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2:00 AM
Er will uns zerstören.
I love the comment. Max Raabe is very clearly German.
Thanks for that pearl of wisdom.
I'm guessing @RegDwight is a closet accordion king.
@Robusto That was my first music instrument, actually.
OK, buster, it is on!
2:03 AM
Oh gods.
I have not yet begun to fight!
Very well done, that Max.
I can top that hands down.
Had enough yet?
2:03 AM
Except that he is in tails and his band is in dinner jackets.
Meh, I'm going to finish watching Rammstein instead.
All right then ...
I haven't heard a band I didn't like tonight... well done, boys.
Oh God. It's plain the Germans have already destroyed your country with polka music.
Hey you have no idea how bad Dutch folk music is.
2:06 AM
@Robusto BTW, that one is from Sony Music Entertainment. But the other ones worked, and I enjoyed them quite a bit. (Still listening to the last one.)
Seriously, check this one out. There is still time.
lol WGN!
Which reminds me. Cubs over the White Sox today.
@RegDwight Du bist ein krankes, krankes Hühnchen!
@RD1 — Spring training. Who cares?
I do hope you're checking out my videos, too. I'm not posting them for the transcript.
@robusto Spoken like a true fan of the losing team :)P
2:08 AM
@RD1 — I have a running bet with a friend. Dollar a point for games over/under .500, he takes Cubs, I take Sox, and I go home with money every year.
(I have checked out your Raabe videos.)
Not surprising. I'm a Cubs fan, but I'm not going to just give my money away.
@Cerberus The Drang nach Osten one is actually hilarious, you have to listen to the text.
I support my guys, the Legions of the Underworld.
@RD1 — Umm, all the Chicago baseball teams that have won a World Series in living memory, please stand up now.
That's what I thought.
2:09 AM
Lol, Sox fans.
So soon you forget YOUR long drought.
Umm, there hasn't been a drought as long as the Cubs'.
Now Legions of The Underworld sounds better than this polka crap.
When was their last World Series win? Hmmm ... oh yeah, 1908.
@robusto Pirates are working on it. give them time.
2:10 AM
@Reg: Sounds good and historically correct.
Working on their second century now.
@Cerberus Hahaha. Yeah.
@Rd0: Just drink this poison and you'll meet them soon.
Is that guy from Poland?
And when was their last World Series appearance? Hmmm ... 1945! When all the real men were off kicking the crap out of Hitler.
2:12 AM
Yes? I suppose that doesn't sound very Polish...
@robusto Yoinks you're still going on. :)
Sarajevo, methinks.
I am not good with Slavic morphemes...
Emir Nemanja Kusturica (Serbian Cyrillic: Емир Немања Кустурица), (born 24 November 1954 in Sarajevo) is a Serbian and Yugoslav filmmaker, actor and musician of Bosniak descent, recognized for several internationally acclaimed feature films. He is a two-time winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes (for When Father Was Away on Business and Underground), as well as being a Commander of the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Since the mid-2000s, Kusturica's primary residence is Drvengrad, a village in the Mokra Gora region he had originally built for the purposes of his film Life Is a Miracl...
I was going to say Serbia.
But it didn't seem logical.
2:13 AM
For all you Europeans:
The Chicago Cubs are an American professional baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the Central Division of Major League Baseball's National League. They are one of two Major League clubs based in Chicago (the other being the Chicago White Sox). The Cubs are also one of the two remaining charter members of the National League (the other being the Atlanta Braves). The Cubs have not won the World Series in 102 years; a longer championship drought than that of any other major North American professional sports team, and are often referred to as "The Lovable Losers" b...
Notice the last three legible words there.
So that's where you looked up cubs!
Meh sorry, sports... I don't follow EU sports either.
Wow Robusto.... you seem to have a passionate distaste for the Cubs.
For @RegDwight:
The supporters of the most well-known football club of the Netherlands, Ajax, call themselves "Jews" because they are from Amsterdam, which used to be inhabited by a lot of Jews.
