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1:02 PM
oops room goes silent
@jokerdino Gentoo remains my "favorite" distro, but the compile times bug me enough that I only use it on my desktop and media server, everything else is debian
@HackToHell you broke the room with the car!
@Paul i was about to try debian yesterday but couldn't.
@Paul And the car broke down
need to download iso and create a liveusb
Need help with the iso ?
Gimme the link
1:07 PM
@Paul Well, there's a multitude of solutions to get rid of most of that. See my above config which is heavily optimized towards cutting it down. As you have multiple computers you could even create a binary package host and only have one computer do the work, or use distcc to get everyone to compile together.
@jokerdino There are a bunch of options to getting a debian install going. One amusing way is to do a PXE boot and install it direct from a mirror, without any installation media at all
And if you run stable (instead of testing like me) you should receive less updates overall.
Do what @Paul said, it might work
@Paul that sounds interesting. but my network might block off the installation half way through :S
@jokerdino How exactly would it block?
1:08 PM
The link man <_>
@TomWijsman yeah, I was using distcc but also multiple arches and managing it was no longer fun. So I use debian for the servers I don't want to tinker with, and gentoo for the fun ones
@TomWijsman when you hit the download limit?
@jokerdino Speed or bandwidth?
Hmm, yeah, you probably want to consider gathering the necessities over time and then switching over.
(Or download part of it over some public WiFi connection)
1:10 PM
that might work..
Then put it on USB.
@jokerdino your ISP doesn't have a local mirror?
my school network probably doesn't
( i live in a boarding school...)
@jokerdino If you live in a boarding school you should have figured out how to bypass the restrictions by now :)
1:12 PM
Well said
@Paul i tried but they have covered all the routes.
only port 80 is open.
and then you have a scary web filter
@jokerdino 80 goes to a proxy I take it?
hi @Mokubai
@jokerdino Do ssl sites work?
80 goes to a local login server.
@Paul some https sites are whitelisted
1:13 PM
What login server ?
@jokerdino Catch and release
when you start your browser in a new session, you need to login in and then you can browse as normal
@Paul hm?
@jokerdino: so wierd. I test unzipped the file on my copy
@jokerdino Nothing, thats just what they are called where you have a login server like that - usually you are automatically directed to it
1:16 PM
@Paul yes. I dont know the terminology. thanks
@JourneymanGeek so, how do i proceed?
@jokerdino I managed to bypass one at a hotel a while back
@jokerdino: good question
@Paul well, i am not a black / white hat :/
@JourneymanGeek :P
@jokerdino so you are a grey one
@jokerdino Me neither - I just wanted to see it would work
1:17 PM
@HackToHell lol
@Paul you might want to try our network here too :))
@jokerdino Please search for a god forsaken http proxy over port 80 that is not encrypted !
@jokerdino Often those catch and release systems let DNS out to the outside world, or even ping. You can tunnel a VPN over either of these
You will eventually find one after days
@HackToHell where do i search? they block all proxy listing sites
Tor too didn't work right ?
@jokerdino please w8 monsieur
1:19 PM
maybe md5 sum the files?
@Paul heh I wouldn't mind trying but i am not that technically knowledgeable either.
@JourneymanGeek good idea?
@jokerdino Yeah, you need a domain and a name server to do DNS tunnelling. But man it put a smile on my face when I got it to work. Then I just switched my 3G connection back on and go on with what I had to do
woah, go easy on the pings
1:21 PM
@Paul Always wanted to try that out
@JourneymanGeek google chrome thinks it is in dutch o.O
@Paul i don't own a domain and others :/
@HackToHell thanks
@jokerdino: free domain. nameserver is tricky
1:23 PM
I still have to try it out though, it might not work
@JourneymanGeek Found this freedns.afraid.org
I have had a .co.cc for ages
well, let's hold this bypassing talk
i am gonna install kies for now
and after a couple of months, ill go home and do whatever i want with the restrictionless network
@jokerdino Firmware for these phones is pretty big too - what is your limit?
50 MB per download
there is NO daily / weekly / monthly download AFAIK
@JourneymanGeek hm how do i find the md5sum here?
@jokerdino The ones at XDA are 120MB
1:26 PM
well crap
Hey people! :D
Perhaps kies will be able to download it in chunks
@jokerdino Kies means Choose.
Anyone here who could give me some router advice? :D
Per chance
@TomWijsman What language?
1:27 PM
@jokerdino: Dutch.
@TomWijsman Interesting
@BloodPhilia What are you after?
Well! I was looking for dual-band/N/stufflikethat
And got to this
Wanted to know if anyone could tell me something about it
@BloodPhilia Oooh, I think I have one of those
@Paul Anything you could share about it? (:
1:29 PM
@JourneymanGeek all of them seems to match?
@BloodPhilia Well I don't think it was that specific model, but it was in the range
@Paul That's okay!
@Paul Anything you can tell me about the specs or something? (:
@BloodPhilia Well, the good news is that it has simultaneous dual-band, which some don't, which means you can run the two radios at the same time, with their own ssid if you like. Also, I recall that it has lots of antennas inside, which is good for signal and interference
@BloodPhilia The bad news is that mine is now stored in a cupboard and replaced with a Cisco Linksys E4200 because I was getting some flakiness and decided the netgear was the problem
@BloodPhilia But I changed many things in an effort to isolate it so it may have been fine
@Paul Ye... I've had some baaaad experiences with Cisco
Linksys department
@BloodPhilia I have since decided that I will only ever get APs that can be upgraded with dd-wrt
@BloodPhilia I think the problem is that no matter what AP you look at, someone will have a bad story. Just like hard disk brands.
1:35 PM
@Paul Yes, but alas, these are my own experiences :p And there are several
@BloodPhilia .nl, how come you guys end up at Dutch stuff?
@jokerdino: wierd then. Are you sure you unziped the right file?
i can be stupid
@TomWijsman I am Dutch, Tom :p
1:37 PM
Oh wait, it's BloodPhilia!
The blood hound
Is it really you? We haven't seen you for a long time... :D
@BloodPhilia Yep, I can say the same about netgear :) this is my point
@Paul fair enough :D
@BloodPhilia is not a hound
he's a cat
1:38 PM
@JourneymanGeek: So, there's three cats in the room now.
@JourneymanGeek ok how do i unzip it now?
ik !!
@TomWijsman It is really me, yes! I've been consumed by my studies and other stuff
@TomWijsman Three cats?
@jokerdino: pick the file ending with .1 and unzip it with 7zip?
@TomWijsman and a penguin
1:38 PM
@JourneymanGeek i think i am doing the same.
i feel like a utter noob
@slhck is not a penguin
he's an owl
Oh, he is a penqowl
so we got 6 animals here
3 cats, one dino, 1 dog and a bird
1:39 PM
@TomWijsman Of course it's a penguin!
keyboard playing penguin?
@slhck No, it's not...
@JourneymanGeek can you see if you can unzip it on your side?
1:41 PM
New CN sucks
@jokerdino: already tested, even before I linked you
i hate this
Perhaps we should all find avatars like this. :D
changed my avatar, now to wait for it to propagate ;p
user image
This would be slhck in a sad mood. :D
1:44 PM
I just ran into another font identification question:
Q: I can't recognize this font family

