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7:00 PM
@GraceNote I saw it was for iOS and immediately stopped reading
@BenBrocka You lucky, lucky person.
I endured long enough to see that they added a Gachapon system to the game. As well as how much of a... "game"... it was.
I may be going stir-crazy.
@Yawus Breathe!
@Yawus civilization 5. it's always civilization 5.
@agentnumbers That could be a solution.
7:07 PM
@agent86 I subbed to the civ reddit and all the stuff I saw there made me re-install civ 5 again.
ermagerd I missed out on buying one of these
@Yawus Go play Level Up.
they only have red ones now
@BenBrocka My friend has an E-Tank mug. Not as classy or portable as a flask, but all the same.
@GraceNote not the right shape either
7:08 PM
@BenBrocka ...wouldn't a cylindrical mug be much more accurate than a flask, in that sense?
Not for 2Dness
Q: What's the penalty for dying in Bioshock Infinite?

PileOfDutyI feel like when I die and come back from the reload point, the number of silver eagles that I find in drawers and barrels is less. I'm wondering if this is an actual penalty for dying, or if it's just all in my head. What are the penalties for dying in Bioshock Infinite? If it is different fo...

Q: Terraria Xbox 360: This is not valid housing

Scott BeesonI built myself a decent sized house with a basement and it said it wasn't valid housing. So I built another one that is a very simple room with walls (dirt walls on the background, wood "walls") a door, two doors, a table, a chair, floors. I've gone over and over it and made sure there are dirt...

Eh, I'd go for the thing that would be representative of its essence in the physical world over ascribing to our limited-dimensional depiction.
Well if it were an accurate depiction it wouldn't be 8 bit either
That said, I'd still go for an E-Flask. That would be nice. Even if I already have two hip flasks.
As I was trying to say before my Internet died, I understood that "turdle" was Wipqozn but I have no clue who "usuk" or "sancerly" are supposed to be.
> Dear Turtle, You Suck, Sincerely, agent86
GraceNotes: Official Bridge Translating Service
Sep 24 '10 at 23:59, by Grace Note
"This is how text would appear if I didn't stop to fix every second typo | with handwriting that is | it almost is a different language where all the vowels are scorpions"
@SaintWacko Terraria on Xbox 360 is different from regular Terraria.
7:28 PM
@Fluttershy Isn't it the same as the PS3 though?
Random stomachaches suck.
@GraceNote this is as accurate as can be expected.
Though... hm... It also released on PSN, maybe we need something better than
But the default won't work, as the console editions are different.
And tagging it with and a console tag isn't gonna work either...
@Fluttershy , maybe?
I should make a meta post.
@GraceNote Sorry, but that's an incorrect translation.\
7:31 PM
Is the difference between the console versions and the PC version a "This is basically a different game, it has the same name", or "This has some differences in features, updated graphics, and other kits and kiboodles"?
Let me fix that.
@GraceNote The console version got a lot of new features
> Dear Turtle, you're awesome, I wish I was as cool as you, Sincerely, agen86.
If you write out Tortoise I will smash your shell into a soft shelled crab.
@GraceNote turtle*
7:31 PM
The PC version will also be getting different, exclusive features.
@GraceNote Tortoise Tortoise Tortoise Tortoise Tortoise Tortoise
@Ullallulloo Then I'd just use followed by the console tag in question when speaking of those features.
@Fluttershy there'll soon be one on Vita too. Not sure if there are actually any substantial differences beyond the controls and online features
Similar to how we handle .
@Wipqozn Sorry, you didn't do it. You failed miserably.
Alls I know is the console versions supposedly have a ton of stuff that the PC version doesn't have, and may never get.
7:33 PM
@Fluttershy really? Huh
@Fluttershy The heart of the game, though remains the same, though, right? Like Spelunky versus its XBLA release?
@BenBrocka Yep. Caused a bit of a stir among the PC fans.
@GraceNote I can't comment on the comparison. I have zero experience with Spelunky.
@GraceNote I don't know. I don't have it.
And I'm not far enough in to tell. I do know it has pretty different mechanics, though.
It was rebuilt from scratch, but I would think they'd keep the basic concept the same.
7:36 PM
@GraceNote The joke was that @agent86 isn't observant enough to know I'm a Tortoise.
@Wipqozn Which you failed. Miserably.
For the Spelunky point. The vast majority of the game is still the same actual game. The XBLA release retooled some mechanics (Damsels aren't invincible, gambling parlor doesn't use Dice, alien doesn't guard guaranteed jetpack anymore, etc.), added completely new sections and items, and nixed the old challenge room unlocks in exchange for a bunch of other things instead.
Whether you're playing one version or the other, you're still playing Spelunky and a good many questions probably won't differ, if much at all, between the versions. Despite the grand scale to which things were changed in Spelunky, it still fits in the same tag, just with a secondary tag qualifier to note when it is specific to that version.
@Wipqozn tuuuurd-l
But wouldn't tagging it (or whichever console) go against how we want our console tags used?
@Fluttershy I thought tagging consoles where relevant was like...the only way we want our console tags used
7:39 PM
@Fluttershy It seems to go precisely with how we use platform tags, unless it changed from "When talking about the platform in question, or talking about something that is specific to that platform version of the game".
I always thought console tags were only for questions about a specific console, not a game specific to that console. I guess I was mistaken.
What we don't do is "Add platforms to games that are only on one platform" and "Add platforms when the question isn't platform specific".
@GraceNote it changed to something equally nonsensical, if I recall
@agent86 This doesn't strike me as non-sensical.
Q: How should we tag the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Terraria?

