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8:01 AM
The catchiest song for me this season is Amaburi OP. It has clapping, which keeps my attention because I can clap along with them..
Hehe :3
I am so good at clapping now.
@LoganM you should join K-On XD
@OshinoShinobu I'd overwhelm them with my skill
They'd all just have to stop and listen to me clap.
Haha xD
8:05 AM
solo clap, so intense
@LoganM they will listen to your clapping after their performance :D
I remember in pre-school we used to do clap-alongs with music. If I went back now, I think I'd be better than any of them. That's the level of clapping I've attained.
also the sequel kumin dance
8:14 AM
Gift Exchange guys: Remember to ship by Sunday, Dec 7. That's 2014-12-07
Also, if you still haven't gotten any response from your gifter/giftee, please contact us immediately via anime.mods@madara.ninja
@MadaraUchiha you mispelled the email? isn't it supposed to be g instead of m?
@ton.yeung Hmm?
8:17 AM
Obviously gods
@AsadaShino that'd be the only one that makes sense..
@ton.yeung You can send to anime.gods if you want. It'll reach.
@OshinoShinobu i just noticed that her movements match the ilya dance really well
8:19 AM
@ton.yeung this almost make me deaf
and I'm using headphone
@OshinoShinobu you had the sound up that high?
lol, my bad man
I've got the sound on the boxes mounted to my screen set to lowest it can and set the browser's sound to 10% in volume mixer and it's still quite loud
So I don't think I'd want to hear 50% xD
Yeah, that's quite loud :o
@AsadaShino meant to be loud
probalby not on speakers though
lucky I have shitty internet connection, it only happen about 0.5 sec before it started buffering
8:22 AM
i have a starter sound system on my pc with a sub so it sounds pretty nice
I haven't used speakers at home in ages, I have a headset, which is fine for anything I'd want to listen to :P
I'd say it's been at least 4 years since I last used speakers, if not more
@AsadaShino i prefer to be able to feel my music, that means heavy bass
And those were crappy speakers, which were already 4 years old at the time
I use both speaker and headphone :D
@ton.yeung I see, I don't mind not feeling the music, as long as I can hear it, it's fine for me :P
8:23 AM
two more days till shirobako and shigatsu wa kimi no uso
@AsadaShino my sound mixer options are usually low treb, medium high mid, and high bass
Hehe okay, cool :P
the problem is that high range sounds physically hurt to me
A friend of mine is sort of the same, has quite a big... Subwoofer I believe it's called? That thing gives quite a nice sound and you can feel the sound if it's on, yeah xD
Oh :o
8:26 AM
@ton.yeung isn't that apply to everyone? I have same setting
@AsadaShino mine's a pretty small sub woofer at home, i like listening to music in my car since it has better subs
@OshinoShinobu no not really, most people i know like med treb, high mid, and low bass
Sitting in your car to listen to music? :P
@AsadaShino i have a loooooong commute
I see, good idea then :P
it really depends on what kind of music you like to hear
8:28 AM
vocals do well with high mid, pop songs are good with high treb, techno/trance songs usually high treb mid low bass, dance and substep are usually high bass low treb low medium mid
you don't mess with the equalizer for classical/orchestral music
@AsadaShino ugh...
@ton.yeung Hahahaha, I had that linked on teamspeak a week ago by a guildmate on WoW xD He sometimes plays it over teamspeak to troll people :P
I found it suitable for the situation, though not for life
@AsadaShino yea.. anything above the 20%ish range for females is not attractive to me
I keep to around 7% ish most of the year
though its gonna be harder to maintain that in the next few years
coming up on 30 years soon
8:47 AM
@ton.yeung awesome...BF crashes on "checking files" screen after android 5 update
unless...their servers are down again
9:01 AM
@ton.yeung 20%?
Of what?
9:21 AM
Q: Why doesn't donflamingo control luffy

MansuroDonflamingo can control people using his strings. Why doesn't he use his ability to control Luffy, or Law instead of fighting them

@AsadaShino body fat percentage
@ton.yeung I see :P Okay
@Frosteeze i was able to log in, maybe you should put in a ticket with gumi
9:50 AM
Q: Why did Kaoru's hair color change?