TeddyCan anyone help to recongnize what fonts were used to create this html5 sheet? Especially I would like to know what font was used for description and comments. Thanks. http://www.flickr.com/photos/antoniolupetti/3894233282/sizes/o/in/photostream/

@jokerdino Hiya, how's things?
Though these questions are off topic per this Meta discussion, would it be a good idea to write a question for this, given so many different variations on this question??
Now now gravatar propagate quickly
1:45 PM
ya ;p
@Mokubai yeah looks terrible :P
Jeff Atwood on February 29, 2012

We’ve observed a particular pattern of questions emerging on several Stack Exchange sites.

All these questions are effectively guessing games.

I remember myself playing this a bit childish, but in some ways awesome game, where you control a tank, and can pick up and stack turrets (and maybe something else) from enemy tanks you kill. Maybe they also had different platforms (and if it’s one with wheels then technically it’s not a tank, but hey). It was around 2000 (or maybe even earlier) and the game had 3D graphics. …

@Mokubai ooh Mr.Vulture
Q: Font recognition software

JenkoManytimes I come across bitmaps with nothing but text paragraphs, so I was looking for a software that can semi-automatically identify the font used, the para alignment, line spacing and color, bold, italics. Would an OCR package include such a tool?

1:46 PM
Q: Is there a program that can scan an image and tell you what font type it's using?

JimDelIs there a program that can scan an image and tell you what font type it's using? Possibly by dragging a box around a sample for example.

Guess who is that
no googling
@HackToHell Vulture?
Ellen Page
Not really hard... >_<
@Mokubai Umm, you had a picture of you with a vulture(or eagle) in g+
@TomWijsman :(
@HackToHell Oh, right. A Mongolian Golden Eagle, his name was Ghengis :)
1:47 PM
@JourneymanGeek maybe do the wget thingie? :((
The question would look like this (I haven't posted it yet):
#How do I identify a font?
*Given the number of users asking font identification questions, I'd like to write a canonical question on how one can identify a font.*

I ran into a font I'd like to identify based on its visual characteristics as seen in some document or image. How do I do so? What tools are available for me to do so?
@Mokubai ooh nice
eh everyone changing gravatar
@HackToHell He was a gorgeous bird, but damn is it intimidating seeing something that size swooping towards you
1:49 PM
Holy shit that eagle is going to hit me !
@DragonLord Not a bad idea if we didn't already have a couple of questions covering that.
@jokerdino: Yeah, just changed mine as well. :D
@Mokubai One was trying to eat my cat, was enormous
Scared the shit out of us
@slhck ...so should I post it?
@TomWijsman Who is that? TS is a parking lot ?
1:50 PM
@DragonLord Well, see the two questions I linked to you above. They basically cover the topic already. Dunno about the quality of the answers, but WhatTheFont and Identifont are there.
@HackToHell s/S is/S in/ :@
@HackToHell Yeah, correct.
@TomWijsman everyone be hating my new gravatar
Propagation is indeed faster...
@HackToHell I knew that he was going for my hand and the food contained there, but damn it was hard to resist the urge to just curl up into a ball or run away
@TomWijsman :P
but it looks... bad
it's gonna spoil my reputation
1:52 PM
really bad
Yeah, doesn't look good.
@slhck Then what options are there for making a canonical question and answer for font identification?
It's like Hello Guys, I am a moron
Hmm, the really tiny version on chat still has to update, all other versions propagated already, that's so nice.
@HackToHell lol
1:53 PM
@Mokubai They can kill us easily, I would have run away :P
@DragonLord As I said – don't we already have at least one canonical question?