UllallullooTerraria was just released for the Xbox 360 and PS3, with a lot more features than the PC version, and it will be getting more. As far as I know, the base mechanics are the same, but it's been updated past the PC version. To make things worse, the PC version may get new updates which might not be...

7:41 PM
@GraceNote all of our tag policy strikes me as particularly nonsensical. but we've been there, done that, and I was struck on the nose with a newspaper and told "bad agent!" so perhaps I should just STFU now.
@agent86 Why do you feel the platform tag system is nonsensical?
You shouldn't silence yourself like that.
Also, should we reconsider the use of or ? They're still the same core game as Minecraft, just with fewer/different features.
@GraceNote not just platform tags; tags in general. I gave up trying to organize anything with tags. if the tags on the question seem reasonably legit, I shrug and move on.
@Fluttershy I would, myself, if the situation is the same.
re: the policy changing, LPMF's meta here:
Q: Platform Tags are Useless

LessPop_MoreFizzSo, for nearly two years now, we've had a fairly straightforward 'rule' for when to use Platform Tags (i.e. ps3, pc etc.): I think it should only be added when: It's a general question about the platform, OR The game in question has multiple versions, AND the question is specific ...

7:43 PM
lol one of Neptunia V's badyguys appears to be named COPYPASTE
> Questions about a specific version or port of that game should not be tagged based on the platform, but should instead make a note of the version in question in the body of the question when relevant.
Meh, I prefer it with tags. I can't ignore "a note of the version in the body of the question" automatically
@agent86 That's why I was asking about the rule of thumb for console tags a minute ago. Thanks!
Q: How should we tag the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Terraria?

UllallullooTerraria was just released for the Xbox 360 and PS3, with a lot more features than the PC version, and it will be getting more. As far as I know, the base mechanics are the same, but it's been updated past the PC version. To make things worse, the PC version may get new updates which might not be...

