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12:11 AM
@doppelgreener yeah exactly, I just think it's a much less fraught word to use in the term XD
Q: Do you know when you fail a saving throw?

Dan BThe pathfinder rules say: A creature that successfully saves against a spell that has no obvious physical effects feels a hostile force or a tingle, but cannot deduce the exact nature of the attack. Likewise, if a creature’s saving throw succeeds against a targeted spell, you sense that the spel...

12:25 AM
@RevenantBacon jalepeño, bacon, and kimchi either the jalepeño or the kimchi is redundant. pick one. 😎
12:39 AM
Q: Small company owned by PC shadowrunners - which legal form it should be?

gilhadIntro: We are playing SR3 in Seattle, but all players and GMs are from Europe & not skilled in law, not mentioning USA/Shadowrun law. We are seeking for something somehow believable in USA/SR3 context (so we can find more about that later and build on that). PCs got and took offer from friendly N...

Hello, humans (or other species of sophonts)
[amused] Today I got a downvote on an answer to a question which hasn't had any activity for six years.
(It's a rulesy question and my answer doesn't necessarily make "sense" but it is, strictly speaking, accurate.)
1:03 AM
@BESW wow. You’ve been around hereabouts longer than my little brother has been alive
[grin] I joined 8 years ago and it was already two years old and out of beta.
1:18 AM
8 years is a significant fraction of my life so far
It's kinda wild, yeah.
Eight-years-ago BESW had never played more than a single session of any non-D&D TRPG.
When I started playing D&D, we had THAC0, and we liked accepted it!
When I started playing D&D, we had --wait, what's something infamous about 3.x that 5e didn't somehow resurrect?
Really really high bonuses to things? 5-foot step? BAB and iterative attacks?
I was gonna say "Too many character build options" but 5e is getting there slowly
Prestige classes? Skill points? BAB?
1:39 AM
Diplomancy? Pun-Pun?
XD all of the above pretty much
When I started playing D&D... it was only about 5 years ago and I was really bored on Christmas vacation with my cousins, and my uncle had the 5e starter set in his basement.
Eight years ago, I was [checks diary] engaged in an argument about dictionaries versus google with my elementary school nemesis
Morning all
(MAde it by 15 minutes)
@BardicWizard 8 years ago I was reminiscing about the Super Nintendo that I (regretfully) sold for $50 in a garage sale a further 10 years prior while I played guitar hero on the 360 haha
I was getting my first grey hairs from being the cultural liaison for the woefully-out-of-his-depth editor of a trilingual combination textbook/coffee table book about CHamoru culture.
So it turns out my first D&D experience was 5 years ago
1:53 AM
Not a metaphor or exaggeration, literally my first grey hairs. On paper I was the layout artist, but in practice I was sourcing images, copy-editing, introducing local experts, and spending a LOT of time explaining Indigenous CHamoru stuff to a Bostonian who hadn't heard of CHamorus before he got the project.
@BESW talk about a dude who got tossed in the deep end
Several times we had to re-visit “Just because it’s small doesn’t make it simple.”
Meanwhile I was trying to figure out how to design pages with text in three languages, only one of which I was fluent in.
I got my first grey hairs in the final year or two of high school. I don't remember it being especially stressful...
...At one point I suggested that a particular photo choice was too indulgent of the male gaze, and he thought I was saying male gays.
Oh wow
1:59 AM
I’m still unclear exactly how or why he got this project.
But Ilearned a lot, and it absolutely radicalized me on the subject of outsiders leading projects on subjects they’re unfamiliar with. The technical skills of managing a book project were not the most important qualities needed for that project’s leader.
(See also “I run campaigns set in cultures I have no experience with, so that we can learn about what it’s like to live in those cultures!”)
I’ve also worked on projects where the leader’s primary qualification was “good at writing grant requests to get the project funded.”
...On reflection, this may have also influenced my ideas about what qualities are important in a GM.
See also:
2 days ago, by BESW
Adam Hancock wrote a twitter thread challenging the standard way a TTRPG team is hired and managed.
@BESW there is something to be said for bringing leadership up from within a subject matter instead of trying to install administration from outside
2:34 AM
So my challenge for today is creating some wight enemies that both scale up in cr and have differing abilities
Does 5e not have level-gated debuffs like 4e? That made it really easy.
That doesn't ring any bells
The first levels you're likely to encounter an NPC that can create a given condition, and the kind of action used to create it.
