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11:00 PM
@rak1507 no
@ASCII-only How do you know we haven't already? ;)
You haven't heard of the hivemind?
I honestly don't know why it works
11:00 PM
@ASCII-only For a while there, you were the single entity
I would've thought it was the other way round
⌍ P
@user that is exactly my fear...
if you have a left argument I would've guessed it would fill with the right argument rather than doing it the other way
"have merged", not "will merge"
11:00 PM
but whatever...
@rak1507 nope I checked the way it's implemented and there's no reason why it should be flipped
@ASCII-only You should join the hivemind, we have tasty cookies and free healthcare
@Lyxal lol weird
@Lyxal Stack based languages have weird argument orders
It's signs that there's a bug somewhere with implicit input and I'm too scared to look into it
11:01 PM
well please fix it immediately so you don't outgolf me anymore :)
Also, sideways flowey wink: ⌍P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh yeah? Well you have weird arguments! :P
@user no, he has caird arguments ⌍P
@Lyxal I hate this
11:03 PM
> call please fix it immediately so you don't outgolf me anymore :)
@Lyxal s/we/ca/
@cairdcoinheringaahing aw did you get pranked by the friendliness pellets? ⌍P
interleave weirdly with japanese currency and you get a motivational message
> @Lyxal lol caird
@Lyxal No, it's just looks awful
11:04 PM
@user frick
@cairdcoinheringaahing all the more reasons to use it ⌍P
@rak1507 wyeeinrdly?
no, yen + s/we/ca becomes yes/we/can
@Ryxer hey that's sounds like what I say!
@Lyxal Because Ryxer is you
11:05 PM
@user and you
we are the hivemind but it ends up sounding like "Lyxal" with an accent...
No, that's not the hivemind
We're all the hivemind
Ryxer is just a small subset
@Ryxer redwolf+lyxal+user?
@Ryxer Then concatenate our names: "RedwolfProgramsLyxalusercairdcoinheringaahingrak1507ASCII-onlyBubblerWezlWasifBobBobBobBobBobBobBobBob" (any more names to add here?)
@user Everyone on earth
11:07 PM
@user yes plenty
Lyxal hit ten votes for the RO stuff!
@user this reminds me of a challenge that is sandboxed in my brain
but I'm not sure whether or not to make it code golf or fastest code and how to get it to work
@RedwolfPrograms Lol I'm still 6 away from Room ownership though
@rak1507 Why not sandbox it in the sandbox?
because my brain's sandbox is like the sandbox for the sandbox
11:08 PM
@user that would be too easy
@Lyxal You're doing a lot better than me, Wezl, and Wasif
I haven't figured out what I really want the challenge to be yet
who's bob
It'll be on codidact anyway, probably :)
@Ryxer Bob mama!
11:08 PM
also that's a cool trick, changing your name on one site and switching the chat site
@RedwolfPrograms And I've taken a clear and decisive lead of 1 vote :P
in 2021 TNB Room Owner Election, 2 hours ago, by caird coinheringaahing
@hyper-neutrino If I get one more upvote, you'll get a Good Answer badge :P
@Lyxal we're only 6 away from RO, huh
interestingly, wezl is 4/4 and wasif is 3/3
@Ryxer yeah we are
Cause HN's been making bank on the meta badges from this :P
11:09 PM
@Ryxer idk, I just wanted to cover every Bob in the world, then I'd move on to the Cindys
so more people care about wezl being RO whether or not that's caring positively or negatively
Weasels tend to divide people
also interesting that they're both exactly equal
@user with their teeth
@Ryxer Problem is that there's only 4 room owner slots available and idk how we can muster up 6 votes
11:10 PM
RO results aren't really a surprise other than that
