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12:00 AM
@Karl'sstudents I don't see what other answer there can be so you may as well just give Joseph the points now:-)
@DavidCarlisle I have to read all again now.
@cmhughes i vectorised my matlab code i use to the maximum 1 loop . Vectorising is only way to speed up along with profiling checks. I will soon switch to spyder python matplotlib
@texenthusiast nice :) I remember doing a tic-toc experiment once of a code with loops, and one without- the results were astonishing
@cmhughes i had some old bad habits from master studies i want to change a lot of workflow in my future works credits to tex.sx
@Karl'sstudents xml attributes are not processed in order (and can't be duplicated) but if you want to have [rotate=90, height=2cm] you have to say whether the height refers to the original axis or the rotated one so unless you predetermine all possible keys and all possible interactions between them, saying they are processed in order seemed the only possible way (but I would say that, as that's what I did:-)
12:05 AM
@texenthusiast yes indeed, I know the feeling- I've learnt so much from reading questions, answers, and comments here :)
@cmhughes there are some tricks to speedup like repmat reshape bsxfun etc.
@texenthusiast yes indeed- reshape can save epic amounts of time
@DavidCarlisle Confirmed. Thank you. The documentation of pst-plot should mention this unusual behavior.
@cmhughes matlab is excellent for quick demo to students not for teaching programming practices and paradigm. things are improving now with latest releases . ofcourse we cannot compare the speed with fortran and c. optimal speed combo would be python wrapper for fortran and c
@texenthusiast agreed
12:11 AM
@cmhughes i feel i should go back in time to change my masters life. Now i feel better with tex and friends life. i learnt a lot and good practices not to kill the compilers.
@texenthusiast yes, I know the feeling- it's a good sign of progress :)
@cmhughes thanks for concurring the feel. i have long todo list when done with thesis.
@texenthusiast it's always a love/hate with todo lists :)
@cmhughes did you try to get a pgf code of figure from matplotlib any time ?
@Karl'sstudents it's not that unusual the kv syntax is just syntax for a sequence of macro calls, and macro and function calls are usually order dependent. The syntax pervades pstricks (and other parts of latex) so I don't see that it need be highlighted on pst-plot particularly
12:14 AM
@texenthusiast It has been quite a few years since I used Matlab, so sadly not- I've seen some of the results on the main site.
@texenthusiast nag.co.uk/MB
ok. i am fine with matlab as i should not complain when i did not make the source code for it.
@DavidCarlisle thanks for the link. If i remember correctly there was a opensource project by NAG or something on Fortran source codes. Yes Matlab has very good toolboxes that attract lot of people to jump in. So its a great contribution.
@DavidCarlisle are you using Fortran and MPI ?
@DavidCarlisle NAG is popular for its Fortran libs thats how i know. i may be wrong as i am not a fortran coder.
@texenthusiast well NAG is, me not so much, I generate the matlab help files for that (displaying mathematics is hard work in the matlab help system:(
@texenthusiast Yes the toolbox is the fortran library, but with a matlab interface.
@DavidCarlisle its big challenge , matlab help is excellent they are missing good math rendering
@DavidCarlisle some people use lapack etc.. fortran libs on linux supercomputer machines
@texenthusiast the new help system in 2012b/2013b could do math but unfortunately they chose not to use gecko (firefox) on all platforms and use IE based rendering on windows, but also they bar non-mathworks toolboxes from using it so we still have to use the original eccentric java rendering.
@texenthusiast yes that's what keeps us fed and clothed:-)
12:27 AM
@DavidCarlisle you might be using mathjax for browser rendering.
@texenthusiast you clearly haven't written documents for the matlab help system:-) you can use virtually no css, and even nost html doesn't work properly, for example <sup> works to make a superscript but if you put any element in there even <span> it gives up and puts it on the baseline. I hate to think of what it would make of mathjax's massively nested elements and gazillion lines of css:-)
@DavidCarlisle Understood. I should say it previously as the implementer of \psaxes should mention this behavior in the documentation clearly.
I was doubtful why matlab figure cannot be exported to .tex and .eps built-in. Its the very needed feature for latex documentation. of course there are many mathcentral functions which can be improved.
@DavidCarlisle I am very ignorant in your domain :). Yes i can imagine your difficulties keeping in view of constraints.
!!/red sox
@MatthewLeingang Psmith, the TeX bot: I'm deeply sorry, old chap, but the command red does not exist.
12:34 AM
@MatthewLeingang Psmith, the TeX bot: I'm deeply sorry, old chap, but the command baseball does not exist. Did you mean: basketball
@PauloCereda Psmith bug: does not know baseball
@MatthewLeingang I can fix that. :) Is there a nice RSS feed on baseball? :)
@DavidCarlisle i dont know how open matlab makers are but there is quite a work done in SAGE and Ipython projects these days.
12:36 AM