I don't think so, haven;t seen anything like that for 5e
@Ben 8 years ago... third child was three months old, and my wife and I were learning an important life lesson: when raising two children you really are completely flat-out and have no spare capacity to handle anything more.
2:49 AM
@nitsua60 [wave] poked you in Discord.
@nitsua60 I think I'm learning that lesson for myself
3:35 AM
I have to turn in handwritten study guides for one class before midnight tonight. A combination of having terrible handwriting, dysgraphia, and a teacher who never reads past the first few pages has led me to the realization that all I need to do is use really bad handwriting to write out something vaguely long and with enough words that could, if interpreted correctly, look like they fit the subject matter so I don’t actually have to do the work (that was on my dead computer) again
I am tempted to write “I am the very model of a modern major general” for this
alas, it’ll likely just be easier to redo the work
3:52 AM
I had a high school physics teacher who had a reputation for not thoroughly reading essay answers, just skimming through and grading based on what he knew of the student's usual work. Someone in the year above me put in the middle of their essay, "I could write any old crap here and you'd still give me a good mark"... and they were right
Demanding a particular kind of output, like handwriting, is so... presumptive.
And yeah, I had a college English professor who was so lax about grading my work specifically (because he'd decided I was a good student) that I started making my papers increasingly outlandish.
The only criticism I ever got was based on his inability/refusal to understand that a paper's thesis was predicated on the idea that teachers should account for their students' established schema when designing lesson plans.
This was the same teacher, years later, who was arrested by airport customs (TSA?) in the USA. He was asked to take off his money belt, and said, "If I do that, a bloody great bomb will go off".
(He had an odd sense of humour...)
4:39 AM
@BESW meh, I could use my accommodations to get to type it, but my computer died so it’d be more work for me. Same teacher doesn’t understand that I am willing to talk about dysgraphia and my issues, but that calling my needs out as separate from everyone else’s gets me feeling weird (no better word to describe it, unfortunately. It’s just... I don’t feel like it’s anyone else’s business but mine and the teacher’s, so I share on my terms, not involuntarily).
5:01 AM
it's really weird and uncool to call a student out in front of the entire class because they need any form of accomodation at all
at least IMO
5:35 AM
@trogdor definitely. I had a teacher last year who was a jerk about it and she’s the only teacher I’ve ever been glad not to have to have again. When we did the accommodations meeting with the special ed counselor, my teacher, me, and my mom, she suggested that I take my stuff over to the counseling center every time we did a writing-related test. I didn’t have to do that, but it was just arrgh.
That sounds like she just didn't want to deal with anything
I was given the option in some of my schools to take extra time on tests. That wasn't what I needed, if anything I noticed I took tests faster than my peers usually because I read the textbooks and paid attention in classes
I think looking back I pretty much just needed the teachers to actually do literally anything about bullying in class
I remember once I was literally picked on right in the middle of class, the teacher paid 0 attention, I brought it to her attention because I was frankly sick of the two guys who were the culprits on my own account and on the account of everyone else I had ever seen them screw with
She got mad at me for interrupting her and refused to even entertain the idea anything had happened
Ugh. Some people. Bullies are horrible and schools need better policies for dealing with stuff like that
The worse of those two kids did get expelled eventually
I think he had just either finally gone too far or possibly been reported on 10 too many times
The other kid actually stopped (as far as I could tell) bullying or teasing anyone after that
I sort of assume maybe he had gotten sucked into that kind of behavior through example
I have no idea what was up with the one who got expelled
But that all could have been resolved better and more quickly
3 hours later…
9:24 AM
Q: How to prepare my party to reasonably be able to bring down a prismatic wall?

linksassinBackground In my campaign I have a villain who uses misdirection and avoidance as their main combat methods. They won't fight directly but used summoned creatures, minion allies and illusions to avoid the party's attacks. As last resort, when the party confronts them in their lair it would be app...

