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2:17 AM
Q: Are there any erotic/sex scenes in the second and third books (The Dark Forest and Death's End)?

Anon AnonI have already read the first book (The Three Body Problem), and I'm thinking of buying the whole series for someone I know and respect. The problem is that relations might be genuinely strained if I gave a book with a sex scene to that person (please just trust me on this and don't quiz me about...

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3:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, no whitespace in answer (184): Why could only a few eyewitnesses identify Kodos the Executioner? by user144419 on scifi.SE
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6:06 AM
Q: What happened to the Ringwraith whom Aragorn set on fire? How did he survive?

Aragorn ElessarAfter having chased off the other Nazgûl on the weathertop, Aragorn threw the torch at the last remaining Nazgûl there, setting him on fire. In flames, he ran away but obviously survived. Since Nazgûl are avoiding water, except the Witch-king, he couldn't just run into waters to stop burning, or ...

Q: Why did Hagrid stab Flitwick in this scene?

Matt JonasIn Goblet of Fire (2005), Maxime speaks to Hagrid about her horses: MAXIME: But you know, Monsieur Hagrid... they drink only single-malt whiskey. Then Hagrid stab Flitwick with a fork:

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9:51 AM
Q: 1950s or '60s movie with rock-like monsters that lay eggs inside people, and possibly eat them

AvatI am looking for a movie from the '50s, maybe '60s (not sure). It's about rock-like monsters that attack people and lays eggs inside them, maybe even eat them. That is all I remember about the movie. Can anyone help? Thanks.

10:41 AM
Q: Narratives that reflect on the mental health of women as the element of the “haunted house”?

AleeraI am working on a research paper and I am looking for books or short stories similar to The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte P. Gilman, or The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. I would like to find narratives that reflect on the mental health of women from the 19th and 20th centuries, with ...

11:31 AM
Q: Was Mîm trying to perform some kind of magic?

WadeIn The Children of Húrin, there is the following interesting passage: They led the old Dwarf away to their dismal camp, and as he went he muttered in a strange tongue that seemed harsh with ancient hatred; but when they put bonds on his legs he went suddenly quiet. And those who were on the wa...

12:22 PM
Q: Anime from the 80s that had what I can only describe as giant mech orbs that turned into robots

ArcaliusWhen I was a kid I used to have a VHS of an anime movie that revolves around the scenario in the title. I have looked at Orbots, but the orbs were the bad guys. You had the regular mismatched group: the tall heroic character, the girl, the goofy fat one. The heroes were more like space truckers t...

Q: What are the 10 most powerful symbiotes of MCU?

GeekyNerdCan someone rank the most powerful symbiotes of MCU?

12:48 PM
Q: Prometheus: Immortality of David?

releseabeI am trying to think how they know that or even could know that David (and other androids) are immortal. The fact that they have sort of messy and complex insides suggests to me that they could easily wear out. Is the idea explored? Is it suggested because they can continually repair David that h...

1:40 PM
Q: What are all the known questions that have been asked as part of a Voigt-Kampff test?

ClockworkFor the past few weeks, I have been looking for a list of all the known the questions (or statements) to have been asked as part of a Voigt-Kampff test (or Voight-Kampff as they say in the first movie). To my surprise, there is no such thing online, or I'm not searching properly. I can just stum...

2:01 PM
posted on August 24, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: You know, Randall Munroe may be smarter, Kate Beaton funnier, Allie Brosh more insightful, Ryan North just wayyyy more attractive, and Boulet basically me but taller, better at art, and French, BUT I have the very most Alexander Pope quotes. Today's News: Kickstarter launching in 12 minutes! Stay tuned for bonus update...

posted on August 24, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: GPT-3 kept telling me not to post this, so I made it mop my floor. Today's News: Kickstarter launch in 6 minutes dorkwads! Please give it a look!

posted on August 24, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Thanks, everyone. We hope you like it! Today's News: Thanks geeks! Click here to check it out.

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3:25 PM
Q: Is the Scholomance weight allowance for baggage only?

JontiaThere are a couple of references throughout A Deadly Education to the induction process that brings pupils into the school. Specifically in chapter 3 it says you can buy extra weight for mana throw away thirty filled power sinks for an extra quarter-kilo. In chapter 13 the new freshmen arrive a...

4:17 PM
Q: Space vampires and bounty hunters

Zalán MeggyesiI'm looking for a book I read some time in the late 90s-early 00s, translated into Hungarian, but I'm all right with the English title. A sci-fi title set in the mid-future with space flight. The main character is a bounty hunter/assassin, member of a secret order who have advanced tech at their ...

Poke @b_jonas scifi.stackexchange.com/q/252995/98028 (read in Hungarian)
5:09 PM
Q: How and why did Scott Lang shrink in this way?

Etack SxchangeIn the movie Ant-Man, at 01:35:50, Scott shrinks himself to fight Darren Cross, aka Yellow Jacket. He shrinks himself upwards. So he is in the air when he shrinks completely and then he falls on the ground. Why did he shrink himself that way? Why didn't he shrink himself downwards in order to pre...

Q: What "motor" revs up just before EVE takes the plant?

user21987When Wall-E shows EVE the plant, it sounds like some sort of motor revs up, then EVE opens her chest, takes the plant, shuts down, then turns off Wall-E's electronics. What is the "motor" that revs up in this scene?

6:01 PM
Q: Short story where a human ship crashes on the alien planed and alien kids brought the humans to their home and hide in stable

matrixI read this story long back. It was a small town and two people were expecting alien visitors for business contract. The alien ship crashes and the little kids of these two people brought the aliens home, hide them from their parents and feed them. In the end, it was revealed that aliens were act...