@DavidCarlisle if the makers think to some features like exporting figures in latex it would be better
@MatthewLeingang Thanks! :)
@PauloCereda actually that looks more like news than scores. Let me find a scores feed.
@PauloCereda Here is a scores feed: feeds.feedburner.com/mpiii/mlb
@Karl'sstudents here's another example of key-value order mattering: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/86711/…
we didn't have a tcolorbox tag- have created one :)
@cmhughes In my opinion, the good practice should be making the kv implementation is invariant under ordering such that the users don't get burden to remember the ordering rule. The philosophy of using kv is to free users from remembering the order of arguments. :-)
12:50 AM
@Speravir Online? I'm just back from flying with our flying simulator, build by students.
@Kurt Yes, and are you already back on earth? ;-)
@Speravir Off course, only crashes by new students. First time heavy time :-)
@Karl'sstudents It's much simpler to remember that the keys are evaluated in the order entered. I don't see any way you could possibly have keys (as there are on graphics and pstricks things) that specify origin and rotation and scale and then have them be independent of order. in the initial example [rotate=90,height=2cm] it is easy to remember that that (now) means rotate then scale the result,and [height=2cm,rotate=90] means scale then rotate.....
@Speravir: We are preparing an event, showing our simulation projekt to people knowing a liitle bit about flying. It is to show that technic still today is intersting ... And worth to invest in such a thing!
... to do what you say I'd have to arbitrarily decide one of those results and document for every pair of keys which order they were applied in and the user would have to remember every single interaction, that doesn't seem simpler to me:-)
12:59 AM
@Speravir today I have buyed a portable hard disk to install portal Miktex on it. Just installing ...
I do not like slow usb sticks further more ...
@Kurt Cool, oh that’s German now – great!
@Kurt You certainly can put many more on this … So you can help in future better than me … especially with portable TeX editors.
@Speravir we want to build a moving plattform, created and build by students. Planing looks good. Some students did a project for their studies there.
@Kurt When it is ready, I hope it will be seen somewhere online ans give the link here.
@Speravir Two hours without an resultwas definitivly too long. Now it will be a little bit faster. I'm working with TeXnicCenter and WinEdt and will test them first ...
@Kurt i tried installing portable miktex on 8 gb usb and configuring was bit difficult with ../ paths etc, its very slow while updating. i think installing on a 320 gb will be better may be. Some Q here might be helpful once you are successfull
1:11 AM
@Kurt For TeXnicCenter existed no portable version, at least some years ago. But I found a tutorial to do this anyway, search yourself with your favorite searching site.
@Speravir We have also to prepare a travel (Umzug in Englisch?) and our web site is out of date. We will rebuild it after we have finished moving. Then we have more place to be able to move the cockpit. It seems we need at last 5m in the hight ...
I think texmaker and texstudio has usb/ portable versions
@Kurt I think “move” or “migration” would fit better here.
@texenthusiast I had no problems with the installation of the stick, but the stick seems to be very slow. The automatic configurations works well. Even a local texmf path was reachable and usable. The local texmf contains a special font and some templates for letters (lco files) and cv. Everything works well with texworks.
Hi: off topic question. There's an equation breaking package to add in a LyX preamble. I can't seem to find it again. Does anyone know what it is? eqnbreak something. help
1:17 AM
@Kurt Ok. Does texworks have a portable version ?
@Speravir Yep. My English -- I always had difficulties learning other languages.
@texenthusiast Seems so, is part of portable MiKTeX and works well. I do not like it very much, because there is no project management and I need this.
@Speravir Okay, I will have a look.
@Kurt texmaker and texstudio are vailable in portable version fortunately.
@texenthusiast Last time I used Texmaker in its claimed portable mode, it was not really true: texmaker 3.5 miktex portable 2.9 and epstopdf Absolute paths were saved. @Kurt This would be something for testing, if there are changes or if the path is newly saved or whatever.
@texenthusiast I also remember that TeXStudio is portable. Wasn't TeXMaker the first programm and later there was a second version, TeXStudio. Do you know why?
@Kurt I struggle with vocabulary, too. And grammar, of course.
@Kurt TeXstudio is a fork (former name was TexmakerX).
1:24 AM
@Speravir Portable version works when you configure properly, its not default configured for portable.
@Speravir No, no, your English seems very good to me ... (Stell Dein Licht nicht unter den Schefel)
@Speravir Yes something like that I had in mind. For me it is important that an editor has a good project management. How is this with TeXStudio and TeXMaker?
So um, how normal is it to ask a question so that I can answer another question?
@texenthusiast I remember, I made a download of a special portable version for Windows.
Q: What does LaTeX encode ligatures as inside a PDF document?