9:34 AM
I had a teacher who just seemed to assume I was always lying
It wasn't too big a deal at the time, but it was things like assuming I had played with the robot turtle, or that I couldn't possibly have finished reading the current assigned book
it wasn't much beyond that, but they just weren't nice to 6-7 year old me ::shrug::
I mean not only that, but the second thing of assuming you couldn't possibly have finished the assigned book
perhaps they shouldn't have assigned it
she fell ill towards the end of that year, and got replaced by someone better, but still not y'know kind
@trogdor it was a case of the class had to all finish that book in the series as part of the cirriculum
Wait, you said robot turtle as though it was nothing, and I need more context
9:44 AM
@trogdor they were like 10 page books of like "Dan and Timmy have a magic key" next page "Abby thinks they should use the key" etc
@Someone_Evil I can't decide if I want it to be literal or metaphorical.
@AncientSwordRage wow that just makes it worse
@AncientSwordRage [squint] Isn't that a series on Netflix?
@BESW I made up the names, but I have no idea
@BESW hah, no
3 hours later…
12:23 PM
@KorvinStarmast o/
@MikeQ yeah, and that's another "do we really need this" question I have.
@ThomasMarkov \o
Oh, no, possible mirror of life trapping in the chat room ... 😯😮
@NautArch @KorvinStarmast I unilaterally reopened this question that had been unilaterally closed. V2Blast's clarification seemed good enough to call it not a dupe.
Original dupe target was here
If you get a moment check over my work.
@ThomasMarkov looks good to me.
did the same person ask the same question twice?
12:40 PM
Yeah. Their question was closed as a dupe, and they reposted it, and I closed it as a dupe immediately. I then checked the original, it looked good to me, reopened it, and reassigned the second one as a dupe if the first instead of the original dupe target.
@ThomasMarkov TItle questions are dupes, but the body's are different. I'm also going to update the dupe target's lead.
Needs more work on that title
added (Not-Wizard) to the feat name in the title.
that's fine
1:21 PM
So what all can you see with the site analytics at 25k rep?
1:46 PM
Playing through Dungeon of the Mad Mage and two characters got their brains eaten by intellect devourers. I'm going to handwave that the characters are dead and let their party get the IDs out and restore the ability score.
2:12 PM
@KorvinStarmast I mean, they don't have the same flavor, so not really redundant.
2:33 PM
@NautArch brains....brains....brains...
@BardicWizard nomnomnom
@NautArch My answer already sufficiently covers both situations.
@ThomasMarkov It does? Because the only way they could help on the initial save is if they readied an action to do so.
That's already baked in to the Help action
I use the Help action to give NautArch advantage against the next Strength check he makes against a telekinesis spell.
Then, if before my next turn youre targeted by telekinesis, you have advantage.
Sure, but how do you know telekinesis is coming?
2:42 PM
Dont have to.
If it isnt coming you wasted your action.
Okay, I think it would help if you talked about that, but totally your answer.
I don't think it's obvious, and I have a hunch OP is using this for the initial contest when it's cast.
"I use the Help Action to help Naut kick down this door"...comes to Naut's turn..."I don't think I'm gonna kick down the door". I didn't know you were or weren't going to kick down the door.
If there's no door, that'ls a pretty weird help action.
Sure, but there's a door
@ThomasMarkov is there?
I mean, there isn't a known spellcaster with telekinesis, so why would there be a door?
2:46 PM
What are you, door agnostic?
I am, but I also believe that someone using a help for something they have no idea is coming is unlikely.
Are you seeing this as a metagaming issue or an actual mechanics issue?
@ThomasMarkov Potentially both, but your answer concerns me as requiring metagaming.
All I'm saying is you should address that aspect in your answer if OP doesn't clarify (or you may have to change your answer if they do.)
If you don't want to, that's cool. I'll wait on an update and potentially put my own up.
I don't think there are mechanics issues at all.
But maybe meta gaming.
But its perfectly feasible for me to know BBEG can use telekinesis.
For any number of reasons.
SO you just spend an action every round to help a random party member?
2:49 PM
I didn't say I would do it.
Yes, that's possible, but pretty unlikely.
I'm just saying the situation is entirely feasible
I don't think an answer based on that is helpful, either.
but that's your answre and why i' mnot upvoting it (nor downvoting)
if OP does clarify, I'll put something up, but osunds like your answer is good for you.
lol if OP calrifies I'll be sure my answer is tailored to whatever the most current state of the question is.
And would you say that the player must be in range of the other player in order to do this?
2:55 PM
For sure. I'll mention that, thanks.
So they need to guess the spell, guess the target, and move to the target.
Yes, I'm saying there's a chance :P
