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4:00 AM
@fluttershy Email sent :D
@AshleyNunn Thanks! =D
That reminds me. I've had the wireless turned off on my 3DS for ages. I should turn that shit back on.
@Fluttershy No problem :D I had fun with it
@RavenDreamer Super Mario 3D Land is an excellent game.
@Wipqozn This. I quite enjoyed it.
4:05 AM
Anyone who likes exploration themed games should check out Mobiloid before the deal runs out. As you find new parts you can access new areas in the lab, and the environment is really well designed.
Holy crap, Snapshot is a fun game.
Q: What do the card levels mean?

FluttershyI've acquired several CollectaCards in my time playing Theathrhythm. Sometimes, I'll go check them out and read the neat little quotes in the Museum. One thing that's piqued my interest is that these cards seem to have levels of some kind. For instance, my Warrior of Light card is Lv. 3, while ...

Q: do you have to use all four accounts right away for xbox live gold family memberships?

bigwass42ok so I checked microsofts faq's for the xbox live gold family pack, and browsed on here for a little while, but can't seem to find the answer to my question. My wife and I both have xbox consoles, and I was wondering If I bought the family pack if I had to add four different accounts right awa...

@AshleyNunn Really? The snapshot mechanic looked neat, but I've heard the puzzles are boring and unimaginative.
@GnomeSlice Eh, it's fun for me.
cool. I got it in the bundle too, but haven't tried it yet.
I thought it looked like a fun little platformer
4:15 AM
@GnomeSlice It is. I mean I am no high-class OMG gamer, but it appeals to my likings.
@AshleyNunn did you get Dungeon Defenders in the bundle? It's one of my favourite games. Although you probably won't like it.
@GnomeSlice I did, and I am waiting for it to download. I am not sure if I will like it or not, but I will definitely give it a try :D
@AshleyNunn If you play unranked (easier, less competetive), I'm rich and I can give you a bunch of stuff and help out :P
@GnomeSlice Cool beans, I will totally keep that in mind
Also, for everyone interested, The Walking Dead Ep 1 is free on Xbox Live for who knows how long. Probably not long.
4:37 AM
Q: How do I get an excellent attack with a shell?

WipqoznI've never managed to get higher than a "nice" attack using a shell... in fact that's the only attack rating I ever get. What's the trick to getting an excellent attack with a shell?

Q: Running Stars! on Windows 7

hafichukIt's the holidays and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic so I've decided to break out my old copy of Stars!. Unfortunately I can't get it running on Windows 7. The troubleshooter suggests running in XP SP2 mode but when I try to test the game, the mouse spins for a couple seconds and nothing happens. I...

Q: How do critical hits and on crit effects work with Trick Shot?

OrigamiRobotTrick Shot can bounce between up to three enemies. Do each of these hits have their own check for critical hit? Will on crit effects such as sigils or traits trigger multiple times for one skill usage?