They are always shouting "Jews, Jews" around town.
2:14 AM
@RD1 — What gave it away?
@Robusto Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Bros.
@robusto Pretty common malady.
But when their nemesis from Rotterdam comes over, Feyenoord, they shout "Jews to the gas! Jews to the gas!" around town.
@RegDwight — Get your Commie overlords to pay the bill so you can see real entertainment.
So very friendly.
2:15 AM
@Robusto You're repeating yourself.
@RegDwight — Only because I don't have my every post bookmarked.
4 hours ago, by Robusto
Get your country to pay up so you can get teh compleat internetz.
I have to put in my own work here.
And I don't?
@RegDwight — Well, you see, this is a variation on a theme.
Yours are just repetitions.
2:17 AM
I typed more Latin words today than ever before or ever again.
Promises Promises.
@Robusto Your variations are not exactly of the Goldberg caliber.
Martha's assault on the record books appears to have slowed to a crawl. Pity.
@RegDwight — Well, Bach wrote those to assist poor Goldberg with his insomnia, and I am keeping you awake, am I not?
Not really, no.
2:20 AM
So you're asleep?
You're sleep-linking?
Those polka videos, yes. But you? Meh.
Never say ever!
I never should have sent you those pictures of me in nurse's drag. Now you'll never leave me alone.
Feb 16 at 15:46, by Kosmonaut
@RegDwight appears to be following the corollary to "never say never" which is "always say always"
And as if by magic, he appears!
2:21 AM
And look whom you summoned!
My friend from Sendai said she got this text message from her brother:
RegDwight can link either posts or actual users to the chat.
@RegDwight — Immer und immer, @RegDwight wird schlimmer.
Oh at least he is alive...
Feb 23 at 11:38, by Eldros
If @Robusto is the dictionary here, @RegDwight is like some kind of archivist. Count on him to find the right link/song/reference relevant to the discussion at hand.
Feb 23 at 11:40, by RegDwight
BTW, you misspelled irrelevant.
2:22 AM
@RD0: Haha yes.
So @Kos, do you know what it means?
@Kosmonaut — Means everyone's OK.
I am glad.
That's very good to hear.
Free drinks and black jack for everyone!
2:23 AM
> The phone lines are still out of order, so I haven't got any detail information about my family, haven't even talked to them. In the email form my brother, he send me only four kanji characters "全員無事", which means "all members are safe". Since I got the email, I've lost the connection again... but the four kanji characters mean a lot to me! I'll keep trying to talk to my family.
Aww that is sweet.
That's how you put an entire world in just four characters.
I am still hoping it will not turn out too terrible, the whole mess.
@RegDwight I was thinking something like that
For all you folks playing at home, the last character is the one for matter or thing and the one before it is the one that signifies not — as in "not a thing" or "no matter".
Remember, @RegDwight when I was telling you about koto? That's another reading for that kanji.
2:28 AM
I honestly wish I had the time to learn Japanese.
@Robusto I was playing at home — thanks for the extra info
De nada, mi amigo.
@RegDwight only remembers the things he says, obviously.
Sorry, was briefly checking out American Dad re-runs.
@RegDwight — Now, there's no need to be insulting.
Feb 14 at 14:42, by Robusto
I probably should have added "koto" into the mix: *Osoi ni na'teru koto da kedo ..."
2:34 AM
You could just say you're not interested in my conversation. You don't have to say you were "checking American Dad reruns." That is so ... demeaning. I am crushed.
I will bounce back, stronger than ever. But not tonight.
Tonight I must away.
See, when I drink, I become stronger.
13 mins ago, by Robusto
@RegDwight — Immer und immer, @RegDwight wird schlimmer.
@Robusto Toodles.
2:36 AM
C'mon, react already, so I can go to bed.
ta ta.
@Robusto Go to bed first, we'll react later. American Dad is on.