@RevenantBacon I think they'd clash rather badly, but each palate will differ on that.
@KorvinStarmast @RevenantBacon Fresh jalepenos or grilled?
3:08 PM
I added some stuff @NautArch
@ThomasMarkov let me get my downvote ready
@NautArch Okay GcL.
I think you've covered the basis, but I just don't love the mental gymnastics on the reaction to make it a reasonable decision.
Just for you, I'm gonna shoehorn that very situation into the next game I run.
@ThomasMarkov grumble grumble
3:13 PM
@NautArch what I do is specify specifically what I or my familiar is going to do "I will help Ransid the Barbarian attack that ogre" for example. Or, "My owl will help Ransid the Barbarian attack that ogre by doing a flyby and distracting the ogre" - and if Ransid chooses to do something else, heh, so it goes, our failure in tactical communication is our fault.
Barkeep: "I heard the creature you are hunting only uses the spell telekinesis, so you should probably help each other just in case."
@KorvinStarmast This seems a bit different in needing to know/guess that telekinesis will be the next spell cast AND who the target will be.
@NautArch I prefer roasted or grilled, though Mrs Starmast's recently "grown fresh in the garden" peppers are quite nice this season if you want to wake up the palate
I've totally tried to help my party with my familiar and had them do something else instead.'
@KorvinStarmast My palate enjoys the heat. My colon does not.
3:16 PM
Stuffed poblanos are the bees knees.
@NautArch Smoked
@NautArch I do have taste buds at both ends also, it seems, in the case of the jalapeño
@ThomasMarkov yes, but they vary wildly in heat when I buy them at the store. Some are mild and some light me up.
Cut the tops off and fill them with chorizo, mushrooms, and cheese. Throw them on the grill.
@ThomasMarkov Yummy!
We have a friend here who is from New Mexico. Apparently, the hotter chilis are those that are at the end of the season because they've dried out the most.
3:17 PM
@NautArch Unless one has divination skills?
@NautArch yeah, we see the same here in Texas.
She orders hers for making green chile sauce specially for end of season.
But some years rainfall will have an influence on heat ...
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, if they had previously cast divination and asked about who the caster will target in the party with telekinesis, but that still doens't solve when. Although I guess you could also divine that.
that's a lot of spell slots for helping with a check.
although you could ritual it
so it's just the time
3:42 PM
@ThomasMarkov ooh, ever had chiles stuffed with roasted chiles? It’s really good, especially if you roast two different kinds of chiles. And you have to roast them yourself, even if it’s just on the stove over an open flame or in the oven
3:57 PM
@BardicWizard You don't trust anyone else to roast them? Who has cooked so poorly to harm you so? /S
@GcL I just mean don’t buy pre-roasted chiles
Yo dawg I heard you liked chiles so I put a chile in your chile so you can roast while you roast
4:22 PM
I've got a friend that can eat carolina reapers straight.
4:34 PM
Need one more VTC here
4:55 PM
@NautArch isn't there a school of diviniation ability that allows something like that without a spell slot? (My nephew is playing the Star Chain UA warlock, who gets augury as a ritual ...) I have never seen augury used in game, ever, and am interested to see what he does with this. And how our DM handles it.
@KorvinStarmast Its still a ritual spell, so you can do that
@JohnP that's nvts
@JohnP my son in law's older brother still does stuff like that. He loves really hot food ... I am just not in that genre of spice food eating / masochism.
I got in trouble in 7th grade for "coercing" another student into drinking a whole bottle of hot sauce during the school-wide thanksgiving meal.
I didn't coerce him.
@ThomasMarkov for a dollar?
The next year the same kid did it again, except I was on vacation.
I almost got in trouble again.
@NautArch No, I just said it would be cool if he chugged this bottle. He agreed, and we made a spectacle out of it.
It became a thanksgiving tradition, and he did it every year until we graduated.
5:03 PM
@ThomasMarkov which brand?
Texas Pete
@ThomasMarkov that stuff is delicious.
crystal brand louisiana hot sauce, texas pete, and cholula are my faves
@NautArch Ever had Tiger Sauce?
@ThomasMarkov that is also delicious
and pickapeppa sauce
Tiger Sauce is the bomb diggity
There's this bar and grille in Asheville, NC that uses it on their wings.
Best. Wings. Ever.
5:05 PM
On the eight grade, we had a bomb nut in our chemistry class and he was constantly begging for our teacher to let him do something explosive. He came back from the Christmas holidays with his hand bandaged.
"Do I even need to ask what you did on the holidays," the teacher asked, snarky.
@kviiri I may have mentioned in here before about the time I had to vacuum glass up off the soccer field.
"A gunpowder mishap," the classmate replied. "Bought lots of fireworks, put the gunpowder into a plastic bottle along with a fuse, lit the fuse... and then it blew ahead of time"

