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12:01 AM
predictions stand at 58
(prediction at 12 am utc)
3 hours ago, by Ginger
lmao we got 45 followers in a single day and crypto got 27 in over two weeks
but replace 45 with 56
12:21 AM
breaking the 58 barrier for predictions again
next minute will be 57
12:44 AM
my predictor predicts no more follows between now and 12 am utc
but at least we got 57
1:23 AM
lets get 60 in a day
@TKirishima That's some really fast growth, I wonder what the record is
56k total views on reddit
its the hottest thing on the subreddit
@emanresuA have you not followed yet
we need 1 more follow
@lyxal Nice username lol
1:30 AM
@user thank you :p
Well 60 followers still won't be enough
A lot more upvotes are needed
but its the threshold :P
someone get the trance music for racing game playing we're doing a 60 follower speedrun
if we do this within a day
1:37 AM
Not happening without some voter fraud
well be famous™
new SE site any% speedrun
@user technically, 80 is the minimum number
Then why did the mfs put in a 60 follower limit anyway?
@lyxal because upvotes
1:37 AM
The 40 10+ question limit covers that already
@user ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
huh, they actually added a special case for removing the "s" when only one more follower is needed
somewhere i read that webapps had only 2 days of beta
@Ginger Sometimes ancient tech can be surprisingly advanced
the fun part about this whole process is that we'll have to do a second and third wave of advertising for the committing phase and private/public beta
meaning we'll be doing this all over again
1:40 AM
I believe in you :P
59 followers in a day is crazy
well here at CGCC we love doing it all over again
we'll do it a hundred million times over again if need be
As long as it doesn't take too much effort
...it's a reference to a ytp q:
@user we'll get the joj done
1:41 AM
Ah, I thought you were licking your eye before you edited
this site was brought to you by HoH SiS Foundation Repair
we need to list that as our sponsor now
100% unsatisfied :p
gonna have to do it all over again
I think that's all of the (non-vulgar) references
now for the questions :p
1:49 AM
in The Nineteenth Byte, 19 secs ago, by Ginger
now do some voting
lyxal have you considered a career in marketing :p
in The Nineteenth Byte, 12 hours ago, by lyxal
y'know what would be funny - if the site proposal got more followers than Cyrptocurrency in less than 24 hours
we did it baby
2 hours ago, by lyxal
take that web3
guys ive updated the q doc
q doc?
wouldn't a better strat just be distribute votes away from those with 10+ to closer answers?
yes, if that answer has >10 votes
otherwise it goes below 10
@lyxal twatt were doing
we garnered 60 follows in 21 hours and 51 minutes
2:00 AM
Get your follower count right, idiot :p
Also, 33 more 10scores to go
@lyxal i was looking at chat transcripts
word has been spreadified to the two major esolang discord servers
cool && spicy
2:48 AM
right, when i wake up, i expect the number of needed 10 point qs to be 30
3:15 AM
:o No way, we're at >60
I'm late :p
Conveniently, each page contains 40 questions
So we just need an entire page of questions at +10 or higher
Easy, right? ...right?
3:43 AM
Can we get some Reddit upvotes on this
4:15 AM
@RadvylfPrograms Looks like you got some
@Seggan I maybe ahve an account
@emanresuA I got one
I linked to a comment, not the whole post
Ah okay
Could ask a mod to pin it
4:46 AM
Can we get some RO votes on this
Emanresu already fixed the subjective parts, someone randomly threw in a fifth close vote
Anyway, 'night y'all, we better be in private beta in the next 21 hours ;p
2 hours later…
6:37 AM
If anyone can still post another question: "Should I have the concept of a "statement" distinct from a expression? Why or why not?"
Will do
67 btw
2 more until funny number
8 more until our proposal becomes the most currently followed proposal
6:49 AM
I wonder how our speed compares to all proposals
You know what would be funny, getting more followers than the code golf proposal did
Also, our speed is faster than what code golf was
It took around a month to get 60
We smashed that in a day
It's really nice to see a ton of positive reactions on all the platforms where we posted. Seems this really is a topic that interests a lot of people
3 hours later…
10:06 AM
Someone downvoted quite a few questions
Meaning we've gone from 33 left back to 35
2 hours later…
12:09 PM
@lyxal this is why we can't have nice things
also damn 70
can we get some reopen votes here?
I don't think I have the re-open votes privelige
shoot, how far are you from it?