CanageekI've been looking at a recent question. I thought that most of the answers focused on the TeX side of things, when the easy way would be to scan the PDF document with grep and a bash script. I can do the unix command line part of things, however, to properly answer the question I need to know wha...

@Kurt in 2003 author of texmaker started the project and fork of texmaker called texmakerx was started in 2009 and later changed to texstudio.
1:29 AM
@Kurt I do not know them well enough. But others claim, TeXstudio would have this: Q: LaTeX Editors/IDEs.
@Speravir It did some work on portable version with miktex portable. there used to be USBTex from exomatik.net (not online now) which has all portable distro. even now its available at portableapps
@Canageek As normal as usual here on TeX.SX. ;-)
@Speravir Ok, good. I really think I can use a bash script for this one, but I need help with the TeX bits
@texenthusiast Do you know why they did that? Developing one programm is perhaps better than developing two? What was the reason for this?
@Canageek Alas I cannot help you there.
@texenthusiast The other answer of the above linked question wrote about Usbtex …
1:34 AM
@Speravir Yep, I knew this question, but if someone is here using this editor could tell a little bit more?
@Kurt there is some difference of opinion in development goals as usual like openoffice libreoffice etc in any opensource projects. Its very normal.
@Kurt i like both of them.
@Speravir just looked at it. i did not look it first :)
@texenthusiast And I just took a look: I’ve loaded down straight from the original site.
@texenthusiast I never used one of them. When I started with LaTeX I used TeXtelmechtel, a nice play on words in German, as editor an emtex was the tex distribution. That was based on MS-DOS ... This editor had already something like a project management and since that time I do not want to miss it ...
@Canageek AFAIK they are encoded as their own glyphs.
Basic installation of portal MiKTeX has finished. Now I have to add the packages (I would prefer there would be a button "complete installation") ...
1:41 AM
@Kurt Ok, I may switch to emacs+auctex after the detailed help by N.N once i am done with my study
@MatthewLeingang That would be awesome if they are, but I'd need a list of what glyphs to write a bash script for the answer
@Kurt That is why you use TeXLive.....
@MatthewLeingang Or they are encoded as two glyphs, for example if you use package cmap. to allow that the complete text is copyable ...
@Canageek Thanks for reminding texlive portable @Kurt have a look at it also
@Kurt You have already a full installation of MiKTeX? Step 4 in tex.stackexchange.com/a/56322/9237
1:44 AM
@Canageek not sure how to get that out of the PDF though
@MatthewLeingang I can't see or copy the glphys there. Once I have the glyphs I can just copy and past them into the bash script and search the raw PDF for it, right? They are just another letter, like 'A' or '4', right?
@Canageek I am confused...what bash script are you talking about?
@Canageek I have the cd of TeXLive here. For me the problem with TeXLive is, that on a windows computer I have to install cygwin or an perl interpreter to be able to use the pearl scripts in it. Without cygwin there are some things not working. And when installing cygwin I can perhaps better use a linux system? I had used my last unix system jears ago and forgot a lot of using it ...
@MatthewLeingang I'm going to write a bash script based around grep to scan the PDF for the occurrence of each glyph and give a little printout saying which ligatures are in use.
@Kurt Well that isn't any different with MikTeX, except possibly that it doesn't include perl or bash scripts, or that it includes one of those. I use it on Windows
@Canageek How do you grep a PDF? As a binary file
@Canageek As a binary file?
1:51 AM
@MatthewLeingang I thought most of PDFs was just postscript text?
@Speravir Yes I have. Thats the reason I never tried the portable version. But a student has some problems with it. He has to use the portable version for writing his thesis in a company were he has no admin rights ...
Now the font does not work and so on ... Most of this problems are solved after rebuilding the lokal texmf tree and moving some files into other directorys.
@MatthewLeingang Hummm, it seems you are right. What happens if I run it through pdf2ps first....
@Canageek Try to more a PDF and you'll see
how can I eliminate the warnings here:
@Kurt texlive on windows does not need any perl installation. i used it for example epstopdf.pl works well. I think you don't need any cygwin and perl installation. BTW Ubuntu is as easy as windows, nothing difficult.
1:57 AM


@MatthewLeingang Damn, that didn't work. I wonder what happens when I run it pdftotext on it....
@Kurt Be prepared for path problems: Either everything has to be compiled from the command prompt of taskbar entry or the TeX editor must be started from within miktex-portable.cmd.
@Canageek But then special tools like bibexport are not working. I do not understand why a perl interpreter is integrated in TeXLive on Windows in a way that one can use all functionality of TeXLive. So you read "do this" and -- big surprise -- it does not work. So you have two different TeXLive versions and that is in my opinion not so good ...
@Canageek I think the ligatures will be skipped if you use pdftotext (unless the cmap package is used?)
@texenthusiast Really? I was not able to run bibexport without using cygwin. I installed TeXLive from cd on Windows 7 with usual options. Can you run it? How do you call it?
2:03 AM
@MatthewLeingang Yeah, they replace them with normal characters
I thought postscript was just a display markup with binary bits :(
@Speravir Thanks, I will have a look. I will try both ways. Installation only with MiKTeX installer and afterwars packages and your trick with a second installation in another directory (that should be possible) and afterward using mpm (that will be the reason for path problems, I suppose)
@Kurt No, the mpm thing is only, that you need not to download everything a second time from a remote source for the installation. You will not need this later.
@Kurt i think as long as you have the .exe executables for perl scripts it works. i think there is no .exe for bibexport. So it is not working. perltex is working
2:18 AM
@Speravir Okay, I will see. Thanks!
@texenthusiast And can I use perltex to run bibexport? If not, why is it not possible?
@Kurt The path problem is: The “normal” MiKTeX adds it self to the system path, but on an external computer in a company there is no MiKTeX or perhaps an outdated version. The portable does manage, that it is in first place of the path you get with echo %path% from the taskbar prompt. So if you start the TeX editor outside of this context, it does not see the portable TeX, but only if you invoke from within the start batch.
@speravir: I successfully installed xindy in two computers. But in my third computer I get this error. All PCs use windows 7 and same (latest) miktex. Do you have any idea?
@Kurt Or, as I just remember, you create an own batchscript with explicit given path like in tex.stackexchange.com/a/69040/9237 the texmaker.bat.
Or somebody!!!
I didn't get where is the error, but it works flawlessly in other 2 PCs.
2:22 AM
@HarishKumar When does this happen? I see a doubled backslash at the end. Maybe, this is the cause?
@Speravir: I did the same in all 3 PCs. But third PC gives this. Other two work. Which file gives this is a puzzle to me. Why it doesn't happen in others? May be it is a windows issue in this PC where I have windows 7 home premium and others have ultimate!
If so, What to do to correct this?
@Kurt i need to restart since other pc is in use. i will verify and comeback in few min
@HarishKumar And all 3 have cygwin? Then David Carlisle would be the expert. ;-) But he uses TeX Live …
@Speravir Yes I recognized that it is important with portable MiKTeX to start from the icon in the task line even starting the editor there, settings or a console windows.
@texenthusiast Okay, thanks!
@Speravir I don't have either emacs or cygwin.... in any of these PCs.
2:28 AM
@HarishKumar Oops!
Q: How can I set the tikz label anchor explicitly?