"Uh-uh," the teacher said. "And did you learn anything from this?"
"Well yeah, the lit end fell inside the bottle because I ran it through the opening, I should've drilled a new hole for it just above the gunpowder."
Oct 8 at 14:24, by Thomas Markov
There was an explosion, had to vacuum up the glass.
seems so :D
That was it.
Half kilo of sodium into a big beaker
When my eighth grade class did our trip to Yosemite for a week they didn’t supervise us at meals and there was a bottle of hot sauce on every table. Several kids tried drinking the sauce
Once made a dry ice bomb out of a swing top glass bottle.
@BardicWizard I dont condone any of this. (this is your disclaimer)
5:11 PM
This one time there was actually a hydrogen explosion experiment in the schoolyard. The bomb nut was sick that day :<
Is this the part where I ask if anyone had a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook?
No, I only had the Social Democrat Cookbook
Ive heard of the Patriot's Cookbook
@ThomasMarkov I didn’t, don’t worry. I spent that trip meticulously tracking the card counts of repeated games of BS for a friend, crying in my cabin since my best friend deserted me, knitting a scarf, and complaining about the lack of decent vegetarian food.
It was a trip with a lot of ups and downs
High school is pretty terrible tbh.
5:17 PM
Middle school was also terrible. High school’s been moderately terrible but not as bad since I’m pretty sure of who I am now
Middle school is probably the worst.
@KorvinStarmast Me either. I top out somewhere between jalapeno and habanero
5:32 PM
@BardicWizard Ugh... kids these days. Just like kids in days past. When will they learn? /S
5:51 PM
@ThomasMarkov I find it encouraging that tabletop roleplaying still serves the function of social-creative outlet for people who hate(d) middle school. (Caveat: I've never met anyone who actually liked middle school.)
@MarkWells I'm definitely in the small group who thoroughly enjoyed all of their 4th grade through college schooling
6:10 PM
Q: Can an artificer cast spells using a single component from a set of artisan's tools?

