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@Marvin Didn't we just have this question? I swear I've come across "The Small Assassin" in the past couple of weeks.
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Q: TV series: Unfortunate guy attracting all kinds of otherworldly creatures/aliens/witches, Australian series

Nune HambardzumyanWhat I'm looking for was a tv series I watched long time ago and want to find now, but I don't recall the name of it. The plot was about some student/scientist/highschooler ??? that was cursed with all kinds of "outwordly creatures" being attracted to him, all kinds of aliens , witches, monsters ...

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3:34 AM
Q: Why did Data say Picard would be "an excellent drone" in Star Trek: First Contact?

tmtm123I don't understand why Data said Picard will be "an excellent drone" in Star Trek: First Contact. Picard has already been assimilated, all his knowledge already absorbed by the collective, and he is not young at that moment; his body condition is definitely not in peak quality. If it is about his...

4:00 AM
Q: Space opera with large cat and discussion about infinite dimensions

cryptarchI'm trying to remember a novel I read in the late 80s or early 90s. I don't remember too many details. This is what I do remember: It involved a voyage through hyperspace. As part of this voyage they were transporting a large blue-ish cat-like creature, which may have been intelligent or telepat...

4:30 AM
Q: Should we have a policy for story-spoilers in comments?

uhohIn question and answer posts there is a spoiler alert feature: Below the question What is the maximum force a deep space spacecraft experiences after launch? there is an extended conversation in comments about detailed plot aspects in Larry Niven's Known Space books that focus on details you sho...

This meta question is posted in, and applies to Space Exploration SE, not here.
4:41 AM
@uhoh People are too paranoid and/or too OCD about spoilers. The intersection set of people who haven't read a 40-year-old book, but who intend to, and are reading a random post on SE is vanishingly small.
Especially when you consider a majority of posts (there and here) collect a few hundred views or less.
4:58 AM
@DavidW I think they are immensely large, now how will we find out which of our contradictory sweeping yet unsupported generalizations are correct?
Is there data on this?
5:17 AM
Q: Aliens contacts teen girl through computer

ArlettaSHere is a stumper. I would have seen this movie on TV sometime between 1977 and 1980. It was on our local PBS station late night. My brother and I were allowed to stay up and watch Monty Python, and he came on PBS at around 11:30. This was either on right after it or in place of it one evening. T...

Q: What rebuttals can you offer to the following argument against universal translators?

Samuel MuldoonIntroduction In Star Trek, and many other science fiction series, computer programs are often used to translate the languages of -- sometimes -- never before encountered species. What reply can you offer to the following thought experiment, which purportedly would demonstrate that translating ali...

@uhoh Don't be insulting. Your post has, right now, 37 views, 3 of which are me. Does that count as data?
5:47 AM
@DavidW "People are too paranoid and/or too OCD..." could be seen as insulting. Data would be numbers related to reading Niven and Space SE. I'm not sure how one would go about getting a salient data set, seems like quite a challenge. For me, I really care about others, so I try not to do things that are harmful. I think that's a good thing and I won't stop even if you call me "paranoid and OCD".
"I don't care, so there is something wrong with anybody who does" is a weak argument.
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7:50 AM
Q: Fantasy book can’t remember the title

user136741Book is about the lost gods and for most of the book you want the gods to come back. Along the way there are reptilian people who are trying to hell the gods return and you learn that the gods weren’t nice. In the end, the heroes lose and the gods return, cruelly using their power to suck the lif...

Q: Movie with the last of an alien race at the end?

user3735204Just watched Total Recall for the first time in 20+ years, and I could have sworn that I remembered that the last of the long dead aliens appeared - but was completely wrong. I can't figure out which movie I conflated the ending with. I even have them on a dusty/rocky slope in my head. My wife th...

8:16 AM
Q: movie about a boy who can go into an imaginary world

kqwlthis has been bugging me for months so please help me. it’s about a little boy, who might be blonde i’m not sure. i think there’s a storage room that he goes into with a lot of shelves and then he can go into an imaginary world with his imaginary friends. in the end he almost gets stuck there bec...

