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2:05 PM
@Cole 720
@mossy I pay $725
But I'm assuming I make more money than you, maybe?
1br or 2br?
Mine's at 1br too.
But it's really tiny.
2:21 PM
FINALLY. I've gotten through to PearsonVUE. They're rescheduling my VCP now
Also someone just screamed FUCK in my office. Wasn't me for once.
who wants to decode some tcpdump for me?
Troubleshooting a terrible copier SMTP issue.
@ewwhite you can 100% get your VCP, I'll even help you
@ewwhite ohhh I like doing that stuff
@ewwhite random guess: copier is sending malformed EHLO/HELO because it's stoopid.
@ewwhite Fire it up, it'll be a nice change from staring at NFS RPC tcpdumps
2:23 PM
well, SMTP relay stopped working from client's remote site to their mail server connected over MPLS link
only happens at one location
@MikeyB explosive diarrhoea is an improvement over NFS RPC tcpdumps.
Sharp Copier - Error 3332
Rescheduled for May 22 at 9AM.
Change the SMTP server address to
Port: 587
Authentication: put in your gmail username and password.
2:25 PM
@MikeyB Isn't that terrible?
@ewwhite Ew dude, can't just post the pcap? At least use tshark instead of tcpdump.
@MikeyB what should I use? I don't do much tcp dumping... more of the normal dumping.
the pcap would probs be a lot more helpful.
@MikeyB what would the tshark equivalent look like?
@MikeyB Hipster. tcpdump -xx should be good enough for anyone.
@ewwhite tshark is just the command line version of wireshark. If all you're doing is capturing packets tcpdump is good enough.
2:30 PM
  4.644964 2001:4978:f:426::2 -> 2001:470:1d:165::1 SMTP C: EHLO challenger
  4.709868 2001:470:1d:165::1 -> 2001:4978:f:426::2 TCP smtp > 44700 [ACK] Seq=3835700647 Ack=2860582543 Win=5632 Len=0 TSval=447621744 TSecr=30446239
  4.709931 2001:470:1d:165::1 -> 2001:4978:f:426::2 SMTP S: 250-baron.supermathie.net Hello cl-1063.chi-02.us.sixxs.net [IPv6:2001:4978:f:426::2], pleased to meet you | 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES | 250-PIPELINING | 250-EXPN | 250-VERB | 250-8BITMIME | 250-SIZE | 250-DSN | 250-ETRN | 250-STARTTLS | 250-DELIVERBY | 250 HELP
Much nicer. (sudo tshark -i sixxs port 25)
Need to reboot my stupid laptop
@MikeyB how do i filter source?
@MikeyB Does tshark use the standard bpf filter subsystem?
@ewwhite ^ that (tshark -i eth0 host
-i ?
2:33 PM
huzzah, much better
@ScottPack On top of that, you can filter using a wireshark display filter with -R
@ewwhite interface
Tried to delete an email in Notes just now, it froze.
@Cole You're right, that is much better than having to use it.
@ewwhite pvlan, 802.3ad, promiscuous mode and blah blah
2:34 PM
@ewwhite Are you capturing from a trunk or tap interface?
@ScottPack nope.. just eth0
2 mins ago, by MikeyB
@ewwhite ^ that (tshark -i eth0 host
@jcolebrand No, we don't want it.
@ewwhite Ok good. BPF can get interesting if you're dealing with vlan tags and you don't understand how bpf works.
We're surly bastards.
2:37 PM
@ewwhite Why is the SMTP server waiting 24 seconds to send its banner? The copier is timing out after 20 seconds with no banner.
@MikeyB Interesting... let me bump the timeout.
This network is all sorts of ridic
@MikeyB you got it!
Client also changed to using gmail... and same error.
Which indicates network issue on their side at that particular site.
@ewwhite Yep, get them to fix their DNS
@MikeyB the DNS is resolving fine
@ewwhite SMTP server pointing at a DNS server that isn't responding quickly? How long does 'host' take when run on SMTP server?
I hate when I go to add some little package to Cygwin, then find out I haven't updated in a while, end up downloading 5000 packages to update everything.
2:46 PM
I hate when I go to update Windows, find I haven't updated in a while, end up getting my penis caught in the pickle slicer.
Afternoon all.
@SmallClanger Morning!
@MikeyB oops..
# host
Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
@Chopper3 Fantastic news, mate.
@ewwhite ZING
2:49 PM
@ewwhite Looking at that, two things come to mind: Timeout waiting for RDNS or some broken crazy greylisting system.