@slhck Okay, I'll add the tag.
@DragonLord Do you have anything to improve on the existing answers? That would be the best time to do so :)
@slhck, thanks.
@slhck: note the flag on the question.
ok switched gravatar
1:57 PM
12 hours ago, by Tom Wijsman
Happy Sunday! [rain has been redacted from this beautiful day]
It appears it's a pretty rainy day after all.
@DragonLord I saw the flag, I'm just not sure how exactly this should be handled. I don't see the particular need for this to become CW.
At least unless there are a couple of users who really want to contribute to the Q&A, right now
@TomWijsman yes that
That's better
Oh, the tiny version updated for you already.
The tiny version of @jokerdino looks like Steam's icon
1:59 PM
@slhck this is , we want canonical answers, so community wiki would make this easier.
Tom's looks like a candy
@HackToHell hm really?
@TomWijsman yeah seems pretty fast
yeah ! I do not see a T Rex
@DragonLord Well then I would start by actually drafting up a CW-style answer of your own and then post it. We can always make the whole question and its answers CW later.
2:02 PM
@slhck: The question author is inactive, so to ensure that the canonical answer is the accepted answer, I will most likely edit the accepted answer. I'm working on it right now.
@DragonLord Cool, thanks. Let me know when you've edited the answer and I'll see what to do about it.
Does it work
prolly not
@jokerdino: I am totally brainfarting the server thing
@JourneymanGeek :)
I got the file downloaded (using wget.. as root, ugh) but I can't seem to access the folder despite handing over ownership to www-data
2:13 PM
me is waiting
ooh, fixed
one moment
Who played Red Alert 2?
@jokerdino download the three non exe files, then copy /b kiesaa+kiesab+kiesac Kies_2.3.2.12074_13_13.exe should do the trick
else you can cat the three together linux style
Who has Intel 330 SSD here?
2:19 PM
copy being a command
@JourneymanGeek is copy windows command?
i am on windows atm
okay thanks
@Boris_yo yea, used to
@JourneymanGeek you are awesome!!
2:32 PM
@Bob What happened you don't anymore?
it is installing now
it worked?
@Boris_yo well, it's old, I have no time, ..., yea
installing at the moment. i am sure it will work
@Bob No time for what? To chat?
2:33 PM
@Boris_yo To play RA2
It also (in)conveniently doesn't work on my laptop. Some bug in the Intel HD Graphics drivers.
@Bob Ah I thought yo uare talking about Intel 330 SSD... Remeber Weather Control Device?
It is real @Bob
Not to that extent, hopefully.
What do you think is behind Fukushima disaster?
Haiti disaster?
2:36 PM
...Perhaps a completely natural earthquake?
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Built by BAE Advanced Technologies (BAEAT), its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance. The HAARP program operates a major sub-arctic facility, named the HAARP Research Station, on an Air Force–owned site near Gakona, Alaska. The most prom...
Haiti disaster?
@Bob earthquake
@jokerdino Well, my message above applies to that too then :P
@Bob earthquake?
2:37 PM
Haha, see the trending topics on Google+. :D
@Boris_yo: its boobs man
what's wrong with this kies? it isn't installing
@Boris_yo That isn't likely to cause an earthquake, which is a movement of tectonic plates and has nothing to do with the atmosphere...
@JourneymanGeek Wha?
it keeps restarting the process
@JourneymanGeek Boobs Man? Is this new Marvel superhero or your jokes?!
@JourneymanGeek what the...
@JourneymanGeek lol
@jokerdino: md5 sum check against the list i sent earlier?
2:41 PM
@JourneymanGeek i am retrying now
it seems to work now
Kies is PITA
thats what @Paul said
I attest to what he said.
I'll keep it up until it actually works. @me when its done , so i can nuke it ;p
thanks :D
A: How can I identify fonts from an image?