@RegDwight — You really know how to hurt a guy.
And I wanted to check in on reality TV and see if they have come up with anything I might like.
@Robusto Doesn't have to be a guy.
3:02 AM
Girls? Where?
Everywhere but in Kazakhstan.
And stop asking for girls already.
Mar 7 at 21:40, by Cerberus
We probably need a native speaker for the correct term, preferably a 16-y-o girl from the Mid West.
What the... now I realize how out of context your oracles are...
I do have another girl on offer: do you know Dalida?
In case you do not understand the French, there are Slavic subtitles.
This is a classic that everyone should know.
This is the original in Italian, by Mina:
And another great classic by Mina, Ancora : her lover has left her, and she is screaming, begging him to lie with her once more. I believe it was banned from Italian television under pressure from the Vatican, because it was too pornographic, in the '70s.
3:26 AM
@Cerberus No, actually. Thanks for the vid. (And yeah, I understand spoken French and written Polish just fine. It's only spoken Polish and Latin in any form that I have problems with.)
Will watch the other two later. Commercial breaks are extremely short at this time of the day.
@Reg: OK we shall continue your Latin education later. I must be off to bed; night!
2 hours later…
5:13 AM
@Billare This is a bit late, but: "black bread" when used in a disparaging sense means bread made from the coarsest, cheapest flour, often containing little or no wheat. Besides rye, it could contain barley, millet, and various other grains, but rye was usually the main ingredient. It was not called "black" because it was moldy.
5:33 AM
@RegDwight, @Kosmonaut, @nohat: Can someone mark my latest question community wiki? I thought we had a checkbox to mark questions thus, but I can't find it now. Did it go away?
5:59 AM
@Martha Thanks, Martha!
6 hours later…
12:24 PM
Abend oder Morgen für dich?
Hi there.
Mar 8 at 15:13, by Robusto
Does it take a mod to CW a question?
Hey, it was late. Sue me.
I will sioux you first, as per your request.
Well, thanks for the CW.
Not at all.
12:27 PM
Fun little game, though, yeah? I invented it myself.
Not kidding.
Three words: Soviet children's magazines.
So far I haven't been able to get past 7 letters.
Yeah, yeah, Russians invented everything. Including propaganda.
Well, Joyce easily would. Tattarrattat.
12:29 PM
Not a matryoshka word.
I don't think you get the rules of the game.
Of course. Tat. Tatt. Tatta. Tattar. Tattarr. Tattarra. Tattarrat. Tattarratt. Tattarratta. Tattarrattat.
Gotta be real words. Not Joycean gobbledy-gook.
Well tell that to Jozce.
Grr. German kezboard.
Russians invent Jozzce too, da?
Russians invented everything, including Russians.
12:31 PM
Russians all the way down then, eh? No wonder they invented matryoshka dolls.
Precisely! Now you understand!
And we all know how self-refererential Russians are.
Hey, ne nuntium necare.
I'm just the piano player, you know.
It's too early for Latin.
But I'll kill whoever I like.
Learned that from the Russians, too.
I can always pay you not to, you capitalist.
Nihil tam munitum quod non expugnari pecunia possit.
12:35 PM
Alexander Litvinenko was a former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service, FSB and KGB, who escaped prosecution in Russia and received political asylum in the United Kingdom. He wrote two books, "Blowing up Russia: Terror from within" and "Lubyanka Criminal Group", where he accused the Russian secret services of staging Russian apartment bombings and other terrorism acts to bring Vladimir Putin to power. On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. He died three weeks later, becoming the first confirmed victim of lethal polonium-210-induced acute radiati...
Well, he didn't pay, did he?
Yeah, you're right. Money conquers everything.
Brb, die Suppe kocht.
Or if you prefer:
The first is Sony Music Entertainment, but yes, I prefer The Smiths to anything anyhow.
Mahlzeit, und bis später.