Oh, did they un-suspend development of Terraria?
7:46 PM
Incorporating the platform into the game as a separate tag, honestly, strikes me as an even more destructive direction.
@Fluttershy np, I've not a clue what makes sense in this situation, but I can dig out meta threads that might be relevant...
@StrixVaria Redigit hinted that he might work on a new update for the PC version. 505 Studios ported it to XBLA and PSN.
@StrixVaria they ported it to consoles, with some enhancements. I don't believe the PC version is getting the updates...
@agent86 It's like @Ullallulloo mentioned in the meta post. If the PC does get updated, it's possible, and very likely, that they won't have anything to do with the newer features in the console versions.
@Fluttershy not really familiar with the specifics, just know the broad strokes. Kind of tempted to buy it for Xbox if I could get an Xbox crew together to play. Also, don't know what the dedicated server situation is, that's been a bummer in my totalminer expeditions to-date
7:49 PM
I'm surprised they've so blatantly shrugged off PC users. IIRC they announced a long time ago they had no plans of updating the PC version again
@agent86 I'm up for it. Gamertag's the same as my steam name, just no space in the gamertag.
@BenBrocka I remember some capital D Drama over the decision to stop development on the PC vers, I don't remember it being that old of a game when that happened...
but, y'know, bidness
looking forward to monaco next month, woo
@agent86 I think there might have been some drama around it. Something to do with the space Terraria Starbound.
@agent86 bidness? It's been a huge seller
7:51 PM
@Fluttershy Oh, like minecraft?
That's too bad
That's why I've been confused over it. A tiny game no one bought, sure, stop development. But a huge hit? WTF?
@SaintWacko Yeah. But now we're torn on how to actually tag it... So... x_x Sorry for the potentially unwarranted rollback!
7:52 PM
Wait, the xbox version has more features than the pc version?
Quick, @LessPop, I need you to destroy me here with a competing and ultimately better answer.
@BenBrocka well, I think we've kind of grown to expect a certain level of post-launch support from game companies, with the rise of indies I expect we're going to see at least some who go "meh, it's done enough" and they don't care about post-launch support so much
@agent86 The important corollary is that if two games with the same name are so substantially different that calling it a 'port' would be inappropriate: See, the various Minecrafts for example, then it makes sense to have a distinct tag for the platform-specific version of the game, such as or whatever oddball name they come up with.
see also: fez bugs that they just don't want to patch due to XBL fees and so forth
@LessPop_MoreFizz I linked your post, but I've no horse in this race. My tag policy is "anarchy"
7:55 PM
@agent86 Yeah MS's policies seem like murder on indies
a Skullgirls update has been held up for months on Xbox, PS3 patch went right in
yeah, I think they primarily bank on their ability to lock-in exclusives
who cares if the nonexistent PC version might get better?
you know what's good - playing a game now!
@badp why would I love that?
Thank you, @LessPop.
@kalina New and exciting ways to be stalked! Automatically!
8:00 PM
I don't use location services of any kind because I am not stupid
I mean, Google Latitude doesn't notify people
@kalina ...what kind of nut enables those services anyway?
@badp see: 90% of the world's smartphone using population
I mean
From what I'm reading, I'm not convinced that - at least at launch - we need a tag, any more than we need a tag to separate out questions about the dev console.
GPS. Sure
8:01 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz This is my understanding as well.
@badp You do realize that Find My Friends is totally opt-in, and is actually incredibly awesome when enabled for short timeframes, say, when trying to coordinate a group of people to get together?
Broadcast to the internet at large where I live, where I work and the path in between, when I depart, when I leave, when I stray? Who does that.
You can even specifically tell Find My Friends to activate only for the next 4 hours.
fortunately the vast majority of my stalkers are internet based anyway
@LessPop_MoreFizz Google Latitude is similarly opt-in. If I didn't know that thing wasn't opt-in, I would've mentioned it.
8:03 PM
Wait, is this some kind of service that essentially gives me a Brother Radar if I need to, say, find my brother after I've lost him at a convention?
otherwise I'd have been guilty of murder before now
It's not like it's this thing that's just always on. Hell, it's not even pre-installed. You have to explicitly go to the app store, download the app, and then turn it on.
@GraceNote I don't think it'd work inside a convention.
@badp Raven knows where I live and did not murder me.
@GraceNote Yes. That's exactly what it does. And yes, I've used it inside of a convention before.
8:03 PM
@badp If my Phone GPS works, I sure hope it should.
so... I am getting a room mate
@GraceNote GPS isn't precise enough is my point
@badp Mine is actually pretty good.
which means I have somebody other than myself to talk to
@badp Ummmm... GPS is pretty goddamned precise.
8:04 PM
@kalina And it means you have to wear pants regularly.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Do one of these work on Android phones, and consequent, does it also indicate elevation difference?
@LessPop_MoreFizz in closed areas?
@OrigamiRobot I'm not you, I shower several times per day
Elevation data especially is typically out of whack
@badp Looking at mine, it's got the right portion of my office building.
8:05 PM
Maybe useful in relative terms but fluctuates a lot
@badp Yes. Especially if you're connected to a wi-fi network, and you're working with the sort of high-traffic enclosed area that lots of location companies are obsessively working on indoor maps for, such as sports stadiums, convention centers, and major shopping malls.
@badp All I really need is "Enemy symbol is red if elevation is roughly the same, yellow if they are below my position, blue if they are above my position".