@Chopper3 WOOT! (just checked star wall)
@Chris Just so long as you remember to deselect TeX and all its little helpers.
Don't have TeX installed. I try to keep it "minimal"...
@MikeyB Can I accept your answer?
Thanks gents
2:58 PM
@ewwhite :D
Newspaper links to video of seven dying in plane crash, cautions that it contains an expletive uttered by witness. Sigh.
Why yes, those are dead flies clogging the switch fans. Access closets gone wrong… http://t.co/XV4btaCIyu
@Chopper3 Congratulations man!!
Every time someone references NFS, I get PTSD flashbacks. shudder
3:15 PM
Silly question: Has anyone purchased a used Equallogic, say for 'old, slow storage'?
I use NFS all the time at home. =]
@gWaldo wait no. We just buy new slow storage.
"why is this shelf of 3TB drives so slow!?" /facepalm
I'm looking for a way to force users logged onto a Linux host via SSH off after 15 minutes of IDLE time. Even if they're connected to another system. Any thoughts?
@ewwhite set the ClientAliveInterval in the ssh config of the server?
@Cole That works if you're just connected to that server... but if I bounce from there to another system, say db2.brazzers.com, the SSH ClientAliveInterval of the original host doesn't kick in.
3:22 PM
ah I see what you're saying
@ewwhite probably create a script in their profile path that checks for idle time
I wonder if that would work if you're sshed into another system though
Now I'm off to spin up a little test lab for this
Last day mufuckaaaaas!
@JoelESalas you seem excited
Quitting is fun! Everyone's real nice and you get lots of drinks
haha here they'd probably just cry
@JoelESalas I hate last days, they're just weird
3:39 PM
@Dan so awkward.
@ewwhite Agreed - you're at work but by that point, you essentially don't work there. So it's just like sitting in an office that you aren't actually employed at
@Dan here's something fun to do. Next time you're in your local Sainsers have a look in the magazine section for the 'how to' mags that the olds buy to help them with computers. There's a "All you need to know about iPad's one, the pile will be small and well thumbed. You will notice that next to it is the same magazine but for Surface, it will be entirely untouched, in mint-condition and collecting dust :)
The last couple of days people are like "We have a huge problem with blah blah"
I just smile real big
@Dan yeah, the last 3 weeks I was at the old place was like that. 3 weeks from layoff notice to last day.
@Chopper3 So, what you're saying is the Surface is so intuitive nobody needs help? ;)
3:42 PM
@Dan of course
@Chopper3 I've not even seen one in real life, yet
@Dan I got offered a free one - literally went "Nahhhhhhh"
@Dan Nor have I. And generally in LA you see SOMEONE somewhere playing with the newest gadgets out of novelty
Someone in my office has a Ke$ha ringtone, my office is all men and it's not me.
@Cole That still doesn't make it right.
3:44 PM
@jscott it's so wrong.
@Chopper3 For the best
@Cole she's so talented* *she's not
@Chopper3 Sing-talk
It's entirely possible that I've never actually heard any of the published and copyrighted noise produced by the corporate entity known as Ke$ha.
I think I'll likely keep it that way.
3:46 PM
@Adrian I listen to Kedollarsignha on a daily basis
@JoelESalas hahaha
@JoelESalas On the Daily, eh? From what I've heard, that stuff rots your brains.
@Adrian I don't know about that. I mean, so far, so ke$ha.
@DennisKaarsemaker Thanks. Got the email w/ the link.
So looks like I'll have the EMC interview this week or next, and the Reebok job may be coming through.
3:49 PM
@Cole although K$sha is Dylan compared to Iggy Azalea - she's fucking Australian ffs, just hateful
Ke$ha is my girl!
@Chopper3 I know not of this Iggy you speak of. But it appears I should not.
@ewwhite she's something not sure if it's a girl or not.
@Cole watching the video will make you want the world to burn
@ewwhite seen her home made porn?
3:51 PM
Also, I'm allowed to say trannies, you all are not. It's like the N word or how gay men can say "fag/faggot" too.
@Cole wait what, this is news to me
@Chopper3 no, I just met her live venue sound engineer on a flight from LA.
@ewwhite Did he ever come through
@JoelESalas yes.
