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1:24 AM
@Frosteeze I like love triangles, sometimes cheating is part of that. I don't like ntr in a sexual sense, cheating is horrible
Anyway, night all
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3:12 AM
dinner today
beef stew
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6:01 AM
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7:05 AM
@(#$ JDownloader uninstallation just remove the script file
Meh, probably will collect the links later...
7:45 AM
hawaii kawaii
8:06 AM
2 hours later…
10:11 AM
a new day
gotta make something of it
but first a shower
I totally wrecked my "productive weekend" plans, I'm currently watching videos.
get in a shower and then go do stuff
I'm hoping laziness won't overcome me
10:16 AM
hoo, that tokyo ghoul root A ending
@SeptianPrimadewa its good?
@Hakase @Unihedro how are you both today
@shaggy Very good, thanks!
10:35 AM
@shaggy what is good? the ending or anime ?
the story is good, but the animation bit off, i hope they fix it on BD release
@SeptianPrimadewa the ending that you were referring to. i began TG back when it first aired but only got a few eps on before i dropped and never to be picked back up again for what ever reason. i do hear it is good tho, and was just confirming that you tought the ending was good aswell, if thats the case, i might have to check it out here soon
ive been juggling a few different series ATM, but i got to say samurai flamenco... had a seriously weird twist, and the plot and everything just turned into...well with out releasing spoilers... something that was unpleaseing to me, or rather confusing to say the least.
I wanna see FMA :/
does anyone here watch it ?
11:02 AM
full metal alchemist
watch brotherhood, it lies closer to the manga
and in answer to your question, yes, in the past, i have watched the whole series as well as all the OVAs
youve never seen it?
11:16 AM
@shaggy nope.. I really want to now
School and all things limited me to a few anime and manga
@EroSɘnnin in which country do you reside?
its a good one, very well written, with a good plot. its not typically my style, but it was good to watch with girls or with people that dont normally watch anime.
Hmm .. then I'll start with the manga right away :)
ahh i see, well FMA is on hulu, i believe its on netflix as well, and of course plenty of other sites around the internet. i would suggest however when you do go to watch the anime to watch FMA:brotherhood., instead of just FMA which has alot of filler in it. full metal alchemist brotherhood, is alot more streamlines, and follows the manga much closer.
11:22 AM
Yeah I've seen it on several sites but didn't bother then
Advice taken :)
@shaggy what all anime do you watch ?
@EroSɘnnin all kinds really. ive been watching anime for about 15 years now, and i prefer alot of the older stuff, because it reminds me of childhood, and when life was much simpler. with out getting into a huge list, some of the stuff thats not too dated... would be 'ranma 1/2
Ohhh .. nice :D
ugh. i didnt mean to send that, i was editing it with a broader list, and apparently i took to long..
Lol .. nothing wrong in it :P
in addition to 'ranam 1/2'. i mentioned samurai X-rurouni kenshin, fruit baskets, ah my goddess, love hina, akira, princess mononoke as well as all the Hayao Miyazaki stuff, and here recently something that i personaly really enjoyed was a remake, intitled: space battleship yamato 2199.
11:33 AM
Nice ... you have a more expanded list than mine :P
yea i just hit the wrong button and it sent it before i finished listing a few more anime, then when i went to go edit it i took to long, and it wouldnt allow me to send the adjustments anymore. but theres a few to start off with ^^
in addition to 'ranma 1/2'. i mentioned samurai X-rurouni kenshin, fruit baskets, ah my goddess, love hina, akira, princess mononoke as well as all the Hayao Miyazaki stuff, and here recently something that i personaly really enjoyed was a remake, intitled: space battleship yamato 2199.
ugh^^ my computers doing weird things. sorry
lol, theres alot of good stuff out there. check them out!!! and enjoy
will do :)
So what's up ?
also a few more 'modern' anime popped into my head, if you like 'magical girl' series, i really enjoyed Madoka Magika, it has some really different art in it aswell, and a good story in my opinion. also i found 'Heavens lost property' to be very humorous, and 'Devils a part timer' to be an original plot.. ugh i could go on for awhile so im going to stop here.