Matthew LeingangI want to add a label to a node, but "inside" the node. Something like this: The manual seems to indicate it might be possible, although no actual key is named. The ... anchor point for the label node ... is determined in such a way that the label node will “face away” from the border o...

@Speravir: :-( It is puzzle for me. I doubt that it is windows specific. But have no idea of a solution.
@HarishKumar how are you checking it on all 3 pcs ? will be back in a moment
@HarishKumar The supposed filename itself looks strange, too.
@MatthewLeingang Where do you get the idea that the labels are (sometimes?) placed inside the node?
2:42 AM
@HarishKumar I cannot help, but only give a link. It seems to be related to the path encoding: clisp.org/impnotes/encoding.html#path-enc
@MatthewLeingang Ah, I see, anchor=north. Problem is that above overwrites the anchor with south.
@Qrrbrbirlbel Do you that from reading the source? If so could you point it out?
@Kurt I think perltex is windows binary for perl­tex.pl perlscript. bibexport is a bash shell script, they may not communicate , i have checked it. if there is bibexport windows binary then it might be possible. Do you have bibexport in miktex ?
@texenthusiast No I have not. If I call it in an console windows the command is unknown. So there is no exe. But I can check the binary directory ...
@MatthewLeingang The master of the bot is not there ...
2:51 AM
@Kurt oh well. I know the score (Red Sox beat Yankees 7-4), just wanted to gloat.
@texenthusiast @Kurt There is only a bibexport.sh in portable TeX Live for Windows.
@Speravir @kurt bibexport.sh needs cgywin does not run on windows as its shell script. even for portable miktex
@Speravir this file is also in normal TeX Live. A nice tool, if you can run it. You get a new bib file containing only your cited books, article, ...
@texenthusiast @Kurt I suppose also with MSYS (belongs to MINGW).
@MatthewLeingang Hm, yes: \tikz@auto@anchor
2:59 AM
@texenthusiast yes, and that is the problem. You here often (on TeX.SE too) do this in TeX Live, but it runs only on Linux or you need a cygwin. For me I would think to install cygwin or another program running sh-scripts with the TeXLive version for Windows. It is better to have one TeX Live with one behavior and not two versions with different behavior. That irritates new users.
@Speravir most of the cross platforrm editors use this mingw to make linux softoware portable to windows
@Speravir Ah right, I think I read this too. I did not know this program. Do you? What is to prefer?
@MatthewLeingang Nasty thing, the following would fix it, possibly breaking other things ;)
@Kurt its a choice ultimately, everyone have their choice. It your opinion that it irks users. it may be different for others.
\tikzset{anchor/.append style={tikz@label@post/.append style={anchor=#1}}}
3:03 AM
@Kurt i like both as they are two eyes of tex distro. its a choice.
(I don't know what other side effect this may have (probably none), if you could live with using a new key, say ranchor (real anchor), it would probably better.)
@Qrrbrbirlbel maybe label anchor?
@Kurt I used this a bit, it is really a *NIX shell emulation (don't ask me which one of them). And I leked it much better then Cygwin.
@MatthewLeingang It would probably does nothing if not used inside a label's []. Globally used it could mess up the tikz@label@post key (adding a lot of anchor= calls)).
@MatthewLeingang And it may add itself to itself, so one would should only use it once.
@MatthewLeingang You could also re-write the original code (adding an option/\if).
This works for me: `\documentclass[png]{standalone}
\tikzset{label anchor/.append style={tikz@label@post/.append style={anchor=#1}}}


\tikz \node[circle,draw] (circ) {my circle}
(circ.north) node [anchor=north,red] {X};

\tikz \node[circle,draw,
label={[label anchor=north,red]above:X},
label={[label anchor=south,red]below:Y}
] (circ) {my circle};