@kalina Oh, guess I shouldn't hit on you then.
@GnomeSlice I don't think you've ever hit on me
otherwise I'd probably get chat banned
@kalina For flirting back, right?
@Fluttershy yes, exactly that
I knew it.
I'd get banned either way probably
4:44 AM
@kalina I figured. Anyway, thanks again for helping in GW2 today. Also... You're up way later than normal. <_<
@GnomeSlice and @kalina would get banned together. How romantic.
@OrigamiRobot not the first time
@Fluttershy NP, you're thanking me for playing games, does not compute
@Fluttershy oh and blame @OrigamiRobot - it's his fault I'm up late
@kalina There were other things you could've been doing. You didn't have to run 3 (4?) dungeons with me. >_>
@kalina He is thanking you to spite me because I didn't want to help
@OrigamiRobot oh right, well shame on you, you are a bad person
@Fluttershy honestly, I was sorting through 1tb of MP3s trying to find every instance of manufactured 90s pop so I could eradicate it
4:45 AM
@kalina Don't blame me!
So... tired....
@Fluttershy yes, I am, so tired
@kalina I meant me, but I can see why you would be too.
@Fluttershy Stop being old. :P
Must find something non-GW2/non-3DS related to stay awake........
4:47 AM
@Fluttershy KSP?
@MBraedley I'm too dumb to play that game.
@fluttershy any reason you don't want to sleep?
@Fluttershy nonsense, just install MechJeb along with it
@AshleyNunn Waiting on a phone call.
@MBraedley I don't even know what that means.
@Fluttershy Skydrift.
4:49 AM
@GnomeSlice You don't have internet. And I'm too lazy to dig out my controller.
Or Tiny & Big
@Fluttershy MechJeb is an advanced autopilot
@Fluttershy Not with ME, it's almost midnight.
@fluttershy I don't know what you own so I don't know what to suggest.
@GnomeSlice what are you talking about? It's almost 1AM. Right @Wipqozn?
4:50 AM
@GnomeSlice On a Saturday. You're young.
Oh, did @Wipqozn leave? That's not like him
@MBraedley He goes to sleep even earlier.
@OrigamiRobot I'm restricted
I don't know what that means.
@OrigamiRobot I usually head to bed before him. But I'm on vacation, so it's all good
4:53 AM
Okay, my cold has sapped my energy enough that I am declaring it sleep time.
@OrigamiRobot My father has our router set to cut off access to my devices at 10:00 PM. He turned it off over the holidays so I could download stuff overnight.
Jeez, how do you live?
@GnomeSlice I don't understand why anyone would do this...
@Fluttershy my parents used to do the same thing to me
I was ~10 at the time though
@AshleyNunn feel better in the morning
4:55 AM
@kalina Okay that is acceptable.
I've definitely complained about this before.
I didn't even have internet when I was 10
College was the first time I had non-dialup
@Fluttershy no it wasn't, there was no proof it was affecting any of the other things I was doing
@OrigamiRobot yes but, I was 10 in 2003
I don't think I've ever used dialup because I've had to
Stop making me feel old.
I was lucky that my brothers demanded at least DSL when they got home after their first year of university
4:56 AM
@kalina I graduated high school in 2004... Christ I'm old...
@OrigamiRobot I'm not making you feel anything
@OrigamiRobot facts are facts
@agent86 Come tell us how old you were when you graduated high school so I can feel young again!
@Fluttershy hey, I'm older than you! (By a year)
@MBraedley You're old too. <_<
I remember when gas was < $1
4:58 AM
God, am the oldest one chatting right now?
I don't get why Americans call petroleum "gas"
@MBraedley Pretty sure.
it's a liquid for starters
@kalina Short for gasoline.
4:58 AM
but, it's petroleum
so... petrol
@kalina It's derived from petroleum. It's not actually petroleum. So we can technically call it whatever we want. =P
Petroleum is crude oil
gogo juice
I am going to call it gogo juice from now on
@kalina that's something and Red Bull, not gas. (mountain Dew?)
5:00 AM
@AshleyNunn not in Canada. Unless it's marketed as a "health drink"
@OrigamiRobot Star denied. GOOD DAY SIR
@AshleyNunn Here at GoGo Juice we value purity plain and simple. With so many products out there claiming to be healthy, it’s important to know what’s really going into your child’s body. Our juices contain only natural ingredients tailored to your child’s specific needs, whether it’s an immune booster or a healthy energy boost during practice! Whatever the case may be, GoGo juice delivers simple but effective products for kids all in the form of delicious, natural juice.
@kalina Oh my glob that sounds amazing! I love pears!
mmm pears
@OrigamiRobot was this supposed to be a reference to "honey boo boo" or w/e?
Bah. It's not even a real juice yet. I'm gonna stick with naked.
5:02 AM
it was the first result in my google search
@kalina Honey Boo Boo's go go juice was mountain Dew and Red Bull. (yeah I just checked that)
@AshleyNunn Isn't that "Crunk"?
@fluttershy you drink your juice while naked? :p
@fluttershy I have no idea.
@AshleyNunn Psssh. I only drink naked.
@fluttershy. Oh, baby. ;)
5:03 AM
Best juice ever.
for a moment there, as the image was loading, I have to admit I was in a state of horror that you'd just posted a picture of yourself naked drinking juice
Knowing it is a brand is a lot less fun
@kalina he's a pony, they're always naked.
@kalina Implying you would be bothered by that. =P
Well, except when they aren't.
@Fluttershy hey, I could be
5:05 AM
either way I am very good at making it look like I am!
@Fluttershy cheater! Just noticed you gravatar
@fluttershy tentacle grape?
@AshleyNunn Yes. It's a grape... soda....? I think? I honestly don't know what kind of beverage it is. I just know it exists, and I want to always have some in my fridge for a conversation piece when people visit.
@MBraedley ?
@Fluttershy the bow tie
5:07 AM
Whew The Bridge is getting to hot for me...
@origamirobot I could cool you down...
@AshleyNunn @OrigamiRobot She's Canadian! Cold runs through her veins.
@fluttershy that makes me sound evil.
ahem I... er...
@AshleyNunn I said your veins are cold. Not your heart. Ignore all logic.
5:09 AM
@fluttershy deal. Logic ignored.
@Fluttershy but she lives in southern Ontario, a few cm of snow shuts her down
@origamirobot speechless, dear?
@MBraedley I live in Southeast Missouri. A few mm of snow shuts us down.
@mbraedley not true. Takes more than a few cm to shut us down.
A lot more.
... I'll be in my bunk...
5:10 AM
@origamirobot can I come?
Q: Where is the screwdriver in The Walking Dead: Episode 2?