kentUnder Tools Required You produce your artificer spell effects through your tools. You must have a spellcasting focus – specifically tinker’ tools or some kind of artisan’s tool – in hand when you cast any spell with this Spellcasting feature. You must be proficient with the tool to use it in thi...

6:55 PM
@ThomasMarkov Guess we may need to dupe that new magic initiate question again.
back to the original dupe target?
unless @V2Blast changes their mind
Nah, still not a dupe.
It's not a more specific "can I cast a MI spell with a spell slot"?
7:14 PM
There, my answer now addresses all cases.
@ThomasMarkov :D
have an updoot
The problem before was that the answers on the original target didnt address the specific question.
@ThomasMarkov Right, but we don't look to answers to determine duplication.
we look at the question only.
The language of my header is very important and improves upon the language of the Sage Advice
SA says: Yes, but only if the class you pick for the feat is one of your classes

It should more clearly read: Yes, but only if the class you pick for the feat is the class associated with your spellcasting class feature.
Essentially, this Q&A is a specific version of the general question - but OP's not confused about the general so much as they're confused about how exactly it works for a specific edge case.
Looking at the general question doesn't necessarily indicate the interaction of "subclasses with Spellcasting that use another class's spell list"
7:20 PM
But the question as written definitely includes that
@Gummibeer Hello!
yeah, it's not an issue of whether, technically, it's a specific example of the general question - because it is
@V2Blast yep, and that makes it a dupe
further discussion of this should be taken to meta if people still disagree on whether or not it's a dupe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anyway, my answer addresses all three cases and uses SAC to confirm a RAW argument rather than using SAC as an argument in itself.
@ThomasMarkov you're gonna see a bounty for that
beyond V2's.
@V2Blast I ain't takin' it :)
or maybe I am
since @GcL just went and hammered it
7:25 PM
Vote to reopen? I thought it took 4 or 5
nope, you've got a gold badge.
Can I trade it in for a brass one? I like the way brass patinas over time.
Well, this has been quite the roller coaster.
The question was almost exactly the same one I had when reading the general question since I've got an eldritch knight character who was lamenting wanting "one more spell"... which they solved buy purchasing a bunch of scrolls.
@GcL Right, so it's a bounty to clarify that general question.
I thought we usually closed specific questions that fit under the general as a duplicate.
The older question covers that need, it's just missing in answers. As the answers only considered the specific case by that querent.
WHich is why I (and Thomas) changed the question to match the specific request that all the answered covered.
7:29 PM
@NautArch Not missing any more awkward finger guns
I have no idea. If it's not clear under /help/duplicates
But if it's not, and it is generally asking "can you do this", then "can X do this" is clearly the same question.
I'm entertained whenever a question is closed as a duplicate of another subsequent question. Duplicate of the future strikes a funny chord with me.
@GcL huh: This was the newer questions duplicated to the older one.
Do you still disagree that it's a duplicate?
I've already got a "3 Criteria of Duplicature" meta template ready. I won't start that fire, but I'll sure stomp on it :P
7:31 PM
This was, but the duplication conventions or at least the discussions of them in here have been kinda funny like that sometimes.
SOmetimes the more general question can come later. BUt if you're on board with it being a dupe, do you mind hammering it again?
The original general question's answer didn't answer my question. I don't really care if it's a dupe or not. It answered my specific question.
I can hammer it again and make it look like an edit war
@NautArch Sure. I can try that.
@ThomasMarkov Nah, we're all here. Let's talk it out!
or we can roll for it.
7:33 PM
With the recent closure, Im satisfied with the state of affairs.
/roll d20
7:33 PM
Thomas crits. It's all over folks.
I think what we have now is an everyone wins situation
Where everyone actually loses?
New dupe question got an answer, old dupe target got an answer for fuller scope. We all got to play with our golden dupe hammers.
Turns out I missed an opporutnity in RDR2 to get a golden gun :(
7:37 PM
We'll see if OP ever asks another question on this stack. I think give up 100 internet points to get a better answer that addresses an edge case the general answers didn't get is a bit much to ask for new users with 1 or 101 rep.
Especially for people that like internet points.
The question's timeline looks like a warzone.
@GcL they also tried to circumvent the closure originally.
I dupe hammered it.
There may be a helpful meta discussion to come out of this still.
Hardly something I'd blame them for. Looking for an answer to a specific question when the answers of the nearest question don't answer it seems reasonable. Closing it as, this already has an answer, when it doesn't is frustrating when it happens to me.
For me, I usually see it for technical stuff. "Closed as duplicate of old question for entirely outdated version of the technology with assumptions that no longer apply" is really annoying.
I still really don't like not changing the older question to fit in with the answers that have been there for so many years.
Seems an unnecessary move to generalize it when the answers are focusing on the specific example int he question.
7:48 PM
When did the Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster get released?
I think those were PHB.
Sure are
rip me
Ive got Xanathar stapled into the back of my PHB so it all runs together. :P