Taisho is on fire today :D
@shaggy lol ... I watch more of the mainstream anime :P
11:40 AM
whats up, not much really, in all honesty im personally going through some really tough times, both mentally and physically, so im pretty much just trying to cope with those things, which anime/manga help in doing. also trying to re pick back up learning JAVA.
@EroSɘnnin i see, and thats fine, as long as you enjoy yourself.
you can check out parasyte, aswell... and another fairly newish series, that i beleive to gain quite a bit of popularity here soon will be 'assassination classroom'
@shaggy Want to speak about it ? It's okay if you dont want to :) and yeah anime is gooooood for everyone ^_^
but im really done this time. ugh ima get back to finish what i was watching, ill try to pop back in a lil bit latter
I've seen parasyte :)
@shaggy Oh okay :) see ya
just having some serious health issues unfortunately, coupled with my bad luck and surrounded by a world filled with shitty people, at a time when i need a friend the most, theres no one to be seen. but yea ill be back later.
@shaggy Good luck!
11:49 AM
@shaggy Oh ... Im sorry about that .. but if you need anyone to talk to or have a fun time, we're always here :D :D
This is one of my favourite chat rooms. :D
@shaggy I think the room will be filled after a few hours :D
@Unihedro mine too :D :D
Actually this is my only favorite chat room
12:04 PM
12:19 PM
Now that Death Parade has ended.
@LoganM is a genius.
Jan 30 at 19:52, by Logan M
Did Death Parade get any better? Episode 1 had nothing that made me want to watch the rest of the show, just angsty drama and boring games.
Should have heeded your advice.
But I felt a bit differently.
@EroSɘnnin @Unihedro thanks to you both, it much appreciated. and yea thats one of the main reasons im a part of this chat room, it helps alot and it gives me somewhat like minded people to talk to . its really all i got.
@EroSɘnnin also ero i was thinking and since you said you typically are watching the more mainstream like stuff, i suppose i would recommend, 'soul eater' or 'fairy tail' to you :D both filled with a lot of episodes, and more along the lines of what its sounded like your a custom too.
@GaoWeiwei so are you saying the death parade is not worth to watch? (i havent yet)
To me, Death Parade is like Angel Beats!: settings with big potential, but never utilized in full. And too melodramatic (Angel Beats! less so, but somewhat is in the graduation scene).
@shaggy Well, that depends. It was still kind of worth it even for me, but I'm just voicing my mild disappointment, because I have only heard praises for it.
@GaoWeiwei interesting. i understand your comparison to angel beats though. looks like ill have to give it a chance sometime and wee what i make of it myself!
And I was initially expecting 24 episodes for Death Parade. It's like they made it 12 episodes to test the waters.
since were on the subject, recently whats the one series that really stuck out to you as something very well done? just to get a feel for what you like, and a decent grasp on your opinion aswell(and i suppose the chance to find another series that i may have never watched >__> ) hah
12:32 PM
Recently I'm just digging out old anime.
yea some are like that, lost of potential, and then it turns out they get booked for another cour, and the plot twist in an undesirable meaner, or it just doesnt match up
@GaoWeiwei yeah i mean it doesnt have to be recently release, just what ever your watching now, PS i love the older stuff
Recently, I learn to appreciate more of the Ghibli (mainly Hayao Miyazaki) films.
those are always good.
I'll explain more:
miyazaki deff made some magic
12:34 PM
I think Princess Mononoke was the first anime film I watched. Back then, I was awestruck.
But after seeing other non-Ghibli anime, I gradually came to the conclusion that all Hayao Miyazaki's films are the same and lacked diversity.
But now I think Hayao Miyazaki as a person who adheres to his belief deserves more respect, and his films show his philosophy and thinking.
yea i know what you mean to some extent, but at the same time, thats what hes known for , thats his style, and even tho it lacked diversity, sometimes people rather do what they know because they are good at it. same kinda thing applies as the whole 'if it aint broke, dont fix it" attitude
its basicly his portrayal of the world inside his head.
or at least thats how i look at it.