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11:34 AM
Q: In MCU, how many characters have wielded more than one Infinity Stones?

anuragWhich characters have wielded atleast two infinity stones simultaneously in the MCU? Here is a list of all characters who have wielded the infinity stones (atleast one): Loki wielded the tesseract (space stone) and a sceptor (mind stone) given by Thanos Red Skull/Hydra wielded the tesseract (spa...

Q: book where a girl breaks into a spaceship that crashes and finds a boy that pulls her through a portal to his kingdom where magic and monsters exist

user136531A few years ago (2-3) I’ve downloaded this book for free from Amazon on my kindle. It started with a girl breaking into a spaceship that was headed out on another planet (might have been earth) but the ship crashed killing the captain or someone important. The other men went out to patrol the are...

12:22 PM
We have a tag?
That's so ill defined and inconsistently used that there's really no point in having it.
If we get rid of it on 13 questions, then I can handle the rest by merging (without synonymising) into the story-ID tag.
Q: Short story about invaders being hampered by the flora, losing consciousness and transformed on awakening

james wyperHope you can help? I read this short story, possibly in a science fiction anthology from the 70's. Now I'm struggling to remember the author and the title of the story and I'd like to use it as reference as it is a great metaphor for immigration. What I remember is a story about the character bei...

Q: TV show episode where world's existence depends on a man's life

ArcI think it was an episode from The Outer Limits, or maybe The Twilight Zone. I think I watched it in the 90s, very likely in color. I had a look at the episode descriptions for The Outer Limits on Wikipedia but found no apparent match. What I seem to remember is that some guy's well-being affecte...

1:02 PM
Q: RIP Christopher Plummer

Ian ThompsonActor Christopher Plummer died on February 5 2021 (BBC article). He is probably better known for non sci-fi roles, but General Chang was one of the most memorable Star Treak bad guys.

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3:35 PM
OK, @xkcd, you realize there wouldn't have been a linguist to bring....
Q: Story-id duplicate policy

SpencerIf we're still following the story-id duplicate policy, then this should not have been closed, tempting though it is. Neither the question nor the proposed duplicate has any answers, much less any accetped ones. Did something change recently? This other Meta question is similar, but in that insta...

4:12 PM
posted on February 06, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Now if you can just sort out how to get nanobots to fix human bodies you can have all the time you like. Today's News:

@Randal'Thor heck yes let's burn it
@Spencer I don't know, it doesn't seem that far-fetched to have someone study the language, even if there's only one universal language. Of course it wouldn't have been called a linguist, and at that (alleged) time there would probably be no such person, but still.
4:39 PM
@Jenayah For the sake of morbid equine flagellation, if this "linguist" were interested in differences in speech by different people, that would mean languages were developing already....
5:07 PM
Where do you post a topic challenge idea? I thought
It was the announcement post, but none of the posted ideas I saw earlier are there.
Ahh, found it. Not very observant this morning.
5:40 PM
Q: Man can't buy life insurance because the world will end when he dies

DavidWThis is a classic, but for some reason I am completely blanking on it. Something I would have read more than 30 years ago, so late 1980s at the latest. In the story a man wishes to buy life insurance, but he keeps getting refused. He finally gets some manager interested in why this is, since th...

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7:48 PM
Q: Which was the first story featuring hive minds?

PabloIn Pacific Rim (2013) the Kaijus share a hive (collective) mind, through a hive mind system, the Kaiju can communicate instantly. In Robotech (1985) The Invids re a hive-mind race that is driven by the need to take back what was stolen from them. In The Last Question (1956) by Isaac Asimov, Man m...

8:13 PM
Q: Name that film, half community lived by day other by night

Corrinne BrownhillA scifi film, half community lived in the day other half lived at night, I think it was a love story. I think it was 2004 - 2010. I watched it at Grimmfest Manchester at their Halloween event.

9:05 PM
Q: space nomad traders before Citizen of the Galaxy?

Ben BolkerRecently re-reading Vernor Vinge's A Deepness in the Sky, which features the "Qeng Ho" - a society of sorts that travels around the galaxy in ramscoop starships trading with planetary civilizations, with no fixed home base. These folks combine the (TV tropes warning!) Space Nomad and (sort of) Pr...


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