3:11 AM
@MatthewLeingang The append is not necessary as label anchor is a new key. ;)
@Qrrbrbirlbel true that. So can you answer the question?
I have posted the solution, let me try something else, though for that I need to dig deeper (which would be a pgfkeys matter).
@texenthusiast Well, I'm teaching LaTeX and some students have laptops with linux. Some with Windows. Some have TeXLive, some MiKTeX. For MiKTeX I can say "Do this", for TeX LIve not, because it depends on the OS. And the students are not aware that there is such a difference. Perhaps it is not clear enouph in the documentation, but this can be solved by including a bash compiler to windows-TeXLive.
I would do that, but -- you are right -- this is my opinion. Students are not amused about this different behavior.
@Speravir I see. I will give it a try ...
@Kurt I remember I used it successfully for compiling biber before there was the provided binary.
@MatthewLeingang I think, this is even better:
\tikzset{anchor/.append code=\let\tikz@auto@anchor\relax}
\tikz\node [circle,draw,label={[red,anchor=north]above:X}] {my circle};
:8807016 This will break though when a anchor is used globally.
3:22 AM
@Qrrbrbirlbel wow. Funny thing is without \makeatletter...\makeatother it fails silently.
@Qrrbrbirlbel What do you mean "an anchor is used globally?"
Well it lets \tikz to @.
@Speravir Xindy has the same problem. I think there was a windows version (a xindy.exe) on a persian website (I'm sure I have it in a backup). But it seems to have vanished. So for a normal user of MiKTeX Xindy is not usable.
@MatthewLeingang Hm, well, not so much apparently. Of course a \tikz[anchor=west] then also effects every label.
@Kurt Diversity of opinion is the driving force of opensource tools. Especially cross platform opensource tools have little compromise to make when compared to platform specific tools. I cannot complain on both distro as i have not contributed any single piece of code nor done any testing nor paid for it. I love both, remain open and unbiased.
3:30 AM
Bye for now. @Kurt & @Qrrbrbirlbel take a look on your clocks. ;-)
@Speravir Psst.
@Speravir Yes I saw this, but on my old computer, a laptop I have the windows xindy.exe installed and it runs properly. Why this has vanished? I hope it will return ...
@texenthusiast Perhaps I'm here too German: if a programm is called TeXLive on two OS I think it behaves in the same way (for example Editor X for Windows and Linux/Mac behaves the same way, I think it was TeXStudio). TeXLive does not. That is astonishing. How should a normal user know that? Which normal user reads the manual ...
@Speravir You are right. bye!
@MatthewLeingang Another idea: A key that flips the labels inside (automagically).
@Qrrbrbirlbel might be cool, but I might want to have label={[anchor=west]north:X} too.
3:45 AM
@MatthewLeingang Replace above with north and so on in the following code:
\expandafter\def\csname tikz@label@angle@is@right\endcsname{\def\tikz@label@angle{0}}
\expandafter\def\csname tikz@label@angle@is@above right\endcsname{\def\tikz@label@angle{45}}
\expandafter\def\csname tikz@label@angle@is@above\endcsname{\def\tikz@label@angle{90}}
\expandafter\def\csname tikz@label@angle@is@above left\endcsname{\def\tikz@label@angle{135}}
\expandafter\def\csname tikz@label@angle@is@left\endcsname{\def\tikz@label@angle{180}}
\expandafter\def\csname tikz@label@angle@is@below left\endcsname{\def\tikz@label@angle{225}}
Ask a new question or update this one. ;)
@Qrrbrbirlbel maybe another time. I'm going to bed. ><
@Qrrbrbirlbel but thanks for doing what you did.
@MatthewLeingang You're welcome. Always fun to digest tikz.code.tex
1 hour later…
5:19 AM
Created with PSTricks' plugin:
6:14 AM
@TheSubstitute breqn
3 hours later…
9:13 AM
I must be too tired, and have a feeling that this is too embarrassing to post as a question. Why does the first \immediate\write18 not remove the file (This requires that there exist a ~/.Trash, and of course a unixie OS). These files are timestamped based on the day with a trailing YYYY-MM-DD appended to the file name. I want to delete any older files before creating the one for today
  some text, which is not relevant....