I also can say fag/faggot/dyke/queer etc without fear of being punched in the face by a bull dyke or slapped with a murse from a gay boy
In general, white girls with attitude are value++
3:52 PM
@JoelESalas agreed. My girlfriend is sassy as fuck
see: Dev, Ke$ha, Karmin, my last few girlfriends
and she's hot, and tall. So she can get things on the top shelves that I cannot reach. +++
@Cole d'awwww :3
All good qualities in a woman for me.
We were in target and I was like "Oh I need .....that." and there was no way I could reach it and I just looked at her like HALP WITHOUT MAKING ME ASK YOU IN FRONT OF ALL THESE PEOPLE
@JoelESalas Mayyybe
3:56 PM
@Chopper3 I am so very pleased to hear your news.
Well, I just fired my Zabbix install off into the sun. It felt good.
@gWaldo Who uses Zabbix??
@JoelESalas Hell, I wish I could've got $job[-2] to even go so far as using Zabbix.
Hmm, I need to shim a RedHat 6.2 kernel onto this 6.4 installation...
3:59 PM
I wanted a metrics/monitoring solution that handled Linux and Windows (natively; cygwin doesn't fucking count)
Now I want all of that + it isn't Zabbix
Cacti is next
@gWaldo How about Nagios?
or one of its many forks
If I don't like cacti, Nagios is next. Failing that, I'll just give up and send things to statsd/graphite
@gWaldo Look at Zenoss
@ScottPack cheers matey
@gWaldo Cacti will make you hate yourself AND cacti
4:02 PM
@ewwhite what could possibly go wrong!
@gWaldo Cacti and Nagios really don't do the same things at all. Cacti really just does graphs, while Nagios is very much focused on checking that things are ok
Zenoss website is making me itch
@Chopper3 How often do you have to go back for checkups now?
@freiheit I understand that; I need both, but this company currently has no baselining
@gWaldo Yes. Nagios is monitoring and alerting. Cacti is graphing and trending
4:05 PM
no metrics, no monitoring
You may end up in a scenario where you need both
and if you do in fact need both, I'd recommend icinga and ingraph
I know that Nagios has some graphing, but that's not it's main deal (, man)
@gWaldo Could be worse. You could have an officially-endorsed policy of having your users be your "monitoring".
Thanks guys. I'll look at those, too.
@Adrian I have been in that position many times before. It's only barely better tha that now.
@gWaldo Zenoss does both. Really loves to do everything with SNMP. Lot of automatically finding things.
4:07 PM
@ScottPack quarterly I think
@freiheit SNMP is such a shitty old protocol though :(
@gWaldo Odd how management teams so frequently don't want to hear just how bad it is so long as they don't have to deal with it.
Actually, that 'users-as-monitoring' thing prompted me to write this some time ago: github.com/gwaldo/…
@gWaldo Yeah, I just hate hate hate the purely reactive nature of doing business that way.
@Chopper3 That's not so terrible, I was afraid it might be monthly. Not to much longer it'll be yearly.
4:10 PM
@ScottPack finger's crossed
@Chopper3 Very good to hear that you're done. Lost way too many friends to that crap in the past couple years.
@Adrian thank you
Thanks for the suggestions, guys
So I need RHEL kernel-2.6.32-220.23.1.el6.x86_64.rpm. It's old. The target system is an RHEL 6.4 box. Should I just get the kernel from CentOS?
@ewwhite You can probably download that RPM via the RHN web interface. I don't think they actually remove old RPMs from the channels.
4:17 PM
@freiheit yeah... but that's extra work
@gWaldo What didn't you like about Zabbix?
@DennisKaarsemaker You guys want a cover letter uploaded to go with the CV?
A: Why use Puppet over shell scripts?

radiumThis will be an unpopular opinion, but configuration management systems are not necessarily better. Sometimes simple really is best. There is a definite learning curve and administrative overhead associated with the configuration system you choose. You are after all introducing a dependency. ...

4:34 PM
Was looking for directions to Export Outlook Contact and Import them into GMail, wasn't expecting this: office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/…
@ChrisS Why not?
@MikeyB Reminds me of the 3 years that it took for me to get management to sign off on automating new user setups at $job[-2]. I had a padawan that spent 3 days out of every week doing setups. Once it was done, setting up 8 users took 4 hours instead of 20.
@MikeyB The major items that I hate about Zabbix are 1) the interface (awful, clunky, nonsensical), and 2) the documentation (seldom helpful even when present).
I honestly don't know who the interface was designed for, and they seem to have taken the 'let the community do the documentation for us!' approach
4:51 PM
Gosh.. cameraphone photos suck!
Or does that look better here?