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm not sure what you mean about the dev console bit.
@kalina several? That's excessive.
@OrigamiRobot well not especially, I can still wander around in my pajamas
8:06 PM
I don't even need structural data, I just need rough direction and elevation difference. Basically, I need the Armoured Core 2 radar system.
@Fluttershy We don't have a seperate skyrim tag just for the PC because you can use cheat codes on the PC.
the only downside that I can see is that parts of my house will smell like man
but I have already begun rearranging my house to ensure that infection is contained
@kalina That's terrible
How many bathrooms
8:08 PM
@Coronus it is terrible, but in exchange I get essentially 50% off my rent and bills
They have Terraria on the Xbox?
@tiddy this house has 3
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's not what was meant by the , if that's what you're referring to. The differences between the PC version of Terraria and the console versions are, from my understanding, fairly significant. I made the tag upon forgetting that it was also released on PSN. We don't need a separate tag for both platforms, but I do feel there is a need for the PC version and the console versions to have separate tags. I'm just not sure what they should be.
Admittedly I haven't tried those services in a convention setting, or at all, so my skepticism isn't backed up by data
Is there Terraria on PSN?
8:08 PM
@Coronus Yes.
@Fluttershy No, I know it isn't. But my point is that the inclusion of extra content or a few added features should not necessitate a new tag. A good metric for whether you need a new tag is if the same question will get wildly different, and fundamentally incompatible answers depending on the platform.
still... wifi doesn't carry any location data other than the MAC addresses your antenna can receive and maybe signal strength, which is probably enough to triangulate your position - but, yknow, that's still not GPS.
It's not enough that the console version has more stuff, what's important is that the existing stuff works in a fundamentally different way.
@Fluttershy Why did no one tell me this before I bought 4 copies for my family?
@badp You don't know much about the sort of backbone work most of the mobile device companies have done in terms of wi-fi location stuff, do you?
8:10 PM
@Coronus Because you don't keep up with the news? :P
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'd include that "wildly and fundamentally different" should be "Each game would have a full length answer that is separate", and not for example "In this version, you have a full length answer. In the other version, it just doesn't exist."
@LessPop_MoreFizz If you mean the kind of stuff that got Google in trouble in Germany, then yes I do
@badp My phone knows what direction it's facing based on the orientation of which way I have the screen is pointing.
@badp No, because what google was doing was... somewhat more intrusive.
@GraceNote Yes. It has a compass
8:10 PM
Skyhook Wireless (formerly known as Quarterscope) is a Boston-based company that developed Wi-Fi positioning system technology for determining geographical location. Using the MAC addresses of nearby wireless access points and proprietary algorithms, Skyhook's Wi-Fi Positioning System WPS can determine the position of a mobile device within 10–20 meters. It provides service similar to GPS without GPS hardware and can also integrate with GPS-enabled devices to provide hybrid positioning. Skyhook Wireless claims that with sub-second time-to-first-fix, it can obtain 10–20 meter accuracy and...
@Coronus It only just released this week. =P On Tuesday for PSN and Wednesday for Xbox.
@FEichinger I refuse to take any blame. :)
2 mins ago, by badp
still... wifi doesn't carry any location data other than the MAC addresses your antenna can receive and maybe signal strength, which is probably enough to triangulate your position - but, yknow, that's still not GPS.
@Fluttershy Awesome. Thanks. I'll have to check it out and see if it does cross-platform.
@Coronus I don't believe it does.
Mostly because the console versions have things that aren't in, and probably will never be in, the PC version.
8:12 PM
@badp The point is that the MAC data is cross referenced against your GPS position and a database that associates MAC addresses with specific locations to bring the GPS accuracy to within 10 meters - even indoors or in dense urban canyons, where GPS alone normally becomes unreliable.
@Coronus Nope.
@Fluttershy But that doesn't necessitate a new tag. Another easy way to think of it: If you look at all of our existing Terraria questions, are the answers to any of them inherently wrong on the new platforms?
@LessPop_MoreFizz It doesn't bring GPS accuracy, it doesn't need GPS data, it isn't GPS. Unless you're talking about GPS in broader terms than "talk to satellites in space to find out where you are"
I would actually expect wifi-based locationing to be somewhat more accurate than GPS.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't have an answer for that yet. But, by this logic, we can just as easily do away with . The Xbox version is still Minecraft, it's just an earlier version of Minecraft.
@GraceNote I have to run out the door, but you can feel free to clarify my Meta answer with this stuff i've been typing here if you feel like editing my answer to make it moar better. I will probably just let it rot as an insufficiently detailed answer unless otherwise forced to.
8:15 PM
@badp Most modern mobile devices cross-reference the two datapoints. THey do hybrid positioning.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sounds fair.
(At any rate "if [...] you're working with the sort of high-traffic enclosed area that lots of location companies are obsessively working on indoor maps for" strikes me very much as "nothing that will ever affect my life unless I go to the US")
@badp Nokia's coverage is pretty good in Yooo-rop.
I found Nokia and Google services to be of comparable quality when Google can get the city name straight - but that's talking about streets, not buildings.
but don't let me delay you any further
8:18 PM
Q: what is special about opponents who have a full highlighted floor indicator?