\newcommand*{\Today}{2013-04-04}% Good enough for MWE

	% #1 = path      Example: ../../files/
	% #2 = filename  Example: foo.txt
	% First eliminate any older files
	\StrBefore{#2}{.}[\FileName]% Extract base name (no file extension)
	\immediate\write18{mv #1/\FileName-*.txt ~/.Trash/.}%
	\immediate\write18{touch #1/\FileName-\Today.txt}% Now create todays file
@PeterGrill what do you think ~ expands to??
@DavidCarlisle Duh!!! So escape it?
@DavidCarlisle Thanks, really should not work so late...
@PeterGrill debugging hint use 20 instead of 18 then it just echos the commands to the console so you can see what commands it is trying to run
9:24 AM
@DavidCarlisle Wow, that's useful. So gotta ask, what is 19 for?
@PeterGrill same as 20 or 17:-)
@PeterGrill according to texbook writing to any non open stream just echos to the terminal and you can't open streams >15 anyway. So Karl when he wanted to add teh system command feature thought probably no one was using 18 so borrowed that for magic status
ok. But who is Karl? You mean The Don?
@PeterGrill karl "web2c, font names and now ctan" Berry
write18 isn't a Knuth-TeX feature
10:20 AM
Bad boys, bad boys, whatchagonnadowhentheycomeforya?
@PauloCereda That's german right there.
@percusse Pretty much it. :)
1 hour later…
11:48 AM
Hi everybody. I have an EXTREMELY basic question. It's on LaTeX distribution. Apparently, I have to manually download every single package I need. Therefore, I do not have the full LaTeX package. I already followed links to download the whole thing, but they did not work -- I don't recall the websites now, it has been too long ago and I lost hopes. Also, I am placing my packages in a random folder that I created manually. I use Mac OS X and it's in my Application folder.
Anyone feels like helping me tidy up?
@Costi Why don't you install texlive-full from the CTAN? (I might think that waiting for the TeXLive -'13 might be advantageous.) The best is: just kill everything and install the full TeXLive. (As one of the regulars would put it, the memory usage is less of a worry given the hassle it takes to get things working, if you haven't a package.)
Hi @KannappanSampath, Do you first of all mean I should wait for an update?
Also, @KannappanSampath: if I go on www.ctan.org and type texlive-full, I cannot find anything. I am sorry I am so clumsy. That is why I am asking for help!
I don't use a Mac, but I think MacTeX is the most normal distribution: tug.org/mactex
@Costi MacTeX is TeX Live with some extra (Mac specific, I think) stuff.
@Costi I have MacTeX on my Mac, and it usually installs everything. :)
That's sweet, @To
sorry, I meant: @TorbjørnT. and @PauloCereda
Do you suggest that I first remove everything I have?
12:03 PM
@Costi I think so, yes. better start from scratch.
@TorbjørnT. you also mean I should remove my TeX editor, or just the folder with all my packages?
@Costi Which editor is that? I think MacTeX includes TeXShop and TeXworks (@PauloCereda can probably confirm), but if it is some other editor it shouldn't be necessary.
@TorbjørnT. Confirmed: TeXworks and TeXShop. :)
@TorbjørnT. ... just hoping the answer isn't vim...
I'm using texmaker -- although it hasn't been updated for my Retina and therefore looks really ugly.
which editor do you guys use?
12:10 PM
@DavidCarlisle Neither emacs, hopefully. :)
@Speravir hey you got my 15 points :(
@Costi I use TeXworks and MacVim.
Sometimes Aquamacs.
@PauloCereda is emacs bad? :)
@Costi Not at all, emacs is a great editor. :) It's just a matter of taste. :)
@PauloCereda But some people have better taste than others.
12:20 PM
@DavidCarlisle :help! :)
12:31 PM
@PauloCereda wrong syntax
@DavidCarlisle Try it on vim and you'll get a Don't panic! message. :)
:8810211 $ vim
bash: vim: command not found
@DavidCarlisle Oh no!
@PauloCereda As I mentioned, some people have better taste:-)
@DavidCarlisle Like using real Unix instead of Cygwin? :P
12:34 PM
@PauloCereda that would be nice.
At least, you don't use Ubuntu. :)
@DavidCarlisle Let's try to run VS2012 on top of Wine. That would be cool. :P
@PauloCereda what's wrong with ubuntu? i don't follow the different versions so much these days, we just use fedora here mostly, but at one point it was aiming to be debian for the masses wasn't it?
@DavidCarlisle I have nothing against Ubuntu as a distro, but I'm afraid it's not doing a good job as a "Linux" distro. :)
@PauloCereda In what way?
^^ You gotta love fortune. :)
@JosephWright Personally, the lack of a real root account annoys the living hell out of me. I'm used to distros where you have to have two separated accounts; sudo su is definitely wrong IMHO. I usually set up my sudo config to restrict its use to certain groups or even commands. I don't like the idea of using sudo à volonté. :) >>>
And I'm not sure about the locations of some configuration files; Ubuntu seems to hide them in order to "make it safer" for the average user - want to set up your network interface? Use the visual tool, etc. It's definitely not my cup of tea. :)
12:55 PM
@PauloCereda I guess you get used to this: same approach after all on the Mac and Windows (more or less)
@JosephWright Ah yes. :) I was scared when I found out sudo on the Mac for the first time. :P
1:14 PM
@JosephWright is this an automated telling off from the system?
A: What's a good editor for (La)TeX programming?

David Carlisleemacs ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Oh it's not automated I see in the revision history it's been added by Martin:-)
1:40 PM
@DavidCarlisle: now Google wants to fork WebKit into Blink. :) MathML headaches all over again? :)
@PauloCereda oops I;d missed that. Oh great....
@DavidCarlisle I just found out right now.
2:07 PM
flash flash for emacs users vim lost identity :) ha ha
2:32 PM
@DavidCarlisle No, not automatic
2:51 PM
@HarishKumar Why did you delete the answer ? :) Just put an empty line in between 180 and -180 and we are done. Please update the answer
3:21 PM
@JosephWright yes saw later thanks (not that it makes that much difference either way:-)
Hi folks, in theory, is it possible to put fillcolor=white at the most bottom of pstricks.sty but not inside \AtBeginDocument? See...
A: Why do I have to put fillcolor setting inside preview environment?

