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12:26 AM
@Eric what are you talking about?
@ton.yeung Ignoring the typo in that code, it demonstrates well the mechanic in C# where properties are supposed to be hidden by accessors.
Which is basically the dumbest crap in the entire world.
@Eric its missing a semicolon on the field.. but that property declaration is not a typo.. it demonstrates what noobs do to make a stack overflow, as in calling the MyField property makes the property call itself over and over and over again
@ton.yeung The typo is that this.MyField should be this.myField.
The semicolon is obvious and wasn't worth mentioning.
public string Name
      return name;
      name = value;
^ From MSDN. Complete garbage.
@Eric how do you do your declarations?
If it's truly something public that needs to be modified by other classes, I just make it public. public string Name, no need for a private property hiding behind it.
If get and set employ some sort of logic, then by all means. But just setting and returning the value make them worthless.
12:32 AM
@Eric public string myString {get;set;}
Exactly. Why fill them with bullshit logic that just modifies a private property?
@Eric huh?
@ton.yeung Look at the snippet above.
Why do you need get and set that just modify the (implied) private string name; property?
Get rid of name, keep Name, get rid of the return and = statements.
@Eric most people don't write all that out anymore
According to C# coding conventions, they should.
That's what I'm saying. The conventions/standards are stupid as hell.
12:35 AM
they type out prop, then tab tab
@Eric really? i've never heard that, but then i don't read MSDN much either
MSDN and StyleCop both suggest it, as well as numerous Programmers.SE and SO posts on the topic (citing MSDN or related sources).
how old is this information?
I haven't heard anyone say not to use auto properties since c# 3.0 came out
I think that's used as a demonstration of the capability, though.
(Same category of articles.)
i don't see anything that says to use explicit getters and setters over auto props
the only thing that came close is don't use public fields
12:43 AM
'Cept all the code does it.
Anyway, long story short, I just end up not being convention-compliant.
Readable code > compliant code.
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3:09 AM
@LoganM Probably a reference to real life rather than anime/manga?
I am quite sure there are precedence for his statement in real life, but I don't know if it deserves a blanket statement like that
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4:30 AM
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5:34 AM
By the way, this question needs some votes to separate pearl from sand (but don't vote if you don't know the series)
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6:15 AM
@nhahtdh it's been a long time since i watched/read the series, but im pretty sure eating has nothing to do with sharingan....
6:32 AM
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8:14 AM
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9:56 AM
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@Sakamoto err.. wat?
10:13 AM
It's on topic, but shouldn't be here. xD
10:28 AM
Q: Ladybug theme song identification

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11:24 AM
That looks more like an "O"
11:49 AM
Q: How long does it take for an anime to be released since its original announcent?

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2:20 PM
Apparently, Togo Mimori in Yuyuyu's attempt to commit suicide is called jigaki en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seppuku#Female_ritual_suicide
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4:33 PM
@MadaraUchiha: Has Bolt (in Naruto) graduate from Ninja Academy yet?
As of the end of the series
2 hours later…
6:42 PM
@nhahtdh No
Still at the academy
7:19 PM
Yuri Kuma Arashi has a manga, and it is quite different from the anime
Read if you are interested

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