I have 125, need 25 more
best post some questions then :p
Maybe I should post some questions on the other proposals to grind karma
12:19 PM
> karma
I spend too much time on reddit
Ok I followed the other proposals which should give me 10 rep but hasn't
cmooon one more reopen vote
also would someone please explain what a character is to user3840170?
Ok ok
1:36 PM
1:47 PM
We have the same number of followers as VFX now
we're tying VFX Pipelines for most followed current proposal
give it a bit of time, we'll overtake them too
They haven't had a new follower in a week
We're also doing pretty good on 10 score questions actually, 9/40
2:13 PM
@lyxal NOW WE ARE THE [[Number 1 Rated Proposal1997]]
2:27 PM
We're still tied for 74
12 hours ago, by Seggan
right, when i wake up, i expect the number of needed 10 point qs to be 30
if that closing didnt happen, it wouldve come true :P
@mousetail they did: me
@Seggan Recent followers doesn't show it I guess
i hate how theres no reply feature in the "suggest improvements" box
You can't even tag people
Note I edited that question significantly since kaya3 commented to make it more specific
2:43 PM
arrgh i cant reopen vote
woops i unfollowed by accident
i meant to unfollow vfx
3:00 PM
can one of yall update the hackmd?
hackmd tip: lots of things have hover info
like cursors, which show you whose they are
also, IMO people are abusing the close votes
@mousetail did you see the hackmd?
Yes, what about it?
cool just wanted to make sure
maybe we should link this room on reddit
Do it
3:08 PM
can't, no account
someone else will have to
We can't balance the votes if there is just the 3 of us
the hackmd
we can't let that get leaked
because reddit does not mix well with publicly-editable documents :p
Link the room, not the document
the doc is linked in the sidebar
3:10 PM
Yes but 90% of trolls will troll the room first, give us time to prepare
can someone get a mod? I'm moving it to a new hackmd so I can control who can edit but I need a mod to 11 the pinned comment
oh wait, I can just make a new one :p
@Ginger its already been leaked
hrm and how do i get perms?
also, in the old one, maybe say "join this room to request access"
working on it
first you need to sign in to hackmd (ideally with github)
I don't think I can make it so only certain people can use the doc
I can however set it so anyone can comment
3:13 PM
theres google docs
and then I can do the edits
@Seggan no good, privacy issues
i can host it
ok back
@Seggan but people can still see my username and email
wait so how do i comment
highlight text and click "comment"
3:23 PM
theres no such button anywhere
lets gooo we beat vfx
@Ginger it says i cant edit it when i click ze button
@Seggan are you signed in
doesn't look like it to me
you have to be signed in to comment
damn 75 followers
argh i cant sign up
@Seggan use github
VFX got about 1000 views and 74 followers in a month; we got 2000 views and 75 followers in 2 days
3:28 PM
@Ginger where
i dont see any sign in with GH
@Seggan on the sign in page, scroll down
thats all
@Seggan click "sign up"
same thing
one second
3:30 PM
hmm adblock seems to have deleted it
I see it on the sign in page
guess you have to turn adblock off temporarily
hmm i see a tab collaborative notes, you sure it cant be done?
also, there's a non-signed-in user in this room right now; don't discuss any CGCC secrets :p
@Seggan not entirely
but the settings let me make it so that only I can edit, only signed-in people can edit, or anyone can edit
that's it
3:33 PM
still cant leave comments
"sorry, only the owner can edit this note"
@Seggan I've tried sending you an invite
@Seggan are you sure you're commenting?
@Ginger yes
that's... weird
so you highlight text, click "comment", and it errors?
that's weird
3:35 PM
also i see no invite
I've made a comment, can you reply to it?
i can reply, but not make
oh wait
are you commenting on the markdown or the visual?
3:36 PM
when replying
when trying to create one im on markdown
can you create one in visual?
idk how
switch to visual, highlight text, click "Comment"
theres no comment button at all
3:40 PM
lemme record rq
i can leave a comment on visual
but i cant select text
can no one reopen the string one?
which one?
also @mousetail if you have a reddit acct could you post a link to this room?
@Seggan the char arrays one?
we need one more vote for that to be reopened
@Ginger ye
arrrgh i need 41 more rep
if we go into beta, what domain should we do
im thinking langdev, but it might be too informal
3:51 PM
languagedesign might be more formal
that'll probably be it
also maybe we can lobby for a chat easter egg