Herbertuse \AtBeginDocument{\psset{fillstyle=solid,linecolor=red}}

Is it possible to define a default value for fillcolor key at the point the fillcolor key is declared?
1 hour later…
4:43 PM
% No errors occur when I disable \psset{fillcolor=white} below
% even though I don't declare a global \psset{fillcolor=<other color>}
% after loading pstricks.sty

  %\psset{fillcolor=white}%      hv 0.33
%  \let\pst@color=\relax%
% LaTeX used `\color@endgroup' instead. RN 2004-05-06
4:54 PM
I see. \psset{fillcolor=white} should be removed from \AtBeginDocument in pstricks.sty because it does not make sense.
5:09 PM
Hi. Do you notice the announcement of the new package iitem -- I think the idea is great but the implementation has some lacks.
@MarcoDaniel The author even explains that he doesn't know what he's doing: “Eigentlich habe ich ja keine Ahnung von LATEX Code und dem Programmieren damit.”
And “Ich hoffe, ich mach keinen Blödsinn ...”
@Qrrbrbirlbel But he was able to upload a dtx ;-). I read this sentence but I thought it was a joke ;-)
5:31 PM
@DavidCarlisle Though I don’t feel guilty, I’m sorry. But you still have 5 upvotes, one of them from me, or 50 points more than I got.
@Speravir No need to feel sorry:-)
@DavidCarlisle Because of the background colouring aka colourboxing in fact your answer stands out of all others.
@Speravir maybe I'll get twice as many votes as the (grrr) accepted answer and get a gold badge:-)
Using etoolbox, how to patch pstricks.sty such that I disable (comment) \psset{fillcolor=white} defined inside \AtBeginDocument{} in pstricks.sty?
Hi. What do you think about the expl3 solution:

\cs_new:Npn \petr_extract_lasttoken:n #1
   \tl_head:f { \tl_reverse:n { #1 } }
\cs_generate_variant:Nn \tl_if_eq:nnF {xnF}

\DeclareDocumentCommand \texttt { m }
  \OldTexttt{ #1 }
  \tl_if_eq:xnF  { \petr_extract_lasttoken:n {#1}  } { . } {\hspace*{0.4cm}}

foo \texttt{bar} foo

foo \texttt{bar.} foo

\section{This is \texttt{section.}}
5:45 PM
@DavidCarlisle LOL.
6:07 PM
@Karl'sstudents vvv
@DavidCarlisle Using etoolbox?


without etoolbox.
@DavidCarlisle LOL
or perhaps standalone loads it.
@DavidCarlisle Thank for answering.
6:15 PM
@Karl'sstudents you don't need etoolbox for that, I just added the usepackage as you asked for it
@DavidCarlisle Yes. But I want to see how etoolbox is used for this case. :D
@Karl'sstudents no idea. You want to remove \pssset and the following {} group from \begindocumenthook I guess etoolbox has a patch command for that but as you see it only requires a single def to do such patches so I have never really looked at that package.
I thought \@begindocumenthook is your own defined macro. It is apparently not yours.
@Karl'sstudents It's used in latex.ltx
@Karl'sstudents well it might have been mine, can't remember it was a long time ago:-)
6:27 PM
@MarcoDaniel @DavidCarlisle: ok. thanks.
1996-04-24 David Carlisle <latex-bugs@latex-project.org>

	* ltfiles.dtx: reset \AtBeginDocument inside \begin{document}
@Karl'sstudents Using etoolbox
@MarcoDaniel cleaner solution.
@Karl'sstudents sniff
@Karl'sstudents Here a one liner
\expandafter\patchcmd\csname @begindocumenthook\endcsname{\psset{fillcolor=white}}{}{}{}
@DavidCarlisle I love your solution. I learned a lot by this.
6:35 PM
@MarcoDaniel I feel better now:-)
@MarcoDaniel What is the diff with the prev one?
@Karl'sstudents using csname instead of makeatletter
@DavidCarlisle oh i see.
@Karl'sstudents look at it from TeX's point of view with \tracingall
{changing \foo=undefined}
{into \foo=macro:#1\psset #2#3!!->\def \@begindocumenthook \ETC.}
{blank space  }

\@begindocumenthook ->\ifsa@math \sa@math \fi \standaloneenv {pspicture}\disabl
e@keys {standalone.cls}{multi}\@ifpackageloaded {xcolor}{\def \current@@@@color
 {\psfillcolor }}{\def \current@@@@color {\csname \string \color@ \psfillcolor
\endcsname }}\psset {fillcolor=white}\check@for@XeTeX@colorstack \let \default@
color \current@color \let \XC@@stack \@empty \psset {fillcolor=white}\let \pst@
\patchcmd ->\etb@dbg@trce \patchcmd \begingroup \@makeother \#\etb@patchcmd

\etb@dbg@trce #1->
{entering semi simple group (level 2) at line 14}

\@makeother #1->\catcode `#112\relax
{changing \catcode35=6}
{into \catcode35=12}

\etb@patchcmd ->\@protected@testopt \etb@patchcmd \\etb@patchcmd {########1}

\@protected@testopt #1->\ifx \protect \@typeset@protect \expandafter \@testopt
\else \@x@protect #1\fi
{\ifx: (level 1) entered on line 14}
Hmmm... encapsulations free users from knowing the internal details temporarily. :D
Is it safe to rename inconsistent PSTricks macros with \let?
For example:

\expandafter\patchcmd\csname @begindocumenthook\endcsname{\psset{fillcolor=white}}{}{}{}






