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12:13 AM
yo fellas
@JorgeCastro I don't see any about page in that site. Strange..
pretend it's just a forum
is what you want
I don't know in what post should I click :)
12:23 AM
also, please sign up and post something
I'd like to kick the tires on it
Trying with my Ubuntu account..
| If You See a Problem, Flag It
Its also there? Oh, no!
It seems to be a frame site
I can navigate trough all the pages without "external" reloading
I like that, but I hate not know how can be that achieved :P
@JorgeCastro I'm out of ideas.
12:30 AM
post like "where's the source code?" or something in the cafe section!
Unity sucks, long live $other_desktop!
I will login in there to create a reply to that :P
actually I'll remove those 2
oh :(
are you replacing the forums with this?
because that'd be amazing.
no we're just messing with it to see if people dig it
of course I would love to replace vbulletin, but first things first is getting people to kick the tires, etc.
12:32 AM
oh man, this thread is such a downer. :P…
@JorgeCastro Im with you in that
It is absolutely gorgeous though isn't it
can you guys post some replies and threads etc.?
I want to get a feel how it will flow before DNS is updated and I put a call for tire kicking
@JorgeCastro What post you wont delete?
we'll likely run it for like 3 weeks or so
so don't spend too much time on writing perfect posts.
12:35 AM
i could always just post that.
Can I post non-ubuntu related post?
@Lucio what, the water cooler?
just make it relevant-ish.
@jrg I don't understand this phrase
12:42 AM
just put it in The Cafe
er, The Cafe.
@Lucio "the watercooler" is where you go to hangout with your friends when you need a break
like at work
you mingle around the watercooler
@JorgeCastro thanks. It's clear know :D
Checking username availability...
Really? Checking username for me? Make me laugh
Lucio isn't very common, you know?
@JorgeCastro Not available. Try jorge1?
I created an account with my e-mail, but it seems to be mail. How many days it take to give me a reply?
@Lucio Check your spam
I mean, zero non-read :)
1:18 AM
still waiting for e-mail reply.. :(
no hopes
man dawg, openid!
listening to the new daft punk, thanks @JorgeCastro for the recommendation of mog. :)
mog is nice!
2:03 AM
Oh, never mind, Jorge is here anyway :)
2:46 AM
so ronery
3:02 AM
Q: What can I do about unwelcome edits?

wimAnother user is repeatedly making edits to some of my posts. The edits are not outright vandalism or spam, it is more about changing the style of writing to suit a better fit with their own prejudices. I don't feel it's actually making any meaningful improvement to the content, rather it is d...

3:25 AM
Just got back from buying this.
3:41 AM
@NathanOsman: sweeeet
anybody know how to fix unity? trevorrudolph.com/old/upload/…
How to get only the last filename inside the directory?
ls -u
or ls -c
-c is last created
-u is last accessed
3:57 AM
I think ls -ltr | tail -n 1 | awk '{ print $NF }'
this works
can anyone tell me why unity is bugging like this?
i have lightdm set to use ubuntu session
like what?
well souldnt the i a unity-2d-panel look
4:26 AM
So now my screen looks like this:
Suddenly the "two-pane" layout in G+ seems small.
@mateo_salta You know what the next update will bring? An editor instead of a viewer.
I've already finished it and just need to work on another feature before it will show up on everyone's device.
5:14 AM
Wow. Notepad++ actually stops working properly at 1920x1080.
5:44 AM
@mateo_salta Actually, I think I will just go ahead and release the feature.
Consequently, do not be alarmed when you see a new permission showing up.
6:34 AM
anyone passingly familiar with cmake?
2 hours later…
8:28 AM
Q: Point USB phone to specific /dev/ttyACM using udev

moon.musickWe have a Nagios + check_mk setup on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server with smstools for sending text message notifications. We are using an old Nokia 6230 phone connected by a USB cable, though I do not remember the vendor symbol of the cable. Occasionally the device becomes unresponsive - apparently the ...

9:00 AM
anyone there?
2 hours later…
10:54 AM
/me wonders what's with everyone setting that up
because it's awesome!
it looked fine but too noisy UI wise.
once i get used to it, i'll roll
11:10 AM
really? compared to vbulletin?
@JorgeCastro nah, compared to Stack Exchange.
it's still a marked improvement over vBulletin. Except for animating icons and buttons.
i be lurking
Hi all!
waiting another user
12:00 PM
coming back
Look at the votes number.
Also at the date and time.
12:29 PM
Q: Is that possible if my reputation drops to zero (0)?

