppai Mousepad
it's called the Fate stay night Kotomine Kirei Anime 3D Big Sexy Soft Hip Silicon Mouse Pad
10:43 AM
@ToshinouKyouko *tick* *tick* *tick* *tick* *tick* *tick* *nosebleed*
11:31 AM
anyone know what the difference is between Danbooru and Gelbooru?
12:22 PM
Just finished watching Ajin, @Quill. I'd recommend you give it another try. Aside form the animation, which I'm not particularly fond of, it's an overall good anime — I'd give it a 7. Good character development, and good story pacing. Also leaves some questions unanswered for a second season.
@JNat or already answered in the manga
12:36 PM
or that, yeah
1:09 PM
Q: Need To Know What Anime This is

YatoGodDoes anyone know what anime this is? my friend really wants to know, and he doesn't have WiFi at the moment so i asked him i would try to find out what it is, all i have is a picture.

Q: What jutsu did Minato use on Naruto in episode 442of Shippude?

Boston120I wanted to ask if anyone knew what jutsu Minato used on Naruto in episode 442 of Shippuden. I understand it is a filler episode but I was curious. Minato uses it on Naruto while breaking up his fight with Sasuke.

Q: I can't remember the name of this anime (powerful red head living in a kingdom)

Kat EllisSo I watching this awesome anime a while ago, but I can't remember the name. The main character was a girl with either orange or red hair who wore it in long pigtails and wore all black clothing. It took place in a kingdom and she was royalty even though she didn't dress like a princess or anythi...

1:48 PM
@Quill how far into Bravely Second are you?
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2:48 PM
Q: Is the city name an alias, a code name, or a real name?

DarjeelingIn One Punch Man, all city have some sort of name like A-City or Z-City, is this an alias, a code name, or a real name of the cities?


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