6:44 PM
@Jenayah Pong. Nice question. I haven't read that story.
I'm not experienced at tracking down stories like that.
7:44 PM
Q: Old scifi movie about a young boy who stows away on a moon launch or other American space flight?

Helbent IVPlot Details/Summary I only remember a bit about the film. It was a color film from either the 60s or 70s. A boy, perhaps a teen, but probably younger, stows away on a U.S. space launch somehow. He's discovered by the astronaut on board. I do not remember any of the actors. The one scene I can...

8:09 PM
Does the 10-minute period where the system doesn't track individual edits apply to answers as well as questions?
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9:28 PM
Q: Movie where an evil spirit is exorcised with poison

user73910I remember the ending scene of a movie that I watched. In it, a girl, her father, and some other man are discussing how to exorcise an evil spirit out of the girl. The man places a cage with a rat or some other rodent near the girl and lays out his plan. The girl is to be injected with a poison t...

9:47 PM
@DavidW you mean the 5 minute grace period where if you re-edit it counts under the same edit and doesn’t re-bump and adds to the same revision?
If so, yeah on all posts
Ah, I'll have to remember that.
10:50 PM
@TheLethalCarrot and tag wikis
Heard in the office today: "WTF, how does this pull request have 14 comments already??... Oh right, Jenayah's back from holiday." 🤣
@Jenayah technically counts under “all posts” :P
@Jenayah haha brilliant :)
@Jenayah It's called "review" because you're not expected to blindly approve the PR, right?
I swear sometimes I'm the only person here who actually looks at the code.
@DavidW I know that’s the case for me, but then at the moment there’s only 2 of us (other being my boss who doubles as project manager) and we’re stupid busy with projects right now
Finally people with sense xD
Eh, I don't mind having a reputation of someone being quite thorough in PRs.
10:58 PM
"You've got int ctr = 0; here, and then way down here you've got statement.setString(++ctr, name); and ctr is never used anywhere else. What's the point of that?"
@Jenayah That's actually a good reputation to have.
a dummy line thrown there to have a neat place for a breakpoint? xD
Sure, sometimes some people think it's annoying. But then they'll start asking you for a second set of eyes when they're doing something tricky.
@DavidW the real problem with that is calling the variable ctr and not i :P
And that will lead to having a rep for being sharp and flexible. Which is a bit of extra workload, but it pays off in having more choice of what you work on.
Last time they were shifting people around to fill spots in various teams, 3 different teams wanted me.
@DavidW I do enjoy having becoming one of the go-to persons in the office :) ("I dunno. Ask Jenayah - she may know, she's dabbled in production/platform integration/CI/CD stuff/...")
Apparently a colleague went more zealous than usual on a PR while I was away and was told "so what, do you think you're Jenayah or something?" xD
11:04 PM
@Jenayah How are you on Helm?
@DavidW never heard of it.
@Jenayah Lol. That's when you know you've shaped your workplace to you.
Am I the only one here that's not a coder of some sort?
Helm is a product that helps manage pluggable configurations for Kubernetes.
So you've got a bunch of containerized applications, and for each of them you need to be able to deploy them in different environments. (Corresponding to different stages in the CI/CD pipeline.)
So, for example, kubernetes has a way to securely manage secrets by "projecting" them into an instance; helm lets you write the k8s config so you can specify a different source for the secrets for the dev-facing instances than for the production instances.
@Alex Why do you think so many of us are at our computers all day long?
Is there not enough code to be coded?
11:13 PM
There is never enough code. Have you not heard of the Infinite Monkey Theorem? Someday, somewhere, someone will write the perfect program. We just need enough people working on it.
@DavidW Kubernetes I've heard of but not been able to manipulate yet, so most of what I know is from introductory articles and videos. Sounded interesting though, but definitely not the type of stuff we'll have on our current (long-standing) project :/
@Jenayah I asked because it is currently not behaving the way I understood it should, and I was procrastinating on re-reading the docs... :-|
(so no work-based opportunity to add it to the dabble list in the foreseeable future)
@DavidW have you tried turning it off and on again?
*rushes far away, to the door ------> []*
It's definitely not the kind of thing you want to just try to pick up in a week and toss at your project. And I can see it's most useful for a specific subset of (large) applications. So maybe you're not missing much.
@Jenayah Heh. :) Point to you.
@Alex we devs can't help it if our best dev ideas sometimes come up when we're not actively working on code....
11:22 PM
@Jenayah If you would be working on code all the time, then all your ideas would occur while working on code.
See, yet another reason why devs shouldn't become surgeons
Interestingly, just this week I goy a Stack Overflow answer in a search result for the first time in my life (I think).
And then a couple of days later I got one from another network site, forget which.
@Alex If there were still some ideas then...
@Jenayah Reminds me that I was trying to find a little while back something that I think you posted, a cartoon or something perhaps, about that and I couldn't find it.
@Alex while searching for Judaism/hermeneutics stuff?
11:25 PM
Now that you're back we could use your superpowers to find it.
@Jenayah No, searching for how to do something in Excel/Google Sheets.
That's probably it.
Found the original. And my comment then:
Oct 16 '18 at 22:43, by Alex
To quote Professor Umbridge: “I was just wondering whether Ms. Jenayah has quite the temperament for a surgeon?” said Professor Umbridge sweetly.
I think I was using the wrong search term last time - "spunky" instead of "spunk".

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