Edsel Jedd RenovallesIn their marriage scene, Kaoru has a black hair. But after that, Kaoru's hair color become blonde. Why did Kaoru dye her hair? Does this mean something? Does it mean something like a start of a new chapter of her life? What is the significance of this in the story?

10:03 AM
Hahaha :P
@AsadaShino mo and ^face
Oooh @Karasu is back
hohoho~ sent my gift~
although I forgot that postage was expensive :(
@Hakase Mmmm...
last time I was at my local udon place, there were some rich kids (poor-ass kids with rich parents really) who were discussing the entertainment parks in Japan instead of the food, soft drinks and cat islands and sweet merch
Cool :P
18 hours ago, by Karasu
created account for StackOverflow in Portuguese
11:11 AM
@Hakase i had tuna and salmon sushi and realized that the taste of miso soup and sauce are not familiar to my taste bud so , ate only sushi
sushi is yum :)
I dont think I could eat it regularly though
Sushi is better if eaten in moderation, otherwise it gets too... Normal :P
It's supposed to be special (imo)
At least to me :P
11:27 AM
all food is supposed to be special
which is why you don't want to eat too often
or else u'll get FAT
Tell that to the Dutch and their potatoes, I've had way over my fill of potatoes
or the irish..
when I want to eat I drink tea with sweets
mostly chocolate
I don't like potatoes, but they are part of life here o-o
You can eat little and often, which is actually the method of some diets. Just eat small amounts during the day, to avoid going for big meals, I guess
I prefer rice over potatoes any day
Though that, also, should be taken with moderation
11:28 AM
I ain't gon cook small and often tho, screw that noise
Or baked potatoes or fries, those are fine even though they are potatoes, because they don't taste so much of potato :P
hence chocolate
Yeah, you won't get fat if you eat chocolate xD
somehow I won't >.>
@AsadaShino yay :D
11:29 AM
Depends on the amounts :P
One bar per cup of tea?
@AsadaShino I will drink lots of tea then :D
I'd say about 10 grams of choc is the absolute max I can eat while having a cup of tea if I still want to keep my sense of taste above acceptable threshold
too much of anything and you can't taste it
I kirai people who can end a whole bar of chocolate with a 150ml cup of tea
11:42 AM
dark chocolate is good for you ~
@Hakase the term FAT was never listed for me
I think sugar is more harmful than fat
@mirroroftruth Your mama's so FAT she can't save files bigger than 4GB
12:02 PM
@MadaraUchiha Karasu's image, or mine?
please don't
12:09 PM
I kicked him
Right in the feels.
Missed that, guess it's for the best? :p
@MadaraUchiha kowai O_O
12:49 PM
Q: CLAMP character Relations, detailed explanation please

CLAMPfan2k14I watched CardCaptor-Sakura, xxxHolic & Tsubasa-Chronicle a long time ago, But i still dont understand the relation-ship between them. i dont understand this http://tsubasa.wikia.com/wiki/Crossover_Universe who is whos father, whos is who in alternate universe. can anyone give a character tree ...

