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12:02 AM
@marmot thanks, that worked! However the bend is not the same as the rest. How can we homogenize it?
@DavidCarlisle, many thanks. \showoutput was very useful and I found a solution. I added a vfill at end of a page before a section starts. Now there is a white space at the bottom, but no problem.
@manooooh As I said, if it is clear and well-defined what you want, one can write a style for that.
12:16 AM

text field/.style={text height=1.5ex,align=center,rounded corners},
nonfillable title field/.style={text height=2ex,text depth=0.3em,anchor=south,text
@marmot ^^^^^^
12:34 AM
@manooooh ^^^^ \draw[-latex] (I-Title) to[manoooh curve] (AK-Title);
12:45 AM
@marmot where is coded manoooh curve?
@marmot ohh I did not see your (last) update :). Thanks!
1:11 AM
@marmot why do you often choose the value 3.14 in border=3.14mm inside standalone parameters? Does it remind you of pi? I am bit curious :O
@manooooh It is easier to see where the code comes from when someone claims "I have achieved this and that" (and it is a nice border) ;-)
@marmot hahha you must patent that parameter value, it belongs to you and it's a nice distinctive of yours! :):)
@manooooh I actually do not care. (I only care if some 200k+ user has nothing better to do than converting some of my answers to pstricks without giving credit to them, or if someone claims to have made my code more concise but in fact has just screwed it up.)
@marmot and here I thought it was anti-tau propaganda ;P
@morbusg You could use tau ... wait, does tikz support complex-valued borders? ;-)
1:24 AM
@marmot hahahha, do you agree with the people that want to extend the use of tau?
@manooooh Depends on what tau is. If it is the self-dual point: why not? ;-)
@marmot oh no, Advanced Physics!
@manooooh Or mathematics.
I've read arguments that using tau would make pedagogically sense; i.e. simplify explaining things (that is, for 2pi)
@morbusg there are as many cases of pi as of 2pi, mathematically speaking. I do not know how many students can confuse both numbers
1:40 AM
@manooooh you lost me there
sometimes I really dislike tikz
right now, it feels downright impossible to get anything to work >:-&
error this, error that, while copying examples from manual verbatim :P
@morbusg In the (current version of the) manual you do not get told which libraries you should load. (In principle I should fix that but I have the same problems with sourceforge and git which others have with TikZ.... :-( What is the error message?
@marmot yes I gathered that much, and actually found out that the error message kindly tells me which library to load and even the correct way of loading it.
@marmot wait, are you a tikz developer?
@morbusg No. I volunteered to help out but I didn't manage to do anything because I cannot deal with these repositories and I do not want to waste the time of others.
@marmot the error message was Unknown data format 'function' while I was following the datavisualization section.
1:55 AM
@morbusg There are certain parts of the pgfmanual which I am pretty much ignorant about, and datavisualization is one of them, mainly because I personally prefer using pgfplots.
@marmot yeah, last time I used tikz extensively, I don't remember seeing that section at all in the manual. Must be somewhat new feature.
2:20 AM
@marmot intrigued why I see the same number in your recent answers When drawing I used to hide (pi)eces of fruit in obscure corners you seem to be following that old mouseman tradition with a border=3.??
@KJO No, I was not aware of the mouseman traddition (and must say I am still grumpy with the mice because one of them stole some of my cheese).
@marmot so its just a coincidence ? your not Freudianly hanging onto that valuable pi?
@KJO I may subconsciously have seen this number before ;-)
@marmot that's good enough thanks
2 hours later…
4:54 AM
@morbusg the probability of finding pi and 2pi and 2log(sqrt(-5)) are indeed the same. So I do not see any good reason to change pi to tau
5 hours later…
9:38 AM
@CarLaTeX I voted to close that question because the OP , irrespective of being new, already accepted the answer and I dont expect a MWE to come-in to the place. :/
9:57 AM
@manooooh @morbusg The main reason for me is that then you get l = tau r and S = 1/2 tau r^2 as in many things in physics, e.g. p = m v and E = 1/2 m v^2. However, for me it's not enough to justify any such change.
@Raaja If the question has an answer it doesn't worth closing :)
10:17 AM
@CarLaTeX Ok ;) I will note that point :D
3 hours later…
12:58 PM
@barbarabeeton Pavel Fischer (an interesting figure in Czech post-communist politics and a very strong personality) recently said, at quite a large meeting of Czech scout leaders and other involved people: A honest person does not have a career plan. Because it would never involve a disabled child or an offer from Václav Havel or Jacques Chirac. The core challenge is to be open-minded. You sort-of reminded me of this.
1:15 PM
@DavidCarlisle What would be good course of action with the Ł questions? Reopening the old one (tex.stackexchange.com/questions/406179/…) and add a new answer about the current situation? Or mark the old question as duplicate of the new one (tex.stackexchange.com/questions/480434/…)
or merge both question?
1:48 PM
@samcarter ask @JosephWright :-) I think closing as a duplicate of the "just use detexify" question is wrong, but the older question has a better more specific title. End result should probably be we re-open the \L specific one, close the new one as duplicate and I update the existing inputenc answer in the older one to mention that you don't need inputenc in releases from 2018 on. Not sure if that requires lots of votes or whether extra powers can be applied...
@DavidCarlisle Sound good to me
@DavidCarlisle I've reopened the older one
@JosephWright thanks I will update the answer there
@JosephWright @samcarter I updated @Skillmon answer:
A: How to type the letter Ł