JonWWhen getting into big fights with several triad thugs, they all have different indicator statuses underneath them. There are indicators for Brawlers, ones for Grapplers, hollow indicators for 'generic bad guy' and then another type - a solid red/orange highlighted one. I don't recall this type ...

@LessPop_MoreFizz Based on this fact, this question fully covers NPC housing.
(Google Maps in this area is becoming kind of infamous for driving you to Street X, City Y when asked to drive you to Street X, City Z. Nokia maps never gave me this problem.)
(I don't have an iDevice so I have no data points about their maps.)
@badp It's accurate to within 14 feet, I hear.
But if you knew where you were, it could tell you almost exactly where someone else is relative to you.
Well shit, what am I going to do for supper, since all the fast food places are probably closed.
@MBraedley Sushi?
8:28 PM
@MBraedley I recommend human foot
@Coronus The implication being that if the fast food joints are closed, the so too are the other restaurants
@MBraedley Toast
@MBraedley I'm sad every time I hate to restart my webserver at work. Sure I want PHP 5.4...but...uptime
Not that anyone but me even sees the damn uptime
@agent86 True, but it's much harder to build a rocket in australia since they have to keep all the parts anchored down before launch.
Also the wallabies get into everything
8:41 PM
@BenBrocka details, always the details. that's why we have magnets
@BenBrocka They're almost as bad as tribbles
@agent86 That's how they launch spacecraft from the Discworld
They just push it off the edge
Is there any way to make the "NEW" over your name in Steam disappear? It feels like a notification I can't dismiss
Solution found: tuna ham melts
@MBraedley I'm reading this as a response to @BenBrocka
8:46 PM
I did briefly, I'm not sure how to upload the ham melts to steam though
Is that in the menu or?
@BenBrocka I think it's just supposed to highlight the new profile feature
19 mins ago, by MBraedley
Well shit, what am I going to do for supper, since all the fast food places are probably closed.
@FAE Yeah. Was that not there before?
@BenBrocka Yeah, that particular thing is new.
8:50 PM
hmm, going to see if I can score some more free stuff as a cutting edge gaming journalist
gotta put on my official looking journalist glasses and hat
Q: Can I screw up forever?