Aryo AdhiJust curious enough, so is that possible if my reputation drops to zero? ... Why?

1:02 PM
I didn't sure if there are anyone online here...
@JorgeCastro up all night?
I went and took a short nap. And you are still around..
@jokerdino Short nap? In my place is night, yours?
it's evening here.
Mine is GMT +7
Yeah, I figured from the username.
I actually predicted +8.
1:08 PM
I think yours is +5
5 1/2
I'm gonna see questions to ask
I'm AFK now
back to keyboard
Any Ubuntu gamers here?
1:27 PM
@AryoAdhi Yup
@Oli Frequently played games?
@AryoAdhi Currently Hotline Miami most of all but I'm also playing through the Half Life series (just starting HL2:EP2)... And also a bit of Portal... And I'm trying to find time for The Cave and Stacking. And I've just got a load more games from the latest bundle.
But Hotline Miami seems to be my favourite pick-up-and play for the moment. Already completed it twice now, it's just about having fun.
I just started EP1
which one has the ant lion nest, EP1 or 2?
I remember not liking that
I'm just playing Nexuiz Classic
1 hour later…
2:53 PM
Hello all.
Is this contest-thingy/ask-the-community-thingy still valid? meta.askubuntu.com/questions/101/…
'Cause I have an entry
@RPiAwesomeness noppe
yeah, that's it
hey, could someone look at my question here askubuntu.com/questions/301506/usb-drive-wont-mount/… I really need help with this, but I can't for the life of me figure it out!
3:11 PM
@RPiAwesomeness don't 'answer' it. edit the question instead?
Sorry, I thought I had fixed it and then I didn't
3:55 PM
4:32 PM
2 hours later…
6:38 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Here's the trace (copy & save as .SVG): pastebin.com/eBkiujpV (expires tomorrow)
@JorgeCastro Looks cool....
@Lucio What did you want me to post to gems?
the CD
What CD?
Ubuntu CD
I don't remember the context here :/
6:51 PM
2 days ago, by The Lord of Time
A: CD Free or dvd send for post mail

22lk94k943 onlyPlease tell me your address, i would like to send you one. Which release you want?

2 days ago, by jokerdino
i want all the release and all the flavour
Ah. Got it.
Anyone else find discourse confusing?
it's for forum people
Yeah I know.
6:55 PM
@RPiAwesomeness looks like one friend left, the other lost his arm and the last one is waving it around.
that and it would fall under "Incorrect use" in the brand guidelines design.ubuntu.com/brand/ubuntu-logo
and there is already a ? mark pictogram design.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/…
@NathanOsman Do you know how can I share an Android app through cloud avoiding the Android Market?
I will try with CloudAppStudio. If someone knows something better tell me
Oh no, CloudAppSutdio sucks. It is tedious to upload an already created app. You have to create a new one.
And I cannot change the code of the layout.
7:43 PM
@NathanOsman wow, awesome.
7:59 PM
@mateo_salta > Sorry, I should have read that first. Lol, you are correct in your description of it :D
@RPiAwesomeness oh, yeah. was trying to be funny, looks like a great start for a concept on the design.
8:25 PM
@RPiAwesomeness what if you had one friend move his arm out of the circle, so three complete friends, and a totally reworked structure of lines - so not just a manipulation of the original logo type: here is a quick sketch of something
2 hours later…
10:22 PM
@mateo_salta That one has interesting implications as to "pulling more people in" with the extension to the outside.
10:39 PM
@FEichinger that is a nice thought.
11:09 PM
Q: Removing account and all posts

wimI'm tired of some recent edit wars and drama here, and am considering leaving the community. Ubuntuforums.org meets the same need, without the overzealous moderation. Is it possible to delete your account and automatically remove all your posts, or when you remove your account do your questio...

Edit war? I told him I wasnt going to undo his revert...
11:41 PM
@AskUbuntuMeta this for real or is he just fishing... he is a high rep SO user, not shure why he wouldn't allready know about that or be able to search for it.
@mateo_salta: I almost said a few... impolitic things
11:56 PM
In editing out bad words recently, It is supprising how many are used in a proper on-topic way.
telling someone his (rhymes with aunties) are in a (rhymes with pad) would... be on topic, correct, but earn me a well deserved suspension ;p
dude is blowing it out of proportion and is being a grand imperial drama moff.
Speaking of edit wars did you see the new Star Trek movie - I just saw it yesterday

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