SeanHit a brick wall at the dairy farm. Without spoiling anything, I'm told that I need a screwdriver, but I can find any tools besides the multitool. How do I progress the story?

Q: Is there any way to synchronize a list of servers in Minecraft?

Anderson GreenI have installed Minecraft on several different computers, and I want to synchronize the list of servers with all of my computers. Is there any way to do this (e. g., by linking the list of servers to my Minecraft account)?

@Fluttershy I misread this pretty badly.
@AshleyNunn I'm just harping on how often Toronto seems to come to a standstill because of snow when it took White Juan to do that to Halifax
@GnomeSlice You would.
5:11 AM
Oh, Toronto is a different story than where I am.
@origamirobot trying to distract me?
@MBraedley I live in Southern Ontario. We have like three feet of snow.
@GnomeSlice sorry, fresh snow
@gnomeslice how far do we have to go to be Northern?
@AshleyNunn I dunno, but I live in Ottawa
@AshleyNunn as an outsider, Sault Saint Marie
5:14 AM
@MBraedley Probably had a good 7-8 cm today.
@gnomeslice I know, which is why I am curious - you are pretty far north of me.
@mbraedley okay, that works.
@GnomeSlice that's it? There'll be twice that on the ground here by sunrise
From the same storm
@Fluttershy I graduated from HS in 2001. Does that help at all?
@LessPop_MoreFizz yay, not the oldest in chat!
you people are all old
5:17 AM
@MBraedley I dunno, it's been snowing this really fine snow consistently all day long.
@kalina Yeah yeah, now get me my cane.
I also don't know what age people graduate from highschool
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not really. But thanks for trying! Three years isn't that much of a difference.
@kalina I'm 20. :)
@kalina 18
5:17 AM
@kalina 17.
sure, everybody shout out different numbers
@kalina Rule of thumb: If Birthday is before June, then 18. If birthday is after June, 17.
@LessPop_MoreFizz wait, what? You get that date wrong above?
@MBraedley No.
I was 17 when I graduated from high school in 2001. I turned 18 in November of that year.
I finished school at 16, went to college for a year then dropped out
5:19 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh, sorry, yeah. Might be getting a tad tired
I was on the 6 year plan for college.
@kalina I'm probably going to end up dropping out.
I dropped out because it was an anticlimax - they weren't teaching me anything I wanted to learn
and once I establish something is wasting my time I can't do it anymore
I finished school with exceptional grades in everything except german and french
5:21 AM
@kalina What were you there for?
IT, Business Studies and Math
advanced math was like learning another language, and I couldn't be bothered with that so that died first
@MBraedley Can't load this right now, but it's been pretty bad for the past few days.
business studies was boring as hell
I was promised a Platonic Ideal Snowstorm. It has not snowed. Nothing but rain. So disappointed.
and IT was trying to teach me how to use Microsoft Access to create a business critical system
5:22 AM
@kalina All programming languages are like this for me.
@GnomeSlice we had nasty snow/rain earlier, but it's been pretty calm these past two days
But that's about to change
since dropping out, I've studied for mcitp in sql
and didn't take the exam
I still haven't developed any real study skills. I coasted through most of highschool with great marks.
@GnomeSlice I never developed study skills. If I know it I know it. If I don't, reading it more won't make me learn it.
@OrigamiRobot Oh my God you are me.
5:25 AM
and then I realised the only thing in the world of technology you actually need to be good at is using a search engine
@kalina You need something for your resume (or CV or w/e)
@OrigamiRobot real world experience is worth more than "I sat this exam some time in the past"
@OrigamiRobot clarified
getting an A* in religious education and history doesn't mean anything
@OrigamiRobot robot learn good smash
5:30 AM