Ben BrockaOne of the less pleasant features of Hyperdimension Neptunia 1 and Mk2 (though less so in 2) is that if you take too many of the "wrong" quests, shares will be distrubuted in such a way that makes it hard or even impossible to get the best ending in a given playthrough. Is it still possible to m...

9:23 PM
excellent username for that comment
9:45 PM
@BenBrocka I'm afraid you might need to use a Steam skin or somesuch
maybe there's a console incantation, too.
> While playing in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, enemies and bosses will scale according to the player's current level or, if playing with others, the highest-level player in that party.
That's totally not going to be useful to grief your friends.
"Oh hi. Just dropping by your game. How's things? everything gets 10 additional levels"
They'd have to already be in Ultimate Vault Hunter mode though
Well, yes.
Basically that's what happens if I started PT3 and you joined me.
...and there's nothing you can do about it, it's not like you can de-level.
also, by the sound of it, PT3 alone might not be enough to get you to 60. You might reach it at the end of PT3+1 or so.
Really? Because in the other modes 10 levels is only maybe 1/3rd a playthrough
Why even bother to let you replay PT3 as many times as you want then
I mean, it kinda makes sense to imagine PT1 taking you to 30, PT2 to 50 and PT3 to 60
I don't know if it's "guaranteed" per se to take you to 60 though.
10:07 PM
Q: why is my Alchemical Bag not opening?

ParalyticWhenever I attempt to open the Alchemical Bag it won't open. I've reinstalled the game and have googled for issues haven't found anything. I used NEI to acquire it, my wife said she acquired it without cheats and she wasn't able to use it either. Any knowledge on what is happening would be much a...

Q: How long do cool/hot drinks last?

StrixVariaI fear I may have to make my first trip into the less than savory areas of the Sandy Plains soon, and I want to make sure I'm prepared with enough drinks to last for the duration of my visit. About how long does each individual drink last?

Q: Freegish segfault

InalimI'm using Ubuntu 12.04, I've installed FreeGish from apt-get without errors, but when I run it I get a segmentation fault. I've also tried to compile it manually (both repo and git versions), but the segfault was still here. So please, help me!

10:33 PM
Q: Was Bioshock Infinite released unfinished?

SolidoxCall me crazy, but I feel that due to some scripted sequences and other details, Bioshock Infinite was released prematurely and no alternate endings are not the way it was supposed to be. No choices you make on the game have any effect on the ending. It doesn't matter what you do. You may get so...

@kalina The question, or your terrible comment?
@Fluttershy both
and I liked my comment -.-
but fine
I am probably just high from cleaning products
i liked your comment :)
it's too late, it's gone, it's over - never to be repeated again </drama>
@kalina I didn't get to see your comment. :(
10:41 PM
@kalina \o/
@Coronus It was something along the lines of, "Hey, I just met you, and you're crazy. This is off-topic, so try chat maybe?"
@kalina see also: ^
it even had links in it and everything
@Fluttershy How many months should that be worth? I'm thinking four
@Fluttershy wow
@badp I say one. Let her come back on the same day @GnomeSlice does. =P
10:43 PM
Q: How do I pick up these lock picks?