12:42 PM
1 hour later…
2:12 PM
Q: Present perfect tense versus past tense

kiamlalunoWhen is the present perfect tense is used instead of the past tense? I know that the present perfect tense is used when in the sentence are present some adverbs (e.g., never, ever).

Q: "I already ate them today" and "I've already eaten them today" - What's the difference?

brilliantWhile answering , please, specify whether you speak American or British English.

The latter is a dupe of the former, yes?
2:30 PM
Is the AE vs BE thing a red herring?
Maybe the user wants to know if who is replying speaks American English, or British English.
Apart that, "I have gotten" has a different meaning than "I have got" in American English, for example.
The OED reports that "gotten" is North American, or archaic.
Well, there's a separate question about got vs gotten anyway.
I'm just not sure if the default meaning of just is the same in both sentences. My brain's on tilt today.
But other than that, the questions seems a dupe to me.
3:00 PM
(We are left alone.)
I noticed they made some changes on Stack Exchange software.
Interesting, is it "changes on" in Italian?
Q: Rhetorical devices in Frankenstein

GatsbyHey, I wanted clarification on what techniques are employed in the following quote: I was benevolent and good but misery made me a fiend. Is this an example of high modality, antithesis - or is there something more specific?

No. It is "cambiamenti a".
"Ho notato che hanno fatto cambiamenti al software di Stack Exchange."
Actually, "modifiche a" would be better.
"Ho notato che hanno introdotto modifiche al software di Stack Exchange."
@RegDwight Why did you ask?
I keep to say "on" when I should probably say "in". I am influenced from a person living on LI, who says "I live on Long Island". :-)
@Kosmonaut I didn't know Frankenstein was a rhetorical device. ;-)
This really doesn't seem on topic to me. Am I too strict?
Should not be a question for writers.SE?
3:14 PM
Seems like it.
To me.
@Kosmonaut: I am not sure it is on topic on english.SE too.
I would think that a question about an example of antithesis would suit english.SE, though.
We generally have never had questions about rhetoric.
"I don't completely understand the meaning of antithesis; can you provide me an example of antithesis sentence?"
Now I have been left wondering: what is wrong with "changes on"? :-)
Normally it is "changes to"
or "in"
Although if you are talking about a website, it could be "on"
Well, it's the software used for a website.
Does that mean also "I live on Long Island" is not correct?
3:21 PM
"I noticed some changes on the website", "I guess they made changes in the software"
"on" an island is correct
He is "in" Montauk which is "on" Long Island.
I got it. Then also "I work on Long Island" is correct, simply because I am referring to an island.
But it doesn't work for Rhode Island, because it's not really an island :)
@Kosmonaut: Thank you.
(I like Long Island because you can reach Mt. Sinai in few hours.)
That's true :)
@Kosmonaut I was thinking that, too.
@kiamlaluno I would have said "changes to".
3:27 PM
I agree with the idea of moving it to writers... I think it is on-topic there.
Which native tribe was on Long Island?
Montaukett also
Heh. On the just-ate question, another non-native speaker's intuition matches mine.
@kiamlaluno: And there was I thinking Mt Sinai was in Egypt :-)
Nah, it's not like this.
Well... I see, two different meanings of just?
3:33 PM
I guess Montauk took the name from the Montaukett tribe. :-)
(I remember a Montauk Highway.)
A lot of the names in New York and New England are from Native American tribes
@Kosmonaut Yup.
Like Islip?
Harr, and now the rep graph is gone.
Q: What happened to Reputation Graph?

Shekhar_ProWhat happened to the reputation graph? When I clicked on reputation tab in my profile page today, I see that the graph isn't there any more, and instead it's filled with a list of my reputation changes (which I already asked to have pagination). Am I the only one who is facing this problem, or h...

(I hope it doesn't come from "I sleep".)
3:35 PM
@RegDwight I think a quality answer would point out the fact that the meanings of just are different in his examples. You could use the meaning of simply in both of those constructions.