whereas I reckon database maintenance for pretty much every hospital in the UK, many hospitals in the US, defence contractors around the world and some other high profile customers, in addition to debugging business critical software would
I am basically incapable of learning.
@GnomeSlice Now now, there's no reason to insult the robot.
granted, I'd probably never see daylight again
granted, it's stupid mentioning such things
@kalina Too late. We all now know your secrets.
5:32 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz it's fine, google won't cache it
@kalina Welcome to my life.
@kalina Until I post that screenshot I took.
I say stupid shit almost constantly.
@GnomeSlice mine wasn't offensive to anybody important though
I was offended.
5:33 AM
@OrigamiRobot fixed
@kalina A lot of mine isn't either.
@kalina ahahahahahahahaha
if you go to sleep before I go to sleep, the world is messed up
I'll probably rust.
reality as we know it will implode on itself
do you really want to be responsible for that?
5:37 AM
@OrigamiRobot You'd think a high quality modern robot would be built from stainless materials.
I have to work tomorrow.
@OrigamiRobot awwwwwww
But then, I guess there's the rub. 'high quality'.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I blame @Wipqozn
wait, what day is it
oh, Sunday
5:37 AM
I still get to sleep in
@kalina Sunday, now.
I have to make up for being sick.
ok, call me sad, but I just spent the last hour phase inverting the vocals off a spice girls track
@OrigamiRobot I don't have to work tomorrow, but I probably should because it is overtime moneys and I have nothing better to do.
5:38 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz GW2
@kalina Bah, I need to get into music more seriously.
@kalina I won't say that only because I am listening to a witch house remix of a britney spears track at this moment.
I don't even know how to do that
@GnomeSlice I am not serious about music, I used to be, I lack all creativity atm
@GnomeSlice it's easy, it's called phase inversion, and you do it by inverting phases
you take a track that has a vocal on it
and an instrumental version of the same track
I'm not creative ever. :(
5:40 AM
you invert one of them
and play them both at the same time
@kalina Meh, game has mostly lost my interest at this point.
and since the same waves at the same time but inverted will cancel each other out, you're left with whatever exists in one track but not the other
@LessPop_MoreFizz Warrior no good?
in this case... vocals
@kalina Huh. I didn't realize that's how it worked, that makes sense though.
5:41 AM
@OrigamiRobot No, not that. Just the game in general is... kinda boring.
I don't have any training with electronic music production though, and I find starting out on my own far too overwhelming.
It's hardly rocket science
I don't have any training in music
I have a perfectly good pair of ears though
MMO's normally only really interest me via large scale group content, and GW 2 just doesn't pull me into that well.
generally a good indication that you're doing it right is by it sounding good
i.e. when I played WoW, I basically did 25 man raids and that was that.
5:43 AM
My only goal in music is to learn Pop Goes the Weasel on as many instruments as I can.
any music I make recently only really has one problem
and that is that is lacks all subbass
@OrigamiRobot Might I suggest the Theremin?
but I blame the hardware, my speakers don't reproduce anything below 50hz
@kalina Me too, I have a great ear for music, but I find all of the hardware/software overwhelming. I don't know how to use any of it, really
@LessPop_MoreFizz As an EE, I really should have built one by now :/
5:44 AM
I taught myself Cubase/Nuendo and Fruity Loops
@OrigamiRobot You should build a Teletron (mind controlled Theremin).
all you really need to master is how your sequencer does automation
everything else is soft skills that are software/hardware independent
like track structure
how stuff should build and break, etc
^ Demonstration of Teletron.
V how to Build Your Own Teletron:
5:45 AM