Outside of anime, Miyazaki has the guts to voice his anti-war opinion in the minority.
And his films are full of events and materials from his time, and they actually made me want to do the research and learn more about history.
yea that was me too, i dug really deep(off topic for miyazaki) for space battleshipe yamato however, and found some really deep and rich history behind, that which is the yamato
So anime-wise, although Ghibli films might not be the best (but definitely close to), they are unique and convey "healthy" messages strongly.
and if you know the history of the yamato, before watching or rewatching the series, alot more things seem to stickout in your mind, and you see a lot of connections that i would have no of put together, and messages he was trying to convey
12:47 PM
I only know Yamato is the largest ship (battleship?) of the Japanese and probably also the world to date.
i agree with you whole heartly about the ghibli stuff, although i prefer not to watch those particular additions of the films. the heart of all his works is very feel goody and healthy as you put it
Yes, because I watched to many shows like Elfen Lied I need to balance it.
And they're about as cliched as the healthy shows, so that doesn't make them deep whatever.
Or as meaningless in most cases.
If you're interested in what I like, you can visit my page:
But ratings aren't accurate, so only a 9 or 10 are trustworthy and are things I really liked (which include some with lower ratings, but they probably lacked something).
1:12 PM
@GaoWeiwei This is why I don't rate anything :)
@nhahtdh And the time when I watched the anime also has an effect on the ratings. There are some I rated too high because I didn't know better, or vice versa.
pling pling
pow pow
i'm panda ao!
1:49 PM
@GaoWeiwei I don't know how to take the ending. It's quite unsatisfactory. "Is that it?" kind of feeling
Maybe there will be second season.
I doubt so, though
Why? Nothing was explained, except that onna's life.
And Madhouse will very likely make money if they roll out the second season.
Yeah, we are never explained how the judging works before
Or maybe they did
If they show violence or a dark side to them, then throw them to void
Not always. I don't think that is the sole criterion.
1:53 PM
So the point of the whole farce is to change the way they judge to - if they enjoy their life, then let them live a second life
And Ginti seems to send everyone to void.
@GaoWeiwei We never saw him judge, except for the fangirl and the idol
He setted up the girl to send her to void.
@GaoWeiwei Right, looking back at Death Billiards, it's not judged that way, I think
In his eyes, every human being is worthless.
1:55 PM
@GaoWeiwei Then I don't get why he made that kokkeshi doll of her at the end
True, it's something he values.
eh whatzis
Death Parade
lol @nhahtdh looks like a conversation about anime is going on in this room
So who are involved in Nona's experiments? And what will the outcome be? Is the cat an assistant or arbiter or what? What is the world outside the tower? Who is Oculus? Non of that is clear.
1:58 PM
@EroSɘnnin Yeah, it's quite rare. And it only applies for the shows in the current season
@GaoWeiwei gonna start reading the plot ^_^
@GaoWeiwei That is what so confusing about it, but I guess we saw the outcome with Decim.
wait, is there an episode 13?
It seems that Oculus just keep an eye on Nona just in case, but it seems that he won't get in her way unless it goes out of hand
@GaoWeiwei Not that I know of, let's see if there is an OVA
Nope, there doesn't seem to be anything
What Oculus said in episode 12 suggests that they're all dolls acting on someone's behalves.
2:04 PM
Yeah, that is also a mystery. "Me including, all arbiters are dolls"
And, the 4th rule at the end that Oculus said also intrigues me
And the green haired girl in the ED might be the original doll who broke the rules and suffered.
Like they shouldn't get too close to the human, because it will affect the real world (or something along that line)
That may (or may not) hint at the next season
2:34 PM
I have returned
bought some sports gear
@Hakase like ?
@shaggy I will :D Now that my exams are over, I have all the time in the world (kinda)
@Hakase Hiya! Btw my bitbucket account is at bitbucket.org/Unihedron, I forgot to respond yesterday :p
Or was it yesterday? I have no idea.