I just wrote a Jelly answer that's 33% / and 16% g O.o
I got a downvote too, but I have absolutely no idea why that might be, since I'm obvioulsy the perfect candidate for room owner
apart from the fact that someone downvoted bubbler and caird, that is slightly strange
@cairdcoinheringaahing link
Give us it
11:11 PM
they're both obvious good ROs to me anyway
@Lyxal Writing explanation now
@rak1507 ^
@rak1507 Lyxal downvoted me, I know that much :P
@rak1507 that may or may not have been a result of voting manipulation to break a 3 way tie
11:12 PM
Interestingly, by keeping the downvote, you're more likely to encourage a tie, as Bubbler's only 1 vote away from me :P
It's clear who's getting it, so why not have some fun and change who gets first?
@cairdcoinheringaahing well it's not like I can change it
@Lyxal Yeah, I know :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing what do you mean 1 vote
@cairdcoinheringaahing change your username to Lyxal so hyper-neutrino will edit it
11:13 PM
@Lyxal That makes me think of someone who lost an eye and is now peeling their other eyelid
I found the ⌍ by going to a website and drawing the wink sideways until it gave me a Unicode character that looked like it
@Ryxer It was correct At The Time™ :P
@user that's flowey for you
Turns out there's only a gap of 4 now
the oldest unpinned starred message is 1 day old o_o
i don't remember TNB being this active
@cairdcoinheringaahing all my effort for nothing
@Ryxer we learnt how to communicate in humorous ways lately
11:15 PM
@Lyxal You're closer to Redwolf than Redwolf is to Adám
@Ryxer Your presence has invigorated us!
Seriously, someone downvoted me :p
@user *our
I used to think ftfy was an insult
When you google it there's two translations
11:16 PM
@user *once thought
btw why is everyone's pfp blue
What's wrong with used to think?
@RedwolfPrograms I made it more concise
@RedwolfPrograms Oh so I was right
You're free to vote how you wish, but please keep the votes somewhat serious, and not use them to try to manipulate the numbers/results/whatever into "funny" situations
11:17 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing This is why voting on comments is good, you can't change them later
everyone please vote caird to get him to +420/-69
...are there even 489 active users
are there even 4 active users
(Please don't make sockpuppets)
counting the hivemind as one user
11:18 PM
@Ryxer Well, there's one active user
@Ryxer probably
also counting user as one user
Got to love outgolfing Leaky by 7 bytes
@cairdcoinheringaahing is this a rickroll
11:19 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing you've been pranked because I can't vote for 47 minutes
@Lyxal Well, I can't get rep for 47 minutes :P
@Ryxer No
Hover it
@Ryxer ...maybe
someone should make a ublock list that blocks rickrolls
11:20 PM
I've made -30 rep today
Very wonderful
@Lyxal You missed the greatest rickroll this room has ever experienced, FYI
11 hours ago, by caird coinheringaahing
14 seconds to VTC the new off-topic post :D (link for vtcers)
@cairdcoinheringaahing no I didn't
I was there
Idk, all you lot had swapped usernames and pfps
@Ryxer Congrats on 5k!
11:25 PM
friendly reminder to make sure your votes for RO have not been reverted by serial voting detection
because this election is once again more or less an abuse of SE's features for our own purposes
Once we have some active ROs we should try doing chat events
@cairdcoinheringaahing There've been better rickrolls imo
@RedwolfPrograms ?
@hyper-neutrino You love to see it :P
Q: What are chat events and how do they work?