has anyone posted on HN yet
don't think so
but I believe radvylf stated that it was mostly dead
so ive been looking at the qs
and a lot of them are like "Why should I..."
those could be a lot better rephrased as "What are the advantages/disadvantages of..."
you can certainly add comments
4:03 PM
ik, but just wanna say it here too
so ppl wont post more like that
i just realized i can get that extra 50 rep by simply verifying email :P
@Ginger Someone should definatly post on HN
so i can use that reopen vote now
Should I make a new thread on reddit or post to the old one? New thread would be spammy but nobody is going to read the old one since it's old
HN is very alive
@mousetail its still the top thread when ordering by hot
Which one?
4:08 PM
ok, almost top
@mousetail who has HN tho?
@mousetail post to old
also, look over your votes and make sure you don't have any on >10 questions
i think we should post a new one during commitment and private beta tho
yes, but we're not there yet
room topic changed to Programming Language Design: Room for discussion of area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/127456/… [discussion] [site-definition]
Ok posted
@Ginger whatd you change?
4:13 PM
But Radwylfs last comment got barely any views either and that was posted like 12 hours ago
@Seggan You can just make a account
@mousetail yeah but making a new post would be spammy
I know that's the dilemma
@Seggan tags
4:25 PM
we're aware :p
it's interesting how there are no questions with scores between 4 and 9
also, we're pretty close to the 80 follower theoretical minimum
although you can actually vote w/o following
4:45 PM
it seems that the follower growth has tapered off
@Ginger Most of our users are unregistered and can't vote
it'd sure be not good if we just never get the requisite votes :p
5:07 PM
my calculations suggest that at this rate well get our votes in a week
since you left:
- we became the [[Number 1 Rated Proposal1997]]
- 11/40 10-score questions
- hackmd reshuffling
Anyone want to RO review this
Maybe it would be a good opportunity to use the discussion zone
It is very very broad
5:16 PM
I don't see an issue with that for this format
but like you said, it's similar to our
I see this question as being like a question on CGCC
Sure it's broad, and that's the point. It's intended to collect a large variety of single ideas for optimizing an interpreter.
Asking on discussion zone rn
The issue with this is that many of the techniques, like bytecode, JIT, incremental compilation, type inference etc. are all also broad enough to have university degrees about them
Plus just optimizing software in general would be a good answer to that
Yeah, but having that list in the first place would be a good reference to look at
@mousetail I think it'd be like our questions, where tips broader than the context asked about (e.g., "remove whitespace") aren't allowed
5:19 PM
I disagree but feel free to VTRO if you want
So "optimize your interpreter with -O3" or whatever wouldn't be on-topic to that question
posted on November 19, 2022 by Pixelbog

Question by Pixelbog for Programming Language Design

I say ask for improvement before CVing
We've had questions edited to be fixed on 3 or 4 CVs then closed by some rando who jumps on the bandwagon after the fact
This is clearly a troll though
5:24 PM
I don't think so?
i think so
tho id leave a comment first
Why do y'all think it's a troll
@RadvylfPrograms agreed
@RadvylfPrograms its not related at all to our site
> This question needs a little extra clarification I think. Is this for significant-whitespace languages, where you're asking about which you should support (or both)? ...
I think it easily could be
Presume good intent
Also do you guys think user3840170 is trolling?
5:34 PM
Q: Will PLD allow list questions?

Redwolf ProgramsProposal: Programming Language Design What are common ways to optimise an interpreted language? has been closed, as not constructive. After some discussion in chat, I think it would probably be best to discuss whether list/CGCC-style tips questions would be allowed. In this format, a somewhat bro...

@mousetail I do not
The "what is a character" and "what is a first class function" comments seem to just be poor attempts at pointing out unclear stuff
Since their questions seem fine and they've posted actually helpful "what is a ..." comments a few times
From the look of their questions they seem like a C/C++ programmer, which could explain their unsureness around which meaning of "character" is being used
2 hours later…
7:53 PM

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