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12:04 AM
Q: How would Neville not know the password after hearing it when someone let him in?

AlexIn Chapter Fourteen of Prisoner of Azkaban we have the following passage: Neville was in total disgrace. Professor McGonagall was so furious with him she had banned him from all future Hogsmeade visits, given him a detention, and forbidden anyone to give him the password into the tower. Poor Nev...

12:56 AM
Q: Do battlestars have a secondary CIC?

dean1957Do the battlestars in the TOS or reimaged series have a secondary CIC/bridge? I lnow in Star Trek the larger ships have one, like the Auxiliary Control room (TOS) or the Battle Bridge (TNG). Is it because the batllestars have better protection in the reimaged version, the bridge was on the top pa...

1:38 AM
Three out of the first five questions on the homepage are about passwords in Harry Potter. It's almost like we need a tag.
Q: How accurate are the star prophecies?

AdamantIn The Queens of Innis Lear and Lady Hotspur, most of the people of Innis Lear put a great deal of faith in the prophecies of the stars. However, their actual track record is less clear. For instance, the stars predicted that Dalat would die on the 16th birthday of her first daughter. However, th...

2:10 AM
:58531196 Meta?
@Alex I messed that up in multiple ways.
Q: Pertaining to Inception, is it still considered science fiction if the science is weak?

crazyduckAs I understand, although there is some science/technology used in Inception (e.g. the PASIV), it isn't explained very in-depth and it also isn't a central focus in the story. Some online have also said that the concept/science doesn't hold up. Would it still be considered science fiction? (Many ...

3:07 AM
Q: Looking for book I read-1990’s or so Fantasy book with a common girl who falls in love with a prince and discovers she has magical gifts

amawells33I vaguely remember it being written by a female Australian author and I believe it was published in the later 1990s or so. It was a trade paperback. It starts with a young woman working in her family’s inn/tavern and then she gets swept up with a prince who later gets imprisoned and she frees at ...

4:04 AM
Q: Is "Inception" still considered science fiction if the science is weak?

crazyduckAs I understand, although there is some science/technology used in Inception (e.g. the PASIV), it isn't explained very in-depth and it also isn't a central focus in the story. Some online have also said that the concept/science doesn't hold up. Would it still be considered science fiction? (Many ...

4:45 AM
@Alex *hiss*
Q: Unending Series of Rooms

user402517My instinct is that there is a fantasy trope of the hero/protagonist exploring a (seemingly) unending series of rooms. I feel like I have encountered this trope in multiple books, but the only one I can think of off the top of my head is GoT (Daenerys in the House of the Undying). Can someone g...

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6:20 AM
@alexwlchan Yes, a long while with a lot of changes in the world. I'm well, hope you and yours are too.
@Marvin I tried to make this on-topic with an edit.
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8:01 AM
@Marvin too bad it's closed now. I couldn't think of an earlier example than Jorge Luis Borges' "The Library of Babel".
@SQB It was off-topic before my edit, but I changed it from "any other examples?" to "what is the name of this trope?", and terminology questions are on-topic AFAIK.
@Randal'Thor I voted to reopen.
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9:38 AM
Q: Is it known what Dracula's first name is in Hotel Transylvania?

TheLethalCarrotDracula is referred to as either Drac or Dracula throughout the 3 films. However, Dracula is his surname. We know this from quite a few instances, especially in Hotel Transylvania 2, and Mavis makes it pretty clear in the first film. Mavis: Oh! Hi, humans. Everything okay? My name is Mavis Dracu...

10:04 AM
Q: Cyborg-human anime with political themes

Buraianthere was this anime I recall watching around the 2012-2014time on animax (India). I don't have a good recollection but here are fragments of the scenes I remember. Scientist guy (maybe a government employee) is main character Cyborgish humans which people can hire (or something ) A scene where ...

10:20 AM
@Jenayah You’re a Parselmouth?
10:56 AM
Q: Ancient Matriarchate overthrown (including patheon)

Hauke ReddmannFirst of all, it is scientifically doubted whether an ancient matriarchate existed at all, but we invoke poetical license here. Second, I mainly expect feminists to write on the theme, but it could as well be tackled from the other side of the political spectrum. Third, I know tons of F/SF fallin...

