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2:00 AM
Here's a video.
I know, right?
Don't burn yourself :x
Now I must shoot cartoon dudes with a rocket launcher.
I'm excited. OK, bye!
2:10 AM
Well screw that, my fox's legs are included in the official LEGO Digital Designer parts library, but are not actually available.
They come in 33 colors, and in 1650 sets, but not in orange, not once.
I should have checked earlier.
I already noticed a whole number of orange parts that made me suspicious, and I checked, and sure enough they didn't exist. So I didn't use them. But this one part here I never checked, it seemed too common to not exist in orange.
Couldn't you switch to a slightly different colour?
Orangey brown?
Reddish brown?
Tried that.
It doesn't have to be Firefox.
2:12 AM
They are not remotely close.
I'm so sad.
I also tried using other parts, that exist in more or different colors (though still not in orange!), that looked awful.
Why don't you focus your attention on Lego bricks closer to home, instead of worrying about ones that are far away?
Oh but I do.
I have all LEGO bricks at home.
Apparently not.
2:14 AM
Which is why it was such a shock to discover that I didn't have that one part.
I was literally like, no this can't be true, I must have like 20 of this part.
Guess what, nobody has it.
Anyway, bad news for @kitfox. Me, I can wait a couple years till they wake up and produce it.
Meanwhile I have one more excuse to go to bed.
Night all!
@Mahnax Your command of the teenage argot is commendable, laddie.
@RegDwighт I guess that is some consolation.
Shared pain is half pain.
@Cerberus Isn’t that what he just told you a while-ish ago?
Not to mention. . .
Jan 12 at 5:38, by tchrist
> Yet it is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till.
I must stop watching Star Trek.
Lord I want to go to bed. Don’t you?
I guess HBO has just broadcast the opening episode in the third series of Game of Thrones.
Doubtless it shall momentarily be available for anonymous download from China via Russia, but I’m not sure I’ll last that long.
@RegDwighт Night!
You could make it with black legs with white socks.
2:33 AM
Yes, foxies do come padding on stocking feet, don’t they?
Sometimes. Sometimes with all black socks.
I think actually usually with black socks, @Reg
I’d have to look at my pix, but I think there are a lotta regular red-fox pix on google images.
@tchrist You can stream the torrent.
So you can watch it almost immediately once it's out, no need to wait for it to finish (if it is well seeded).
At least Utorrent has streaming.
So my Easter Sunday night (if you can still call it Easter after sundown), consisted of trying to score morphine.
2:41 AM
@Cerberus Yeah, I just got donkey2k link.
I may not watch GoT any more.
It will be nice to wake up to, but I cannot stay up for it.
Somehow I lost interest.
Well, the last season had no shortage of . . . issues. Troubles. Annoyances.
@KitFox Aww, your pretty little foxen ears are still infected?
2:42 AM
@KitFox OFFS you should always have emergency opiates on hand.
No, Gramma D is refusing pills.
It was very addictive, but never my favourite.
No, I don’t like morphine either.
Refusing isn't really the right word. She's confused about what she's supposed to do with them.
But why does she need Serious pain meds? No matter — I guess she does, and she won’t take the pills?
2:44 AM
She's got pneumonia.
One take opiates for pneumonia??
I didn’t know that.
She's old and dying.
Why isn't she in hospital?
One takes opiates for that.
One takes opiates for being old and dying. I suppose.
2:45 AM
Don't worry, I'm sure she'll make a miraculous recovery. She always does.
Pneumonia was once called the old man’s friend. Because it shuffled one off this mortal coil with some alacrity.
Yeah. She calls it that as well.
Poor dear.
So, she is not so addled as I thought.
We can hope she was just waiting for her daughter to return.
She's been trying to die for about seven years now.
Dying is hard.
2:47 AM
She keeps getting better.
She has a support network.
It makes life worth clinging to.
And provides things we might ourselves, left to our own, forget.
Well, kind of. Recently, she can't remember who we are a lot of the time.
Except she remembers my boys. Always.
Really? That is kinda surprising. And, well, nice.
I think they are the only reason she's still here.
Usually it is only the most ancient of memories that are readily accessible.
I have seen that.
The great-grandchildren, the new spark of life.
2:52 AM
So new laminate on the countertops and I am off to bed. Good night!
@tchrist Thank you, sir.
3:16 AM
@JasperLoy Gracias.
1 hour later…
4:33 AM
@Cerberus How did you get a screenshot of my computer??
I'm sorry, I thought you were in bed.
Well, I am.
But I shan't be sleeping for a few hours yet!
4:35 AM
If I had know you were awake, I would have hidden it from you better.
What time is it? 11?
That is, if things went the way they did last night.
How were things last night?
Oh, great!
Although I shan't expound on that here… hah.
4:36 AM
That's OK.
So how have you been doing?
That was a while ago.
I gather it will be electronic?
4:38 AM
Temperatures considered.
Temperature? It's around 0˚C right now…
So when was it -40?
My other two minds are confusing me, I think.
It wasn't! I was saying that it sometimes gets that cold, once or twice a year.
Or was this -40 hypothetical? I forgot.
So is the hour near?
Or is there no specific time?
Oh, it's already started.
4:41 AM
I shall distract thee no more, for 'tis bed time here.
Have a good night!
Ah, OK. Well, sleep well, puppy.
You too!
I'll be off then too.
5:04 AM
When did the "chat with an expert" popup get implemented?
@MετάEd I sometimes hate it too, the popup appears even when I am trying to answer a question that I am an expert at
@TemporaryNickName I haven't seen it before now.
hmm idk, anyways Game of Throne season 3 is on today
Guys, when someone says something is for pussies then is "pussies" referring to the word cowards?
5:24 AM
@TemporaryNickName It basically means effeminate, weak men.
Obviously it is a term which is offensive not only to men but to women.
My website slogan is going to be "long text is for pussies" then is it a offensive quote or just funny and interesting?
@TemporaryNickName I'll vote offensive.
hmm, right
It means effeminate because "pussy" is vulgar slang for female anatomy.
yeah I know
5:30 AM
Sorry, chatroom stuttered.
5:47 AM
@TemporaryNickName This should be fixed in about a day.
6:01 AM
North Korea is extremely scary
It's because of their flight fighters
I got a question
their flight fighters have some parts built in wood so radars cannot detect them
5 hours later…
11:26 AM
@Noah .
11:38 AM
I had a nice chat with an expert.
It couldn't tell me why it wouldn't flip the turtle over.
@KitFox You can't flip the turtle over because then it will pee on the operator instead of the page.
But it's in the desert. It's hot. There's no operator and no page.
11:59 AM
The turtle can't flip itself over without your help, but you're not helping. Why is that?
@KitFox What, you think I'm a skin job?
I have to rebuild this massive query, and I am debating whether I should just make it work, or clean the whole thing up.
@KitFox It's in the desert? Better just shut it down, then. You don't want to overheat the chipset.
@Robusto Yessss! Thank you. Finally, someone recognizes my reference.
I have never taken the Voight-Kampff test.
12:05 PM
Me neither, but I think I'd have the same reaction to being asked about my mother.
Who actually called me yesterday for the first time in I don't know how long.
What is this thing I've done to my browser accidentally?
My mom's dead. If she called me it would be disconcerting.
You've mentioned. Did you like her?
Complicated question.
Well, you have my condolences then.
BTW, I watched Lincoln yesterday. Good movie. Daniel Day-Lewis was, as usual, outstanding.
12:08 PM
I've heard good things. I should like to see it.
I installed new laminate on the kitchen counters yesterday. Also, picked up morphine.
Not anywhere near as fun as watching a movie with my sweetie.
I learned he wanted the role of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. I can't imagine he wouldn't have been great, but Travolta is so iconic it is hard for me to wrap my brain around that.
Hmm. That is difficult to picture.
@KitFox Morphine? Eeek. What for?
Gramma D.
She couldn't figure out how to take pills yesterday.
Luckily, we have one pharmacy within 50 miles that stays open until 10pm, even on Easter, and carries morphine.
So what do you think? Should I redo the stats, or just replace all the functions so it executes faster and not worry about changing the front-end for now?
I have no opinion about database issues.
12:15 PM
Carol Kaye (born March 24, 1935) is an American musician, best known as one of the most prolific and widely heard bass guitarists in history, playing on an estimated 10,000 recording sessions in a 55-year career. As a session musician, Kaye was the bassist on many Phil Spector and Brian Wilson productions in the 1960s and 1970s. She played guitar on Ritchie Valens' La Bamba and is credited with the bass tracks on several Simon & Garfunkel hits and many film scores by Quincy Jones and Lalo Schifrin. One of the most popular albums Carol contributed to was the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. Life ...
Lotta people don't know about her.
Wow. A session player.
> Kaye played 12-string guitar on Frank Zappa's album Freak Out!. She also played on a few songs for his next album but declined to continue, saying she found some of the lyrics offensive. Kaye later said Zappa was good-natured and understanding about her qualms and they remained on friendly terms.
I have a friend who is a very talented musician. I thought he should be a studio musician, but his ego's too big for that.
Did you ever hear the one about Steve Vai's audition for Zappa? Pretty funny.
12:27 PM
It's raining and grey here.
My head is still ringing and painful. I don't really want to be at work.
Are you OK?
Yes. I was asking whether working from home was not an option for you.
If that would help.
It is an option, but not today.
Laters. Commute.
12:43 PM
How KitFox got totally white
You are now talking to an expert. The transcript of your session will be available online.