1:06 PM
@OshinoShinobu google kawaii madara uchiha not disappointed
1:28 PM
I just noticed that I haven't felt anything as exciting lately as the awesome things you dream up as a kid
life is all ordinary and full of usual stuff
maybe it's coz I haven't been watching enough anime lately
video games aren't as fun as they used to feel
and now this work business also drains lots of free time that could be used to enjoy something
@Hakase working is terrible
Sucks that there are only 24 hours in a day =/
I'm trying to figure out how to get moneys by other means than sitting in an office all day
reading some books on starting businesses, investing whatever money you have into something that gives back
so far it's pretty vague
I do still enjoy games, personally, but yeah, the more you know, the less there is to wonder about, because you think along self-created boundaries, limiting your imagination to your version of reality and logic
1:32 PM
@Hakase some works allow you to work from home, if being in an office is your real problem
and yes I could use 27 hour long day :p
But I get caught up in video games and forget to watch my animoos
@JNat no, it's not that, the location doesn't matter, it's just the stupidity of it and low pay
I can work from home some days if I want
I generally don't though, because I find I get less work done
programming for a company that has no idea what they're gonna do with the code, but the higher powers ordered it, so they can do nothing about it but give us the task to code up some nonsense
1:34 PM
@ToshinouKyouko you need to set a proper workspace at home, so that you get in the right mindset
@Hakase Specialise, get really indepth into a certain part of whatever you enjoy doing and either find or make work that fits your experience/knowledge, I guess? :)
it's mostly useless
@JNat yeah, I would need more screens & other stuff
I'd really love to work on something that is very close to being immediately useful
like robotic home appliances
clean up all things at home, make you tasty food, and whatnot
If robots can do everything for me, what will I do
1:36 PM
@AsadaShino from the looks of it, I'll have to build my own business of doing the thing I like most
@ToshinouKyouko watch anime
but really that's an interesting question
I gotta run now but I'd like to discuss this later with all you guys
@Hakase There's more time in a day than there's anime to watch, you'll eventually catch up to whatever you wanted to watch and, given enough time, might actually be able to watch everything you could ever want to watch, what then? :o
@Hakase true
@Hakase Cool :P
@AsadaShino make anime?
1:39 PM
did @ton.yeung implement that thing on HoiHoi-san?
I guess not
@JNat I don't know that command.
is it with two !!
@JNat That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: lolis
@ToshinouKyouko That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: lolis
1:40 PM
Lolis are the best!
2:10 PM
2:41 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, you Americans. To everyone else, carry on.
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ Looks like there is no such command.
3:13 PM
@Karasu this is bright
dat giant hand
3:24 PM
Isn't that from one of those puzzle games where you have to chain 4+ balls of the same color?
no idea
@Mysticial Sharpedo offers faster surfing~
@AsadaShino this one?
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ yeah! :P
Psychopass movie trailer:
3:38 PM
no shit production ig
futuristic, philosophical… hmm… what studio could it be
I should make self-pushing glasses
new noitamina series teaser:
3:55 PM
now I want more
mmm thanx
This one has more organ in it.
Though still not the organ part I'm looking for.
try searching soundcloud
it has most things
Right now, I'm just going through all the tracks.
Which isn't a bad way of doing things because the music's great.
This has some good contrast with the rest of the soundtrack.
4:12 PM
Hans Zimmer is the man
btw this track reminded me of ambient albums I used to listen to a lot
@Hakase I love the tracks he composes. I find it kinda unfair that a lot of people compare him to John Williams, when it's so clear that their style of composition is so different.
Williams write these big stand-alone orchestral pieces, Zimmer writes music that's tied to the movie. It's two different styles of composition and I don't think they're very comparable.
Zimmer's is unique. I don't understand why anyone would say he's comparable to anyone.
Then again I haven't really heard that much orchestral pieces so.
@ton.yeung It's Yujeh and her BB is actually a light attack combo + adds light&dark attacks for all allies
Samidare-chan, there is no need to push yourself so hard.
It's... fine like this...! This time I'm definitely taking you back...
Psycho Pass Movie Trailer:
So if I understood it correctly, there's a Gaikokujin terrorist organization, which means foreigners invading? Looks badass as always.
4:48 PM
My bad
Q: What is the meaning of 根づいていた?

Cole FudgeIn the opening to the popular anime Fairy tale, they say 魔法は 普通に売り買いされ 人々の生活に根づいていた。Which is translated in the subtitles as "Magic is traded like common goods. It has become a part of daily life, And there are people who use magic to make a living." I can understand most of this, but what I'm hav...

5:01 PM
I heard something about "former" and "officer" is "seen" (?) in "the a group of foreign terrorist organization entering the country in secret"
I heard something like that. Also heard what seems to be an American accent (their version of it anyways).
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