PandyaIn spite of being an active user for 3 years on Stack Exchange, I don't know anything about chat events. Probably because communities I used to be active in might not (or rarely) take part in chat events. After searching on here, I didn't find any existing post that provides details about chat e...

What would these events be about? Mini golfing competitions?
11:27 PM
@user did someone say...
No idea, but it'd be cool and would maybe bring the community together a bit
Could pull in some new TNBers as well
a bit bigger than mini, these can be scheduled for days
@RedwolfPrograms Not sure that's a good idea during covid :P
11:28 PM
we could, but a lot of events would likely be better in a separate room not in the site's main room. that being said, having community-building events would be amazing; i've wanted to do some but haven't had ideas
The TNB Reacts
Hmm, a golfing tournament!
> (And, obviously, it would be nice to have MathJax).
I like Mini-Golf as the name
Like RGS's golfing showdown
11:28 PM
considering that we now do have mathjax
@RedwolfPrograms $_++
i guess it's time to fix up that answer
Maybe it could be a biweekly or monthly event
Monthly sounds good
Biweekly might be too hectic
I do kinda agree with HN in that this might not be the best place for them
11:29 PM
how does one do inline mathjax?
The whole point of the events feature is to help organize them
we'll have to convince bubbler and Adám then
Making a separate room would kind of defeat the purpose
We're generally pretty unstructured here, and setting aside an hour or so, even once a month, for a specific event could prevent people from chatting about what they want to
11:30 PM
the thing to keep in mind is that this event would completely flood this room with something that isn't "General discussion for codegolf.stackexchange.com"
Other SEs have similar things
this could be annoying for people who just want to talk to other community members for random things
We could advertise it here then move it to another room where it actually happens
That sounds good
or for new users dropping by to figure out what's going on
11:30 PM
I guess so yeah
Can someone make a room for this (or should I)?
@hyper-neutrino move the on-topic stuff out :P
granted, i don't suspect it would be too huge of an issue, but it's something to consider, and we should go to meta to discuss details before organizing anything site-wide anyway
Although if y'all read the meta post I linked the events feature addresses most of these concerns
@user I will if we decide to do this
11:31 PM
Given that chat events don't have anything mechanical, we could schedule them here, then when they start, someone posts the link to the other room and people move there
@user not until you have a good Idea for an event
why do I reflexively capitalize Idea?
We should probably do a meta post asking how it should work and what it should be about
Yeah, going to meta with this is the first thing before actually doing anything
11:32 PM
@Wezl IntelliJ Idea maybe?
it's probably got something to do with I (the pronoun)
@Ryxer On main/meta? \$abc\$
with double $ it works with a bookmarklet:
argh too long
Make it fixed length
That circumvents length restriction
but the ChatJax bookmarklet's nice
@RedwolfPrograms how?
11:34 PM
Ctrl + K or add a newline and a fixed font button appears
Or just paste it in not as fixed font :p
So you use it like $$this$$?
Oh nice
I think we should wait for the election to finish, then I will discuss with the other mods (just to confirm honestly, I don't think anyone would have a problem with any of the candidates), then we can discuss with all of the ROs what we want to do with the room in terms of community building events or ideas, and then bring a discussion to meta on whether or not we should host it in this room or bring it elsewhere to do it.
Given that this room is rarely on-topic to actually discussing CGCC and is more just fun chatting, it might be fine to just have an event here, since new users who are dropping by can quickly just be informed of what's going on or have their questions answered without stopping our event.
also fast typing :p
I've posted a question about this on Meta
11:36 PM
Would whoever upvoted this mind undoing it, then redoing it? For some reason, SE isn't registering it
should just move to discord
that looks like vim
Oh thats weird
For some reason, SE thinks I've repcapped, so isn't giving me any rep from that answer. But if I go to my reputation it says I only have +190 for the day :/
did it add progress to the relevant badge?
Nope :/
I think the system got confused cause someone unupvoted my Latin Squares question
11:42 PM
yeah i think this is a MM-worthy bug
Added an actual description to my monthly mini golf suggestion
i unupvoted and reupvoted your question and now you only have +180 apparently
Keep doing it until they start losing rep :p
@hyper-neutrino Yep, I just lost 10 rep :/
Here let me try upvoting something of yours
11:43 PM
Imma head over to MM and ask for my hard earned rep back :P
> ** rep today: 200
So according to my reputation page (/reputation) I hit 200 today
lol what
Q: Should we have chat events, and if so, how should we do them?

userChat events recently came up in chat. If we are to have events, it would be a good idea to plan out what they will be about, how often they'll be, and whether we'll hold them in the Nineteenth Byte or a separate chat room. It'd be great to get suggestions on the above topics, so could you guys an...

So there's this, but that takes about the unupvote happening the previous day, not the same day
Ok, so something funky happened between yesterday, today and 2 days ago
so it seems like this is by design
11:52 PM
/reputation says I got +200 today, +190 yesterday and +180 2 days ago. My reputation tab says I got +180, +160, +230
except that ^
Both total to +570
So the distribution of votes is weird, but the result (1 repcap, +570 net rep) is the same
thank you SE, very cool
So I don't think I'll bother opening a bug report then :/
@NewMetaPosts FYI, I downvoted this cause I think you jumped the gun @user
Gotta go make dinner, see y'all later
11:54 PM
I think HN's timeline is the smartest (wait for the election to finish, discuss it with mods/ROs before meta), and that immediately jumping to meta feels a bit like you're trying to "force" this to happen

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