John RudyThere are several online utilities can be used to identify fonts, including: WhatTheFont!, which can automatically match the font in an image you submit to the closest matches in the database. Identifont and Fonts.com Identify Fonts by Sight, where you can specify the appearance of the characte...

2:49 PM
Wait, if I have Windows 7, I don't need to align SSD when migrating from HDD?
@DragonLord Nice one. I'll look into our options and talk with other mods. Not sure, haven't handled that situation before and I personally would just leave it as-is. Will let you know!
Do you guys know in what was this website made?
It looks nice and simple
@slhck Thanks. See you later :)
@EinsteinsGrandson: page source seems to indicate its likely
@EinsteinsGrandson Yup, wordpress.
@EinsteinsGrandson That's the theme used: wordpress.site5.net/boldy/doc
2:52 PM
Thank you so much!
How did you find the theme?
Just look at the page source.. somewhere you'll find: http://www.podstavec.cz/wp-content/themes/boldy/
wp-content is typical for Wordpress and boldy is the theme name.
wp-content is what?
Some CMS based on Wordpress?
No, it's just one folder the Wordpress installation comes with
yeah right
ok thank you guys
see you next time
See you @EinsteinsGrandson!
3:03 PM
@JourneymanGeek no upgrades for this phone.
time to start looking for a new one >:)
@jokerdino what phone is it?
galaxy y
@jokerdino you could always try a custom ROM
@Bob yeah probably sometime in the future.
@EinsteinsGrandson <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.3.1" />
3:33 PM
Can you guys suggest a good movie ?
Something different
3:50 PM
so torrenting + defragmenting, do they form a good combo ?
@Paul Hey Paul! You here?
@HackToHell depends what you want to watch :D
BTW you avatar ah seduce me like before of @TomWijsman :P
@kinokijuf ah it sucks! Anonymous tried out it in his way :P
My dongle driver is not recognize by WIN 8 :(
So no Internet access on that :(
4:08 PM
@JourneymanGeek oy, new avatar.
@jokerdino LOL you too.
@Sathya tom have too :)
hm seems most have.
user image
expect jokerdino
Do you guys want this question?
Q: What Windows-related files are valueless to *nix users?