I want to create a new package named xpstricks.sty to rename any inconsistent names and to patch unnecessary weird features.
6:50 PM
@DavidCarlisle User-friendly vs. performance ;-)

\expandafter\patchcmd\csname @begindocumenthook\endcsname{\psset{fillcolor=white}}{}{}{}


	fillcolor=cyan,% does NOT affect pscustom



@Karl'sstudents There are no problem. However I recommend \usepackage{letltxmacro} and then \LetLtxMacro
@Karl'sstudents pnode etc. have one or more optional arguments. So you should use \LetLtxMacro
@MarcoDaniel OK. I will see it later.
@MarcoDaniel How to rename key-value? For example, I want to rename PtNameMath to PointNameMath in pst-eucl.
@Karl'sstudents Instead of renaming use \define@key[psset]{pst-eucl}{PointNameMath}[false]{\@nameuse{Pst@PtNameMath#1}}
@MarcoDaniel OK. Thanks. It is enough for today.
6:58 PM
@Karl'sstudents LOL
Actually I have one more to patch.
in PSTricks and PGF/TikZ, yesterday, by Karl's students


% the grid produced by showgrid=bottom DOES NOT get affected by \psset{yunit}

% the grid produced by showgrid=top gets affected by \psset{yunit}

% it is a feature by design?
@Karl'sstudents This is a bug for me. You can write an e-mail to the author.
But HV said :
you should realize what units are valid when the grid is drawn! — Herbert 5 hours ago
@MarcoDaniel you may recognise the patch style:
A: Background color for existing floats (e.g. w/o defining a new environment)?

David Carlisle \documentclass{article} \makeatletter \def\foo#1\normalcolor\vbox\bgroup#2!!{% \def\@xfloat ##1[##2]{#1% \normalcolor \hbox\bgroup{\color{yellow}\leaders\vrule\hskip\columnwidth\hskip-\columnwidth}% \vbox \bgroup\aftergroup\egroup #2}} \expandafter\foo\@xfloat{#1}[#2]!! \makeato...

@DavidCarlisle GREAT. Tomorrow I will study your solution
7:05 PM
It is time to sleep. Bye!
@Karl'sstudents Indeed.
7:22 PM
This is surely a duplicate, but I couldn't find an appropriate link to give:
Q: Unable to Change References Section Title in moderncv

ggelfondI'm attempting to write a CV using the moderncv document class with the following preamble: \documentclass[10pt,letter]{moderncv} % CV Theme Settings \moderncvtheme[black]{classic} % Font and Typography Settings \usepackage[english]{babel} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}...

I left an answer temporarily, but will delete it if someone provides an appropriate question to link to.
1 hour later…
8:25 PM
@GonzaloMedina In my opinion you do not need to delete your answer. We have quite often closed questions with a valid answer.
2 hours later…
10:16 PM
Ended writing tomorrow's talk. How am I in procrastinating?
@percusse Hehe, I messed up and not quite happy about it. It's ok. I upvoted your answer :-)
10:55 PM
@percusse Have you taken a look at the changes in the intersections library between the 2.10 and the CVS version? The definitions of \tikz@intersect@def changes from \lets to \defs which seems to be the problem (changing it back and the example works again).
@PeterGrill you could fix the code while your ficksing my englesh:-)
@DavidCarlisle I thought I did. :-)
11:26 PM
@egreg LaTeX talk? :)
@PauloCereda Non Euclidean geometry at a high school
@egreg Yay! :)
@David: you can help egreg with TikZ code. :)
Hi everyone
perhaps this is not the best place to ask this, but as a quick question, what is the policy when a question is answered in the comments by one of "the big guys"?
@MarioS.E. Hello! :)
@MarioS.E. if user == David then { steal green tick } @DavidCarlisle <3
I'm asking this because just a few minutes I saw a question (this one: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/106941/…) and I knew the answer. I was about to write it down when I read the comments and found egreg had already answered it.
...so... I felt pretty bad about writing the answer, you know, "stealing it"
11:30 PM
Q: Why do people answer in comments?

fbmdBrowsing TeX.SE, I have noticed that very frequently people provide answers to a question in the question's comments. See for example BibTeX error "inputenc Error: Unicode char \u8: not set up for use with LaTeX" Is there any package for LaTeX dealing with a database? How to correctly set up ...

@Mario: this meta thread might shed some light. :)
@PauloCereda Boa tarde Paulo, yes I did see that post a few days ago, but I was wondering more of a situation like the one just happened: the answer was in the comments, I was about to write an answer and 10 seconds later I see egreg had already posted a proper answer.
so I'm thinking it's useless to have 2 similar answers...
@MarioS.E. Boa tarde, Mario! :) Sometimes, questions that are solved by comments are leaning towards being closed as too localized (a typo, some minor mistake). If you can convert your comment to a proper answer, that is, with a good textual representation, we actually encourage you to do that. :) Of course, sometimes two users post the same answer almost simultaneously; one of the authors kindly deletes the answer to keep the thread clean. :)
Something along these lines, IMHO.
@PauloCereda I see, makes sense to me now. Thanks!
11:45 PM
@MarioS.E. This is a very friendly community, so don't worry too much. :)
@PauloCereda I had a feeling there is no way smart people could be a**holes :P

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