SkillmonThe traditional markup (going back to plain TeX) is \L but in any recent latex installation you can simply use Ł In current releases you can simply use Ł \documentclass{article} \begin{document} Ł \end{document} Prior to the 2018 LaTEX release you would need to explicitly load inputenc as...

@DavidCarlisle thank you.
2:13 PM
@DavidCarlisle Great! Thanks!
@samcarter on my second attempt at editing, the new text was even an approximation to grammatically coherent English, same can not be said of my first addtion:-)
3:15 PM
ooh I have lots of chocolate
3:25 PM
@PauloCereda item 4
@DavidCarlisle oh no
@PauloCereda you do know that we have this in Germany: schokoladenmuseum.de/de?
@UlrikeFischer OH MY
Das Schokoladenkuchen
@PauloCereda It is DER Kuchen. However, if you eat it fast, nobody will notice.
@yo' -- I think that's a pretty good plan, actually. (Regardless of the fact that my sister always said that if someone claimed to be open minded, it meant they had holes in their head.) I've always found it more worthwhile to look around, see what's available, and pick what looks most interesting. If that turns out well, I hope it also does some good for other people.
3:41 PM
@DavidCarlisle You edited fast enough that the post history just shows a single edit - you could simply claim that there never have been typos :)
@PauloCereda I will have lots of chocolate next week. The conference venue is around the corner from tripadvisor.de/…
@marmot ooh a plan
@samcarter OH MY YES
3:55 PM
@barbarabeeton it seems to me like that sarcasm is a shared thing in your family :)
4:34 PM
@samcarter Is there a tikzling "Osterhase"?
@marmot Currently there is only the bunny duck. Maybe this would be a nice project for Easter...
4:48 PM
@samcarter ooh a secret project
@PauloCereda If you define "secret" as talking a public chat room, sure it is a secret project :)
@samcarter ooh more secrets
@PauloCereda You will be the last one who the information is shared with: you'll eat the bunny before it is finished.
@marmot oh no
@marmot only bunnys made of chocolate are at risk
4:54 PM
@samcarter Well, are you sure that @PauloCereda will ask the bunny first?
@marmot mmm, good point!
user image
talking about bunnies and ducks...
5:24 PM
@samcarter it's good to have a choice of menu
@DavidCarlisle you are mean :)
Jun 29 '17 at 16:15, by Paulo Cereda
@DavidCarlisle you are not mean :)
@DavidCarlisle You should make a script that posts this rely automatically
@samcarter if people were not so nasty, accusing me of meanness all the time, it wouldn't be necessary :(
@DavidCarlisle Enjoying Brexit?
5:35 PM
@JosephWright it's good to know we are in safe hands and that our leaders have a fully worked plan covering all outcomes.
@DavidCarlisle Definitely!
@DavidCarlisle 'Omnishambles' is I believe the technical term
6:24 PM
@JosephWright How about you? Are you enjoying it too?
Ducks and Meanness. I must be in the TeX SE Chat.
6:50 PM
@DavidCarlisle The British lady is mean
@PauloCereda Which one?
@FaheemMitha the prime minister, I guess.
Hi @LoopSpace!
Right, this is really irritating me. I'm compiling a dtx and getting lots of "Token not allowed in a PDF string" whenever I have a \begin{macro}{\braid} or similar. How do I get rid of those?
Hi @PauloCereda
@PauloCereda You sound unsure.
@FaheemMitha probably.
6:54 PM
@LoopSpace by showing a complete example ...
Hey, @PauloCereda some reading for you: chalkdustmagazine.com/features/bells-braids-and-taxicabs
@LoopSpace woo
@UlrikeFischer I was sort-of hoping this was a standard thing that I was just ignorant of ...
% \begin{macro}{\braid}
% This is the user command.
% We start a group to ensure that all our assignments are local, and then call our initialisation code.
% The optional argument is for any keys to be set.
%    \begin{macrocode}
%    \end{macrocode}
% \end{macro}