@EroSɘnnin the heavy things you grab and exercise with
@Hakase dumbells
@Hakase baseball bats?
oh those
2:44 PM
lol not hotline miami style exercise :D
@Frosteeze it appears to be the name, yes
@Unihedro added to the sikret project
I'll dive into it in a bit.
imma eat some herring with grapefruit juice
and watch gravity falls s02e10,11
@Taisho Kyouko x Sayaka
Norse Mythology is rather popular in LN/anime/manga
yeah? I thought Marvel&DC were the only ones
3:16 PM
Well, all those Valkyrie, Ragnarok, Fafnir, Mjornir, and whatever
oh dem
@nhahtdh busy ?
if not
A: Who is this female character from the 2005 series?

ʞɹɐzǝɹShe's one of Nobita's classmates that appears as a recurring character. The 2005 series seems to have introduced more minor cast characters, of whom most are unnamed. From the episode 熱血!のび太の運動会, it general layout of the classroom looks something like this (only recurring characters are indicate...

2nd para
slight correction
i gotta run
@EroSɘnnin Done. Fixed the rest of the post
Is any of the Anime Mirai 2014 any good?
3:32 PM
Q: Looking for this specific manga

ShuroI am currently looking for a certain manga about a girl starting a new school year and everyone believes she will speak for the class at the assemble as every year due to her having the best grades but they all find out this guy no one knows will. The girl is from a high class family and her fam...

@GaoWeiwei I don't see them subbed
Oh, found them. I didn't notice them at all.
While I ask that question, I remembered that I still haven't watched Aruvu Rezuru of Anime Mirai 2013.
But the rating doesn't look that good.
Among the 2013 ones, the Little Witch Academia and Death Billiards are quite well-acclaimed
3:53 PM
@nhahtdh Yea, I have watched both.
I think Little Witch Academia is just average, though, but there is one voice actor in it that I like.
Just finished Isuca. I can only say: boring and WTF
The fights are quite anti-climatic
@GaoWeiwei: I'm going to expand your post a bit and remove reference to reddit. It is OK?
lol wtf why that male character always get panty view?
@GaoWeiwei The WTF ending
@nhahtdh Sure, go ahead. You always make good edits anyway.
He's always head-into-butting that girl.
Or getting buttheaded.
@nhahtdh That monster from episode 1 has a claymore yoma feel to it.
4:08 PM
Overall, I feel that the show is a disaster
Prefer Campione over this
Need to find the first episode with Chavvot
@nhahtdh It's episode 5 if you mean the board/roulette.
@GaoWeiwei Yep, that one
And I think right after the OP
Nona ordered Decim to change the board to Chavvot.
4:17 PM
user image
did I miss any of the regulars ? :P
@EroSɘnnin What do you mean "regulars"?
That's more than regulars here
In this chatroom?
@GaoWeiwei yeah and from the SE
I'm considered a regular? I'm honored :p
4:19 PM
I think the first guy (Youmu, top-left) only participated in the commitment phase of Anime & Manga, but didn't contribute content-wise.
No, I think he proposed Anime & Manga.
So i had to put him :P
Woo, I'm beside @JNat
HI @JNat! We're buddies now!
I'm beside people I haven't seen in the room. xD
there's a lot more users I wanted to add
I'm surrounded by...people I don't know.
4:21 PM
@GaoWeiwei Same here! High five!
V 2 will have more peeps
I only know a couple of the identicons
@Unihedro lol high five.
@GaoWeiwei lol the order was random
@EroSɘnnin You seems to pick them from the top users by rep?
4:22 PM
@nhahtdh noo
@nhahtdh I don't think so. There are some who just joined.
Ah, but @Unihedro wouldn't be in there in that case
Is it from /pingable?
I wanted to add several new users with identicons
My identicon is ugly pink so I don't want to use it.
4:26 PM
lol I dont rmmbr what mine looks like
Oops, I meant $.get("http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/pingable/6697"), I failed.
@Eric But you guys are put back-to-back.