@ewwhite that's fine, and I'll never be able to rack another server in my life now - what a pity eh! :)
@Chopper3 Never?
I'm still a fan of SD card ESXi boot... but haven't had a failure yet to turn me off of the idea.
Me: “Dear sales guy, please get me quotes for [x,y,z].” (AKA, directionally actionable.)

Sales Guy: “Can we have a phone call?”
@ewwhite SD FTW - But No HP Officially Branded SD??
Apparently I'm having an especially misanthropic day today...
5:06 PM
@ChrisS I just go to Best Buy.
The HP one was like a Sandisk...
Yeah, they're made by Sandisk
@gWaldo Most humans really are awful, it's not just your bad attitude
And the Office Depot near the colo only had Lexar :) Well, the Sandisk were twice as much.
You can get them as cheap as anything online so I tend to do so - Also, boss likes like single supplier dynamic
I asked the guy what he wanted to talk about. He didn't surprise me. "I would just like to discuss how we might be able to help you out in the future for other areas of the network as well. We have quite a bit of value propositions including but not limited to; stretching budgets with buy backs, new and pre-owned Cisco backed ..."
5:08 PM
@ChrisS Where?
(I want to upsell you so hard...)
@ewwhite never, got 50% of the normal strength in my right arm, [main client] are very health & safety conscious so I'm not allowed
I think I was getting them from Amazon... Been a few months since I got one.
On some meta site (I'm nearly certain it was either Server Fault or Super User, and I think it was SF), there was an answer about how questions are sometimes implicit. The question is: "Something broke. I tried some things. Here are some logs. How do I fix this?" That last sentence, the actual question, is sometimes omitted, but is implicit, and its lack should not (but does) attract downvotes. It was a well-written answer with which I fully agreed, and now I can't find the bloody thing.
@ChrisS what do you install on them?
5:09 PM
Any idea where it is?
@Chopper3 understandable
@ewwhite Either Hyper-V or FreeBSD (work and home respectively)
(I wanted to plagiarise it for Meta Christianity SE.)
@ewwhite oh and re: SD cards, me too - had FAR more boot disk failures with magnetic disks than SD's - maybe two SD cards dead out of what...15,000 server-years compared to tens if not hundreds of dead 2.5" 10k R1 disks
@TRiG [downvote] [vote to close] What's your actual question?
5:11 PM
@gWaldo ;) It wouldn't fit in that chat comment.
so close to 2000!!
Hmmm... let me find something to downvote...
@TRiG doesn't sound like anything I've read on mSF
Agreed. I can't imagine these assholes being that congenial.
@Iain Meh. Maybe it was all a fevered dream.
5:20 PM
@ScottPack I'm sure that someone would be given the opportunity
@Iain Sometimes I find it hard to figure ouf it your'e an optimist and I'm a realist or if you're the realist and I'm a pessimist. :(
@ScottPack there's got to be a middle ground in there somewhere
@Iain On the continuum where 0 is pessimist and 100 is optimist we're sitting somewhere around 25 and 75?
@ScottPack or 75 and 25 depending on which way round ...
@Iain Fair enough. Though, honestly, I think I'm an idealistic pessimist. I'd always like to give the benefit of the doubt but I expect everything to be terrible.
5:29 PM
@ScottPack that'll be why you think I'm an optimist and I think I'm a realist
@TRiG shouldn't all religion-based SE sites JUST be meta?
5:48 PM
What's the name of the technology that involved linking two network connections together to form one single connection? So if you have an IP on LAN 1 with and an IP on LAN 2 of you can link them together on with the throughput of both.
I'm having a derpy moment.
@tombull89 bonding
@JoelESalas that's the word, thanks.
I thought that bird was the word?
@Chopper3 I dunno. Mi Yodeya is actually quite technical.
I hang out on the religion sites and snipe from the margins. ;)
@TRiG tell me about it, jewish grandmother!
5:54 PM
@Chopper3 It's flipping complicated!
Also, it's quite difficult to predict. By which I mean that knowing Jewish law about situation X does not help much when you try to guess what Jewish law might be about situation Y. The whole thing is riddled with exceptions and caveats.
Interesting, mind you, as an abstract intellectual exercise.
@TRiG It's really just using formal logic to decide what's ok to eat.
@JoelESalas Pffft!
@Adrian neh, HR should be mailing you today or tomorrow to ask for a phonenumber and initiate talks :)
Patches? We don't need no stinkin' patches
@JoelESalas we want patches that smell like roses and unicorn farts!