@LoopSpace I can look later, have to make dinner now, my husband is complaining ;-)
user image
I'm a bit disappointed to have missed the 33333
7:05 PM
@UlrikeFischer oh no
@LoopSpace very nice text, thank you!
@UlrikeFischer Tell him to cook!
@CarLaTeX You can award bounties for 400 points.
@marmot that's a good idea! :)
7:19 PM
user image
@CarLaTeX ^^
@UlrikeFischer D'oh. In the process of figuring out a MWE I have tracked down the issue. I had a \url inside an \author. I'll do the duck-walk of shame ...
@LoopSpace oh no
Happy Autumn!
Or Spring to some of you.
@PauloCereda all of us who are the right way up.
@marmot hi - do you have one minute? I still have a problem with the decorations amplitude problem...
@DavidCarlisle the right way is to drive on the left. :)
Thus the left way is to drive on the right
7:24 PM
@PauloCereda naturally
ooh a conundrum
7:37 PM
@DavidCarlisle Perfect! You're not mean!
@CarLaTeX I know, @PauloCereda told me that once.
@DavidCarlisle hmmm
RE: Brexit, it's scary what a too steep banana curvature does to a political and economic union of nations; the ugly face of modern day information warfare. :(
8:12 PM
@DavidCarlisle Can you shed some light on graphicx behavior? I have a filename with spaces and underscores. So I say \includegraphics[<options>]{"file name_1"} and it works in pdflatex. But using simple latex, it doesn't like either the spaces or underscores, and the quotes don't resolve it.
@AndiW I cannot confirm this. Is there a chance you installed a different decoration? If I add
\begin{scope}[declare function={varyingamp(\x)=0;}]
\draw[help lines] (0.22,0) -- (2,0) .. controls (2.35,0) .. (2.5,-1.25) .. controls (3,-4.0) and (3.5,0.25) .. (5.75,0) -- (11,0);
\draw[postaction={decorate,decoration=mark varying random y steps}] (0.22,0) -- (2,0) .. controls (2.35,0) .. (2.5,-1.25) .. controls (3,-4.0) and (3.5,0.25) .. (5.75,0) -- (11,0);
%\path[decorate] (0.22,0) -- (1.9,0) .. controls (2.25,0) .. (2.4,-1.5) .. controls (2.9,-5.0) and (3.7,-1) .. (5.75,0
@DavidCarlisle @JosephWright ^^^^ ;-)
@UlrikeFischer Wo ist das Feld: "Enten"?
@marmot There is only one: StrukturelemENTE
8:34 PM
@marmot I'll check that...
see lower corner of the green line - it should match the doted one...\documentclass{article}
\pgfdeclaredecoration{mark varying random y steps}{start}
\state{start}[width=+0pt,next state=step,persistent precomputation={
\state{step}[auto end on length=1.5\pgfdecorationsegmentlength,
8:49 PM
@StevenB.Segletes it's a feature, hope to adresss it in a future release but the difference is that for pdftex you just need to match pdftex syntax for spaces in filenames, which is the "-quoting, but for latex then you need to simultaneously do that so tex can read the file for the bounding box but also massage the filename into a \special so that it gets written to the dvi file in a form such that dvips will find the file
@AndiW OK I see what you mean. Yes, if you mark some points on a Bezier curve and then plot a smooth curve through them, generally you won't reproduce the Bezier curve. This is independent of any random noise that you may add to the curve. What you should compare is plot[smooth] ... with the same plus random noise. Notice that plot[smooth] ... is not the only way to draw a smooth curve. There is a full hobby library for that.
@marmot ok, just wanted to confirm that it's nothing I have messed up... thx
@AndiW Yes, I think so. Drawing a smooth plot through points is a science on its own, and when I wrote my first answer I made a random choice that does not require any additional libraries. One easy way to control/modify the curve is to change its tension.
9:04 PM
@marmot I have seen this option in the manual but to be honest I can live with the unmodified line (in fact modifying that one as well might be a bit too much). The basic ideas have been a) modifying the red line and b) learn more about tikz... :-)
@AndiW A very stunning way of modifying a red line is to draw it in blue. ;-)
@marmot lol...
@JosephWright how does l3build decide to call biber? It doesn't do it for me, and l3build doc compiles only the pdf and then ends with ` ! Compilation failed`.
@UlrikeFischer Looks for .bcf file
@JosephWright hm. there is a tagpdf.bcf in the build/doc folder.
@JosephWright I know why it fails - the texmfcnf disables the use of my experimental driver ;-(

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