"Just because you are the king, it doesn't mean you can do all you want."
@kiamlaluno Actually, I think Islip is a place in England
Patchogue is a good example.
Islip () is a village and civil parish on the River Ray, just above its confluence with the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire, England. It is about east of Kidlington and about north of Oxford. History The remains of a Romano-British villa have been found in the village. The Church of England parish church of Saint Nicholas has existed since at least 1065, but the earliest part of the present building is the arcade between the nave and north aisle, which was built in about 1200 in the Transitional style between Early English and Decorated Gothic. The chancel was rebuilt in 1780. The Churc...
@kiamlaluno That one's from a similarly-named place in Northamptonshire, England
Islip () is a village and civil parish in East Northamptonshire, England. It is close to the town of Thrapston, 5 miles from Little Addington and 7 miles (11 km) east of Kettering. At the time of the 2001 census, the parish's population was 763 people. Matthias Nicoll moved to New York from Islip in 1664. The town of Islip in Suffolk County, New York is named after the English village. The village has a well respected garage, a popular hairdressers, a beauty salon, a pub (The Rose and Crown), an inn (The Woolpack Inn), and a Working Men's club. Islip has a church - St Nicholas - where ...
3:37 PM
Oh yes, Patchogue.
Heh, yes, there's more than one, but Wikipedia suggests it's the Northants one that's connected with the NY one
Ronkonkoma? Yaphank?
@kiamlaluno Yes.
(It seems I am listing some towns where the train passes by.)
3:41 PM
Poquott is another
There is just a place where you can go from Jamaica to Mt. Sinai in few hours, and without to fly. :-)
Interestingly, the word Jamaica in Jamaica, NY has absolutely nothing to do with Jamaica the island.
It is just a coincidence that they are the same.
That is interesting.
Jamaica, NY:
> The English took over in 1664, renamed it "Jameco" (or Yamecah) after the name they gave to the local Native Americans that lived in the area, and made it part of the county of Yorkshire.
Jamaica island:
> Its indigenous Arawakan-speaking Taíno inhabitants named the island Xaymaca, meaning the "Land of Wood and Water", or the "Land of Springs".
I guess there were a lot of native tribes, then. :-)
3:51 PM
Basically, native people live there, Europeans take it over (usually the British!) :)
I can imagine how funny had been for those natives to be paid for something they didn't own. :-)
Ha. I get it. The rep report is pretty much public now.
It would be like to be a tourist, and be paid for the ownership of the town you are visiting. :-)
@RegDwight Interesting
The next hell that will break loose on MSO will be along the lines of "now people can deduce whom I downvoted".
3:58 PM
That's true
That really is true!
That's crap!
Hey @Martha, here's your chance to post another Eeeek!
And tag it
Am I wrong, or uphill is pronounced like if it were "up hill"?
4:05 PM
You are right
Then, "ph" in uphill is not pronounced as "ph" in shepherd.
It depends on your accent.
@Kosmonaut: Is that valid also for American English?
@kiamlaluno Maybe in some dialects. Not mine, but I can't say for sure if they are all that way.
By the way, does LI have an accent that is different from the New York one?
4:09 PM
New York City?
Even different boroughs of New York City have different accents.
@Kosmonaut Thank you; I was not sure who replied noticed I tagged the question with .
Long Island dialect is more similar to NYC than other things.
Upstate New York is completely different, on the other hand.
@Kosmonaut Does to speak of New York accent mean anything, then?
New York State accent? That isn't really meaningful.
New York City, yes, they have features in common, even if it is not all features
4:25 PM
I always understood "New York accent" as "New York state accent". It seemed too broad, though.
Usually when people say that, they are talking about the city and maybe Long Island area.
It would be like speaking of Lombardy dialect.
Upstate New York sounds more like the Midwest or Canada.
4:39 PM
Look, Robusto is coming in for a landing.