I digitized my disbound copy of the PHB. Apparently I could have sent it in to get a new one for the price of shipping.
7:53 PM
@GcL So you have one of the elusive legal pdfs?
@ThomasMarkov I used to work in digital preservation, production, and publishing. Had access to experts and facilities. It wouldn't surprise me to consult legal and find out that the conversion of my own copy to preserve the use of it is still illegal.
@NautArch I appreciate you being the heavy this time on the humanoid word question.
@ThomasMarkov I also do! ...not that I use it much anymore.
Would this be legal:
@ThomasMarkov That sounds like one those general questions answered by "probably not"
8:03 PM
I own the PHB. Would it be legal to reproduce the PHB in a typed document for personal use only?
AFAIK copy-right law mainly cares about distribution
That's what I understand as well.
@ThomasMarkov For personal use, nobody is going to come looking really. If you asked a copyright lawyer, they'd probably tell you "no". They like that word a lot in my experience.
Fair enough.
Depends on the jurisdiction
8:05 PM
Cuz I could copy the PHB into a LaTeX document and program in my own pdf links.
If you're going that route, I suggest hacking it into markdown and then using pandoc to produce a pdf.
Jan 17 '19 at 18:51, by kviiri
@goodguy5 In my jurisdiction, the law permits making copies of a published work for personal use, as long as I have access to that work legally and the copies are "few" in number, strictly for personal use and not of one of a set of excluded categories of works mainly relating to software.
I should've said "personal non-commercial use"
@NautArch Thanks for the spot of t.
Funnily the category of specific exclusions include constructions x)
Are those copies limited to the original format? I recall lots of issues around the legality of converting from print to digital. I probably should have paid more attention.
8:08 PM
format conversion for personal use should be legitimate under fair use
@GcL Not here at least
@Someone_Evil The opening and closing of that question wasnt really about gold badgers disagreeing I dont think.
"The production of a copy means producing an instance of a work in whole or in parts, directly or indirectly, temporarily or permanently, and by any means and in any form. Moving the work into a device capable of reproducing it." goes the law text here roughly. I love the poetic aspects of it :D
Was it not? Did I miss something?
There's been discussion about it off and on much of the day
Myself, Naut, and GcL seem to be in agreement about the current state of affairs
And after the initial closure, we were the ones doing the back and forth with it
On the other hand, the question already has a reopen vote...
8:13 PM
Neat, then there isn't further disagreement among y'all at least :)
@Someone_Evil Also I rolled a natural 20 to keep it closed. So yeah.
8:24 PM
@ThomasMarkov It's allowed for digital software for sure.
8:36 PM
Necromancer badge is a nice little surprise
8:58 PM
Don't get me wrong @KorvinStarmast, I use the skip button a lot. But I got to that question from an autoflag, not review :)
@Someone_Evil Hee Hee, that was me seeing it Yet Again in the review queue, and Me Skipping. Hence the grin.
I think it popped on review queue due to a reopen vote from someone.
And I skipped it, having seen the extended dialogue here in chat ... for most of the day
I agree with @GcL, specifically the observation on the optics from the querent's side, though.
They might have been really happy that everyone jumped in and got the bounty added to the general question.
@Someone_Evil If I may pull that chain a little harder on that ... Your honor, we offer up "RPGSE is not welcoming to new users" as seen by new users, Exhibit A
@GcL I just wiped a few drips of sarcasm from my screen. 😎🍻
No sarcasm. We don't know without asking.
I would assume they find it frustrating to have questions closed as duplicates of something that doesn't answer their question, because I have found that frustrating. But they might not.
It does seem like it's a non-obvious and circuitous path to get to the resolution.
1. Ask question that isn't currently answered.
2. Get closed as "answer already exists"
3. Go back and forth in edits.
4. Get question opened, answered, and closed again.
5. A bounty, for which they didn't have the points themselves, added to other question.
6. The answer to their question gets added to the other question.
I don't think there's a way OP could have gotten to the end state directly. The path seems like, "please cause error to get swat on the nose and service."
9:21 PM
Anddddddddd it’s open again.
I didn't do it.
Me neither.
I’m gonna post a meta about the situation. Not about whether or not the question is a dupe, but about how to approach the situation.
9:36 PM
Suggestion: trust the others who participated in the review queue.
10:05 PM
Did you know if you clear out your email inbox, a magical dragon grants you a special extra gift: new emails to deal with?!?
@KorvinStarmast I think if the other answers don't answer the specific question, it's a good duplicate.
@BardicWizard Consider a career in IT. Never have to worry about having 0 emails ever again.
A career in IT has made me a weirdo w.r.t. money
I'm a frugal guy by nature, which sets me way apart from my friends in IT, but I also never need to worry about money, which sets me way apart from my friends outside IT
@ThomasMarkov yeah, either way, best to discuss in meta
10:47 PM
Q: Can you help another player escape telekinesis?

MichaelWe recently had a session where the big bad used telekinesis on a player and an NPC wanted to grab him back, essentially. I had the NPC essentially make the escape DC to see if he could pull the player out, but that doesn't seem quite right. For the subsequent attempts to keep the target under te...

11:00 PM
@BardicWizard I will never get to meet this magical dragon, and now I'm sad.

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