killermistI have accumulated, from my time using Windows a good quantity of held-over filesystem copies and archives of system and data drives. I am trying to distill them down to the usable parts while discarding everything that is likely to be valueless. From watching a bunch of said files scroll by wh...

@Sathya you look more smart there :D
Should be avatar here
@Sathya do you know Hindi or not?
4:14 PM
@MichaelMrozek No - we'll pass
@avirk I can speak & understand
@Sathya aha finally got someone from south who have both :)
@Sathya Win 8 doesn't recognize my dongle :(
How can i access net there?
@Paul Mention me when you're here! :D
So SSD need defragging?
A: What does a defrag actually do?

LeftiumDefragging can do two things: Ensures all the pieces of a file are located in a continuous part of the hard drive. Most files are split into smaller "fragments" that are stuck wherever there is space. At first they will be stored continuously, but gaps/incontinuities will be created when files...

4:30 PM
@Boris_yo nope.
@avirk shrugs.
@Sathya Because of "wear leveling"?
@Boris_yo that's one, but primarily because SSD doesnt have any moving parts, so there's no need for the head to move to the area of the disc which is stored
@Sathya Did you read excerpt about defragmenting SSD taken from lenovo blog?
4:35 PM
that post is dated, wear leveling is really not much an issue and most SSDs have trim to take care marking deleted files as emoty
honestly, fragmentation on regular hard disks itself is a non-issue, much lesser so on SSDs
If fragmented files exist, it takes several write commands.

@Sathya Which means undelete, unformat will not work on SSD compared to HDD?
@Sathya The why Lifehacker.com recommends defragmenting HDD first before migrating to SSD?
@Boris_yo "nice to do", "recommends"
@Sathya Sorry, I am not proponent of sitcoms.
4:37 PM
I don't know how a sitcom is relevant in this
@Sathya I don't know how your capitalised second sentence is relevant. Unless it wasn't ment for me.
But I assume while defragging is not crucial, it's just a pretty thing to do... @Sathya
it means your world won't end if you don't do a defrag. Like I said, fragmentation is a sham, IMO. Do it, don't do it it really doesn't matter. You want to do it, go ahead but I really doubt you'll notice a 0.0004 of a second decrease in file transfer and access.
@Sathya Got your point. There is Intel Migration software and Intel SSD Toolbox. Know about them? They are recommended for migration and SSD maintenance.
SSD Toolbox is neat for stats
5:07 PM
@slhck: I'd like to know why my flag was declined.
5:27 PM
@DragonLord because there's no need to make it a CW
@DragonLord I didn't handle it, but as I said, I would have left it as-is, so I guess another mod had the same opinion. I just don't think there's a need for it.
Grace Note on August 19, 2011

When you mark a post community wiki on a Stack Exchange site, that means …

this post can be edited by anyone with 100 reputation

this post does not generate any reputation for anyone when upvoted or downvoted

The main advantage of community wiki — more editing — was nerfed when we introduced suggested edits. With suggested edits, anyone, even an anonymous user, can edit anything — so long as another experienced user reviews and approves their edit.

This leaves many wondering — what’s the point of Community Wiki? …

4 hours later…
9:52 PM
@BloodPhilia I am here
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