@GaoWeiwei That's how we cover each other from getting shot.
By @nhahtdh?
@nhahtdh with @Eric and @JNat
I'm sure every pic was randomly placed :P
4:29 PM
@Eric Cover each other from getting shot by nhahtdh and Honest (sorry I don't know the identicon to the right of Eric)?
i think i forgot myst
Left bottom corner.
@EroSɘnnin He's there, bottom-left
phew :P
Yeah saw :D
@EroSɘnnin But you forgot about @Sakamoto!
4:30 PM
Uh oh
Version 2 will be released next month :P Will get him in there
I think that identicon is from A&M. My identicon in chat should be mostly white with something looking like a cross
@Taisho Her tongue looks weird
thats a tongue ?
i thought that was her lips
somehow folded in a freaky way
4:36 PM
@nhahtdh How do you have a separate avatar for chat?
@GaoWeiwei It's from SO
parent account is SO
But the identicon I get on SO still looks the same as AM.
Seems that you can't have different avatar for chat. It will be taken from the parent account.
@GaoWeiwei I change my email address on each site I actively participate in
4:39 PM
Oh didn't know that.
@EroSɘnnin Ah, I can answer that. Editing will have to wait
@nhahtdh Alrighty :)
Why doesn't SE allow users to enlarge/view the dp of other users ? :/
You can, but it's difficult
Right click -> open image in new tab, then modify the post parameters in its address.
I wanna know :D
@Unihedro Right click -> View Image ?
... firefox?
4:48 PM
5:05 PM
everyone gone ?
We just have nothing to talk about
it's saturday so everyone is probably watching the new releases heh
@Frosteeze aiy tagged youh :D
Or sleeping in.
@nhahtdh I still feel I missed out some1 we all talk to, from either A&M or this room
5:10 PM
or lisinin to myuzek
@EroSɘnnin From what?
@EroSɘnnin i saw. What are you gonna use that for? ;o
u can just download the whole chat transcript and see which users have posted more than N times, add to active users on the main site and voila
5:11 PM
@Frosteeze Does everything need a reason to exist?
@EroSɘnnin no, just curious lol
Although it's a much shorter list.
@Frosteeze Boredom makes me do stuff :P
5:12 PM
seems like no one signed up for yuri night
me too
this is why I like boredom
@EroSɘnnin fair enough
@Yuuki I missed out Abyx :P
should put @Eric next to @iKlsR
@Frosteeze done
5:14 PM
@Frosteeze Wow, I'm surprised @Memor-X hasn't jumped on this.
@Frosteeze No, should put @iKlsR on top
Because he's a hat
Yuri night? It's morning for me, lol
just add him on top of several other avatars, winter bash style
5:14 PM
This hasn't been getting as much attention this week as I expected, so I'm posting it here if you're interested:
Q: Bridge Movie Night 3: The Search For Popcorn

YuukiBridge Movie Night is just getting bigger and bigger. As I haven't heard any complaints so far, I think we're going to stick with the same format. This meta will open for voting and discussion for about two weeks or so, then a decision will be made regarding which movie to show. Now I realize tha...

@nhahtdh event duration is 1440 minutes
Should use Kage bunshin on Myst
and paste him everywhr
@Hakase That's one day, but how are we going to do anything?
5:17 PM
@nhahtdh we are gonna do at least something during the time period and it will count
What are we supposed to do on Yuri night ?
let's think about it closer to the date
we could probably just post a bunch of yuri pics and consider it the purpose of the event
wear girl kiss girl avatars
5:20 PM
I bet Logan can find a ton of pics
@Taisho too
well guess who fills him up
the general gas station?
the admiral gas station
Colonel gas station
5:22 PM
commander in chief station
u missed gas
the joke was ded long before that
now I gotta go out to buy some juice to get this evenin started
My condolences
and I gotta go sleep
@Hakase Have a safe trip to the store
peace peace yeah! vO
I must do some music related stuff when I get back
Make your own theme song! :D
5:40 PM
tah tah ta la tah dah mdah

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