And another perfect landing. Chalk it up to experience, I guess.
How did you know I was listening to Led Zeppelin?
Led Zeppelin is the debut album of the English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was recorded in October 1968 at Olympic Studios in London and released on Atlantic Records on 12 January 1969 in the USA and 31 March 1969 in the UK. The album featured integral contributions from each of the group's four musicians and established Led Zeppelin's fusion of blues and rock. Led Zeppelin also created a large and devoted following for the band, with their take on the emerging heavy metal sound endearing them to a section of the counterculture on both sides of the Atlantic. Although the album initially...
This is an example of life imitating art. They never would have crashed that dirigible if it hadn't been for the band's rowdy antics in hotels.
It was in your English.SE profile, since everything's public now.
@Kosmonaut — Yeah, which New York? Brooklyn? Park Avenue? Longisland? Albany? Cooperstown?
@Kosmonaut — What, even email addresses??????!!!!!!
I am over-exaggerating
4:45 PM
Oh. I was hoping you were super-over-exaggerating.
Slam on the brakes, @Martha. I'm told by balpha that they are working on fixing it.
She can't stop it. The envelope question is a runaway train.
You can't stop her! You can only hope to contain her!
@Robusto Not talking about the envelope question. Talking about how I can see whom you downvoted.
52 mins ago, by RegDwight
Ha. I get it. The rep report is pretty much public now.
@RegDwight — Well, each and every one of those 57,000 people deserved it.
Yes, but now they can revenge-downvote you.
At least for the next few hours, before the fix is deployed.
And you don't want to be losing 114,000 rep.
4:49 PM
I will just put a message in my profile that says "if you revenge-downvote me, I will delete your account."
Hahaha. Good one.
Drop the "revenge-" part.
@Kosmonaut — Oooh, snap!
Please to notice I recently upvoted you.
"If I suspect you could have upvoted me, but chose not to, I will delete your account. Don't even get me started on downvotes."
"If you can read this, I will just delete your account, period."
4:51 PM
Just embed code into the profile that will execute the deletion of whoever loads the page.
There's an app for that!
Ask @Rebecca.
I'm thinking of changing my gravatar to a sign that says: "If you can't read this, you shouldn't even be here."
I know it discriminates against the sight-impaired, but maybe there's a way to add that in an alt attribute.
I don't see any down votes, on reputation.
I've only made 14 downvotes in my many years here.
I'll just rename myself in Misanthrope and edit my profile to say "U suck".
4:53 PM
See, that's how a non-native speaker would put it.
"u suk" would be even better
@Kosmonaut Thank you.
Don't show the effort of capitalization or writing extra letters just for correctness
At least, I don't think I see the down votes made by the user; I think they are the down votes received from the user.
People would spot the correct spelling of "suck" and figure: yep, foreigner.
4:54 PM
Yes, thanks for the explanation, I didn't understand it the first, second, and third time over.
"Must be one of those picky German speakers."
Sie saugen!
@RegDwight You see, because the word "suck" is spelled correctly, in direct apposition to the "U" substition for "you".
That's to mess with people. I thought I did say I'm a misanthrope?
@Robusto But now I no longer understand what you mean. Can you perhaps, like, explain it?
Is a misanthrope a failed anthrope? A kind of anthrope-manqué?
4:57 PM
A misanthrope is a horribly misspelled elephant.
@RegDwight — kk its like cuz you suk dood.
@Robusto: Yes, but an anthrope is the opposite of a thrope...
I thought it was just the indefinite form of "the thrope".
And a thrope is just a lisping mispronunciation of trope.
So it's a figure of speech!
And trope is Canadian French for "too much".
Trop, eh?
4:59 PM
I like the German word for "misanthrope": Menschenfeind.
It totally changes the perspective.
Like maybe it's not your fault.
Yeah, the Germans have all those words for not liking other people very much.
Maybe it was all of humanity that hated you first.

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