I need to get some good soft synths, but I'm not really prepared to drop a few hundred bucks on something like Massive if I may not ever use it.
@OrigamiRobot you? I'm an EE and my mother is a (retired) music teacher. I took piano lessons until I graduated high school
I've never even built a trebuchet! What kind of engineer am I!?!?!?!
@OrigamiRobot A lazy one.
@MBraedley You're an EE? What do you do?
5:46 AM
I'm going to ask what an EE is
but I imagine it means electrical engineer
@OrigamiRobot a non EE job: programming
what does an electrical engineer even do
@kalina They make things that use electricity.
5:47 AM
@kalina lots of stuff
@kalina Currently, I am learning about Arc Flash.
I built my own PC, that uses electricity
does that make me an electrical engineer?
@kalina no
@kalina Climb bridges to fix neon lettering, for one. My Uncle did that. Although he's an electrician, not sure if it's the same thing.
5:48 AM
@GnomeSlice No
It was in the news in Windsor.
@GnomeSlice no
I would say I also took apart my record decks, cut out the sensor that detected if the platter was down, and then rewired it all back up using nothing but candle wax
He's a foreman at a mining thing now too or something.
5:48 AM
but that would probably make you cry
ESG is so good. So classic.
I am not allowed to use a soldering iron though
in my defence
^ My job is to help prevent that
@kalina Why not?
5:50 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz you're kidding right? the amount of drugs I smoke, I'd die in a house fire
or burn holes in myself
Fun fact: For ~15 years or so, I had a scar on my thumb that looked like a happy face. It was from attempting to pick up the wrong side of a soldering iron.
@kalina Point.
@kalina I specialized in digital systems and communication systems. Ideally, I should be working on the next generation of cell phone protocols. I have friends that do control systems, and friends that do power systems.
I have been told categorically that there are a handful of things that I am never allowed to do, from a point of view of self preservation
one is use a soldering iron
one is use a gas cooker
We're all EEs
I'm not allowed to change fuses in the main switch box either
5:52 AM
one day I absentmindedly started to try and get a piece of toast out with a knife
before I realized what the heck I was doing
I've put a spoon in the microwave before
more than once, as if I didn't learn the first time
@Kalina I've only worked with Cubase once or twice, and I've only made one thing with it newgrounds.com/audio/listen/495298
@GnomeSlice is this going to break my hearing?
@MBraedley I am working with 3 phase power even though I said I never would.
@kalina I put tinfoil in the microwave once. Ball Lightning is pretty cool.
5:53 AM
@Mana Oh my God that's so scary, I've done that.
@GnomeSlice you know what time it is?
@kalina If you have to ask... it probably will.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Cut a grape in half and put it in there.
@kalina No, but it's loudish.
@OrigamiRobot RUN AWAY!
5:54 AM
@GnomeSlice your definition of loud does not match up with my definition of loud
@Mana Yes.
@GnomeSlice oh, no, that's not what this is.
@MBraedley Yesterday, I went to a place where they melt Titanium via induction furnaces.
@kalina Wasn't sure exactly what ou meant by 'break my hearing'.
@GnomeSlice being loud would break my hearing
5:55 AM
@OrigamiRobot well that's just cool
@Mana Let it go.
this isn't limited to 0db though
@GnomeSlice uh huh
@MBraedley There was a piece of equipment that said "DO NOT USE ABOVE 4500 AMPS"
@OrigamiRobot okay, that's just scary
5:56 AM
Yo, yeah.
@MBraedley Yea, a month ago, I was standing beside an MCC that was reading 2000A. It was intimidating to say the least.
@kalina Hm?
@GnomeSlice nevermind
Well I should get some sleep. Later chat
@kalina I'd probably understand it if you explained it but okay. =]
5:59 AM
@GnomeSlice mastering and post production isn't a one line explanation like phase inversion is

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