Expert: Hi, how can I be of assistance?

You: What are your qualifications?

Expert: That's not easy to explain.

You: Have you passed your Turing test yet?

Expert: Can you rephrase that?

You: Have you your Turing test yet passed?

Expert: I once tried to ask politely, it worked remarkably well.

You: Please tell me if you have passed your Turing test.

Expert: Let's start over. What exactly do you want to do?
My encounter with an expert. Sheesh. Why are they doing this?
It's an April Fool's joke.
I asked about the Turing test too.
Hello, orc.
I'm visiting to request a review of the closed status of this question I have hit with a hammer
Why did I make these sprocs instead of table-valued functions?
Q: Passive form of "John is painting his room"

A4KASHWhen we want to change a statement from active to passive, in the present continuous, we have to change the verb that is continuous from the active verb to the continuous for of be and the past participle of the active verb. E.g. if we start with is painting then we have to change it to is bein...

12:57 PM
What's your case?
I made it less localised
I incorporated the OP's confusion about pronouns
So you made it more about the general idea of converting to passive construction?
hello guys
@KitFox yes
Hello @Saladin
Let me see.
12:58 PM
I'm new here and i need some help revising a long English sentence
can i paste it here?
Depends on the size of your paste buffer.
@MattЭллен OK. I see your point. I'll clean up the comments and reopen it.
yay! thanks :)
its 2 lines

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