6:09 PM
@DennisKaarsemaker Sweet. Thanks.
The process is roughly: HR initiates first contact (mail, then phone) and establishes that you're a sentient lifeform. Then technical phone interview. If you pass that, an invite to HQ in Amsterdam for a few hours of drilling. Yay/nay is decided after that and contract negotiations start if it's yay.
@DennisKaarsemaker are you offering jobz in Amsterdam? I'm in!
@ewwhite only if you solve my xfs problem >:)
@DennisKaarsemaker Sure... yum remove lvm
@DennisKaarsemaker Problem: Using XFS. Solution: Use a better FS.
6:13 PM
@JoelESalas XFS IS a good FS
I'm actually only offering sysadmin jobs in singapore and cambridge at the moment. Seattle is just for Adrian :)
@ewwhite impossible. It's even really hard to get that tested as our database environment relies on LVM.
@JoelESalas xfs on fc storage (on lvm) is fine
it's that stinking p420i controller
but only with xfs
@DennisKaarsemaker I have the systems to test with. You know, the HP P420 now has a LSI Cachecade-like solution
use an SSD to do the heavy lifting
@ewwhite yes. I'd like 1600 SSD's please so I can stick one in every database server...
@ewwhite I've been out of the loop I didn't know the P420 was released
@Chopper3 the onboard for all the Gen8's
HP fell behind in the controller race. LSI is kicking ass.
6:19 PM
also: p220 does this too (gen8 blade)
but I don't want to have to lower myself to using servers that require me to BUY a separate RAID controller
@ewwhite well there we go - my mind's gone completely!
I live in SuperMicro-land now, so it's a pain to even think about the integration issues.
Shopping question?
Q: VMWare vSphere ESXi vs Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 in a mixed environment

Vinícius FerrãoI'm considering some virtualization technologies in our University. And I really don't know which of them to use. VMWare seem to be the default choice, but with the free version of vSphere 5.1 (atual version) we have the 32GB of system RAM limit. What does not happen in Hyper-V Server 2012. Sin...

@Cole It's not deep enough.
6:35 PM
No context for you
drinking tons of water = might as well install a urinal in my office. BRB.
@TheCleaner i've recently become addicted to this: monsterenergy.com/us/en/products/monster-energy/#!/…
@TheCleaner I hear that, I drink ~60-70oz of water a day.
water is good
Just finishing my 3rd litre for the day :)
6:43 PM
@Cole That's only 8 cups
@tdk2fe - can't handle that stuff...I"m too old.
@Cole - yeah, been pushing 80-100oz a day this week...training hard for some competitions this summer.
@ScottPack I'm a small man.
That's what she said.
My chiro said to take your body weight and divide it in half - that's how much water you should be drinking a day in ounces
I gave your mom a rimshot last night.
6:44 PM
In what unit?
Because, you know, units matter somewhat.
yeah that's roughly about right. I'm 160 so I should be around 80oz normally.
@TheCleaner well I guess it's more like the minimum you should be drinking daily.
I have really tight hamstrings, my chiro said that drinking more water will help.
I didn't realize the amount was based on weight. I've just heard 2 liters a day is a safe bet
... and I don't even hit that
6:48 PM
I always have wicked bad cotton mouth.
I've read a lot though on drinking too much water and the possibilities of basically over-watering your body. Sort of gets back to the whole "caveman...he drank when he was thirsty...done" attitude...
Remember the woman who died from drinking too much water trying to win an Xbox?
I thought it was Wii?
Hold your wee for a Wii - or something like that.
Hm, looks like our Japan DC is offline - that can't be good
This one looks like it is right up your dvswitch alley @ewwhite
Q: Invalid device backing in VM settings

Jim BI am trying to figure out how the prior admins maanged to get some guest network adapters into an "invalid device backing" state. According to a support article (http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2008092) it's due to removing a dvswitch...

6:54 PM
@tdk2fe It was a Wii - Drinking ~10% of your weight in water over a short time gives you a 50/50 chance of death.
8.35 Lbs == 1 US Gal; so a typical person chugging 2 gals of water has a reasonable chance of dying
@Chopper3 Isn't Gerber a baby food company? Or is this the Defense subsidiary?
@TheCleaner adds weight to my 'don't use dvswitches just yet' argument
@ChrisS make knives, like leatherman
you guys - lets just kill all the developers
@Chopper3 . . . the carrier, the weapons, or both? :)

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