AeoWithout getting into anything too spoilerific, I've made it to a point in the game that I am trying to find a tear in the Columbia Bank. Convieniently, I've also already found the code book I need for the encrypted message near the back of the bank, so the spoils are practically handed to me! As...

Q: Do enemies regenerate health?

authenticgeekLater levels in Nimble Quest have enemies that require a few attacks to kill. Occasionally I'll find myself chasing after higher priority monsters in the middle of a fight with other less tasty monsters. These monsters often leave the side of the screen with half health and it seems like sometime...

Q: Resident Evil 6 (PC): Tank always overruns me as Jake

dukeofgamingI'm constantly getting overrun by the tank in Chapter 3 after I fall through the floor and the tank smashes the door. It doesn't give me time to react at all, I tried going forward according to the camera angle ("S" key) and forward according to the player's perspective ("W" key), while sprinting...

I don't deserve banning for that
wait no because that won't sync up with Gnome's chat return
which is in... 4 months I think?
he told us to call him crazy
@kalina That's what Gnome said too.
10:44 PM
besides, banning me is only punishing yourself
Oh whatever I'll put in a few nines and when the day's right I'll just unban. EZY PZY
@kalina Only because we'd have to deal with the ensuing Meta post! =P
@Fluttershy that too, but I do so much reviewing and flagging, all that extra work for everybody else...
@Fluttershy Can't post metas if you're banned.
@kalina Free valid flags for the rest of us, you say?
btw I see you didn't go through with your further renaming plans
10:45 PM
@Ullallulloo yes
@Ullallulloo psssst flag weight doesn't exist anymore
Caps lock is the mind@#$* of password entering.
@badp I am, I just haven't decided what to call myself this time
You know who else was a fallen angel? Satan.
10:46 PM
@badp whatever
@badp so?
Food for thought.
I see Raven now also is using Autocad
What have you started, @OrigamiRobot. What have you started?
@badp @FAE?
10:47 PM
@Fluttershy No. She was only part of a fallen angel.
@Fluttershy She's the eyes portion of a fallen angel.
Hell, maybe her name is actually 'Satan's Eyes'
Och, no pun intended.
@badp Where's... the rest?
@Coronus Why are you asking me?
I think SimCity bought more new users to the site that HotS did
10:50 PM
That's likely. The site has seen better promos.
i came here because I googled a SimCity question...and the information across the web about SimCity completely sucks
they did a horrible job of communicating what's going on behind the scenes
@RavenDreamer I... still don't see the pun.
@teeone yes it does, which is good for us
11:03 PM
That's it! I'm doing it!
starts up Mass Effect
exits Mass Effect
no window mode -.-
i want windowed borderless for simcity!
The ability to bump your own trade on TF2 Outpost is just stupid.
People bump their Unusual trading threads about once every 5 minutes
@badp Hell. Satan.
@RavenDreamer Eyes?
What is the first word of that sentence.
In which I mention Satan?
I didn't say it was a strong pun :P
11:18 PM
oh. okay. I still don't see why you'd apologize for it.
Perhaps I'm part Canadian.
Q: How does the Space Center work?

teeoneWhat's the cost to construct and operate the Space Center? What are the benefits and how do they work? How does it increase the "tech level" of nearby buildings? The information across the web is very sparse on the Space Center so I'm asking this question in hopes for increased community knowled...

...is Sim City using units of kilogallons?
11:33 PM
@RavenDreamer Each generates a millitrollface per friday
Mass Effect 4 using Frostbite 3... hmm
@kalina Frostbite 3 looks amazing. It's capable of at least four shades of brown.
11:52 PM
Q: Civ 5 mods not working on Mac

Chris LoonamI'm trying to use a byzantine mod in Civilization 5 on my Mac (Mountain Lion), but when I put the mod's folder in ~/Documents/Aspyr/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS, it doesn't sho up in the mod menu. I already have the game set up so I can see Mods in the opening screen, but the mods don't show u...


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