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6:53 AM
@Vanny Hi Vanny! Feel free to open a chat room.
7:09 AM
@StefanKottwitz We did used to have one ;)
@JosephWright we were young
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8:34 AM
I need some ideas on how to draw a visit sequence in a tree. For example, I want to say we start from S, then we visit node A, and then from S we visit node B, and then we again visit A ibb.co/NjjGFCh
9:32 AM
@Node.JS put a sequence number (1,2,3...) on the arrows?
10:27 AM
@StefanKottwitz and full of life and none of us prepared to die, and I'm not ashamed to say the roar of guns and cannons almost made me cry
Great, now ABBA is stuck in my head
@PauloCereda :)
@Plergux Save me, sheep person!
@PauloCereda a bit of classic Spanish music ;-P open.spotify.com/track/…
@Rmano ooh I was expecting that song about the coches de choque :D
@PauloCereda Urgh
10:39 AM
@Rmano sorry :)
@Rmano sometimes I know more about memes than actual songs :)
Thought experiment:

Is it possible in *FontForge* to change the color of letters, let's say red, and save them as a new font.

So that the font in the document is then also red.
@cis probably yes but why not just specify it as red when loading via fontspec?
A user asked how he can change the font color in a program that does not have this option.

So I thought one could just use a colored font.

Maybe @MarcelKrüger etc. can tell me how to change one letter to red in FontForge.

This way it does NOT seem to work for me:

@Rmano now I am singing la bella polenta
11:11 AM
@PauloCereda ¿? ;-P
@PauloCereda Could you sing the mustache song too?
@Rmano quack :)
@cis no
@cis no thanks :)
11:57 AM
On TeX Meta I just read Unpinning the accepted answer from the top of the list of answers. Instead of pinning the accepted answer to the top - what about a button "scroll to the accepted answer" right beneath the question?
@UlrichDiez That's a network-wide thing
@samcarter Good catch
@JosephWright Remembered it because I was chatting with the author on how they made the screenshot with the ragged edges :)
@samcarter Thank you very much for the pointer. Which is the appropriate chat-room for discussing/reading about pros and cons of this?
@UlrichDiez I don't know if there is a dedicated chat room
@UlrichDiez Maybe leave a comment below the post and ask the author if they are interested in discussing this further?
12:28 PM
@cis A musical number and neither Neil Patrick Harris nor Seth MacFarlane are singing? That is a fail on so man levels :þ
@Plergux speaking of the latter, I heard there's a Family Guy video tutorial explaining COVID-19? o.O
@PauloCereda LOL. That could be interesting. Granted I've not watched much of Family Guy but it might be quite different depending on whether it's Peter, Brian or Stewie. Or Quagmire XD
@Plergux giggity ooh
12:59 PM
@samcarter We are at siunitx v3.0.31
@JosephWright yeah!
@MarcelKr├╝ger Ok, I understand.
@JosephWright ooh
1:24 PM
> xetex -v
Compiled with pplib version v2.05 less toxic i hope
^^ someone was frustrated? :)
@PauloCereda :D Brilliant. I'm not a big Family Guy fan but Seth is cool. Love The Orville :)
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