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1:05 PM
@SQB Closed, reopened, and HNQ. Nice.
Nice indeed.
1:28 PM
@SQB The earliest example I know is just Scooby-Doo, so probably not a great answer
@Randal'Thor do you think a for Scrappy-Doo is better here (if SD even Sci-Fi?) or M&TV?
@AncientSwordRage the less said about Scrappy, the better.
Q: SF short story - Jewel ovary

Jason BrentThis came out in the past 10 years, collected in one of the years best anthology. Man stole a jewel from his Gf (turned out to be her refrigerated ovary). She then set him up in a doublecross. Any ideas? Thanks much.

@SQB Well yeah, but I'd like to know what on earth they were thinking by introducing him
Good point.
Go ahead, ask.
1:50 PM
But by many accounts the original Scooby-Doo is not SFFnal
2:47 PM
Q: Alien visiting earth forgets he is an alien

bagehotI read this short story a long time ago. It may have been written in the 60s or earlier. An alien is visiting earth incognito but has an accident of some kind, has amnesia, and doesn't know he is an alien. He gets a factory job but suddenly remembers who he is and now has to figure out how to get...

@AncientSwordRage is it? Because even it always was (in the original series) a human behind the monster, the devices they used were quite SFnal.
Also, it feels on topic.
Which is the most subjective argument ever, but still.
"I know it when I see it."
I think Scooby Doo is one of those that falls into not all on topic but the SFF-nal elements are (at least for the original stuff, the films and some of the later episodes are a bit different)
I don't think it should be on-topic because I find it annoying. :)
3:47 PM
@SQB eh... not always though? Often it was quite mundane stuff that was used to make them look like a monster
@TheLethalCarrot yeah, and asking "Why is Scrappy?" doesn't really cover anything SFFnal
@Marvin van Vogt wrote some stories like that, but I'm not sure any fit the factory part.
@AncientSwordRage Plus "why is Scrappy" sounds like the distillation of years of fan pain.
@DavidW it is.
...although as a kid, I found him funny, so maybe that's the why.
4:25 PM
posted on July 05, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I spent an embarrassing amount of time on this. Today's News:

4:37 PM
@CerealBot that's a very XKCD SMBC
@NapoleonWilson would your stack want a "Why was scrappy doo introduced to Scooby Doo" question?
@NapoleonWilson cool! Will handle your tacit approval carefully (as much as I can!)
4:56 PM
Hmm I found an answer for that and then for the follow up question, which I might do as a self-answer
5:29 PM
Q: Did Dark Star have a scene showing images of possible target stars or planets?

BuzzI watched Dark Star last night, not having seen it since 1984. (Weirdly, it triggered a nightmare about the much scarier The Thing. My subconscious apparently just recognizes John Carpenter's signature style.) However, a short scene I thought I remembered seemed to be missing. Early in the fi...

5:55 PM
Q: Are heretics always executed?

Ryan_LIt seems wasteful, though in-character, for the Inquisition to execute every heretic they find. Do they ever give them a chance to repent? Do they ever let heretics get away with just a lecture? It stands to reason that quite a few heretics just don't realize the things they're saying/doing ar...

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7:14 PM
Q: What story or franchise had a war with the Sleem?

Todd WilcoxToday I was talking about Spore (the video game) and how there are aliens called the Grox who are powerful and taking over the galaxy. During that I was reminded of another dangerous galactic empire that was mysterious in some story called the Sleem. If I recall correctly they were not contacted ...

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8:32 PM
Q: Why wasn't Diesel Weasel affected by his own acid rain?

WadeIn the cold open of the third episode of season 5 of Rick & Morty, they are "attacked" by some kind of acid rain that destroys everything organic. A little later "Diesel Weasel" shows up and explains the situation: My acid rain will destroy all things green and natural or my name isn't Diesel We...

Q: Please help me find this book

SayThis book was a series, and the cover always had one of the characters on it, covered in glowing tattoos/markings. I specifically remember one of the covers being a girls' back covered in glowing hot pink markings. There was a time in one of the books, where they were hiding in a tunnel and one o...


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